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File: 1566528454539.png (381.68 KB, 800x1800, 1531796112133.png)

75782 No.111000[Last 50 Posts]

Welcome back to the Latest Thread of Occupied Equestria

Onyx, Spark and Brie settle down for the night in a cabin in the woods along with a set of recently rescued ponies, saved from Changeling cocoons, as well as the changelings who sought to take them captive, who are themselves locked away as captives.

In Baltimare, Silver, Dark Star, Iron, and now Midnight Lily do their last preparations before seeking to take on a creature smuggling operation in a port-side neighborhood

1321a No.111002

Spark keeps watch over the curious changelings.

75782 No.111003

"Well, 'Iron,' there is no Black Cauldron looking for you around here"

Then, a tap on his shoulder
"psst! What are you doing? Come back here"

When dark Star enters the store, it's kind of fancy. Bluish-violet walls, and weapons in glass display cases. Dark Star has a decent choice of weaponry, including of the more "medieval" style as it seems to be subject to fewer government regulations than firearms, and thus still popular and widely available

Skies keeps the smile on her face, then breaks away eye contact from Midnight, and starts to speak. As she speaks, the smile fades away, and is replaced slowly with more spite

"The Democrats think that the course of history is tending towards more… Equality. Equalization as countries become bigger and the masses richer. The Markists go a few steps further, and believe that Equality is not merely a tendency but the teleology of history itself… that nations, cultures, classes, and racial distinctions will be burned away as the locomotive of history steams on towards its end… The Markists also believe that the old order - the Nationalists, the Aristocrats, the Moneyed… will not go gently into the night, but will fight back with all force and fury…"
Skies goes back to the both, and lays down on her stomach, with her left hooves sticking over the edge
"I hate to be the villains in someone else's play, but if that is what is left to me… No. I believe, as all who take the time of day to think about things do, that there is an order inherent in Nature. A natural hierarchy. And that anything contrary to this natural order is neither functional nor beautiful. And that societies and individuals are no more exempt from this universal law than are the winds, rains, the Sun and the soil. But just like all of those things, good governance requires more than a little tending by ponies on the best of days…"

Um… they are silent?

ae308 No.111004

She clearly wasn't expecting this much of an answer
That reminds me, Onyx checks on the other ponies that the changelings ated.

b78a7 No.111005

Iron, feeling the poke, nods at the two of them, then walks away to give them space.

He decides to walk to a nearby table, hoping the poker will follow.

75782 No.111007

Dawson has awoken and is in threat response mode, standing on all fours and looking around. Rose has awoken and seems very fatigued. Red Wine is twitching but not up. Ruby is coming over to Dawson and Rose, happy the two are up

Skies is almost confused

They go over. Yes, it is indeed Black Cauldron
"Who is he? The Unicorn?"

eb6c4 No.111008

The Unicorn in question joins them. "Silver Sword. I am, uh…" He looks over at Iron. "Well, friend might be what I would say. He would probably just say 'associate'."

ae308 No.111009

Onyx steps over and gently nudges Red Wine
"Any serious injuries I need to help tend to? Or just your prides?"

If Blue Skies is almost confused Midnight IS confused.
"I wasn't aware there was so much behind you being here. My answer feels almost lacking now…"

b78a7 No.111010

Iron smiles as he sits down.
"I got a certain somepony who was interested in your potion making. That is the pony."
He pauses for a bit.
"It is a big order, but I think you can manage. Are you available for it?"
He nods at Silver.

75782 No.111012

“Well, I am not from this continent… there is mich more to it than that… anyways…”

“Uh… okay”
She is a zebra who is almost as big as a stallion (but clearly smaller than Silver) with a black lower jaw

“Uh… Hi associate of Iron”
She waves, then awkwardly extends a hoof after a moment, as if uncertain she wanted to do so at first

“A big order, you say?” She says, smiling
“I think I might be able to do it”

eb6c4 No.111013

The big olden unicorn matches her hoofshake alongside a friendly smile. "It is nice to meet you, Cauldron. Iron has told me bit about you."

75782 No.111014

Red Wine is not awoken yet, but he starts to move

“Pride? I was drained by a Changeling and cocooned! They even cut my foreleg… it already seems to be bandaged though…”

“I think I’m color blind”

ae308 No.111015

"Nope, not color blind. We're all just different shades of drained-of-color. Well if you ponies are fine, help me wake up Wine."
"Oh… I am… Sorry for asking, I can tell it is a sensitive subject."

b78a7 No.111016

BRB, doing math for a sec. I might've calculated wrong.

75782 No.111017

Her eyes go wide in fear
“What did he say?”

“Oh, just place a cigarette next to his nose, that’ll do it”

Red Wine starts to wake up. Or at least, he moves his head up from his position lying on his back

b78a7 No.111018

Ok, the price amped up slightly, Silver, since I'm a dunce. Now the price is 3650 bits on your part. Will that change your decision to buy the potions?

75782 No.111019

“No… it’s important to remember why I am here. Why I take risks”

ae308 No.111021

"Great, there's number three. Glad to see you're all alive, and I'd bet Ruby is too."

"If that's how you feel… What can you tell me about the others?"

eb6c4 No.111022

"That you were kind, generous, smart, that he could trust and rely upon you completely, that you have charm and grace, that you were beautiful beyond words…that your cooking is amazing." He maintains his smile. "Really, he made you seem like you were most greatest, most important mare in his entire life. I was kind of jealous."

No, just means Silver'll be that much farther from his spending goals.

*secretly hopes that there will be money from this job, or that Iron wille ventually pay Silver back*

b78a7 No.111023

Iron retells the order: 6 Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds (1800 GP), 6 Potions of Reduce Person (Pony) (1500 GP), 6 Potions of Pass Without Trace (300 GP), 6 Potions of Invisibility (1800 GP) and 4 Cure Light Wounds (200 GP)
"Take 2200 bits from the bit pouch I left on the table of your home, the later Silver can pay up, which is 3350 bits."
While he did have the mentality of being a lot more outgoing and confident after his failures, he can't help but blush like he does as Silver retells what he said about her.
"Whenever you are ready, Silver."

b78a7 No.111024

*the latter Silver will pay up,

75782 No.111025

“What others? You mean the other volunteers? Well, there’s Dark Star. He can be sweet. When he wants to be. He’s kind of racist. There’s Silver Sword. He’s sweet. Kind of doesn’t understand boundaries though. Then there’s Iron. He’s a bratty teenager who was probably a very big fish in his little pond back where he came from”

“D’aww…. he said all of that?”
She seems happy, and even raises her tail in an almost tail-wag
Skies would tell something if she were there. I guess since she isn’t, I shouldn’t bother myself with it

“Damn… that’s a hell of an order”
She seems a little daunted

“I’ve been here”

Dawson speaks to Rose
“Are you okay, sweetie?” He caresses her hair
“Look at those bastards did to you”

Dawson asks Onyx:
“Are they gone?”

b78a7 No.111026

Iron feels a bit worried, with the little blush on his cheeks still there, but puts a smile for her.
"You have time. If you need any help with menial stuff, I am there."
Her happy demeanor from Silver's input only makes his heart flutter.
(What a view~)

eb6c4 No.111027

Silver nods. "Every bit of it. Sounded like you were extra special to him, and he was little shy and trying to find way to say it all. He also talked lot about how you are best potionmaker in city. I have not seen better salespony routine in my life. Even gave me potion he bought from you as 'free sample' to prove its quality."

I'd like to hear it, just for fun.

ae308 No.111028

"Nice to see you are very positive about them. I assume you are leading the mission?"

"I meant that'd you'd be glad. As for the bugs… They're still here."

b78a7 No.111029

While Iron knows Silver's doing a favor, he can't help but feel quite embarrassed from basically him spouting out all the things Iron said about her without warning, only reddening his cheeks even further, putting to show his unwanted chaste and shy demeanor.
(I bet my father would have done the same simply to get me like this.)

75782 No.111030

“Oh, okay. I’ll try to find some of these ingredients tomorrow. They can be hard to locate. It’s probably a good thing you Dane to me since a batch like that is sure to raise some eyebrows”

She tilts her head. And one ear comes down

I can do any of that shit better than that second-rate stripped import, damn it! I’m graceful, pretty, smart….. ….” *hangs her head, and lays it on the floor*

“Sure? Mostly I just supervise”


“Changelings?! Where?” She looks dazed, but has her eyes wide and is looking around
Red Wine, likewise looks around, and leans over and gets up

Ruby: “Ah!”

Wesley and Kerr, over by the fire, look over in frightened expressions at all of the commotion

b78a7 No.111031

Iron nods with red cheeks.
"I think it is alright, right Silver?"

eb6c4 No.111032

Dice rollRolled 12 + 3

Sense Motive: Silver decides to that it's a good idea to get a feel for what she's confused about before asking her directly.

Aww…poor alternate tiemline Skies. We still love you, in all your greatness.
*hugs the poor pegasus*

ae308 No.111033

"It is a simple question, if the mission hits the fan, which pony should I look to for orders?"

Onyx slaps his face with a hoof
"Yes, they're hear. No they're no gonna hurt you. Probably because I'd dismember them before they could at this point."

75782 No.111034

Just a couple doubts as to whether the affection is sweet or burdensome, nothing serious

*Pegasus is hugged*
“I may not be able to cook…” *sniff* “or be very kind or generous… or particularly trustworthy.., but I’m pretty than a zebra, damn it!

“I’m that one that knows what she is doing and have access to the best doctors. If that’s what you want, listen to me.”

“But why are they here? Where are they? Is is those two… little colts there?”
He points at Kerr and Wesley, who have wide eyes as they are unsettled

ae308 No.111036

"I… Guess that is what I am looking for?"

"Yes, those are colts. No, I don't know anything about them. Any other questions that I can or cannot answer?"

eb6c4 No.111037

"He made it sound like he is trying to bring you more business, give you access to better life. I think it is rather sweet. He can be big softy once you get past his stoic, native appearance."

The prettiest.

"It will have to be what it will have to be. I understand time constraints. Sure."

Never! >:D
Also, he should probably mention the adjusted price to Silver.

b78a7 No.111038

Iron's embarassment cannot be understated as he covers his face to maybe hide the immense blush on his cheeks from the pony he should've assumed would want to act as a wingpony.
"Good!" he stammers out. "By the way, I did the math wrong. It is actually 3350 bits total on your end."
EUGEH! You big meanie! D:<

eb6c4 No.111039

Silver lets out an internal sigh as the dream of once again having a home is pushed just a bit further back. He places the necessary Bits in notes in front of Cauldron. "Here, if Iron is right, this should cover costs."

b78a7 No.111044

File: 1566583587082.png (203.85 KB, 843x1024, 1520363950300.png)

*Flustered native noises*

28e28 No.111045

File: 1566588368989.gif (856.91 KB, 518x518, _Boop twiggy.gif)

b78a7 No.111046

File: 1566588463023.gif (121.49 KB, 400x300, 1659133.gif)

Not helping, Star!

d98d0 No.111047


Keep on being flustered

28e28 No.111048

File: 1566588599265.png (888.12 KB, 1600x900, _Boop flutters.png)

b78a7 No.111049

File: 1566588685664.png (35.9 KB, 427x395, 1520176448628.png)

Darn you, God!
Darn you, Zony!

28e28 No.111051

Dark Star Whistles as he walks through the door

d98d0 No.111053

“What would you like, fine fellow?” Asks a honey-good stallion in a suit


28e28 No.111058

"i Need a Bow, a light crossbow and 2 short swords."

d98d0 No.111059

He nods, calmly
“That, we can do for you. Is there any particular type of bow you would prefer? A short bow, a longbow. Anything magical, perhaps? Yew or steel?”

b78a7 No.111060

Shoot a griff with a bow made of yews for maximum chuckles and irony.

d98d0 No.111061

>despite its strength and density, Yew has an incredibly low and disproportionate modulus of elasticity at only 1,320,000 lbf/in2 (9,100 MPa). What this means is that the wood is extremely flexible, yet strong, making it ideally suited for use in archery bows. In fact, Yew was the wood of choice for English longbows in medieval warfare.

eb6c4 No.111062

The more you know.

Do our cutie mark skills increase with us as we level up to meet with the new max?

28e28 No.111064

"Yew Seems like a fine choice for the bow. What's the difference between the 2 types of bows? i'm not very familiar with bows."

d98d0 No.111065

“The shortbow is a smaller bow, and more easily carried around. The long bow can be as tall as a pony, but deals a heavier blow”

2e1bc No.111066

Thanks for the lesson. Still funny in my eyes.
I bet they do, since it's your main talent.

28e28 No.111068

"Hmmmmmmm. I Believe that i'll take a Shortbow. Hows the range on those?"

d98d0 No.111069

“An arrow shot by the bow can go several hundred feet, but with declining accuracy as distance increases. The bow is most accurate at a range of 60 feet for the single-wood bows, and 70 feet for the multi-wood”

28e28 No.111071

"would you suggest a multi-wood bow? if so what other wood would pair nicely with yew?"

d98d0 No.111072

“It isn’t Wood, so much as horn laminated to the wood with sinew. Manticore, bovine, what’s bone… they slightly increase the resistance of the bow”

28e28 No.111073

"Manticore bone eh? That sounds like a plan to me. I Need to be stealthy with this bow,so i won't spook the game, what enchantments could be put on a weapon like this?"

d98d0 No.111074

“There are many enchantments that can be placed on a shortbow. There are enchantments to make an arrow light up in flame. To distribute an electric shock into its target. To hit the afflicted wound with ice and cold. To merely knock and stun the targeted creature. To make the arrow fly twice the distance. To magically increase both penetration and damage. To be more likely to hit an important area. To afflict particular damage upon certain types of creatures… And more. Much more.”

28e28 No.111075

"What types of creatures?"

d98d0 No.111076

“Well, sir, you tell me. They are organized by taxonomical category, rather than by species. From Outsiders, to Animals, to Dragons, to Plants.”

28e28 No.111077

"Would avians Work?"

d98d0 No.111078

“Well, if you mean animals, then yes. We can include an enchantment for any non-sentient birds from sparrows all the way up to Rocs”

2e1bc No.111079

Sounds like you should come out on your intention of 'hunting' griffons if you want that enchantment.

28e28 No.111081

"what if i wanted sentient avaians included?"

d98d0 No.111082

“Well… that would be sapienscide, and we would have to decline the sale”
He looks suspiciously at the young zebra male trying to buy weapons

28e28 No.111083

"I Live Close to the Griffon Ghetto across town. There's a large amount of crimes that happen there. i'm just trying to protect my children."

d98d0 No.111084

“Self defense or not, we are not allowed to sell items of magically increased lethality to private actors who expressly intend to use it to kill others”

2e1bc No.111086

Just cuz i'm a zebra?
Dats specist.

28e28 No.111089

Dice rollRolled 17 + 5

A Tear Rolls Down Zigger Star's Face and theres a desperation in his voice.
"Do you not know the brutality of Griffons? They would murder me,Rape and sell my foals into slavery. You don't have any foals of your own?"

d98d0 No.111091

There is clearly an effect on the salespony, yet he reiterates what was said before
“It is not up to me. There is a local law against selling weapons of magically increased lethality to civilians, where said weapon is intended for use other than hunting or wildlife control.”

28e28 No.111092

Dice rollRolled 12 + 5

Diplomacy Again
The Tears are flowing now
"Fine, I'll Go Describe to the little ones the bleak painful future ahead of them, the Griffons will probably make them watch as they cut my throat open and let the blood drain out. after that they would probably turn my body into their meal for the week,at which point they will force feed my remains to my foals in a sadistic torture method,designed to break them.and my poor poor filly…"
He chokes the next few words out
"You could imagine what they would do to an innocent Young Mare like her."

e0982 No.111093

>a zigger who is present and responsible

28e28 No.111094

>zigger star is a unicorn amongst Zebra Fathers

75782 No.111095


“Tell you what. I cannot make for you a bow baned against Griffins…. but I can sell you a magical sword or bow of Mercy that stuns more than a normal bow or sword wounds”

e0982 No.111096

Dark Star isn't a real zigger, and statements like before might blow his cover

2e1bc No.111097

Kek. Thank goodness GM didn't make Cauldron an orphan due to a skedaddling father. It would've spooked Iron off.

28e28 No.111098

"Th-That would be Better than nothing."

75782 No.111099

I know, right? I was incredulous when he claimed to have kids at home. Then I figured “well, this is set back in something like the 1940s when Black families actually had fathers”


“Right, we can do something like that, and or sell you something for hunting trips”

28e28 No.111100

"Thank you so much. What kind of arrows do you have?"

2e1bc No.111101

You still have a bumbling colt from her mere presence tho. I'd say it's a win overall.
Did Iron ever ask about Cauldron's mother? That may be something he's bring up in later stages of the now almost consolidated ship.

75782 No.111102

“The arrows are normal. They take enchantments from the bow”

28e28 No.111104

"Interesting. How much would it cost to carve something into the wood?"

75782 No.111107

“Depends on the intricacy of the carving. A few bits for just a couple letters, and much more for complex custom engravings”

28e28 No.111108

"Could you Carve a picture of my Late pony friend into it? Her Name Was Dark Days."

75782 No.111110

“If there is a picture to go by, an artist may be able to”

28e28 No.111114

File: 1566602144998.png (441.01 KB, 830x650, Dark Days.png)

Dark Star hands him the picture of his mother

75782 No.111118

“We’ll see if our artist can work with this”

28e28 No.111122

"How much for the order?"

75782 No.111126

“What are you ordering?”

28e28 No.111128

"The Bow,Light Crossbow, and the 2 shortswords."

75782 No.111129

“Was that a composite shortbow with manticore bone, the engraving, a mundane light crossbow, and two mundane short swords?”

e0982 No.111130

>race mixing
Okay, that's something a zigger would do

2e1bc No.111132

Oi! Don't diss on mah zeebfu, u lil beach.
I fite u

28e28 No.111136

its Dark Star's mom
"Yes, Can you put a Damage enchantment on the Crossbow though?"

eb6c4 No.111140

Holy FUCK, treating kanker sores burns!

75782 No.111141

“Of what type?”

28e28 No.111143

"A Basic one."

75782 No.111145

“And no enchantment on the bow?”

28e28 No.111147

"I Still want the one on the bow as well as the one on the crossbow. How much would that be?"

75782 No.111148

“You are going to have to be more specific about what you mean by ‘the one enchantment.’ There are any of a dozen possible enchantments.”

28e28 No.111150

A Look of confusion comes across dark star's face
"the one that stuns?"

75782 No.111151

“Alright… let’s see… a mere 20 bits for lower end mundane short swords, 450 bits for a master-work, Manticore boned composite shortbow with a custom engraving, and 2000 additional bits for a merciful enchantment. 375 for a masterwork light crossbow, and another 2000 for an enchantment on it. 4845 bits in total”

28e28 No.111154

"…. i uh,Don't have enough to cover all of it. would you take the coins. Could we set up a Tab. ..Perhaps i could work the rest off?"

75782 No.111155

“It is against office policy to sell large items on credit”

2e1bc No.111156

2e1bc No.111161

Well shit. I guess you could say he's becoming a shooting star.

75782 No.111168

File: 1566611516321.jpeg (285.14 KB, 1000x1250, 1535518__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

Does anypony want to play tonight?

2e1bc No.111169

Heyo GMo.
I hope Silver is still here to blend his face with his eyes from all of that Intense blush action

eb6c4 No.111172

75782 No.111173

The Zebra is exuberant, but also stressed
"That's… quite a lot of potions. I will see what I can do"

9faa0 No.111174

While Iron's face is covered in hooves and redness, he can't help but be supportive.
"I know you can do it. You are a natural at this."

75782 No.111176

Is Silver kill again?

"D'aww… Thanks"
She looks back over at the red pony
"Are you okay Iron? Are you coming down with a fever?"

eb6c4 No.111177

Nah, just no real good opportunity to chime in.

9faa0 No.111179

Iron fumbles a bit, trying to peek his head out in an attempt of faux confidence.
"No, a little bit too hot in here."

eb6c4 No.111180

The look Silver is giving Iron is a pretty indicator of how cute he must look right now.

75782 No.111181

"Did you eat something spicy?" She asks, still concerned

I can just see Silver's oversized eyes. I think even Skies would want to be here for this

9faa0 No.111183

Iron coughs, trying to regain his composure by peeking a bit further out from his hoof fort, starting the process of its dismantlement.
"Oh, no. Nothing like that. It is simply a bit more hot than usual by all the ponies around."
He coughs again.
(Aside from almost all of my thoughts being leaked by the old stallion.)
"I assume you will be back to your home soon?"

eb6c4 No.111185

"Ah, to be young and in love again…"

75782 No.111186

"Maybe? I'm checking up on a situation"

Skies would be all over this. I wish I had made her come

9faa0 No.111187

Iron cocks his head, breaking him from his trance of shyness to a more professional and serious demeanor.
"You mean a 'side-job' situation?"

75782 No.111188

"If that's-" her eyes dart over to Silver, standing wingding eyed off to the side, "-what you want to call it, then sure"

9faa0 No.111189

Iron nods.
He closes in on Cauldron's ear to whisper to her.
"If you need any help, I will wait outside and send off Silver."

eb6c4 No.111190

Silver shakes off his starry-eyed appearance. "Hmm? Job?"

75782 No.111191

"Help with what? The situation?"

9faa0 No.111192

He nods.
Although I understand if she doesn't need it for player availability in the groupquest.

75782 No.111193

She has a grave look upon her face
"It's more of a… development. We may need you later"

9faa0 No.111194

He nods again.
"Got it."
With that, positions have been reversed back to normal, smiling.
"Alright, I will wait for you at your place when your situation checking is over."
He looks to Silver.
"We can go back now. The deal has been sealed and we will get those potions in about a day."
He proceeds to stand up.
"We should go back and tell the others."

75782 No.111195

"Not necessarily a day…"

eb6c4 No.111196

"I suppose we will have to do with what potions we have for now."

9faa0 No.111197

Iron nods.
"I understand. It is quite the large order. Perfection takes some time, after all."
He smiles.

75782 No.111198

"it's not just that. The potions you are asking for are illegal, and require ingredients that are sometimes rare and in anycase hard to assemble"

9faa0 No.111199

He turns to Silver, a bit disheartened by Silver's gloomy mood.
"Seems like it. Do not worry, for your bits will be given back in gold. Metaphorically speaking, of course."
He pats Silver on the head, trying to cheer him up.
"Are you ready?"

9faa0 No.111200

Iron's brain skids to a halt, just after saying to Silver these things.
"Oh. I see the problem."
He frowns slightly.
"I think there will not be an issue. Of course, if you need help, I can assist."

eb6c4 No.111202

Now the look on Silver's face suggests he really hopes he'll be able to make back the Bits spent in this venture. "Yes. Oh, wait, one more thing."

Silver turns to Cauldron, keeping his voice low enough that it won't carry through the rest of the bar. "You would not happen to know anything about 33 Hoebuck, yes? Over in Redheart District?"

75782 No.111203

"We just went to Redheart last night. 33 Hoebuck… what is that near?"

75782 No.111205

I mean, you don't have to buy potions you know you can't use now, and you can also ask whether some potions are more troublesome than others

9faa0 No.111206

On the one hand, I do want to simply go and let Cauldron have the money. On the other, I am indeed taking advantage of Silver.
Darn you morality! Lemme have my satisfied Cauldron with money!
Iron, feeling slightly guilty, turns around.
"Which ones would cause you the most trouble?"

eb6c4 No.111207

"There is hostel there owned by griffon named Stormfeather Maakie, which used to be asylum and home for wayward mares before it was shut down. There is also old Northern Orthodox church nearby that has since been converted to Temple of Boreas."

75782 No.111209

"The healing potion is the simplest potion in terms of the number of ingredients and availability. You can use common household items like mint or rubbing alcohol, and boiling water is hot enough for it. Some of the ingredients can be switched out for other ingredients. And if you are found possessing it, you might get questioned for unlicensed practice of medicine, but possession and sale is not illegal per se. Invisibility is the worst. It requires ingredients like sulfur, body parts from magical beats, part of the process requires more heat than just boiling point, and getting caught with just one vial of it is a year in jail. It doesn't help that some of the sellers of the ingredients know what is going on, so you have to be discrete. Pass without a Trace I am less familiar with. I would have to consult my books"

"Oh, which church?"

9faa0 No.111210

Iron nods, a bit hearbroken about taking away 1800 bits out of the order to make sure the order is done at least today or tomorrow.
"What if those last ones were taken out? The Invisibility potions?"
He lands his hooves on the table softly, fighting the urge to simply wave his line of conversation off just to let her keep the money.

eb6c4 No.111211

"Church of the Sacred Heart, I believe. Or at least that is what it used to be known." Silver tilts his head in Cauldron's direction. "You and Iron did not happen to get mugged near there, last night? Iron mentioned he almost died because of muggers."

9faa0 No.111212

Iron shrugs, then suddenly remembers the barred off church.
"Wait. You are actually right. We did get mugged there."

75782 No.111214

Pass Without a Trace
>The subject or subjects can move through any type of terrain and leave neither footprints nor scent. Tracking the subjects is impossible by nonmagical means.
Why would anyone use this potion except if they were trying to commit a crime and get away with it? I don't think it's necessary for hunting

"Well, the invisibility might be done tomorrow if I can find associates who already have the ingredients assembled or are selling them, or it may take longer. I can't tell you right now. As for the healing potions, I have some that are ready right now, and I could certainly produce all of them by tomorrow, provided I am not taken up by other things. The pass without a trace, as I said, I would have to consult my books for"

The Zebra's eyes go wide, and she is silent for a moment
"YES! That's it! We were mugged there last night, right next to the church! There were a pair of griffins! Iron beat them off with a stretch of rebar, and he got hurt in the process!"

eb6c4 No.111215

This most certainly gets Silver's attention. "That sounds right. From what I know, it has substantial griffon population that is hostile to others, and has grown lawless in recent years. You would not happen to know anything about that area? Iron and I are helping friend with task to put end to trafficking of ponies, griffons, zebras, and others that is going on in that region." He looks over at Iron and pats him on the shoulder. "Look at you, protecting yourself and your marefriend, like big strong hero."

9faa0 No.111216

>Potion talk
"Hm. Focus on producing the health potions, then the reduce person potions. After that, if you cannot find the ponies necessary for the last two sets by toworrow, simply give the appropriate money back along with the potions."
Good thing Pass without trace is cheaper than most.
He nods, suddenly realizing those griffons would spread word of him around the neighborhood.
(Now I may have to disguise myself. Great.)

75782 No.111217

File: 1566619571998.jpg (47.28 KB, 611x583, b90fc2efba719b56d2b1494769….jpg)

"Yes, it's a bad neighborhood. Not even the Baltimare syndicates…" she kind of cuts herself off here
"It's very dangerous. I think there are immigrant gangs there. It was super foggy last night, but it seems pretty clear tonight, at least so far."


"Woah. 'hol up"

>An illegal potion being cheaper than a legal potion
D'awww. It's cute that you think that

"Reduce person…" she says that slowly, then raises an eyebrow at Iron, wondering what bizarre intent he must have to want a literal half dozen of those
"I'll see what I can do"

eb6c4 No.111218

Черт. Either lack of fog will work to our advantage, or our disadvantage… "Excuse me, I thought you two were already item from how Iron talked. I apologise if that is not case."

He catches that line she almost spoke. He gives her a questioning look. "Baltimare syndicates? So, now there are four factions fighting for control over city?"

9faa0 No.111219

I mean, it costs 50 GP in the SRD. Doesn't sound that hard to make at home if it costs so low tbh.

Iron nods.
But then Silver had to slip his tongue even further, making him frozen solid as the pats met tense muscles.
(Did he really just say that? For Gods' sakes, I would have been better with Skies of all ponies… Actually, no. We would have had a three-way battle… Hell, even the bat was better than this.)
He slowly cranes his head, looking at Silver with disbelief, as if to say 'Are you trying to boycott me here?'

28e28 No.111220

"Woah. 'hol up"
"If i Get the items unenchanted could i come bak later when i get the money and have them enchanted?"

75782 No.111221

In the SRD. This is not the SRD, this is my campaign. And it is only logical to think about the way in which legal restrictions on a good would affect its price

Her eyes widen, she moves back ever so slightly, and her ears fall down
"Uh… What? Something about factions?"

"Well, mostly likely, but the enchantment process itself could take some time"

Although I think I over charged Dark Star for his magical Colt revolvers….

9faa0 No.111222

I was kinda banking on the SRD for the money calculations. This means the potion would've cost even more, meaning Silver would have to fork up even more money. Trying to help a fellow PC out, mang. Nothing more than that.

eb6c4 No.111223

Silver seems somewhat oblivious to her change in demeanor, or else doesn't care. "Well, you have Black Hooves, Communists, and Waterfront Gang. Unless they are just another name for one of those three, then Baltimare syndicates would make four."

28e28 No.111224

Yea i only have one enchantment on each
Could i take out a loan from the blackhooves would that be possible?

75782 No.111225

She is silent

That sounds like a Skies question
Well… maybe He should be refunded a bit[/i]

9faa0 No.111226

Seeing his would be marefriend, he decides to help Cauldron out.
"She might have simply made a mistake, like how I calculated the value of all these potions. Cut her some slack."

9faa0 No.111227

Marefriend in trouble, he

eb6c4 No.111228

"…Eh…okay?" Silver waves it off as if it was nothing. "So, anything else about 33 Hoebuck, or those immigrant gangs? You know, besides that they are made up of griffons."

28e28 No.111229

"I'll buy the mundane items now. and i'll be back in a hour or 2 to get them enchanted."

75782 No.111230

“They are more diverse than that. There are all kinds of creatures there”

Under the normal rules, that wouldn’t be possible because if the amount of time it takes to enchant something

eb6c4 No.111231

"I have heard of zebras and other Severyanan ponies like myself in that region, yes. Any others you know of?"

28e28 No.111232

75782 No.111233

She is silent for a moment
“Well… you may be surprised by the kinds of creatures that are out there”

28e28 No.111234

"I'll be back later."
He heads towards the door

9faa0 No.111235

Iron nods at Cauldron's info, knowing Silver may have soured the conversation by quite a bit due to his nosiness.
He looks at Silver, exaggeratedly moving his head to the entrance.
"I think it is time to go, Silver."

eb6c4 No.111236

The look on his face is almost a challenge. But with Iron telling him to hurry, he leaves it at that. He instead offers a hoofshake to Cauldron with a smile. "It has been pleasure, Ms. Cauldron. It looks like what Iron said about you was no exaggeration. If this potion thing works out, do you know where I might find you later for more?"

75782 No.111237

She moves out her hoof, and is in stunned silence for a moment
“Well… I am usually here if I am available at all”

“Alright. I shall see you later”

eb6c4 No.111238

Silver nods as he shakes her hoof. "Great! If this works out, I think I will be getting potions from you from now on."

75782 No.111239

“Hehe, Thank you”
The zebra has a smile on her face as Silver shakes her hoof

9faa0 No.111240

This exchange softens his small frown by a bit.
"Alright, let us go."
He walks off with Silver next to him to outside the tavern, taking this time to whisper to him.
"Next time, do not start interrogations with my partner as the target. Stick to buying potions."

eb6c4 No.111241

Silver looks at him very oddly. "I would not exactly call it interrogation."

9faa0 No.111242

Iron deadpans at him, frown apparent on his face.
"I do not care for technicalities. Do not do it again."

eb6c4 No.111243

He lets out a sigh in response. "My friend, I have been in this world for 68 years, and in that time I have found that information, any information, is vital, especially if you are in area you barely know. I did not mean anything negative in my line of questioning, I simply discovered that she knew things which I did not which could not only make this job that much easier, but my own life in Baltimare easier.

"But, fine, if you do not want me asking Cauldron questions from now on, then so be it."

9faa0 No.111246

Iron simply shakes his head at this bad guilt trip attempt.
"You are a stranger to her, so do not pry into things she does not want to share with you. If you really wanted to know, you could have asked me to ask her and waited for my response later."
As they both go outside, he points his head towards the general direction of the other bar the winged group is probably at.
"Now go back. I want to talk with Cauldron for a bit longer."

eb6c4 No.111247

The horned pony sees a few faults in that logic, but it's not like he has much better to do than head back, so he does so.

9faa0 No.111249

Iron exhales through his nostrils strongly.
(Nosy pony. He could have blown my cover and tarnish her trust on me.)
With a hearty sigh, he reenters the tavern to begin a more open conversation with Cauldron.

eb6c4 No.111250

Once Silver arrives back at the Tavern, he seeks out Skies. "You know, more time I spend with Iron, more I come to understand why you two come to blows all time."

75782 No.111251

She is already looking at Iron as he returns, with a morbid curiosity at the evident argument that took place some feet over, and her mouth still hangs partly open in strange wonder as to what is going on. She says nothing for the instant moment, and waits for Iron to speak

75782 No.111252

Her plain expression assumes a partially triumphant grin, and she watches Silver enter in silent revelry of the information Silver gave her. When he comes next to her, she asks
"Did you get your potions?"

9faa0 No.111253

Iron sits back down again, rubbing his temples.
"Good grief. Sorry about that, he can be a bit nosy sometimes."
He looks a little concerned.
"Are you alright?"

75782 No.111254

She nods silently
"Who was he, and what did he want?"

eb6c4 No.111255

"No, sadly. Due to difficulty of order they will be ready tomorrow. It will not with tonight, I know, but it is better than nothing." Silver sits down in a nearby chair. "It turns out Iron and Cauldron were almost mugged right in front of 33 Hoebuck last night, but I was unable to properly ask her questions about it before Iron got upset and forced us out early."

75782 No.111256

"It figures. Are we up for tonight or no?"

eb6c4 No.111257

"Once Dark Star and Iron return? I do not see why not."

9faa0 No.111258

"Silver Sword. An old somewhat retired unicorn mercenary. He mainly wanted the potions for an upcoming mission at the place we got mugged. That is why he was being nosy when he realized this."
He inhales.
"Lives at the other tavern you showed me after the first one got searched by the cops. You can probably find him around there hanging out with another Earth Pony and a Pegasus named Dark Star and Blue Skies respectively. A lonely pony, follows harmonic values, uses a longsword and a rifle from what I can see."

75782 No.111259

“Oh… so he wouldn’t report us to the police, would he? Or would he?”

Fucking hell I need to force myself to complete part 5. I write a sentence, stated at the use of the passive voice in the sentence, then tried to rearrange the sentence for several minutes before giving up

eb6c4 No.111260

Damn, what an insult to his sword, there.

9faa0 No.111261

Iron shakes his head.
"No, he needs the potions. I was not expecting him to start pressing you for answers, though."
Oh whoops. Forgot it was a greatsword. Chalk it up to Iron being a native.

75782 No.111263

“That’s alright…. I’ve never received an order like that before. I’ll see if I can manage it”

9faa0 No.111264

Iron nods and lightly hugs Cauldron to reassure her.
"I know you can manage."

75782 No.111265

"Well, I will try. I hope I am able to tomorrow"

9faa0 No.111266

Iron smiles, letting her go, but his coat remains next to hers, touching.
(Ah~ I needed that.)
He is a bit interested in that fourth faction she didn't want to say, as well as the unknown species.
Can I ask Cauldron about it, or is it not defined yet?

75782 No.111267

She moves away slightly to orient herself more so she faces Iron
"And let's hope the situation does not deteriorate"

9faa0 No.111268

His dreamy gaze is dispelled as he is reminded of the situation.
(Wait a minute. I should ask about this situation to see if it is linked with the mission.)
"Before I leave, what situation are we dealing with?"

9faa0 No.111269

*are we going to deal with?"

75782 No.111270

"Seems to be the penetration of new gangs, from Manehattan"

9faa0 No.111271

Iron turns grim.
"Oh, the remnants of them are coming here after that law they passed. I assume they are discussing what territories should be given between the gangs?"

75782 No.111272

"Discussing giving up territories?"
She tilts her head, partly closes her right eye with a raised cheek, and generally looks at Iron with severe confusion

9faa0 No.111273

Iron shrugs.
"I was assuming they did not have power to try and take over, since they were practically expelled without much warning."
He wraps a foreleg around Cauldron, determined.
"In any case, I will come help whenever you need me. Simply say the word and I will come running."
He smiles confidently.
"We are the unbeatable duo, after all."

75782 No.111274

Cauldron seems a little less certain, as her tail twists back down, and a little around her left leg. She tilts her head upwards a little
"Well… we'll see how things go. I imagine you have something planned for tonight - an tomorrow - with your male… friends? there"

9faa0 No.111276

Iron nods, removing himself from her, a tiny blush on his face.
"Yes. When it is over, I will meet you up at your place. Sounds good?"

75782 No.111277

"Alright. Do you even have a place to stay?"

9faa0 No.111278

Iron smiles sheepishly.
"I can… always sleep on the ground?"

75782 No.111279

This gets a smile and a "heh" out of Cauldron
"Alright, I guess I will see you at my place later"

9faa0 No.111280

Iron's tiny blush is ever present.
He stands up, but decides to try to get Silver some answers if he can.
(Seems that was the fourth faction.)
"Say, what other species are near that church territory? You made them sound quite dangerous."

75782 No.111281

"Well, there can be any number. Griffins, Zebras, Ponies, but also Macaws, Hyenas, sometimes Minotaurs… who knows"

9faa0 No.111282

Iron nods, then smiles at her, giving her a quick wave of the hoof.
"I will keep that in mind. See you soon."
With that, he finally starts leaving The Watering Hole towards the other tavern.
(I probably made Silver upset. Perhaps I can give him a special surprise later.)

75782 No.111283

File: 1566674223840.png (2.14 MB, 1792x828, 560AA474-042E-429B-9121-00….png)

Um… does anypony have anything to do or declare before part 5 is released?

9faa0 No.111284

Well, I would like to do the whole class change to barbarian/fighter multiclass if it's possible.
I'd wager Dark Star still wants to take a loan to buy the weapons.
Silver seems ready, although he may be interested in a gift from Iron if my class change is approved now instead of after the mission.
Ancapian seems equipped and ready.

1321a No.111285

Spark pets a changeling.

eb6c4 No.111286

Not really. I'll wait for my respec until when we level up.

75782 No.111287

As Spark extends a hoof, the tubular ears with two forks spike straight up, and the drone moves its head backward away from the invading hoof

So…. should we have the level up now?

>wanting to retroactively change classes
Then why did you not do that back then

eb6c4 No.111288

You're the boss, so if you say so.

1321a No.111289

Darn. Spark keeps his hoof still to show the changeling it means no harm.

9faa0 No.111290

Back then? You mean at the start?
I didn't have the idea until after seeing my cleave feats not being of much use in the dream sequence.

Basically, have my boi Iron a 1 Fighter/4-5 Barbarian depending on the level up. Feats will be Improved Unarmed Strike, Endurance, Power Attack and Improved Trip (Only at level 6).
Skills ranks:
+4 Climb
+8 Intimidate (Cutie Mark Bonus)
+8 Jump
+5 Survival
+5 Swim

If the level up happens now, I won't be against it.

75782 No.111291

It stares at the hoof, and moves back a step

75782 No.111292

File: 1566677503665.png (124.75 KB, 629x374, E8xir47.png)

I'm not hearing anything definite

9faa0 No.111293

If this is a yes/no question, I would go with yes, I would like to be at level 6 before the mission with the parameters in my previous post.

eb6c4 No.111294

I don't know what to tell you, GM. You're in charge of things like that. We'll just go along with whatever you decide.

9faa0 No.111297

Psst, Silver. Would you like to have fullplate armor? for yourself?

eb6c4 No.111298

Fullplate? Eh…maybe?

9faa0 No.111301

75782 No.111302

File: 1566689198805.png (473.45 KB, 565x419, 197967_5_.png)

After the last incident, many of the trafficked creatures were ultimately allowed to stay in Equestria. The Principality forced the closure of the shoe factory, but Sweet Boek remained in ownership of the lot. Activity at 33 Hoebuck subsided, but did not end, as the old hostel seemed to remain in use. Who the new owner was, if indeed there was a new owner at all, is and was unknown, as city regulations did not and presently do not require the name of tenant or lessee on land to be recorded by the city. Taxes on the property, as well as all utilities payments, have been paid consistently in the name of Sweet Boek’s land holding company, though the later may be paid by some third party in the company’s name.

The Equestrian National Census visited Red Heart in 1010. A census taker visiting 33 Hoebuck was able to speak to creatures living there without significant impediment and counted 27 residents. The census taker confided in a note that these creatures were not admitted at the City’s official immigration admission facility at Locust Promontory, but were either rejected or smuggled in. With there being no signs of exploitative labor practices or obvious smuggling, neither the city nor the Principality took a deeper interest in activities there. The mere presence of possible illegal immigrants did not concern either government as both took a more open and accepting attitude to new creatures. They continued to come in vast numbers to Baltimare. Ponies escaping famine and political reprisal in Stalliongrad, communist griffin occupiers and invaders in Skynavia and later Frostbell, Griffins (and sometimes ponies) escaping the collapse of the government and civil war in Nova Griffonia and the revolution in Aquellia. Griffins and Minotaurs fleeing Fascism and invasion from Wingbardy and Equestria’s newest breakaway state, New Mareland. Upon the fall of the Storm King’s Empire, trade with Zebrica was normalized and in came refugees and economic migrants from the forgotten corners of that continent. All swarmed in from boats arriving at Locust Promontory, or at least, it seems that is where they arrived.

The Church of the Sacred Heart continued its life as a dancing hall, hosting lessons on the Gavotte, the Zwiefacher, and the Feathesian Folk Dance on Wednesdays as well as Tuesdays and Saturdays. Meetings of the alleged religious or social congregation ceased for a full month after the raid, perhaps because Boek, fully conscious of bad publicity, did not want to be seen in public so near 33 Hoebuck. But the monthly meetings resumed, with some of the old familiar faces, and later some new ones. Meetings are most commonly associated with the Full Moon, although they have been seen at different times as well.

There is a dearth of knowledge of what exactly happened at Hoebuck come the war, but it does seem that at some point operations resumed in the workshop-shoe factory, perhaps one of a myriad of small, unrecorded factories producing materials for the war effort. There is some evidence to suggest that creature smuggling of some kind occurred during the war. A freighter, the “Dippy Crow” from Skyfall was intercepted by the Maneborn before it reached Baltimare Harbor. In its hold, besides the loads of Rifles, Tobacco, Cigars, Leather Jackets, and newly minted 80 MM mortars were twenty griffins of unknown origin tied up. They were seized along with the cargo, and ultimately sent to an internment camp in Sicameon after brief questioning determined that they could offer no information useful to the war. Red Heart as a whole earned the distinction of being one of the last holdouts of resistance in Mainland Equestria, besides locations in the West like South Trotsas, with the area only occupied after the surrender of the 105th Infantry Division at the end of Pinkamena’s Last Stand. 33 Hoebuck, the old fort that it was, was especially suited for a finally stand with its thick walls, and with the threat of naval artillery fire neutralized by the redeployment of the Equestrian Navy to Baltimare after the fall of Las Pegasus to the Changelings.

33 Hoebuck’s last surprise came when it was stormed by a platoon of NMAC soldiers from the 9th Infantry. They found the building was not fortified, but entirely evacuated of all life after what seemed to be a battle inside the structure between Equestrian military and forces unknown. Judging by the relative numbers of bodies, the Equestrian must have been victor, but several dead griffins and a pair of Equestrian soldiers lay dead on the floor, while parts of two floors were partly damaged by a fire. Whether the battle was between the actual occupiers of 33 Hoebuck, or if all the ethnic immigrant gangs of Red Heart decided to make a final stand for their freedom in the fort, is not known. The surviving witnesses were presumably among the Equestrian soldiers collected at the end of the war, and never questioned. What the NMAC soldiers did find, and could later provide, was the most recent data on the internal layout of 33 Hoebuck. The upper and lower floors, which were sectioned off since the City repurposed the site as a poor house forty years prior, were found to be reopened in part in areas. As soon as the building was determined to be empty, it was vacated before any as yet unencountered traps could be set off.

Though most of the Equestrian records during the war were destroyed rather than hoofed over, one interesting tidbit survived thanks to its communication to the Baltimare Police from the Equestrian Diplomatic service. The Skyfall Republic sent a communication in 1011 asking if Stormfeather Maakie was in Equestrian custody, or if his location was otherwise known by Equestrian authorities. If so, they expressed a wish for him to be extradited to the Skyfall Republic to be placed on trial for various crimes committed there. The Equestrian response, save for Baltimare PD’s claim that his location was not known, has been lost.

9faa0 No.111304

Whew. If resistance operatives could hold out in that place for quite a bit, then I must say I'm spooped for the possible amount of resistance in there.
Did Iron ever made it back to the tavern where Silver lives?

75782 No.111305


>Silver lives in a tavern
It took me a moment to realize this statement was true

9faa0 No.111306

The merc's life is a life where you live around alcohol. Whether he drinks it or not is another thing.

Iron opens the door, revealing his presence to the ponies inside the tavern.

7bb73 No.111308

He heads back to the Tavern
"See this is exactly why illegal immigration is terrible for the country,the degenerates that come in are violent criminals and communists. fucking alicorns."

75782 No.111309

"Hello, Dark Star" says the Blue pegasus pony. Iron and Silver are both present as well

eb6c4 No.111310

"You two are back, finally."

9faa0 No.111311

He nods.
"Is it time?"

75782 No.111314

Look at >>111302

"If you have all of the equipment and magic you think you need, then yes"

7bb73 No.111315

"Theres been a situation."
Dark Star Looks sorta sad
he whispers to Blue.
"I Didnt have enough money for the weapons. i was going to get them enchanted. Could i take out a loan from the local governance?"

eb6c4 No.111316

I saw.
"'Situation' usually means 'something bad happened'"

75782 No.111317

"A loan?!" she says, less loudly
"Maybe… do you really need it?"

9faa0 No.111318

Iron looks confused.
"It seems we have a delay on our hooves."
He shrugs.
"I think I am ready for some scouting."

7bb73 No.111319


75782 No.111320

"How much?"


eb6c4 No.111321

That isn't to say I didn't like it, it's just that posting on a phone is hard.

7bb73 No.111322

"well i have 1300 bits, so i would need 3520 more for the total purchase."

75782 No.111323

File: 1566692113665.png (132.21 KB, 320x296, fluttershy_dressed_up_as_a….png)


This really is a terrible way to deliver information. I don't think I will be doing this on any future quests

"Tell you what. Prioritize what you really want and need, and I can maybe get you something like 2000 bits. I'll get my own crossbow and sword"

7bb73 No.111324

"I was going to get you an enchanted crossbow…"

eb6c4 No.111325

Don't be like that. It's good! It's helped to give a lot of background and lore for Red Heart.

75782 No.111327

She places a hoof on him
"Oh Dark Star… You don't need to live beyond your means for me. I'll get my own."

"Who thinks I should be disguised, same as Dark Star?"

9faa0 No.111328

I'm rather fond of the way you've presented the fourth faction through simple yet informative dialogue, but I must admit I do get some tidbits of info in the dossier and keep them forever, like the main antagogriff, maybe, and its base resourcefulness.
aka prefer simple dialogue but appreciate dossier-style briefings.

ae308 No.111330

File: 1566692846273.gif (399.1 KB, 500x500, 1550781.gif)

[eeeeee-ing bat pony noises]

7bb73 No.111331

"I Feel Bad,that i can't get you nice things."


"Uh,your gonna get your coat Dyed to look like a zigger? sure."
I Like the way you delivered the information.

9faa0 No.111332

Iron shrugs.
"It is your choice, but I fear you may not quite blend in unless your wings became invisible."

75782 No.111334

File: 1566693090738.gif (164.53 KB, 600x600, Eeeeeee.gif)


Also, should Skies dress in a disguise

"I was thinking more of a Griffin"

She nods, and gives that damnable grin

eb6c4 No.111335

"She might disguise herself as Griffon?"

9faa0 No.111336

Iron nods.
"That could work, I think. How would you replicate a beak, tho? They seem much more different than pony snouts."

75782 No.111339

"Well, we have a special potion that makes it possible"

7bb73 No.111340

"What are you gonna glue on a fake beak?"
He grins at her

ae308 No.111341

I personally like the dossier format; I think it's unique, good for the setting, and I definitely get a lot out of it. Easier to follow than dialogue too.
Skies needs to dress as a bat. Trust me on this one.

75782 No.111342

Explain why in character

9faa0 No.111343

Iron hums.
"What about the tail? Will the potion solve that, too?"

75782 No.111344

"We have magic for that"

7bb73 No.111346

"I Think it would be for the best if you disguised yourself."

9faa0 No.111347

Iron nods a bit.
"As long as you do not need to constantly reapply it, then sure. Go for it."

ae308 No.111348

Oh Midnight doesn't care, I do though.

75782 No.111353

"Alright… I'll go retrieve cash for you, and some items of my own"
With that, Skies leaves the tavern, spreads her wings, and flies off into the night

ae308 No.111357

"So… How is everypony doing?"

7bb73 No.111358

Dark Star sits down at the table they are sitting at

1321a No.111361

Spark pats the ground beside himself, asking the changelings to come closer.

eb6c4 No.111362

"Honestly? Just enjoying calm before storm."

"So, no luck with weapons?"

9faa0 No.111364

Iron wipes away his brow from sweat.
(Thank goodness.)
He seems a bit uneasy.
"I would say that overall, things are alright."
But since she's a mare, Iron can't help but question her fighting style.
"I assume you fight with grace, twirling around swings and metal bits?"

7bb73 No.111365

"Uh yea,i have to take out a loan…"
He rubs the back of his head pensively

ae308 No.111368

"I cannot blame you, it is always nice to rest before a mission."
"Hmm? Oh no, I am rarely the one fighting when it comes to missions. I am usually flying above the battle, helping my allies, but a gun can be helpful sometimes."

eb6c4 No.111371

"I suppose there is more than one pony in our group with money troubles, then."

9faa0 No.111373

He nods, confirming his suspicions and seeing nothing wrong so far.
"I see."
A hoof is extended towards her.
"Iron. A pleasure to meet you."

7bb73 No.111376

"I Sure Hope we find some money down there."

ae308 No.111378

"Midnight Lily, a pleasure to meet you as well"

9faa0 No.111379

Iron looks at his hoof, lowering it to original sitting position with an awkward expression.
"I assume you came here without any weapons?"

eb6c4 No.111380

"You and me both."

ae308 No.111382

Oh damnit, I forgot to mention she returns the hoofshake. Forgive me
"I have a pistol and a knife. That is about it."

9faa0 No.111388

Kek, don't mention it. Was simply poking fun.
He nods.
"Simple and to the point. Respectable."

7bb73 No.111389

dark Star whispers to him
"I Might have to start stealing again if we don't."

ae308 No.111392

"Why thank you. How about you, what is your preferred technique?"

eb6c4 No.111393

Silver whispers back with a half smile on his face. "Just make sure you steal from rich and give to poor, alright?"

9faa0 No.111395

Iron simply puts both forelegs on the table.
"You could say I am the absolute limit of simplicity. Hooves and stones."

7bb73 No.111399

"I Always did."
he smiles as he remembers the old times
"at the time i thought that era of my life was a bad part. but it was a learning experience. one i'm glad i learned."

ae308 No.111401

"Ah, simple and to the point"
She smiles

9faa0 No.111403

Iron chuckles.
"You do not have to copy my exact words, Lily."

eb6c4 No.111405

Silver smiles at him. "That was actually rather profound thing of you to say." He pats Star on the back. "I am proud of you."

ae308 No.111406

She rolls her eyes, almost as if he didn't get a joke
"Anyway… When do we leave?"

ae308 No.111407

She also narrows her eyes as her face turns red
"And don't call me Lily."

9faa0 No.111408

Iron is quite surprised about that tidbit.
"My mistake, Midnight."
He shrugs.
"So far, we are simply on a preparation phase. We need Skies back and for Star to buy his things with the loan."

7bb73 No.111409

"Things are looking up."

75782 No.111417

File: 1566697672524.png (3 MB, 2880x1620, blackperch_creag_by_equest….png)

Previous entries to the 33 Hoebuck dossier briefing
Part 1 >>106726
Part 2 >>106738
Part 3 >>110321
Part 4 >>110438
Part 5 >>111302

The old Equestrian population that inhabited the neighborhood after its founding has long since moved elsewhere, with less than 20% of the neighborhood’s population being Equestrian ponies, and all of these are the lowest of the working class, working in the docks and factories of the neighborhood, which no zoning regulation has separated from neighboring tenements and shops. The SDP has fallen greatly in their eyes, seen as being collaborators with capitalist, imperialist powers. Slightly more numerous are the Severyanan ponies, who have colonized the neighborhood for generations, and whose numbers have fallen to migration to wealthier parts of the city, but have been bolstered by recent White Emigres, who find the Stalliongrad flags flown in the apartment windows of the native Equestrians to be abhorrent and ignorant. The most numerous of all of the non-ponies are Red Heart’s griffins, sometimes recent immigrants, sometimes multi-generation residents. These are not the best educated nor the wealthiest Griffins Baltimare has to offer. Those have gone to safer, wealthier neighborhoods like Colton Hill. What remains of the population is a polyglot conglomeration of myriad races from all over the planet.

The most fiercely independent of Red Heart’s inhabitants are the Skynavians. These ponies came from a tribal, preindustrial society that was invaded by griffins and forcibly collectivized into a new communist system. They left in a trickle to Equestria, but with limited money could make it no further than the shoreline of Red Heart. In their former homelands they were ghettoized and terrorized by a new Griffin majority that had no respect for their traditions nor property rights. Now, in the Land of Horses, how much different are things for them? Never willing to say 'die,' they built their own little Skynavia by the waterfront. An enclave state within the larger neighborhood with its own school and house of worship. They complain to police of griffins kidnapping mares and foals, and of occasional acts of terror committed against them.

New entrants from what were the dominant sources of immigration in the Equestrian era are curtailed under the new Governate, as now these countries are overwhelmingly hostile foreign powers. Zebrica and West Equestria are the new two main sources of migrants entering Locust Promontory. The question the Governate has is whether illegal smuggling operations are delivering creatures who would otherwise be prevented entry.

Customs agents and civilians working the docks still sometimes report ships stationary off shore in Northern Red Heart under suspicious circumstances. Little row boats go from the ships to a pier located at the waterfront of 33 Hoebuck. These have been seen at all moons, indicating they are brazen enough to do whatever they are doing under moonlight. Carts are seen backing up to the workshop, taking deliveries of goods under the name of the Bodeken shoe and saddle company. Steam can be seen rising from the workshop during the day, and electrical usage shows there is activity.

Black Hooves and NMAC do not tread into Red Heart, as pot shots from buildings are far from unknown. The SDP, more confident in its popularity, sends patrols of police along the streets. They report rampant violent crime, and what seem to be gang turf wars. What they have not found is a surplus of recent illegal migrants that could not be explained. From this, it is believed that if there is any grand creature trafficking movement at 33 Hoebuck, or anywhere else within the city, that Baltimare is not the final destination for at least the majority of the creatures, and they rather are sent either north to Fillydelphia and Manehattan, or South to Saltmane and Stableside. The limited evidence of continued smuggling operations in Hoebuck, as well as the low ponypower available to the Governate have prevented it from launching a raid of its own.

However, things have changed. A month ago, a new Governor took over in Manhattan. A terror attack occurred on the city Subway a week later, and thereafter that Governate has tried to rid itself of domestic threats, including alien smuggling. As such, the Baltimare Governate is under pressure from external sources to end any and all smuggling that may be bleeding over into its neighbors. The second large event was the Blackwood Massacre, which alerted the Governate to the threat of foreigners importing weapons and operatives to ferment and facilitate rebellion. There could be more than just creatures being smuggled in… and just because you don’t know where the creatures are going, doesn’t mean they are not hiding where they can hurt you. And with all of this, there is reason to believe that Changelings want to infiltrate Baltimare…

Unfortunately, most of the Blackhooves agents have been shipped to Manehattan to help with operations there. Baltimare PD’s loyalty is not entirely certain. The Griffin NMAC reservists are probably mostly loyal and not fond of traffickers, but all it takes is one to tip off any traffickers before hoof and ruin a raid. All of this is why the Governate is looking for other help on this matter, and why it is considered a pressing issue.

75782 No.111418

Blue Skies returns through the door, carrying a pack and a number of other items, and wearing a jacket

Skies approaches Dark Star, holding a wad of gold certificates
"Here. It's 2000 bits. Use it wisely, and you owe me"

9faa0 No.111424

Ah, it seems there are some allies to call for help.
Iron waves to Skies to symbolize he saw her enter.

eb6c4 No.111430

"Whtie Severyanans…" There are almost stars in Silver's eyes. "…my people…"

The rest of it gives him trouble. "Looks like they are brave enough to openly defy local law enforcement. That is bit of mixed bag for us. On one hoof, they will be out in open and easy to spot. On other, they will be more likely to attack us should we be discovered. Thankfully, it looks like I at least will fit in little better, if other Whites are in area."

Silver nods to Blue Skies when she draws near. "Looks like you came prepared."

7bb73 No.111434

i think the Skynavians. could be a potential ally
"Of Course i always repay my debts."
He smiles at her

75782 No.111436

"Yes… I brought a crossbow and some Armor. I hope you are prepared as well. And in a way it's probably better if they are bold. You can't squish the cockroach if its hiding in the crevice."

Are you claiming that the Northern ponies can be distinguished from regular ponies by an excess of fluff?

Skies nods in Acknowledgement

75782 No.111439

"Well, good. You better. Now go buy the thing you needed. And you may as well buy some coffee while you are at it, because we will be out for a while"

9faa0 No.111441

He nods.
"I agree. They do seem easy to convince into our cause, granted Skies is not killed on the spot due to her disguise."

eb6c4 No.111450

Silver nods in response to both parts of her statement, motioning to his sword and flak jacket. "I am prepared for mission, especially if Dark Star pulls through with shortsword."

Well…maybe…that, and it would be easy to tell once Silver starts speaking fluid Cyrillic.

"They are good ponies, from what I have heard. If we make our intentions clear, it is likely they will at very least show us where we need to go. We will just need to vouch for what will be our not-griffon friend."

75782 No.111460

Skies holds up a vile containing a green-blue liquid
“I can… just not take the potion yet”

“Good. Then we are just waiting on Dark Star”

Fun fact: I had intended for Silver Sword to receive a magical Greatsword from the Catacombs mission, taken off the body of the knight ghast. I thought for sure you’d find it weird enough to merit searching its remains for any clues to its former identity, and there strapped onto it would be the Greatsword, a relic of the old Militant order. In retrospect I should have described it as carrying a sheathed sword

eb6c4 No.111463

Silver raises an eyebrow at her. "Moral reasons or practical reasons?"

God damn it, I knew I should have searched that thing's body! But no, my dumbass brain thought: "huh, don't think it can carry anything on it when it's just wearing armor". Damn it!

75782 No.111464

“Well… Dark Star is kind of an essential part of the group, so we shouldn’t go without him”

9faa0 No.111465

Iron shrugs.
"That is a viable option. However, it would be interesting to see a gryphon without having to be focused on beating its beak. Your call."
Giant oof. By the way, my particular reward choice will always be an item to boost stats, if it ever comes that I get rewarded.

eb6c4 No.111469

Silver nods. "Obviously."

"What is there to see? They are griffons. Giant overgrown catbirds."

7bb73 No.111470

"I'll pick up some snacks too."
He hugs blue

eb6c4 No.111472

To be honest, when Father Maren offered that other sword to Silver to destroy the locket, I half-expected that to be the reward, but he took it back without a word to the contrary.

9faa0 No.111473

"I have no idea. Maybe to check if it works or something?"

75782 No.111475

Actually, I was thinking of Silver being gifted that sword as well. But there was no dialogue in that direction, so… it kind of just didn't happen

Skies lifts a foreleg, and folds her hoof down, with a sort of fake frown at Silver's words about giant catbirds

*poner is hugged*

ae308 No.111476

The bat contently listens, and bows her head as if praying before a small salad appear infront of her, which she munches on.
"A potion that makes you a griffin? Interesting

7bb73 No.111477

"I'll be right back."
He heads back to the weapon store.

75782 No.111478

File: 1566701034177.png (111.5 KB, 880x1098, 1498842923613.png)

Did you intend to say Pic related? Because that is what I am imagining. Also is that Salad on Dark Star's tab?

Skies replies
"It's… kind of hard to get"

He does so. The pony is still there
"Hello there. It's almost closing time"

ae308 No.111480

Yeah, that's about the position. The salad is on the tab of magic
"I would imagine"

9faa0 No.111481

I think she magicked it itself with a cleric spell.
Iron stares, amazed at the sudden bowl of salad.
"Woah! How did you do that? I thought only unicorns could manage that feat."

ae308 No.111483

"Hmmm? Oh, I just prayed to Luna for it. It really helps during long travels."

75782 No.111484

Down one spell slot?
This specific spell is kind of world breaking and needs to be nerfed

75782 No.111485

Down one spell slot it is

7bb73 No.111486

"I Got The Bits Necessary for the items. i need 1 shortsword and the composite shortbow."

eb6c4 No.111487

So, we both were thinking the exact same thing, but because we were both waiting for the other person to say something, neither of us took the initiative to say "Can I have the sword", or "Go ahead and keep the sword"? That's…actually kinda funny.
I was expecting after Silver commented on its quality and offering it back to Maren that Maren would say something to the effect of "Keep it. It suits you better than me, anyways" or "perhaps with you wielding it it will be used for some good", and give it right back to Silver.

"Hmm? Something to add?"

ae308 No.111490

What? Summoning a small bowl of lettuce is OP? I'm only using it for flavor eeeeeeee

9faa0 No.111491

>making food appear is world breaking
What even.
Iron's eyes widen.
(An actual Luna follower? She definitely needs to come with to the jungle quest when the time is right.)
"That is amazing, I must admit."
He gazes over to the salad, wondering how it would taste.

75782 No.111494

I don't know, I was probably thinking "there's a sword lying in the quarry, why bother with it"

Well yeah, if there are tens of thousands of Jesus of Nazareth's running around making food out of nothing, how would mass famines like we see in the real world be possible, and why even keep earth ponies around if you never need to farm? These kinds of spells were thought of by people who never thought out the implications magic would have on the greater world

75782 No.111495

"Yes…. 2460 bits in total"

ae308 No.111496

Not very good, very filling though.
"Well thank you"
She gives a nod and smiles.
She can make two bowls of lettuce a day. It's just lettuce too. It's not a fancy salad.

eb6c4 No.111498

Well then, if it's still there tomorrow when he volunteers, then I suppose Silver will have himself a new fancy sword. Otherwise, I guess it just despawned and is lost forever.
To be honest, when I saw the amount of Bits Silver got for that job, I thought that that was the original idea you had for a reward, and I wasn't entirely torn up about that. It just sucks knowing my stupid ass didn't check that ghast's body and missed out on something neat.

9faa0 No.111499

Simple. By limiting the amount of Jesuses.
As well as devoting their whole life to a deity, which most ponies can't do if they were honest with themselves.
Iron smiles back.
(What a nice pony, but she does not seem to eager to be eating that. Perhaps I should treat her to Cauldron's cooking when I get the chance. The closer we get, the more eager she would be to accept going to the jungle.)

7bb73 No.111501

He hoofs over the bits

75782 No.111502

1. Bullshit level 5 clerics are so rare there are not thousands.
2. Having just one Jesus is enough to seriously alter the entire course of world history for basically everyone

“Very well. It is as you say it shall be”
A unicorn in the back places on glasses, then pulls down a recurved short bow with bone on its back and center. He looks st the picture of Dark Star’s mother. Then, at the bow. He shoots a beam of fire at the bow. Stops it, continues, then again and again in a pattern. At the end of it, Dark Star’s mother is burned into the yew in the bow.

Then the bow is grabbed by red magic, and carried over to Dark Star
“Here is your bow.”
A sword pulled out from under the table
He is the sword. And make it 2500 even, will add a number of arrows”

9faa0 No.111503

If you say so, mang.

7bb73 No.111504

"Fantastic work! "
he slides over the rest of the bits and takes the stuff.

75782 No.111505

And thus, Dark Star has a magic bow and a light weapon

7bb73 No.111506

He tips the maker of the bow 50 bits and tips 50 to desk pony.

75782 No.111507

He nods curtly, and says
“Thank you sir”
Dark Star has now a couple +1 recurved composite bow with Manticore bone that is engraved with a picture of his mother, and has a number of arrows as well as a quiver to go with it. Though it isn’t huge, it is still rather large and may be difficult to hide.
Was it a merciful enchantment?

Presumably, Dark Star rejoins the other ponies at the East Side Tavern

7bb73 No.111508

yea that was the one
Yea he heads bak to the eastside

75782 No.111511

File: 1566704845505.gif (289.89 KB, 310x180, 3E7BB0E0-63F5-4157-BB65-B6….gif)

Well…. I think that means everypony is together and ready

eb6c4 No.111512

That we are.

9faa0 No.111513

Mission may start.
So… were my changes to my character accepted?

1321a No.111514

9faa0 No.111515

Hey, wait a minute. You aren't in the team.

7bb73 No.111516

File: 1566705077844.png (351.87 KB, 744x1000, _Aryanne cute.png)

75782 No.111517

Alright, now that the group is (hopefully) well armed and ready, it’s time to figure out exactly how they are going to approach this

More details can still be gleaned from the dossier as needed

Well they are not level 6

9faa0 No.111518

Good. That's settled.
Were my changes approved and applied if still at level 5 aka now Level 4 Barbarian/Level 1 Fighter multiclass.

75782 No.111519

File: 1566707825146.jpeg (361.6 KB, 2940x2012, 44226AA1-E792-4B63-847A-4….jpeg)

“Alright everypony, play time is over. Time to head out” says Blue Skies

7bb73 No.111520

"Stallion Gang!"
Dark Star looks excited

ae308 No.111521

Midnight leans towards Skies
"Nopony told me anything about gangs."

75782 No.111522

Skies looks over at lettuce wings
“It’s a bit more feminine now”

75782 No.111523

“Nothing about gangs? That’s who we are going to be fighting.”
A wide grin occupiers her face alongside narrow eyes, proving a facial expression like that of a crocodile
“Lettuce hope your magic is as effective in fighting against creature traffickers as it is against high cholesterol”

7bb73 No.111524

i love that picture
"Stallion Gang!"

ae308 No.111525

"I mean, I guess my magic could cure high cholesterol."
She looks confused, like she didn't get the joke.

75782 No.111526

She pats Midnight Lily.
“Excellent. If I need a cardiologist I’ll think of you. Now, are there any other special talents you have that might be particularly useful”

“Reee, we have two mares and only three stallions now”

ae308 No.111527

"Let us see; I can heal, help allies attack, help allies defend, and make it hard for enemies to see."

75782 No.111528

“Can you attack?”

ae308 No.111529

"Yes, why do you ask?"

75782 No.111530

“Because we just might need you too”

7bb73 No.111531

"hmph It's still the Stallion Gang."
he grins

75782 No.111532

File: 1566710163602.png (923.69 KB, 1280x720, 9418EDC4-1638-4298-BD53-92….png)

“Well it’s got almost as many mares in it as stallions now”

ae308 No.111533

"Let them have their fun, there is no harm in it."

7bb73 No.111534

he smiles

75782 No.111535

“Et tu, web-wing?”
And with that, Skies understood that her fellow mare did not have her back, and she was alone in her follow power thing, to be forever doomed as the lone chick in the guy’s group.

Skies sits down, lowers her ears back, and rolls her eyes up

7bb73 No.111536

He touches her shoulder
"Don't be that way,i was just kidding."

75782 No.111537

Skies looks up. Not to Dark Star, but to the sky (which in this case is basically just the textured white paint of the ceiling). And she realizes that there will be no swift end to her suffering. She slowly tries to accept it. To steel herself for the excess of testosterone.
“I’ll handle it… I had to put up with whole barracks full of stallions in Zaphzia, I can put up with a few here again.”

7bb73 No.111538

Midnight's player went to sleep
"midnight is here now,she can help with feminine stuff."

75782 No.111539

“I’ll… try to manage. Anyways…”

7bb73 No.111540

"Its Not so bad."
Dark Star Hugs her
"How do you feel about the mission?"

d4419 No.111550

Iron stands proud
"Ready to head out."

eb6c4 No.111553

Silver breaks his contemplation to look at Skies. "Do we have map of Red Heart? I have map of Baltimare on me, but it would help to have something more focused on mission area."

75782 No.111555

*Poner is hugged*
“I kind of think that Immigration should handle their own damned problems rather than sending us on a raid, but I guess it’s a change of scenery, for me at least.”



4275b No.111558

Iron awaits, pensive.
(Would Cauldron get a bit jealous if I bring Midnight sometime? It would be quite interesting to find out.)

ae308 No.111568

"Now that is just rude. They are just having fun"

75782 No.111572

File: 1566756805916.png (342.15 KB, 839x720, 813631C6-96E0-4D6F-BE32-7F….png)

4275b No.111573

Iron interjects, knowing Skies can prove troublesome.
"Do not be too disheartened, Midnight. She is a grumpy pony."

4275b No.111583

He continues.
"After all, she just risked her flank with the loan she got for Star."

75782 No.111586

Skies looks up, and perks her ears in surprise at the new source of aid, then she smiles, but mumbles under her breath “oh you have no idea”

4275b No.111587

Iron smiles.
(More potion selling means more money for Cauldron in the long run.)
Who knew rampant greed could cause a blunt, aggressive stallion to be so mellow and polite?

1321a No.111590

Spark continues his quest of taming the changelings.

4275b No.111594

Woah there. Don't go punishing them with boops to the snout now. That is a war crime!

75782 No.111596

The Changeling is still recoiled from Spark’s efforts to pet him

1321a No.111599

Spark pats beside himself.
"It's ok."
They will submit to the boops soon enough.

ae308 No.111600

Onyx checks on his new "friends"
The bugs deserve it.

"I will try to remember that."

4275b No.111605

Iron nods, then comes closer to whisper to her.
"She is also really competitive and hates losing, so be careful of provoking her with even the most insignificant thing. Trust me. It will be better for the group's integrity."

ae308 No.111607

The bat whispers back
"I will try to avoid it when possible, but I feel I may accidentally tread on some hooves…"

4275b No.111612

"Do not be too afraid. She likes to bark like crazy but never actually bites," he whispers. "Seems to be related to some sort of self-worth issue."

75782 No.111613

Blue-eyed Seb blinks his eyes from lids that come almost from the side, and tilts his head, while Fun, with a tremble, keeps his distance a couple feet back

The two nymphs, disguised as a bat pony and a Pegasus colt, are spooked by being the new center of attention. Dawson is standing up, though his legs tremble as he tries to maintain himself upright, over top of Rose, who is laying on her belly on the floor with tired eyes. Dawson caresses Roses’ blood red mane, as Rose has a spooked appearance of her own. Dawson looks at Onyx indignantly
“Excuse me, but you can’t just say that the Changelings are here’ without saying a little something else about it. What if I told you ‘yeah, there’s a scorpion some where in that couch’ and left it at that’?”
Ruby has rushed over to his old friends, saying things like “are you okay?” And has come to Rose’s side, looking at her, then at Dawson’s wounded left leg, which is now next to Ruby as Ruby is to Dawson and Rose’s right

Skies silently nods

75782 No.111615

Mother fucker, I forgot an NPC
Red Wine opens his eyes, slowly gets up, and looks over a Ruby, standing near him but looking at Dawson
“Well don’t worry too much about me, will ya” he says, sarcastically

ae308 No.111617

"Well then there'd be a scorpion in the couch. Don't ask me why in Tartarus they're here. They just are."

Midnight simply nods as well

75782 No.111620

Red Wine is laying in his back, and his eyes roll over to Onyx, now with a look of startlement. Rose does as well.
Well where are they?!” Dawson demands
Redefine turns over into his belly
“You’re tellin’ me there’s changelings still around?”

Ruby, in futility, tries to say “No brother, it’s alright”

Kerr and Wesley are still alarmed by the activity, but are relieved eyes are away from them

ae308 No.111621

"In the other room, I'm about as happy with it as you all are. But they seem to want to help for some celestia-foresaken reason"

4275b No.111622

Iron nods back, returning to original position, but not before whispering one last time.
"I got your back."

75782 No.111625

Dawson: “My cabin bedroom??!?!?”
Rose: “who is they?”
Red Wine: “why did you let them in the cabin??!???”
Ruby: “It’s a pony friend of his, Rose. He helped us.”

She continues looking on over

1321a No.111628

Spark continues to gently pat beside himself and reassure the changelings.

ae308 No.111629

"As Ruby said, it's a friend. A friend that you all need to thank for saving your flanks as well. And me! Where's the thanks for cutting you out of those sacs?"

Midnight nods and smiles
"I hope I can return the favor."

4275b No.111634

Iron smiles back.
"No need to."
He turns to Skies.
"So, did you decide on when you are going to take the potion?"

75782 No.111635

At this point, Seb takes a step closer. Then another step closer, to be again in front of Spark. Fun keeps his distance

Dawson can only breath heavily for a moment
Rose (confused): “You are the one who saved us?”
Red Wine “Well, Thank you very much for that. We would have slowly wasted away until we died if you hadn’t found us and cut us out. I’d hate to be slowly eaten”
Ruby (in an aside/interjection): “I’d rather an owl eat do it quickly…”
Rose (in emploring emotion): “Thank you so much mister! Thank you, thank you, thank you”
Ruby (aside): “it’d be kind of like a fly being eaten by a spider. ‘Cept slower.”

Dawson: “But are they still a threat?”

“Well not now if you’re going to negotiate with the natives. I can do it anytime”

ae308 No.111637

"No clue, I guess that's for my friend to find out."

1321a No.111638

Spark keep still this time. He doesn't want them to run off again.

4275b No.111639

"I am not exactly a good negotiator, Skies. That seems to be Star's job, but it is understandable."
He hums to himself.
"Do you know if you have a reputation against the creatures?"

75782 No.111640

Dawson: “You didn’t kill them?”
Red Wine: “why didn’t you kill them?”
Ruby: “He gonna smoke ‘em?”
Rose: “Is he gonna be okay?”

Edge closer, edge closer
It’s snout curls up a bit, as it now sniffs Spark’s body.
Fun keeps his distance

75782 No.111642

“I hope I don’t have a reputation at all. If I have a reputation, that means creatures know me. And I can’t be known and still be effective”

1321a No.111643

Spark gently pats the ground again while looking at Fun.
"Come on Fun. It's ok."

4275b No.111645

Iron nods.
(I wonder if those gryphons remember me? Not wearing that thing on me should make them doubt themselves, I think.)

ae308 No.111647

"I have no clue what he's doing. But I feel it'll work."

75782 No.111650

“Well, I guess I can understand the desire for some payback on those monsters. Just wish he had somewhere else to it than my bedroom. Thank you, by the way”
Rose (crying): “I really thought I would be hanging upside down until I died”
Dawson (looking down at Rose): “it’s okay sweetie, you’re safe now”
He pets her hair

Red Wine: “Are you sure there’s nothing else out there?”
Ruby comforts Rose as well

ae308 No.111651

"If there is anything else, I'll be sure to meet it with a hefty blow."
He glances to where his halberd is resting against the wall.
"A hefty blow indeed."

75782 No.111653

Dawson nods in respect
“Good Stallion. What brought you around here?”
Rose: “Again, thanks”
Red Wine and ruby listen

75782 No.111656

Fun shakes his head, and stays in his corner, still occasionally trembling

ae308 No.111657

"You're welcome. As for what brought me? A bat and my unicorn friend in there. They kinda dragged me along since they needed a bodyguard of sorts. Not quite sure what they're up to though."

1321a No.111661

Spark continues to comfort Seb in hopes Fun will like him more.

75782 No.111663

What is Spark doing with Seb?

“Well… thank you kindly for it. I guess to least I can do is offer my cabin for ya tonight… thought it looks like you’ve kind of already done that” he looks at the whiskey

Rose looks over at Onyx
“You look hurt? Are you okay?”

Red Wine is trying to stand up, and Ruby is over tending to him now

ae308 No.111665

"Ah, just some owlbear scratches. Punching it in the face and a few drinks helped the pain though."

75782 No.111667

Dawson: “You fought an Owlbear?”

Ruby: “Yes he did”

1321a No.111668

Well, not petting yet because he doesn't like that. So just talking in comforting tone.

ae308 No.111670

"I didn't just fight it, I punched it's stupid face too."
He looks back over his injured back
"Scratched me up pretty good though."

75782 No.111672

He nods, and looks impressed
“I can believe it. What about the Changelings?”

Seb twitches his ears, and tilts his head in curiosity at the pony

ae308 No.111673

"Well, they tried to surrender… After we attacked each other."

75782 No.111675

“And you… let them?”

Red Wine
“I think there were at least three of them when they jumped me. I was closing the barn door”

1321a No.111677

Spark remains still.
"Hi Seb."

ae308 No.111683

"There's…. Two now… Language barriers make surrendering hard."

75782 No.111687

Dawson seems indignant
“I know what they do to prisoners”

Red Wine: “I didn’t know they would let you take them alive.”

Rose is kind of out of it
Ruby sits like a good boy

The drone still doesn’t understand, but he lays down. He looks like he is in pain

ae308 No.111689

"Well, they're our prisoners now. And they were more than happy to surrender."
Onyx pets the colt.

75782 No.111690

“Did you kill any?”
Dawson asks

Red Wine:
“How did you beat them?”

Ruby closes his eyes, and accepts the pet. He is still grey from the vampirism

Rose shakes her head, and looks over at the two colts by the fireplace
“Are these your colts?”

1321a No.111691

Spark lays down as well.

75782 No.111695

The drone lays his head on the ground, and speaks in his language. The other one says something back

ae308 No.111696

"Two of them, did it with military training."
He continues to pet the colt.
"Hmm? Oh no, they aren't mine. The bat has some relationship with them though I believe."

75782 No.111698

Rose inches her self closer, though she can’t fully stand up
“Hello little ones.”
The nymphs look a little afraid

“You were in the military? Were you in the Great War?”

ae308 No.111704

"Yes, served for the Crystal Empire."

75782 No.111705

“How did you get away from the Changelings?”

ae308 No.111711

"I escaped on a boat. Hasn't been fun, I'll say that."

1321a No.111722

Spark doesn't understnad, but looks over to the other changeling to see what he does.

75782 No.111725

It stays up, in its corner

He does not quite understand, but does know that Onyx got out
“Where do you reckon the changelings came from?”
Red Wine: “didn’t really look like a patrol to me. Unless they were out on a frolic of their own”

1321a No.111729

Spark pats the ground near him, now laying down. Spark looks cute like this, how can a changeling say no?

ae308 No.111732

"I can only grasp at straws, so no clue."

75782 No.111749

He still doesn’t seem to understand Spark’s intent, and the one Spark set on fire is keeping his distance

“Do you think they’ll send more?”

1321a No.111750

Awwwww. Spark looks to the one beside him and gives a cheerful smile.

75782 No.111752

File: 1566773915668.jpeg (74.37 KB, 549x600, A7996AB5-2433-4F49-8891-A….jpeg)

Is the Senior Silver Severyanan Soldier there?

He blinks again
“Willst du mich töten?”

4275b No.111754

I was expecting you to ask about Dark Star, honestly.

1321a No.111756

Spark doesn't understand, but just smiles warmly and continues to lay still.

2cf2f No.111761

Is Brie anywhere nearby?

ae308 No.111766

"I doubt it, severely"
He pats the colt before he ceases the pets.

75782 No.111769

He should be right in the middle of all of this. Either in the room with the four ponies plus onyx, or the two changelings plus Spark

>ceases the pets
A little head with giant eyes stares up at onyx

“Well… somepony should keep watch for the night”

7bb73 No.111771

Dark Star chuckles at her response
"Yea you're right, but they have their hooves full right now."

2cf2f No.111773

He would be with Sparks and the Lings in that event

75782 No.111777

Well, Spark is trying to do… something with the changelings, but can’t make any progress because if communications barriers and the fact that he set one of the two on fire earlier. They are being kept as basically POWs

“I guess that’s true…” she lowers her head in slight annoyance
“At least it’s a chance to bash some Griffins. Can’t let the Metropolitans have all the fun”

Brie May be conscious

1321a No.111779

"Hey Brie. Think you can talk to them more calmly?"

ae308 No.111780

"I will, don't worry."

2cf2f No.111783

Are these the Little Lings? Why are they being kept as POWs? WTF did I miss??
"I imagine so."

75782 No.111786

No, these are two new ones that Onyx stabbed and shimmer caught on fire. Basically they ambushed the two, and surrendered rather than be killed.

The two little ones are by the fire in the other room being called cute or something by some mare.

“Damn… those changelings really did a number on us. I feel out of it. And the fire looks grey for some reason. So does everypony here.”

1321a No.111787

These are the big lings. Seb and Fun.

7bb73 No.111788

He Smiles as she mentions griffion bashing
"I'm Looking forward to it."

ae308 No.111791

"Yeah, same here. Just rest, hopefully you'll feel better soon."

2cf2f No.111792

"Oh Scheiße. Ich erkenne euch beide nicht. Ähm, äh … wie geht es dir?"

1321a No.111795

Spark blinks and hopes this conversation will go well.

75782 No.111799

The one that speaks is the one a little further back. The blue green eyed drone in the burned uniform that Spark has named “fun”

“Wir haben Angst. Diese beiden Ponys halten uns gefangen. Dieser hat mich früher angezündet. Ich denke, er versucht uns zu provozieren, ihn zu entwässern oder anzugreifen, dann schießt er mit dem Laser auf uns”

“Well, it’ll be a nice change of pace. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the Governate can’t handle some Griffins, given that the police is still troubled by love bugs”

“Oh… okay. I really should fix you all some breakfast in the morning”
She lays her head down

2cf2f No.111802

"He says you guys set them on fire and shot them with a,… laysure?"

1321a No.111804

"I used my fire magic. I thought they were going to kill us. I don't want to hurt them if they aren't going to hurt us. Tell them I'm sorry."

7bb73 No.111806

"Well 33 hoebuck is basically a fortress. i can see why they would have a problem."

2cf2f No.111807

"Er scheint zu glauben, dass Ihr Jungs sie töten wollt. Das sind meine Kollegen, die Sie kennen, und wir sind geschäftlich mit dem Hive und der Queen hier. Kein besonders heller Schachzug, muss ich sagen."

eb6c4 No.111809

You called?

4275b No.111810

Everyone's here!
Is it starting time?

1321a No.111813

RIP us.

75782 No.111814

She has her malign smile
“I’m guessing you want to walk through the front door?”

*pets the floof*

Skies and Dark Star are talking tactics

Some how… that makes them more alarmed. At least the blue eyed one, laying closer to Spark and whom he has named “Seb.” He stands up, and starts speaking
“Will die Königin uns töten? Können wir vergeben werden?”

4275b No.111815

Iron looks at Skies funny.
"I am pretty sure that would mean getting wounds all over you unless you can verify your 'griffonhood'

eb6c4 No.111817

*the floof is very floofy, and now also pet*
I see that.

"Think we should have couple of ponies checking docks for any boats approaching?"

2cf2f No.111818

"Dummkopf, ich würde es nicht wagen, für die Königin zu sprechen. Möglicherweise können wir diesen Vorfall jedoch übersehen."
Then to Spark
"Do we need them for anything, or is that just to prevent them from attacking?" he says indicating their bindings.

7bb73 No.111819

"That sounds like a fantastic way to end up,pushing up Daisies."

1321a No.111821

"I was planning on having them help us navigate these lands to our destination. It might help to have adult changlings in our group to lower suspicion. That or at least have them draw us a map of where to go and how to avoid patrols. Our get out of jail free card can only work so long before they just rob us for being ponies. Besides, they surrendered. I didn't think changelings did that."

ae308 No.111822

Midnight is internally eeeeee-ing.
"Just rest for now. You need it."

4275b No.111824

Don't hide your eees. Let them out. Let eeeeveryone hear it.

75782 No.111828

Both of them nod. Fun speaks
“Was müssen wir tun?”

“Then what is your plan?”

“That, we certainly can do. The moon is a double edged sword though, it can make us easier to see as well. Maybe if we approached along the sea wall. Or flew in.”

“What else would be the point of being a griffin? Silver has already said he isn’t excited for the fashion choice”

The ponies all around Midnight are talking

Rose: “oh… okay”

Dawson: “So you say you were traveling through with sone other ponies? What do you do?”

4275b No.111830

Iron shrugs.
"They may have a secret codephrase or something."

ae308 No.111831

Onyx simply shrugs
"I'm a bodyguard for them, and I help pull their wagon."

Midnight listens to the plans, glancing between ponies as they speak.

2cf2f No.111833

"Vielleicht kann dies ein Vorteil für alle Beteiligten sein. Wir reisen jetzt direkt zum Bienenstock. Ich würde der Königin viel lieber mitteilen, wie hilfreich Sie waren, um uns sicher für sie zu sehen, als sonst. Ich verstehe, wie ungewöhnlich es für Ponys ist Ihr Fleiß ist durchaus lobenswert. Wenn Sie keine dringenden Angelegenheiten haben, würden Sie in Betracht ziehen, sich uns anzuschließen? "

2cf2f No.111834

Oh come now, you're far more than that. Xp

7bb73 No.111836

"Well…a place like that….has to have sewers right?"

4275b No.111837

Onyx is Brie secret brother confirmed?

eb6c4 No.111839

"Coincidentally, you and Midnight have wings. Though I am not so thrilled about having our healer scouting bay instead of being with other group…"

2cf2f No.111840

Lets not get carried away

75782 No.111841

“True. Any disguise is not going to be as an insider”

“Well, what brings you all up here?”

They are silent for a moment, then Seb speaks the matter as bluntly as possible
“Wir haben Angst, wegen Desertion aufgehängt zu werden”

“Sewers? There at least used to be an entire underground set of tunnels”

“How would you approach it?”

7bb73 No.111842

as she mentions the tunnel system a smile creeps acrossed Dark Star's face
"That my dear blue, would be the best choice."

ae308 No.111843

"You'd have to ask them, I'm just here for the ride."

4275b No.111844

Iron nods.
"Perhaps some interrogation may be necessary to go for that route."

2cf2f No.111845

"Meinst du, du hast schon offizielle Posten hier?"

eb6c4 No.111847

Silver considers his options. "Did reports say anything about Church of the Sacred Heart having bell tower?"

75782 No.111853

He explains
“Wir befanden uns in der neunzehnten Infanterie, dann waren wir menschenleer, als die Crystal-Ponys uns zerstreuten”

“Well, if there is an entrance. The waterside is the most likely place. There should be a sewer system though. The dossier said something about the city dining them just last month for dumping ‘particulate matter’ or something into the sewerage system.”

“Well, I guess I shall”

“That may take a while. Perhaps it’s best to be more discrete”

“There used to be one, yes. There hasn’t been a bell there in decades. The only sound coming from there besides dancing, music, and talking are loud dogs”

4275b No.111856

Iron nods.
"I agree."
He decides to keep quiet for now, hearing the plan forming.

2cf2f No.111861

"Ich denke, Sie BEDEUTEN zu sagen, Sie haben einen kalkulierten Rückzug gemacht, als Sie von Ihrer Einheit getrennt wurden. Es ist keine Lüge, …." Brie says with a wink.

7bb73 No.111862

"Hmmmmmmm. was there any word on what it was they might have dumped?"

eb6c4 No.111864

"If tower is still there, bell or no, then it could make for excellent crow's nest to watch bay from. Send pony in to watch with binoculars for any incoming boats, then tail them from shadows to see where they go, and what cargo they load off or pick up. If we had walkie talkies, they could radio in their location to other group."

75782 No.111880

Skies is stumped, so she opens the dossier to see for herself
“The type of fine here, it’s a commercial fine. It’s usually given to restaurant owners for when they try to wash down grease and stuff, from cooking. Maybe it has something to do with industrial operations. Or maybe they have that kitchen running”

“Ja … mal sehen, ob sie denken, wir wären so lange unfreiwillig getrennt. Sie werden vielleicht wissen, dass wir uns nicht einer Autorität übergeben haben. Es war … was? Acht Monate später? Wir waren eine Weile auf uns allein gestellt. Diese beiden Ponys haben unsere Landsleute getötet und wir hungern.“

“Walkie… talkie?” Skies is confused
“Well, maybe there can be a high up look out, assuming they don’t see us fly”

2cf2f No.111886

"Wir könnten Sie gehen lassen und es vergessen, wenn Sie es vorziehen. Ich weiß nicht, wie es Ihnen ergeht, aber schließen Sie sich uns an oder das Angebot steht nicht."

75782 No.111888

He wants to go back to what Brie was saying earlier
“"Sie sagen, Sie können eine Bienenstock Königin überzeugen, uns zu verzeihen?"

2cf2f No.111891

"Sicher erkennen Sie, dass die Königin tut, was sie will. Mein Geschäft ist jedoch für sie im Bereich der Infiltration von besonderem Interesse. Angesichts der potenziellen Gewinne für den Bienenstock und Ihrer beeindruckenden Zahlen (Xp) kann sie tatsächlich wünschen, dass Sie begleiten Sie uns weiter, seitdem Sie sozusagen eine Zeit lang von der Karte verschwunden sind. "

75782 No.111895

“Wir können es versuchen. Diese Wälder sind gefährlich. Wir haben Onky Finalky eine anständige Mahlzeit zu sich genommen, und immer noch ist die Hälfte von uns gestorben.”

eb6c4 No.111896

Silver nods. "Should you decide to be lookout, I would urge you to be carefull. You should know better than anypony here that griffons are better aware of three dimensional spaces than us ground-bound ponies are."

7bb73 No.111897

"I Remember a story my brother told me."
Dark star licks his lips and puts on a voice blue hasn't heard him do beforeshe would assume its a representation of white stars voice it has more of a drawl than dark star's.
"I'll Tell you starry about the Griffon "Restaurant" that was busted selling bread made from pony blood, and "Ham" that was really ponies. it was 20 years before we were born back when dad was a young stallion. they would give "free meals" to homeless ponies, afterwords they were never seen again. then one day they picked the wrong target,Dad. He was a tough stallion who didn't take any horse apples from anypony. they took him to a back room, sat him down at a table, made him wait awhile then one of those beak snouted bucks came in with a machete. and started running at dad. luckily for dad he had his old sawed off musket. and lets just say the restaurant. isnt standing anymore after dad shut it down."

2cf2f No.111899

"Sie machen den Fall für mich. Wenn Sie uns begleiten, würden Sie ihre Investition schützen. Was das" Warum "Ihrer längeren Abwesenheit betrifft, bezweifle ich, dass sie Sie bezweifeln würde, wenn Sie sagten, dass Sie ihren Zorn fürchteten."

75782 No.111900

Skies giggles, and places a hoof to her face
“Oh Dark Star, Griffins don’t really do that. It’s just like stories of Changelings swapping out foals for their own nymphs. It’s just stories adults tell to scare children into obedience.”

She nods
“They are. But that is the reason the Pegasi specifically must face them. They are not a match for us.”

“Hast du irgendwelche Geschenke, die du ihr machen kannst?”

eb6c4 No.111905

Silver smiles at her. "Indeed. Make sure you leave at least one alive if they see you and decide to try their luck. Interrogation is not terrible idea for if we are unable to fine head of operation."

7bb73 No.111911

"Er, i'm not so sure its just a story. White Star was emphatic About it being true."

75782 No.111914

“Well, we only really have immigration warrants at this point, so really we can’t just go killing griffins”

She nods, clearly still not believing him
“We would tell similar stories to the Earth Ponies. Keep them afraid of the Griffins, and keep them from revolting. I heard more than a few myself as a filly about Griffins and Changelings”

ae308 No.111915

Midnight pipes up
"It would definitely be a most… Interesting… Story…"

2cf2f No.111916

"Meine Korrespondenz zeigte keine Geschenke an, dies sollte ein rein geschäftliches und planerisches Unterfangen sein."

4275b No.111917

Iron leans in to whisper.
"I have no idea what I just heard. Dark Star has a past made out of tragedy, so expect dark humor and stories out of him."

eb6c4 No.111919

He nods. "Fair enough. Still, if your hooves are forced…keep it in mind."

75782 No.111927

Skies looks at her, and wash her tail
“What’s that?”

“Oh I will. And I’ll put a bolt through their minds.”

“You’re telling me it was a joke?”
Skies feels dumb now

“Okay … Also, wenn wir mit Ihnen gehen, werden Sie uns dann nicht umdrehen?”

7bb73 No.111929

"I'm inclined to Believe most of those stories are real. i mean if the atrocities you told me the griffons commit are true. and what better way to take over a country unknowingly than to pose as their youth?"

4275b No.111931

Iron shakes his head.
"No, it falls on the second category."

eb6c4 No.111936

Silver continues to think about the job.

ae308 No.111939

"Your coltfriend's story"

75782 No.111940

She blinks
“Are you talking about the changelings? Because a griffin can’t pass as a pony”

Skies doesn’t know true from false, but is inclined to place this in the latter category

“Um… watcha’ thinking about”

“It’s my first time hearing it from him.”

2cf2f No.111942

"Ich hätte kein Interesse daran, Sie würden uns sehr helfen. Ich habe Papiere, aber nur wenige hier sind bereit, auf solche Dinge zu warten. Selbst autorisierte Ponys können in diesen Ländern schnell Schaden anrichten."

7bb73 No.111944

"yes i was referring to the bugs with that statement."

1321a No.111947

Spark looks between the three talking.
"How goes it Brie?"

2cf2f No.111948

"They may be willing to escort us."

4275b No.111949

Iron whispers back.
"I know. It can be rather disheartening."
He shrugs.

1321a No.111952


75782 No.111956

Seb blinks, looks back to Fun, and says
“Okay … ich könnte mit dir gehen, wenn du mit der Königin sprichst und wenn deine Gefährten uns beim Versuch, sie zu essen, beschützen. Ich lebe nicht gern im Wald. Wir haben keine frische Kleidung und wenig zu essen.”

Fun then says
“Ich auch. Ich habe genug gegessen, um noch mindestens einen Monat durchzuhalten, aber ich möchte nicht hier sein”

The smile runs from her face, and she has a concerned look
“Well, it’s just stories…”

eb6c4 No.111957

"…Hmm? Right now, what other potential points of entry there would be. Perhaps way to get up onto roof of fortress from ground. You know, without using wings."

7bb73 No.111959

Dark Star gets a concerned look on his face
"The reason why i told that story is because i think it may have something to do with what ever was dumped in the sewer."

75782 No.111964

Well, you can get up with a rope. I don’t know, maybe a fire escape? Or a ladder that might be built in the side? Or just go through ground level”

“I don’t think the Griffins are using pony blood to leaven their bread”

7bb73 No.111967

"Yea, i think this is more f a "Ham" situation."

75782 No.111968

She blinks
“Why do you say that?”

eb6c4 No.111969

"I do have rope. If we can sneak around back of it, we might be able to insert ourselves into fortress from roof without any of its potential inhabitants expecting anything."

4275b No.111970

Iron shakes his head.
"I feel like he never actually met or interacted with a griffon before."

7bb73 No.111971

"it's just a gut feeling."

75782 No.111976

“Well, either way it looks like they are dumping grease down the drain rather than throwing it away”

“I imagine he hasn’t”

“That could work, let’s just hope they don’t see us first”

eb6c4 No.111980

"It does not come without its own risks, but very few plans do."

7bb73 No.111982

"Do you think we could acquire blue prints?"

75782 No.111986

“Yes” If I can ever create them

2cf2f No.111989

"Es würde nicht genügen, wenn du von meinen Verbündeten isst, aber wenn du etwas brauchst, helfe ich dir persönlich beim Einkauf von Lebensmitteln. Frag einfach den Jungetiere. Oh, du hast sie wahrscheinlich noch nicht getroffen."

75782 No.111992

Fun: “Du hast Nymphen?”

2cf2f No.111994

"Sie sind keine Nymphen, sie sind eher das Alter von Stuten, wenn sie Ponys waren. Sie wurden in Pony-Ländern gefangen genommen, und wir bringen sie in den Bienenstock zurück, aus dem sie stammen. Das zusätzlich zu unserem dringenden Geschäft.

ae308 No.111995

[assorted bat and rock noises]

7bb73 No.111997

"Who would we talk to about getting them?"

75782 No.112001

Ruby is cuddling up to near Onyx, and Red Wine is coming over there with him on the other side. Rose is about to pass out
“Do we got any more blankets, or mattresses? It can get awful cold at night”

Over in Baltimare, Silver is talking about scaling up the top of the building with rope, while Dark Star is talking about blue prints and ham made out of pony

“It should be in the dossier, assuming they’ve been acquired from the city clerk.”

“Das wäre also dein Geschenk an die Königin … Ja, wir können mit dir gehen. Was müssen wir tun?”

7bb73 No.112004

He flips through the dossier

75782 No.112007

If you’re hoping for a pre-prepared map, it doesn’t exist

2cf2f No.112010

"Helfen Sie uns, nicht der Umwelt zum Opfer zu fallen, erst abtropfen zu lassen und später Fragen zu stellen, und helfen Sie uns, einheimische Kreaturen abzuwehren. Wir haben einen bequemen Wagen, aber nur einen Fahrer. Es gibt viele Möglichkeiten zu Diensten sein."

7bb73 No.112020

"Does anypony think we should split up into teams while we are scouting?"

75782 No.112024

“Wir können Ponys und Wildtiere entwässern, ja. Wir sind beide verletzt. Er ist verbrannt und ich habe schwere Wunde”

“Ja. Wir sind erfahrene Soldaten, aber wir brauchen unsere Gesundheit. Und wir müssen uns waschen.”

ae308 No.112026

"Let me see if I can find some"
Onyx looks around for more blankets, peaking into the room with Spark if necessary.
"I would be fine with that."

4275b No.112033

Iron nods.
"Fine by me. Will it be Skies, Star and Silver and I go with Midnight? What is the composition of the split up?"

eb6c4 No.112034

"We can cover more distance that way. One group can enter via sewers, other can enter via roof, and pony can keep lookout for boats coming in from bay."

2cf2f No.112037

Quick question. Where IS the party right now (the Ling party)?

75782 No.112041

The party is in a cabin in a small farm or hunting cabin located in coniferous woods, one or two kilometers down a dirt road from the road that connects Bales to Whinnyapolis, either in the Equestrian state of Boulder Field (I’ve been calling it Blueberry Field) or Whinnysota.

2cf2f No.112043

So no running water

2cf2f No.112044

Is that Whinnyapolis Whinnysota?

7bb73 No.112045

"How about you and i enter through the sewers, silver keeps a wath out for boats,and Blue and Midnight go in through the roof."

4275b No.112046

He nods.
"A solid plan."

75782 No.112050



“That could work”

eb6c4 No.112052

Silver nods, and pulls out a pair of rather dirty binoculars from his bags. "I suppose I have good opportunity to clean these, now. Wait for me while I wash these out in bathroom."

2cf2f No.112056

"Entschuldigung, wir haben kein fließendes Wasser und begrenzte Vorräte."

1321a No.112059

"How's it going?"

7bb73 No.112062

"Take your time."
Dark star gets up and walks over to mr.glass

2cf2f No.112063

"They're willing to help us, but they want a shower. They're deserters who have been living like wild pon changelings for months."

75782 No.112064

They nod, slowly if disappointedly
“Wir werden es schaffen. Hoffentlich hilft uns ein Teil der Magie, die wir absorbiert haben, zu heilen, während wir uns ausruhen”

“You need something?”

“It’s good to have those around. I’m suspecting you want to intercept a boat”

2cf2f No.112068

"Are you capable of healing?"

7bb73 No.112069

"I Don't suppose you sell coffee do you? or snacks?"

1321a No.112071

"Not magical healing… I found some bandages and iodine, but we could ask the family here if they have any other healing methods."

75782 No.112072

“We have peanuts…”
He looks back, then up
“Let me see if I can find some coffee”

eb6c4 No.112073

"If possible. Not only does evidence of trafficking help, but it might be possible that I would come across manifest or other documents to give insight into operations." Silver gets up from his seat. "Give me minute while I clean these." He makes his way to the bathroom to do exactly that.

7bb73 No.112074

"How many peanuts?"

2cf2f No.112076

"They're both injured, and they're concerned about that. The washing will have to wait though."

1321a No.112086

"Hmm… Well, considering that a family lives here, there should be some water somewhere nearby."

d98d0 No.112087

“A few bags?”

“So you want to go after the ships?”

7bb73 No.112088

"That might be enough."
He puts his hoof to his chin in thought

2cf2f No.112090

"Nope, GM said there is none apparently we need to move on to find running water."

eb6c4 No.112091

Silver responds once he gets back. "Like I said, if possible."

1321a No.112092

He said none in the house. No family can live without a shower at some point, let alone run a farm.

"Sounds like a plan."

75782 No.112093

He runs off. Then comes back
“You’re in luck. We have some coffee, if you want me to make you a pot”

2cf2f No.112095

Fair point, but I'm just going off available information.
"Irgendwo hier in der Nähe wird es sicher eine Süßwasserversorgung geben. Wir kennen die Gegend nicht sehr gut, aber wir können alle erforderlichen Vorkehrungen treffen."

7bb73 No.112097

"You're a life saver Mr.Glass, i think we're gonna be gone for awhile."

75782 No.112107

It is Fun, standing over near the back of the room, who speaks
“Das wird bei uns funktionieren. Es ist besser als in einen eisigen Fluss zu gehen …”

He looks down at his shriveled and burned hide, and at the tattered ruins of his old uniform
“Oder in dieser toten Haut zu bleiben. Es muss bald herauskommen.”

“Alright.,, let me cook up some coffee here”
He produces a machine, which comes on with a bit of purple magic, and eventually starts to produce a pot of coffee

7bb73 No.112116

"What kind of coffee is it?"

75782 No.112122

“I want to say it is a Yucoltan variety. It’s really not the fanciest, but it gets the job done”

7bb73 No.112123

"Just how i like my coffee."
He smiles

75782 No.112129

He pours a cup
“In a way you are lucky. It’s harder to get ahold of coffee with the war rationing and the trade disruption. Good thing I was able to acquire some a month ago”

2cf2f No.112130

That's not coffee! Its covfefe

4275b No.112131

Lightning in the distance.

7bb73 No.112133

"Fantastic. how much for it?:
Not Again.

75782 No.112138

Only the best Ersatz coffee for your wartime needs

“Oh, for you? Nothing”

7bb73 No.112140

"I'll Make sure to pick you up another bag."
He smiles.
"You wouldn't happen to have a Thermos would you?"

75782 No.112144

“I have a steel mug”

7bb73 No.112168

"That'll do."
"uh there's something else i would like to talk to you about. in the event of my untimely death, i would like my shares in the bar to go to Blue Skies."

75782 No.112170

“Blue Skies?
He blinks
“Is that that mare you are with all the time?”

7bb73 No.112172

"Yes That's Her. the place we're headed to, looks pretty well fortified."

75782 No.112173

He is looking down at a glass, but then his face has a look of befuddlement, then a hint of sadness
"Are you… Are you afraid?"

7bb73 No.112174

"nope, everypony has to die sometime. and if i do i die. i'll die knowing that i died protecting my fellow ponies."

75782 No.112175

"Is that is what you are doing, going over there? Protecting ponies?"
He says this curiously, not with any hint of skepticism

7bb73 No.112178

"yes,sir. there are some….very bad creatures that need to be stopped"
He smiles

75782 No.112180

"Well… Sounds like you are doing something productive with your time. Not just selling poison to depressed ponies, or providing a location for stallions to find lose mares"

7bb73 No.112183

"You do so much more than just that Mr.Glass"
Dark Star Puts his hoof on Glistening glass's shoulder.
"you help those depressed ponies kill their pain. even if just for a night, that pain is forgotten."

75782 No.112184

"Well, that's not a bad idea. We'll inform customs"

"Are you killing your pain?" Hes asks

4275b No.112185

Iron suddenly feels a bit self-conscious after sweet talking Midnight into an acquaintance.

75782 No.112186

He can hear an aside
"Damned Changeling hunting grounds…"

7bb73 No.112187

"Sometimes. i thank you for running this place,Sir."
He smiles

4275b No.112188

Iron's ears perk up, trying to pinpoint where it's coming from.

75782 No.112192

"Well, you're welcome"
He returns an expression that, though based in sorrow, lets a smile shine through, as if a ray of sun through clouds

The bar owner and present bar tender, "Glistening Glass," talking to Dark Star

2cf2f No.112193

Brie succumbs to his apparent narcolepsy

2cf2f No.112195

Can Brie get an extra feat for his narcolepsy? Asking for a friend

75782 No.112196


Actualy, he should be getting an extra feat from a level up

2cf2f No.112197

He leveled? I didn't even hear a ding
Oh well, tomorrow me can worry about that shit

4275b No.112198

Strange, they never seem to say that.
Iron starts slowly walking towards the conversation.

7bb73 No.112200

He pats him on the back
"Bar owners are the unsung heros of Equestria."

75782 No.112201

He laughs at this
"Glad you think so

Well… I hadn't made it happen yet

Dark Star and the bar tender talking still

7bb73 No.112202

He Smiles
and puts down 100 bits on the counter
"Put this towards the advancement of the tavern."

75782 No.112203

"Oh, I will. Might even be able to buy some more coffee"

4275b No.112204

Iron decides to stay nearby to get a gist on the conversation.
(What made them say that?)

7bb73 No.112205

"I hope to see you again,my friend."
"Remember to Give Blue my Shares if i don't return,sir.Goodbye."
He walks back towards the table.

75782 No.112206

"I will"

As Dark Star walks away, he speaks to Iron
"Can I get you anything to drink?"

4275b No.112207

He shakes his head.
"No money with me, sadly."
He sits down.
"However, I think you and Star were talking about changeling deadzones?"
(I wonder if I will ever meet one of them to see what they are like. Especially their… abilities.)

eb6c4 No.112208

"Files said there were rowboats going from boat in harbor to docks, right? What would you say odds are that somepony could sneak onto one of those and row it back to ship?"

75782 No.112211

File: 1566798562700-0.png (7.47 MB, 2500x3500, 119736__safe_artist-colon-….png)

"Changeling Deadzones?"
He looks at Iron in confused silence for what is probably two seconds, appearing almost stunned
"Oh, you mean when I said Changeling hunting grounds. I mean Succubi. Changelings lying in wait for stallions looking for a good time. They think they found a pretty mare to spend the night, or longer with, but really its a succubus who sucks the life straight out of them"
He does a little thing with his hooves near his mouth to demonstrate that last part

There are actually a few posters on the wall behind him that warn of the same threat

"Depends on if they are expecting the rowboat to return. Or if they are still parked in the harbor"

eb6c4 No.112213

Silver rubs the bottom of his chin. "Yes…could be worse odds, especially with potential payoff."

4275b No.112214

Iron nods.
"I assume they are quite the sneaky ones if there is only warning posters about them."
He comes closer, wanting to test his knowledge.
"Say, do you have a personal way to find out who is a changeling?"

75782 No.112215

File: 1566799131147.jpg (1.35 MB, 1400x1361, dbv96io-64581e01-943a-4610….jpg)

"Yes. Find a girl, have a good night with her, take her back to a hotel room, and if she eats you, she's probably a changeling."

"Do you want to rob a ship… again?"

4275b No.112217

Iron chuckles.
"Alright. I get it."
Then he turns a bit nosy.
"Did you have any experience with them?"

7bb73 No.112218

"What's this about ship robbing?"

75782 No.112221

"Not that I can remember"

"Ask Silver Sword"

4275b No.112224

Iron nods, suddenly getting a creeping sensation.
"Do you have any advice to make sure any actual mare I find is not replaced by a changeling?"

7bb73 No.112226

He Looks over at silver

eb6c4 No.112231

"…Again?" Silver feels like he's missing something.

"I am thinking about hijacking oneof their rowboats and rowing back to boat they have anchored in harbor. I imagine there will be wealth of records on there civilian government, and perhaps even Black Hooves, will make use of."

75782 No.112232

He turns his head
"Changelings are just like any other predator. They are lazy. They go after the weakest targets. Don't be a weak target, and you are unlikely to be preyed upon"

75782 No.112233

"Oh… Right. You didn't participate in the last act of piracy"

4275b No.112234

Iron nods. He then decides to maybe indirectly spill recent events to the bartender.
"Got it. Let us change subject. Say you had a marefriend with a secret then you invite a friend who, in their line of questioning, threatens to reveal the secret. How would you deal with it?"

7bb73 No.112235

"Ah Fun Times/"

7bb73 No.112236

"That could be quite dangerous."

75782 No.112237

"Well, if that secret is 'she's a Changeling,' then you should turn her over to the police for the sake of your own health. But if both parties involved already know the secret, it's not really a secret, now is it? Like, how do I reveal a secret to you about yourself that you already know?"

"I think he wants to do it again"

eb6c4 No.112239

"…This is about job you all did at docks night I came to Baltimare, is it not? One where half of docks you were at went up in flames?"

Silver would probably say otherwise.

"No doubt. I would not take any unnecessary risk, but I am not stranger to this kind of mission."

4275b No.112240

Iron's not a master at subtlety.

75782 No.112241

"That was… not my fault"

4275b No.112242

Iron nods, rather conflicted.
"Not a secret, huh?"
(I may have to tell her the truth. Better me than finding out with the others.)
He starts biting his hoof softly.
(Yeah, I might have to. If she finds out from others, I may break her trust irreparably.)

eb6c4 No.112243

A hearty laugh comes from the old unicorn. "Oh, I know. Especially after meeting that kirin, Ash, I knew you were not one responsible for that."

7bb73 No.112245

"Yes,one in the same."

75782 No.112249

"I mean… I'm confused. Does she already know? Does he already know? Who is being told something they don't already know?"

She only nods, in irritated remembrance

4275b No.112250

"Oh. The friend knew the secret, but the marefriend did not know he knew the secret."

eb6c4 No.112251

"So, has plan seemed fair to you, so far? Earth ponies go through sewers, pegasus and bat fly to roof, and I keep watch over harbor."

75782 No.112253

"Well… I don't know. Maybe there's something in the old princesses' journal about it"

"Well, assuming they don't find us. If they do, they can pick us off and kill us much more easily than if we are together"

4275b No.112254

He cocks his head.
"The old princesses' journal?"

75782 No.112255

I am going to sleep

4275b No.112256


7bb73 No.112257

GoodNight Fren

eb6c4 No.112258

Sleep well!

bcf9d No.112280

File: 1566833378844.png (262.35 KB, 4000x1731, 9E3D5D71-B43D-4D89-A60C-C9….png)

Commission a Blue Skies Plushie, Yes or No?

eb6c4 No.112282

If you have the money for it? Hell yeah!

ae308 No.112284

Do it fag

16b0e No.112285

I've already said go for it some time ago.

7bb73 No.112307

File: 1566845362522.png (355.76 KB, 3000x2634, _Aryanne heiling.png)

16b0e No.112308

>inb4 it's a Cauldron plushie instead
Zebras taking our Skies.

bcf9d No.112309

Is super cute Poner

Fuck it, let’s do this.

tfw I found an image that perfectly expresses the way I’d want her chest and hind legs to be, but it’s an explicit image, so I can’t really include it in the email as a demonstration

There is no image of Cauldron

eb6c4 No.112310

Maybe you could censor out the naughty bits, or crop it so it's just the chest and hindlegs.

16b0e No.112311

If you can crop the naughty bits out, you should be good.
I know…
Maybe I should try to replicate it on the pony creator thing, that could do it.

7bb73 No.112312

Make the Zeeb

7bb73 No.112313

bcf9d No.112315

File: 1566847185824.png (Spoiler Image, 182.08 KB, 573x600, 4FFCCF17-D68A-4EF3-90D7-24….png)

There actually are no naughty bits in it, it’s just a pony who is clearly being fucked by a zebra. But damn, the body looks pretty much exactly like what I’d want in the plush, except a different color scheme, cutie mark, and race

16b0e No.112317

File: 1566847420427.jpg (106.21 KB, 707x682, 1520651016124-0.jpg)

Maybe you could ask if it's okay to base it on that while warning the presence of ambiguous penetration.

16b0e No.112327

Could I get an average description of Cauldron's body in a single post?
Taking height, buffness, thickness, eye colors, hairstyle, mane and coat coloration.

No need to post right away. It's simply a request of mine you needn't complete.

bcf9d No.112330

Well, she’s a Zebra. Coat scheme is white and black stripes that bend diagonally forward upwards on the back, with white as a whole being a slight preponderance of color, a black stripe on her spine, a whiter belly, and mostly thinner stripes around her belly and hind, but at least one thicker over the chest or center. No grey like in Zecora. The bottom part of her muzzle, and probably the front half of the top around the snout is black. I wanted Amber eyes, but I guess they were described as blue somewhere so there is that. Mane is very simple, in a kind of Mohawk, but it bends down slightly under its own weight near the top rather than stand straight up, causing it to tilt over slightly to one side or the other. It’s not very long, cut short. I’m actually not sure about color. Probably black, maybe grey or both grey and black. The tail is a bit longer proportionately than the mane, and is cut abruptly at the end.

Her whole body is… well, her body isn’t really all that feminine. There’s still sexual dimorphism, so she isn’t Silver’s size and obviously not Iron’s size, but she’s above average for a female, and probably as big as Dark Star. Her fur looks like it has a decent amount of muscle underneath it. She does not have a horse like slim belly, but the more pony like big belly that is thicker around the belly than the chest

16b0e No.112331

While I admit I won't be able to recreate the stripes patterns, all else is extremely useful.
It's time to build!

16b0e No.112335

File: 1566855746848-0.png (29.11 KB, 830x650, Cauldron interpretation.png)

File: 1566855746848-1.png (29.12 KB, 830x650, Cauldron Interpretation (1….png)

File: 1566855746848-2.png (28.18 KB, 830x650, Cauldron Interpretation (2….png)

File: 1566855746848-3.png (28.21 KB, 830x650, Cauldron Interpretation (3….png)

File: 1566855746848-4.png (28.23 KB, 830x650, Cauldron Interpretation (4….png)

Here are the results from the description.
I think I've made her look like an actual zebra and not a complete Zecora recolor.
All 5 images have little differences in them. Pick the most representative of the Cauldron in your mind and feel free to point out things to be fixed.
Though be forewarned, for this pony creator engine is basic bitch tier.

bcf9d No.112338

That’s not… quite what I had in mind, but a neat zebra nevertheless

16b0e No.112339

Yeah… too limited options.
Any specific fixes needed?

7bb73 No.112344

i'm not a fan of he Asian eye

16b0e No.112345

File: 1566858324995-0.png (28.31 KB, 830x650, Cauldron Interpretation (F….png)

The other eyes available are too pony looking, but here's a possible replacement.

7bb73 No.112346

Yea i like that one.

16b0e No.112347

File: 1566858865166-0.png (28.3 KB, 830x650, Cauldron Interpretation (F….png)

Here's a little changed version.

7bb73 No.112348

i like the Aesthetics of this one better.

16b0e No.112349

Anything else of note?

7bb73 No.112350

Not really, Gm Can pick the next stuff.

16b0e No.112351

*nudge nudge*
Do you like the representation of Cauldron now GMo?
What needs to be done to close the gap between your vision and my work?

75782 No.112353

Its kind of cute as a zebra.

If you are asking for differences, those would be…
The stripes are going the opposite direction. Forward as they go down, rather than backwards. I guess that isn't really an issue because there's more room on the neck than the hind to put stripes anyways
The stripes should go almost to the bottom of the belly, but here they only go halfway or less. Maybe they should even change direction after halfway down the Zebra
That zebra is grey, whereas Cauldron is white (with more black). Maybe pony creator doesn't have white though.
That zebra has a long black top muzzle and a half black bottom muzzle. I envisioned the reverse, a half black top muzzle and a black bottom jaw.
Black Cauldron has a cutie mark - a Black Iron pot. I understand if that's not really possible to add.

The one thing that kind of bothers me is the mane and tail. The mane might just be too long, while the tail is definitely too short.

I figure that Black Cauldron collects debts, which is pretty masculine, and thus probably has some tomboyish inclinations to make her keep her mane and tail shorter. But at the same time she's not really super butch, and thus has no real reason to cut her tail the same as a stallion. She would, however, keep her mane short for a simple, practical reason. Black Cauldron is in a business where she is fairly likely to get into a physical fight at some point, and having long hair is a hazard in a fight, because your opponent can grab it, or bite it. I figure a tail is a little less of a danger in that regard, so she'd probably keep her tail longer (relatively) than she would keep her mane.

I think of Blue Skies. She is rather tomboyish, so that is a reason for her to keep her mane and tail shorter. She is also from a militarized culture and she admires the military, which is another reason for her mane to be shorter, as they would keep hair short. However, Skies has an overriding reason to keep her mane and tail longer, that being that Stallions in even vaguely traditional cultures expect girly girls to keep their manes and tails long, and probably usually think longer manes and tails are more attractive. Skies goes out of her way to try to appear physically attractive to stallions. This isn't just because she is a slut and craves male attention (don't discount those reasons either). It's because Skies, in her role as a secret police officer, is basically a fem fetal. She tries to lure in targets and get them to trust her and reveal information, or, alternatively, just think that she is a stupid bar slut and not take her seriously as a spy. So Skies would keep her mane and tail long, because she wants to be beautiful, kind of like Rarity. Rarity, however, has extensive knowledge about fashion and so can make her man have strange curls. Skies knows nothing about mane care, and so keeps it well washed and fine but simple and straight. while focusing her attention on her coat and feathers. Thus Skies has medium length hair that is fine but a simple style.

Cauldron does not have all of the same factors going into her needing to look pretty, as she does not work as a waiter, doesn't need to manipulate stallions, and isn't looking for a mate. So she is not as well washed or cleaned, her mane is oilier and even more basic, and her coat is more coarse. I figure that something like mohawks is probably culturally common for Zebras (and Cauldron is fairly traditionalist), perhaps because Zebra manes grow a bit differently from ponies, so she has a kind of mohawk but with hair that tends to fall down, and it's definitely not a complex style.

16b0e No.112355

File: 1566865890914-0.png (30.27 KB, 830x650, Cauldron Interpretation (F….png)

>Stripes and muzzle color, as well as anything related to it
Sadly, I don't have any options there, ironically enough. Only zecora's stripes pattern is in this.
Specist devs. XP
>More whiteness
>Cutie mark
Looks iffy.

>Mane and tail

Here are the changes presented. Mane shortened, as well as have a bit of leeway of being a mohawk. Tail two-color style is a bit eh, but it has the look of being cut short.

Take a look.

75782 No.112358

File: 1566867226435.jpeg (211.31 KB, 820x973, B5FB9925-0C4C-4DA4-8513-7….jpeg)

Does nopony want to play or plan tonight?

16b0e No.112359

I am, but I dunno how Iron can manage while having the group quest pending and almost ready to go.

eb6c4 No.112360

I'd like to play.

16b0e No.112361

Also please gib feedback on Cauldron.

1321a No.112362

I'm here.

16b0e No.112364

Forgot about this line.
Could you answer him?

75782 No.112366

Silver hasn’t responded to the last thing said to him

Well, I don’t think Spark has much to say to the two Changeling drones

Uh… I don’t know? Now she looks even more masculine. Maybe try the old mane style again

“Twilight Sparkle’s Journal

16b0e No.112368

Okay, so the problem now is her being too masculine. I'll see if I can have a mohawk-looking female hairstyle. If not, I'll just plant the Zecora mohawk and hope for the best.
Iron cocks her head.
"Who is Twilight Sparkle?"

7bb73 No.112370

File: 1566868763190.png (2.53 MB, 1242x1219, _CEO of horse racism.png)

eb6c4 No.112371

"True…like I said, all plans have their weaknesses. Only question is if this one's are outmatched by its strengths."

ae308 No.112373

But that's racist?

75782 No.112374

Okay, the ponies and honorary Zebra just need to figure out the basics of how they want to approach it



“Heh, where are you from?”

ae308 No.112375

>hides in bush

16b0e No.112376

Iron smiles.
"You could say I came from under a rock."
He chuckles.
"The jungle is my home."

7bb73 No.112377

File: 1566869349771.png (147.21 KB, 1500x1894, _DarkStar_.png)

75782 No.112378

“Heh. Well. Fancy that.”

16b0e No.112381

File: 1566869550040-0.png (29.99 KB, 830x650, Cauldron Interpretation (F….png)

File: 1566869550040-1.png (31.88 KB, 830x650, Cauldron Interpretation (F….png)

File: 1566869550040-2.png (31.83 KB, 830x650, Cauldron Interpretation (F….png)

File: 1566869550040-3.png (30.95 KB, 830x650, Cauldron Interpretation (F….png)

Have more Cauldron pics.
Iron nods.
"Am I really such a rarity in these parts?"

7bb73 No.112383

3 looks the best to me

75782 No.112385

“A native? No, not really. But most of them can name the princesses.”

They look cute, especially 3

ae308 No.112388

Midnight looks interested
"The jungle? That sounds unique."

16b0e No.112390

So do we go for third pic as official Cauldron look?
Iron feels like he should've listened to the elders more, ears drooping slightly, looking embarassed
"Oh… they do?"
Iron smiles.
"This concrete jungle is also unique to me, so we are both on the same leaf about that."
He chuckles.

75782 No.112391

Skies, not liking being our down i the specialness department, says
“I’m also am immigrant, from an even further away and more foreign culture”

“Oh, don’t worry yourself too much with it. There’s a lot of ponies worrying themselves too much about who is princess”

7bb73 No.112392

Dark Star puts the pot of coffee down on the table.
"We Might need more than this."

75782 No.112393

“Heh. What’s your plan? Silver wants to split up”

7bb73 No.112394

"That was my plan."

eb6c4 No.112395

Silver the completely normal Equestrian and absolutely not immigrant (cyka blyad) has some coffee.

75782 No.112396

File: 1566871306997.png (388.19 KB, 640x480, 96C0FEEF-A14B-4BEB-9408-2B….png)


“Well… okay then”

16b0e No.112397

He nods to the barkeep.
(Seems like a likeable pony.)
You still haven't made official the Cauldron Look (TM). Aside from the stripes, of course, do the mane, tail and cutie mark work for you?

75782 No.112399

“So, everypony… are we agree on a plan of approach?”

I mean… sure? Black Cauldron’s physical appearance has never really been important to her character, so I’ve never put much thought into it
I guess it matters if you are trying to fuck her now

16b0e No.112400

I agree. I want to know in the off chance I actually get a comission of her. Fanart and the like.

7bb73 No.112401

"Yes i believe everypony agreed"

16b0e No.112402

Iron nods to cement this.
"My hooves will pull through."

ae308 No.112403

"I will just follow you all."

75782 No.112404

“Alright… do we go to the church first, approach from the north, the west, the south, or the sea?”

Out of curiosity, do you mean you agree it never really mattered before, or that it’s more relevant for sexual fantasy purposes?

16b0e No.112405

Both, but especially the former.
Iron shrugs.
"As far as I know, I have to go to these sewers, which I do not remember where they are."

7bb73 No.112406

"Which Church?"

75782 No.112407

She shakes her head
“The Church of the Sacred Heart”

7bb73 No.112408

"Ah of course. i suggest we approach approach from the west."

75782 No.112409

“Alright, that’s directly across from the three buildings. There should be apartment tenements on the other side… maybe a warehouse, I can’t really say”

7bb73 No.112412

"Whats on the south side?"

75782 No.112413

"Probably a factory"

7bb73 No.112415

he touches his chin in thought
"That might be better."

75782 No.112417

"33 Hoebuck itself has the old fort and dormitory on the south side, the facilities building in the center, and the workshop on the Northside. Water all the way on the East, probably a small dock"

16b0e No.112418

Iron chimes in.
"The sea seems to risky unless the ponies going are really stealthy. I would wager the warehourse is the most assured to be clear of trouble."

75782 No.112420

"Well, any approach from any angle has the risk of being seen from windows. At least the sea has the sea wall, which could block line of sight if you are close enough to the wall"

7bb73 No.112422

"why do you think that would be the best?"
"That could be useful."

16b0e No.112423

Iron nods.
"If being seen is indeed a problem, then going along the sea should prove helpful. We could go for the factory, where I assume the residents would crowd up for us to blend in."

ae308 No.112426

"Is now a good time to mention I can disappear into shadows?"

75782 No.112427

Skies blinks

ae308 No.112428

"Yes, I can envelope myself in shadows so other ponies cannot see me."

16b0e No.112429

Iron nods approvingly.

7bb73 No.112430

Dark Star's Jaw drops

75782 No.112431

File: 1566876682416.png (47.56 KB, 708x487, Wut.png)

Is Silver kill?

Skies is still confused, but is otherwise speechless

"Do you mean the workshop inside Hoebuck? I imagine the other industries in the area will be closed late at night… Unless they operate a night shift"

ae308 No.112432

"Luna's blessing, it makes traveling through hostile areas easier at night. It gives you away in a well lit room though…"

16b0e No.112433

Iron hums.
"I suppose that means no blending in. Seems the sea is the stealthiest choice."

7bb73 No.112434

"…Luna? but….."

eb6c4 No.112435


Silver nods, the only pony of the group to not be confused. "That could prove useful in this mission."

ae308 No.112436

"I hope so."
"But what? Did I say something wrong?"

75782 No.112437

On a related note, Midnight Lily’s prepares spells should probably be declared about now

“Well, a dash to a door or roof top is possible, as is infiltration, if we can disguise ourselves as a party that has a reason to be there”

7bb73 No.112438

Dark star leans over to blue and whispers
"isn't luna dead?"

16b0e No.112439

Iron nods.
"We could blend in as workers if we want to cause havoc on the inside. I can easily do it without much sacrifice aside from my rocks."
He chuckles.
"Dark Star is a silly pony."

75782 No.112440

She shrugs
“I guess not, if she’s still hooffing out salads as welfare to the thestral population”

“If we can get inside then that might work”

16b0e No.112441

Iron points at Skies.
"Now now. Do not be disrespecting other ponies' deities for no reason, Skies."
He nods.
"In any case, should they simply let us in if we admit we are one of the illegals?"

eb6c4 No.112442

Silver raises an eyebrow. "What are you talking about?"

75782 No.112443

(Taking offense)
“The Tartarus are you talking about, Plantation Colt?”

“She summoned some lettuce, or something earlier. Claimed it was from Luna? I don’t know. Might have been a magician’s trick”

ae308 No.112444

>making me actually declare spells
How rood

Level 0: Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Light, Guidance, Resistance
Level 1: Cause Fear, Doom, Cure Light Wounds, Cure Light Wounds, Sanctuary
Level 2: Aid, Cure Moderate Wounds, Bull's Strength, Blindness
Level 3: Cure Serious Wounds, Blacklight
Already used a lvl 3 spell

Midnight's large ears turn towards Skies as her eyes narrow.

7bb73 No.112445

"Did you do what trixie used to do?"

ae308 No.112446

"Who is this… "Trixie" you speak of?"

eb6c4 No.112447

"It is not outside of realm of possibility." He shrugs. "I know what you might think of them, but Alicorns are most certain higher beings. Celestia and Luna in particular. Summoning food items is well within their power to grant to their followers, even if they have been captured by changelings."

75782 No.112448

Well I wasn’t going to, until you mentioned using a spell I wasn’t aware mid-lower level clerics could use. Then I figured that I should try to block any surprises

She stares right back

16b0e No.112449

He shakes his head, then proceeds to ignore her like he should've done
She turns to Midnight.
"Try not taking too much offense in her words. They come from ignorance."

7bb73 No.112450

"Some wandering magician who used to put on shows before the war."

ae308 No.112451

"I cannot say I have heard of her… But what I do is nothing like that."
"I will keep it in mind…"
She continues staring back at the pegasus.

75782 No.112452

Skies kind of mumbles back, as if not really in response to Silver, and she looks away
“More powerful does not mean higher… and I wouldn’t trust a Changeling’s captive…”

“Oh, fuck you colt. I don’t see you strongly educated on… well, frankly anything”

She stares right back

16b0e No.112453

He keeps ignoring Skies.
"Do not fall for it," he tells Midnight. "Let it go and forget that ever happened. Princess Luna would not want fellow ponies to bicker, now would she?"

75782 No.112454

“I’m right fuckin’ here mate”

ae308 No.112455

"She would not want them to bicker, but she never took to kindly to insults…."

7bb73 No.112456

"Alicorns aren't that great,especially celestia."

75782 No.112457

“Then you understand me
She says, directly to Midnight

ae308 No.112458

Midnight quickly turns to face Dark Star
"We will see how your opinion stands once you can see the powers they grant to ponies faithful to them"
"No, I do not."

75782 No.112459

“So what is your issue?”

16b0e No.112460

It's like Skies is talking to a wall.
(Not falling for it.)
"I assure you. Nothing will change after this and both you and her will only be angry at eachother, worsening the results of the mission. Do not fall for the bait."
Iron simply facehoofs.
(I know I did this previously, but that does not mean you should follow my hoofsteps."

ae308 No.112461

"It seems you are the one with an issue, and your issue seems to be with Luna, am I wrong?"

7bb73 No.112462

"Im not trying to insult you, i just never had a good experience with the Alicorns"

75782 No.112463

“The fuck are you yabbering on about, web wing? I told Silver that the alicorns are still giving out bread and circuses, and then both you and the colt gang up on me.”

eb6c4 No.112464

Silver shrugs, not really wanting to start an argument. "I suppose you two would have to be in presence of one to understand: you just know there is something more about them that transcends other ponies."

ae308 No.112465

"I accept you apology, and I hope if your opinion does change, that I play no small part in it."
Midnight simply coldly stares at the pegasus
"When do we start the mission?"

75782 No.112466

“When you get over it”

ae308 No.112468

"I cannot get over your negative emotions towards Princess Luna for you, that is something only you can do."

eb6c4 No.112469

Silver looks between the two squabbling ponies, eventually settling on looking at Midnight. "Midnight, it would be best to leave this alone. I understand you preceive attack on your Goddess and that you wish to defend her, but her beliefs do not make yours any less valid, nor do yours hers. And from more pragmatic outlook, it is not good idea to get into and hold grudge with party members just before vital mission, especially when you will be counting on each other."

16b0e No.112470

Iron chuckles at her wording.
(It is like she wants to be seen as a victim all the time.)

75782 No.112471

I don’t fucking have any negative emotions towards Princess Luna. I just don’t trust a government where the masses of the citizenry surrender their self determination to a Monarch who is of some strange race, and I certainly don’t trust anypony that has been cocooned by Changelings. Damn. You are reading far too much into a remark about lettuce.”

“Keep your thoughts to yourself, loud mouth”

7bb73 No.112472

"Silver is right."

16b0e No.112473

Iron chuckles some more.
He turns to Midnight, patting her on the shoulder.
"Trust me. It is not worth it. You will not change her mind nor you will properly defend the name of your deity because this is a losing game where nopony wins."

ae308 No.112474

Midnight simply ignores her comments.

75782 No.112475

Skies stands up, goes a foot or so back, then says as if placing emphasis on every syllable
“I. Have. To. Go. Check. With. Cus-toms”

She places a hoof on Dark Star’s shoulder
“Dark Star, you are now the representative of the civilian Governate and the technical leader of this mission. Give me the signal should we meet“

7bb73 No.112476

"I uh…What?"

eb6c4 No.112477

Silver gives Skies a concerned look at her announcement. "Hey, Skies? Be safe, alright? I will see you later."

16b0e No.112478

Iron shrugs.
(Oh well, there she goes again. I do not know how she got her position with that bad attitude of hers.)
He pats Midnight's shoulder.
"You did the smart thing, Midnight."

ae308 No.112479

"No… I did not…"
She looks away, but doesn't cower away from the touch.

75782 No.112480

“No. Don’t give me that bullshit. I wasn’t talking to you, and then you had to but in like moral busybody saying something about ‘don’t disrespect what ever. You insolent fuck, you wouldn’t know respect if it literally smacked you upside the head. You are the last pony on the planet to ever tell any pony what is it is not respectful. Have a good life.”

7bb73 No.112481

Dark star walks over to her and hugs her
"Ok, I Wan't you to be safe though."

16b0e No.112482

Iron remains stoic, ignoring her once again.
(Seems she can read minds now. I hope it works with the griffons, too. Should be a cakewalk to enter if they have a codephrase.)
"Yes, you did. Trust me. No good would have come from that."

75782 No.112483

The ponies are left in the same conundrum they started with. How do they enter the building?

16b0e No.112484

Weren't we supposed to go by sea?
I thought that was already agreed upon.

7bb73 No.112485

"We Should approach from the north."

16b0e No.112486

Iron nods.
"Sounds good."

ae308 No.112487

"I hold no strong opinions on this matter, I will just follow."

eb6c4 No.112488

Silver nods.

75782 No.112489

Time to execute

75782 No.112490

You know what? Fuck you. And fuck yourself with a cactus dildo

9963d No.112491

Maybe I will join this thing. I will probably try to be in both since I am offically part of that other campaign now.

I haven't decided yet. I am thinking about if I even have time to be part in the first one. So we will se if I join you guys.

Of course this is under the premise that you let me join.

16b0e No.112492

It could get messy. GM will probably private message you and you'll iron out the details.
Be careful, for words have a lot more power here, and sometimes words collide, and badly

9963d No.112494

The way you say things are a bit too mystical for me to understand perhaps if you provided and example of what you mean.

All I said is that I might be interested but I haven't decided yet. I honestly was more expecting someone to tell me that my post was pointless than anything else.

>and sometimes words collide, and badly

I assume you are refering to starting drama. Yet, I feel like if showing interest is enough to cause drama, then everyone needs to calm down.

But I guess, I thank you for your forewarning?

9963d No.112495

Okay, apologize for the sarcasm. I do actually appriciate that you take your time to make a newfag get aquinted with the way of things. It was just that what you said made me roll my eyes and think, "Whoa, edgy."

It is nice of you.

f4979 No.112497

s]That's because this game leans towards edginess sometimes.
In any case, your attempt of entering is indeed not an issue. in fact GM is jumping with joy for getting a new player. It's advice to help you adjust expectations for your character. You may get into arguments quickly and they can get messy.

75782 No.112498

File: 1566909393540.jpeg (127.94 KB, 2048x1516, BCE48A73-D803-4F62-AFCD-B….jpeg)

Don’t mind the Argentina Anon. He’s projecting private thoughts about the way the last session exploded more so than the general way of things.

We would love to have you! This campaign is set in Equestria in a recursive fan fiction based upon the Equestria at War mod, for the grand strategy game Hearts of Iron 4. Its a bit more of a technological and lower magic setting, with human history and the horror genre especially being among its influences

In this world, things go differently with the plan we see in the season 6 finale, resulting in the Changelings remaining in their unreformed state and being excluded from the later Friendship School. Thanks tons combination of local political and economic factors, as well as discontent with Princess Twilight’s new way of running things, after the passage of some years, an Equestrian colony state in Griffonia breaks away, and tries to establish its own empire with captive markets for its goods by conquering a few of the smaller griffin nations. The Equestrian Princesses see this as antithetical to the new world they are trying to establish, with an equality of races and every nation having a seat at the table, so they declare war without actually waging a serious war effort. But to Equestria’s West, the never defeated Chrysalis did not remain idol. Rather than make a relatively small attack that could be stopped by a relatively small number of heroes, Chrysalis would attack in a swarm of steel, using mass numbers and new technology to tip the odds in her favor. The invasion cane, and became bogged down by the heavy resistance of an Equestria partially mobilized for war. However, the Equestrian break away state took advantage of the redeployment of the Equestrian navy and troops away from the Equestrian east, and towards the changelings in the west. They invaded across the sea, and stormed into Equestrian cities, under the claim that Equestria started the war and they were simply occupying Equestrian land to keep it under pony control before the weak state could fall in its entirety to the Changelings. Equestria was split and occupied.

This campaign takes place in occupied Equestria. The main group is currently located in the Equestrian East coast city of Baltimare, the New Mareland occupied zone. Another slightly smaller group is much further north in Whinnysota in the Changeling occupied zone on its own quest there. The campaign as a whole mostly centers around the political power vacuum left by the fall of the Equestrian monarchy, including the threat of communist insurgency, a looming Changeling invasion and ever present infiltration, scandalous local politicians, powerful criminal gangs and crime syndicates, the remains of ancient necromancers thought sealed away, a moralistic college professor who seeks to unleash ancient gods to force a return if the age of heroes, ponies just trying to survive under Changeling occupation, and in the most recent case, criminal cartels from Griffonia who try to traffic creatures.

This is a level five, soon to be level six, campaign. Any new class you choose will be nice, although only unicorns can do arcane magic, divine magic has some restrictions based upon the setting, and I don’t do Psionics.

Anypony is welcome.

Dude. Stop.

1321a No.112500

It really is a fun campaign. Every decision is important. The GM gives us very well crafted NPCs for even the smallest of side quests and enemies.

Recently I was attacked by some changelings and after two were killed, two surrendered. Now the decision came to if I would kill them or spare them. So far, they don’t like me because I had killed their friends and damaged them, but they have names and I gave them nicknames, they interact with me and each other, and they have decided to join me and a few other players on our quest under the promise that the changelings would forgive them for abandoning the assault on the Crystal Empire. So now I’m trying to get them to like me, despite them having every reason to hate me. As far as I can tell, there are no mindless goon enemies. Only opposing NPCs with their own goals, history, and justification for why they oppose you.

Amazing stuff. Our GM cares about every character interaction and story. This makes your decisions a bit more difficult, but way more rewarding. Right now the party is split, though we are trying to get our quests solved so we can rejoin.

Would the new guy get to choose which part of the party he joins, or do you have something in mind?

eb6c4 No.112501

I think we'd all love to have a new player if you'd want to join. Not sure what else I'd say about the campaign, but the GM absolutely loves roleplay and story. He's also been really nice about giving leeway for character backgrounds or to help build the history and lore of the world.

eb6c4 No.112505


b78a7 No.112506

File: 1567020866265.jpg (9.78 KB, 204x212, 1532163680019.jpg)

e0982 No.112507

b78a7 No.112508

File: 1567021566931.png (403.24 KB, 500x499, 1527953507150.png)


b7130 No.112509

File: 1567021903937.png (425.25 KB, 1037x1024, 5BF5809B-CB0F-45B7-9AB7-1B….png)

e0982 No.112510

File: 1567022108309.gif (155.09 KB, 772x736, eeeeeee.gif)


b78a7 No.112511

File: 1567022222713.jpg (100.15 KB, 444x617, 1534046296111.jpg)


eb6c4 No.112512


b7130 No.112513

File: 1567022809072.gif (97.51 KB, 1049x550, 021D736D-0868-41F3-9361-38….gif)

>tfw entire thread has broken down into eeeeing
I don’t know if anypony wanted to declare any actions or do anything, but you can try

b78a7 No.112514

File: 1567022961515.jpg (200.11 KB, 1024x1024, 1513443385932.jpg)

In the Baltimare sector, we need Midnight and Star before we can try anything, since the mission is at the verge of starting, since we know what to do and where will we start.

eb6c4 No.112515

I don't know, I'd think a lack of Blue Skies might change things.

ae308 No.112516

File: 1567023850838.png (745.08 KB, 750x750, 1470930.png)

>EEEEEEEing without me

Midnight stands up and begins to walk from the table
"Excuse me, there is something I must do."
She trots out of the bar, and looks for Blue Skies on the street.

b78a7 No.112517

True, but I'm not sure how deep we need to go or how much sneaking do we really need.
At best, we simply need to go near the scouting area and roll Gather Information to perhaps find a secluded spot to enter, like the sewers they've mentioned some time ago or a secret Griffon members only path when they 'bring in the goods'. At worst, we'll have to enter guns (or hooves) blazing.
I honestly am not sure how deep should we go or if it is a mere scouting mission.

b7130 No.112518

She’s there, walking out the door, shortly after bitching at Iron one last time

ae308 No.112519

"Skies wait! I have something to say!"
She trots up next to the pegasus.

b7130 No.112520

Her ears come down, and point back, kind of in the direction of the Bat pony, and she tilts her head slightly back. Her eyes come back to the approaching bat, and she says

ae308 No.112521

Midnight suddenly hugs the pegasus
"I am sorry about arguing with you, I should have known to stop earlier"

b7130 No.112522

And thus, the bitch Pegasus rogue herself falls victim to a sneak attack
Poner is hugged
Midnight throws a hoof over Skies’ back, feeling a coat that is overly smooth, and sending feathers flying up as the right wing is pushed back and up by the bat, and Skies tries to maneuver her left wing up from the surprise of the hug
“…. I….”

ae308 No.112523

"I did not…. Practice what I preach so to say."
She pulls out of the hug and gives an embarrassed smile.
"I do not think Luna would have approved of my actions."

b7130 No.112524

File: 1567026333413.png (2.28 MB, 1792x828, 01C6DD5B-50E4-4678-B66B-FE….png)

Skies: “What do you mean?”

ae308 No.112525

"Well, part of the dogma is to not cast ponies aside or make them feel unwanted. After all, that is the reason Luna grew spiteful against Celestia. But I can be sensitive to what others say. Whether their words are aimed at me or Luna, or even not of ill meaning."

b7130 No.112526

She turns her head fully back towards the bat pony. She has a somber look in her eyes
“Uh Huh… I can’t say I know much about this ‘Luna,’ except that she was Celestia’s after hours secretary, and she was taken captive by the Hegemony…”

ae308 No.112527

The bat's pupils narrow to tiny slits as she clenches her jaw.
"Excuse me?"

b7130 No.112528

“You are excused.” Skies responds, seeming oblivious

b78a7 No.112529

"You are being disrespectful again, Skies," Iron warns her from the table.

b7130 No.112530

“I guess you are the local expert on that”

ae308 No.112531

Midnight raises a hoof a few times, extends and folds her wings a few more, and opens her mouth as if she was about to speak a few times.
"You… You have some things to learn Blue Skies."

b7130 No.112532

“About what?”

7bb73 No.112533

"Shut it,Iron."
Dark Star Deadpans him

ae308 No.112534

"Princess Luna, the one who raises the Moon and rules over the realm of the dreams."

b7130 No.112535

“Now I don’t know about all that…”

Skies tilts her head and smiles towards her husbando

b78a7 No.112536

Iron shrugs.
"Simply helping out."

7bb73 No.112537

"You Can help out by apologizing as well. you've been really hostile towards blue."

ae308 No.112538

"Well anyway, I can assure you that Luna is more than a 'secretary'"

b7130 No.112539

“Night assistant?”

ae308 No.112540

Midnight looks like she's suddenly regretting looking for a job

b78a7 No.112541

Iron simply shakes his head, smiling knowingly for the reason of Star's attitude.
"I do not think she will take it to heart. At least not now. Maybe later, when things cool down further."
He looks at Skies and Midnight then back to Star again.
"Besides, I should not intrude in other ponies' apologies."
Empathy waves sent.

b7130 No.112542

Fun fact, the location they are going to used to be a debtor’s prison. If Midnight prefers unemployment

Oh fuck off

eb6c4 No.112543

"Well, Iron, after they get done, I agree with Dark Star that you need to apologize."

7bb73 No.112544

He remains silent, maintaining eye contact with iron.

b78a7 No.112545

Iron nods, also knowing Silver's motivations for wanting him to apologize to Skies.
"Anything for a successful mission."

b7130 No.112546

Skies shakes her head
“I don’t think this is going to work out…”
A dark fear washes over Skies, like the multi-cultural group before her was the entirety of East Equestria in microcosm. A demonstration of how faux pas caused by cultural ignorance burns away an already non-existent pool of trust, and makes hostility arising from simple misunderstandings inevitable. A demonstration of why the Occupation is doomed

“… I’ll tell Sea Breeze to try to send a response back to NMAC and the Manehattan Autonomy that if they want us to guard their flanks on their own anti-insurgency matters, they can’t deprive us off all the officers we need to do it”

b78a7 No.112547

Iron nods, knowing Skies cannot understand most things around her due to her pride and teachings getting in the way and clouding her judgement. After all, Iron suffers from it as well.
"If you truly believe what you say, you can do it, but passing your work to others surely cannot be done forever."
He stands up and walk towards Skies.
"It is not about me or you or any other pony in this room. You will have to deal with ponies like me, some whom you cannot escape from and may have to follow their orders to the dot. Would you leave your fellow Black Hooves coworkers if you had to follow orders from said pony?"
As if to emphasize his words, he extends a foreleg.
"Would you let your dreams die, the reason you joined the Black Hooves at all, simply because a superior was mean to you one time?"
A pause.
"I would say no, you would not. Simply because you are a strong, headstrong mare that wants to end the menance that threatens you and any loved ones you have, trampling through any opposition to get that dream acheived."
He nods.
"It is understandable you do not like me or my comments, but this mission is not about the members in it. It is about protecting the city you live in from external threats that could destroy any previously good memory of that. Would you give away the chance to do your faction justice simply because you have bad experiences with a fuzzy, dishelved maned stallion or do you want to punish the griffons that destroyed your previous home and threatens to do it again?"

b7130 No.112548

For a moment, Skies stands still in place. More than a moment. She is silenced, evidently, by Iron’s words. If Iron was offering a hoof to shake back, Skies does not accept it. At least, not immediately. Then she speaks
“Why are you here?”

b78a7 No.112549

Iron inhales, knowing this is pretty shaky ground he's treading on.
"Because I, too, have a stake in this. I also have somepony to protect in this concrete jungle and help her acheive happiness. I will trade my life for it, even if it means being thrown into the mud, break every single part of my body to reach my objective. To see her smile…"
His ears droop and a little blush is formed by his sappy response.
"I know you would do the same, both out of hate for the ones that destroyed your home and for the pony you gave your heart to."

b78a7 No.112550

Did I say something wrong? I sure hope not.

75782 No.112551

File: 1567043646585.jpg (58.49 KB, 751x1063, lost_city_of_the_pegasi_by….jpg)

Skies looks back, again, silent for a moment. She does not respond - not immediately at least - to Iron's talk of loved ones or of protection. She responds instead to something Iron said many lines ago now.
"You say I have to deal with ponies like you…"
She shakes her head, slowly.
"You must've come from some kind of egalitarian, communalist society or something, so I'll explain it for you. When I was younger, yes. I did have to put up with insults. Many insults. Bitch, loner, weird, slut, weak, mist misser. And a thousand comments on my competency to control weather. On who I ate with at the dining hall or how much or what I ate or refused to eat. On my attitude. On my amiability. On my relations with the opposite sex. On my physical strength. On my general moral character. These came from the fillies and colts who were my peers at school, the neighbors, even ponies of high regard like the town elders and school teachers. My own father. I was even insulted by own brother, whose damaged mind added "cuckoo" to the list. He wouldn't even consider me his full blooded sister.

But no. I did not have to endure hardship or disrespect from ponies like you. Every pony that dared to call me their inferior in some regard, had a clear and valid claim to be considered my equal, or my superior. They were the fillies and colts who tested in the Trials of the Hurricane. Who proved themselves capable with the spear, able to dive from the Cloud City, spear a ring on the edge of a cliff, skirt along the purely vertical drop of a hundred meters and make a ninety degree turn at the bottom where the rock meets the sea. Sometimes even spear a fish along the way. We could recite poetry from Mareripedes, the philosophy of the Four Causes from Aristrotle's metaphysics, or the four types of love from Hayto's dialogues on Ethics. We were, every single one of us, the proud descendants of the Guardians of the East against the Gryphons, Tyranny, and unrest. We were the the delivers of the rains that irrigated the Riverlands and flowed down past Griffienheim. And we each swore we would uphold the same in our lives, and deliver the same to our own foals. By blood and birthright, and by our own merits, we earned the title and rank of Citizens.

When another pony insulted me, it hurt. Worse perhaps than any Gryphon spear or helot's pitch fork. That was because these were the ponies with whom I trained, played, supped, learned the classics, and shared a collective past and destiny. I knew that if they said it, there was probably at least some grain of truth to it, and I knew that I had more to do if I was going to fulfill my role - my blood bound duty - to become a Guardian of the East. What it was not was a denial of my dignity.

Do you know what happened when a pony who was 19 would dare speak to a significantly older and more experienced member of the Krypteia in the way that you do on a minute by minute basis? I can't say I fully know either, because we understood in our society that you have respect for your elders, and for those more experienced in life. By enduring years of troubles and tribulations they earned respect, and that respect must be given them. And any ponies who would make slights against them, let us say they didn't simply walk away from it unscathed.

All this is assuming that the younger pony and the elder were both Guardians. You - You - are what would have been in our society a Helot. Uneducated in art, literature or philosophy. Unable to work a spear or fly. Not holding any particular job, and consorting with criminals… What right do you have to insult anyone? You lack the fortitude, courage, and spirit of Dark Star, or the years of experience and empathy of Silver Sword. Why do you act is if you are better and more important than all of us when you have yet to accomplish anything the world? This is the kind of behavior that if it came from a Pegasus would result in harsh punishment, and I won't even repeat to you what would happen to a helot who tried the same. But let's say at the very least that I never would have to endure such insults from a young colt like you.

And all of this talk about love and protecting what you love? You say all of that with the confidence that - barring a Changeling invasion or some weird circumstances in an uprising, you will be able to return to your little mud hovel in your own village, and your brother and sister will be there waiting for you. You will be able to tell them all that you passed the rites of adulthood, or whatever it is, and that you are once again the big fish you have always presumed you are. You only have to gain what I have to assume is your first romance, and then you have everything.

Do you know what I have to return to? A loving family? A proud boast of having completed the passages of adulthood? A tight community? No. No….

I can't return to those. Most of the buildings are intact, sure, but the Guardians of the East are irreparably changed. The destiny to which I aspired all my young life is forever lost.

You left your home because… why? They want you to marry outside of the tribe to reduce inbreeding, or something? I was forced out. I was forced out by a few personal misfortunes, and by the work of the Liberals. Ponies like you who place courage, tradition, and erudition beneath naked selfishness and desire for power. Ponies who have no respect, and no understanding of the hierarchy apparent in nature. No concept of beauty or virtue. I have already lost my love. I don't fight to protect anything. I fight to avenge."

75782 No.112552

File: 1567043879242.jpg (514.92 KB, 2019x1200, 178812.jpg)

"When I left Nimbusia I floated around the East for some years, from the monasteries of Ponaidem to the urban hostels of Lake City. When I went further south into what had been ancient gryphon raider territory, I came in contact with the NMAC officers who would later become my superiors in the Black Hooves. I do not subscribe wholly to their philosophy. They are unicorns, and have many of the flaws that are endemic to that race. They tend to see the world in material terms, subordinate the spiritual. They focus on superficial distinctions of classes rather than real distinctions like virtue. They hide behind Equestrian ideals like racial egalitarianism even as it was obvious who tended to be the leaders, who were the farmers, and who were the hoof soldiers who braced the danger.

And yet for all of these flaws, they saw in the world this coming decay. They realized, as I did, that social progress was not progress, but entropy masquerading as a social movement. And they recognized that refusing to acknowledge the importance of traditions, nations, and other values was like pulling the string out of a scarf, slowly unwinding and unraveling society until it disintegrated into its lesser elements. That which makes the whole function is destroyed when atomized into its constituent parts. And I realized that if I could not preserve minority rule in Nimbusia, I could strike back at those forces that deteriorated my homeland.

You say I have to endure mean comments from my ‘superiors’? I know that not even you think that you are somehow my superior, so you must mean those above me in rank in the Blackhooves. But you do not understand the special relationship I have with them. I came in contact with the pony who would later become governor here – Halcyon Shores – in Gryphia in a chance encounter. He swiftly recognized exactly what I had to offer in counter insurgency, and I recognized what he had to offer me. I could finally put to use my natural talents in a role that suited me. Like the junior Krypeia on a much larger scale, counter-insurgency suited me, and it was a role that poorly suited most of the frontline combat troops. So Halcyon Shores, and later Seabreeze, took me on. No, it hasn’t always been pretty or pleasant. They have criticized me and my work, they have expressed disdain towards some of my actions and mannerisms. They have given me sharp and harsh orders. And yet, in all of that, they have never truly disrespected me. They have never given me a dismissive laugh, as you do even when you feign trying to not start a fight. They have always, even if only begrudgingly, acknowledged that I offered a value they could not easily provide themselves.

If I am denigrated and disrespected, what have I really? Why would I endure that? I don’t have to fight here. These are not my battles. The only reason I fight is for the sake of my own honor and dignity. To try to regain that special role in the world that I was denied by the social reformers. And I will not suffer insults from ponies that I do not myself respect."

7bb73 No.112553

Dark Star stands there for a moment with a pained look on his face
He Then walks closer to Blue and puts his Hoof on her shoulder.
"You have lost a lot,Blue. i can't claim to know exactly how you feel. But if anypony can relate to you it's me…And you haven't lost everything. You still have me."
He smiles at her warmly, then gives her a Big Hug.

b78a7 No.112554

Iron nods to himself a couple of times.
"Ah, I see. You indeed had a forest's worth of emotional baggage against most things that should have nurtured you. You aggressively protect yourself from any attack to your self-worth because there is little left, and fear the past may catch you and drag you to the bottom again. You actually have nothing to cherish, nothing to put your life into, aside from the act of fighting, because it is what you were trained for and a vague sense of duty. With that sort of past, anypony can become extremely jaded about their own life."
He ponders a bit.
"I suppose that is why you badmouth me for my actions. Because I have not suffered as you did. You got speared by everything that could pierce you and left you full of holes that, without assistance, will never fully heal, while I simply had fun grappling my brethern around as if fights were a game. I would be quite envious of my position if I were you, to be frank. All the things you never had standing right in front of you twisting the spear in your gut, because we both know they hurt, no matter how 'right' they were to say it."
He shakes his head.
"I do not expect you to be forgiving, but I will go out of my lengths to say I apologize for my behavior. However, I have a piece of advice you can either take or throw in the trash."
He places his hoof down softly.
"Do strive to find something that does not involve fighting, for your life will forever be grey without it. Even if the gryphons are pushed off and executed worldwide, you will feel empty afterwards. Without them or the changelings to fight, you will have no other purpose left."
"You still have Star, too."

1321a No.112555

What the hell is this kind of ego? It hurts to read.

75782 No.112556

She shakes her head
“You are dense. I just lectured you at length about the importance of family, tradition, community, literature, philosophy, order, roles, and the only thing you took away from that was a couple lines about fighting. I do not envy you. I pity you.”

Skies runs up against Dark Star, and subtly coos

7bb73 No.112557

Dark Star's jaw drops slightly.
He pets her mane

b78a7 No.112559

I told everyonne Iron is not a character worthy to be played, but nobody listened, so I'll just have to wing it until this campaign ends.
Iron simply blinks.
"Well, pity me I suppose. You were not exactly advocating for most of that. In fact, you made it sound like a personal Tartarus no matter where you went until the Black Hooves took you in. You even told every pony here you intentionally left your parents because what you have just said. What sort of message about family is that supposed to communicate? What sort of community makes you leave it because you had no place to be in it, where your role was discared like pebbles in the pond even when you were born in it? It sounds outrageous, so of course I did not pick up on its importance, because you made them sound like they were the reason you are jaded. What sort of lesson am I supposed to get from that?"

75782 No.112560

File: 1567048557735.gif (963.61 KB, 600x576, BE35B514-8EA7-43B1-B150-E4….gif)

*poner is hugged, then pet*
“I’m glad to have you, Dark Star”

“That you are an impetuous teenager who needs some social awareness. That is what you are supposed to learn from that”

7bb73 No.112561

Dark Star smiles
"I'm always here for you."

b78a7 No.112562

Iron clearly doesn't get it still, but shrugs it off, not really sticking.
"Sure. If you say so, Skies."
(At least she now acknowledges his coltfriend now, maybe her avenge idea will be swept away in time.)

75782 No.112563

“Alright, in the span of this night you’ve gone from frustrating, to infuriating, to kind of just sad… all the way to cringe worthy. I’m not going to give you anymore speeches because they obviously have no effect and I’m not wasting breath on you, but I am going to say this: the sociopathic narcissism you’ve displayed demonstrates that you are too selfish and too insubordinate to work together in a larger cohesive group. It’s not me who needs to leave, it’s you. One more little peep out of you and you will be expelled from any and all Blackhooves missions. I have fully faith that Silver, Dark Star, and… the bat, I guess, will be better able to complete the mission without you than with you.”

75782 No.112565

And like that, Skies is relieved of a great burden. She has reached epiphany

This is 100% serious. You can roll up a new character

“D’awww, thanks Starry”

ae308 No.112566

File: 1567049868874.png (374.45 KB, 1966x1852, 1290103.png)

[listening bat noises]

b78a7 No.112567

Hm… While I do know his fate with the others is completely demolished at this rate, I am not sure if I want to leave Cauldron just yet… Oh, what to do…
I honestly was quite excited until I realized this.
Aw crap. Now what do I do?
…I guess I'll play along with Iron still. I'd feel ashamed to let out a character like her stuck in halfway her arc of actually getting successful. Perhaps after that, I leave Iron for another.
Iron nods dejectedly, knowing he cannot run from his fate the Gods have placed him, as if he was chained by external forces to submit to Skies' will without question or other quip ever again, forcing him into a stoic yet regretful demeanor as he sits back down as if he were dragged towards it by the magic of Gods.
(Trust us, Iron.) The gods would say. (It is for your own good.)
And with that, he whimpered like a little colt that he is.

75782 No.112568

“I would’ve thought Silver would have chimed in by now” Skies says to herself, staring over at Iron unconvinced.

Midnight probably doesn’t like what she hears

eb6c4 No.112569

Gimme a bit, I had to actively put down what I was doing to read through all of this. It's a lot to look through and respond to, you know?

ae308 No.112570

Midnight is… Processing it…

b78a7 No.112571

Iron can feel the chains on him heat up, making his throat dry.
(N-no! I am in the right! Why d-GRK), Iron feels as if his chain was pulled.
(Silence, buffoon. You have brought this upon yourself.) The gods chide Iron. (Now, say it with me: 'I accept your terms and conditions to work with you and will keep my mouth shut from now on whenever I am around you, for you are my superior.')
Iron attempts to struggle, but his mouth moves by itself. He had lost control over his body.
"I accept your terms and conditions to work with you and I will keep my mouth shut from now on whenever I am around you as you are my superior," Iron lets out, leaving him panting.

eb6c4 No.112572

Silver is ultimately left speechless, first at this in-depth look into the motivations and beliefs of Blue Skies, then at the dumbfounding response given by Iron. He is left as in a trance while processing all of this, only broken once he looks over to Dark Star and Blue Skies being cute together as always, which he almost squees at.

While still left without much of a response, he gets up, and places a hoof on her shoulder, coming to understand and respect Skies more with all she has revealed. The old unicorn smiles at the younger pegasus. "You look like you have gotten weight off your chest."

75782 No.112573

And thus, Skies becomes an iTunes update

She looks at him strangely

Skies smiles, fairly warmly, at Silver
“You could say that, yes”

eb6c4 No.112574

"You had already told me at length about what you have had to go through, but I am glad to hear it spoken about more in-depth, even if subject matter is not-so-glad. Unless Dark Star has acquired some sort of monopoly about it, I want to let you know that I am still here, as always, if you need somepony to talk or vent to. You are not alone, nor do you have to be."

b78a7 No.112575

(Recompose yourself!)
Iron feels the chain tugging once more.
(You will suffer the fate you have seeked. You should have kept your mouth shut.)
He breathes in and out, becoming stoic.
(Now. Say you are sorry. Geniunely.)
"I am… deeply sorry for trivializing your entire story. I was exceedingly ungrateful of your teachings," he says in a now calmer voice.
(Now knell!)
And with that, Iron's head meets the table, as if bowing for forgiveness.
(T-this is unfair! I know I am right! You cannot do this to me!)
But his pleas had no answer.

75782 No.112576

“D’aww, thanks Silver.”
Skies opens up a wing, to show that there is room for hugs

“Aww, well thank you”
Skies looks on at the display further, wondering if she should be horrified or bemused

eb6c4 No.112577

Silver absolutely takes her up on the offer, effectively sandwiching the mare in between both him and Star. He lets the glorious feathery mass rub against the back of his neck. It tickles a little, but it's nice.

The unicorn is unsure what exactly has brought on this change of demeanor, but he won't look this gift in the mouth. Perhaps there is hope of him maturing, yet.

b78a7 No.112578

(Good work.)
He feels a pat on his head.
(Now, remember. Never attempt to assert dominance again unless absolutely necessary, or else I will destroy whatever you hold dear.)
His face is stoic, rising from the table lazily, but deep inside, it is hurting.
"I await instruction, boss," he robotically says. "Ready to move on your command."

75782 No.112579

D’aww, that’s adorable
And this the mare is sandwiched, between a medium course, kind of edgy short coat on the one side, and a larger pony on the other side who buries her in floof

Skies places a hoof to her mouth, looking at Iron contemplatively

b78a7 No.112580

Iron simply stares at her, devoid of any sort of derision or contempt. Like an obidient grunt would.
She can try to give an order if she wants to test how far he can go.

75782 No.112581

File: 1567055087986.png (98.83 KB, 650x500, 6798D9FB-656D-4275-8ACC-E0….png)



b78a7 No.112582

Is that the order?

eb6c4 No.112583

And in between, a happy medium.

9f5cf No.112584

I'm honestly surprised at how I got away with the gods punishing Iron thing.

b7130 No.112585

I’m surprised I didn’t think of kicking Iron out earlier

9f5cf No.112586

I had the feeling for quite a long time from all of my extra characters I was building, even though I had a perfectly healthy PC already. I thought it was quite obvious I wanted to discard him.
To think I rejected the chance because I would've left Cauldron behind. Just goes to show how powerful and high quality your character building process is.

eb6c4 No.112587

File: 1567108634988.png (151.1 KB, 463x1071, 2120019__safe_artist-colon….png)

9f5cf No.112588

I would've thought it'd be the other way around.

eb6c4 No.112589


Also, gonna have to completely agree with you in what you said: the GM is great at building up these characters that would otherwise just be one-note side characters in other campaigns. It helps make the world feel a lot more alive.

59076 No.112590

I agree. I still remember the mare officer in the first day of the campaign that almost figured out the whole shady business until Cauldron bluffed her out.

b7130 No.112592

Does Silver miss having his own little Changelings?

Or you could, you know, make him slightly less sociopathic and narcissistic, just a little.

Black Cauldron has been harder to write for and kind of a “runt” character because she mostly already has the things she wants. When placed in a situation she wouldn’t otherwise be in, she will react to what occurs, rather than actively pursue some goal. This contrasts with Blue Skies and especially Pear, who were both initially written as villains, as both characters have active motivations and goals. It’s easier to figure out what they want to do in a scene. For example, in a large number of scenes both Cauldron and Pear were silent. However, the reason Pear would be silent is because if a generally introverted personality and because she deliberately wanted to blend into the background and not make herself stand out. For Black Cauldron, I often couldn’t think of what she would do, except that she was along for the ride.

eb6c4 No.112593

…Maybe just a little…


59076 No.112594

That's what the God Chains are for. Since he doesn't have actual self restraint, an external force should step in.

As for Cauldron's goals, I would assume she'd want to reach a sort of freedom from her side job and actually work with what she likes, like cooking and potion mixing, and not potentially risking her family due to her ties with the gang. It should prove useful if applicable.

b7130 No.112597

File: 1567112719900.jpeg (31.78 KB, 210x240, 080C2040-4358-4A93-9043-F….jpeg)

That’s missing the whole fucking point. He is nothing other than what you make him.

Aww. Poor Silver I was kind of surprised to find that NPC theft is a thing

eb6c4 No.112600

As an actual term? Really?

b78a7 No.112601

Yes. Some people are quite petty.

75782 No.112602

File: 1567118323141.png (2.99 MB, 2000x1432, 1528324482617-3.png)

Alright everypony. We've been putting this off way too long. We need to get some action started. Tell me when everypony is available so we can get into this

b78a7 No.112603

I am ready to follow orders.

ae308 No.112604

Bat pony is ready.

75782 No.112605

Is the batpony not scared off by the autist cesspit she has witnessed? And does she have any armor?

eb6c4 No.112607


Silver also has some spare banded armor if the bat needs it.

b78a7 No.112608

Pretty sure it would fall into the 'put this off' category. I suggest we simply start this already.

75782 No.112609

What armor does Silver normally wear?

eb6c4 No.112610


75782 No.112611

File: 1567120874247.png (336 KB, 3000x3260, 1548580850552.png)

b78a7 No.112612

Well hey. If you believe it's necessary, he can do it. I'm simply trying to move things along and not focus on staying at the bar any longer.

ae308 No.112613

No armor.
She's obvious realizing she's walked into something she doesn't know about. So she isn't gonna say shit.

75782 No.112614

Knowing that Dark Star is not here, what is everyone’s preferred manner of approach. I can not describe a location with knowing specifically which part it is

b78a7 No.112615

I'm going with Dark Star's suggestion of going north, but I'll do fine with whichever option.
Iron's not going to ask questions now of all times.

eb6c4 No.112618

North, I suppose.

ae308 No.112620

Abstained Mainly because I have no preference

75782 No.112632

File: 1567128803699.jpeg (3.67 MB, 4032x3024, 1567128735237.jpeg)

And thus, the group goes about approaching their destination. They walk first to the North, going around parts of Red Heart as if to minimize their contact with the sector. They go through the Waterside neighborhood, where row-houses built in the 980s blend pleasantly against much older historical townhomes and occassional manors. East of these, closer to the waterfront, is the Inner Harbor district, to the immediate North of Red Heart, and typified by its freight terminals and one railway that runs along it north to the industrial Cowton district.

Entering into Red Heart, their eyes are immediately greeted by a cacophony of architecture. Older architecture, mostly single family homes and the occasional hotel, is placed incongruously against the tenement apartment buildings, mostly of a a tall, narrow architecture that must have dominated the construction of the 950s and 960s. These grey-red buildings look aged, and not in the graceful way of the historical architecture. Some of the windows are boarded up, many of the windowless walls have graffiti on them, often in unknown languages, and balconies are often overflowing with pots of plants - dead in the winter - or even have entire carts parked strangely on second floor balconies. Every now and then, a building has a roof collapsed in, or a hole blown in it, where a stray or perhaps deliberate bomb or artillery shell of the war landed, and has not since been repaired. The group passes a pair of houses of worship, a big white round shaped Temple of Boreas, and a square aquamarine Second Harmonist Church. These buildings are not dilapidated nor antiquated, but they fail to bring architectural grace or quaintness from their bare and simple appearances. Green and open spaces exist in Red Heart, as surely as they do in Waterside or anywhere else in the city. But these are slightly fewer as Red Heart seems denser than the City Center and North, and what clear areas there are often have more naked dirt and brown grass. The trees are brown and lifeless in the Winter anyways. Perhaps the most disturbing feature of Red Heart architecture is the presence of seemingly random manufacturies among the tenement blocks, with high sloped roofs, grey walls, loading docks and occasionally smokestacks. No city plan nor zoning laws govern them.

The roads are by and large paved, although often with potholes, and various debris - papers, garbage - strewn along them. Rats scurry about, and in places the overflowing garbage cans let off a clear smell. So too are the streets used by the inhabitants of the neighborhood. Ponies, Griffins, and at least one Kirin walk about. Some of these are alone, and those who are alone travel quickly, as if to minimize their time on the street at night. Those travelling in couples often hold each other, or stay together. Larger groups are more secure in themselves, and often talk loudly, in continuation of whatever revelry they just left. A decent number stumble about on the streets clearly intoxicated, sometimes shouting at passers by. In one area, a group of zebras and one griffin look as if they are in some argument amongst themselves that is likely to break out into physical violence… or rather, the group is witnessing the physical violence already. A couple ponies covered in rags look as if they've made the streets their home. The streets by and large abide by a grid pattern, with occasional streets of older origin crossing diagonally. Hoebuck itself is one these, diagonally intersecting with Horseman Avenue - a gig street with many shops and commercial buildings alongside of it, some ways south of where the party is crossing.

The group nears the water itself, and ends at its destination - just north across from 33 Hoebuck, very near the end of Hoebuck street. The little plot the group stands on belongs to a small commercial building with grey corrugated steel for a roof. The lower floor contains a small fishing supplies shop on the right side, and a laundromat on the left side. A stairway leads up to a second level where a railed external hallway accompanies a an office alleging to belong to a company that operates yacht repair, just a little further north and behind the structure. There are some small docks by the water side with a single boat in the water, though it looks hardly sea worthy in the condition it is in.

33 Hoebuck's lot is bigger than the average in Red Heart, with grass between the current lot, several leafless trees, and grass behind the building and between it and the waterfront. 33 Hoebuck's waterfront is not visible from this location, as 33 Hoebuck juts out at least a hundred feet further into the water beyond this lot to its north. The party can see only one side of the old building from this angle, that being one side of the workshop. It's three stories tall, although the ceilings appear to be tall, and covered in windows. The windows, however, seem to be covered in closed blinds. Though most of the lights are off in the building, a few on the second floor are on. There are no regular doors on this side of the building, but there are loading doors, and a covered loading area where a small road leads up to it from Hoebuck street.

eb6c4 No.112633

The older unicorn in the group I feel says it best, with a lowered voice as he looks upon their target. "This place looks terrible. Like everything bad about Baltimare is condensed into one single neighborhood, quarantined from rest of city to keep it all from spilling out."

b78a7 No.112634

Iron can't help but grimace slightly at the sight.
(This does not look like a livable place,) he thinks to himself. (I suppose this is why it attracts only the ruthless.)
He only nods to Silver's comment to agree with how bad it looks.

ae308 No.112636

"I will admit… I am not a fan…"
Midnight sticks close to the group.

eb6c4 No.112637

Silver points over to the loading doors while looking to Skies for input. "What do you think odds are they have sentries posted inside? That looks like fairly direct route into building."

75782 No.112638

“Well…. here we are” Skies says to them. She points a hoof over to the workshop
“There’s your prize”

b78a7 No.112639

Iron only nods, awaiting orders.

ae308 No.112640

"Lead the way, I will be following."
One of Midnight's wings reaches to wrap around her pendant, as if to make sure it's still there.

75782 No.112641

I don’t know if I can come up with an in character explanation for why the players should be the ones playing the game and the GM simply responding to player actions, but…Skies will not be leading

ae308 No.112642

Well you don't have the healer and buffer lead the group into potential definite danger.

b78a7 No.112643

Alrighty, let's go for it then.
Iron starts to walk cautiously towards the workshop, studying the building to see what entrances it has, if there is anypony in there and if it's open.
I'll roll spot to see if he notices anything.
1d20[ 1d20 = 14 ]<Spot roll

eb6c4 No.112644

Dice rollRolled 17 + 3