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>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.
>What's to be expected?
Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?

Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.

Great! For writers, just notify All Nighter Fgt, so you can have your green to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.
Some especially based faggot also recently compiled nearly every filly image ever created, which you can check out here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AowOdwFzlbRk0FVZsRGRYe2hyKhzo2h3?usp=sharing
Assess how well you fit into the filly hivemind: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/personality-quiz/?group=-LdS-38NvfIG9PHPrYB8
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Art for Filly is really coming a long way, whether it is wholesome or degenerate. Kek

You're obviously going to bleed a lot more if your heart keeps pumping. If you're quickly beheaded a lot of blood will spill out but not as much as you'd expect. https://youtu.be/Mj5U8UbWqsk?t=5438


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File: 1582275011495.jpeg (1.5 MB, 2882x3510, 1ADA9651-E839-4BE9-9C5E-4….jpeg)


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>chonky horse
>ain't that your horse
Twilight confirmed hayburger addict

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File: 1581542385059.jpg (356.18 KB, 1000x500, 563409.jpg)

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Along the shores of Baltimare Harbor, in the halls of old 33 Hoebuck, our heroes have discovered a dark secret. What started as a mundane mission to stop illegal immigrant smuggling has uncovered something far more horrific - a cult from Griffonia. The party has successfully challenged and defeated many of the cultists and hired criminals, but in the process, has nearly died themselves. Now, low on health, they must both recover and put an end to the evils in 33 Hoebuck once and for all - before it puts an end to them first.

Way up north, in the Iron Range of Whinnysota, the ponies their inquire into exact who or what is damaging so many machines. Investigating and following leads, they may unveil the faults and problems of the Haysabi Iron Mine, and gain favor with Changeling authorities.

Damn it, I missed 123,000
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c8551 No.123512

Mala silently nods, his brown eyes reflecting perhaps more than normal
"Those creatures you have out in the hallway. The hippogriff, the horse, the pony colt. What are they going to do?"

6fa1e No.123513

"I do not entirely know. I am…not very used to leading others in situations like this."

c8551 No.123514

Mala twists his head left and looks at Silver, causing his left ear to fall down.
"But you lead us so far"

6fa1e No.123515

He smiles at him.
"It is first time in very long time."

c8551 No.123516

He turns his head up and looks up at floof pone. Or he does so slightly, as his shoulders are about equal to Silver's, and only because his head hangs lower is Silver's head higher. But as he looks up to Silver, he says,
"I will follow you"

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File: 1581430662986.jpg (400.03 KB, 1301x912, 1232546567657.jpg)

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SOUTHFRONT Feb 10 and Jan 2016 diary

Anna News New Footage, Battle of Saraqib

>Latest interviews with Assad

>Live MAPS
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>Pentagon is wary to issue any support to Turkey due to last year incursion against SDF
Imagine gambling on a propaganda victory that yields you desert area, strengthening the ties between your two regional foes (SAA +SDF), and losing your msot vital ally when you need him to oppose Russian aggression on your intrest.
The era of Caeser strongmen is supposed to actually have Caeser-esque leadership not a watermelon seller playing HOI4 Ottoman Mod.

44da5 No.260052

>US conduct aerial patrols near Idlib as Assad's forces close in
USA bombing Assad to protect literally al-Qaeda doesn't sound too foreign tbh

98059 No.260053

don't be blinded by your bigoted hatred of US.
Trump ordering an action like that is the only reason such would happen otherwise: never.

44da5 No.260055

File: 1582235481929-0.png (132.55 KB, 396x385, 1542190994822.png)

I'm not saying that they will bomb SAA, not as long as SAA refrain from accidentally gassing the refugee camps on the border at least.

bda31 No.260130

>Also jihadis using this tactic alot :/
Oh wow they are starting to learn, not that it might help them in a long run.

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File: 1582230496463.png (201.67 KB, 579x579, 780403.png)

2372c No.260044[Reply]

I want to start an anti-porn movement.
Yeah I know most of you are cringing already but hear me out.
Not all porn is bad, and I'm not against porn entirely. But porn has become so normalized that its destructive and disruptive to society. Along with harming fandoms and every other corner of the Internet.
/pol/ is about being anti-culture, right? Well porn has become the new norm. Kids are taught about gay sex at the age of 5 in some places. Porn is used as a weapon in foreign countries because it lowers productivity.
Even Twitter had an anti-meltdown calling #NoFap and #NoNutNovember racist, sexist and most other terms. "We need rapists to watch porn otherwise they'll go out and do it in real life!"
You don't have to like this example, but is it any surprise anthro MLP SFM animations are the biggest thing being produced out of this fandom? It's easy to produce and people pay big money out of their own pocket for commissions, similar to SIMPs. In fact I'd bet it's even the same part of the brain that triggers in SIMPs in the way Commissionfags pay big money. Worshipping porn artists like gods, just like SIMPs and women.
Porn has gone form a minority and something of a "Dark part of the Internet" to a 'yep there's porn you'll probably see porn most of the time'
And Governments are taking notice, multiple governments around the world are trying to implement much tougher internet restrictions because of the widespreadness and accessability of porn.
Both Anime and MLP are plagued with lolifags, is it any wonder the most popular artist is Shino, the same guy who draws mostly Apogee porn, and Apogee has become the new fandom mascot? What message does that give to normies?

This is not a point to stop porn or to stop fapping, feel free to do that but if you value society help spread propaganda against porn. Imagine a day when the most depraved people on the Internet are the ones pushing for more Online purity.
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c421c No.260106

File: 1582259478491.png (493.22 KB, 1067x1567, masturbating.png)


I actually more or less agree with you. However, I think that "porn" is a rather broad category, and I also think trying to reduce it to a binary argument of "porn should be allowed" versus "porn should not be allowed" oversimplifies the issue.

MLP-related porn, and the broader category of hand-drawn (or 3D animated) R34 type stuff based on fictional properties, I think falls into the category of fairly innocuous porn that causes little to no social harm. It's mostly niche pornography that appeals specifically to fans of the franchise, and has little appeal outside of the niche. You can also dismiss a fair amount of it as parody or humor although let's be honest here, we all know that most of us unironically wank to this stuff.

Anthro porn and humanized loli porn and things like that are considerably more disgusting, but it still falls within the category of niche appeal. "Commissions" are usually requested by a very small group of dedicated fans, and drawn by an even smaller dedicated group that churns this stuff out. A larger but still comparatively small group of orbiters lurk around communities like e621 and paheal to collect and categorize it. These are basically people who elevate hobby-related porn into a hobby of its own. I'm guessing most of us can probably say that we have a horsepussy folder somewhere on our hard drive, but also that our lives don't revolve around collecting, creating or consuming it as is the case for some.

You can probably compare niche pornography fandoms (furries, cloppers, people obsessed with weird fetishes like vore, etc) to habits like meth consumption or drinking moonshine. The people who draw this stuff are basically the guys who operate barnyard stills or basement meth labs, in that these are usually not large-scale mass-distribution operations, but small-time businesses created by people who are participants/addicts themselves, who sell mostly to a small number of dedicated clients. Is it healthy to be involved in something like this to the point that it consumes a major portion of your life? No, and there is arguably broader social harm if people's obsessions/addictions cause them to start doing antisocial things, for instance a lolicon addict who suddenly decides he needs the real thing and starts kidnapping children. However, I think that Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

c421c No.260110

The Renaissance was actually a fairly degenerate time period. The Italian city states tended to have a lot of the same problems that our modern cities have (minus all the complications from racial diversity, of course): high crime, diseases spreading, rampant sexual immorality and so forth. The art of the period, as well as a lot of the humanist philosophy that was budding around this time, reflects some of this.

You know, now that I look closely at this painting, that chick is a little weirdly drawn. Her head is way too small, she has freakishly long arms, her left shoulder looks broken or dislocated, and she has weirdly flat tits. Imagine that thing lumbering towards you in the middle of the night.

e6702 No.260117

The most damning part of porn is the subversive aspects that are baked into the mainstream wankfest.
While every once in a while the urge to just turn off the brain for a mindless wank, the subconscious picks up on details across multiple samples to put together a puzzle.
In this case the (((directors))) of porn can guide swaths of those craving more into their way of thinking. How they want them to think, or behave.
Everything trickles down like the chemicals in the water turning the fricken frogs gay. It leeches into other activities, but especially other forms of porn.
To remove, or even counter the influence that is being enacted is a herculean task. It can be done though.

Not only can it be done, but redpills can be lain across to counter deception hiding away from truth.
If successful it will be sexy. They will flow through as the jew will try to stamp them out showing their hand once more in the deals they commit.
Memetic sexy red pills might be a possibility.
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89a5b No.260119

File: 1582264491908-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 275.5 KB, 1680x1050, CelestiaPosingBehind.jpg)

File: 1582264491908-1.png (Spoiler Image, 522.57 KB, 1196x1000, PonyRoseBrushingTail.png)

Tbh Anonfilly is up there too. I think Shino is popular because 1) he's skilled, 2) he's prolific, and 3) he's capable of humor and cute (which Apogee embodies) as well as lewd. Apogee would stand as a poner even if she wasn't lewded, so she's not on the same level as other characters which were made to be lewd, even if Shino draws her degenerately.

There is quite a difference between art for the sake of beauty and "art" for the sake of carnal desire. In fact, it is extremely easy and rather reliable to tell through your initial reaction to a work. Also, Venus is being "modest" by demurely covering herself while she waits to be covered; it would be quite another matter if she were spreading her legs (which almost never happens at all in classical art). In the same way, I don't mind two types of NSFW art: that which is suggestive without being explicit (a character is in an inviting or embarrassing pose while covered, akin to old-fashioned pinup posters) and that which is explicit without being suggestive (a pony has realistic anatomy but it is not exaggerated or the focus of the work). Pics related for the two examples. Then again, the former counts as "soft pornography" so maybe I'm preaching weed while there's an opioid epidemic. In any case, it's apparent from upvotes on DB that those two types of art, or any high-quality SFW art is going to receive less attention and approval than clop-porn. You might be lucky and become featured or even a meme, but that is incredibly unlikely and it's far safer (for no artist is completely independent from the need for attention) to draw clop to give people their daily fix.

Anyway, I absolutely agree about pornography being too widespread. Perhaps that is the cycle every society faces: there is some forbidden pleasure limited to a dark corner, those who imbibe it proliferate, and eventually it becomes mainstream or barely veiled. Pornography is one of those things that never disappears entirely–even in the most draconian Muslim societies–because we all have a libido that, when one isn't happily married (hardly anyone is nowadays), drives us to voyeurism. So I don't think it could ever be adequately corralled by law but rather will require a full-scale moral overhaul that gets riPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

c421c No.260126

File: 1582270001996.png (1.15 MB, 1500x1044, 1579221881660-2.png)

>The "Don't look at her" meme was quite successful


File: 1559175760807-0.jpg (3.43 MB, 2250x2250, 1119968__explicit_alternat….jpg)

File: 1559175760807-1.jpg (535.25 KB, 3000x3000, 1734366__explicit_artist-c….jpg)

File: 1559175760807-2.jpg (3.77 MB, 2996x3474, 1572582__explicit_artist-c….jpg)

File: 1559175760807-3.jpg (719.26 KB, 2560x1440, 1568787__explicit_semi-das….jpg)

File: 1559175760807-4.jpg (133.75 KB, 953x721, 1809473__explicit_artist-c….jpg)

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To provide for the common defense, and to safeguard our home and way of life from the shills who would seek to destroy it, I hereby declare that horsepussy and pony porn must be on the first page, always!
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fdccb No.258780

File: 1581149217798-0.png (1.86 MB, 2000x1800, 2265432__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1581149217798-1.png (3.81 MB, 3000x2133, 2265497__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1581149217798-2.jpg (556.11 KB, 2000x1700, 2259280__explicit_artist-c….jpg)

File: 1581149217798-3.png (550.16 KB, 1000x1000, 2254493__explicit_alternat….png)

File: 1581149217798-4.webm (17.12 MB, 1080x1080, 2210285__explicit_artist-….webm)

91f32 No.259375

File: 1581658692253-0.png (882.36 KB, 1080x1638, 2271394__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1581658692253-1.jpg (2.7 MB, 3500x3000, 2271381__explicit_artist-c….jpg)

File: 1581658692253-2.png (1.74 MB, 2550x3300, 2190666__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1581658692253-3.png (6.04 MB, 4800x3600, 2265967__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1581658692253-4.jpg (521.1 KB, 1607x2515, 2272743__explicit_alternat….jpg)

Been a while, hasn't it?

afb08 No.259376

File: 1581659717027-0.png (326.77 KB, 750x818, my-little-pony-eropony-mlp….png)

File: 1581659717027-1.jpg (149.73 KB, 1000x800, 380a12285385f9fec26dbf26b4….jpg)

File: 1581659717027-2.jpg (138.08 KB, 1000x800, 9499491962.jpg)

File: 1581659717027-3.jpg (131.35 KB, 850x704, 51999919116669dbb2973fecb5….jpg)

91f32 No.259704

File: 1581927286445-0.png (3.54 MB, 2600x1655, 2271547__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1581927286445-1.webm (21.82 MB, 1920x1536, 2274401__explicit_semi-da….webm)

File: 1581927286445-2.png (2.92 MB, 2900x1779, 2276094__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1581927286445-3.png (1.59 MB, 3000x2400, 2276577__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1581927286445-4.png (5.55 MB, 2667x2000, 2276618__explicit_artist-c….png)

65441 No.260125

File: 1582269096778-0.mp4 (13.94 MB, 960x540, 3404965 - Friendship_is_Ma….mp4)

File: 1582269096778-1.png (1.01 MB, 1650x1200, 3472986 - Friendship_is_Ma….png)

File: 1582269096778-2.png (2.3 MB, 2133x1200, 3473394 - Fluttershy Frien….png)

File: 1582269096778-3.png (882.2 KB, 914x1015, 3493323 - Friendship_is_Ma….png)

File: 1582269096778-4.png (4.37 MB, 2048x2048, 3512617 - Big_Macintosh Fr….png)

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