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File: 1565648820305.jpeg (136.05 KB, 419x600, 7A49C178-E933-45E8-B8C6-4….jpeg)

b8525 No.109000[View All]

This week, in "Occupied Equestria":

Wondering through through the Changeling lands at night on the road between Bales and Whinnyapolis, Onyx, Brie, and Spark have stumbled upon a set of farm ponies trying to hide their cattle in the forest, away from their changeling occupiers. While rescuing a cow, Onyx and Brie have taken heavy damage, and so they followed them to the cabin of a local woodspony. But they found the woodspony and a farmer replaced by changelings, and after a skirmish are alone and wounded in the cabin in the woods.

Over in Baltimare, Dark Star has decided to give up his life as Dark Star, the Earth Pony farm colt, to become Tyrel Jackson, or "Gold Chains," a zebra and aspiring rap artist. Through the magic of Valmorification, it is possible. Iron is freaking out after possibly having received a message from God herself. That, and his usual social awkwardness. Silver is cashing out on a long standing set of projects, and is readying himself for the next phase
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e9bc4 No.110608

File: 1566275092245.gif (251.14 KB, 311x288, 1507355229015.gif)

Skies is left silent once again. Her eyes bare resentment, which has not dissipated since it formed earlier, before Silver spoke

6e50e No.110609

Iron looks at Silver confused.
(Were we not doing that just then? Eh, whatever. He is trying to keep some semblance of peace between Skies and I in fear of things escalating, also because he is tired of seeing it happen, of course.)
He turns stoic, awaiting what will happen.

5caa4 No.110610

The old stallion is left rubbing the bridge of his muzzle while speaking in a hoarse voice. "Селестия, дай мне силы не задушить пони…alright, now that that is over with, there is something you both need to say to each other." He continues to glare a father-like glare at the two ponies with the unspoken message that apologies to each other are in order…and the unspoken promise of what will happen if they choose not to.

e9bc4 No.110611


"Fuck you. Do not touch me. Do not try to restrain me like that. And do not speak to me like that."

5caa4 No.110612


Silver lets out an honest-to-goddess growl at Skies as his hoof connects with the table in front of her, his voice low and dangerous. "Wrong. Answer."

e9bc4 No.110613

File: 1566275813941.png (239.18 KB, 1024x898, 1500950277961.png)

Dice rollRolled 1

She sinks back in her seat

6e50e No.110614

Iron nods approvingly
(Now that is some authority! Should have come out before with that attitude instead of being used as a doormat.)
But Skies' retort is less than stellar in his eyes.
He keeps silent.
Iron can't help but start mentally cheering Silver on, maintaining his stoic nature.
(Amazing performance! Now that is the sort of stallion to look up to!)

5caa4 No.110615

I wonder if the silence from the GM is a sign that he's sleeping, or if it's continued silence on Blue Skies' part.

6e50e No.110616

I have no clue. Probably the latter.

e9bc4 No.110619

Skies pulls back, more than a little indignant. Then she rise forth, and starts her own yell
"Alright, this guy" pointing at Silver "Says we should try to become friends or something, and this guy" pointing to Iron " says no, we should keep our distance from each other and just have a business relationship. So I make a joke about Equestrian Friendship political philosophy-whatever about mandatory friendship schooling, and it looks like both of you thought I was serious. And you know what happens? Mr. Friendship over here decides to just keep silent and not get involved. Like how the fuck are you supposed to be arguing that a relationship is supposed to be forced, yet here you are doing anything but. At the exact moment some one is talking about the importance of friendship lessons, you bail, deciding it's not worth talking about. Like what the fuck was your position then? Did you agree with Iron the whole time? And then I say that I was just joking, because the Equestrian culture is alien to me."
Then she turns to Iron and in a gesture that throws both of her hooves forward, she yells to Iron
"I was fucking agreeing with you. You told Silver that no, you want nothing more than a business relationship, and I insinuated that yeah, that's just fine. Then what do you do? What the fuck do you do? You fucking restrain me. That is not how you treat a stranger. That's called "unlawful restraint," it's a crime, and it is inappropriate to do to… well, to anyone who is not either a lover or a smaller sibling, and even then only under certain circumstances. I swear to the Mother I was this close to unleashing Dark Magic upon you the likes of which your pea brain can scarce fathom. I do not mind being touched, I will not be restrained. And during all of this, what do you do? You become indignant for me agreeing with you. Somehow, some way, you twist it in your mind that because I made a joke about Equestrian harmony whatever-ism - which was fucking taking your position - that that's a bad thing. Like tie your fucking self down if you believe that, because I advanced nothing that you didn't already. And then I mentioned that obviously Silver didn't believe in trying to force relationships or whatever, because he thought I was serious about the Equestrian nonsense earlier and he just stayed fucking silent like it was the wrong move, or something. Like how the fuck do you feel morally superior when I fucking agree with the position you were arguing for in the first place, and when I call out Silver for apparently agreeing as well? Just… What the Fuck is wrong with you, you sick fuck? I don't touch or threaten you when you agree with me in a conversation. If you ever do that again, I will fucking destroy you, and if you don't believe I can or will, then you simply lack the imagination to comprehend what is coming."

a38c5 No.110622

Iron feels like a godamn retard.
"After all of that, we were fighting on a… misunderstanding?"
He can't handle this newfound revelation he basically endangered both Iron and Cauldron's life on a big oopsie.
His breathing starts getting ragged.
"I cannot believe I tried to pick up a mare to live with when I cannot even understand basic language."
He repeatedly faceslams the desk, hoping one of the strikes could end his pathetic existence, also increasing his heart rate.
"Just. End. Me," he says each time he forcefully forces himself on it.

Thus, Iron lies within two choices for being a colossal faggot and not understanding what other ponies say to him, dumbfounded he even has the capacity to fuck himself over this profoundly. Skedaddle from this place forever or end his pitiful yet stupid existence since he basically threw away any sort of honor he had. No reedemable qualities to be found anywhere and basically fucking Cauldron over while he does this stupid shit. What a fag he is, ladies and gentlecolts. Give him a nice clap and place him on a trash pedestal. No way he's actually getting zero consequences from this, so might as well end this pony's story already.
Iron wishes to rewind away this stupid set of events up until before 'hugging' her at best or at least before she uttered to Silver the hurtful thing.

567e1 No.110623

What did you think was going on?

a38c5 No.110624

I thought she was saying the opposite. She basically admitted that friendship was coming for him in this land whether he likes it or not. That is why he went for the surprise hug, since he thought it was the law of this place to befriend everything.

567e1 No.110625

Then what was that that happened after that, when he continued to hold her down and tried to force her to say something?

a38c5 No.110626

He thought she was being a hypocrite for hurting Silver's feelings, of course following the logic of 'friendship as law' line. I would've let her down the post after she was still uncomfortable if she didn't say that line.

5caa4 No.110627

Silver has absolutely had it with this mare. "Are you actually daft, Skies!? He was setting you down in your seat, and you attacked him. Not other way around! You literally jumped on him and tried to wrestle him down as he was putting you out of his lap and onto your seat, and then you try to complain when Earth Pony much bigger than you manages to win. For all we know, he was restraining you so you would not try to kill him.

"No, Skies, I did not agree with you. I was so tired of trying to argue with all three of you about friendship of all things because that is all that happens when I try to bring it up. Every time, over and over again, it drives me insane! I have had it up to here," He motions above his head with a hoof, "with you belittling my beliefs, my country, and my leaders. I have tried to be as understanding as I can when learning and hearing about your beliefs, country, and leaders because I know that even if they seem strange or wrong to me, that they are like that for reason, and that even if I do not necessarily agree with them I can respect differences between Equestrians and Nimbusians that produced them. And do not give me horseshit about it being joke, you and I both know it is not far outside from what you would say.

"Now, apologise to Iron for attacking and threatening him over what appears to be misunderstanding, or I swear I will drag you out of tavern all way to Grand Baltimare Hotel by your ear, and let every Black Hoof there know in very precise detail how one of their agents likes to get drunk, get into brawls with locals, then threaten to kill them. I imagine higher-ups would absolutely love that particular piece of publicity."

Silver also wishes that they could go back to before this mess started.

567e1 No.110628

“Bone head, I was trying to free myself…” she stops then, is silenced, and sits back, presumably contemplating

5caa4 No.110629

Silver maintains his vision on the pegasus mare. "Unless you are trying to insinuate that I am blind, that is not what happened." Other than that, he leaves her contemplation be.

567e1 No.110630

Skies sits silent, a cocktail of indignation frustration, perhaps even fear and whatever else upon her face, but she remains mostly collected for the moment. Silent. Then, she starts to get up, placing her hooves on the floor as she tries to maneuver around the edge of the table. She finally speaks:
“Alright…. I don’t know if the Civilian Governate is well organized enough to send one of their own to act as a liaison to organize voluntary helpers. I just know that I am not going to do it, I am not cut out to do it, I never asked to do it, and I sure as hell am not going to do it for some damned bullshit for the Governate that they really ought to be doing themselves. Good night, it has not been a pleasure.”
She gets up, out from under the table, and is finally freed on the floor. Free to move. She spreads her wings. Far and wide, they seem almost as big as the rest of her, and fill the space around her, as if she were trying to take up the space so nothing else could occupy it. She unceremoniously turns to the door, and walks away

5caa4 No.110631

Silver watches her walk for a second before letting out a sigh and following. Every time I open my Celestia-damned mouth…Чертов идиотский конь… She doesn't even get a chance to fully leave before he calls out to her in a softer voice than before. "Blue Skies."

e9bc4 No.110632

She says nothing, but walks towards the door, eventually raising a leg to push it out. Her wings are not fully extended, as there is not enough room to do that, but they are mostly extended around her, hanging down with the top feathers scraping the floor, and causing her slim, cat-like body to more than quadruple its space. They take up an area extending many feet from her, as if to give her the personal space she was previously denied. If another customer were walking it, he’d be irritated by the gesture

5caa4 No.110633

He continues to follow at a faster pace, a hint of pleading in his voice coming to the surface. "Blue Skies!"

e9bc4 No.110634

She continues forward, now going through the door and into the street. It is night time. The full moon shines down from a sky that is a little less bespeckled than it was a year before, making her coat look almost like a blue-ish white night gown in the light, close to her body.
Her voice has a hint of finality to it
“No. I am done here. If you want a pony to go along with you, go to the headquarters of the Governate in downtown, and ask if they have anypony available. I doubt they have Antoine who will be willing to do ‘recon,’ but I do not know. What I do know is that I am going back, and I will demand that my supervisor not assign me to any more ‘making friends with the natives’ bullshit, and will put me back on intelligence work where I belong.”

5caa4 No.110636

Silver steps fully outside, letting the door to the tavern close behind him. "That is not why I followed you out here, Blue Skies."

e9bc4 No.110637

She turns her body fully around to face him, spinning her open wings about like the dress skirt of a dancing ballerina, and lightly grazing Silver with her tips. She faces him with an angry, teary-eyed expression

5caa4 No.110638

Silver's expression is far softer than it was just a minute ago, with hints of fear, sadness, and guilt across its surface. He doesn't flinch back from the wingtips, but her voice does seem to hammer it in further. "I…I am sorry, Blue. For everything. This whole thing is not worth losing you over."

e9bc4 No.110639

She looks at him, still angry for a moment, but her mouth hangs open, and she starts to squint her eyes upwards. Tears are definitely coming from her eyes. She is speechless for this moment

5caa4 No.110640

He steps forward to close the distance between them. "I know I am very stupid pony, I know. And I know I do not deserve to have pony like you in my life, to brighting up my day and chase clouds away. And I know it may seem as though I say same things over and over again…but that it because I mean them."

Once the distance is closed, her attempts to pull her into a hug. "I love you, Blue Skies. You have been bright spot in this otherwise dark life, one that I would fight and die for, and you are not at all worth losing over this silliness we all seem to get ourselves wrapped up in."

567e1 No.110641

File: 1566325447068.jpeg (120.47 KB, 992x805, 6CB6E6CD-2C85-41AB-8C02-D….jpeg)

Poner is sad, but her neck hangs out, and her wings pull in slightly. Silver May attempt a hug if he dare enter her space (he’d have to come in where her wings are not).

She hangs her head slightly, and looks down to the ground

5caa4 No.110642

Silver does indeed not just attempt the hug, but give his all into it, giving her a friendly, reassuring squeeze and letting her head rest upon his shoulder. His heart damn near breaks upon seeing her sadness continued, especially knowing that he is once again the cause of this. I really am stupid pony…

567e1 No.110644


Poner is hugged. She says nothing, but she closes her wings down. She is soft, especially with the fine hairs of her coat. She smells lightly of coconut and passion fruit. Her mane is like silk as it brushes up against him
She speaks, softly, sadly
“I don’t know…”

5caa4 No.110645

"I know." Silver lightly strokes her mane, revelling not just in how it feels but also in just how nice it is to be in her presence, and not arguing or shouting at each other. "I know I can not ask for much, and that I do not deserve much for how I have acted. I just ask that we do not let what has happened tonight impact our relationship negatively. I love you, and I still want to be there to comfort you when you need it, just as I would want you to be there to comfort me. I want us to still be able to sit down together and share friendly drink, to share our exploits with each other without coming to arguments and blows. To be able to have those moments where we may just cuddle together in peace and enjoy being so close that we might as well be one. I do not want to lose my bright Blue Skies…"

567e1 No.110646

She is again silent in response. But her little hooves clop against the concrete sidewalk, She brushes against him with her body, her wings pulling in, then fully folded, then leans against him. She feels cold, even colder than she did a moment before. She seems better now, and closes her eyes with little tears streaming down

5caa4 No.110647

Silver is fine with lending her his shoulder to cry on. In fact, the shoulder has already been lended to her. He keeps a hold of her for as long as she'll allow it, as he's enjoying being there with her. He smiles a little. "I really like what they did with your mane."

567e1 No.110648

“Thank you…. I like to look pretty… and feel nice on the outside…”

5caa4 No.110649

"You say that almost like you do not feel nice on inside…" Silver pulls back only enough to give her a concerned look. "…is that right?"

567e1 No.110650

*pony sniffles*
“… maybe…”

5caa4 No.110651

There are so many connections made in Silver's head with only that one word. This poor mare… "Oh Blue…" He places a hoof on her cheek to steady her head, and look into her jade-colored eyes. "How long has it been like that?"

567e1 No.110652

“Since I was a filly….”
*more sniffles*

5caa4 No.110654

Silver just wants to hold her for eternity. "Tell me about it, please. I may not be smart, nor silver tongued, but I know how to listen."

567e1 No.110655

“My father didn’t exactly like that her daughter couldn’t kick clouds… he became kind of distant. My brother was always distant. Hostile, even.”

5caa4 No.110657

He nods, a picture starting to form in his head of the situation she was faced with: a filly, shunned constantly by two of the most influential ponies in her life, all because of something out of her control. It's not a stretch to see how something like that might lead, perhaps, to a feeling of inadequecy, like she would feel as if she could not do good enough. Or, that she felt as if she was never good enough.

I'll be back in a short bit. My mom's in the hospital post-surgery, gonna visit her.

567e1 No.110660

“…. I didn’t really feel like I got the affection I needed…”

a38c5 No.110662

Iron decides to get off the table, aiming to go outside the tavern.
(I have become weak and getting sloppier by every second I am here. I cannot stay here any longer.)

567e1 No.110663

And……. Silver and Blue Skies are almost blocking the entrance, right outside hugging each other

a38c5 No.110664

Iron merely glances at the both of them before simply attempting to slip past the two, looking grim.
(What good am I?) he ponders to himself, considering all of the events at the bar and with Cauldron.

567e1 No.110665

He has to move a bit to the side, but it’s possible. Skies does not see him, as she has a face full of floof

a38c5 No.110666

He does so, of course. He needs some time to think, preferrably alone, where he won't sputter even more things to harm others unintentionally.
(I am only good at punching things. A stallion should be good at all things, from fighting to cunning. How else can I reach stallionhood without those skills?)

e9bc4 No.110668

File: 1566342091843.jpeg (32.28 KB, 225x225, 928D91F6-47C5-479F-B85E-4….jpeg)

Alright, it kind of looks like everypony except possibly Dark Star in the city group is going through some kind of emotional breakdown and crisis of confidence right now

a38c5 No.110669

Basically, yes.
Don't forget the monthly trio. They too aren't having either of those.
Unless you count Onyx and his surprise at Brie's plan.

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