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This week, in "Occupied Equestria":

Wondering through through the Changeling lands at night on the road between Bales and Whinnyapolis, Onyx, Brie, and Spark have stumbled upon a set of farm ponies trying to hide their cattle in the forest, away from their changeling occupiers. While rescuing a cow, Onyx and Brie have taken heavy damage, and so they followed them to the cabin of a local woodspony. But they found the woodspony and a farmer replaced by changelings, and after a skirmish are alone and wounded in the cabin in the woods.

Over in Baltimare, Dark Star has decided to give up his life as Dark Star, the Earth Pony farm colt, to become Tyrel Jackson, or "Gold Chains," a zebra and aspiring rap artist. Through the magic of Valmorification, it is possible. Iron is freaking out after possibly having received a message from God herself. That, and his usual social awkwardness. Silver is cashing out on a long standing set of projects, and is readying himself for the next phase

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b08a8 No.109004

New thread you say?

eed5f No.109005

He opens the door and steps out then he helps blue out.
He walks up to the passenger side window and pays the cabby

e9bc4 No.109008

File: 1565651086572.png (113.21 KB, 500x457, post-1029-0-28161700-14099….png)


I don't know how much time you have now or later, but Brie can either stay with the group in this little excursion, or poof ahead

If there is a washtub out here, it is not located inside of the cabin

Silver follows Glass Horizons to the bank, where there is an awkward session of Glass Horizon trying to withdraw cash, the teller trying to tell him that exchange for coin is not available, and ultimately what seems to be an exchange of a bribe

5 bits and paid. Blue Skies steps out like a lady. They go into the tavern

5caa4 No.109009

I always love new bread, fresh from the oven.

5caa4 No.109010

If Silver knew it would be that much of a hassle for the pony, he would have relented on the matter of coins, but since it's already this far into it, he waits patiently.

4fa8e No.109011

Group? Excursion? Explain your smolness

e9bc4 No.109012

Onyx and Spark followed Ruby to the meadow and the cabin where ruby said they would meet Dawson. They found "dawson" and "red wine," but they turned out to be recently replaced changelings. They killed them, and took the unconscious Ruby into the cabin, as well as are trying to heal. Brie can either participate in this, or cut ahead

"They are reluctant to exchange coins on a 1 for 1 basis" he confides to Silver

b08a8 No.109014

Onyx is just content with a swig of vodka then, noting to ask Spark for help when he gets the chance

5caa4 No.109015

Silver gives him a confused look. "I do not understand why coins have become so valuable all of sudden…anyways, it is not big issue if you can not provide coins, not so much that I would want to inconvenience you."

e9bc4 No.109016

File: 1565652664149.png (278.19 KB, 1280x720, Big_Mac_sweating_S4E14.png)

>Am so tempted to explain the macroeconomics behind it
"No, we can get some coins"
He goes back to haggling

Now what does Onyx need?

5caa4 No.109017

Silver's unsure if him trying to assist in the haggle would help or hinder Glass Horizon's efforts, considering his rather dull, dirt tongue.

eed5f No.109018

He Walks to glimmering glass. and takes a seat on one of the stools.

e9bc4 No.109019

Seeing as he is inside of a small apartment he would either run into a wall, run into the kitchen, or run into the front door

Glimmering glass stares at him

After more math, Glass Horizon eventually comes up with 1000 bits

5caa4 No.109021

You have to admire his perseverance. Silver nods and takes the Bits once they're offered. "Thank you."

e9bc4 No.109022

Now, Silver has 1000 in coin in big bags, plus a number of paper notes issued from more than one bank, East Equestrian notes, and what seems to be bond papers

d5ba3 No.109023

Maybe some bandages.

5caa4 No.109024

Any specific breakdown on how much of each he has?

e9bc4 No.109025

Uh…. This isn't quite MAGA country as you understand it. No opiods in the cabin

Like a thousand of each, probably, maybe 3000 of that in Bonds

5caa4 No.109026

So, about 1,000 in coins, 3,000 in bonds, and 5,000 in notes?

e9bc4 No.109027

5caa4 No.109028

Good to know.

Silver offers Glass another hoofshake. "It has been pleasure, Mr. Horizons."

eed5f No.109029

"How's it going mr.glass? business doing good?"
He asks cheerfully

e9bc4 No.109030

He narrows his eyes at him
"Sir, this is a Pony establishment"

He shakes his hoof
"And thank you"

5caa4 No.109031

"Perhaps we may work together again in future."

e9bc4 No.109032

"Well, let's wait and see where the future takes us. I hope I don't have to clear bombs and lichs for any future apartment buildings though…"

eed5f No.109033

He Shows his badge.
"Relax Glass, it's me Dark Star"
He Grins

ab714 No.109034

Spark searches around the cabin for supplies to help the injured ponies.

5caa4 No.109035

Silver throws his head back for a small laugh. "Let us hope, indeed. Again, it has been pleasure." Silver leaves the bank for the cathedral once again. He hopes he's not bothering Father Maren with how often he comes to him for help.

e9bc4 No.109036

There is indeed one set of bandages, as well as iodine

He does so. The cathedral is available again. There are no ponies lingering outside as there were earlier

e9bc4 No.109037

"Dark Star?? The Hell are you doing looking like a Zebra?"

ab714 No.109038

He rushes over to tend to the ponies.

e9bc4 No.109039

Inside of the cabin is an unconscious Ruby, Onyx, and Brie

5caa4 No.109040

Silver immediate begins to search for Father Maren. "Father? Are you here?"

e9bc4 No.109041

He's in the back, looks like he was leaning back falling asleep
He get's up, confused
"Oh. It's you again. You survived the Lich" he says

ab714 No.109042

Spark wishes he attended healing magic classes back at Canterlot. He attempts to patch up Onyx first.

e9bc4 No.109043

Hmmm…. Roll Wisdom

5caa4 No.109044

Silver nods. "I would venture to guess that we successfully ended his undead life when we destroyed the phylactery. On that, I would like to make one more request for aid, or that you might point me towards those who can give it. There are lot of bodies in quarry and catacombs now that have not been given proper burials or rites. I was hoping you, or somepony you know, might be able to help me to rectify that, and perhaps give their souls some further peace in afterlife."

ab714 No.109045

Dice rollRolled 20

Darn it.

ab714 No.109046


e9bc4 No.109047

Well…. I think Spark bandaged Onyx up pretty well

"Mass Interment? I guess we can do that. I'll ask Sundew about it"

eed5f No.109048

"It's for work."
He Grimaces
"i suggest you stay away from any docks for awhile."

e9bc4 No.109049

"…. May I ask why?" He continues cleaning a glass

5caa4 No.109050

Silver gives him a grateful smile. "Thank you. I do not relish thought of leaving their remains exposed to elements."

e9bc4 No.109051

"Nor do I. Any corpse cursed to animation for centuries deserves a proper and respectful interment at the end of it"

8a492 No.109052

Hey, you said need. Now what's in the cabin is different entirely.

5caa4 No.109053

He nods. "…It may seem odd of me to ask, but will that include Curwhinny himself? Even his remains deserve respectful treatment."

ab714 No.109054

"Feeling better now?"

8a492 No.109055

"Yeah, thanks Spark"
He nods before looking around
"How is Ruby doing?"

ab714 No.109056

"Alive, but not moving. Can you keep an eye on him while I patch up our bat?"

e9bc4 No.109057

Empty Cabin, the fire is burning. Ruby is petrified on the floor

He gives a surprised look, as if he hadn't thought of it
"I guess it could"

5caa4 No.109058

"Again, I understand if it seems weird, but it would mean lot to me."

eed5f No.109059

his voice takes on a serious tone.
"Bad business going on down there. i'm going to look into putting a stop to it. i don't want to say to much. but seriously don't go down to the docks unless absolutely necessary."

e9bc4 No.109060

"Oh… Well, I didn't really have any business down there anyways"

He nods
"It is good that the dead have somepony who cares and looks after their remains"

5caa4 No.109061

"There are sadly few who do." He reaches into his bags and pulls out 500 Bits worth of notes. "I would also like to donate, before I leave. It is not much, I know, but I want to give something, that you all might be able to continue to help ponies."

35041 No.109063

Oh. I guess I could just open the door and run away.
Damn, I missed the new thread for quite a while.
Iron focuses his attention on trying to open Cauldron's apartment's front door feverishly.
(Come on, door. Let me through.)

eed5f No.109064

"I Need the best maretini you can make and an apple whiskey please."

e9bc4 No.109065

He takes the money, and does a small bow
“Thank you, kind stallion. We don’t get as much support now that we are cut off from Canterlot, and with so many ponies in need”

Well, it’s unlocked

He does so, making a pretty good marketing, and an apple whiskey

5caa4 No.109066

"With so much uncertainty after Equestria's surrender, and so many lost ponies looking for guidance, I know you need all aid you can get." He holds his hoof out for a hoofshake. "Just wanted to thank you for all you do, not just for me, but for all ponies."

e9bc4 No.109067

And his wrinkly old face gives a smile
“Thank you…”

35041 No.109068

He hurriedly opens the door, quickly dashing away from the building, through the stairs and outside in a rush.
(Retreat and plan the next course of action!)

5caa4 No.109069

He continues to hold his hoof out, not wanting to be left hanging. "May Her light always guide your hoofsteps."

e9bc4 No.109070

Uh, okay. There’s a narrow, level hallway, then a set of stairs, more hallway… it can be confusing

“And May her light guide yours…”
Then he adds
“Perchance… would you like to help the Church?”

5caa4 No.109071

Silver's ears perk up. "What would you need assistance with?"

e9bc4 No.109072

“It can be anything from helping the poor, helping ponies with trauma or psychological issues, to the dealing with the occasional recurrences of ancient threats”

35041 No.109073

Yeah. I know. He's a bit too scared for his own good. Trust me, things will wrap up satisfactory at the end of the day/group quest, after he mulls over how to spill the beans.
Mostly because I want it to be a night confession.
Iron looks from side to side.
(Where to, Where to…?)
He gallops towards the hallway with the stairs visible in order to go down them.

5caa4 No.109074

He nods. "I could try to help however I can. All I would need is to be pointed in direction of those in need."

ab714 No.109075

Dice rollRolled 19

Spark patches up the bat next.

e9bc4 No.109076

It really should already be night

He descends at least one level

“Well, it looks like you’ve found yourself something already with the bodies at the farm. We’d want to get the priest on that, and maybe some other volunteers”

Pretty successful

5caa4 No.109077

Because it's the second-best time to bone?

I'm half tempted to make Silver buy Spark a nurse's outfit next time he sees him.

"I would be happy to volunteer. Do you have any idea when that might be?"

e9bc4 No.109078

“It’s late today. Perhaps tomorrow. Assuming the corpses do not start to rot…”

5caa4 No.109079

Silver nods, understanding just how unpleasant that would be. "Well, let us hope they do not decompose too much. I shall head there tomorrow to volunteer."

35041 No.109080

S-silence, you!
As in, they woke up super early and it is nightfall or…
You mean I was supposed to confess now?
If it's the latter, you can make him trip if you want to.
Iron is getting a bit nauseous over having to think while in a panic, going down into
(How many stairs are there? They are beginning to look the same.)

ab714 No.109081

Nice. Spark tends to Ruby, but not with rolls because bandages can't fix this one.

e9bc4 No.109082

It’s about the same time for Iron as everypony else. I was thinking about having a delegate challenge/event for Iron with the gang, but nah. Nevermind.

Iron finds the door eventually

His eyes are open, but he is not conscious

“Very well. Thank you.”

5caa4 No.109083

What do you mean by delegate challenge/event?

Silver waves goodbye to Maren before leaving for the catacombs one final time. He left the supplies he bought in the basement of the ruined farmhouse, and he's going to gather them back up.

He also looks at the pocket watch he bought to check the time. He's not sure if the stores are still open or not.

35041 No.109084

Oh. Well now I actually feel bad. Fuck me.
I was thinking the groupquest would be starting in a bit, and entering quests alone again would be a bad idea, all things considered. Now I'm not so sure.
My weakness is Iron's weakness, sadly.
He desperately scratches the door with his hooves, one of them able to maybe open the door.
(Come on! Open up!)

e9bc4 No.109085

If they are open until late, then yes

He does so

He eventually finds a nob, and turns it

ab714 No.109086

He pats the colt's head.

35041 No.109087

Iron swings the door open and closes it when he goes outside, then proceeds to run in a straight line, looking for any alleys or secluded places to think for the time being.

e9bc4 No.109088

He is non-responsive

Past more buildings, ponies… eventually there is an alley. It kind of smells

5caa4 No.109089

Likely not any place he would buy from. He'll have to wait until tomorrow.

With that, Silver heads for home, several thousand Bits richer today than he was yesterday. He looks up into the night sky as he trots. Luna's creation is brilliant in this chilly winter air.

Here's a question related to the Craft skill: with as slow as in-game time is moving, will crafting items still require the same amount of time as normal, or are there any special rules in place to hasten the process so crafting won't require literal months of real-life waiting?

35041 No.109090

Iron, disregarding the smell, just goes straight into it.

ab714 No.109091

Spark just keeps him company, not sure how to fix this.

e9bc4 No.109092

Perhaps with the air of industrial equipment

And there he is. In an empty, smelly alley, next to a trash can

What can the spark do?

5caa4 No.109093

I wonder if you are able to Dreamwalk, still, in your changeling imprisonment. I hope you still can. Your ponies need your help gravely with coping with their loss of their country and their princesses.

35041 No.109094

Iron's nose scrunches from the smell, temporarily distracting him from the panic.
(This places reeks.)
And with that, Iron finally can think with a semblance of clarity.
(…that was quite disgraceful.)
He puts a hoof on his foreleg, looking down at the trash, feeling like he should be part of it.
(I cannot believe I just did that.)
His eyes dart around.
(Why did I ask that? I knew from the nun that I should not talk or touch mares anywhere without knowing for sure if they want to or not, and from the dream, she was a closet harmonist, or at least she aspires to be one.)
Deep inside, he knows why.
(It would have made it so much easier to know if she was into me.)
But now that he basically forced himself to spill out that part first, the uncertainty slimed its way into the mind of the stallion. Now he has to admit all of that, in front of her.
(Pear was right. Now how am I going to do it?)
He looks up to see the time.

e9bc4 No.109095

File: 1565663434614.png (1.34 MB, 1792x828, BEC047A3-2124-486A-86A0-24….png)

Those ponies do need her help and her guiding light. But they were on their own for a thousand years. They may be on their own again for a thousand more

For all sad words of pen and tongue, the saddest are these: Pear was right again

It’s twilight… or something

5caa4 No.109096

It is a thought that does not excite Silver in the slightest. He smacks his lips together, suddenly feeling more parched than he was. I need drink. I wonder if Glass has anything which might fix that.

e9bc4 No.109097

Silver’s problem, like most problems, has a solution

5caa4 No.109098

Indeed it does. Onwards to the Tavern, to drop off his equipment and supplies in his room, and slake his thirst at the bar.

35041 No.109099

Iron's mood darkens a bit, seeing both the little time he has left as well as the grimness of confirming Pear's words.
"I have little time. Where could I ever find somepony who can help me with this?"
He inhales deeply, before coughing from the bad smell.
"I have no idea."
He decides to get up from his spot nonetheless.
"Perhaps I should try at bars? That is where ponies 'go and talk' about stuff are, as Cauldron said. Perhaps I could find some old stallion who experienced the same as me."
He pauses.
"I think. Better than here, with the trash."
Iron trash tier confirmed.
He ponders which of the two bars he should go.
(Watering Hole sounds like a place to stumble on Cauldron while midtalk, which could turn negative. Perhaps that other bar we used to set up that foal rescue yesterday could do the trick.)
With that, he starts to walk at that particular bar, hoping he knows the directions.

b8525 No.109100

Watering hole is definitely a good way to stumble into cauldron

Thus, he does so. He would see Blue Skies with a zebra stallion at the bar

5caa4 No.109101

That Dark Star? I can not recognize him, if it is. Silver finds a seat at the bar (preferably next to Blue and Zeeb Star).

35041 No.109102

Good thing he's not going there.
He walks at a slow pace towards the bar who had the barstallion named Glass if he remembers correctly.
(I hope I know where I am going.)

e9bc4 No.109103

With an almost supernatural sense, Iron guides himself towards possible alcohol and trouble

It does seem to be Blue Skies there though. Unless she just went off to have drinks with a random zebra. Her mane is prettier and more well done than usual, as is her coat

5caa4 No.109104

Silver whistles at the sight. "Looks like they treated you very well at spa." He leans back in his seat to look at the zebra. "And who is this mysterious gentlestallion?"

35041 No.109105

The alcohol he despised is mindlinking the location, of course.
How else can drunks and loners ever get to drinking places?
Iron slowly opens the establishment's door, entering cautiously like an ape ninja.

e9bc4 No.109106

“My new coltfriend” she says, hugging his foreleg

5caa4 No.109107

"My, isn't he strapping. I believe you have struck gold with this fine lad." He feigns jealousy at her "acquisition".

e9bc4 No.109108

File: 1565666444992.png (920.2 KB, 4538x5000, 379508.png)

In Silver's verbal Irony, Blue Skies finds herself in a position where, while not expecting or hoping for sincere jealousy, finds herself disappointed to confirm its absence
"So why are you here?"

And thus, he does so

35041 No.109109

He scans the area from the door, hoping to find an old stallion drowning their anything.

5caa4 No.109110

Silver orders a whiskey from Glass for himself, and one for Blue. His confusion about why she's disappointed is slightly apparent. "I finished that job you gave me. Came here looking for drink, since most shops are now closed." He looks again at Dark Star. "I can barely recognize him."

e9bc4 No.109111

>His confusion about why she's disappointed is slightly apparent
This sinks into her for a moment as she sits in silence
"So you did…." Another moment
"He thinks it will help him infiltrate"

5caa4 No.109112

Silver might not know exactly why she would be upset at a lack of jealousy, but that doesn't mean he won't try to comfort her. He throws a foreleg around her in a hug.

35041 No.109113

I guess she was dissapointed he's not the least bothered for dating other stallions and keeping her for himself or something.

e9bc4 No.109114

And now, he can see, of all ponies, Silver. Also the bitchy blue pony that Star was dating

5caa4 No.109115

I mean, he's not jealous at Skies for her zebra Star coltfriend, and that's what Silver is confused about.

e9bc4 No.109116

The hair is finer than before, carefully washed and set, and with a venir of softness. Her emotional state is not changed

5caa4 No.109117

Dice rollRolled 9 + 3

Sense Motive: Why is she upset that I am not jealous of her? He strokes her soft hair while that question stews in his mind, and as he looks at Blue's silent form for answers.

35041 No.109118

Iron glances to the sides, clearly troubled.
(Oh no. Not her. The last thing I want is her to blackmail me with this information.)
He looks at Silver.
(But Silver could help out. He is old, so perhaps he suffered something similar to my predicament.)
After mulling it over, he inhales deeply and sighing before taking the leap.
(I am not going to cower. You can do this, Iron. Come on!)
He straightens his postures, keeps his head high and walks over to the two ponies present, sitting
It's a roundabout way of trying to confirm how strong you feel for her.
Silver can hear heavy hoofsteps to the side, seeing Iron sit at the side available at a respectable distance.
He says nothing for now.

e9bc4 No.109119

Jealousy is a crude proxy for love, and Skies wants to be the mare everypony chases. Especially because of their history

5caa4 No.109120

So, she thinks… "Ohhhhhhhh." Silver very audibly understands. He's…not entirely sure how to correct that assumption Blue has in her mind, with the present company. He just hopes she can understand that the lack of jealousy isn't directed at where she might think it is.

Silver glances over at Iron. "Oh, hello Iron. Good to see you are still alive. Give me minute, here."

35041 No.109121

Iron nods, not too preoccupied with the mare he currently is consoling.
(I thought that was Star's job.)

5caa4 No.109122

Dammit, I am not ready at all to deal with this.

35041 No.109123

Damnit! Don't make Iron lose hope on you for Cauldronic advice.

e9bc4 No.109124

He can just ignore her

5caa4 No.109125

I dunno, man, it was just supposed to be a lighthearted joke like "haha Silver's acting like he wants to bone Dark Star", and then this shit happens in the worst possible situation for it to happen. Silver wasn't talking about being jealous over Blue Skies at all, he just wanted to have a good time with his two favorite ponies before offering some advice to one of his other favorite ponies. Fuck.

35041 No.109126

You can always ignore her. That'll do the trick, my guy. Iron would more likely commend you for it. The worst you could do is spill your spaghetti.

5caa4 No.109127

But that's the thing, Silver can't just ignore it now, it would mean leaving Blue Skies out to dry as she remains miserable.

e9bc4 No.109128

Iron's a pro at it. He threw spaghetti at Cauldron and ran like a squid trying to escape a predator

I don't know. Maybe I misread Silver's dialogue

35041 No.109129

You're not wrong. He's a fighter, not a talker.
If confessions were done with wrestling, he would've nailed it day 1.

5caa4 No.109130

I mean, she took the worst and most incorrect assumption of what he meant: there is indeed jealousy about how Dark Star and her can just do things in the open. He was just making a joke about how he acted the night before.

8a492 No.109131

Sorry about disappearing, what'd I miss?

ab714 No.109132

Not much. I healed Brie and now I'm trying to solve how to wake the colt up.

8a492 No.109133

Onyx slowly walks over towards the colt, looking at him with what seems to be compassion
"Damned bugs, I don't know why the princesses haven't just given the order to kill them all."

e9bc4 No.109134

Eh, just ignore it. It's been a trait of her thus far that virtually any line said to her that can be taken as an insult, is taken as an insult. Let's move on

>implying wrestling and nailing were not viable options

Um… what >>109132 said

Spark made a 20 on a heal roll for Onyx and a 19 for Brie

His eyes are open, and he looks strangely petrified

5caa4 No.109135

This doesn't feel right just leaving her like that. Dammit.

Silver turns to Iron. "…anyways…where have you been? Nopony has seen you all day."

35041 No.109136

I am going to take that to heart, mister. Any consequences for it are now your responsibility!
Iron's ears perk up, looking at the possibly wise Silver.
"I have been… around."
(He does not need to know that yet.)
"What about you?"

8a492 No.109137

Onyx tries waving the bottle of vodka around under Ruby's snoot, hoping that the smell will snap the colt out of it.

e9bc4 No.109138

And yet, Iron will suffer them

It does not wake him

5caa4 No.109139

"I blew up many undead, fed giant bird, and now have some Bits to my name, to name just few things."

5caa4 No.109140

Forgot to add: Silver manages to say all these with a straight face.

8a492 No.109141

He tries dripping some in the colt's mouth
"This has worked before…"

35041 No.109142

Iron nods approvingly.
"So you actually went back there and cleared it all out. Color me impressed. Did you hacked and slashed everything with your trusty sword?"
(Succees detected. Confidence rating increasing,)

5caa4 No.109143

"Little bit. I used rifle and SMG to avoid getting mauled to death in most cases, though there was one undead I used my sword on." He grabs the whiskey he ordered from Glass. "You want drink? It is on me."

e9bc4 No.109144

Some response. Coughing, almost gagging

35041 No.109145

Remembering how Onyx got paralyzed by one of the monster's bite, he can excuse it.
He looks at the glass a little apprehensively, but ultimately nods.
(It would be disrespectful to decline.)
"And you fed a 'giant bird' as you say? What was that all about?"

8a492 No.109146

Onyx panics a moment before akwardly petting the colt
"Hold in there, you'll be fine. Just wake up, the bugs are gone.."

e9bc4 No.109147

Coughing, more coughing. He might be awaking finally

5caa4 No.109148

"I used some bait to draw undead out of catacombs. As it turns out, it attracted more than just that. This giant falcon (I think they are named "Rocs") came for bait, and got into fight with mummy and armored ghast."

35041 No.109149

Iron blinks a bit, somewhat confused.
"That was quite lucky of you. The foes you mentioned sound rather tough. The last one sounds like if it were me but undead."
He chuckles a little bit.

8a492 No.109150

"Come on little guy, you can pull through"
Onyx shakes him a bit, forgetting to be gentle, and boops the snoot.

5caa4 No.109151

"It almost was." Silver smiles, takes a drink, and remembers to order Iron a light beer. "Speaking of, that suit of armor you own, does it come with gauntlets which improve your unarmed strikes?"

e9bc4 No.109152

The face scrunches up, and the eyes narrow to attention in clear offense. His mouth opens in a silent "reeeee"

ab714 No.109153

8a492 No.109154

"Haha! Gotcha!"
He repeats the offense, booping the snoot once again.

35041 No.109155

Iron nods.
"It does not improve them at all, in all honestly. It just covers my hoof in metal and not much else. The spiked ones I got at least punctured, but I fail to see their use compared to my raw hooves."
He ponders for a second.
"Albweit I think there is a way to do something to them that the elders once told me that I do not remember."
Just in case.
He glances wearily at the offered drink.
(I hope I do not have to much to drink to.)

e9bc4 No.109156

Angry whinnying sounds

5caa4 No.109157

"I do not know what that would be. Hmm…do you think I could get some measurements of your hooves sometime, after I get some measuring tape? I have idea on something that might help you deal just little bit more damage with hooves."

8a492 No.109158

"Spark! He's awake!"
Onyx gives another boop for good measure, his eyes shining with… Joy? Pleasure? Victory? No matter, he wouldn't tell you.

ab714 No.109159

"Good work."

35041 No.109160

Iron can't help but look strangely at Silver for his request.
"I suppose? What is your idea?"
(Sounds like a good way to ask for the important questions.)

e9bc4 No.109161

He stands up in a slow, labored manor, like an old grandfather or an aged dog. He blinks. And he looks around the room
"You're not my brother…"
Then he enters a quiet panic, and in slow motion, rushes for the door. He moves a long one leg at a time, slowly, not trembling, with all of the speed of an arthritic octogenarian grandmother
"Dawson!" His shout barely leaves his mouth, as there is almost no breath in him
"Where are you!"

8a492 No.109162

Onyx quickly trots infront of the colt and pushes him back inside
"Woah, first of all you aren't going out there. Changeling drains are a nasty thing. Second we don't know where your brother is, but I'll help you find him. But for now, rest"

5caa4 No.109163

"Have you ever heard of brass horseshoes?"

e9bc4 No.109164

And he continues on, walking towards the door at his slow, geriatric pace

35041 No.109165

Iron blinks, confused.
(Is he trying to make my hooves metal?)

8a492 No.109166

"Spark, help me out"
Onyx groans and picks up the colt by his scruff

ab714 No.109167

Spark levitates the colt and puts him back in bed.
"Sorry, but this is the makeshift doctor's orders. You need to stay here and help the bat watch your cows while we find the others. You can't be in two places at once you know?"

ab714 No.109168

Well… I guess I could lift him out of your mouth…

8a492 No.109169

Yeah, it still works

35041 No.109170

e9bc4 No.109171

The colt is enveloped in magic, before Onyx picks him up, and drags him away. He still tries to go for the door
"Brother. Dawson. Rose…"

5caa4 No.109172

"They are shoes made out of metal, mostly brass but sometimes steel, that you can slip on your hooves. Unlike gauntlets which just armor your hooves, these are purpose-built as weapons, and can help you hit just tiniest bit harder. Now, it has been while since I have tried to make weapon, and this would be new for me, but I would like to try my hooves at it, and hopefully make some for you."

ab714 No.109173

Spark looks into his eyes to get his attention.
"Listen. You must stay here and wait for them. They will be right back. I promise."
Spark gives him a hug.

8a492 No.109174

"Ruby, we will find them. I promise. But you can't help, and especially not in your condition."

e9bc4 No.109175

He feels cold, and he is shaking. His eyes are a little duller
"I must find them…." he says, still struggling internally

35041 No.109176

Oh, I see why you brought that up.
Iron's eyes widen.
"Are you telling me you can make metal thingies?"

ab714 No.109177

"You will find them again if you stay here and wait for them. You don't want to miss them when they come back."

8a492 No.109178

"Spark, why is he still cold?"

5caa4 No.109179

Silver nods. "I apprenticed as weaponsmith under my father when I was colt. Now, I might be bit rusty, but I think I can still manage. I have been thinking of ways to help members of our group of friends while they are in combat, and this is one of things I came up for you."

e9bc4 No.109180

He looks tired
"They are the only ponies I have… And they are lost"

ab714 No.109181

"Because the warmth of love was drained away. And by two grown soldiers no less to a colt."
"You have us. Remember how we didn't run away in the woods? Remember how helped you save your cow? We are here for you too."

e9bc4 No.109182

He nods, tears on his tired eyes
"uh huh"

8a492 No.109183

Onyx suddenly goes soft and scoops the colt up in his arms and cradles him
"Listen, I've lost ponies I loved to the bugs too. I know how you feel, and I'll find them for you."
His voice suddenly lowers to a whisper
"For the ones I couldn't find…"
He then shakes his head as his voice returns to normal
"But you have to stay here for me"

35041 No.109184

Iron glances to the sides.
(Should I really accept this? It would be rude to disregrd his attempt to help and I do want his advice later… but I feel like his gift will be of no use to me.)
After a few seconds, he nods.
"I appreciate your help, Silver. Simply tell me when you want to measure my hooves and I will be there."

e9bc4 No.109185

He blinks slowly
"Will you find them?"

8a492 No.109186

"I promise you, those bugs won't stop me from finding them"

ab714 No.109187

"Yes. We didn't run from that owl… bear… thing. And we aren't going to run from a few changelings. We will get them back super quick."

5caa4 No.109188

Silver nods at him and smiles, as he looks pleased that he can so something to help. "Thank you. I will let you know as soon as I am able." He takes another drink of his whiskey. "Oh, and Dark Star has mission for us, if you wish to help."

5caa4 No.109189

*that he can do

e9bc4 No.109190

File: 1565673883619.gif (42.16 KB, 500x471, 88E99976-48C3-48F4-8BB5-FC….gif)

I appreciate the optimism in regards to campaign pacing but…. let’s be real here

He looks at them with big, sad, tired but strangely determined eyes
“Then go find them before they are gone forever”

5caa4 No.109191

That's why I asked if you had any special rules in place for crafting, to hasten the process.
Hint Hint

35041 No.109192

Iron raises an eyebrow.
(Some time to discuss things stallion on stallion if I do this right.)
"What is it about?"

ab714 No.109193

Spark attaches a sticky note to the bat's forehead to remind him to watch the colt.
Spark nods to the bartender.
"Let's go."

8a492 No.109194

Onyx gently sets the colt down
"Rest and we'll be back before you know it."
He then grabs his halberd and moves to the door

35041 No.109195

inb4 he takes the colt elsewhere like he did with the changies.

ab714 No.109196

Most likely, but as long as he doesn't get on another train with them without our knowledge of the events like he did with Silver, then we are ok.

e9bc4 No.109197

Not much activity outside. A light wind, the full moon shines down from a clear sky. The ground is covered in snow. A dog hangs around the remains of the changelings. No sound besides the ever present insects. The barn is in front, and who knows what other structures there are

5caa4 No.109198

"There is some sort of organization down in Red Heart part of city by docks that is trafficking ponies, griffons, and others illegally from Baltimare to Manehattan. Many of these being trafficked are being put into slavery if they can not pay their handlers. Dark Star has been tasked to put end to it, and he is asking others in our group if they can help. So far, all we can find is me, and you. Others are missing."

35041 No.109199

>inb4 the madlad actually does it.

Iron ponders for a bit.
"What exactly is the mission? Are we going to storm a building and nab their leader if possible?"
(Sounds like a place where money goes. I think I should avoid asking for payment this time.)

ab714 No.109200

"Look around, there is most likely signs of a struggle, though not much of one because the changelings got the drop on them. Maybe there is some blood somewhere, besides what we left there of course…"
Wouldn't put it past him.

5caa4 No.109201

"Plan is to infiltrate and remove those in charge of operation, as far as I know. We should try to avoid confrontation until then, to avoid them scattering." Silver whispers to Iron. "Dark Star got his coat dyed to look like zebra so he could trot around Red Heart without being recognized."

35041 No.109202

Iron nods but raises an eyebrow yet again.
"I thought he hated zebras for what one of them did to him."

5caa4 No.109203

He shrugs. "There are apparently wealth of zebras in Red Heart, along with griffons, and Severyanan ponies like me."

8a492 No.109204

"Alright, I'll keep an eye out"
Onyx spreads out and looks for clues

e9bc4 No.109205

Tracks in the snow, going back around the Barn, both ways

35041 No.109206

Iron can't help but sweat a little.
(I hope I do not have to do anything to them. Elsewise, it would only deteriorate my standing with Cauldron and/or her family.)
But he seems intrigued himself.
"I admit I was not expecting that. I heard the amount of zebras here were low according to the people I talked to."
Yes, it was Cauldron who said it.

ab714 No.109207

Spark follow the only clue so far.
"Perhaps we should check out behind the barn?"

e9bc4 No.109208

Okay, I need to sleep now

35041 No.109209

Night GMo

5caa4 No.109210

"It might be they have mostly congregated in one area. Carved their own little neighborhood out in Red Heart, with most preferring to live with their own kind than to mingle with others."

Sleep well!

35041 No.109211

Iron ponders a bit, attempting to inch himself closer to what he wants to talk about in the future. He leans back a bit, trying to casualize this conversation.
"Have you ever interacted with a zebra, Silver?"

5caa4 No.109212

Silver gives him an odd look. "That I have. May I ask why?"

35041 No.109213

Iron nods, grinning.
"What is your general opinion of them?"

5caa4 No.109214

"I have not had any negative interactions with them that I have not had worse with ponies or griffons, but that is just me. They are alright people, with some similarities to us ponies, though there is still little bit of Zebrica in them no matter how removed one of them might be from continent. They like to stick to their traditions."

35041 No.109215

He nods some more, internally gratified.
"Perfect. I say this because I have helping advice for you, too."
He inhales a bit, knowing he's inching evercloser to the truth next to a possible liability.
"There is this one zebra named Black Cauldron that creates some wonderful potions."
He fishes one of his Cure Light Wounds potions and hoofs it to Silver.
"They are exceptionally good, possibly even better than normal ones."

5caa4 No.109216

Silver looks at it before giving it back to Iron, nodding. "I remember you telling me that she is where you bought your potions from. You still have to introduce me to her one of these days. I am always in market for better potions."

35041 No.109217

Iron grins at Silver, then gives the potion back to him again.
"Consider it a trial run to solidify the excellence of the product. No need to give it back to me."
Then he turns into a sort of meditative state, considering his options.
"I will gladly tell you where to find her later," he says as he gives a quick glance behind him at Skies before turning his look back at Silver.
"However, I have something on my mind that is bothering me."

8a492 No.109218

Potion seller! I require your strongest potions!

5caa4 No.109219

He is almost like salespony, giving pitch.

He gets in close so Iron can lower his voice, since he seems so worried about eavesdroppers. "What is matter?"

35041 No.109220

Iron comes closer, whispering.
"Say you and a mare you like very much happened to share a confession and an 'intimate' moment between eachother, but after the fact, you cannot be sure if she remembers it at all. What do you do?"

5caa4 No.109221

Kek. Nice reference.

Silver grins knowingly at Iron "This would not happen to involve plenty of alcohol, lowered inhibitions, and confessions of love to each other, would it?"

35041 No.109222

Iron glances to the side.
"Kind of like that, yes."

5caa4 No.109223

He nods to him slowly with that grin still on his face. It doesn't carry the kind of malevolent feeling that one of Blue Skies' trademark grins does, rather it's just one where he (thinks) he knows what Iron is talking about. "If I am not making wild assumptions, I imagine this Black Cauldron is mare you are talking about. You say you like her very much. Does she know that you do? Does she feel same way towards you?"

35041 No.109224

Iron's eyes widen, looking to the sides in a panic.
(Keep calm, Iron. Let him have his conclusions.)
He exhales a bit, returning his gaze to him
"I have no idea of either, honestly. She is letting me stay at her house after treating me of a tiger fight aftermath and does generally accept physical contact with me, but I do not know. Perhaps she is like that with anypony."

5caa4 No.109225

"Well, then advice I would offer you is to let her know. It does not have to be through any grand or austere gesture, just be honest, and sincere, and do so in comfortable environment, perhaps in park or while at her domicile. Something like…'Black Cauldron, our time together has been among happiest in my life. Being together has given me great joy over these days, and simply being in your presence has lifted my heart to new soaring heights. I just wanted you to know that…I think I am in love with you. I am love with you.'

"You get basic idea. I would mention things you like about her in middle of that, things she is good at that you adore, elaborate on how she makes you feel, maybe some compliments on her appearance so long as they are not only what you have to say. But most important thing is that it has to be sincere, that it comes from your heart." He places a hoof over Iron's heart to make the point. "That is first step: letting her know about how you feel."

35041 No.109226

Iron can't help but squint his eyes over what Silver is saying.
"No way it is that easy. There must be something else you are hiding from me, right? Make some sort of big positive impact on her life? Help her out in a crucial manner?"
He puts both hooves next to his head, pointing upwards.
"A word salad cannot possibly be the solution here."

5caa4 No.109227

"Word salad…" Silver works that term a couple times in his head before continuing. "It is rarely gestures themselves that carry meaning in relationship, but meaning behind them, why they were carried out in first place." He gives him a sincere smile. "If she loves you, it will not be because you performed some grand act of goodwill or some massive gesture to make monument to your love for her. She will love you because she cares for you, respects you, just as you care and respect her back. You will be her monument. Now, I will not try to dissuade you from trying to perform some gesture like this, but know that it is not necessary if she truly loves you. If I were more like Blue Skies, I imagine I would say: 'any mare which can stand to be around you for extended period of time is special mare indeed'." He smiles and chuckles, hoping that the last bit comes across as an attempt at levity.

35041 No.109228

Iron can't believe what Silver's saying.
(Does he mean I could have completely avoided acting like a colt in front of Cauldron merely by saying things to her that sounds affectionate?)
He looks conflicted, looking down at Silver's chair.
(No. That possibly cannot be it. No way it works like that!)
But remembering the little time he has left to reveal the hidden thoughts he promised to tell Cauldron gnaws at him.
(…It will have to do.)
He exhales a bit, looking at the fluffy pony with reluctant eyes, completely ignoring the joke in the turmoil.
"I thank you for your… assistance, Silver."
(Hopefully, you are correct.)

5caa4 No.109229

Silver nods, though his lack of reaction (or potential negative reaction) to the joke sits uneasy with him. "Just be sincere. Barring one's heart for another is surprising lot to do. It can leave you feeling exposed, letting whoever you are barring it to see into who you are, how you feel for them. Show her same respect you would wish to see from her."

35041 No.109230

Iron nods weakly himself, not really motivated or driven with courage or determination.
(Here I thought it was going to be good advice, but I guess I could try it nonetheless. At least he knows what is currently stopping me.)
"If it works, it works."
He softly lands his head on the table, looking sideways blankly, sometimes craning his head to drink from the light beer he has nearby like a dog would.
Not your fault, Silver. He doesn't believe in himself.

5caa4 No.109231

Silver looks at the stallion in front of him. "…You worry about what will happen if it is not enough. Am I right?"

35041 No.109232

His eyes slowly move to look at Silver.

5caa4 No.109233

Silver understands this worry. "Tell me about her, this Black Cauldron."

35041 No.109234

Iron looks at him some more, unsure of how much he should say.
"She is a zebra mare, as I have said."
He still glances behind him to ensure Skies isn't listening.
"Lives by herself, helps her family business while having a side-job she does not like. An amazing cook."
He can't help but start to smile a little bit.
"Her food is delicious, but her kindness, generosity and charm are her best features. She allowed me to stay at her house, cooked warm food for me, patched me up and even had a little dance."
His eyes looks upwards, akin to a daydream.
"She is simply the best. Everything you would want in a mare. Somepony whom you can trust and rely on while having unique interests that compliments mine. Somepony whom I can share a day or night to simply helping her out with her hobby. No tricks and games of jealousy-baiting or absolute dependency."
He sighs in contentment, his blush starting to form slightly.
"A mare whom you can share anything and everything if I so desire without repercussions, from bed to bench. An optimal mare to start a perfect family."

5caa4 No.109235

Silver smiles at him. "And you worry it will not be enough. I will tell you now, if she can not accept you for that, for how you care about her, then you are too good for her. Simple as that."

35041 No.109236

Iron's daydream is snapped back to reality, looking at Silver with his blush everpresent and questioning gaze.
"Do you really think so? I have done nothing for her and she has done everything for me…"
The words only serve to put him down slightly.

5caa4 No.109237

"Then is sounds to me that she does care for you. All she needs is to hear that you feel same way." Silver puts a forehoof on Iron's shoulders, if her can. "I would probably leave out family part, though, just for little while so you can develop your relationship with Cauldron. Mares do not like being pressed for children very early in relationship, for obvious reasons."

5caa4 No.109238

*if he can

35041 No.109239

Iron does not bat off the offending hoof on his shoulder, a bit cheered up from Silver's lecture.
(Sometimes, all you need is somepony to confirm your thoughts.)
He warmly smiles at him.
"Thank you, Silver."
Feeling invigorated, he lifts off his head from the counter.
"Do you know when Dark Star is going to start his mission?"

5caa4 No.109240

"Tomorrow, perhaps. I hope it will not be too early. I promised to help volunteer for cathedral. They are going to start bringing bodies out from catacombs and quarry, and give them proper burials and rites."

35041 No.109241

It seems Silver's unsureness doesn't sit well with Iron.
"Perhaps Dark Star will tell us now that half of the ponies he is looking for are here."
With that, I'll depart. Hope you had fun, fuzzy feelings!

5caa4 No.109242

"It would be nice to know, myself."
Sleep well, fren. I'll see you tomorrow!

93ec6 No.109243

File: 1565704750761.png (246.27 KB, 670x1615, D2EB8101-E467-4DE9-990A-02….png)

Alright, now that Iron’s “The Stone Dog/Botanical excursion along Snake River” quest-line is done, I kind of feel like releasing a commentary. Maybe the same with the “Silver Lake Development Project, Referral from the City Zoning Office” now that it’s done as well

Hmm, Looks like Iron isn’t trying to sink the Iron-Cauldron ship like it’s the Lusitania
Also…. probably time for a level up

8a492 No.109244

Will there be complimentary tea and scones?

a63fb No.109245

Cool. I want to see how it came along/sudden turns you weren't expecting.
I don't blame you after that circus show Iron performed. Iron thinks he's not good enough to be with her

5caa4 No.109246

I think the commentary would be nice to have, even with as scathing as I imagine it would.

Silver's doing his best to avoid it sinking.
Yay! Just let us know when.

a38c5 No.109247

Come on, Silver. You know I wasn't actually trying to sink it. There are way faster ways of doing it which wouldn't make him act like a colt who needs to hide his boner the moment the teacher forces him to walk to the front to present himself.

5caa4 No.109248

Just because you weren't doesn't mean it wasn't going to. Iron's still going to have to apologize to her for how he decided to GTFO without a word of goodbye.

a38c5 No.109249

Let's be honest here. If she can deal with him: Having two boop battles, a night jog for only his sake, cook many foods for him without expectations of pay and overall dealing with his childish tendencies, I am pretty sure she'll let it slide, more worried about how fake he was being than offended he skedaddle with the flimsiest excuse imaginable.

5caa4 No.109250

I dunno. I think it would still probably be a good idea to apologize.

a38c5 No.109251

It's a given, of course, but I want to emphasize that while the ship indeed is shaking due to Iron frantically spinning the wheel from side to side, trying both not to crash into two adjacent walls of rock and an imaginary obstacle which always aligns itself to the front, the probability of actually sinking is low.

a38c5 No.109254

I wonder when Darko Starro, the half-zebra half Pegasus, is doing.
Wait, are his wings visible through the dye?

5caa4 No.109255

But Starry boi is an erf pone.

a38c5 No.109256

Oh right. I mixed up with Skies for a second there.
I wonder if the zebras actually see Star as a zony instead of a zebra.

5caa4 No.109257

Maybe. He tried to have his mane cut into a mohawk, but it doesn't want to stay pointed up. Other than that, he blends in pretty well as a zeeb.
Also, really hoping I can convince the GM to change the crafting rules. I really would like to make some stuff for the party without taking literal years of waiting in real life.

a38c5 No.109258

You can make checks by the day as well as creating things a lot quicker by adding a +10 DC to your craft roll, albeit with the risk of wasting half of your materials.

5caa4 No.109259

It would still take a ridiculous amount of time to make even a simple weapon with the exceptionally slow pacing of the game. I'm not asking for it to be made easier, or for the ability for Silver to instantaneously make +12 Super Flamey Death Swords, I'm just asking for it to be made more practical, balanced, and fun. I figured that was the whole point of this game: that it's fun.

a38c5 No.109260

I do remember Ash crafting some wooden shields in an instant, so perhaps you don't have to worry about it.

5caa4 No.109262

Like I said, I'll ask the GM if we can figure that out. I really do want to help out the party, and this is one of the ways I've come up with to do so; the only massive roadblock is that the pacing of this campaign doesn't work well with the crafting rules. Just as one example of how Silver could help the party, he could make replacement throwing knives for Brie, since he seems so apt at losing them. And Iron already knows about what Silver would like to do for him.

a38c5 No.109265

I understand, Silver.
Perhaps there is no need to worry about time constraints, like Ash's example showed.
Of course, we need his opinion which I think will be put on hold until we level up, mayble allowing us to respec our characters into fitter version than the current ones.

5caa4 No.109267

I imagine the level-up will come either in their sleep or as they wake up. But yeah, I would love to hear what he thinks.

5caa4 No.109270

So, while we wait for the GM, want to discuss how we're going to level-up/re-spec our characters? Maybe get some input from each other?

a38c5 No.109274

My answer is very simple: Change from Fighter 5 to Barbarian 4/Fighter 1, and in next level Barbarian 5, while also picking some feat I'm undecided upon. Perhaps Improved Sunder to flex, but I dunno if my punches will be that strong.
This way, I still have all the capabilities of my current character, but have a nice set of class features to circumvent some weakness of his, like being unable to be sneak attacked, only after level 5 tho.
Skies around the world do not want you to know this!
And being able to use AC bonus even when flatfooted or attacked by invisible poners/creatures. The extra neat thing of increasing reflex save by 1 against traps is also nice, too.
Sadly, I'll have to rearmor myself to get the Fast Movement skill into medium armor at least, but that's for future me to decide.

What is your plan?

5caa4 No.109276

I'm not sure what all I actually can do since I'm still new to the game, so it may be I'll have to change something if it turns out I'm trying to do something I can't.

Gonna stick to Fighter for the moment. I'll change his feats a little so he has Power Attack, Greatsword Focus, Greatsword Specialization, Heal Focus, Improved Initiative, Toughness, and Dodge. His Cutie Mark Skill will be Weaponsmithing, and his other skills will be Heal 3, Jump 2, Swim 2, and Climb 2.

In case none of that made sense: I want Silver to be more like the party tank and take hits so the other (mostly flimsier) members of the party don't have to. I'd also like him to be able to heal downed or injured party members, since the only other character in our group with any healing aptitude is Nurse Spark.

eed5f No.109277

"Thanks Mr.Glass."
looks for blue.

a38c5 No.109278

>other skills will be heal 3
Wait a minute, what was your wis stat again?
Perhaps, with some clever character development, you can most likely make your heal skill not a cross class one (instead of 1 skill point being worth 0,5 ranks, it is a 1 to 1 conversion)) by maybe starting your path as a Cleric. Not only you'll possibly have Celestia or Luna or whoever deity you choose as a constant waifu 4 lyfe, you can actually start to be a tanky medic worth your mettle.

e9bc4 No.109279

She is right next to him, holding onto his fore

5caa4 No.109280

He's got a full 16 Wisdom, so there's that.

a38c5 No.109281

Nice. For a second I thought she may have heard the stallion talk.

a38c5 No.109282

Then I'd say if you want to start you path as a full blown tank medic, start investing in cleric levels, since it's Wis based.
Your current set-up should be fine if you want to rack up those feat amounts, though.

5caa4 No.109283

Eh, might be I'll take Cleric next level-up.

Hello, GM.

eed5f No.109284

Dark Star looks for an empty table

e9bc4 No.109285

He can move to an empty table. There's one in the back which he may or may not have used for lewd purposes a few nights before

a38c5 No.109286

Here's the link for both the class and its spells respectively.
Don't worry, if you have some free time and basic reading comprehension, you'll be A-OK.
Quick rundown: Clerics are magic dudes who can do many spells while also having weapons training. They can be divided in domains, which represents vague concepts which you'll have to link with the deity you choose. If Celestia, healing and sun should be fine.
Have the domains list too, if you want to snoop around.

Has the time come for Iron to walk up into the noose, hoping Cauldron doesn't pull the floor from underneath him?

a38c5 No.109287

Sorry, you have to choose two domains. Keep that in mind.
Sorry GMo for doing an oopsie, pls forgive me.

eed5f No.109288

He Smiles and walks to the one in back
"This is my favorite table here."

e9bc4 No.109289

Oh dear… Also, Silver and Iron are there. Say something nice

5caa4 No.109290

Might as well continue the in-character conversation.

Silver finishes his whiskey and asks Glass for another. "So, you say you fought tiger?"

eed5f No.109291

"Stallion Gang!"

d5ba3 No.109292

>tfw left out of stallion gang

5caa4 No.109293

F. You'll be back in your proper place, soon enough.

Silver looks over at the zebra calling to him from another table, and gives him a small salute.

d5ba3 No.109294

why thank you, I have to add it's nice to see the flag again too

Also, did someone say level up?

e9bc4 No.109295


Also, are Onyx and Spark ready to continue their own little mission?

5caa4 No.109296

I haven't seen the Yellow and Black for a few threads, now. It looks good on you.

Also, yey. I think the GM is going to have us make our changes after our characters fall asleep. When we wake up, we'll no longer be Level 5 Virgins, but Level 6 Chads.

ab714 No.109297

I think so.

eed5f No.109298

The Zebra Salutes Back, he can see Blue With him.

d5ba3 No.109299

Ready when you are captain

a38c5 No.109300

Iron tilt his head, uncomfortable about it.
"More like he almost mauled me to death. That was the reason Cauldron let me stay at first.

e9bc4 No.109301

As stated before, there seem to be some hoofprints in the snow on either side of the

d5ba3 No.109302

"Sounds good, I'm right behind you"

5caa4 No.109303

That "zebra" is very lucky stallion. Go get her, tiger.

"Seems like everypony in our little group has issues with that. Dark Star himself says he almost died, too." Silver pats Iron's shoulder. "It is good to see you are alive and well."

Can I ask a question: when we level up, do our Cutie Mark skills automatically improve to remain at max level?

ab714 No.109304

File: 1565741577399.png (463.23 KB, 656x512, clue.png)

Spark follows the clue.

e9bc4 No.109305

File: 1565741701910.jpg (1.06 MB, 3400x1957, 86f.jpg)

I'm'a write up some commentary

Originally when I started it I figured that, okay, I didn't want to send Iron out away from the group because he's only one character, so I would do kind of a test run of what a run through the jungle would look like. I've never really written fiction before, or attempted to write it, so this would be a first for linear story telling for me. I don't even read much fiction. I think I've read some books in college, two Hemmingway Novels, both Ayn Rand novels, and every single one of Lovecraft's works, and that's about it as fiction goes for me in the past five years (I've read far more in philosophy and history though).

At first, there was no story, and it was just bandits attacking. I decided to experiment with the power of sub-machine guns in combat. Then, when Iron searched the bandits for anything of note, I figured, 'eh, what the hell. Let's put in an artifact in the Bandit's travel bag." So there was a stone dog that I didn't think much of. Iron asked what the dog was, and if he recognized it. So I figured that because the setting is the same as in Daring Do, the native artifacts would be Aztec themed. I looked up Aztec dog gods, and lo and behold, it's an evil god of lightning, divine retribution, and ferrying to the afterlife. One of 4 particularly evil gods. So it was easy to make a plot about how there would be 4 idols, one connected to each of the evil gods.

This quest, and really, the campaign as a whole, was inspired in substantial part by the Uncharted series of action adventure games. Uncharted is itself inspired by Indiana Jones, (which also inspired Daring Do), and has a definite formula to it. Protagonist goes looking for treasure, and so does a villain. The treasure seems to be not actually a mundane treasure, but a source of supernatural power. Eventually, it is revealed that the treasure is a source of power with entirely mundane explanations, and the villain was aware of its true nature the entire time. Protagonist must both defeat the villain, and destroy the mcguffin that lead them on the adventure. I figured this one would be similar. There would be a story about a treasure that would explain why the bandits were after it, but Pear would be an embedded secret villian, who would later unleash supernatural powers (more like Indiana Jones than Uncharted in this regard). I added in the encounters with the bandits at the camp and at the ruins to give the story a bit more flesh in the beginning and middle.

Pear Faucet is named after British explorer Percy Fawcett, who sought after the Lost City of Z and went missing in the process. She was a very fun character to work with, because I felt like I knew who she was, and what she wanted. I had to make sure that when she ended up releasing the demons at the end, it seemed like something her character could actually be motivated to do, so I took every opportunity I had to show how she was disgusted by much of the modern world around her.

One of the neat features of this quest was the Cocoliztli. Every single aspect of that that plague that I put in this game is real and historical. I did not exaggerate anything. Yes, there really was a plague that killed 80% of the population of Mexico (about a decade after Smallpox killed 20-30% of the population). It did kill by means of extensive bleeding from every bodily orifice - eyes, vagina, anus, mouth… It did take around or a bit more than three days, it really is mysterious as to what disease it is, it was thought to be typhoid-esque, it did affect highlands more than coastal areas, and it is believed to have been waterborne, spread from livestock to humans because the Spanish forced the natives into collective farms. The Cocoliztli - the Nahuatl word for "plague," was so mysterious that it was not not identified with a particular disease until 2018. 2018, when they finally did genetic analysis to match it with Salmonella Enterica, a bacteria that is relate to the bacteria that causes Typhoid, except it infects the digestive tract rather than the blood stream. Even now, it's possible that unidentified hemorrhagic viruses were involved. In the questline, there is debate back and forth as to what caused the disease, and it is implied that the disease was caused by a supernatural entity the natives treated as a god.

My proudest moment was definitely the story in the background for the fall of the Tenochtitlan state. It was of course modeled on the end of the Aztec Empire, and I feel like I was able to show a picture of a complex society in both the Independent Tenochtitlan State, and in Equestria. The show gives us very little information about what happened in that thousand years between the banishment of Nightmare Moon and the present, so I figured I could start to fill in the gaps, and show an Equestria that is not really a single nation so much as a conglomerate of other tribes that have their own agendas, show Celestia as being called in to mediate, and to show Equestria as a semi-imperial power bent on forcing all other pony nations to adopt their version of Friendship and Harmony. So it was neat to have other pony cultures involved.

It's worth mentioning that in the actual conquest of Mexico, the Spanish first lead a set of revolting natives against aztec rule, then took over Tenochtitlan, pretended that Montezuma was their vassal, then used that as the excuse to "put down rebels" against Spanish rule. In my ponified account, both sides are more sympathetic, as the native state is more popular with its subjects than the murderous Aztec, and the pledge of vassalage to Celestia is sincere.

The show does have some hints about something going on with the Aztec ponies. In "stranger than fanfiction," we see paintings of ponies fighting griffins, an alicorn that resembles Nightmare Moon, and passing references to a "Quetzalcoatl Empire"

eed5f No.109306

Zigger Star and Blue walk over to the table they are sitting at.

e9bc4 No.109307

There are a couple sheep wondering freely about, and another series of hoof prints in and around the Changeling bodies, but there is a "drag" of leveled snow around the barn that goes from the barn door to a wooden shed, further back. It looks like there is a small fire burning near it

e9bc4 No.109308

I might need to delete the commentary and repost it later

a38c5 No.109309

The patting is noted by Iron.
"Seems we all have that in common, right Silver?"
Iron's eyes widen.
(Silver was not joking when he said he dressed himself up as a zebra.)
"Are you well?"
So far so good. Mostly positive stuff.
Seems you had fun from just this paragraph/part.

d5ba3 No.109310

Onyx quickly bolts towards the fire, hoping he isn't going to find a pyre

e9bc4 No.109311

A sheep moves out of the way of the bolting Onyx to keep from getting run over. It's a bit cold outside, though not really that cold. 20 degrees Fahrenheit, plus a minor breeze that makes it cooler. Insects chirp on.

It's a small fire of a few sticks underneath. There is a pile of snow nearby. a set of sticks is arranged such that a pot, which has some snow on the edges, can be perched over the fire. There is water in it, and the water is not boiling.

5caa4 No.109312

I wonder if they are going to do what they did last time they sat at that table. Silver takes a drink from his next glass of whiskey. I suppose it is none of my business. I hope those two have fun, whatever they do.

"Indeed." Silver taps the bandages that wrap all the way around his neck, flanked by exceedingly floofy floof above and below. Neither of these were there, last time Iron met him.

Why's that? I can't see an issue with it so far.

eed5f No.109313

"Yea I'm Doing Fine.just got back from getting my coat dyed.How's it going with you?"

ab714 No.109314

"Hopefully that means they left before it could get hot and not that it has cooled off from the time we found it."

Spark inspects the snow shoved out of the way due to dragging.

a38c5 No.109315

Iron can't help but let out a little chuckle.
"I was not expecting to be that accurate."
Iron simply expresses discomfort through his face.
"A tiger clawed and bit me."
(And I freaked out on Cauldron enough to run away, but he does not need to know that.)

d5ba3 No.109316

"Let us hope"
Onyx joins Spark's investigation

e9bc4 No.109317

It leads right up to the shed…

5caa4 No.109318

Silver shares the chuckle with a smile of his own. "It is obvious you do not know us all that well."

ab714 No.109319

"Well Onyx, do you suppose they left them in here alive and unguarded?"
Spark readies his pistol and prepares to open the door.

eed5f No.109320

"Buck,That's terrible. I Got Shot a couple times this morning by a Changling Spy.
Is it a deep wound? Have you got it looked at yet?"

d5ba3 No.109321

"Let's hope. Shall we take it slow or just burst in?"
Onyx grabs his halberd in his maw and nods to Spark

e9bc4 No.109322

The aged it’s that big. It’s a grayish color with clear wooden slats, and a simple wooden double door that seems to have been moved, judging by movement in the snow. A sheep darts past and out of the way, but there are no other sounds around besides crickets

ab714 No.109323

"Bust in, but don't fire until you see their bug eyes. We don't want to shoot the wrong ones. That is, if they are even here."
Spark tries the door and attempts to throw it open.

a38c5 No.109324

Iron shrugs.
"I cannot say I try too hard to know."
Iron nods approvingly
"Surprised you could withstand many metal bits on you."
He looks at its treated body, not knowing its current state.
"I feel fine. I can still run and punch. That is what matters."

He decides to press on the mission details, looking quite serious.
"I heard you were looking for ponies for yet another mission of your marefriend's faction. Do you have a time and date to execute the plan yet?"

5caa4 No.109325

"I suppose that is your prerogative. So, it was just tiger that almost killed you?"

a38c5 No.109326

He glances at his direction, nodding.
"There were some 'muggers' that tried to take something from me. They were easy pickings, all things considered."

5caa4 No.109327

Silver's eyes widened. "Huh. In that case, I am especially glad that you are alive and well."

a38c5 No.109328

Iron tilts his head yet again, somewhat uneasy.
"Thank you?"

e9bc4 No.109329

The door is unlocked…. What they see when they open the door is at once both astonishing and expected

In black gossamer, melded to the rear wooden wall of the shed is a large… cocoon like entity. Black on the edges, with thin transparent green tinted front that shapes itself around a pony - grey and brown maned. The pony stands straight up with hooves to his side, with eyes wide open. They are glossed over white, and the pony is suspended in a transparent liquid. It looks like looking at a pony in an open coffin, standing up, if that coffin were of biological matter. That is not the only black gossamer cocoon - a consistency on it about like a spaider web. Immediately next to it is a thinner one, which conforms the shape of a light pink mare with blonde mane. She is upside down. Her eyes, likewise, are wide open, almost looking like those of a dead fish with something covering them. She, too, is suspended in some sort of liquid.

The ground of the shed is hard dirt with a covering of gravel, no snow. And lying on this snow, towards the front, is another pony. It's the red wine colored pony - the one they met earlier. He, and he alone has closed eyes, although his mouth is open, and his tongue is hanging out,. His head and shoulders are free, and there is an attempt to keep his hooves together in the casket-like stance of the other two. His lower body is already covered in the black and white gossamer, like a giant fly trapped in a much bigger spider web, in the process of being wrapped up to become a meal, his life fluids slowly drained

97eff No.109330

Onyx, although expecting it, freezes at the sight for a moment before quickly trying to use his halberd to cut them out.

e9bc4 No.109331

Careful not to cut them or freeze them with the cold effect….

97eff No.109332

Dice rollRolled 2

Is that indication I should roll?
Rolling incase it is

e9bc4 No.109333

He cuts into the leg of the grey pony while trying to cut him out

ab714 No.109334

Oh come on.

97eff No.109335

Dice rollRolled 15


Onyx's eye goes wide before he lets out a string of every cuss word he knows before attempting another.

e9bc4 No.109336

He is cut out

eed5f No.109337

"Tomorrow morning. i plan to scope the place out tonight. speaking of which have either of you seen Brie,Spark or oynx?"

97eff No.109338

Dice rollRolled 20

Onyx moves to the next cocoon, cutting slower this time

e9bc4 No.109339

Perfection. He's even able to cut out the third pony

5caa4 No.109340

Silver shakes his head. "Brie I know is missing. Spark and Onyx might be with him, as well."

a38c5 No.109341

Iron simply shakes his head, denying any witnessing of the kind.

97eff No.109342

"Spark, you patched me up well enough. Will they be okay?"

eed5f No.109343

"Horse Apples! this is Going to be Significantly more difficult without them,
He Sighs
"Maybe they'll turn up before then."
He Takes a sip of his whiskey.

ab714 No.109344

"I was lucky ok? I don't even know what that iodine stuff does. I have no clue, but we need to treat that leg of his and get them back inside."

5caa4 No.109345

Silver takes a drink from his own whiskey. "Just remember, get behind me if bullets start flying. With luck, it will not come to that, though."

97eff No.109346

Onyx hauls two of them onto his back, and heads back towards the cabin.

a38c5 No.109347

Iron shrugs.
"How hard can it be?"

e9bc4 No.109348

A bit of light from behind Onyx, and the ponies fall on the floor of the shed. They still look out of it, covered in slime. At least the pony who is cut is actually bleeding, implying a heart beat

eed5f No.109349

"We'll come out unscathed."
"A lot of Creature traffickers with Rifles,hard. Has Silver told you anything about where we are going?"

ab714 No.109350

Spark takes the red wine colored pony inside.

e9bc4 No.109351

Alright… I guess they try to pull the ponies up, place them on their backs, and trudge on to the cabin as the sheep move around the sit, and the fire burns lowly on

ab714 No.109352

Do we make it to the house ok?

e9bc4 No.109353

Dice rollRolled 2

Dice rollRolled 1

e9bc4 No.109354

Alright. Roll a fortitude save

a38c5 No.109355

"In broad strokes."
Iron leans in closer.
"I will be fine. Nothing some good old resting cannot cure later."

97eff No.109356

Dice rollRolled 5 + 5


e9bc4 No.109357

The two ponies carry the stiff ponies further, towards the barn and towards the house, as the sheep near them. Then, a veil of green light comes over one of the sheep, and onyx can feel something tugging at him.

Have you ever had that feeling in a dream, or as you lie down on your bed, that you are falling down to the ground, even as your body remains in place? Onyx feels that way, tugged to the side while his body remains in place, as if by a hand that has been dipped in icy water.

Onyx falls to the ground

Spark's turn

ab714 No.109358

Spark readies his pistol. Shall we roll for turns?

e9bc4 No.109359

Spark can attack next And might want something more powerful than a pistol

ab714 No.109360

Dice rollRolled 15 + 3

I have may questions about the world where a pistol is weaker than a dagger with Spark's strength deficiency… but ok. Spark has had it with these changelings and decides that if any more are lurking around, they need to associate this ponies with pain.

Spark uses his last fire spell.

5caa4 No.109361

"Or else I can patch you up. I have some experience with healing and first-aid."

e9bc4 No.109362

Dice rollRolled 4, 3, 4, 1 = 12

It's fucking lit on fire, casting the snow in an orange light, as flames shoot up from teh changeling - tattered grey uniform and all

e9bc4 No.109363

If onyx makes a con save, he can go as well

a38c5 No.109364

His head rises, both forelegs pointing at Silver.
"See? Nothing to worry about."

97eff No.109365

Dice rollRolled 18

Con or fort?
Con is +1 fort is +5

a38c5 No.109366

Doesn't matter either way it seems.

e9bc4 No.109367

Con. Looks like Onyx can recover with a move action

97eff No.109368

Onyx gets up and makes sure the two he was carrying are okay, as he picks up his weapon.

e9bc4 No.109369

Dice rollRolled 1 + 4

The other sheep, with a glow of green from an invisible horn, pulls a rifle out from under the snow, levels it at Spark, and shoots

a409e No.109370

e9bc4 No.109371

Snow in the rifle seems to cause it to fail to discharge. The first Changeling falls to the ground to put out the fire

Onyx’s turn

a409e No.109372

>no backfiring

97eff No.109373

Dice rollRolled 18 + 11

Onyx rushes the changeling with the jammed rifle, raising his halberd up to swing.

a38c5 No.109374

They backfired the moment they ever faced Onyx.

5caa4 No.109375

e9bc4 No.109376

Oh. Oh…..


The first Changeling backs up a couple feet, throws his hooves into the air, and starts speaking

97eff No.109377

Dice rollRolled 1

Dice rollRolled 3 + 6

Is this a reverse Welshman since the sheep are fucking us?
You guys make me blush

ab714 No.109378

"Ponish applebucker, do you speak it?"
Spark threatens the first one with pistol ready.

a38c5 No.109379

D-don't flatter yourself, b-baka!
I'd totally beat your flank!

e9bc4 No.109380

Second one is not out

The first one starts to Ramble

"Bitte, wir wollen Ihnen keinen Schaden zufügen. Wir sind Deserteure der neunzigsten Infanterie. Wir sind aus dem Bienenstock in Phantine. Wir wurden in Chrysalis 'Armee eingezogen, als sie unseren Bienenstock annektierte und in den Dienst zwang. Unsere Brigade wurde zerstreut, als die Crystal Empire-Theke außerhalb des Berges angriff. Wir sind seit Monaten im Wald unterwegs. Wir waren hungrig und kalt. Wir haben seit vielen Monaten nicht mehr gegessen…."

97eff No.109381

>die Crystal Empire-
Onyx silently reeees

e9bc4 No.109382

ab714 No.109383

Damn it. They are the good guys. We just killed two of their own most likely. But Spark doesn't know that.

"I can't understand you. Throwing your gun down is a good first start. Now tell your friend to do that too."
Spark points to the other changeling.
"Hey Onyx! I think this one is surrendering. See if the other one isn't so inclined."

97eff No.109384

"How? I can't speak a word of changeling"

a38c5 No.109385

Remember you can attacl non-lethally with a -4 penalty if they resist.

e9bc4 No.109386

Dice rollRolled 5 + 4

The second one cycles the bolt, and shoots at Onyx

e9bc4 No.109387

He can hear the bullet wiz past

97eff No.109388

Dice rollRolled 19 + 20

You just made me think of something even better I can do
"Son of a bitch"
Onyx swings again, but aims for the rifle rather than the changeling holding it.
Sunder attempt. Improved sunder means no AoO. +12 attack bonus, +4 improved sunder, +4 for two handed weapon.

ab714 No.109389

"Knock the gun out of his grip. I don't know!"
I grab the changeling in front of me and shake him.
"Get him…"
I point at the changeling shooting.
"to STOP."

e9bc4 No.109390

…. I think it worked
The rifle shatters in half. The wounded Changeling places it’s hooves over its chest, and falls back

a38c5 No.109391

Nice work. I completely forgot you had that.

97eff No.109392

I did too
"Spark! I got it!"

ab714 No.109393

By wounded one, do you mean the first on near Spark or Onyx' one?

a38c5 No.109394

At this point, the monthy trio should make an entire regiment of changeling deserters to overthrow a city and claim it as their own.
Hopefully there's a changeling worker in there.

e9bc4 No.109395

What does burning cockroach smell like? Onyx and Spark know. The two changelings are both wounded and neither has any visible weapons.

Onyx’s ability to see in color has just blinked out

The second one, which had the rifle

97eff No.109397

Onyx rapidly blinks for a moment
"Oh buck this, my good eye is going to Tartarus as well?"

ab714 No.109398

"Come on. And don't try anything funny."
He hauls the changeling behind him along with the pony on his back towards the cabin.
"Bring him along Onyx and hurry up or we will freeze out here. We need to tend to these ponies already."

e9bc4 No.109399

No, Onyx can see, just not in color. He also has this strange feeling like what little joy he had has been sucked right out. Probably needs more vodka

Anyways, there are two changelings still there in front of him

Not so easy. They are not tied up or anything, and are still up and able

97eff No.109400

Onyx grumbles as he hauls the two ponies onto his back, and roughly guides the changeling back to the cabin.

e9bc4 No.109401

Oh God. Do we have more tag along NPCs now?

5caa4 No.109402

There can never be enough tagalong NPCs.

a38c5 No.109403

ab714 No.109404

The one that surrendered should come along well enough, especially to get out of the snow for a while.

But whether or not the changeling is hauled along, Spark takes the pony inside.

e9bc4 No.109405

Getting the changelings to.., well, do anything, is going to take some artistry and persuasion

ab714 No.109406

Spark opens the door inside and waves them in.

e9bc4 No.109407

Dice rollRolled 2

Dice rollRolled 2

97eff No.109409

>Artistry and persuasion
What a coincidence! That's what Onyx calls his hooves!

e9bc4 No.109410

File: 1565751120785.jpeg (37.5 KB, 782x600, ACD9AD63-433F-420A-9CBA-9….jpeg)

He can try that

The changelings are scared and uncertain , and full of adrenaline

97eff No.109411

Onyx ignores them for now and hauls the two ponies inside
"I wish that bat was here right about now."

ab714 No.109412

"Yeah. Let me try something."
Spark goes to the cabin kitchen, or pantries if that is all they have, and finds what kind of food they have.

e9bc4 No.109413

The two ponies are dragged up, and in. Onyx feels much weaker than before, with a slower heart beat

a38c5 No.109414

Calling it early tonight.
Hopefully the monthly trio can return.

97eff No.109415

Onyx searches for the vodka and downs a swig when it is found.

e9bc4 No.109416

Only a single drawer of carrots and a few turnips. Actually, there are a few potatoes in a sort of pantry

Thankfully, a small amount remains

ab714 No.109417

Not exactly bug bait, but maybe they will understand.

Spark goes back to the door and places a turnip at the door and pats beside it.

97eff No.109418

Onyx slowly makes his way back towards Spark
"Those… Damned… Bugs"

ab714 No.109419

"They might be useful. If they can give us a map or some way to avoid patrols, then our mission might just have a chance at success."

97eff No.109420

"Yeah, useful if they could keep their mouths off of every damned pony they see."

e9bc4 No.109421

Ruby gets up. The little colt behaves like an ancient dog with his slow movements
“You’re back!

Rose. Dawson! Are you okay?”
He moves forward

Outside, the two wounded, bleeding creatures look at Spark. They don’t seem interested in eating the turnip

97eff No.109422

"They're alive."
Onyx finds the sofa and lies down
"Damn bugs and their drain."

e9bc4 No.109423

Onyx is tired, and the grey colt (he was bright red before) comes before Onyx
“Will they be okay? Are we safe?”

He looks at onyx suspiciously

ab714 No.109424

"Make sure they stay warm. I'm going to get the prisoners."
Spark goes back outside and walks up to the bugs.
He points at them.
He points to the door.

97eff No.109425

"Safe? Hardly. As long as those bucking bugs are allowed to roam Equestria nopony is safe"
Any sparkle in Onyx's coat is gone, as his eyes slowly turn more grey. His voice is filled with anger.
"Okay? Yeah probably"
He slowly gets up and rolls them towards the fireplace.

e9bc4 No.109426

File: 1565752348967.jpeg (39.43 KB, 223x242, 0A339476-9802-47DD-9D0D-A….jpeg)

They blink with sideways eye lids

“Be careful with them! Those are my friends” Ruby says

97eff No.109427

"Yeah yeah"
He moves them a bit gentler before flopping himself back on the couch.

ab714 No.109428

Spark sighs, but continues to try to comunicate.
He points to them.
He points to his hooves and walks towards the door a few paces.
He points to the door.

e9bc4 No.109429

They are cautious, but come closer, and ever closer to the door to come inside. One is bleeding it’s blue blood, the other has serious burn marks with an almost destroyed uniform

ab714 No.109430

Dice rollRolled 2

Spark leans them in and guides them away from the ponies. He then bandages up the bleeding one.
Rolling Wisdom

ab714 No.109431

Fuck. Damn changeling biology being different from ponies and all…

e9bc4 No.109432

Dice rollRolled 6 + 3


It bites Spark with its fangs

e9bc4 No.109433

Another issue. All of the ponies are in the central room next to the fire place. Where even to put the changelings that won’t spook the ponies?

97eff No.109434

Rood of the damn bug
"Oh look,it bites the hoof that tries to heal it. Shocking"

ab714 No.109436

Dice rollRolled 8

"OW! Sorry! I'm trying to patch you up damn it!"
Spark tries again.
Well, are there any other rooms, or is this a one room cabin?

e9bc4 No.109437

It’s small. There is a separate bedroom, and an attacked kitchen

ab714 No.109438

Assuming the bandage is now applied, Spark leads them into the bedroom.
"Hey Onyx! Put a sticky note on Brie's head saying we need a translator!"

97eff No.109439

Onyx writes a colorful note about needing a translator, and not-so-gently attaches it to the bat's face.

e9bc4 No.109440

So… the petrified ponies are just lying on the floor?

ab714 No.109441

Hey! They get to be by the fire.
"Now, if you can help move this bed into the living room, that will be very kind of you."

97eff No.109442

Onyx snorts in an annoyed manner as he helps spark move the bed.

e9bc4 No.109443

The changelings are directed to the more cold room while the ponies are left lying on the wooden floor. But what then?

ab714 No.109444

They are getting a bed.

"I'm going to keep an eye on them. Don't anypony run off."

Spark locks the door once the bed is moved.

97eff No.109445

"Oh I don't think that's a problem. But I'll watch them"

e9bc4 No.109446

Locking the door is not really possible, with no key. Spark has moved, what? One bed? He needs more beds and blankets

ab714 No.109447

Now you are just being picky. Please don't make me have to declare actions for moving each bed and blanket or we will be here all night.

e9bc4 No.109448

File: 1565754658083.jpeg (243.73 KB, 2200x2744, 88C59E10-CC75-4F8D-AF7F-D….jpeg)


Well, Onyx has not one, not two, but three unconscious almost dead ponies lying on the floor below him, a very drained and scared colt who is still partly freaking out about the whole situation, two vampire soldiers placed in the next bedroom, and less than a quarter of a bottle of vodka left.

How does it feel, and what does Onyx do next?

a38c5 No.109449

The true NPC limiter! Leadership peeps hate this amazing tip

e9bc4 No.109450

File: 1565784327254.png (182.92 KB, 774x1291, 8F452375-CAEC-4665-AE7D-87….png)


a38c5 No.109451

That image is horrifying
Hi GMo!
How's it going?

e9bc4 No.109452


Now, I need to figure out what exactly is going on with all of the NPCs in the cabin, as well as actually bother to write up the third and most important part of the 34 Hoebuck dossier

a38c5 No.109453


It shouldn't be too hard, I think. Only time consuming. Be sure to jot it down somewhere, or have a little map of the place to make things easier later on

5caa4 No.109454

That would help very much.
Also, *poke*

2a8b8 No.109455

File: 1565800755309.jpeg (41.68 KB, 188x250, 36B0ED89-C49E-4547-A701-0….jpeg)

*does not like being poked back*

I’ll see what I can type up during periods of downtime
Drove out to a JP court for two bench trials on speeding tickets. First guy pleas out, get ready for the second one and worry about it… when the guy shows up, he explains he just wanted to ask the judge a question, and pleas out

c84cf No.109456

Don't multitask too much.
It can get pretty heavy on your nerves.
The spoilers sounds like it could be part of a comedy movie

80f5f No.109460

File: 1565810226097.png (199.86 KB, 1000x924, _adorable tank noises.png)

83206 No.109461

File: 1565810737945.jpeg (127.21 KB, 1197x834, 676CF726-81FF-4D26-B5F1-5….jpeg)


I think that Blue Skies has been sitting next to Dark Star this entire time, but has not been hugged or cuddled even once

80f5f No.109462

Dark Star gives her a Big Hug.

83206 No.109463

*poner is hugged*

She’s even softer than usual, although her lavender smell has been replaced with that of a tropical fruit

bad70 No.109464

Smelling like bananas

80f5f No.109465

"Your Coat feels like silk."
He Smiles at her

5caa4 No.109466

Silver keeps his voice low as to not announce what he's saying to the world. Or, in this case, the table. "So, Iron…any other details on this 'night of romance' you had with Cauldron?"

a38c5 No.109467

Iron looks at Silver questioningly.
"It was a bit… cramped. Not what you would call somehwere where you should do it."

5caa4 No.109468

"Not exactly what I have in mind, but alright. Was it like date? You two go to see movie or something like beforehoof?"

a38c5 No.109469

His look changes to uncomfortable, really unsure of how much he should say.
"Well… you could say it was kind of like a date, sure. A… romantic walk on nature kind."

5caa4 No.109471

Silver nods. "That does indeed sound romantic. You know, you do not have to tell me if you do not want to. I do not want to make you uncomfortable, I was just curious."

a38c5 No.109472

Iron raises an eyebrow, not really believing him.
"Uh huh."
Your trust level with Iron is too low to go along this line of conversation.

4f365 No.109473

She smiles at him with her malign glee
“Thank you. Want to feel it some more?”

Blue Skies looks skeptically at Iron as he advances his claims of sexual activity

5caa4 No.109474

Silver takes another drink of whiskey, his last for the night. "Hmm. Well then…would you mind telling me bit about your tribe, where you came from?"

80f5f No.109475

He Grins
"Of Course."
He Hugs her tighter
"yea i've never really read any books on the native tribes before. i would be interested in that too."

04edc No.109476

*poner is hugged more*

She presses her head into him, closes her eyes, and smiles in his embrace

a38c5 No.109477

Iron glances at her then back at Silver.
(If she doesn't believe it, then she won't ask about it. I see this as an absolute win.)
…crap. I knew this was going to happen. Time to put my improv hat on.
Iron looks pensively.
"I admit I have not listened to the word of the elders, so mine may be inaccurate."
He lightly scratches the table, trying to remember.
"If I am not mistaken, my tribe was founded by Hoof, an Earth Pony unhappy with the unification of the Three Tribes and rounded up like-minded ponies off into creating a settlement. I am not sure why exactly he did it or if it was even true. Some spread the rumor he was merely taking advantage of the dissent to try and create his own tribe."
He shakes his head.
"Anyways, he led them to a safe spot to start anew and went from there. From then on it was the usual: Forage, train, explore and return with the spoils. Mares are not able to go out of the tribe, being pushed into more indispensable jobs like pottery and healing instead of being fighters, since their dexterity is better, or so said Hoof and his friends say. So far they are not wrong."
He snickers.
"I remember my mother always having some sugarcane to bite on after a training session. It was like she had in her mane or something."
Clearing his throat a bit to return to serious mode, he continues.
"While my fighting style relies on hooves, fellow tribesmen do use some war tools like spears and clubs. Some special ones even get what they call a 'quarter-staff', no idea what that means. It looks like a smooth, long stick to bonk ponies on their heads. Seems only elders' colts get to use them, unless they show exceptional 'skill and discipline' or some spiel like that."
He rolls his eyes over it, before proceeding.
"I think I have already told you Star, but I am in the third phase of the cycle: Exploring and mastering this concrete jungle to reach stallionhood. Previous colts back when it was a group of ponies only needed to explore into the Three Tribes, but recently they have set the far more 'advanced' tribe of… Equestria, I think, as the new place to mature."
He looks at the interested duo.
"Was that good enough?"

80f5f No.109478

He Laughs at the sugar cane in the hair bit
"What is your Mother and Father Like?"
"Yea i Remember you telling me that, it seems like a Interesting tradition,do all young stallions from your tribe do this?"

80f5f No.109479

He strokes her face and hair with his hoof

04edc No.109480

Her ear wiggles, and her mane is extra soft

5caa4 No.109481

"That is rather interesting tradition, mastering this 'concrete jungle'. What is it for?"

a38c5 No.109482

Iron raises an eyebrow.
(Is he trying to know the feeling of parental love, maybe?)
But relents, thinking he'll be satisfied with hearing it.
"Mother was quite nice. She always coddled me, my brother and my sister with all sorts of little snacks. Good cook, too, but not at the level I have recently experienced. She mainly focused on teaching my sister the arts of healing, from putting some sticky thing on wounds to preparing them."
He can't help but crack a smile.
"It felt nice when they placed it on mine. I guess it was Earth Pony magic."
A little pause, looking a bit more confused.
"My father was… strange, as some of the tribesstallions said. He was cheery, yet considered as a feared stallion worthy to take down an entire group of 20 ponies, enduring every single blow they threw at him. His maturity travels were said to have been the longest any stallion has even been, and it shows from how he speaks to how fancy his spear looked."
He places his hoof under his head and looked at the ceiling in thought.
"He always encouraged me to take walks in the jungle, often ending in me poking, seeing and tasting most things, even though I did not know what most of the stuff was."
He snickered.
"I even ate some weird looking mushroom that made me see all sorts of colors. My father had to take me back home after that because I was acting aloof. I bet he knew what it was and did not stop me, the rascal."
He chuckles, but turns a bit serious.
"He was also quite scary when he got upset."
"The idea is simple: Learn to master the outside and bring back all your newly belongings back to the tribe. The more you bring, the greater you will be revered. Of course it would be shared amongst fellow tribesponies out of virtue, but you can take it all for yourself if you had big plans of any kind."
He nods.
"And yes, all colts who enter the age of close-to-stallionhood have to do it, or else be treated like a colt until you do. Worst case scenario, the pony stubborn enough could be forcefully expelled into it."

04edc No.109483

She raises an eyebrow and looks as if she is about to say something, but ultimately says nothing

a38c5 No.109484

Iron, somewhat curious she didn't simply say it, decides to press her for it.
"Is something wrong, Skies?"

5caa4 No.109485

Silver looks him up and down. "You do not seem close to stallionhood to me. You seem like full-grown stallion who is almost as big as I am."

04edc No.109486

So Iron has been parading himself as a “native,” acting as if he’s from some tribe right out of the Amazon Rainforest, and now you want to claim that Iron actually is not and never has been a Native, nor does his culture have anything at all to do with any natives: it is instead a set of Equestrian ponies that separated from the Equestrians after the Equestrians immigrated south. More like Husserites and Mennonites than Comanche Indians. Like, the whole point of having natives in the setting was to show that actually, no, the land that is Equestria was not completely uninhabited before the the United Tribes came in, but was preceded by earlier waves of Earth Ponies in that area. Also, if it’s an Equestrian culture, then why the vast cultural differences between Iron and Equestria? The Amish are a European culture that split off from Germany and who reject a decent portion of modern civilization, but they behave more like other Europeans than do any of the American Indians…
But it doesn’t really matter. Dark Star, Silver, and to a lesser extent even Ash have done some equally possibly devious world building, but I haven’t said anything because a character’s background belongs to the player.

a38c5 No.109487

Iron snickers.
"I appreciate your compliment, but I am merely 19 years old."
Cue shock and awe.

a38c5 No.109488

Aw, fuck. Well, that's what I get for trying to build on previously established concepts without fully understanding them. I thought they were a big native tribe composed.

80f5f No.109489

He Smiles
"You're Beautiful."
"My Mom was the Same way. She often tried to stop my brother and i from fighting when i was a colt."
He Smiles a Bittersweet Smile.
"You Dad Sounds Like an interesting Stallion to say the least. A Mushroom that made you see colors? I've had experiences with them myself.
I Found a Patch of them on a remote part of the property i grew up on. The Trees Grew Faces and started talking to me. then i felt like i was falling and i saw a bunch of weird shapes and Vivid Colors."
"Very Interesting Indeed."

5caa4 No.109490

Honestly, I would rather hear your criticisms.

Silver doesn't even bat an eye. "As I said, full-grown stallion."

He sits in thought for a couple seconds. "Your father sounds nice. I think he and my father would have gotten along well."

a38c5 No.109491

Iron looked at him strangely.
"Our father practically encouraged me and my brother to hooffight between ourselves to deal with our issues, except my sister of course."
He looks iffy, knowing how bad he felt after the 'trip'
The reverse jailbait.
Iron blinks.
"Eh, I do not feel fully grown yet. Otherwise, I would not even be here."
Chalk it up to bad narrator in this case, if you point it out, he'll probably correct himself.

e9bc4 No.109492

I think Dark Star is remembering watching Pocahontas

Were you going to type more and were cut off?

a38c5 No.109493

Not really, but feel free to do >>109491
Man, I feel dumb.

5caa4 No.109494

He gives him a grin. "Perhaps in mind you have little ways to go, yet…"

80f5f No.109495

"Our Dad Encouraged that stuff as well."
He Smiles and chuckles
"But boy! Mom sure hated it."
"I Felt Very Sick afterwords,Luckily my brother was the only one at home,when i walked back up to the house.Because as soon,as i walked through the gate."

e9bc4 No.109496

“D’aww, thanks….” her expression changes a little
“You should….. probably not war random mushrooms off the ground”

80f5f No.109497

"You're welcome."
He Smiles
Then he chuckles at the mushroom comment
"Yea, I Learned that the hard way…I Did go Back to that patch a couple times though."

e9bc4 No.109499

She just blinks, and sits upright in her seat

All at once, she both finds it hard to believe, yet acknowledges that that really would explain a lot

Nah it’s fine…. as I said I try to give players leeway to make their characters and I’ve seen equally objectionable things from Silver and Dark Star

a38c5 No.109500

Iron looks at his forelegs.
"I guess I do not look like a colt, I suppose. I thought stallionhood was at the 20 year-mark at the least, so that was why I was confused at your comment."
Iron chuckled.
"Honestly, my mom grew to tolerate it after a while. I think she liked being there for us and healing us up."
But he does turn slightly iffier.
"Yeah… my mom got so worried."
Too late!
A tiny spark crossed his mind as he now understands Skies' curiousness.
"Oh wait! I knew something was off. It was not the Three Tribes or unifications. I just happened to hear about it somewhere and mixed it up badly."
He coughs again, entering into story-time again.
"I think it was more of a sibling rivarly between Hoof and his brother, Buck. Both were candidates for being chieftain, but Buck won out, leaving Hoof bitter so he took off with some of his friends, his wife, his foals and some dissenters who did not like Buck's overreliance on arrows, feeling the tools were too powerful against nature to deal with."
He watches her mull in thought.
(I wonder if she will give sugarcanes now because I said that.)
He chuckles.
('Not a chance', she would say most likely.)

5caa4 No.109501

"It is something like that, I suppose."

80f5f No.109502

"Whats Wrong?"
He Looks Concerned
"My Brother Freaked Out. He Threatened to Tell Mom a few times but i was able to talk him out of it. I Guess i was always Pretty Good at that."

a38c5 No.109504

Iron pokes one foreleg with his hoof.
"I understand, since you look somewhat like me with some more years on you, judging by the scars you have."
Iron extends one side of his lips, a bit against Star's actions.
"Eh, you should have told her. It is no good to keep secrets with family. They are the ones whom you should trust most."

e9bc4 No.109505

She turns her head away, shakes it slightly, and says in a very soft voice
"Earth Ponies… eating stuff off the ground when they know it makes them sick, and always looking to get beat up"

5caa4 No.109506

"Many…even if my winter coat is hiding them right now."

a38c5 No.109507

Iron smiles excitedly, placing one hoof on the table and the other raised.
"Oh! That is me! I am that pony!"
He returns to original position, chuckling for his outburst.
"I told you. I am not a stallion yet. My coat only has…"
He peeks around his coat, moving away the hairs to try and find any.
"…I cannot see any of them."

80f5f No.109508

He Sounds rather melancholic
"Yea…. I Wish i would have gotten to tell her. I Never Got the opportunity to confess to her before she was gone."
"Eh…Thats just our nature i guess."
He Grins
"We are Both that pony,pal."
He Chuckles

e9bc4 No.109509

File: 1565824449304.jpg (15.38 KB, 229x214, 142096245633.jpg)

a38c5 No.109511

He chuckles some more at her expense, looking outside if the time is near where he has to do the thing.
At first he chuckles with him some more, but
Iron feels bad after bringing the 'mother is dead' stuff, looking grim.
"Right. Forgot about that."

e9bc4 No.109512

"oh, fuck off"

80f5f No.109513

"It's Ok. I've gotten used to it."
He Smiles
"Ah Don't be like that."
He Cuddles her

e9bc4 No.109514

*Poner is cuddled*
Her wings are pushed up a little.
She enjoys the cuddling

a38c5 No.109515

He grins knowingly
"Just as planned."

He turns to Dark Star, unsure of his 'coped' status.
"If you say so."

5caa4 No.109517

The floof pony meanwhile sits there awkwardly, not really knowing what to talk about.

This is still bothering the hell out of me.

e9bc4 No.109518

Skies pats the floof pony

Um… what’s bothering you?

a38c5 No.109519

Iron decides to do the most sensible thing in this situation:
He boops Silver's snoot! The devilish fiend!

80f5f No.109520

Dark Star Boops Silver right after iron

5caa4 No.109521

*floof pony is pat*
[Silver liked that]

What're the objectionable things I've said, before?

*floof pony is booped*
[Silver disliked that]

a38c5 No.109522

Iron smiles like a dummy.
"You look bored."

5caa4 No.109523

"Well, bored might be one way to put it." Silver leans back in his chair. "I suppose I simply have nothing really to do at moment, and it is making me little restless. I would drink some more, but if we are going to recon then it is good idea that I have clear head." He thinks back to the drinks he's already had. "Well, mostly clear head."

e9bc4 No.109524

Okay, I should definitely write out the last part of the dossier… but damn it’s hard to find motivation

Do you really want to know?

5caa4 No.109525


a38c5 No.109526

Iron nods, returning to his original stance.
"Perhaps we can play some sort of game?"
He looks at the others, unsure of what kind of game adults like them play.
(I hope it is tag. I like tag.)
Psst. How much time Iron has left? I don't want him overextending his bounds and missing the deadline.
And I know that feeling, man.

5caa4 No.109527

Silver tilts his head. "Game? Like poker, or something like that?"

a38c5 No.109528

Iron shrugs.
"Maybe? I do not know what games are popular here."

5caa4 No.109529

"I have not played any game in…well, it has been long while. You would probably know better than I would."

a38c5 No.109530

Iron hums in thought.
"I have no idea either. Most of the ones I used to play back home would put me in a big advantage as well as leave us injured most likely."

5caa4 No.109531

"…We should probably avoid them then." Silver thinks on the subject.

a38c5 No.109533

Iron looks at him expectantly.
He turns to see Dark Star.
"Do you have any ideas?"

e9bc4 No.109534


The one that came to mind was the story of alicorns or supernatural something or other visiting Severyanan ponies. I kind of wanted to object because it would be an instance of contact with god-like beings, which I wanted to control because the way in which god-like entities interact with the world kind of runs according to a plan I had, and that didn't necessarily fit in with it. On the other hoof…. maybe it can work? Also, Silver told it like a legend, so it always has the possibility of being false or an adaptation of something else.
This is a more minor thing, but Silver said Severyana was a United Tribe, and I was thinking that because Severyana is one of the only pony areas on Equus to have a distinctly different language and culture that it was probably a separate pony nation that predated the united tribes, was eventually annexed into Equestria after failed attempts by Crusaders to conquer it, but always felt like a distinct culture and region, which aided the calls for independence which resulted in Stalliongrad. Of course, maybe it is a United Tribe, who knows

Another one was attitudes towards Homosexuality. I know that a hell of a lot of fanfics portray Equestria as always having perfect freelove, geneder nuetral pronouns,mandatory lesbianism and whatever the hell else, but Equestria has always seemed to me to be or recently have been a traditionalist, communitarian society that is not likely to accept homosexuality, or at least not without some reservations. More to the point, I'm kind of doing an adaptation of the World circa 1940, so attitudes towards homosexuality are complex, but strongly tending towards non-acceptance. Interestingly Stalliongrad would probably be among the most socially progressive in that regard. I was going to write a long post about a history of attitudes towards homosexuality, but ultimately didn't. Obviously Silver can be pro-homosexual if he wants to be. He's part Bolshevik after all, and probably a lot of the Communists and some of the Social Democrats in Baltimare would agree with him (and maybe also certain Spartans). It's just that homosexual acceptance is not going to be ubiquitous in this setting.

There was the cuddle pile thing. That's not really objectionable, it just seemed kind of weird. Of course, Silver could have just been making shit up to fuck with Dark Star. Also, some cultures, like Greeks for example, are going to be a hell of a lot more comfortable with touching than Americans

Also there was the armpit aphrodisiac thing that Silver told Dark Star about pegasi biology while they were in the attic of the Comte residence. This isn't really objectionable for worldbuilding reasons, but because it was something told to Dark Star meaning I would need to ERP it. Let me repeat that. I would have to ERP fucking sexy smelly armpits. Just.

Again, I don't want to discourage players from adding more depth to character back stories. You can participate in world building as well

What are you talking about?

5caa4 No.109535

Honestly, that all is good to know. Thanks!

80f5f No.109536

"How about a game of Cards?"
He Grins
>sexy smelly armpits

a38c5 No.109537

I thought it was the wings that were supposed to be smelled, not the armpits.
Remember the Cauldron situation? Iron still has to deal with that. Honestly, time shouldn't have passed by a lot, but Iron would like to know how long he has.
And you know, you wouldn't put an actual time limit on PCs, are you?
Iron looks at Dark Star.
"Maybe. What do you have in mind?"

e9bc4 No.109538

File: 1565832094058.jpeg (83.44 KB, 1280x941, F3404A25-C849-4744-87B7-5….jpeg)


Um..,. Are you sure?

Another thing from much further back I initially didn’t like was in the story about how Silver met Storm Warning. It was a cute story, but it seemed off to me that Equestria would just let a major trade route right next to the capital and basically on top of the old capital be overrun with bandits and highwaymen. I eventually got over that an actually sort of integrated it into the Train quest-line. When the train is stopped near the Everfree forest (on the side of the forest opposite of Ponyville) it is attacked by a set of old mares, kind of like the group that Storm Warning was a part of. Their leader is even named “Red Morning,” from the adage “red sky at morning, sailor’s warning,” like she’s named after Storm Warning.

How long until what?

5caa4 No.109539

As far as more in-depth thoughts go:

#1: This isn't one of my better moments. I wasn't thinking straight and I somehow managed to mash up two completely different concepts in my head and they just did not mix well.

#2: Silver never said that Severyana was one of the tribes that founded Equestria, as far as my knowledge goes. He did say that the ponies of Severyana first united underneath Tsar-turned-Emperor Peter the Great, which included both Severyana proper and where Nova Griffonia is located, now (though I've since changed the date to something After Lunar Banishment: 420 - 421 ALB). In my head, I figured that the preservation of Severyanan culture and language meant that the country would have been a recent acquisition compared with the rest of Equestria. The catalyst I've got for that happening is in 793, when the Griffonian Empire beat the Severyanan Empire in a Five Years' War and annexed the territories of what would be known as Nova Griffonia: Severyana would immediately afterwards agree to become a vassal of Equestria in exchange for protection, and in 822, Equestria formally integrated the region into Equestria itself after Tsar Nikolai Nickerlaevich was deposed.

#3: What can I say? Silver was lonely, horny, drunk, and Dark Star is a very soft mare-like pone. Likely won't happen again, though I imagine it'll continue to be a bit of a running joke.

#4: Don't you be dissin' the cuddle pile, now.

#5: Feel free to ignore that particular piece of lore if you want to. Just a little throwaway something. Silver will never talk about it again.

That's pretty nifty, actually. I like that.

Also, yeah, of course it's good to know. It's good to know the flaws in my storytelling, as it's hard for me to see them, myself.

a38c5 No.109540

Faith in humanity: Lost with my sides.
Well, Iron did promise her in his panic to tell the deep dark secret he had to her, which is that particular dream part he was abashed about.
Pretty sure it's not actually necessary, but I like to think Iron's on an actual time limit just to rack up his tension.

80f5f No.109541

File: 1565832478184.jpg (83.06 KB, 689x437, _AJ Knows.jpg)

"How About Black Jack? it's a pretty fun game."

5caa4 No.109542

Silver nods. "Yes, it is indeed good game. If we find set of cards, who would serve as dealer?"

a38c5 No.109543

Iron tilts his head.
"I guess I can try it, but I have no idea how to play it."

80f5f No.109544

"After you. i've never really been the best dealer."
"Can you do math?"

e9bc4 No.109545

I kind of feel like I’m failing at my job here if you all are bored
There actually is someone I am waiting on before starting the Hoebuck quest


Also reee

5caa4 No.109546

Who would you be waiting on, if I am allowed to ask?

Also, why are you reeeing?

a38c5 No.109547

Well, Iron has the perfect ending for the day at any rate, as long as he doesn't spill more spaghetti than usual.
Iron stares at Dark Star blankly.
"Yes, I can do math. It was boring, but useful."

80f5f No.109548

"Its a simple game, the first one to 21 wins. my brother always used to beat me at it."

a38c5 No.109549

Iron nods.
"I suppose that works. Do you have the things necessary to play the game now?"

e9bc4 No.109550

File: 1565833186830.png (792.8 KB, 1334x750, D244C1E0-0449-4CA2-9CE0-BA….png)


Because you contradicted me on point 2

I am trying to get Ash back

5caa4 No.109551

Oh. You mean in how I said I thought that Silver never said that Severyana was one of the founding tribes?

It would be nice to have her back, even if she makes us all look bad by comparison.

a38c5 No.109552

I am quite surprised you actually went and fetched him, but are you sure you are making the right move? Or perhaps I'll be forced to go away too if she doesn't show up since there's so many wrenches in your plans because of her absence. I'm not sure he'll bite unless you go to grovel levels in my opinion.
Also maybe letting some non-SRD books through in your game setting.

>pic related

Come on, now. Don't be like that. You know Iron loves Cauldron more than the physical aspects.

e9bc4 No.109553

What? Why do you say that?

And why do you say that?

a38c5 No.109554

Well… He didn't part because she was bored. More like he felt particularly offended by your actions. His words, not mine.
That means it's not going to be that simple to mend, unless you have a plan of sorts that could attract him back 100% for sure.

5caa4 No.109555

They just know how to use the game mechanics in ways that are far beyond the rest of us. They sound like they know what they're doing when they play (excluding the times Ash sets things on fire), and Ash just seems a lot more optimized for her role than the rest of the cast.

5caa4 No.109556

Silver briefly changes the subject. "You said you would attempt to carry out your mission tomorrow morning: do you have more specific time? I promised Father Maren and myself I would help volunteer to clear bodies from quarry and catacombs tomorrow."

e9bc4 No.109557

File: 1565834371160.png (167.22 KB, 1116x1024, D50504F5-3E70-4E12-BA08-3B….png)


I’ve noticed the “optimization”

a38c5 No.109558

You do you, GM, but I warn you: It's going to be a hard sell, so get your 3 paragraph apology ready.

a38c5 No.109559

Well, I'm cashing out for the night.
Have good day, peeps.
Soon, I shall acheive waifu obtained status.

e9bc4 No.109560

File: 1565837575435.png (332.91 KB, 600x803, 2BA397D6-7653-4922-9D5C-D0….png)

5caa4 No.109561

Sleep well!

5caa4 No.109563

…About what?

a38c5 No.109564

Soon, Iron will be sucking on that straw!
A nice Chryssi pic. Would pat/10

a38c5 No.109567

Wait, what happened?
I seem to have missed something here.

5caa4 No.109569

I'd have to agree here: what exactly has you so upset?

80f5f No.109583


5caa4 No.109584

Don't boop me! >:(

80f5f No.109585

File: 1565894642526.png (1 MB, 5314x5699, _boop ponk.png)

54b8c No.109587

File: 1565895467172.jpeg (114.74 KB, 1000x1000, CB92491E-4E91-47DB-863E-7….jpeg)

I’m not entirely sure I’m feeling it today

5caa4 No.109588


We won't hold it against you if you need time to rest and recuperate. It isn't any fun for anyone, yourself included, if the GM is all frazzled.

Know of something else you'd like to do after you get off work to relax? Any good vidya?

80f5f No.109589

thats fine

9825b No.109590

File: 1565898600481.png (173.72 KB, 534x400, C7B331C4-3D61-42C8-8A6B-2F….png)

5caa4 No.109592

Oh. I'm sorry to hear that.

a38c5 No.109593

Well damn. I have no idea what caused you this lack of motivation but we're here for you man.

e9bc4 No.109604

File: 1565915264039.jpeg (2.79 MB, 4032x3024, FBBCE6F7-20B5-4651-8B97-A….jpeg)

I received my PonyFinder Bestiary today

a38c5 No.109605

Never thought one existed.
What's it got?

ab094 No.109606

Gotime the other day too from the BC vendor. It's got rules for both Pathfinder and 5e characters and monsters plus original creatures. Bat ponies, fairy ponies, constructs, etc.

a38c5 No.109607

Quite spoopy, indeed.
Definitely good to have some guidelines on monsters. It eases quite the heavy load with thinking up creatures the PCs can fight or not.

e9bc4 No.109609

Yes, that’s where I got mine

e9bc4 No.109611

Well I don’t know all of what it’s got in it, but I will be exploring it

a38c5 No.109612

Nice. Awaiting what inspiration you'll get from it.

b7480 No.109649

Goddamn, it's quiet in here.

e9bc4 No.109650

File: 1565994943332.png (774.11 KB, 1792x828, 2AEFA485-0601-4A28-AB26-47….png)

b7480 No.109652


4d345 No.109653

And someone is going to die
Just kidding

b7480 No.109654

Oh, good! Thought I was going to have to break out the hankerchief for my sweating forehead.

e9bc4 No.109659

File: 1565996741422.png (113.62 KB, 496x600, 1E8F57FF-BA1E-4886-B28D-F5….png)

b7480 No.109661

Feelin' any better today?

1e4a4 No.109662

That happy changie sure makes it look like it.

e9bc4 No.109663

File: 1565997944497.png (525.85 KB, 669x600, F4F1EF0C-CE09-49C2-BAB5-84….png)

A little

1e4a4 No.109664

File: 1565998127973.jpg (3.67 MB, 3120x4160, IMG_20180622_192122.jpg)

Have cat.

b7480 No.109665

File: 1565998476849.png (1.63 MB, 10763x6000, 2116491__safe_artist-colon….png)

A little is better than nothing. Have a cute.

e9bc4 No.109666

File: 1565999113029.png (365.28 KB, 610x610, CJKQGVP.png)

I think I should make the next part of the quest dossier tonight, or soon

D'aww, that really is a cute


b7480 No.109667

>>109666 (checked)
Neato, Satan.

b762f No.109668

Is cat.

d1619 No.109669

File: 1565999958354.png (825.12 KB, 900x720, reeeeeeeeee-eee-ee-e.png)


97a0b No.109672

File: 1566003229705.jpg (2.17 MB, 4160x3120, IMG_20180715_021546.jpg)

Whoops sorry.
Have more cat.

48b4d No.109674

File: 1566004791370.jpeg (264.93 KB, 2048x1499, _apogee stray cat.jpeg)

48b4d No.109675

File: 1566004970225.jpg (222.12 KB, 500x750, 1461634922702.jpg)

97a0b No.109676

File: 1566005063799.jpg (1.64 MB, 2322x2157, IMG_20190811_102709.jpg)

How dare u!
You maek cat sed>>109674

b7480 No.109677

File: 1566005235672.jpg (490.76 KB, 2048x1318, 2089901__safe_artist-colon….jpg)

Apogee a qt.

48b4d No.109678

File: 1566005527569-0.jpg (58.23 KB, 577x537, _cat nip.jpg)

Im sorry cat fren, heres some catnip

d1619 No.109679

That pencil boop is awesome.

97a0b No.109680

File: 1566005830718.png (650.32 KB, 1312x1080, IMG_20190301_202323.png)

Now that's more like it, brother.
tfw no pencil or pencil-drawn pone to boop

48b4d No.109681

File: 1566005903873-0.mp4 (917.41 KB, 1280x720, _Apogee.mp4)

Apogee is top cute

b7480 No.109682

File: 1566006089977.webm (10.71 MB, 1920x1080, 2102941__safe_artist-colo….webm)

If there's an Apogee in the EaW universe, I hope she's doing alright.

e9bc4 No.109683

File: 1566006139300.jpeg (17.06 KB, 215x234, 64E0DD5D-8AF9-439E-8BFC-C….jpeg)

Did something break out here?

b7480 No.109684

97a0b No.109685

Most likely helping build the equivalent of a nuke with her dad either as an unwilling changeling scientist, an unwilling New Mareland scientist or living in her mom's dump.

97a0b No.109686

Not on my end

48b4d No.109687

File: 1566006329942-0.jpg (67.12 KB, 632x800, _Boop marble.jpg)

Yea >pic related
I Hope there is an apogee in this universe

e9bc4 No.109688

Um…. players can converse with each other in character since they should all be together now. I am going to type up part 3 now, which should hopefully be the last essential piece of the dossier

Shinpdage's apogee comic series depicts an Equestria that is substantially more technologically advanced than the one depicted in Equestria at War. They aren't so easy to reconcile together

b7480 No.109689

Silver looks over at Dark Star. "So, I am thinking of dusting off my weaponsmithing abilities tomorrow, after we finish with mission. I have already got idea for something I could make Iron. Do you have anything you would like made for you? Shortsword, maybe, for when enemies get too close for comfort?"

97a0b No.109690

I'll withhold my right until I actually reach a keyboard, but I can respond some small questions if they want to interact.

48b4d No.109691

"Uh, Sure. i'm not exactly the best with swords though."

b7480 No.109692

"It does not have to be sword, that is just first idea that came to mind. Give me some ideas, and I will see what I can do."

48b4d No.109693

"Maybe A Dagger?"
He puts his hoof to his chin in thought

b7480 No.109694

Silver nods. "I can do dagger. Anything special you would want done with it, to personalize it?"

"I suppose I should ask you same: anything you want done with your gift?"

e9bc4 No.109695

*Skies takes a long drink of her maretini*

97a0b No.109696

Iron ponders for a bit.
"I have no idea what to expect. Maybe make it look like wood?"

48b4d No.109697

"Uh yeah,Could you engrave 2 crossed fasces on the Handle and above those could you write "The Blue Skies will always guide me home"?"

b7480 No.109698

"Hmm…I am not certain how possible that will be, but I can try. I have never heard of such request before."

Silver nods. "I can do this."

Finally, Silver turns to Skies with a smile. "So…anything you would like made for you, Ms. Skies, should results for these two look promising?"

97a0b No.109699

Iron looks to the sides, a bit guilty
"You can always not do it. It is supposed to be a gift, not a request you are being paid for."

b7480 No.109700

Silver waves it off. "It is no big deal for me to try. It is simply new to me."

97a0b No.109701

Iron looks quite unconvinced.
"I guarantee I will not be upset if you simply bring me a basic one."
(Like it could compare to my hooves.)

b7480 No.109702

"We will see what happens."

e9bc4 No.109703

Skies smiles

"Well…. maybe"

97a0b No.109704

Iron nods.
(I hope he did not take that in a bas way.)

b7480 No.109705

Silver motions with a hoof. "Well, let us hear idea you would have."

The look on Silver's face suggests that it was a mere statement of fact.

48b4d No.109706

"i thought you might like that one."
He Grins

e9bc4 No.109707

"Maybe a short sword… something like my cutie mark"

She smiles, then presses her body up against him, basically rubbing him like a cat

dab54 No.109708

The scene in front of Iron only serve as a grim reminder of what he may have given up because of prior actions.
(I hope I can get that feeling, too.)

48b4d No.109709

He pets her with a look of joy and contentment on his face.

e9bc4 No.109710

She coos like a dove, and her ears flop down as she closes her eyes and accepts the pets

b7480 No.109711

"Hmm…may I get proper look at your cutie mark, then?"

dab54 No.109712

e9bc4 No.109713

She smiles and slightly laughs with a "heh," and says explicitly
"Do you really think I'm going to just let you get a look at my ass"
She says that almost pointlessly, as she immediately pulls herself a little aways from Dark Star, leans down, and thrusts her right flank up into the air where her rump is almost in Dark Star's face, and her flank is visible to Silver. She moves her tail far off to the side so her cutie mark can be seen. It's what looks like a combat knife or sword without a hilt, with a brown leather handle, a straight double blade, and golden wings going off to either side

dab54 No.109714

Iron can't help but be slightly disturbed and disgusted by Skies' actions, blaring alarms in his head.
(Why did she need to do that? She is mental!)
"Try not to show your hindquarters to the rest of the bar, please."

b7480 No.109715

Even with the surprise this action brings, Silver nods, appreciating the design of the sword upon her posterior. Pony magic has a knack for designing rather aesthetic weapons. "It looks like it would perfectly fit for daughter of Nimbusia like yourself. I can do that."

e9bc4 No.109716

“Oh fuck off, you’re the only one who interprets it as sexual. He asked to see my cutie mark, and I am showing it to him. Now turn your head away you pervert”

“Indeed it does.”
She lowers her behind, and sits down in the booth with her back now against Dark Star

48b4d No.109717

Dark Star has a large grin on his face
"Nice View."
"It's fine. nopony is making a scene but you."

e9bc4 No.109718

She turns her head back to him, and gives him that malign grin. “I’m glad you like it. I was very proud of that cutie mark”

dab54 No.109719

Iron looks knowingly at the both of them, shaking his head.
(Poor colt. Cuckoldry is his future with that mare.)
He decides not to cause anymore ruckus about it, since it's really none of his business to intervene.

b7480 No.109720

Silver smiles as ideas of these new future designs go through his head. "I do hope this goes well. I want to give something back to you all who I would consider my friends."

e9bc4 No.109721

She leans back towards Dark Star, and places a hoof and foreleg around him, giving malevolent look at Iron

Then she looks over to Silver, more warmly
“Thank you”

dab54 No.109722

Iron shrugs.
"I will await your result."

48b4d No.109723

"How did you get it?"
"Something wrong? you look like you have something to say."

e9bc4 No.109724

“It was during a test at my school. We were divided into teams for capture the flag in a wooded area. The other side took up a strong defensive position in a little building, and no pony in my group could get past them. I went off on my own, and I slipped past them. When I planted the flag down in our fort, it appeared on me. No pony knew how I had done it. You know, I was one of the last ponies in my class to get my cutie mark…”

b7480 No.109725

"And who knows? Perhaps in future, when we face greatest evils of this world together, and prepare to deliver final blow, it will be with my steel that evil shall be slain."

dab54 No.109726

Iron simply looks at her for a bit, unimpressed, then back at nothing in particular.
(I bet he will simply rut her harder later to compensate.)
He looks at Star, feeling the possible anger over his callout.
"I will withhold any comments. You two have fun with eachother and all that."
(Not my problem to deal with. If it works for him, it works to them.)

dab54 No.109727

Iron looks at Silver doubtfully.

e9bc4 No.109728

“Sounds like somepony is jealous he hasn’t gotten a rump in face”

dab54 No.109729

Iron squints at Skies, seeing through her taunt.
"I can wait for that. There are better things to do than looking under tails."
(I cannot fight now. I must deal with my actual problem, not create a new one along with it.)

e9bc4 No.109730

“Then why were you staring at my ass?”

b7480 No.109731

As much as Silver dislikes the idea of these ponies fighting right now, he does let out a *snnrk* from biting back a bit of laughter.

dab54 No.109732

Iron does not get the typical blush from that kind of callout like he usually does.
"Because you lifted it up so everypony can see? What kind of question is that?"

e9bc4 No.109733

“Well what the hell kind of reaction is this you’re having to me showing another pony my cutie mark? Are you afraid of cutie marks? Did a cutie mark kill your family? Or are you expressing a deeper fear of the female body?”

48b4d No.109734

"that"s an amazing story. i bet you had the best one in class."
He smiles
"that sounds Like a great time."
"i Don't want any hard feelings between us, if we are going to work as a team i need to know how everypony feels."

dab54 No.109735

Iron deadpans at Skies.
"Yes, because showing your cutie mark involves burying your coltfriend in mare bits so that others can gawk at."

b7480 No.109736

Silver looks between the three of them. "I do not know about you, Iron, but I believe Dark Star got best deal of anypony else in tavern, there."

e9bc4 No.109737

She pulls on him a little more, and bats her eyes towards him
You can bet I did

“Mare bits? Colt, where is you mind? I was showing my cutie mark to Silver. Colt, keep up your perviness and I’ll report you to your mother. And yes. It’s a lovely cutie mark. Glad you think it is ‘gawk’ worthy”

48b4d No.109738

"I Would have to agree."
He Squeezes her tight with his foreleg
"what did the other team think when you captured it?"

e9bc4 No.109739

*poner is squeezed*
At least she feels smooth on the outside
“What did they think? Hehe, they didn’t even know it was missing until they saw the flag flying from our fort and heard the cheering”

dab54 No.109740

Iron can't help but be frustrated at Skies' impish innocence.
"Stop acting innocent. I know what you did."
He turns to Silver, his nostrils flaring a bit.
"I would rather not, Silver," he grits his teeth lightly. "It can come later. I would rather talk about the mission."
(Hopefully never)

48b4d No.109741

He Laughs
"that's what i would expect from you."
"What Would you like to know about it?"

e9bc4 No.109742

She bends over and laughs
“Haha, I showed my cutie mark to Silver and a bit more than that to my special somepony. Did you think I am impersonating somepony, or sold state secrets? Hehe, to hear you tell it…”

dab54 No.109743

Iron blinks at Star.
"What kind of mission is it? Sabotage, scouting, annihilation. Kill, knockout, capture. Those kind of thin-."
He exhales loudly at her excuses for exhibitionism.

e9bc4 No.109744

She is still smiling over at Iron
“Me thinks somepony wants a rump shoves in his face by a special somepony. That, or he wishes he had a cutie mark like mine”

48b4d No.109745

"well, its going to be broken into 2 parts, scouting of the Area. and then tomorrow morning, we stop their operations by what ever means possible. it's not going to be easy as they are working out of an old fort."

dab54 No.109746

Iron looks at Skies with disdain.
(To be playing with her body like that. It sickens me. I bet she simply wants me to be part of her rutbuddies she has.)
Iron snickers to himself.
(It is way better to thrust inside the mare than simply look at nethers like some wimp.)
Iron halts his thought process.
"Wait. You mean we are doing part of the job today?"

48b4d No.109747

"I suppose it could be put off for a day or two. if you need time to get ready. but yes that was the plan."

dab54 No.109748

Iron shakes his head.
"What estimation do you have in terms of time spent doing the scouting?"

e9bc4 No.109749

Skies places her hooves on the table, and looks more condemningly at Iron
“No no, tell us all what you have running through your mind, colt. Let us all in on how that little, sex-driven pea sized brain of your works”

b7480 No.109750

Silver nods. "That might help. We can get our affairs in order, prepare supplies for mission. And it means we can plan everything else around mission, rather than trying to fit mission in middle of everything."

Silver grumbles at how the light ribbing of before has gone into full-blown insults.

48b4d No.109751

i don't think the train bois are going to be back soon.
"Well i was hoping brie would show up pretty soon."

dab54 No.109753

Iron's nostrils flare some more, but one glance at Silver warns him not to say anything to risk the mission.
Honestly, I still have to deal with Cauldron, and I'm not sure if breaking his word now will cause damage I can't repair later.
Iron nods, still with a grimace
"It depends on how critical the mission is to your faction."

e9bc4 No.109754

“Colt. You got a problem with me? You can say it out in the open. Because clearly, you have a problem with me. So stallion up, and talk.”

48b4d No.109755

His tone turns serious.
"It's important for the entire city. pony's lives are on the line, those Griffons and ziggers are violent criminals."

dab54 No.109756

Iron shakes his head, mood shifting to calm and neutral for her outburst.
"I would rather not."
Iron shrugs.
"If it must be done now, I will go with it."
(Scouting should not take too long.)

e9bc4 No.109757

“Well why in the hell not? This problem has been going on every other time we’ve been together, and if I’m going to have to suffer your presence a little longer, it’s not going away then. So what is it, colt? Is it that your mother never taught you to respect ladies? Or is it just your own personal choice to be an insufferable jackass?”

48b4d No.109758

"We can pit off scouting untill the morning, if you need to. better to have everypony in top shape."
"Blue please, calm down."

e9bc4 No.109759

No. This scumbag has been disrespecting me - and you, for that matter - every time we’ve met. I will not be treated this way by some hired help, and I absolutely am not going to suffer more of it in the future”

dab54 No.109760

Iron nods.
"If it really is as important as you say, we may not have a lot of time to squander."
Iron looks at Skies strangely
"Wait a moment, how am I disrespecting your coltfriend for your actions? I made very clear what was wrong with your actions. Public exhibitionism is not a good thing. Keep that stuff inside the bedroom or at least in private where nopony can see you and we will not get on eachothers' manes."

e9bc4 No.109761

“It’s not exhibitionism, Faust damn it, it was showing Silver my cutie mark. You are the one who wants to interpret it as ‘exhibitionism,’ which it patently was not. Trust me, if I wanted to be an exhbitionist, I can be an exhibitionist that is not what I was doing, you stupid, blind fuck. And unless you’re death too, I’ll repeat myself a seventh time - I was just showing my cutie mark to Silver and maybe a little bit of rump to Dark Star and nothing more. You are literally the only pony here who thinks it was anything more, and you are the only pony here with some phobia of mates that causes you to dislike it. And for the record, the ‘being disrespectful to Dark Star’ refers to your arrogant demand for a large payment before anything occurred on the docks. Not for anything that happened this night.”

dab54 No.109762

Iron shrugs.
"Dark Star did not seem offended. He even was glad to do so. You are planting your emotions on your coltfriend."
He coughs a little.
"That is the problem, Skies. You did show your rump in front of Star and any bystanders who may have witnessed your lewd act, giving them a show. It is not equal to kisses and cuddles. You are intentionally arousing your coltfriend, presenting yourself to him to do any sort of actions to your rump, most of them lewd-oriented, I bet."
He stretches his forelegs out.
"If you feel like that is fine, I urge you to do it in front of a group of colts, or perhaps in front of any of your relatives. I bet they will not get the absurd ideas that I am getting from this."

e9bc4 No.109763

File: 1566019055306.png (38.52 KB, 288x162, 43C7AD7B-E3CC-448A-985E-13….png)

She sighs, and looks up into the air
“You insufferable… I was not presenting, I was not trying to arouse Dark Star, neither was he aroused, I was doing it in front of colts - you and Silver, even though obviously I didn’t intend for you to see it, I just didn’t know you’d never seen a mare before - and Yes. I have shown my cutie mark to relatives. Because they ask.”

e9bc4 No.109764

File: 1566019284948.png (97.67 KB, 1024x1024, C7B227C3-01A3-4AF4-AB95-83….png)

“There’s nothing lewd about cutie marks. We’re fucking ponies. We’re naked, we have symbols on our butts that other ponies take interest in because it helps determine the division of labor in society, and they look at them. Presenting is something else entirely, and refers to the display of genitals before a sexual act. Go back to sex ed, because you clearly failed it.”

dab54 No.109765

Iron deadpans at Skies.
"By aiming your rump directly at your coltfriend's face? Would you do show your cutie mark to one relative while putting your rump on another's face? Would you do the same with foals?"
Iron raises a hoof.
"One thing is simply showing your cutie mark. Another is actually aiming your hindquarters to another pony while doing it, planting it right on his face. It is one thing to be naked, it is another to explicitly move your tail aside for another pony to see your intimate parts. Do not try to hide your lewd nature with excuses of being naked. The tail is exactly under your privates to cover the parts that should not be shown to anypony and you moved them aside to let your coltfriend see what is under them. Stop trying to excuse your actions and stop doing them."

48b4d No.109766

e9bc4 No.109767

File: 1566020370003.png (338.18 KB, 3076x4000, 88CE29B0-72B3-4CAF-8101-F9….png)

“No, the tail is moved out of the way of the cutie mark. Not out of the way of the genitalia. The cutie mark. Get it right. Second, I’m in a booth. A booth. There is a table in front of me, a wall behind me, Dark Star to my right, and open space to my left. To show my flank to Silver, across from me, I necessarily have to move either to the left, or to the right. If I move to the left, then any other pony in the bar could see my rump. If I move to the right, then it’s contained to Dark Star. So yes, there is literally no other good way to do it except to point my rear towards Dark Star. And Dark Star didn’t see shit because I moved my tail off my cutie mark, not my genitalia. You fucking pervert.

And further more, if I had shown my genitals - I didn’t, but bare with me here, this is a hypothetical - so what? Why should you care? Are you a homosexual? Why are you making out as if it is murder of a child?

Dark Star did not care, Silver did not care, and I moved my rear towards Dark Star specifically so no pony else in the bar could see anything should anything be exposed. You and you alone have some sort of perverse moral indignation towards this imaginary slight.

Now please, cease your insufferable bickering over some bullshit misinterpretation of perfectly innocent actions.”

dab54 No.109768

Iron squints his eyes at her.
"I might be wrong about the tail, and the booth you are in did not let you show your cutie mark without compromise, but we both know you did it with lewd intentions in mind. You could have shown the cutie mark later out of the booth, not presenting yourself 'innocently' to anypony and not get into this situation at all, but you did not. I know you had the thoughts before I spoiled your mood. I did try to let it go but instead you pushed me for it simply to justify your acts to me, which should not be necessary if you really believe what you say. After all, you could have simply let it go and let it rest since we are not more than a mare and a stallion working together. Why is my opinion on acts you do not share with me matter to you? You would not have done it in the mission at all. Now the table is silent because of our spat that led us nowhere, intimidated by our talk."
Iron leans back, looking grim and slightly sense of both disbelief and regret.
(Great. Add another one to the list.)

e9bc4 No.109769

“First off, there is a difference between ‘suggestive’ acts and poses, which really is what I was doing, and ‘explicit’ acts and poses, which is what you have been accusing me of. Neither is perfectly innocent, and both are kind of lewd, but only one is… whatever the hell you think is such a big deal.”

She moves back
“I fight for my own honor, and against any slight against me, because my honor and my dignity are worth fighting for. Because no pony else will fight for it except for me. And most importantly of all, because if you make it damned clear that any pony who fights you will have to get bloody and suffer themselves, and that you are willing to fight and bleed. They’ll think twice before provoking you the next time. So no, I was not going to let it go, nor will I the next time.”

b7480 No.109770

"…Well…at least that is partially out of way, now. Less to worry about for more tense situations in future."

e9bc4 No.109771

Were you there the whole time?

b7480 No.109772


e9bc4 No.109773

it’s been like two hours
And thus Silver and Iron both learn the magic of the Choleric personality type

b7480 No.109774

You underestimate my patience.

dab54 No.109775

Iron is dumbfounded.
(What kind of honor needs to be protected from assumed 'lowlives'? She is definitely compensating here.)
He decides to drop it, not wanting to keep this train of dialogue further.
Iron grimaces, knowing he still needs to deal with Cauldron.
"I guess so."
Iron is indeed stubborn.

48b4d No.109776

e9bc4 No.109777

Skies just keeps her hooves on the table, with an edited soon partly of annoyance, but also with that vindictive smile of hers

b7480 No.109778

Goddamn, I'm tired.

dab54 No.109779

>>109777 (checked)
Iron simply looks at her, not really bothered by it.
I don't blame you. Arguments of any kind are mentally draining.

48b4d No.109781

i think im gonna head to bed i woke up pretty early this morning. Goodnight Frens

e9bc4 No.109782

Actually no, it’s not enough

“I didn’t go thorough all I have gone through, just to be casually disrespected by some day laborer the deputy working under me has hired. I am your boss here. If you do not like that, then kindly fuck off to whatever dirt mound you crawled out of. But I will not be spoken to that way, nor will you speak to me in such a way with out consequence”

dab54 No.109783

I don't blame you.
Iron nods, looking her straight in the eyes with a neutral expression
"I am your humble servant to serve the Black Hooves by any means necessary. I am at your mercy."

e9bc4 No.109784

And now, it is Skies turn to be dumbfounded
She just gives a single nod, with an expression about as if she were walking along a plank to enter a boat, then the boat pulls out at the end of the plant and her feet fall to the water

48b4d No.109785

Dark Star pets her.

e9bc4 No.109786

*poner is pet*
She is not as willing to cuddle as before, nor does she move into him, nor close her eyes

dab54 No.109787

He plants his head on the table, chin on its wooden texture, closing his eyes, awaiting any punishment she has in store.
"You are in command of my fate. Do what you must."

48b4d No.109788

ok now im really going to sleep

e9bc4 No.109790

File: 1566067441343.png (457.29 KB, 1280x720, 3ABC39EE-D09C-49DA-B182-5B….png)

“So… so long as you understand”

6e50e No.109791

Iron raises his head up, and nods again.
"I understand."

48b4d No.109794

"Are we good now?"

6e50e No.109795

He nods at Dark Star.

e9bc4 No.109798

“Yes,” she answers through gritted teeth and evidently taking some offense at the question

“Alright. Let’s proceed.”

b7480 No.109799

Silver is at least glad that things are…somewhat…back to normal.

6e50e No.109802

He nods at Skies, later looking at Dark Star for what the plan is.
He does send a pat on Silver's head as a sort of apology.

48b4d No.109803

"Fantastic,Mr.Glass! Another Round!"
"Good. Did you have prior business? or did you want to head down to the docks?"
Dark Star makes eye contact with silver, he raises his eyebrows at the scene that was just made in the bar.

b7480 No.109805

Silver's eyes close as he enjoys the nice pat.

Silver can only shrug after that whole debacle.

6e50e No.109806

Iron ponders it for a bit.
"I have something later, but I think it can wait until later into the night. I am ready to start."

e9bc4 No.109811

"Well… if you figure you need any kind of weapons, armor, equipment, or really anything, now is the time to get it"

6e50e No.109813

Iron cocks his head.
"How much armor, weapons and equipment can we even carry?"

48b4d No.109816

"Yea i actually needed to pick up some special shotgun shells."

e9bc4 No.109817

She nods
"Do you have anything quieter?"

"I… guess that is our answer"

48b4d No.109819

"No, i was thinking about getting a bow. it would be a better option for this time."

6e50e No.109820

"I do not think I can take anything without blowing our cover, so it is back to hooves and coat only."

e9bc4 No.109822

"Now that's not a bad idea" she says, placing a hoof to her chin"

"Well, maybe not thick armor. But thinner and lighter levels of armor might be hidden underneath a robe or trench coat"

6e50e No.109823

Iron hums.
"I suppose I can ask for some of this thin armor, as well as this 'trench coat' you are advising."

48b4d No.109824

"I've never used one before. im sure its not that difficult."

e9bc4 No.109826

“Yes, it may be worth looking into”

Resists temptation to deny Dark Star proficiency in bows

6e50e No.109827

He nods.
"Now, is there any places where I can find these things at this hour or are allowed to borrow some from your faction?"

48b4d No.109828

"Anypony ever used a bow before?"

6e50e No.109829

Iron shakes his head.
"My tribe does not use them. At most they use slings or simply buck rocks against anything that is too fast."

b7480 No.109830

"Once. I could not get hang of it. Though there might be hoofbook for archers in some local bookstore."

48b4d No.109833

"I'll probably check, i needed to go to a book store anyway."

e9bc4 No.109834

I swear, it's coming SoonTM

"There may be, yes"

"I trained with one when I was a filly"

ab714 No.109835

I think I'm free to play today.

6e50e No.109836

Iron nods, but as he pats his body for the bit pouch, he remembers it being left at Cauldron's house.
(Should I go back now or do this part of the mission first?)
He hopes the Gods give out the answer to him.

48b4d No.109837

"Wow, what other weapons can you use?"
He puts his foreleg around her.

e9bc4 No.109838


"Well…. they trained us for use in the bow, mostly shorter bows, swords, short swords, various knives, javelins, and most of all in the spear. I later learned how to work lighter crossbows, breach action rifles, and even the submachine gun. And of course my favorite, the pistol"

6e50e No.109839

With the gods' silence, he has to choose himself.
"A scouting mission does not need a lot of armor. I think I will be fine with my current inventory."

e9bc4 No.109840

"The question is, can you get away with just a scouting mission?"

48b4d No.109841

"that's why i've been hoping brie would show up."

6e50e No.109842

Iron nods.
"I suppose I can, but it will be a long time of healing afterwards if it goes sour and we have to either retreat or fight."
Iron is a bit confused, since he has a rogue marefriend in front of him.
How much is Skies' sneak attack damage again?

e9bc4 No.109843

"The danger is always that they will not be there when we return"

As a level 5 rogue? 2d6. As a level 5 rogue, level 1 assassin? 3d6

6e50e No.109844

Iron nods again.
"I am afraid I do not have any sort of currency on me, and fetching it could take a long time."
As a fifth level rouge, Skies already has 3d6 Sneak Attack Damage, so the extra assassin level if it's there adds it up to 4d6. Just something worth mentioning.

48b4d No.109845

"How much would it cost?"

6e50e No.109846

Iron shrugs.
"I have no idea. Never used these thin armors. Perhaps from 5 to 200 bits?"

b7480 No.109847

"Whatever it costs, I will pay for it."

6e50e No.109848

Iron is a bit uneasy over Silver's charitable hoof.
"Are you sure? I know it is a small price, but I could be wrong, costing a lot more than expected."

48b4d No.109849

"i'll cover half."

6e50e No.109850

This does not ease Iron's unease.

b7480 No.109851

Silver waves it off. "I am absolutely sure. Do not worry about it."

"I will not stop you if that is what you want, but it will not be necessary. I still need to pay you back for helping me purchase this armor…actually…" Silver reaches in his bags, pulling out a small roll of notes which total 300 Bits. "Here, take this before I forget. It should be enough to pay you back in full, as well as something for you to treat Skies with later."

48b4d No.109852

"Thanks. i had forgotten about that. i'll still be covering half though."
He slides the notes into his bag.

b7480 No.109853

Silver nods. "I do not like leaving debts behind, be it in money or blood. It is small weight off my chest."

6e50e No.109855

Iron scratches his hoof.
(What are these two planning?)

48b4d No.109857

"What do you like about pistols?"
"that's quite honorable."

4d345 No.109859

File: 1566080024746.jpg (190.38 KB, 680x665, E.jpg)

b7480 No.109860

He smiles. "Thank you."

e9bc4 No.109863

File: 1566080727273.gif (122.33 KB, 374x366, 68FD03A0-4218-436F-8640-26….gif)

Oh shit, the bat!

While Brie has been resting in the cabin, Onyx and Spark have returned. Onyx looks a bit like pinkie pie in Yakkity Sax, drained of what little color he has. He carries not one, or two, but three separate ponies who look petrified and themselves drained. Spark follows behind with two changelings wearing military uniforms that are tattered, and at least one of them is burned. Both are wounded. Spark leads them off to a bedroom and locks the door.

There is a sticky note on Brie’s head that says “translator needed”

4d345 No.109864

"Oh dear, what have you gotten yourselves into this time?"

ab714 No.109865

I'm here if you go into the bedroom. Not sure if the bartender is though.

e9bc4 No.109866

This is what happens when you leave the Spark Rock to it’s own devices

Onyx is pretty seriously wounded but bandaged, and greedily hogging the only supply of alcohol in the cabin, there is a fourth pony - a small bright red colt whose coat has thoroughly dulled - who is still about, and thankfully was kept away from the prisoners. There are two stallions and a mare laying on the ground on their backs, looking stiff and forelegs crosses over their chests, two of them with their eyes wide open. They are laid next to the fire. Spark has brought at least one bed into this room, evidently intending for every pony to sleep in there together. Meanwhile, the bedroom has been entirely surrendered to the prisoners, who speak only Wechselbalg

97eff No.109867

"Tartarus in a hoofbag"

4d345 No.109868

Brie stands there for a moment with his mouth agape. "Whatever do we do with them? What has happened?"

97eff No.109869

"Those bucking bugs that you insisted we help"

4d345 No.109870

"I expressly did not agree to anything that might get us killed in the manner that is apparent. The venture I am enacting would have resulted in far more grievous injuries, and out of sight."

e9bc4 No.109871

“Small enough to conceal or fly with. They pack quite a lunch, and also have a great intimidation factor”

e9bc4 No.109872

It’s probably worth mentioning that the two little nymphs are not present

e9bc4 No.109873

Spark is evidently in the other room with the prisoners

4d345 No.109875


e9bc4 No.109876

Either they were left in the back of the wagon, have wondered off, or were taken by a bear

97eff No.109877


6e50e No.109878

Inside voice, please.

4d345 No.109879

"The lings, where are THEY?"

97eff No.109880

"Probably in the wagon"

4d345 No.109881

Brie storms off toward the wagon muttering something

e9bc4 No.109882

File: 1566083473002.jpeg (20.45 KB, 225x225, BE0348C3-3AD6-49A0-8A3B-8….jpeg)

This is golden

Outside, the full moon glows down, there is a slight, cold breeze, the ground is covered in snow and it’s not too far below freezing. The night is mostly quite besides some insect noises. Speaking of insect noises….

The car is parked unglamorously a bit diagonally, carelessly left to itself. There is a loud cicada like sound coming from it until Brie comes much closer. When Brie opens the door, there is nothing visible at first. Then from a shadow further in the cart, first Wesley in his Pegasus form, then Kerr in his bat pony form, come towards Brie at the open door of the cart, each abreast of the other. Both are shivering, and look cold and miserable

4d345 No.109884

"Was machst du Jungetiere hier? GET INSIDE SIE Schwuchteln!!"

e9bc4 No.109885

File: 1566084307291.jpeg (27.01 KB, 380x400, 38DF1DD9-30C4-47EF-99DC-4….jpeg)

They look more than s little startled, and are shivering. They hop into the ground, and their hooves sink a couple inches into what they have to assume is volcanic ash from a nearby active volcano. They are worried for a moment, but try hooping through it towards the cabin, with Wesley tripping and face planting into the snow, before getting up and walking back to the cabin

4d345 No.109887

"Was hast du dir dabei gedacht???" Brie chides, ushering the lings into the cabin. "Und wo sind deine Mäntel? Sie hätten dich wärmer gehalten als du jetzt bist!"

e9bc4 No.109890

His snout covered in snow, Wesley retorts
“Die Ponys haben uns dort eingesperrt”
Kerr rushes forward past Wesley, towards the heated building. He gives a retort if his own
“Das hilft nicht kaltblütig zu sein”

The little Pegasus and bat pony colt enter through the door of the cabin, and meet the dulled-grey Earth pony colt inside, who sees two new colts of around his age entering
“Hello. Who are you? Where did you come from?”
He looks past them and outside
“Is that your dog outside?”

The two little colts cannot respond, but Wesley smiles mutely and timidly, while Kerr has an expression midway between shock and annoyance

4d345 No.109892

Dog what?

e9bc4 No.109893

The little colt looks past the colts outside, towards the car. A large black dog…. a lab, maybe - sniffs around the cart

4d345 No.109895

"Wenn dies jemandes Hund ist, sagen Sie es jetzt"

e9bc4 No.109896

”Dieser Hund ist schon eine Weile draußen und herum”

“Ich glaube, ich habe ihn in der Stadt gesehen. Ich weiß nicht, ob er uns gefolgt ist.”

The little colt is startled by this alien language
“What is going on? Why are you speaking like that?”

4d345 No.109898

"Entspann dich, wir bringen ihn bald um"
"What are you talking about? Surely I don't need to remind you where you are?"

e9bc4 No.109899

The little colt looks up, afraid and confused, and bites his lip. He either does not understand Brie, or understands him too well
“Uh. Uh. Okay….”

4d345 No.109902

"Don't worry, you will overwhemingly not be harmed or maligned." Brie announces with an unconvincing smile

e9bc4 No.109904

File: 1566087147972.png (109.46 KB, 783x858, 6BB63ED0-2E0B-4F16-84C9-83….png)

The colt gives Brie a scared look that implies that he is not wholly convinced of Brie’s claim. The other three ponies are still unconscious if they are alive, and Kerr and Wesley are already scurrying over to the fire, walking over the petrified bodies to place themselves closer.

Spark is missing from the room

4d345 No.109905

Oh gawd
"Where's Sparks?"

97eff No.109907

"Hey! Be nicer to the kid"
"No clue"

e9bc4 No.109909

Spark was seen removing himself from the room by placing himself in the room with the prisoner changelings. So Spark is either watching over them, is lying on the ground next to broken windows, or is being wrapped in silk

The colt looks over to Onyx, who he quickly runs towards, and sits himself beside the couch where onyx is laying

4d345 No.109910

"What? I told them they wouldn't be harmed, what else should I say?"
Brie face-hoofs
"This really isn't the time to wander off on 'things',…."

97eff No.109911

Onyx looks at the colt and slowly blinks-
before looking at brie with a blank expression

e9bc4 No.109912

File: 1566087960870.png (560.62 KB, 1258x720, 1448952.png)

What isn't trustworthy about Brie's smile?

Anyways, Spark is off in the bedroom. With the Changelings. In the bedroom with the bugs

The colt is staying next to Onyx in a way almost like a dog startled by New Years Eve fireworks. He looks up to Onyx

4d345 No.109913

Brie is distracted. The bugs can have their way.
>Brie's Smile
Indeed, there should be a RULE goddammit
Fine, he can be a scaredy pants

97eff No.109915

Onyx pats the colt's head before adrssing brie
"So, now what is you master plan?"

4d345 No.109918

"We open an orphanage."

97eff No.109919

"Oh yeah we're just gonna…. WE'RE GOING TO WHAT?"

6e50e No.109920

Time to start those anime vibes.

e9bc4 No.109921

Dice rollRolled 10, 15, 13 = 38

Well, brie leaves Spark to the bedroom while Kerr and Wesley sit by the fire, trying to regain heat.

Poner's head is pat
He doesn't feel too cold, but his ears go down a little, as he is relieved

4d345 No.109923

"Did I stutter? Its perfect. On the one hand we draw resources to us, on the other hand we bolster the resources we have. What's the problem?"

97eff No.109924

"For one, I am NOT staying here that long"

4d345 No.109925

"Neither am I, this is a venture for when we're back in Baltimare"

97eff No.109926

"I guess that's a relief. But seriously? an orphanage?"

4d345 No.109928

"Yes, an orphanage." Brie gives slight emphasis as though it should be obvious.

ab714 No.109930

>the bugs can have their way
Well, since Spark is a lost cause, he will try to fix this alone for now.

Spark searches the room for means to secure the bugs, in case they decide to escape or overtake the lone pony.

4d345 No.109931

>his first action is a stealth action

e9bc4 No.109933

I mean…. bedsheets? There might be rope in the other room

48b4d No.109936

Dark Star drinks his whiskey

ab714 No.109938

Darn it.
Spark thinks for a moment.

Spark opens the door for a moment, just enough to communicate.
"Hey Onyx! Do you see any rope there? Also, has the bat woken up yet?"

4d345 No.109940

"What the hell did you ponies do?!?"

97eff No.109941

"Negative, but the bat is up"

b7480 No.109942

Silver looks like he doesn't know anymore if he should order another drink for himself or hold out for the mission. The whiskey Dark Star is enjoying looks damn good right now to the unicorn.

48b4d No.109947

"Want another? im buying."

e9bc4 No.109948

Skies takes another sip of her hopefully new drink

Then she asks
“What will you do if they only congregate tonight?”

ab714 No.109949

"Just because you are a bat doesn't mean you can exclude yourself from pony kind when it is convenient. We had a bit of an issue from ARMED CHANGELING SOLDIERS. Perhaps you heard the gunfire?"

"Good to hear. Get him in here. I got some questions for these two."

48b4d No.109951

"Capture one of theier lackys and get the information out of him."
He Grins

4d345 No.109952

Sighs observably "No, I did NOT hear the gunfire,…."

97eff No.109955

"Hey bats for brains, Spark-plug wants to see you. In there"
he points with a hoof

ab714 No.109956

"Well, we got changelings in here that surrendered from our shootout. Can you help me talk to them? They could help us get through this place one way or another."

b7480 No.109957

"…yes please."

"It is only as likely as them not congregating tonight. But, if that is case, then we will observe, and wait. This is obviously ongoing operation by them. They will be back, if not tomorrow, then some day very soon."

4d345 No.109958

"Lead the way,…." He sounds less than enthusiastic

ab714 No.109962

Spark hooves the bat into the bedroom.
"I don't know why you are in a bad mood. We might just have our ticket through the changeling patrols here. If they can provide maps of patrol patterns or maybe areas we can better slip through, we might just make it out of this place alive."

6e50e No.109964

"My hooves are perfectly capable of taking prisoners without medical aid, so we are good on that front."

4d345 No.109966

"We already HAVE a ticket through all the changeling patrols HERE." Brie brandishes the authorization to move with weapons.

ab714 No.109969

"You really think that thing is going to work the whole way? There is bound to be a limit a pony can freely move before they halt us for possible terroristic plots or just decide it is our turn to be fed upon. We need a plan B."

48b4d No.109970

yeah its new dark star ordered a new round a few turns ago
"get what ever you would like."

b7480 No.109973

Silver orders himself a whiskey. "So, you look like zebra. Can you act like zebra?"

4d345 No.109975

"We are the terroristic plot, except we're on the changeling's side."

48b4d No.109976

"Wha da buck yo pickle head ass say to me zigga?"

ab714 No.109979

"So they are going to just trust ponies to waltz up to their HQ to drop off some foals and be on our way just because we had you speak some changeling tongue? Unless you convinced them of something I am not aware of…"

b7480 No.109980

It's like Dark Star found the perfect confusion button for the unicorn.

97eff No.109981

Onyx's voice comes from the other side of the door

48b4d No.109982

"Das rite."

4d345 No.109983

Brie face-hoofs

6e50e No.109987

Iron's face contorts into disgust yet again.
(I never heard Cauldron talking like that.)
"Are you sure they talk like that, Dark Star?"

b7480 No.109988

"…Well, perhaps you know more about how zebras talk here in Baltimare than I do, but I do not think I have ever heard zebra talk like that."

ab714 No.109990

"Regardless, ask them why they attacked and why they surrendered. I'm curious."

48b4d No.109992

"Have Either of You Ever been forced to live with ziggers on the streets? i have."

6e50e No.109993

Iron seems unconvinced, but relents yet again.
"If you say it works, it works."

4d345 No.109995

Addressing the force/group indicated
"Warum hast du angegriffen?"

e9bc4 No.109996

She nods, again with her hoof at her chin
"That could work, again let's just hope they are still there afterwards"

"Alright… let's hope no lasting harm is

The following scene greets Brie when he enters the bedroom

It's a fairly small bedroom, wider than it is futher across, with at least one bunk bed against the wall, a couple windows that are partly iced over, and a missing bed. Simple wood floor, walls, and ceiling, giving the whole room a homogeneous look and nothing decorating the room besides the single remaining bunk bed, making it look pretty bare

The Changelings:
There are two of them, staring right at Brie and Spark

The left one has blue green eyes and a very degraded uniform that is mostly burnt. His carapace looks completely messed up, with deep black burns, dried blood, and parts of his carapace are torn because of presumably a lack of water as it wrinkles together. His wings are shriveled likewise, there is no way that pony is going to fly tonight. He still wears his Schwarmhelm helmet, which also has burns reducing some of the paint of it. Though he retains both eyes, one of them is swollen, and he keeps his lid half closed, as that eye has been damaged. It looks like it is leaking fluid. The black body - blacker from the burns - does at least have a slight bulge around the belly, so at least he has eaten very recently.

The second Changeling is to the right. His left set of hooves are poised forward in a manner that may not bring much comfort to his captors, like he is preparing to spring forward. This is likewise a fully grown drone, in a tattered, worn, and more than a little torn field grey military uniform, stained brown by mud - hopefully mud - over time. In the center of his chitinous barrel, his uniform is completely torn, and there is a bandage overtop made hastily from the cotton bandage of a first aid kit. This bandage has a bit of a blue stain to it, and this portion of its body looks collapsed in, like his whole exoskeleton has partly collapsed in in the middle. he takes short, fairly labored breathes, and sounds like he is in pain from wheezing. His eyes are an alconsuming blue. A deep blue, it looks kind of like a shallow pond late at night, where a lattern has lit up underneath it, as a point in each eye is a little brighter than the rest, getting darker the further it goes from the center. His face is unscathed. He too, wears the steel helmet. It's a bit worn and some paint has come off, but it looks like a better condition than the other

4d345 No.110000

Oh god

48b4d No.110004

"i just had an odd feeling, perhaps after we finish this round of drinks we should go check it out."

ab714 No.110009

"Err… I wish I knew more about fixing bugs up."

b7480 No.110011

"If you say so." Silver very quickly downs the rest of his whiskey in one go, making a face and straining against the sudden strong burn in his throat. "Eugh…I hate doing that…"

6e50e No.110012

Iron looks at his drink.
"Right. I forgot I had this."
He sips it all up but coughs slightly over the taste.
(Ugh, I hate these.)

e9bc4 No.110014

Blue Eyes is the first to respond, with a look of confusion. His voice is strange even for the standards of a Changeling, like he;s out of breath
"Sie sprechen Wechselbalg?"

Then, the burth blue-green eyed drone answers, and he answers in full, stopping at points as if to edit his remarks in real time

"Wir waren hungrig. Wir wurden vor einigen Monaten von unserer Gruppe getrennt und wollten nicht zurück. Wir fanden diese Hütte hier im Wald und sie hatte ein paar Ponys …"
He looks as if he has more to say on this point, but he stops

"Sieben­hundert­vier­und­fünfzig und Achthundertneunundfünfzig hörten Geräusche. Sie gingen nachforschen, und es war dieses verdammte schwarze Pony. Er hat beide getötet. Wir haben uns als Schafe verkleidet, um zu entkommen, aber sie kamen schließlich zurück und fanden unsere seidene Beute … sie fanden die Ponys. Wir griffen an und das Einhorn verbrannte mich, während mein Kamerad aufgespießt wurde"

4d345 No.110017

>Sie sprechen Wechselbalg
Brie rolls his eyes "ja ich spreche"
"Das ist verrückt"

ab714 No.110020

"What is he saying?"

4d345 No.110023

"Der erste sagte "We were hungry. We were separated from our group a few months ago and did not want to go back. We found this cabin here in the woods and she had a few ponies." der zweite sagte "Seven hundred fifty-four and eight hundred fifty-one heard noises. They went investigate, and it was that damn black pony. He killed both. We disguised ourselves as sheep to escape, but they finally came back and found our silken prey … they found the ponies. We attacked and the unicorn burned me while my comrade was being impaled" Brie says dryly.

e9bc4 No.110024

Checked, kek, and why that response?

Blue eyes moves back, locking his legs into position. Like he’s startled, but somehow more comfortable
“Bust du ein Wechselbalg?”

Blue Green adds his own:
“Wir waren aus neunzigster Infanterie. Wir wurden getrennt, als die Crystal-Ponys angegriffen wurden.”

4d345 No.110026

>Bust du ein Wechselbalg
"Nein, ich bin nur eine dumme Fledermaus mit mehr Verstand als Verstand"
>Blue green
"Ich weiß nichts über Kristallponys oder Infiltration. Ich bin hier auf einer Mission der Rache."

ab714 No.110029

"Damn it. Tell them I am sorry for their loss."

97eff No.110032

Hey hey! He's not black, he's crystal-equestrian!

e9bc4 No.110033

Blue Skies looks at Dark Stat strangely

She drinks it

“I mean…. I haven’t really lived in Baltimare very long”

“Oh… okay.”
It is Brie’s answer to Blue Eyes that really let’s him feel it is okay to continue
“Bitte, wir sind Deserteure. Wir sind aus dem Bienenstock von Phalantine, und wir wurden gezwungen, der Hegemonie zu dienen, als unser Bienenstock annektiert wurde. Wir haben keine Streitigkeiten mit Ponys oder Equestria, die über unsere Ernährungsbedürfnisse hinausgehen. Wir wollen keine Ponys verletzen, es sei denn, wir müssen uns selbst verteidigen oder hungern. Wir sind in der Hegemonie nicht willkommen und streifen schon lange durch die Wälder.”


4d345 No.110034

"Careful, you might start liking them," Brie chides.

6e50e No.110036

Iron shrugs.
"I hope he is right. I do not want needless metal wounds on me for riling up zebras against us."

ab714 No.110038

"Kind of hard not to feel pity on them. Must have been all of my classes in Harmony. Still, they shot at us. I won't feel sorry for lighting him on fire for it."

e9bc4 No.110041

Only three of them shot at Spark and Onyx. One of them love-drained Onyx but did not have a weapon

I’m not sure how I feel about this

ab714 No.110044

I would still classify it as an attack as far as a pony would know.

And you should feel happy knowing that it hurts to combat your enemies. It's not an xp + gold sack.

4d345 No.110047

"Oh quit yer crying, all of you! Oh boo hoo, I don't remember the first time I tieded mine own hoof-laces all by myselfs!" Brie says cutely and mockingly "When you're done, there's business to handle."

ab714 No.110051

"Can you at least tell them I understand now?"

4d345 No.110054

Brie says to the changelings: Alles, was Sie tun müssen, um sich von Ihrem Karapize zu lösen, tun Sie es jetzt.

e9bc4 No.110055

File: 1566094371115.png (252 KB, 640x360, 1304597B-7CF9-4CB4-9BE6-BD….png)

*cries more*
Oh….. okay

The colt looks up to Onyx
“Where did you come from?”
He asks

4d345 No.110057

Quit yer cryin GM

e9bc4 No.110058

With a flash of green light, the drones before Brie appear to be replaced with two sheep of equal size


ab714 No.110061

"Umm…. why did they change?"

97eff No.110062

"The crystal empire… One of the most beautiful places in Equestria. The architecture is just crystals and carved stone as far as the eye can see…"
Onyx stares off into space, seeming to forget about the colt.
"I wish I could go back"

4d345 No.110063

"What the fuggg,…."

48b4d No.110066

File: 1566094762314.png (508.13 KB, 3666x3328, _crying lime.png)

4d345 No.110068

Trip dubs of crying! Its a cryin shame!

4d345 No.110071

Ur mom is post 778

97eff No.110072

Is onyx gonna have to start crying in memory of his home that he doesn't know if he'll return to?

4d345 No.110073

Thanos meme when?

6e50e No.110075

Click your hooves to bring it back.

e9bc4 No.110078

He places his little hooves on the couch next to Onyx
“That sounds beautiful. I wish I had been there. I’ve never been very far from the farm. The furthest I’ve been is to see the fair over in Whinnyapolis. We had Crystal Empire soldiers visit us during the war though. They were nice. Dad gave them some potatoes”

“Haben Sie uns nicht gebeten, unsere Panzer zu verlieren?”
Should be “carapace”


97eff No.110080

But he's onyx… not ruby….
>clinks ruby together.
>Did you do it?
>What did it cost?
>Hey GM! How many changelings did I kill?
"Heh, I was a soldier myself one time… Maybe you can visit the empire sometime though. You're still young."
He pats the sofa, inviting him up.

4d345 No.110081

>Haben Sie uns nicht gebeten, unsere Panzer zu verlieren
"Did not you ask us to lose our tanks?"
Doesn't make sense

4d345 No.110082

Oh, its supposed to be carapice
It still doesn't make sense e_e

e9bc4 No.110088

Onyx has killed 2 changelings and contributed to killing Marecuse

The little formerly-ruby Earth pony joins onyx, both of their coats dulled
“I could…. but the Changelings don’t let us move around much. They don’t like us here in the woods either”
He wraps his tail around him, sits up, and looks at Onyx
“You were a soldier? For the Crystal Empire?”

Carapace. Apparently the German word for “carapace” is the sane as the word for “armor,” which in English is a synonymous for Tank

I feel like I’m living out a lecture I watched in a philosophy of language class when I visited the college I would later go to. It was a lecture about W. V. Quine’s theory if the Indeterminacy of Translation, and how one word can turn into something completely different in the course of translation.

Suffice it to say, the changelings misunderstood what Brie was trying to tell them

ab714 No.110090

Spark boops a sheep.

4d345 No.110091

Goddammit, I don't even know what Brie was trying to tell them!

b7480 No.110092

It sounded to me that Brie was telling them to disguise themselves.

97eff No.110093

"Yep, I helped tug artillery and poked any pony that got too close and wanted to take out the artillery."
He pats the pony's head
"Well maybe I can get you out of here if you want to travel."

e9bc4 No.110097

Dice rollRolled 5 + 3

It bites

4d345 No.110100


ab714 No.110101

"OW! You can't just turn into something fluffy and expect not to be booped! It's hard enough when you look like ponies!"

e9bc4 No.110104

Brie told them
“All you have to do to get rid of your Karapize, do it now”
I think that means they need to disguise themselves

What is this meme you speak of?

They do not understand Spark. One of them blinks

He nods at Onyx, maybe just a tad bit disappointed
Until that last part
“Get out of here? What is that?”

97eff No.110106

"You know, get you away from the bugs and out to see equestria"

4d345 No.110109

>disguise themselves
Yes, that's totally what I meant
I was referencing the "I used to be a hero" skyrim meme

48b4d No.110111

I used to be a rouge like you. then i took an arrow to the knee.

e9bc4 No.110112

A Changeling briefly poofs back, and shows a leg entirely riddled with holes that let you see all the way through to the other side

He sits there, anxious but moving his tail
“ I don’t know. I would like to go see things, and I want to get away from the changelings. But there is my farm and my older brother, and my family farm”

97eff No.110115

"Well… You could always come back…. or take them with you…. Or start a new farm…"

4d345 No.110118


e9bc4 No.110120

“Was willst du?” asks Blue Eyes… or at least that’s probably blue eyes

“I… I can? Are you sure?”

97eff No.110123

"Sure, I don't see why you couldn't"

e9bc4 No.110127

“So we could take my brother. What about my parents. Are you sure we could come back?”
The pony’s tail moves more, and there seems to be more energy in the dulled grey colt

4d345 No.110130

Begging your pardon, OOC, but I don't even know what the conflict at hand IS. Last I checked, we made negotiations with the changelings and our papers were approved. I literally don't know what the fuck is going on.

97eff No.110131

"I'm sure they could come, and it wouldn't be too hard to bring you back I'm sure."

e9bc4 No.110133

Brie has made negotiations with the government of the Changeling Hegemony. These are are group of rogue changelings that deserted from the military and were roaming the forest, and who got in a battle and lost with Spark and Onyx after doing a lot of harm on a small civilian group, including cocooning three ponies. Spark has kept them prisoner in the bedroom. They neither know what negotiations Brie made with the Hegemony, nor would it really matter to them, as they are no longer affiliated

e9bc4 No.110134

“Yay! Where could you take me?”

4d345 No.110135

"Für den Anfang keine Schlampe sein!!"

4d345 No.110136

Oh jesus christ

e9bc4 No.110137

“Aber…. Okay”
Blue green tilts his head down, then looks back up

4d345 No.110139

"Willst du sterben Dann steh auf!"

4d345 No.110141

"Möchtest du beten? Dann kämpfe!!"

ab714 No.110145

"Umm… there sure is a lot of yelling going on… is everything ok?"

e9bc4 No.110146

File: 1566098012348.png (276.01 KB, 278x600, 5462F4AB-5811-4CAC-9E2D-67….png)

They get up

They looks scared and confused

ab714 No.110147

"Calm down…"
"What are you telling them?"

4d345 No.110150

Goddamn right they're scared and confused.
"I don't know where you come from. I don't know what or for whom you fight. I don't even claim to be he or that which you fight for."
Shhh, it will be fine. Or they'll kill us. ^_^
"Show me your mean face."

97eff No.110152

"Well there's Canterlot, the crystal empire… Lot's of places"

e9bc4 No.110157

File: 1566098644413.png (318.59 KB, 912x1024, 63F18318-77B9-45DC-9A7E-8C….png)

They change back into changelings, and pulls back a little with concerned and confused expressions from the alien language shouted at them. They say nothing

“But… the changelings have the Crystal Empire. The fascists have a Canterlot… how shall we go there? Will it be as pretty as it was?”

97eff No.110158

"It will be just as pretty, we'll just wait until the war is over."

e9bc4 No.110161

File: 1566098791837.png (413.15 KB, 1334x750, 6C96D66E-CDFC-4885-8109-13….png)

“But… the war is over. We lost….”
Poner is sad now, and hangs his little head

97eff No.110164

"The war isn't over until every soldier quits. And I don't like the idea of bugs living in my home."

ab714 No.110165

Spark pushes the bat out of the room and closes the door.

4d345 No.110166

"Yeesh, I wasn't talking to the changelings,…."

b7480 No.110169

Celestia bless Onyx Steel, a true Equestrian patriot.

I get the feeling Spec would like him, if they ever met.

ab714 No.110171

"I'll let you come back in when you are ready to translate for me again."
Spark sighs.
"Let's just calm down for a little bit."

e9bc4 No.110174

He wags his tail more
“Fighting back?”


Oh I see

48b4d No.110178

this! he needs a medal

4d345 No.110179

"If its one at a time, there'll be no problem. I can translate simple welchselbalg, but convoluted phrases and dialogues escape me."

97eff No.110180

"Of course. I know I can't be the only one."
You guuuys

ab714 No.110181

Spark is tempted to complain about how he found 'I understand you now' a convoluted phrase, but refrains.

"It's ok. Right now they are on edge and they need to calm down before we continue."

4d345 No.110183

"Then stop putting them in your crazy bug sex-slave dungeon"

(Am I kidding?)

(of course I am, but imagine if I wasn't)

92879 No.110184

“But how can I know you’ll win?”

ab714 No.110185

"This can hardly be considered a dungeon. They are in a room in a building with one pony watching them. I'm trying to get them to either leave peacefully or help us with our goal."

6e50e No.110189

Wanna hear something funny?
Spork Shimmer

e9bc4 No.110190

And discovered today that the lore of South East Equestria in EAW got fucked with more today.


6e50e No.110191

Big oof. Hopefully no plans were derailed.

b7480 No.110193

Also big oof. I'll check what they've done in a sec, but for now, any summaries?

e9bc4 No.110194

File: 1566104370321-0.jpeg (4.07 MB, 4032x3024, 7BA44C63-2023-46FD-8B77-6….jpeg)

File: 1566104370321-1.jpeg (5.39 MB, 4032x3024, CC41D070-F257-44A5-ABB5-E….jpeg)

In the far south, the area has gone from kind of Mexican to super Mexican. Whereas before there would be Tenochitlan, Saltmane coast, Temple, the Forbidden Jungle, and the East Forbidden Jungle, now it is Tenoctictlan, weird nahuatl name I can’t spell or pronounce, weird nahuatl name I can’t spell or pronounce, weird nahuatl name I can’t spell or pronounce, and weird nahuatl name I can’t spell or pronounce. It’s like going from my hometown, where 30% of the population was Mexican, to where I live now, where 92% of the population is Mexican. Seriously, every single state south of dusk-away and East of Stableside (the entire southeast) now has a name that is Nahuatl or Mayan and is 100% impossible for an Indi-European language speaker to spell or pronounce. Maybe it’s a plus, but I noticed that the pun I use, “neighuatl,” is now used in the game as well.

In the Baltimare Socialist Republic, there is now a split between the anarchist “libertarian socialists,” and the Communists who have not gone full retard. Over in Las Pegasus, a crime syndicate can take over. That nation is not playable, but I know that they have the option to seek support from their own version of the Blackhooves. I’m hoping it will be an Objectivist-Ayn Randian faction there. Anyways it looks good for Spectral Streak.

And in the Confederation of Southern States…. we have reach the End of History. Just look at pic related

b7480 No.110195

Huh…well, whaddya know…

Also, you sure you mean Spectral Streak? He was the soldier. Silver Rain was the Las Pegasus gangster.

6e50e No.110196

I sure hope they don't travel too far in that Confederacy road. Holy Hecc, that looks like it's going to end in a dumpster fire.

Seems Iron is mayan-like now, too.

Still, congratulations for Silver Rain's presence to be so impactful he actually created a gang in the actual game. Kudos.

e9bc4 No.110197

File: 1566105677567.jpeg (132.65 KB, 1058x705, 22128962-2DD8-4329-BD73-A….jpeg)

Nigger, I don’t know what my own characters are named, and I often have to stop the game for like 30 minutes to go back and try to find it and wait for my laptop to load up several threads so I can search them. Be grateful I can remember one of their names

>Confederacy road
THERE ARE NO BRAKES ON THE STATES RIGHTS TRAIN. Seriously, what’s the issue? We already have like 4 Nazi factions, two Bolshevik factions, and fucking IngSoc from 1984, we can add our Southern Heritage.

I’ve thought of Iron as more like the Comanche Indian, but I guess that’s a whole other story

b7480 No.110198

Hey, I'm not dissing, I know how hard it can be to maintain a list of names in your mind. I forget names of people I meet in real life all the damn time.

6e50e No.110199

I have a feeling it will turn into some sort of le epic satire kind of nation, but it's only me and my paranoia.

I'm rather surprised you considered Iron as an indian, but looking at the history, it's kinda funny.
Through horses, the Comanches expelled the Apaches. I love that small tidbit.