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File: 1572708888260.png (471.75 KB, 900x675, a4e9697782f4046e808779cc37….png)

a74e2 No.249341[Last 50 Posts]

This is a thing were people try to write a fifty thousend words novel during the month of November. It is good for newbies or people who are unsure about their abilities to text themselves. Basically, it is an endurance test to see how many word you can write before you give up. It is also good for perfectionist who cannot move the story along unless it makes perfect sense. Here you are forced to ddrive something to its conclusion even if it is complete garabage in the end. But that's okay. It is suppose to be bad… Or well, it is suppose to happen.

Last year we had this thread going, it spawn two stories from what I remember: One political one and one pony one.
However, I wonder howcorrect that was at the time since it wasn't a political or pony based thread. It did end up with ponies and politics in it but there was never any assurance that that would happen.
For example, my story this time around won't be about ponies and really just breifly touch upon politics. We'll just need to wait and see what the mods think.

Here's their website: https://nanowrimo.org
but like it is kinda unnecessary because you don't need to post it there or anything.
I strongly remember there to be groups that were closer to us, if you know what I mean, somewhere participating in this thing. Don't remember what they were called and so on, though.

a74e2 No.249342

File: 1572709129051.jpg (35.08 KB, 480x270, 1570570515314.jpg)

The black hair on the teenage girl was like someone had spilled a large can dark coffee over a soccer ball. Her hairstyle could be compared to that of a toilet brush were each individual hair had given up about life and hanged lifelessly from it. Above her small nose which rig look like it was a skateboard ramp was a set of huge blue eyes which color would make Hitler shout out, ”That's my girl!” in the same enthusiasm that a father who failed in his drea mto be a hockey pro has for his sons hockey matches while there. Her frame was small and petite. The width of her shoulders made sure she could exit through a doorway at the same time as the average jock without going through sideways.

Knitted blue shirt with excessively large holes for the arms to enter the long armed sleves. As if the the shirt was actually intended for large troll woman as a sports bra. With these large holes for the arms the excess of faric fell between the arms and the body of the shirt making it look like the girl was a flying squirrel. Impossible as it seemed to find modest clothes worned by woman today, our girl had found some: A pair chinos which baggy nature did not showcase her entire ass on display.

Her chicken-scratchings that covered the notebook in the same level of order as ants on a cake dropped on a anthill. Yes, it is all gonna be like this.

She was trying to listen to the teacher but if she had a eye-tracker on her, it would fly around the room fromtime to time before it was pulled back onto the teacher. Our gal desired tape to faten her eyelids as they were blinkiiing so much that one of her classmate might misunderstand and think that it was the signal for their classroom take over heist.

Every word the teacher said took upon new meaning as the girl took in the input and her drunk mind stumbled on its way to the right corresponding word and connected it to something entirely different.

After a breif moment ofwondering why the teacher wanted her to subtract six million jews, she leaned into the elbow fold and began to slumber.

ee121 No.249349

Unfortunately, I have a bunch of projects due this month (and December) so I'll take this challenge through completing them. One (relatively short) research paper has to do with statistics. Unfortunately writing about IQ distribution among the student body wasn't possible (simply because the info wasn't there) so are there any recommendations?

b64a2 No.249354

>Unfortunately writing about IQ distribution among the student body wasn't possible (simply because the info wasn't there)
I didn't realize they had all-black schools in the Czech Republic

6eb61 No.249355

Call me a faggot but my tulpa's trying this.

ee121 No.249358

I'm at an actually decent university so all of my classmates are either white or Asian, except for one Indian. I was hoping to analyze different majors moreso than races.

Ask her to write a story about Jackie Chan.

882a7 No.249380

File: 1572726149206.png (303.6 KB, 663x541, scrunchysmile.png)

this is art, please post more immediately

a74e2 No.249381

This was originally intended to be a soul eater fanfic. Should I remain on that track or should I make it into a HiE fic to have the inclusion of ponies?
Thanks a bunch btw.

a74e2 No.249382

Ah, this is ponyboard. Let's go with the HiE.

a74e2 No.249431

File: 1572785550477.jpg (Spoiler Image, 114.32 KB, 1024x735, 1544728129290.jpg)

The door slam shut in an almost cartoony way as Mia entered her home. Her mother, genderswapped doomguy, was holding an imp in chokehold and forcing him to heat up her frying pan. She was making a veggie omelet.

When she saw Mia enter, she smiled and nodded to a plate on the table. Mia subsequently releases the hold she had over her backpack's strap and gently, let it fall to the floor. Her mother flipped the nicely fried yellow-brown omelet onto her plate.

”Thanks, Mom!” Mia said.

Her mother smiled.

As Mia eat her omelet, she felt something brush against her legs. She looked under the table and saw Buster. Their tame cacodemon who was wearing the spikey dog collar that that one dog in Tom and Jerry wore. He whined and look at her with a pleading eye.

Mia just waggled her eyebrows.

”Its just vegetables. You wouldn't like it.”

But the cacodemon did not seem to listen and continued to whine. Mia sighed.

”Mom, can you give me a crunchie? Buster is hungry.”

Her mom let go of the imp who fell onto his knees, breathing heavily and walked over to the table grabbed Buster by one of his horns and threw him outside.

”He wasn't bothering me that much…” Mia said while looking at her mother skeptically.

Her mother pointed to a bowl filled to the brim with blood, guts, and bones which had black letters printed on it reading, ”Buster.”

Mia held up her hands.

”Fair enough.”

After finishing her plate and helping her mom clean the dishes, Mia asked, ”Where's Dad?”

Her mother pointed to the ceiling.

As Mia headed out of the kitchen, she called over to her shoulder, ”Thanks for the food!”

In the center of the spiraling staircase was a slimy long white rope of flesh. Instead of walking up the stair, Mia grasped the sticky surface of the fleshy rope. It immediately began to pull her upwards. She didn't even need to hold it anymore as it was stuck to her hand so she just enjoyed the ride. After she passed several floors and reach the ceiling, she came face to face with their barnacle.

”Okay, you can let me go now,” she said as she grabbed onto the railing to the highest floor.

However, it just continued to pull her close as its large circular maw opened up in anticipation. Mia shook her head and promptly smacked it with a right hook which made it bounce around like a speed bag on its fifth energy drink.

As the barnacle's tongue let go of her, Mia jumped onto the highest floor. Then she stood upon the railing and scratched the side of the huge mouth. The barnacle moves to the side exposing its neck to her as she continued to scratch it.

”Are we a little bit cheeky today,” she asked in a cherry voice.

Mia continued forward towards her dad's office. She found him there but also somebody she hadn't expected to meet today.

”Uncle Duke!”

Next to her father, Gordon Freeman, stood a muscular blond man wearing blue jeans and a red tanktop while two voluptuous women pushed their bosoms as they each embraced one of his legs.

”Hail to the king baby,” said Duke Nukem.

Mia threw herself onto him and ended up hanging from his neck as she hugged him. Of course, this new weight on Duke did not change his posture in the slightest.

After a bit of snuggling with Duke, Mia let go of him.

”It is great seeing you Duke but why are you here? Usually, you only visit when the world is ending,” Mia said.

”I came here to spend quality time with my niece and fuck bitches, but I am all out of nieces,” Duke's manly deep growling voice told her.

Mia rolled her eyes and poked him in his stomach, which was like poking a brick wall.

”Har har, very funny.”

She leaned in and try to hug him again but she couldn't get her arms around him now when she hugged him around the waist. She was glad that her uncle had come to see her.

Mia's leg then brushed against one of the girls that were holding onto duke, specifically she nudged a boob that could only fit in a G-cup. Mia let go and looked down.

”Oh, sorry. I didn't see you there Jennifer,” Mia said.

”No worries, Mia. You look super cute in that knitted sweater by the way. It is new?” Jennifer asked.

”Ohh, thank you. Your outfit is also lovely. My mom would love the bunny motive.”

Jennifer grabbed the tip of her bunny ears on top of her head.

”You think so? It ain't too flashy?” she asked a bit unsure.

Jennifer was dressed in the typical playboy bunny outfit. It was a black one-piece that covered her nipples but showed a lot of skin and all of the cleavage. The costume transformed for the hips into a single thong that covered solely her crotch and asscrack but showed off everything else from thighs to buttocks. However, this ass was obscured by something more, a fishnet that seemed to be a bit too small as flesh budge out between the holes.

”Nah, it looks cute on you.”

Mia looked at the other woman clinging to Duke Nukem's leg as if it was the only life preserver out on a stormy sea and then she gave Duke the biggest duckface which resembled a snail laying on another snail doing the plank exercise.

”Where are the other girls, uncle Dukie?” Mia asked.

587bb No.249435

File: 1572789952916.jpg (214.84 KB, 468x895, 1541341508479.jpg)


Now all we need is a budget and we're set for life.

642d5 No.249438

"Hunh, so there is an afterlife."
>A scroll hovered infront of me detailing everything about of my life, and how it impacted others.
>Nothing else, just the scroll being lit by an unknown source, and me.
"July 21 2002, by sleeping in till 11:01 am you didn't prevent the neighbor's son from going to the park…"
"This is really excessive. Almost asinine."
"Watched porn for a total of… hunh."

"Amount of crayons swallowed is 0."

>Final thing.
"For somehow getting a small screw stuck in your belly button by doing practically nothing the reincarnation system has taken note of you."
"For your future reincarnations. Contact management at-"
>everything is fracturing!
"Wait wha- Oh g-"

>"The youngling's eyes are old great elder."

>Dazzling jewels blinking into my eyes. I swear everything smells fruity.
>"Cast him off to the embodied Sun's lands."
>"Without a name?"
>It's an equine coated in leaves and flowers.
>"Fine he must go immediately then, but we are not cruel. Youngling you must know these five things."
>I try to open my mouth, but I find I can't. Vines keep it closed.
>The old narly bush like deer booms out.
>"First, any creature that catches you by their desire may have eternal harvests. You will expire."
>"That means croak."
>"Second, creatures that give chase to you is how you feed."
>Woo, of course… need to have to run I can't hole up in the middle of bumfuck nowhere. Should have learned parkour or something.
>"Third, any creature that catches you and then frees you can ask of one thing from you."
>Weird magic, but okay.
>"Fourth, the magic that holds you together becomes more undone by those that see you."
>"Don't prance into a hamlet or you die. The safe amount is about three ponies. Dangerous amounts are about six."
>A most dangerous game of hide and go seek, and tag.
>"Fifth, for a true call of distress you must help them, and only then are you safe if a creature touches you."
>"That creature can't ever catch you, or count as eyes that will unravel you, or get food from them chasing you.Your name it is Morning Wood."
>"As you would say outsider. Begone thot."

>From a swirling leafy chaos to this. This is normal.

>Location spooky ass forest as a tree bush deer, named after a stiffy.
>It could have been worse I suppose.
>have to find the nearest place without being caught, or I die…
>Oh my legs are moving on their own now.
>Directly to the castle ruins.
>Small hop over a rock, and I'm gaining speed. Really hope I don't get confused when being chased.
>Stone clacking under hoof.
>Looks surprisingly nice for an abandoned castle.
>Up the stairs.
>Through the windy passage.
>Hey this looks kinda familiar.
>The door ajar I could hear people in there.
>Bursting into the place Nightmare Moon got blasted I found seven ponies.
>"For the /mlpol/eague I claim the final railroad!"
>A fellow polack! I knew just what to say.
"Believe in the heart of the cards, land on community chest!"
>I didn't want to say that.
>Everypony is looking at me.
>I hate that feeling. All my time working on public speaking is useless!
>Feel like I'm about to melt.
>Quickly jump out of the open window.
"Fellow Anon I need a care package for a content faaaaag."
>"AJ was that…"
>"Ah don't believe it."
>Oh fuck that's a long fall.
>totally don't have a fear of heights just healthy respect.
>The ground is coming up fast. This is it for me.
"I'm fine? Oh, I'm fine. Magic is bullshit."
Thub-dub thub-dub thub-dub thub-du…
>What an adrenaline rush!
>Onward! To pone town and one step closer to not being dead!

882a7 No.249446

File: 1572802173848.webm (7.59 MB, 720x720, the skeleton.webm)

All right I've actually started on my novel today. I first saw webm related some four or five years ago and became inspired to write a novel about a friendly skellington who throws commies out of UFOs. I reckon I've done enough brainstorming, and that this month is as good a time as any to actually get it written. Much as it pains me, I don't think I'm going to start on any new pony greentexts til this project is done.

642d5 No.249448

File: 1572802446154.gif (820.06 KB, 275x207, 1538518257337.gif)

>friendly skellington who throws commies out of UFOs.
My body is ready.

606af No.249452

Crap, I almost forgot about NaNoWriMo this year. Managed to churn out about 3,000 words last night. Here's what I've got so far:


642d5 No.249461

With Karma that low
Gotta pumo those numbers up!
Those are rookie numbers!

Looking foward to the adventures of Randy.

4487a No.249462

Every year I am reminded of this too late and every year I say next year, ai'm too busy now…

Well not this year. Oh I'm too busy alright but fuck it I'm gonna right a god awful book and you'll niggers are going to read it.

642d5 No.249464

That's the spirit! I'll personally read it too.

882a7 No.249507

About 1300 words written today. Not quite on track for 50,000 by the end of the month, but I'm liking what I have written so far.

6eb61 No.249518

What is this a reference to?

882a7 No.249520

>pony tulpa fag
>doesn't know jackie chan tulpa

606af No.249585

I'm at about 6500 words so far, not bad for getting a late start. Hopefully I'll finish the full 50k this year. Last year I finished a novel but fell about 20k short of the word count target, previous years I've only finished fragments. I think the last year I actually finished a complete 50k novel was 2013.

I'll post an updated text probably tomorrow. This one is me btw >>249452

6eb61 No.249598

I'm old enough to remember The Scruffening but I missed the week where that happened, enlighten me.

642d5 No.249600

I think I know just the one.



6eb61 No.249604


Someone mentions a Jackie Chan tulpa a few times but I don't get how it became a meme.
Anyway I was willing to believe the dumbfuck actually fucked up his tulpa shit until the "WHYYYY, MOTHERRRRR?! I CAN HEAR THE COLOURSSSSSS!" bullshit kicked in. 0/10 spoopy crap.
But thanks for the link.

a7ea9 No.249622

There used to be pony tulpa general, and "make jackie chan tulpa" became the stock meme reply in it for anyone asking for help with a troublesome tulpa. I think Jackie Chan Tulpa was even a player on /mlp/'s 4cc team the year Safest Hooves happened.

606af No.249903


Updated. Currently sitting at 14,489. How is everyone else faring so far?


38632 No.249907

Haven't given it up yet, but I'm barely over 2000 at the moment. I know I just gotta sit down and get to fucking writing, but by the time I feel ready to get to it there's only enough free time left to dream up a few hundred words. Probably won't done this month, but as long as I don't quit on it it'll at least get done at some point.

642d5 No.249914

I have complete faith in you, and your hardwork.
Don't click the spoiler it may demoralize you or give you hope.
About 2,090 words per day to each the 50,000 word mark.
The important part is that you learn and grow from the experience, plus many novellas don't go past 50,000. Dr. Jekyl and Hyde.
The Cask of Amontilado a short story (by Edgar Allan Poe) is only 2,376 words.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is 46,333 words.

My attention (and by extension word count) is practically shot by switching focus to multiple different projects.
I have maybe 1000 words for the project, but that's in greentext soooo…
On the plus side the word 'The' may be the most common word you might use for any given piece of text.

Diaries of a Madman by whatmustido started in 2012 and still going to this day is at 2,850,252 words. It's a pretty wild ride. It isn't finished I don't expect it to be quite frankly it's essentially a book series condensed to a fimfiction page. It's frankly insane.

But everyone has to start somewhere it's normally with the first word, especially when it's not the right words to use yet. That comes from other stuff like the primary gameplay loop is to hold foward.
Reading's (and in this case writing's) core loop is words to quickly formulate an idea, or thought.
>I know I just gotta sit down and get to fucking writing
I know that feel.
Everytime you feel like you have some freetime jot down 5 words. It really quickly adds up.

606af No.249917

>The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is 46,333 words.
It's also worth noting that Douglas Adams was notorious for missing deadlines and his editor frequently had to force him to sit down and write.

a4b5f No.249922

File: 1573185455434.jpg (59.7 KB, 660x396, Gunwer_Bergkvist,_Povel_Ra….jpg)


Sadly he didn't miss one deadline: the one on 11 May of 2001.

882a7 No.249995

File: 1573269685198.mp4 (7.72 MB, 640x360, skelcall.mp4)

I like what you've got so far. I actually got disappointed when I got to the end of the paste because I wanted to keep reading. Most writers can't pull off that absurdist style without laying it on too thick and becoming cringey, but you've got it balanced out pretty well with a mostly coherent world and storyline.

I'm not nearly as far along in my skeleton-based epic and probably won't finish it by the end of the month, but I don't intend to give up on it til it's done.

32c32 No.250000

My tulpa's doing really well. I'm proud of her.

882a7 No.250001

File: 1573273577076.webm (7.24 MB, 480x360, hip to be square.webm)

>quarter-mil GET
Your tulpa should be proud of you.

642d5 No.250005

File: 1573273897580.gif (51.57 KB, 300x367, 1539384653624.gif)

Waiting for this moment to see who would get the GET.
Worth it.

efc9d No.250014

File: 1573278284962.png (143.97 KB, 342x309, check-0.png)

f8d02 No.250015

File: 1573278490529.png (153.64 KB, 592x600, check'emmmmmm.png)

Quads of truth.

3b55d No.250017

"What's her name?"
This so isn't the thread for this
"But its quads! What's her name?!" ^_^
Oh ffs >>>/vx/

642d5 No.250056

It's okay everyone has their moments.
>Call me a faggot but my tulpa's trying this (writing for this November 50k word challenge).
>My tulpa's doing really well (writing the story for NaNoWriMo, and this thread). I'm proud of her.

Technically this also counts in /vx/ even though the tulpa isn't quite the focus, but has Jason as the intermediary meat body to get the work done.
His comments do belong here on this thread due to context.

I am looking foward to his tulpa's story. Especially after those quads.

93dcb No.250060


32c32 No.250064

Her name isn't something she wants to reveal until the book is done.

606af No.250080

>skeleton-based epic
That alone makes me want to read it.

Anyway thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying my autism. Hopefully I will have another update soon. If I keep going at the clip I've managed so far I should finish by the end of the month.

eaa04 No.250085


”At home, would be to much of a hassle to take two trains.”

Mia rolled her eyes at her Uncike. A loud crash was heard from downstairs and in the next moment the whole house shook to the point that picture frames with pictures of family and friends fell to the floor. Their glass was shatttered and shards were strewn over the floor. A bookshelf in the room fell over and broke on impact.

Gordon and Duke moved to the window with the speed of a nigger sonic oc. Mia didn't see what they saw but based on her father's grim face straining even more than before and Duke muttering the word, ”Shit,” she could infer it was something bad.

She then realized the crash had come from downstairs.

”Mom!” Mia exclaimed.

Mia ran up to her barnacle, tapped itlightly and yelled at it, ”Down boy!” The barnacle hoisted her down in the same manneras ancpas hoist commies down helicopters. As she reached the ground floor, suddenly the wall next to her was replaced by a pigman sized hole as chunks of what had previously been wall was thrown into the room.

Looking like an astornaut biker be,onging to a gang who woreshipped the green goblin, her mother appeared in the hole holding an anvil that was suppose to resemble a gun. The pig squaled when her mother aim the gun at his face and waved his hands in the air as if he was directing an incomming plane on a runway. She pulled the trigger and in the next moment the lovely smell of fired beacon made Mia's mouth water. The muzzle of the gun flew back as if punch on the nose by a clean, straight smash and at the same time womited out all the plasma-lasagna it had for dinner last night in a tree-trunk-thick beam.

882a7 No.250093

You know what's a problem with actual novels that pony greentexts just don't prepare you for? The characters' backstories. It goes without saying that the main characters of your average fanfic have established backstories within an established universe that the reader - and the writer as well - should already be familiar with. Even most of the OCs that appear in greentexts - Anon, filly, board mascots - will have a semi-established fanon that you can springboard off of. Writing your own novel in your own universe isn't like that.

I guess that's a pretty obvious observation, but for some reason I've just never had a close encounter with this problem before. Even in the couple of original short stories that I've written, which had nothing whatsoever to do with ponies or any franchises at all, the main characters' backstories either just didn't factor into the story or else the characters themselves were too young and inexperienced to even have much in the way of backstories. But I'm running into this problem with the skeleton story.

The skeleton himself, of course, has a rather elaborate backstory that's been sitting in my head for years now. Same with his primary antagonist. Most of that, however, won't play into this particular story in any direct way except perhaps for its influence on their mindsets and actions. I've been debating whether or not to include a prologue that details some of that, just to make the story feel more grounded, even though it would somewhat spoil future book ideas I've had for the autistic elaborate literary multiverse I've dreamed up. On the one hand, there's no guarantee I'll actually write any of those other stories, so maybe it doesn't matter if I spoil them. On the other hand, there's no guarantee I'll actually write any of those other stories, so maybe including overt tie-ins to them is just premature masturbation.

But even the secondary characters, who don't directly appear in any story ideas but this one, are now marching up to me to tell me that their backstories are relevant too, mostly regarding the relationships they've had with each other since before the story began. Having to craft their personalities and relationships from scratch on the fly is actually pretty hard. One of these guys I didn't even know existed until days after I started writing the fucking story, so fitting him into the group dynamic on the fly is definitely troublesome.

Of all the story ideas I have, I thought this would be the easiest place to start because it's just a straightforward action story about a skeleton. In reality it's bringing up challenges I never even dreamed existed. But I've started on it now, and I can't give up on it or switch to any other projects til it's done. These problems are making hard to write, and harder to write well. I'm not satisfied with what I'm putting down on the page right now, but I guess that's just what editing and revisions are for.

Anyway, thanks for reading my blogpost. Hopefully it's more well-written than my fucking story is.

642d5 No.250095

Now I'm really looking forward to the Epic tales in the world of Skeleton MC.
>The characters' backstories.
In a living world nearly everyone is interesting.
Some follow tropes to a T, and others break the mold. Perhaps even defining it.

But not everything all the time is always interesting.
Those times tend to be mini stories with events truly memorable. Sometimes the random , and 'random' thought or idea can further define who the character is.

A while a trope can quickly categorize, and help understand the motivations of the character some things must be said. While others should never be retold by that character, or others.

>I've been debating whether or not to include a prologue that details some of that, just to make the story feel more grounded, even though it would somewhat spoil future book ideas I've had for the autistic elaborate literary multiverse I've dreamed up.

Leave the audience with cliffhangers, and mysteries. Unsolved problems that paying attention to the character, and how they interact may give clues in what they did before.

Such as this:
I'm the one kid that barfed during the National standardized tests during middle school-

Fairly boring until it's added on.

-, and nobody knew it was me. -

Minor interest how did this happen without anyone knowing? There isn't any tension there is no risk.
There doesn't always have to be tension just an interesting factiod. Sometimes it's a thing others want to know.

- Now rumors in high school about the incident of '19 are showing up.

How is this additional fact related? Why tell that specific thing? Does it matter?

- my chances with (LOVE INTEREST A) would be ruined!-

That's just sort of weird, but why would the chances with that person be destroyed?

- Because if that incident had not happened (LOVE INTEREST A) would still have her leg.

The stakes have jumped from nonexistent to oh shit.
I'm exaggerating.
Sometimes it's just enough for another character to reference something they've been connected to.
"Skywalker, hunh? Same one in the mission to destroy the Death Star?"
"Oh no not me, I'm Skaiwhalker, while I was in the same mission I was part of a different squad."

Mutual acceptance (or the reaction) between characters, and how they react to past events tell us about them, the event (and how it's perceived), and the world they inhabit. The manner in which they speak of such things can change so much.
Somethings are left in the dark, and employing a chekovs gun to the story philosophy makes everthing important, there are also fewer false leads.
Sometimes that is not what you want.

Sometimes just a nod, and a tip of the hat to all their experiences during their life is enough for the audience.

When Frodo has to take the ring from Bilbo, we know that there is a story with how attached he is to it. It's not just dark magic being addictive, but experiences of adventure and using it.
The connection between Golem and his deep attachment to his precious. It's not really covered in 'The Hobbit' but there is a story there to be told.

This is basicly the first draft for your own super series. There isn't anything to spoil yet, but there will be and according things so nothing is actually spoiled can be done in the edit.
What has happened is interesting reader do want more, but how it unfolded is the juicy important things readers crave.
The how is where the story happens.

882a7 No.250098

Thanks for the advice. I think I found a compromise. Instead of a big prologue, I just wrote a short foreward in the character of my pen name, making vague allusions to the multiverse and declaring that there are some questions about Skeleton Man that won't be answered in this particular volume. Now it seems like I can treat him as a character with depth without distracting from the adventure with his convoluted backstory. As for the other characters, you're definitely right. Their histories with each other will become apparent through their interactions and the way their relationships evolve. It doesn't have to be complicated, it's just a pulpy attraction-by-shared-danger subplot in the first place. Thanks. I can do this. Might even break 5,000 words tomorrow.

eaa04 No.250123

There are two types of writers in the world (And those inbetween I guess). Those who write by the seat of their pants and those who plan their entire story from the start.
I want to be one who plans everything from the start due to it give more free reign in the creative process.

However, during this thing I will be the other. I'm writing by the seat of my pants because I'm trying to the get the work done not anything else. I do this because I want to grew in my writing skills of description and dialogue. I also want to get a better stamina or dedication to the things I start. I think being sure about these things and having a story in your luggage to come back to is a good way to increase one's confidance. Which is needed when tackling harder projects. This applies as well to both styles of writing.

The point I'm trying to get to, is that you probably should let go of this skeleton story and switch to another because it appearently is hard for you to write. I can see myself in you. I'm also a perfectionist who wants all stories to be as good as they could possibly be but this really isn't the event for that. You are very limited in terms of time. One needs to write about two-thousend words each day. There is very little time left to plan after something like that. Stephen King took a year to write The Shining appearently and there are people who take even longer to write one book, not to mention a interwoven anthology.

Writing by the seat of your pants I would describe as sculturing. You have a big block of rock and an idea of Hitler riding a rising Aryanne. You start by slicing of large chunk of it to get the proportions you are looking for. Now you have an even smaller slab of rock to deal with. Now you form this to a form resembling an oblong box standing on one of its ends ontop of another oblong box but which lays on the ground.
This is what your first draft look like. The details had not been finalized because they haven't been added but the shape of the thngs is set.

This is how you get a sense of where the story is heading. After you know the shape you can begin to work on the details of your story.

Like here is a draft.

>Skeleton's family dies.

>Skeleton moves to new city.
>Skeleton faces a Revenant.

Here we have the basic shape of the story structure.

>Skeleton's family dies because his brother, the revenant, kills them.

>Skeleton moves to city to learn the way of rockets.
>Skeleton faces off with his brother. He defeats him and the brother explains that a person named Sasuke came from another dimension and made him do it. Sasuke appearently thinks that the experince the skeleton had is character building and worth the horrible deaths of loved ones.

Here's a more detailed version were more things has been finalized. You basically answer the hows and whys.

So my advice to you is depending on whether you will choose to keep going with this story or not. If you choose to continue this story, then I sugguest you take a more carefree approach to it. Unlike sculpturing, you can actually change what you have done without starting anew. Do not bee afraid to kill your babies as it is said. Just churn out this and have the basic shape down and nothing else.
Everything from you characters interactions to their the rules of your universe should be basic not that overly ambitious.
Like for example if two characters will fight due to their differences and you have difficulty to write it in satisfaying way just have theiir fight be melodramtic. Seriously, because that melodrama that seems coontrived and unlikely is the shape you want to work into something good after revision.
It doesn't haveto be perfect. I mean have you read what I write >>250085

This was suppose to be only a couple of row long.

eaa04 No.250133

File: 1573403072404.jpg (53.95 KB, 1024x528, doom__by_zoppy-d9t52hc.jpg)

”Mia, here take this,” Her mother said as she tossed her something black.

Mia grabbbed it casually with one hand and then inspected it. It was a typical black berreta hangun but it also had this weird feature. Its slider consisted entirely of solar panels and ingrained on the grip stood the words, ”Eco Friendly.”

”We got to think about global warming afterall,” her mother's filtered voice said through her helmet.

Her mother walked up to her and pointed ona small display above the grip.

”Using the touch screen you can select which type of shots you wish to shoot. It also got solar panels here. So it will reload or recharge as it is in this case. It's and early birthday present.”

”Thanks, mom,” Mia said as she hugged her mother.

”No, problem sweetie. Now, what is our motto for monster attacks?”

Mia's peared up at her in their tight embrace.

”Rip and tear until it is done.”

”That's right dear.”

Her mother brushed away Mia's bangs to the side as the visor showed no emotion. As they stopped their hug, DoomMILF walked over to the stairs and looked up.

”I wonder how your dad is doing?” she said.

”That's right. I forgot to check what they saw,” Mia said.

She ran to the end of the hall towards the front door. DoomMamacita realised what Mia was doing too late and could only reach for her in vain as Mia opened the door.

The day had gone from bright sunshine to overcast by spaceships that littered the sky above. Like a cloud of mosquitos, jetpack-propeled porkchops flew around the naked skyscarpers that wished that they had bugspray.

Then she saw them. Floating high above the lake inbetween the city and Mia's suburban territory were three elephant-large psychic babies. Her eyes and the glistering boulders that were the babies eyes meet. The angry baby face that resulted would make most woman immdiately reach for the camra. A yellow ball of light swirled into existence around its lips and raced towards Mia.

Mia barely managed to react to her mother screaming her name as her entire view was covered by bright lights.

Mia felt her back hurt as if a wall had body tackled her. Her eyes were searing and she shut them tight. After a moment off rubbing them and blinking. She could finally see.

She found herself in a spaceous crystal hall with a ceiling far above what she could reach.

One of Duke's eyebrows was moved up in the same manner one moves a cutout piece in photoshop. It was lucky that he tlegraphed his emotionss in such a extreme manner since his big sunglass otherwise covered most of the emotions his eyes conveyed.

eaa04 No.250134

>One of Duke's eyebrows was moved up in the same manner one moves a cutout piece in photoshop. It was lucky that he tlegraphed his emotionss in such a extreme manner since his big sunglass otherwise covered most of the emotions his eyes conveyed.
That wasn't suppose to be included.

eaa04 No.250138

File: 1573406665054.jpg (1.18 MB, 1036x1500, ladda ned (6).jpg)

Btw, will you post your updates in the thread or a pastebin link or something. It would be nice to be able to read those 5k of yours.
There seems to be red thread in this thread. Two Afterlife stories, one stories about a skeleton, which I consider afterlifeish. Only I break against the trend of this with my doomgirl story, which I would say has to do with fighting against demons from the afterlife as well.
It is weird.
>Pic unrelated cause I couldn't find the one I wanted so I just took a nice looking one.

882a7 No.250139

File: 1573411498867.pdf (243.38 KB, Skeleton Man.pdf)

All right, PDF related is what I've got as of right now. 4,446 words, a forward and two chapters. I obviously can't accurately judge for myself how good or bad it is, but I do want to keep going with it. If anyone wants to rip it apart and tell me that it's irredeemable shit, however, I'll consider shelving the idea for later when I've got more experience.

eaa04 No.250142

File: 1573414220423.jpg (133.16 KB, 700x1244, aEBg87O_700b.jpg)

>If anyone wants to rip it apart and tell me that it's irredeemable shit
They are but don't care about that. Any input is good input.
I didn't want to see it to criticize it though. I was just curious to read it.

> I'll consider shelving the idea for later when I've got more experience.

>I do want to keep going with it.
I think you should continue with it and if at the end you are unsatisfied wit the result you scrap it and start over from scratch. Take this advice with a grain of salt though since it comes from a guy who choose a meh premise instead of one of the better ones I have on my mind. I did this to specifically avoid feeling like I don't do the story justice with my terrible writing.
I say if you feel like this, then switch to something that you won't feel this way with.

dfe38 No.250149

Working on my own story- kinda faltered the first week, but after exam this week I should have a lot more time overall so we'll see. I've been shitting out about 3-5k words a day when I can get a few hours to sit down and just crank.

I'm doing a Wallflower Blush novel-length fic. It's not overtly political, though some elements may wander in. It's more a logical extension of her character, mixed with the idea that her world is exists for the progression of Sunset and her friends and her dealing with the fact that she is a forgotten and unnecessary background character in someone else's story.

It's a little bit gay I guess but I'm approaching the challenge more as a way to force myself to write longer than produce anything good. I've had pretty good reception on most of my other work, but I've never put out a story that was longer than 20k words.

So yeah, that's my task for this month. And if I finish this thing I can finally get back to my 'actual' project, which is basically a series about the real story of the pony races coming together.

eaa04 No.250211

Fucking love it! Have read the whole thing now and I love it.

I like silent, outsider guy/creature coming to save the day stories.
I really like the fact that he can only convey his thoughts and feelings through mimicing human motions and gestures.

> he was greeted by the very skeleton-creature that Leon had described! Rational materialists, when presented
with undeniable evidence of supernatural occurrences, tend to react with rather irrational behavior.
>“Dad,” came Fred’s appeal, “You’re a man of science! How can you just accept this?”
>“As a man of science, I accept a fact when I meet one,” declared the old doctor, “Even when it flies in the face of the laws of science. Besides, my specialty is splitting atoms, not walking bones.”
It is like you wrote this specifically for me.

>Skelly's arm

I like how you built on the expectation that the arm was gonna be used to free them when they were captured but instead you expertly subverted that expectation by having in not workout. Because when you think about it why would it? But then you hint that that arm will come into play later as they leave it behind in the room.
Altough it is convienient that no of their captures notices that the skeleton is missing his arm.

882a7 No.250214

File: 1573497163965.webm (1.86 MB, 1280x720, sp00k'd.webm)

Well I'm glad you liked it, and I'm glad you specified why. Putting out content that you've fantasized about making for years where everyone can see it is apparently a pretty nerve-wracking experience. I'll try to make a decent finished product.

606af No.250215


Another update. 19,314 currently. Unfortunately I had to go to work before I could finish the chapter so it cuts off rather abruptly. New text since last update starts at line 608.


642d5 No.250216

Very much looking foward to Skeleton Man, and company.
What I've said before still applies. I can only get so erect, and it's NoNutNovember.
Infact one might say this story is shaping up to be quite the boner.

I can see why the foreword is needed it does help flesh out the story, and provides an explaination on the world.
Everything is sliding nicely into place the general reactions of oddities of the world. Also gives a rough estimate on how frequently such things happen.

One thing is I do like is that Skeleton Man was helped by being reminded he is a skeleton, and that means he can do a few things he couldn't before. It's a very humanizing moment.

One minor thing which makes perfect sense for a writer to not do is that Skeleton Man could write things out, but that's not convenient for Skeleton Man, or (You). His povert is quite telling, he also didn't have any excess funds to excitment with. Skeleton Man could also just be illiterate, and was looking at the newspaper for pictures…
It makes sense, the towns people, and the people of the world, are sort of used to strange shit going down by that extended they really don't have a reason to investigate further into Skeleton Man. He's just the local strange guy that is very nice and helpful. Perhaps a bit absent minded, or lost in thought.
To then Skeleton Man just IS, there don't need to be a consideration that the strange animated skeleton used to be a person.
It might be that Skeleton Man doesn't really want to. I don't know, but it's an interesting aspect that actually fits.
Also Later it can be used as a gag

eaa04 No.250221

I have read a lot of yours. I like it btw.

642d5 No.250222

I think I'm starting to get what's going on. In general themes of what that place is, and who the people are. I desire more.

I want to see where the protagonist goes, what else will he do. What will he see.
What sort of shenanigans will occur.

The little kid even though her aspect completely disagrees should be able to wait a little while to see her plans come to fruition.
Even with snakeface looking for them hiding out would be possible even a little bit.

The karma system is fucked. A nice way to help drive things foward.

882a7 No.250224

I actually have an idea for incorporating that minor thing in later.

And thanks for the constructive criticism; that's pretty much the dynamic I was going for.

642d5 No.250241


Why have a proper ending when one can leave it hanging…

882a7 No.250342

File: 1573613348333.png (58.79 KB, 579x390, el alimony.png)

I need to get from point A to point C, but I'm not entirely sure how point B goes. I'll just drink and watch anime til it comes to me, I'm sure that'll work out.

642d5 No.250346

When all else fails keep typing random shit till you feel something that's sorta is okay.
Then it's shining that thing till it looks half way decent.
Then it's going to the supermarket to tell them you want whatever this, but in the newest model.

eaa04 No.250389

>Putting out content that you've fantasized about making for years where everyone can see it is apparently a pretty nerve-wracking experience.
You worry too much. You mustn't succeed this time. This is just the first step.

eaa04 No.250472

I anyone is expecting a continuation then just know there won't be any.

882a7 No.250499

Why not? It was fun.

eaa04 No.250504

Really, you like it. I thought since I thought it was okay, nobody else cared.
Also, it will take a much more ultra violent turn from now on is that something you would wish to see?
Otherwise, I thought should abandon the whole writing directly onto the site site like this and actually write things on my computer. Letting it culminate into a larger and also complete text before posting. That way, it would be less disappointing for everyone involved.

882a7 No.250509

>nobody else cared
Absence of (You)s does not always equal absence of enjoyment. The first rule of writefagging is always keep going, because there are a
lways lurkers who will come out of the woodwork to bitch at you when you stop.
>Also, it will take a much more ultra violent turn from now on is that something you would wish to see?
Yeah, that could be fun.
>Otherwise, I thought should abandon the whole writing directly onto the site site like this and actually write things on my computer.
You're generally safer not writing directly onto the site. There's nothing more fucking frustrating than accidentally closing the tab or something like that before you've hit New Reply, thus erasing your entire update. You might want to switch to the text editor or word processor of your choice.

eaa04 No.250514

File: 1573690258968.png (1.11 MB, 1024x612, fanart___mlp__escaping_fro….png)

>Absence of (You)s does not always equal absence of enjoyment.
I don't even remotely blame anyone for lack of (you)s (I know I got a you in the begining that's not my point). They should come naturally othherwise they are not good and true jews. Just as people are not obligated to provide (you)s, I am not obligated to finish my stories. It goes both ways really.
Honestly, if someone would take the time of day to bitch about me not providing them with a story, it would make my day. I don't think I am alone about that.
>that could be fun.
Then there will be ultra-violence.
Btw, I do actually write the stuff in open office before posting but in a word doc. I just don't work with it there in the same way I would liek prepare a story. I just control+c and contol+v in it here afterwards just to avoid fukcing it up.

I used to send it through grammarly or even proof read it but I don't know. I will actually at least skim it for flaws in the future.
When I found it I just knew I had to post it.

642d5 No.250530

I'm sorry mate. I should have given you more (You)s.
>Then there will be ultra-violence.
I'm personally fine with ultra-violence, and a blood bath of guts and gore is a nice break. Even extremely dark themes I'm good with.
Even wish-fulfillment power fantasies.

Personally I really dislike multiple crossovers where the characters have been altered, and already introduced to each other, and have a predefined relationship to the protagonist.
The connections just, don't feel… earned. The story is hitting all my buttons. It's purely my preference, and I know my preferences can be utterly shit. I do enjoy myself self insert stories… even a couple -ugh- Displaced type stories if done well. Slews of gamer (stats and numbers be going up) fiction stories. Ect.

For your story I see alot of references, good references too. The descriptions are good too. Some are a bit excessive, but having the right image in someone's mind is important.
Some of the pet monsters are a bit off considering the original franchise, and when mundane methods work just as well.
As a standalone fictional piece without any crossover element it would be really good.
The only issue is how the main character is introduced at the school. At an ordinary boring school, as the daughter of two heros, she should be hounded by others trying to get to know more about them.
Her parents could have leveraged a way for her not to go through the tedium of general education. Homeschooling then send 'em off to highschool for more socializing.
If the school isn't important later in the story at all skip the classroom scene entirely, and describe her as she walks/rides/takes the bus/bikes/whatever back home.

The story has potential to go places. Spawn of two big heros, plus an uncle, thrust into adventure…
Mia doesn't have anything to prove, a bit of a ditz, but has a good heart. So far there hasn't been a moment that would test her character, or a demonstration of character traits that will be changed by the forces of the world.

Only other thing is to keep normally silent characters silent, unless it's matched by their appropriate personality.
This of DoomMILF vs
Silent DoomMILF
Too talkitive or the previous characterization doesn't add up to what is being shown now. Why not say something to her daughter when she first enters?

A bit heavy on similies when a metaphor would be better…
There may be a bit too many references hit with a sledgehammer.

I felt that I would be too biased, and too hyper critical which comparing my previous responses to this it is.
The core of the story is potentially solid, but it's held togther with shoestrings and pixie dust like most other entries until the story starts to begin in earnest. Then the merits can shine forth from the start to the very end showing all the creator has put forth.

I really do want you to continue until the very end even if I dislike the starting means. Underneath it all you do have something worthwhile to tell.

eaa04 No.250540

Jesus, dude. I only told the guy that I thought it was okay to consider his feelings. My story is trash. Okay my real thoughts is that it is kinda mehwith some nice jokes here and there.
>I'm sorry mate. I should have given you more (You)s.
Thanks, don't worry about it. There is absolutely nothing to apologize for. People can't be everywhere all the time but (you)s are always appriciated.

So yeah, I know that DoomMom got too talkative compared to how she was in the begining since I clearly wrote her to be quiet in the begining. But I wanted her to tell her daughter the motto of their family or whatever it was before she was transported into another world. But it snowballed into her saying more things than just that one line since that would emphasize its importance for the character.

But I appricate your in-depths regardless (which think is on point most of the time), I am certainly not complaining. I am just surprised since, I myself, am not even remotely taking this story seriously.

>I felt that I would be too biased, and too hyper critical which comparing my previous responses to this it is.

>The core of the story is potentially solid, but it's held togther with shoestrings and pixie dust like most other entries until the story starts to begin in earnest. Then the merits can shine forth from the start to the very end showing all the creator has put forth.
I don't really know what you are saying here. Can you elaborate?
>A bit heavy on similies when a metaphor would be better…
I don't really get it. It is not like I have to do similes, I just don't know why metaphores would be better. One idea would be the idea that smilies break immersion while metaphores doesn't or something, which I don't really believe in.

>Underneath it all you do have something worthwhile to tell.

Kek. Your are a funny guy.

Wanna stress that I really appricated that you took your time to tell your thoughts.

882a7 No.250546

Welp, it took me literally all day to pace around and agonize over it, but I finally got point B written down. It's 470 words, leaving me with a grand total of 5,596. According to Nanowrimo I'm supposed to be at 21,671 today.
Goodness fuck.

642d5 No.250551

It's one more step in the right direction. Sometimes that's all that matters.
>I felt that I would be too biased, and too hyper critical which comparing my previous responses to this it is.
Most of the other posts over made boil down to keep writing, and maybe saying something helpful… maybe I'm helping more than I think I am…
>The core of the story is potentially solid, but it's held togther with shoestrings and pixie dust like most other entries until the story starts to begin in earnest. Then the merits can shine forth from the start to the very end showing all the creator has put forth.
From the beginning of stories nothing holds it together. A new reader had no attachments to what you are writing (fanfiction is a different problem) so the reader has to be invested in the story, the characters, the world, even the themes if applicable.
The writer has something, an idea, an emotion, a plan, or even a muse. When the story is first being forged with words, and time the story is malleable able to shift, and readjust more easily than in the later stages nothing is truly constraining the story yet.
Some plans as you said here >>250123 can be laid before hand a carefully constructed living blueprint, or a discovery of the written world.
The middle of the story has potentially everything within. The writer's job is what to convey, and why.
There the potential of the story is being realised. Depending on the writer, what they can release, and on the reader, what they can absorb.
>Then the merits can shine forth from the start to the very end showing all the creator has put forth.
All the blood, sweat, and tears are nearly done seeing the product of your labor in all its glory, and shame. Every single bit is important.
That is when everything can be seen the good, and the bad. Editing can now truly reshape it all for better, or worse.

>A bit heavy on similies when a metaphor would be better…

I don't really get it. It is not like I have to do similes, I just don't know why metaphores would be better. One idea would be the idea that smilies break immersion while metaphores doesn't or something, which I don't really believe in.
I mean include more metaphors to have a more even balance. It's not needed, or required. Just my thoughts on that.

>Underneath it all you do have something worthwhile to tell.

Kek. Your are a funny guy.
Even making someone smile for a moment makes a story worthwhile to tell.
The story you are writing has value worth considering.

Pushing through choke points like that can be hard. You're doing great.

606af No.250560



I feel kind of bad for bragging about this now, but I just crossed the 25k mark last night. In all honesty you may be overthinking things a bit. The whole point of the exercise is to just get words on paper, and worry about whether or not its good later on. It's best to just write whatever comes to mind and then worry about whether it's good later. You can always revise it once you're finished. I'm actually finding the adventures of skeleton man to be quite delightful, and would like to read more.

882a7 No.250562

File: 1573719336657.pdf (254.07 KB, Skeleton Man.pdf)

>I feel kind of bad for bragging about this now, but I just crossed the 25k mark last night.
N-n-no, I'm happy for you. N-not bitter or jealous in any way haha.
No really that's great, good job. I'll get to reading it soon.
>The whole point of the exercise is to just get words on paper
Ah, I guess the problem I keep running into is that I keep not having any words to write. I've had a basic summary and some key scenes visualized for a long time, but I certainly didn't plan any of the minor details that logically have to link those key scenes together. It doesn't really feel like a matter of perfectionism so much as just a matter of having things to say in the first place. But maybe I'm just being autistic.
>I'm actually finding the adventures of skeleton man to be quite delightful, and would like to read more.
You know what? Sure. PDF related. 6,122 words, an alternative foreward and about 5-and-a-half chapters. The alternative foreward is just something I'm experimenting with; I'm probably going to stick with something more like the original for the final draft.

eaa04 No.250852

Will read later fag.

eaa04 No.250915

File: 1573938807360.png (234.68 KB, 638x446, unknown (2) (1).png)

So how is it going for you guys?

642d5 No.250927

Going well the new project for a more serious story is currently at…
882 words.
The work about anonymous turning into the great seedling hasn't gone anywhere.
One about Anon and Filly is going nicely, but a road block on writing that is annoying me to no end.

Thus writing the more serious novel that isn't a green about evil dickwads, and power munchkining.

882a7 No.250963

File: 1573964265712.png (125.58 KB, 374x376, tired.png)

>So how is it going for you guys?
Slow as fuck. Forcing myself to get one paragraph written yesterday was like pulling my own teeth.

606af No.251050


I was ahead by a good 2,000 words, then I didn't write for a couple of days, now I'm technically behind again, but I'm still at around 28,000 so I have confidence I'll be able to finish. Might have to have a couple of dedicated word-crunch days though.

eaa04 No.251151

So even though I got encouragement from you guys I won't continue my story. Sorry. The reason is that I never really wanted to write for this month in the first place. I kinda just thought that it would be fun to have a thread about. I didn't really want to start a project of my own but then I did because it felt mandatory since I started the thread.
Look, I don't want this to come off as if I'm whining. Just trying to explain where I'm comming from. The simple solution is just that I stop writing.
The reason why I didn't want to do this in the first place is because of the way this event is shaped. I have tried this thing before, like several times. To just write and not worry about what to write but the best way to that is to not have an audaince or rather not post it online for anyone else to see since one cannot help to think about what other might think. And they in turn can't help but think that you are writing this for them and therefore question later why it sucks.
The best way to take this challenge for newbies who haven't written a story before is probably by having them write it offlineso they don't worry about its qaulity but on just typing words.
This is similar to why I concluded that ongoing writing to a thread is a trap. Take for example the anonfilly thread. If I start something, I will havve to continue it and if i start with an intesting premise, I will have to deliver on it as well.
I do not work well under these kinds of conditions at all.
I made subconcious vow to make sure that my story and content was finished before I posted so I would never have to deal with that form of annoying pressure again.

So now when that's out of the way, here's a summary for anyone who wonders where my "story" was going.
>Mia is transported to the crystal empires palace.
>She enters the throne room.
>There she finds a horde of changeling males ready to rape crystal pony mares in some kinda of humilation orgy.
>She kill them all. Letting them meet their end gruesomely.
>During the fight she realize that her gun's recoil is so strong she can use it as a jetpack when she shoots. So she does a trick were she grbs hold of a changelings neck and starts firing off. She therefore begins to spin around the changeling's neck while blowing the heads off other changelings. Then that changeling's neck is twisted to the point that his blood is squeezed out like water out of a dishrag. Fun fun fun.
>So appearently Thorax was a traitor all along and he along with every other nonpony creatures have agreed to take over Equestria together and then to split it between them afterwards.
>To return home Mia must help Twilight Sparkle win the crown, again.

eaa04 No.251153

Btw, I read to the point of where your mc meets that 11-year-old loli.
Things I liked:
>The indian guy's dialogue is so good I can hear his accent.
>This line: "midget porn, midget porn, gay midget porn, midget porn, even gayer midget porn"
>His description of his car. It shows us that mc is perhaps not alright in his head after dying since he describes his car by stating thing that all cars have. It is also funny.

Things I disliked:

That was it.
Don't get a big head now.
Have still not read your continuation of your skeleton story. Do enjoy it though so I can tell you that I will. However, take your time. Even if this thread is gone by the point you finish,
I would like you to post it later so I can read it then.

Mmm… So do you plan your stories ahead a lot? Are you actively working on all of these projects at the same time as well?

642d5 No.251161

>Mmm… So do you plan your stories ahead a lot? Are you actively working on all of these projects at the same time as well?
Writing by the seat of my pants no plans at the start except exploring an idea.
I do the exact opposite of long term planning I write what makes sense for the story to progress, then as I'm writing the characters motivations are the seat for the long term plans despite the internal and external stuff that happens to interrupt their path to the fulfilling their desire.

I'm… kind of working on them at the same time… there are points in the story where the shit I'm writing just doesn't mesh right with what I'm writing about. Once that happens I lose focus the writing is a slog, and it just doesn't fit.
Instead of cutting out the section I move to another project with another idea to get the creative force working again.
I keep doing so.
Re-reading this reply the solution is obvious now…
I just have to cut out the cancerous piece of the story that is stealing the life from it, and my will to work.
Thank you. I really should have noticed that in hindsight.

882a7 No.251294

This is good shit man. Keep on going.

606af No.251323

Updated. I feel like I'm starting to run out of steam but I think I can finish this. Only about 17k more to go.

8740f No.251414

She's done! We've done it!

642d5 No.251416


I don't know how you plan to end the story, but I've enjoyed it all so far.

a2281 No.251638

At 37k words and my girl wants us to make this a multi book series.

a2281 No.251639

50k book 1 is done. 3.7k of sequel words done. She wants us to make this a series of at least 5 books.
Hey, does anyone here want me to hide anything funny in these?

642d5 No.251665

Only with the utmost care. I don't know what story she wrote.

Do you want to post it now, or at the end of November, or publish it?

a2281 No.251694

We're reworking parts of 1 so it can flow better into a 5 book trilogy. Setting up more world shit and not killing off all possible sequel threads in book 1 to make this a one-book story.
If it's done by then we'll publish it at the end of November. But definitely before Christmas.

eb9c9 No.251697

5 books is a quintet, not a trilogy

a2281 No.251703

642d5 No.251758

It's actually not that either.
A five book trilogy is 5×3.
Five sets of three.
I'm looking foward to all fifteen books.

7460e No.251761

File: 1574703947267.jpg (10.64 KB, 220x201, clerquint.jpg)

Not to be contentious, but it seems that you just suggested that a five book trilogy is 15 books.
>pic related
The Cleric Quintet, a 5-book series

606af No.252166

Updated. With less than 24 hours to go I'm still ~6000 words short of the goal. Unfortunately I don't think I'm gonna make it before the deadline. However, I still intend to finish this up even if it's a few days late. Also, I couldn't think up snappy chapter titles for some of the segments, so a few of them are simply called "Chapter Title" until I think of something better.


606af No.252245

Well unfortunately I didn't make it. Final word count as of midnight was 44352 and the book is not quite finished. I hope to finish this week sometime. will update the pastebin later.

642d5 No.252248

That's still really respectable. You did really well.

eaa04 No.252261

That's fucking great dude. Well, done!
You make us proud based niggah.
I feel as though I didn't convey that I actually enjoyed your story a lot last time I commented on it.
I think the comedy was spot on but the begining was a bit slow paced and it felt as if I either was missing something or nothing happned.

606af No.252312

fb32a No.252318

Really liked it. Was a bit confused in the beginning, but as it progressed it became legit enjoyable.

882a7 No.252329

Skeleton Man guy here. Obviously I failed. Actually, I haven't added to the story literally at all since the last pdf. Worse, I went ahead and distracted myself by starting on a pony greentext. The last time I wrote a story of around 50,000 words, it took me about 9 months to finish it, largely because I kept getting distracted with side projects and other internet shit, and partly because I kept losing interest in it. Apparently my habits haven't improved since then. However, that story was finished eventually, and this one will be too. It's just going to take a while. If this thread is still alive by then I'll post the completed pdf here. If not then I might throw it up on /sp/.

Also, Wings of Pastrami is fucking fantastic. Can't wait for whatever mindfuck of a conclusion is in store for us.

606af No.252589

File: 1575584178661.png (249.61 KB, 512x800, Wings Cover (novel).png)


Well, I finally made it. Five days late, but the story wound up being about five thousand words over the goal. Final word count: 55,181.

Also, pic related is some cover art I made.



>Also, Wings of Pastrami is fucking fantastic. Can't wait for whatever mindfuck of a conclusion is in store for us.

Thanks. It was a bit difficult coming up with an ending, but hopefully it will prove satisfactory to everyone who has been following. I am quite enjoying what exists so far of Skeleton Man's saga, I greatly encourage you to continue the project.

642d5 No.252599

Have to say that is certainly a mindfuck conclusion.
Well done! I enjoyed the (mis)adventures of Randy.

>I'll post the completed pdf
Aww yeah! Definitely will to continue reading it when it is posted.

The suspense is killing me, but I can still wait however long it takes for when it's done. I'm still watching of for it.

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