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File: 1565648820305.jpeg (136.05 KB, 419x600, 7A49C178-E933-45E8-B8C6-4….jpeg)

b8525 No.109000[View All]

This week, in "Occupied Equestria":

Wondering through through the Changeling lands at night on the road between Bales and Whinnyapolis, Onyx, Brie, and Spark have stumbled upon a set of farm ponies trying to hide their cattle in the forest, away from their changeling occupiers. While rescuing a cow, Onyx and Brie have taken heavy damage, and so they followed them to the cabin of a local woodspony. But they found the woodspony and a farmer replaced by changelings, and after a skirmish are alone and wounded in the cabin in the woods.

Over in Baltimare, Dark Star has decided to give up his life as Dark Star, the Earth Pony farm colt, to become Tyrel Jackson, or "Gold Chains," a zebra and aspiring rap artist. Through the magic of Valmorification, it is possible. Iron is freaking out after possibly having received a message from God herself. That, and his usual social awkwardness. Silver is cashing out on a long standing set of projects, and is readying himself for the next phase
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a38c5 No.110950

Iron is confused about Skies' current feelings.
(Did she agree to pay for anything or my lack of bit pouch threw her off?)

5caa4 No.110951

Silver sighs after a couple silent seconds, not entirely believing him, but placing a big roll of notes in Iron's hoof totalling 3,050 Bits anyways. "No pouch, sorry."

a38c5 No.110952

Iron is a bit surprised.
"It is not 3050 each, you know."

eed03 No.110953

"Forget the 2 cats grace potions."

5caa4 No.110954

"I know. I am paying for it all."

e9bc4 No.110956

"Sure…. there will totally be plenty of money in an abandoned church, a sweatshop and an old jail…"

a38c5 No.110957

He nods.
"Total is now reduced to 2450 bits."
Iron, hearing Dark Star's claim, takes off 600 bits and passes it back to Silver, incredulous, taking the rest.
"If you say so, Silver."
Iron is a bit deflated, but nevertheless is confident about his claims.
"I have a feeling."
He extends his neck upwards.
"Well! I have the money, now I got to pass it to the potion maker."
He stands up.
"Should we meet up here again and start the mission from here or do I join up at the mission location?"

5caa4 No.110958

Silver pockets it. "I only hope these potions do not disappoint…"

eed03 No.110959

"Lets meet up back here."

5caa4 No.110960

"Or we could go with you to meet this Cauldron."

a38c5 No.110961

Iron is a bit uneasy.
"The meet up point is going to be a bit crowded with everypony."
(Aside from letting Cauldron see Skies and possibly recognizing her, maybe.)
But he points a hoof.
"I can let one of you come with, if you want to."
Feel free to insist if it's what everyone wants to do, including Ancaper.

5caa4 No.110962

"It would be far faster, easier, and simpler to keep everypony together. And, since we are counting on these potions, it would be nice to meet zebra making them."

e9bc4 No.110963

Did Iron say the potion maker is his would-be girlfriend?

5caa4 No.110964

He told Silver, at least.

97eff No.110965

That's Mr. AnCap to you.
"If you'd like I can come with you, but I understand if you'd prefer me to stay."
"But Silver here makes a fair point."

e9bc4 No.110966

"I still don't see why you want a Zebra as a marefriend"

eed03 No.110967

"I gotta run down to the weapon shop to pick up my bow. does anypony need anything while i'm headed that way?"

a38c5 No.110968

Iron hums in thought.
"I cannot. It would look too suspicious to get 6 ponies crowding a random zebra. You can come with, since your word is basically gospel, then we go back to this bar with the goods. Too many ponies at once could spook her into hiding."
He extends a hoof.
"What do you say, Silver?"
I think he did some posts ago.
Forgive me Sir Ancapon for my rude behaviour.
He nods.
"You can stay here."
Knowing Skies isn't exactly a paragon of virtue, he simply looks at her knowingly.
"I do not blame you. None of them have wings as far as I know."
He chuckles.
"But she is worth it in my eyes."
He shakes his head.

5caa4 No.110969

"Hmm…well, if you are headed that way, I could use dagger, or shortsword. Something concealable. I will pay you back after."

"If Star is going to split up anyways, then I suppose so." He shakes on it.

97eff No.110970

"I'm fine, thank you for offering."
"That is fine"
Midnight takes a seat at the table
this is a violation of my NAP

eed03 No.110971

"I'll get it taken care of. and don't worry about paying me back."

a38c5 No.110972

He smiles.
"Excellent. You can carry your end of the money, then."
With that, the 2450 bits are passed back to Silver.
"Keep it safe."
He stands up, gesturing Silver to follow.
Iron smiles, and says without a hint of irony.
"Good. You can compare wings with Skies while we are gone. She likes flying and wings."

e9bc4 No.110973

Skies rubs herself against Dark Star
"You could get me something…"

Skies looks at Iron, still not quite understanding, but sort of backing off. She is hanging onto Dark Star, who entirely looks like a zebra

Skies pulls out a single wing with her right foreleg, though her leg is not long enough to stretch it out all the way. As if to say "I win"

5caa4 No.110974

And thus, Silver does so, putting his life in the hooves of the crazy-haired native.

a38c5 No.110975

Iron chuckles at her display.
"See you two later. I will be sure to get your potion, Skies."
(Sometimes, I have this feeling she is me in female form in a way.)
He then gestures Silver out and into The Watering Hole (TM)!

5caa4 No.110976

That is quite the distance to travel. Silver looks at the building they enter. "Hmm…I think I have been here, before."

a38c5 No.110977

Well yeah.
Iron stares at the building.
"Oh it is. A good thing she told me how to get here from the tavern or I would have been lost."
He enters the building without worry.
(I wonder if she will appear right behind me or I should ask the barkeep for an audience with her because of the horned fellow. We shall see.)

eed03 No.110978

Dark Star smiles
"And what would you like?"

5caa4 No.110979

"So, where is your potionmaster zebra marefriend, exactly?"

a38c5 No.110980

He looks at Silver.
"She is quite the sneakster, so you will probably never see it coming. She might be about to poke your snout at this very second and you would not know it."

5caa4 No.110981

Silver rubs the tip of his snootendootle, half believing that what he says is going to come true.

97eff No.110982

Midnight's snoot scrunches and she flaps her bat wings out.

a38c5 No.110983

He chuckles.
"No need to be scared. She is quite gentle."

e9bc4 No.110984

File: 1566526446960.jpg (78.07 KB, 1280x720, Princess Glimmer.jpg)

"Oh, maybe a light cross bow… and a long knife. Like a very long knife… or even a short short…"
She rubs against him like a cat

From the outside, the Watering Hole is a wooden two story building in the center of a block of buildings, with several windows on the upper level and at least one boarded up, and a wooden patio roof that extends out from between the second floor and the first covering the entrance and the area closest to the building, and is propped up by a few wooden timbers. The door is partly open, and from within the simple unpainted wooden structure, a loud noise of music exudes - is that that dreadful Jazz - and a bussel of creatures comes in, out, and hangs around in the bar, talking loudly. Mostly ponies, with some other creatures. Going inside it is even louder and livelier, with a live band playing somewhere over in the back. There is a large, burly Diamond Dog with a spiked collar on his neck, drinking a big mug of beer alongside some spotted grey and black earth pony with spiked hair

No Cauldron yet

Skies scrunches her nose, and raises her wings in full from tip to tip. Glorious Azure White Feathers that have some kind of oil or conditioner placed on them very recently

That would explain why the two can't stand each other…

5caa4 No.110985

Still, Silver looks around him for the mystery zeeb, as well as taking note of the various sights and sounds around him. "So, Jazz, huh? This kind of music they play here?"

eed03 No.110986

"That i can do."
He hugs her
"i better get going now."

e9bc4 No.110987

No, Skies does not scrunch her nose. She gives an innocuous look like in the pic

It's with the instruments of Jazz, to be sure. Almost like what you'd hear in a far away desert cantina

*poner is hugged*

a38c5 No.110988

He gleefully takes in the admittedly more advanced music in store for him, slightly walking on the beat.
"Is this what it is called? Some exotic name."
He ponders for a bit.
(I think I have seen those two before.)
He approaches the Diamond and Pony duo, turning stoic.
"Have you seen Black Cauldron around?"

97eff No.110989

"Oh bite me…"
Midnight crosses her hooves and stares angrily at the pegasus.

eed03 No.110990

He heads to the weapon shop via taxi

5caa4 No.110991

"Yes, I suppose 'exotic' is term for it…" He watches from the sidelines as Iron apparently chats with some friends of his…or co-workers, if his stoic expression is anything to go off of.

e9bc4 No.110992

File: 1566527323192.png (46.32 KB, 900x650, Take 5.png)

The Pony and the Diamond Dog turn around, and look almost offended that Iron would come up to them
"Who are you, native?" asks the large, burly diamond dog in a voice that seems to belong to smaller creature

Skies looks back at the web-winged pony with her wings still spread proudly, tilts her head down slightly, then gives a grin that seems a bit malign
"Is biting the beginning of Courtship for you night ponies?"

Uh…. which weapon shop does Dark Star shop at?

a38c5 No.110993

Without skipping a beat, he answers with a still face.
(Seems they do not know me. I may have inadvertendly entered into a fight, unless word spread around of my deeds as a criminal or they know a pony who saw me and all that.)

97eff No.110995

"I, what? NO"
She looks flustered, and confused.

eed03 No.110996

the one he got his revolvers from

e9bc4 No.110997

She laughs lightly, like a triumphant giggle, then switches subjects
"Tell me batty, what brought you along here?"

Uh…. yeah… I completely remember who he bought his revolvers from more than half a year ago

a38c5 No.110998

Now I'm getting spooped.

eed03 No.110999

i remember it just as well as you then

97eff No.111001

"A job and a desire to help other ponies. What brought you here if I might be so bold?"

a38c5 No.111006

New thread everyone.
Check the /vx/ main page.

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