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>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.
>What's to be expected?
Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?

Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.

Great! For writers, just notify All Nighter Fgt, so you can have your green to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.
Some especially based faggot also recently compiled nearly every filly image ever created, which you can check out here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Bff9CRn8VVwgpxT6sU6cottQsQ3svXGI
Assess how well you fit into the filly hivemind: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/personality-quiz/?group=-LdS-38NvfIG9PHPrYB8
>I don't like this thread because of reasons.
You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Old-mare Thread: >>243512


File: 1571444824350.png (386.96 KB, 1153x1569, filly.png)

1st post


File: 1571444893250-0.png (105.12 KB, 1440x1440, sketch-1571437549871.png)

File: 1571444893250-1.png (115.7 KB, 1440x1440, sketch-1571437626022.png)

File: 1571444893250-2.png (125.75 KB, 1440x1440, sketch-1571437508518.png)

Bad touch


File: 1571445009285-0.png (Spoiler Image, 237.36 KB, 1440x1440, sketch-1571440802840.png)

File: 1571445009285-1.png (Spoiler Image, 176.97 KB, 1440x1440, sketch-1571441066072.png)

Bad touch?


Is this a normal occurance? Like is this a regular poster or is this unusual even for mlpol?


Most of us dislike Nyx. Did you even look at the fucking OP, retard?


I'll try not to post much in this thread but in that case why post her at all?


Because it's a meme how shit she is. Have you not caught on to that yet?


Nyx is generally disliked, but butthurt ramblings about dumb memes are, while certainly not unheard-of, not something the average Anon cares enough to do.
You might do it if you happened to like Past Sins back in the day and you're feeling nostalgic, or you might do it because you're helplessly addicted to making awful fucking posts and every butthurt reply you get overloads your nervous system with sweet, sweet dopamine.


File: 1571447214046.png (83.92 KB, 710x776, 1271552.png)

Whoops, didn't see the new thread.

>>247192 (You)
There's a qualifier vote for the list of characters in the Miss /mlp/ contest.
It's in google forms unfortunately, to discourage cheating.
Here's the link from the thread:


File: 1571447246017-0.png (120.44 KB, 800x600, c9fc0662cf5df31f201a247e09….png)

I want more stories of Anonfilly and her sister Nyx!


File: 1571447364651.mp3 (54.58 KB, Silence diaperfag.mp3)


File: 1571447636390.png (257.64 KB, 1818x1818, really makes filly think.png)

>the faggot who needs to lurk moar is a brit


File: 1571450568434.png (259.29 KB, 704x695, a pairing made in heck.png)

This, Nyx is best worst cousin fillyfriend


obvious falseflag is obvious


File: 1571451132555.jpg (37.35 KB, 500x500, 834627.jpg)

Have a flag me, I mean…ya faggot

>Ib4 wah, he's just using a VPN


File: 1571457201956-0.jpg (49.58 KB, 600x450, hqdefault.jpg)

/r/ing a filly of this, preferably with Rumble/Button being the onlooker.




File: 1571464491934.png (115.77 KB, 702x932, (you).png)


File: 1571469811939.png (198.5 KB, 877x849, 2019-10-19_3-22-29.png)

This kills the filly



File: 1571470211055.png (15 KB, 471x497, fillypee.png)

I wish for filly to pee in my mouth.


AN-M is back!!!!1


File: 1571471280274.png (691.66 KB, 1949x1804, anonfillyslp.png)

>It's been a long day for your little one.
>Playing out in the fields with her friends since the crack of dawn, a hoofball game that her team won, and movie night curled up next to you.
>About halfway through the movie, you realize she's nodding off.
>You give the go-ahead for the attendant to stop the projector and carry your foal off to the bathroom.
>She's covered in mud and grass stains that you barely noticed, and since a lot of them got on you too you end up getting in the bath together.
>When she's finally clean, you gently levitate her peacefully sleeping form onto the unmade covers of her bed.
>With care, you pull them up over her so that only her forehooves and head peek out.
>"Sleep tight, tomorrow's another big day."


Prompt courtesy of a good friend, just a short one-off I did.
>Find out that your dream momfu stole you as a babby after ten years of living with her
>The original mare is cold and distant, only sought you out because she wanted to be able to sue
>Every day after you get home from school you beg to be able to visit your momfu, the one you've known all this time.
>She always just dismisses you
>"Don't you have some homework to do?"
>"Why don't you go play outside."
>One night, you have a nightmare.
>Half-asleep, you open up her door quietly and crawl into her bed
>As you settle next to her, you hear a horrible screech and feel a hoof impacting with your face before the lights turn on
>She actually apologizes this time, saying she didn't expect you to do that.
>Tells you that there's a bag of green beans in the icebox and that you can use that for the bruising.
>And then, before you can get a word in edgewise, she's already back asleep.


Why do you guys have to do this to me, knowing what wholesome things could exist but don't only worsens the pain


That's some fine-ass art right there


File: 1571506141767.jpg (93.59 KB, 1159x1151, IMG_3576.JPG)

Congraturation! Your winrar!


File: 1571510262198.png (387.43 KB, 2257x2163, filly_2.3.png)


Absolutely adorable


File: 1571510908292.jpg (937.93 KB, 2017x2664, IMG_20190927_042847895.jpg)


is that a watercolor painting? looks cool


Apparently it's common acrylic paint, I'm not the one who made it.


File: 1571532119920-0.png (72.22 KB, 1011x428, F is for frens who spell s….png)

File: 1571532119920-1.png (68.68 KB, 701x561, hort.png)

File: 1571532119920-2.png (116.2 KB, 369x673, poosi.png)

File: 1571532119920-3.png (229.76 KB, 848x558, swastika.png)

File: 1571532119920-4.png (329.58 KB, 1014x718, no hooves.png)

Anonfilly shenanigans were had in PonyTown today. Initially just gathered together to make a contribution to to the /mlp/ send off poster, it quickly devolved into making horse pussies and forming swastika's at spawn.


>anonfilly qualified
>first place with 70 votes
Congratulation. Let make anonfilly the miss /mlp/ of 2019


File: 1571547165105.png (271.28 KB, 850x823, partytime.png)

Party time.


File: 1571555787312-0.jpg (801.57 KB, 3182x1520, image0.jpg)

Sorry for the delay mate.


This entire thread and everyone in it is really gay.



File: 1571563236868.png (568.35 KB, 2196x2648, facehoof.png)

>(You) post a link to the voting form here
>Faggots then jump on the chance to lob rigging accusations


File: 1571566464131.png (143.31 KB, 870x1024, Anonfilly (You) Fishing.png)


Shut it down goyim!


dupfilly btfo


>…Affirmative, Researcher Anon. May God have mercy on your soul"


Gonna be a short one since I don't have long to write, but w/e
1d10[ 1d10 = 7 ]
1d10[ 1d10 = 8 ]
1d10[ 1d10 = 7 ]
1d10[ 1d10 = 5 ]


Oh dear lord, fuck yes.
>"Anon, wake up!"
>"I'm serious, we have to go!"
"Lemme sleep…"
>"I made pancakes."
>You rub the sleep from your eyes, opening your mouth louder than a lion to yawn.
"Spike, if you're lying I'll shit in your fucking Halloween costume."
>"I'm not."
>You groan and hug your pillow close.
"Five more minutes…"
>The covers come off of the bed and you just sigh.
>Crystal is unfortunately an exceptionally poor insulator, so you need to slip on your slippers before getting out of bed.
>A look out the window reveals the ground to be blanketed in a thick coat of snow.
"Guess we won't be going anywhere today…"
>"Come on."
>You reluctantly follow Spike to the kitchen.
>Those pancakes had better be top fucking dollar.
>He sits you down at the chair and serves you six of them.
"Hey, you asshole! These are banana, not chocolate chip!"
>"Fucking brat."
"Well if I had a job to do around here, I would do it with pride."
>You're getting a bit tired, but that makes sense.
>After all, you were just…
>You wake up to a clawed hand slapping your face.
>You look up at Spike and sniffle, cradling your now bleeding face with a hoof.
"What was that for?"
>"To wake you up. We don't have much time, and I need your help."
>You squint, your eyes slowly adjusting to the dark.
"Where are we?"
>"In the catacombs under the castle, there's an entire network down here for the purpose of exactly what we're using it for, hiding."
"It's cold here, I wanna go back to bed."
>You can hear a slapping in the dark that you assume is a facepalm.
>"Take this lantern in your mouth, maybe it'll shut you up."
>Happy for a source of light, you oblige.
>"Alright, now follow me."
>Spike begins to walk down what you can now see to be an incredibly long hallway, the lantern just barely illuminating it all.
>You try to stay close to him, the shadows reaching out from the dark are scaring your stupid little filly brain.
>You say nothing of course, but not out of choice.
>Spike moves at a brisk pace, making him nigh impossible to keep up with in your slippers and footed pyjamas.
>Luckily it's cold enough to where you don't break a sweat, not that you thought you'd ever be saying that.
>Finally, he turns right into a room.
>He bolts the door, then bolts it again with the second lock.
>He looks around before sitting on an armchair.
>"You know what your mom used to do, right?"
>You wince a bit.
>Twilight was a bit of a sore subject for you.
>You wouldn't necessarily say that you adored her, but there was some love between the two of you.
>And then that cult came to town…
>"Anon, focus."
"Magic, research, saving the world…"
>"Yes, yes. What did the cult do to her?"
>You shift uncomfortably.
"They used her, then they all died…"
>"Have you ever considered that that may have been the intent?"
"No, I-"
>"That they might still be out there, even more dangerous now that they're incorporeal?"
>"What she might still be alive, forced to aid them in their plot-"
>He stops, glaring at you.
"Twilight is dead. She's been dead for a year now, and you need to let her go."
>You storm over to the door, unlocking the first deadbolt.
"I'm going back to bed, fuck you."
>"Anon, don't-"
>The door blasts open, the hallway that was seemingly draftless when the door was closed now filled with winds that wouldn't be out of place in a hurricane.
>You hand on to the door frame, but are pulled from it screaming nonetheless.
>You see Spike following soon after you.
>The wind whips and your body, crashing you into walls and bruising your body.
>Your tears fly off from your face, going god knows where behind you.
>You can see nothing.
>After a little while, you start swearing that you can hear howls that aren't the wind.
>You close your eyes and wait for your life to be over.
>Suddenly, your ride is ended by a piercing pain in your left foreleg.
>You tenderly reach out to touch it, but you only feel something cold and metallic, slick with…
>Dear lord, that's your blood.
>"He can't hear you now. Too far."
"W-who the hell are you?"
>"Less a who and more of a what. We are the combined minds of the Seventh Sin."
"So, I'm the final step in summoning your…"
"Is… Twilight in there?"
"If you're going to kill me, can I talk to her alone for a few minutes?"
>"We're afraid we can't- aaaaa!"
>"Anon, listen closely. You can save me and all of Equestria, but you have to be brave. When they begin the ritual and pour the salve on your other hoof, reach out and touch me with it."
"H-how will I know it's you?"
>You can hear the smile in her voice.
>"You will."
>"What did she tell you?!"
>You sniffle.
"S-she told me that I'm gonna die and it's all my fault…"
>"Brothers, we begin."
>You can hear the room begin to fill with ponies, feel their breaths down your neck, feel them touching you…
>Not an especially nice feeling you might add, like something only almost being there.
>You grind your teeth, trying to keep your mind off of your poor impaled hoof.
>If you're lucky and you survive this, they'll probably have to amputate it.
>Though to be perfectly honest, there's not a good chance you will…
>You can't describe it, but the room begins to… hum.
>There's no sound, and there's no reverberations, but you feel it.
>You can hear a cultist struggling with Spike next to you, but they don't impale him.
>One of them licks your cheek.
>"Brothers, it is time."
>Something is dribbled onto your hoof.
>It barely even feels like a liquid, more like congealed shadow than anything else.
>Your skin burns where it soaks through your fur.
>You can see supernovas burning light years away, you know the answers to all of the questions that humanity has ever asked.
>But more importantly, you know where to find Twilight.
>You pierce your heart with your now almost incorporeal hoof, screaming in agony.
[u]>"No! No! You idiot!"[u]


>Flesh rends from your bone and blood flows like rivers, your own mind being shattered like glass.
>You see your family, your dog, your friend who killed himself in middle school.
>They're all waiting for you beyond the veil, smiling.
>You see the smiles fade from their faces.
>"It isn't your time yet, Anon."
>"You have others who need you."
>You open your eyes.
>The slow beeping of the heart monitor reveals that you're still alive.
>Spike is sitting next to you, reading a comic book.
>Your hoof is bandaged, and your mane is a mess.
>"Long time no see, shortstop."
>She gets up on the bed, hugging you close.
>"I missed you so much…"
>Spike gives you a smile and a thumbs up.
"Y-you too."


Shit, fucked up the formatting in the last line. Oh well. Hope you all enjoyed.



Good green anon. I certainly enjoyed it.


>Miss /mlp/ 2019
Serious things have started, go vote for Anonfilly - because all filly-haters are going to happily vote for her opponent just out of spite.


Don't forget to vote against Nyx



Who gives a shit what 4-chinned leddit-tier SFW fags think about a fictional filly


that ones going in the evidence collection


I repeat:
Who gives a shit what 4-chinned leddit-tier SFW fags think about a fictional filly?


You guys seem to.


I'm not participating in this Miss /mlp/ stuff personally. I just don't care about that kind of thing. The magic died long ago. Probably the last time I cared about public perception or any kind of fandom-thing like that was…I dunno, the >4444get?


If you don't care why are you here then?


I don't hate filly, I just don't give a fuck about raiding /mlp/.


Oh noes, I am exposed. Fuck off newfag


File: 1571609689361.png (107.24 KB, 848x795, 1358274.png)

I'm pretty sure everyone here is either consistently lurking and posting on 4/mlp/ or completely ambivalent about anything happening there.


File: 1571612204483.gif (5.15 MB, 469x450, 2034537.gif)

Anonfilly is cute but I can't say no to a sexy filly like wind sprint


File: 1571612384217.png (11.77 KB, 508x215, Dear Faggot.png)


Actually you'll find I got banned for trying to call out your fraud. As you can probably tell from my flag, I have a large disdain for those who manipulate and don't respect the results of votes and referendums. My respect died when I realised that anonfillyfags intend to tamper with votes.

Luckily I have obtained loyal acolytes, because they can sympathize with my struggle.
Vote tampering is one thing, but with >>247982 I have exceptional ground to take a stance.

You interfered with a board and a vote you're not a part of, or have completely forsaken. Your reward for such actions is me.
I guess /mlp/ wasn't our final battleground.


>Nyxfag is an Anglo
… that explain a lot of things.


Yep, and some fucker here needs colonizing. >>248019


>Unironically "When will you understand that your actions have consequences?!?!1"
Wow, and I thought Nigel was the biggest lolcow Britbong. Guess I was wrong. We're not tampering with votes you fucktard, I typically browse over five threads on /mlp/ constantly and I'll fuck around on the catalog for a while to see if there are any more worth watching.


Any more Halloween fillies you fags want to see drawn?


Fuck thats amazing you made my not spoopy suggestion terrifying 12/10 good job


Witch Filly mixing a cauldron but it's actually the punch bowl at a party.


Draw Babby in a pumpkin costume


nyxfag, you fool. you absolute buffoon
good to know youre alive, but why would you go and make it harder for nyx to ever get close to winning by posting here


I thought it was known fact that I always somehow find a way to fuck up something. Plus, my absense seemed to have wore off, figured it got milked enough.


File: 1571615607389.jpg (32.91 KB, 768x432, brexit.jpg)

If Anonfilly wins the vote, we can just have another one.
After all, Anons didn't know what they were voting for.






What is all this >mlpol collusion shit, dude. Can you not be a massive flaming homosexual or is that just anglo nature?


hey… Fuck you… not all of us are massive faggots; we are little faggots


Maybe it's the result of 5 years of being hated. Having my resolve tested countless times, losing my will to do anything numerous times and having to deal with the fact dissapointment isn't just natural, but forced upon me.


I should really be the one mad at you, you even got a Solidarity cameo.


u smell


Maybe you should try learning how to behave. Last chance for the night


A what cameo? Dude are you Ross level autistic or something?


Oh please. We both know what you're doing.


Reminder Nyxfag wrote this:



File: 1571617229507.png (16.25 KB, 111x128, awoofilly.png)

our filly is canon


Surprisingly I didn't write that. Normally I pick more obvious references for parodying, like Undertale.


Every single word that comes out of your goddamned mouth makes matters worse, please shut up


Your RESOLVE, your pure CHUTZPAH, your ENDURANCE. Tested by us swarthy foes. On the internet. On a site nobody asked you to come to. Cry me a fucking river you literal manchild.


Not gonna lie, personally I got nothing against Nyx or (You), everyone has different tastes and all, and I do appreciate the support ya gave filly when tranny jannies went after her for no reason, but I don't even know what you are even trying to accomplish here
Maybe some Nyx content? Some filly/Nyx crossover? Still, whatever it is, most fags really go with the mob mentality, as much they don't agree that they aren't a hug box they do a lot that keeps it borderline from making it one, so with the average dislike of Nyx, most won't think for themselves and just go with it

No, I never read Past Sins nor plan on doing
Yea I can support Nyx and was already planning on doing so for that vote, unless she comes against another horse I like, no rigging here
No, most fags won't really give Nyx a bone, but they willand already do remember ya for your love for your filly. Doubt anyone else would go for that range for their waifu like you did, so kudos to you, but like said before, don't go expecting much from others


File: 1571618955389.jpg (80.08 KB, 1000x1000, f59becb0f545c74d341de259ce….jpg)

Cmon familia, at least let nyx make it to round 2


Nyxfag posted this poem/lyrics a few weeks before the show ended, i dont know if he wrote it or not, but i think so, and i really liked it

When all hope seems lost
And days are passing in a sinful motion
My heart is laying in the frost
How cannot they see my devotion?

I'm just stuck in the violet past,
I wanted give them love and laughter!
It seems like I'm an outcast
With bitter wishes for happy ever after

Nyx Nyx
Nyx is my life (2x)
Black filly with heart
sister and wife
never apart
crossing the field of

I know gray days will go away
As starfalls crossing sky of twilight
They'll learn of kindness up one day
For filly which pelt isn't pure white

So new horizons have no end
And day will dawn for our trial
As Mother told to search for friend
'Cause y'all just my friends in denial

Nyx Nyx
Nyx is my life (2x)
Black filly with heart
sister and wife
never apart
crossing the field of


If youre nyxfag, why the fuck would you post this here, thats retarded
if youre not nyxfag, cheers


Not voting but:
>voting Nyx over Moondancer



This nigga gets it


>Twilight v1.5
Meh, don't really care

>But NEET horse

Floor Bored is better for that still, vote for her instead


I agree with this. I'm just saying Moondancer > Nyx. Floore Bored = the ultimate qt NEET.


File: 1571620385849.png (301 KB, 846x1024, silly orange.png)

Fair, wasn't saying you shouldn't vote for her if you like her either, realised it could be read that way on the last phrase, in the end this doesn't really matter
Still curious to see all the butthurt jannies if filly wins and the shitpile about it being "rigged" even if it wasn't, just like the 4cc fags, wish Aryanne had gotten in for extra drama as well, nu-mulp is so easily triggered it's funny


Also, just to vent
>Hiding orange filly on pony town
>Selectively hiding fillies as if they were normies in an organized event
>Randomly hiding Anonfilly-es, period
Disgusting, get a secret message or go to a private server if you want to keep it locked out from new Anons joining


>just like the 4cc fags, wish Aryanne had gotten in for extra drama as well, nu-mulp is so easily triggered it's funny
Precisely what I was thinking of this recent accusation of rigging.

I don't know anything about Pony Town tbh, are you talking about the jannies in the game banning or shadowbanning anonfillies?


Thread on 4chan for Pony Town, you can hide horses so you don't see them around, useful for annoying normies I bet, they've been staying as Anonfilly as well since the first time I saw the thread so I'm 90% certain that message will get to whoever needs to read it, not going to 4chan just for that
Still, there was an event Saturday and apparently it seemed like they(Anons) were hiding not only the normies but also fillies(other Anons) they didn't knew. So much for a thread/'chan event huh?

Still, just venting that out, let's not shit the thread with it


No problem man, just curious. I've thought about visiting the game just for shits and giggles anyway. If you ever wanna play, maybe we could make a thread on the only good pony-centered imageboard about it or meeting on there in a sort of /soc/ style.


Fillies they didnt know? what are you talking about?
pretty sure the only rules were be a filly and be green, which is how anonfilly is suppossed to be, the only one who got a freepass is sign because hes there 24/7 for weeks.

I really had no idea about this hiding fillies they didnt know, i really doubt it since its not like we have usernames, its just anonfilly, so we cant really know who it is unless they change into a skin of their own


File: 1571627105145-0.png (943.36 KB, 1500x1059, 2171457.png)

Get the anti-Nyxfag RPG.


I hang with the anonfillies on PT pretty often, and helped tard wrangle for the Saturday thing. I have literally no clue what you're talking about. Hell, I'm on it right now, and there's a decent amount of fillies there too. Hop on and you'll find that, as long as you're not a redditor, you'll get along just fine.


You said there was fillies. I see no fillies


Youre supposed to go to the docks, its the meeting spot, we spend 99% of the time there


What server?


18+ 1
Amount of fillies usually varies, peak time seems to be around 10pm - midnight eastern.


What happened to those stories about filly being abused? Did their writefags just abandon them?


File: 1571641411239.png (255.17 KB, 576x1024, Soldier.png)

which ones?
You mean the pee bottle launcher?


File: 1571641788487.png (487.21 KB, 2398x2045, comfy-fied.png)

They're anti-real as a result of pic related


We literally just ask if you are a horsefucker because we dont want to be full of autistic 14 year olds (we want to be full of very autistic 18+ people)


Anonfilly and Nyx are best friends, prove me wrong.


There used to be a bunch of them, I recall three or four before they just petered out. I remember some guy who wrote under the name faggot, that sound right?


File: 1571666477724-0.png (26.71 KB, 262x182, unknown.png)


We need more soldier filly


we need more filly


Different filly, I thought when you guys asked that you were just meming or asking a legit question. Personally, I couldn't do it just because of financial reasons, but mares are beautiful.


File: 1571688881984.png (169.12 KB, 640x640, fillywantsmore.png)

we need more


File: 1571703041694-0.png (231.18 KB, 1282x1570, FillyCute.png)

File: 1571703041694-1.png (1.49 KB, 104x104, Christmas Filly Bigger-4.png)

File: 1571703041694-2.gif (145.63 KB, 168x168, Filly Space BG Mars Small.gif)

File: 1571703041694-3.gif (73.62 KB, 168x168, Witch Filly.gif)

Whoops I forgot to post these, guess it's time for the rolled up newspaper. I'm sorry.


File: 1571703157301.png (105.14 KB, 436x482, bap.png)

>forgot to post these
>pic related
Thanks for the fillies though, they're really great!


File: 1571708351228.png (145.8 KB, 757x727, chrome_2019-10-19_14-46-00.png)

Stupid cute Anonfilly

The horsepussy was good, but the horsecock needs improvement.


Hey guys I'm new here and I just discovered this but I read that anonfilly was banned in other places but i couldn't find a solid answer, can someone explain me the whole history?


Lurk more turbonigger


File: 1571710385277.jpg (32.54 KB, 433x468, mulp mods.jpg)

mulp mods are fags who ban anything they personally don't like
that's all there is to it


This Nyxfag shitting up our board and thread has gotten me thinking about Nyx's cuter and much more based sister, Dyx. Could we get some art of Dyx and Filly playing Mortal Kombat together while Nyx watches on in envy of her more popular sister or something?



I have several qeustions.


File: 1571714404897-0.png (1.51 MB, 3600x3600, 1462891.png)

File: 1571714404897-1.png (280.87 KB, 999x750, 1958086.png)

File: 1571714404897-2.png (129.74 KB, 1319x900, 1985804.png)

File: 1571714404897-3.png (73.72 KB, 1160x900, 1983429.png)

File: 1571714404897-4.png (55.51 KB, 788x530, anonfilly-zip.png)

Pic 1 should answer most of them. Pics 2 and three should give you a good idea of the execution. Pic 4 is Nyx abuse, and therefore good. Pic 5 is a new filly someone made because I ain't no rulebreaker and this is still the anonfilly thread.


>last pic


You should've just posted the last pic alone instead of tacking it onto the end of a nyxpost, faggot


Not Nyx, Dyx. She exists to make Nyx's like a living hell, so unfortunately the cancer also had to be present.


File: 1571716879539.jpg (102.81 KB, 820x640, 1510596806300.jpg)

My point still stands.
You only really needed the first pic for your explanation, and you shouldn't use new content as an "obligatory filly"; you only need to use your words to say that we shouldn't get too far off-topic once you're done addressing whatever else.


Yeah, I'm done here. This just seems like you want to bait me into an argument at this point.


>faggot does something retarded
>cries "bait!" when he gets called out for it
At least make sure (You) don't do anything else stupid, fag


Alright, let's put it to a poll.


File: 1571718068313.png (174.15 KB, 697x768, 1553209778211.png)

>Making a poll to try and strawman his way out
>The absolutely retarded state of these attempts
Stop, lurk, learn, that is all

Filly version of >Image when?


I was on your side, but if my vote is the only no, I'm going to laugh.


File: 1571720347527.png (380.48 KB, 622x611, 1570324729840.png)

Anon, it's ok to be wrong from time to time. All this floundering around trying to cover it up is just making you look more retarded.


is it bad i want to fuck that purple horse?


Nah fam, it's basically mega-milf unicorn twi, so it's only natural


>No wings


File: 1571751701797-0.png (49.91 KB, 360x462, SmolIsFuckingGay.png)

>Tfw you're not in Smash


File: 1571751996940-0.gif (4.66 KB, 192x192, MaxEffort.gif)

I hear someone building diaper changing station!


File: 1571754876628.png (522.44 KB, 1000x1000, edge.png)


That's Nyx you tard.


That's nyxfag you mong


with Dyx


I'm aware, hence why I called him a tard and not a silly filly.
It's still not the filly he was talking about, lurk moar.


He should have specified on the filly.


File: 1571761833052.jpg (257.67 KB, 728x800, Not crotchtits.jpg)

You are not wrong, but do you know where you are?
At least it's a horse version, but it's more specific than original, having more use in edgy contexts mostly, so meh


File: 1571767409265.jpeg (128.58 KB, 1428x900, 1982961.jpeg)

Would Filly get along with Dyx?


Nyx would be too cringey
Dyx would be 2kool4skool
Anonfilly would get along better with Floor Bored than either tbh


File: 1571770939772.png (145.35 KB, 1049x615, nyx did mlpol.png)

Today I will remind them.


Anonfilly will tolerate her but only because she's best friends with Nyx. Dyx will abuse that a lot.


I think it'd be the other way around, Nyx is fucking bland and Dyx's bombastic nature would go well with filly's. They would be unstoppable: egging houses, spraying up public buildings with gore porn, and sleeping in the same sleeping bag when they go camping, but only because Dyx is really warm.


Anonfilly would want to hang out with Dyx, but to piss Anonfilly off, Dyx insists on bringing Nyx everywhere with them.
nyx doesn't even want to go either


I think Dyx would shun her younger sister and ditch her at every opportunity to hang with Anon.


Filly would fucking hate Dyx, because Dyx is too much like filly but not as easily angered. Their every conversation would probably end with filly frothing at the mouth while randomly stringing together swear words.


Nah, Dyx is abusive in that emotionally manipulative way, Nyx becomes her Zoidberg.


I strongly believe that Anonfilly will hate Dyx with every fiber of her being, it's like meeting a better version of you but she is everything that you are not and more.


explains why she hates nyx


Anonfilly could get along with Nyx. Nyx's passive personality makes it easier to strongarm her into doing stupid shit. It's just that Nyx's being a black alicorn really pisses her off for some reason.


This filly gets it


File: 1571784913830-0.png (3.42 MB, 3600x7000, 1571783123177.png)

Congratulation Anonfilly

The next one look easy for her too but I can feel that the ride will end when she goes against Pear butter or Twilight Velvet


Daaaa dadada
*Choir kicks in*


Ooof. Filly should have it in the bag up until Pinkie Pie, but with derpibooru getting in on the tourney, it'll be a tough match


Anonfilly doesn't hate Nyx, quite the contrary.


Do you think Anonfilly liked taking her black alicorn marecock?


Fuck off, futafags can die and you're the Nyxfag, so that's a double you can die.


>Doesn't want to be a cute filly with a 2 foot long cock



File: 1571789988698-0.png (407.84 KB, 680x680, 1814666.png)

You disgust me more than words can describe.


Quit pretending. There's only one other britfag who samefags to the same degree. You're not fooling anyone


Who said I'm denying it?


Then you'll understand when anons disagree with you on more principle than just what you say.


Nyx lost the poll. Why are you still here?


because like anonfilly, nyx is no longer allowed. And I don't expect anyone to care either.
Past Sins? Penstroke? Nyx? Vague mention regarding the fanfic? It just gets removed.
Don't get me wrong, I don't expect sympathy. Despite the similarities of our situation I understand completely this will be a point for you to mock me, which will make the complaining of anonfilly seem hyperbolic and redundant.


File: 1571797443683.png (870.72 KB, 894x1010, 1561942113134-1.png)

They re cracking down on Nyx as well? No more threads of her allowed? Even if that s not for everyone's taste that just makes no sense…
Fuck nu-mulp and their anti-fun brigade


File: 1571801878734.png (277.06 KB, 500x480, muh fetish.png)

I hate Nyxfag as much as the next guy and agree he should either leave or off himself, but ponies have caused me to become a futafag long before I began lurking


File: 1571802677228.jpg (117.34 KB, 1300x861, hdhhrj.jpg)



God dammit I’m a filly now



Start camwhoring.


Post hooves.


File: 1571829451859.jpg (1.36 MB, 2576x1932, 20191023_055643.jpg)

This is my third attempt at drawing pony so please no bully.
Yes, I know the legs are cubes.
Hope you like it :)


Imagine not knowing how to become the filly


File: 1571833665846-0.png (6.58 MB, 4961x7016, 1285769__semi-dash-grimdar….png)

It's that time of the year…


Kek, it’s pretty good anon. Consider in future giving more volume to the ears, and emphasizing the contrast of the mane/tail. Maybe it’s cuz the mouse hole but my mind says ‘kitteh’, but solid effort


>Thicc plot
Off to good start


Kind of what I wanted to go for, she is waiting to pounce :^)


Glad I read the image right. Consider adding wiggle-butt lines. Not for lewd images, I swear.


File: 1571875970360.jpeg (130.3 KB, 960x769, Offbrand Slots.jpeg)

Let us never forget the time filly was plastered onto this crime against gambling


told ya anonfilly is normie tier


File: 1571877073666.jpg (69.18 KB, 1024x956, derp23661.jpg)

>anonfilly is normie tier


I'm gonna have to make another "who could possibly be behind this post" meme aren't I?


Hey guys I wonder how much in common they have the fandoms for pony transformation and anonfilly?


File: 1571889846773.jpeg (855.23 KB, 2000x1200, 1206604.jpeg)

Put flag back on britfag, you're fooling nobody
And since I'm already giving (You) a you, please do us all a favour and kindly fuck off


File: 1571890856730.gif (2.79 MB, 2100x1500, dyx.gif)


Kek, that's great. Many thanks for going through with it.


Nyx and Dyx have snouts that are a bit bigger than anonfilly's, it's a great image but it turned out a bit uncanny in that regard.


yeah I see what you mean, I'll try to take that more into account in the future


Thanks. If it's not too much trouble, would you mind fixing that one?


File: 1571892357550.gif (2.82 MB, 2100x1500, dyx.gif)

does this look better?


File: 1571893647699.jpg (49.81 KB, 1280x720, suffering.jpg)

I don't know poner.
I don't like the idea of my filly sharing time with them. They look like bad company.


I was talking more about Nyx and Dyx's muzzles, Anon's was fine before


Im being honest, I cant figure out how to correct them to look more like the original filly, sorry that it looks wierd


Honestly, they all look stretched out. Maybe try making them smaller and lower on the face


File: 1571898271518-0.png (149.39 KB, 655x697, 581752135215421.png)

File: 1571898271518-1.png (116.12 KB, 645x667, autismfilly.png)

File: 1571898271518-2.png (82.21 KB, 725x725, 1504001257615.png)

This, when in doubt use references.
Some filly faces for you


File: 1571899693225.gif (2.8 MB, 2100x1500, dyx.gif)

Thanks for all the advice it is appreciated, I think I got the noses at least a little bit better because of it


File: 1571900015248.png (55.08 KB, 396x474, AFQT.png)

Much better anon


File: 1571904550650.png (1.05 MB, 2000x2047, fugfilly.png)


>Ha, you're a pretty gay filly
>In fact, you're an adorable gay filly
>Of course I wanna do you, c'mere you lovable fag


>Wanna do me
For hugs and petting.



nyxfag here
art style could be improved upon, but I'm just happy she's included, I understand it's meant to be anti-nyx, but it doesn't come off as outright malicious. I like it.


If you're going to hang around and occupy posts in our thread, could you at least writefag or draw something?


I did try writefagging in the old /mlp/ anonfilly thread using both anon and nyx but it wasn't well recieved because…well you get the idea. I'll just stick to lurking. I know my place.


Yet, you are not lurking anyway. While I do not think you necessarily need to post green or pics, I just think that you need to do as everyone always do. You should keep yourself on the subject of Anonfilly in your posts since this is an anonfilly thread. I don't know if you have done this or not but that is the important part anyway.
But please stop with this, "Oy vey, goy. I have been oppressed."


File: 1571943443097.png (129.79 KB, 528x389, dipshit.png)


File: 1571943985681.png (579.78 KB, 4000x4000, sillyfilly.png)

Here, have a silly filly


>"It's awful Dyx, this one faggot keeps following me around and acting like a tard, and now people hate me too…"


I don't see why we can't just steal her for ourselves


What do you mean by that Nyxfag Anon?


File: 1571952438451-0.png (34.4 KB, 709x310, FILLYISPREGNANT.PNG)

Filly is pregnant.
Message is from the game dev btw


I didn't hear a no~


anonfilly.zip a cute!
a cute!


File: 1571957441817.jpg (47.71 KB, 500x375, 1307574024937.jpg)

I wrote ironically about Nyx in mlp anonfilly too, but I didn't even know the character and I got bored midway so I quit.
Don't see why you couldn't write about her here though, as long as the main focus is Anonfilly you can fill out your story with whatever shitty oc side characters you want.


Is bad if I want to make love with an anonfilly as another anonfilly?


File: 1571958806362.jpg (427.66 KB, 2103x1872, scissoring fillies.jpg)

It isn't bad, quite the opposite in fact!


File: 1571958899118-0.png (132.35 KB, 1031x1292, 1560834886255.png)

>bottom text
Holy fuck, that triggered my autism harder than it has any right to have done, what the fuck man
And then they have the audacity to complain when ads like this go out and about, fucking lefties


File: 1571958983403-0.jpg (106.02 KB, 1200x675, mvqm5osur0ao043d2tkx.jpg)

Was getting invalid image, meant ads like this one


Looks a lot better!


Such a lovely filly. Glad to see you drawing more!


File: 1571984679697.png (724.48 KB, 2500x2500, Skydiving with Grandma.png)

Nana Velvet loves her grandfilly


File: 1571984847341.png (556.03 KB, 512x512, Absolutely Beautiful.png)


Video related, but gender flipped.


Making Velvet a thrillseeking maniac might have been the coolest thing nu-FiM did. Too bad it was only a thing for one episode.


Anonfilly won the second round against Fleur de Lis with 31 votes against Fleurs 21, a far cry from the 70 something votes in the qualifier. Next round will be against Roseluck who got 33 votes this round, hope there will be more votes for everyone's favorite faggot then.


I mean I'm too tired and useless to do this on my own. You've seen what she and I have become because of myself.
I really want to hand these keys to someone who knows how to use them.


>reading comprehension
That's the number of votes that were discarded for not answering the questions right.
The actual vote was something like 302-143.
Also, Roseluck got 300 votes this round.


File: 1572029172916.png (16.32 KB, 631x540, Round 2.png)

Yeah i noticed just now that I'm actually retarded. Sorry.
Results here.


File: 1572036666357-0.png (1.59 MB, 1440x1920, sketch-1572024380883.png)

>"H-hey filly-"
"God dammit Twiggy, I got a fucking restraining order against you. I don't even live in the same town as you anymore. How did you even find me?"
>"L-let's go on an inter-dimensional adventure filly."
"D-dear lord fuck no, that's gay as fuck."
>"I'll let you stick some big seeds up your butt."
"I don't know how you convinced me to do this."
>"I-I know you well, kiddo."


It is funny how he drew that pic before Nyxfag came here. Is Cuthulu whispering to you in your dream, Plunger?


anonfilly is going to die in 2020


I'd be legit sad if I heard that happened.


File: 1572045171215.png (731.69 KB, 896x1024, FILLYREEE.png)


File: 1572045425385.png (495.81 KB, 720x1280, 1533787470357.png)

Dice rollRolled 2


Rolling for Anon and filly to escape from purple's grasp


Well at least it wasn't a 1


hes a closeted nyxfag
or Cthulu is nyx


RIP OccultFacade's good story ending.


You're still alive? Oh thank god…


Always here. Watching lurking.
The Occult Facade story hit a bit of a rut…
So many possibilities to tell, but I do want to actually finish the story.



Good work


Filly travels across dimensions collecting fillies to bring them back and raid Twilight's castle for snacks


Not mine, I stolded it


Naughty filly


>The Galactic Federation of Fillies becomes consumed with getting snacks and evading punishments from purplesmart
>One or two purplesmart instances finds out, crosses dimensions, and creates an organization of like minded momfus to counter the fillies' hedonistic desires and underhanded trickery


File: 1572068862295.png (147.21 KB, 670x549, frens.png)



File: 1572069344025.jpg (460.69 KB, 1509x797, Into the first. Galactic. ….jpg)

Filly version of this WHEN?


>"The cookies filly do you have them?"
>This is easier than I thought it would be. Essy undercover job.
"Yeah, 'course I got 'em"
>Her snoot scrunches.
>Previously a filly standing guard behind me sprints.
>A loud screeeeching alarm sounds.
>"You're a smart cookie purple. It's almost a shame you played your hand too early. Almost, see we have a special place for you here."
>How did they do this? I can't feel my magic!
>"The cuddle pits will definitely enjoy you. Especially the Twi-fags"
"You can't do this!"
"We'll find out about this!"
>"That's what the previous Twilight said. Take her away fillies."
>Dragges away by the green swarm I could hear her say one last thing.
>"Damn, I've always wanted to say that before."


"Have you heard the tragedy of Darth Nymous the wise?"


>"I thought not. It's not a story the momfus would tell you."




I regret that I didn't log in last night to chat/play around. I would have actually liked to idly chat a bit.


File: 1572102478939-0.jpeg (420.62 KB, 2500x2500, 2179425.jpeg)

What a faggot a cute faggot


File: 1572105672502.gif (7.18 KB, 192x192, 2179457.gif)

I wish we could do pic related in Pony Town. Our cheeks are touching :^)


>Lewd two-players animations usable in Ponytown
… I need this.




I kinda liked the contentfag autism from this summer, figured I'd contribute.
>Well, this is it.
>You're on your way to a new town, the mysterious town of Ponyville.
>At least that's what you told your buddies back home after that tragic boating accident killed your momfu.
>You were gonna miss them all, Quick Strike, Colorguard…
>And especially Copper Top.
>You only knew about Ponyville from the show, but sometimes Copper would cuddle up next to you after a long day of casework…
>If you were lucky enough, she'd tell you an exhilarating story, like that time she was in the middle of a psychic cult compound and couldn't get any backup.
>Usually though, it was just stories about how nice and respectful ponies were to her.
>She never said it, but even though her detective work here paid much better she missed that little town.
>And now those ambitions of.better pay had gotten her killed.
>The train hisses to a halt, jostling you forward a little bit.
>You groan, trying to get up to the overhead storage compartment where your worldly possessions are stored.
>Alas, your small stature prevents it.
>And then, like magic because it is; your bag levitates down to you.
>You're wrapped up in a hug, which you awkwardly return.
"Princess Twilight?"
>"Normally I'd meet you at the platform, but I figured you might want some help."
"Thanks… so, you're the guardian they told me about?"
>"Yes, though I'll give you a word of warning and say that you're not the only foal I'm caring for."
"That's okay, back on earth I had four brothers."
>She laughs heartily.
>"Try sixteen sisters."
>"Did nopony explain the rules to you?"
>"Every couple of years, a filly that looks almost exactly like you will show up in some mare's house. The mare feels this uncontrollable desire to care for the filly, and even if she's never wanted foals she will go through the process of adopting her."
"That's… a bit terrifying."
>"Oh thank Celestia you're one of the reasonable ones…"
"W-what do you mean by that?"
>"I think it would be better if I just showed you…"
>"Fucking nigger! Those are my diapers."
>"Nuh-uh, mine have the little pink hearts on them."
>You try to hide the look of disgust on your face as Twilight leads you through what must have once been an elegant space, filled to the brim with candy wrappers, soda cans, used heat tampons and other things that nearly make you retch just looking at them.
>"Here's your room. You'll have an attached bathroom, a reasonably large closet, and a queen-sized bed."
>You can't help but chuckle a bit.
>Twilight smiles at you with tired eyes.
>"What's so funny?"
"This room is just so much nicer than the one I had back in Canterlot."
>"Oh come on, don't give me that much credit, you haven't even seen it yet."
>She inserts a key and turns it, revealing a four-poster bed, an oak nightstand, and one of those electricity powered oil lamps.
>The bathroom looks just as ornate, boasting a bowl sink and a bidet on the toilet
"Dear lord…"
>"Here's the key. Normally I don't give fillies rooms this nice, but you've had a rough couple of weeks and I want to make the transition as easy for you as it can be."
>You take the key and unclip your third of a heart 'bffs' necklace.
>"Oh, I can enchant that to return to your neck if it gets more than fifty hoofsteps from you."
>"Sure thing."
"Do you have a bit of time to spare?"
>"I cleared out the whole day to get you acclimated, now-"
>You press your face up into her chest, sobs muffled by the soft hair.
>You feel yourself pulled away from her chest before being put on the bed.
>Twilight gets up on after you.
>You move in close to her.
>"I know it hurts, but the pain will numb over time."
"C-can you brush my mane? Copper loved doing that…"
>"Of course."
>"If you need me, I'll generally either be in my bedroom, the library, one of the fifteen labs, or in one of the other filly's rooms. There used to be a magic scroll that showed my location in the castle, BUT SOMEPONY URINATED ALL OVER IT."
>You can see a filly who was making engine noises while playing with a truck scamper off.

Alright, that's as far as I can go right now. Will probably continue this later, tell me what you think of the premise.


It's great, I love it. you should continue sometime


I'm confused.

Why is Twilight managing so many fillies if they all spawn with a soon-to-be-loving mother nearby ?
Because that kinda imply all those moms get killed really fast after adoption.
… and that all those Anonfillies never ages - since otherwise the 'every couple of years' shouldn't lead to more than a handful of fillies at the same time before they grow into Anonmares and get kicked out of the crystalplayset to go be someone else's problem.

I get you were probably trying to just have some pathos on the new recruit and wanted to justify a shitton of other fillies around, but the implications are kinda mild SCP-tier.


Nah, I think his implications are that a lot of people here want Twiggy to be their momfu.


File: 1572112210149.png (86.28 KB, 1024x1024, fillythink.png)

>Filly is an SCP


File: 1572112404268.png (2.11 MB, 2000x4000, 1986657.png)



File: 1572114751606.jpg (69.18 KB, 995x739, DYWUlgCXkAEfX_t.jpg)

I'd throw my fillies in the trashcan too if I found out they were daiperfags.


I can't even spell, toss me in the trash too.


>implying fillies ever age


File: 1572126059737.png (901.3 KB, 2000x1200, _filly come outside purple.png)

One of you filly fags write the scp entry


What good is an SCP vs an Eldrich Horror?
Release the Nyx!


File: 1572133989758.png (436.79 KB, 614x461, Government Microchips.png)

>Be Anonfilly
>Waiting for your ride home from school
>Twilight said she couldn't make it, but someone else would be there
>You hear the sound of a car pulling up behind you, and foals snickering
>"Nonny! Over here!"
Wut do?


Are there any pics of a /fit/ Anonfilly? Just wondering because I had a dream last night where I was a fit Anonfilly.


File: 1572138986466.png (164.54 KB, 613x710, 1471044531554.png)

When has filly ever done anything besides eat Cheetos and play video games all day?


>His dreams get to be about being the filly
L-lucky bastard…


Sometimes she eats doritos and watches anime all night.


File: 1572139896266.png (364.8 KB, 1542x2084, fillygiggle.png)


Draw filly going to the corn maze




Draw filly at the laboratory of Dr. Sparkle being offered corn.


File: 1572153604436-0.jpeg (212.94 KB, 900x651, 1271545.jpeg)

File: 1572153604436-1.jpeg (113.56 KB, 377x500, 1764677.jpeg)

S-she's a growing filly, she needs her dewritos and chips, yesh
Her earth pony body needs all the sustenance it can get to stay healthy afterall


File: 1572154165838.png (56.34 KB, 540x320, 1572150350347.png)

Filly gets plenty of Cheetos.




Origin story of orange filly.


File: 1572161863192.png (571.65 KB, 678x676, kek.png)



Keep it up, this is awesome.


Filly is for sexual
Filly is for abuse
Filly is for after care


Whats so appealing about filly abuse anyway? Is it a sexual thing? Why do I only see this showing up in anonfilly threads?
Someone please help me understand.


You're telling me. I have no clue, either.



The only thing I've ever heard is "It makes me feel safe."
>Be filly
>You momfu is poor as fuck, sells herself for sex but it just isn't enough to feed you and your siblings.
>Being the oldest, you start to sell your body in secret.
>You tell her that a generous stallion has decided to help your family, and in a way you're not lying.
>When your hymen first breaks, you know you can't cry.
>Ponies don't want to feel like they're pedophiles when they fuck little fillies, so you grin through the pain and hold back the tears.
>You don't have the same clientele every night, and sometimes they'll hit you.
>In the mouth, on the flanks, they've knocked out a couple of teeth that you need to keep in with caulk.
>You don't cry even then.
>As time goes on, you see your efforts paying off for your family.
>This year at Hearthswarming, your mom can afford presents for your siblings.
>For your present, she gives you the tightest most loving hug you've ever felt.
>Your bruises, barely concealed with hair dye make it painful, but it's a good kind of hurt.
>Despite all of the pain you endure, you feel proud of yourself.
>You can live vicariously through your family for a while.
>One day, your mom comes home from the Soup factory jumping for joy.
>She said that she put in a job application for working as a librarian, and they accepted it.
>Much more flexible hours, and better pay.
>You happily start to collect all of the supplies you've used to conceal your night life and store them away.
>But then, everything.
>One of the stallions that had beat you in the past is in court, and he confesses to abusing you by name.
>You're taken into rehab, and your mom is fired from her new job.
>Everyone thinks she forced you to do it, and no matter how much evidence you put forth that you were the one that decided to do it, nobody listens.
>"Poor girl, that witch has brainwashed her."
>"She's delusional."
>"Stockhoof syndrome."
>The last you hear from your mother is a letter from home with a polaroid photo of her teary-eyed smile.
>'Don't blame yourself please Nonny, it isn't your fault.'
>'It's like you always used to say…'
>'This world is rotten.'
>Three months later, you're allowed a day off from rehab to visit her grave.


File: 1572212992540-0.png (355.61 KB, 651x483, Dolphin_10_26_2019_8_06_38….png)

Mama mia!


File: 1572213038433-0.png (328.21 KB, 677x515, Cosmetics.png)

That's not very Team Fortress 2 of you, filly.


File: 1572213115803.png (39.03 KB, 340x420, Angery Pirate.png)

I demand a /comfy/ ending right now! I don't care if you have to pull some time travel bullshittery, DO IT RIGHT NOW FAGET!


File: 1572213204440-0.png (231.2 KB, 700x792, 1869085.png)


File: 1572213850300.png (13.73 KB, 454x602, REEEEEEEEE.png)


So I just got a sowing machine and an embroidery machine today. How much would you guys be willing to pay for anon filly plushies?


make a frankensteinfilly


Make filly plush, then show here. If it's good enough, I might buy.


Nigga I just bought a computerized embroidery machine. I can do the eyes and cutiemark right now.


He's talking about Halloween-related shenanigans, not insulting you you fag.


>getting mad at Nyxfag


>so apparently some 6000 years ago Equestria had a native population of humans
>but a plague was on the verge of wiping them out, so they begged the unicorns to help them
>the unicorns ended up turning the whole human population into fillies
>thus, not one more human was killed by the plague
>but humanity was now extinct in Equestria
>but the history lesson, while interesting, isn't really relevant to you right now
>what is relevant is that little snot-nose brat Diamond Tiara
>you've had enough of her shit
>you're gonna kick that little cunt's ass
>the problem is, you can't really get away with that as a six-foot biped
>you need that spell to become a little filly, so you can fight Diamond Tiara on fair terms
>but there's no way Twilight would agree to cast it on you for that reason
>so you found that ancient spell and left it out on Twilight's desk
>and you've spent the past week just generally driving her up the wall
>barging into her house in the middle of the night, teaching Spike to hand-fart, eating all those nasty hayburgers she keeps in the fridge
>dog-earing books
>so now, exactly in accordance with your master plan, Twilight has cornered you in her rape dungeon
"-and that's why I'm gonna turn you into a filly and make your life miserable like you've made mine!"
>you yawn
"Yeah okay, sounds fair."
>you're not really too worried about what's going to happen
>Twilight has grown a lot over these past three years
>nowadays, she tends to follow-up her sperg tantrums with tearful apologies
>furthermore, you've already taken the precaution of acquiring a certain amulet from a certain collector
>this amulet is designed to dispell all spells that have been cast on its wearer, meaning that you should be able to go back once you're done pounding Diamond Tiara's face in
>a vein visibly pulses on Twilight's head
"Are you listening to me?! I said-"
"Oh, yeah, right. Uh, oh no, please don't, yadda yadda… can we just get this over with?"
>Twilight screams
>her horn flares
>for an instant, all is white
>and when you can see again…
"Everything looks exactly the same."
>you stretch your arm out to look at it
>yup, you've still got hands
"Woooow. You suck."
"What? No. I don't- that spell is nearly 6000 years old, how could-"
>"Uh, 'scuse me, what's goin' on?"
>your head turns like the second-hand on a clock to your right
>standing next to you
>is a carbon copy of yourself
>well, there's one difference
>upon his tie is printed a tricolor shield with an apple in the middle
"Ah, who are you?"
>your doppelganger glances frantically around with tears in his eyes
>"Wha- Anon? Twilight? I-it's me! It's Apple Bloom!"
>you stare uncomprehendingly for a full five seconds
>the little hamster inside of your skull notices this
>punches in from his smoke break
>and hops back on his little hamster wheel
>understanding dawns upon you
"Oooooh! I see what's going on! Why, Twilight, you got the spell wrong! You've messed it up! Flubbed it! Got it all mixed up!"
"What? No! No, there's no way!"
"Twilight, you silly little pony, instead of creating an Anon filly, you've created a filly Anon!"
>Twilight frowns
"Hang on, let me try…"
>another panicking Anon-clone, this one with a tricolor shield and a star emblazoned on his tie, shrieks in the dungeon
"No? Uh… let's see…"
>and yet another one, this one with a wing in the middle of that shield on his tie
"No, no, no, this doesn't-"
"Ah, Twilight. You've already Anon-ified all three of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Maybe you should re-read the spell before trying it again?"
>Twilight scowls
>and teleports out of the dungeon
"Huh. What an utterly unexpected turn of events."
>all three Anon-ified fillies are now staring at you with their eyes as wide as their now-human eye sockets will allow
>the Anon formerly known as Apple Bloom speaks up
>"Mr. Anon, what's gonna happen to us now?"
>you scratch your chin in thought
"Oh, I know. Come on guys, I'll show you how to hand-fart!"
>over the course of the next 24 hours, Twilight forgets her desire to punish you and only wants to figure out why the spell won't work
>so she casts it dozens of more times
>there are now no less than 50 fillies trapped in Anon bodies
>you'll probably break out that magic-dispelling amulet when this stops being so funny


A summery in the style of Florida man.
>Ponyville mare accidentally kidnaps over fifty fillies as she claims "wanted revenge on Anon for being a CENSORED." Here's how everything fell apart.


File: 1572225659785.png (13.84 KB, 515x472, vote.png)

Nice work fillyfags. This will be our last victory because the next one is pear butter.
Our filly don't have any chance to win this round anyway, both pinkie pie and pear butter are real characters, not just background ponies


>Our filly don't have any chance to win this round
not with that attitude, faggot


>Our filly don't have any chance to win this round anyway
Oh ye of little faith…


File: 1572226175641-0.png (474.58 KB, 1024x768, 1572201618483_1.png)

>Ywn scissor golly


File: 1572226274033.png (58.59 KB, 1324x507, rip.png)

>first round: Wind sprint
Just a literally who filly from a cuck episode

>second round: Fleur De Lis

Background pony that never was relevant

>third round:Roseluck

Background pony again but this time with a little of fandom power in her side

This time is Pear Butter and she is going to be the first and last real test.
Also the OP say this in the thread, so this is literally a game over for Anonfilly.


Shit's fucked yo


File: 1572231548536.png (7.31 KB, 209x262, AbusedFilly.png)


File: 1572232406987.jpg (26.2 KB, 513x362, CALIBRATED.jpg)

Roseluck is my waifu so you better delet that

Jokes aside, you're underestimating Roseluck, sure not many may waifu her, but she is a very well liked background horse
Pear Butter on other hand, is an overrated Milf that fags cling to for no reason, only one episode and only think that's pushing her forward is the "Milf" status, her beating Ponka truly was the upset of the tourneament


Is this new? And is this Anonfilly? It seems like it could be since it is first person perspective.


File: 1572232784337.png (454.17 KB, 2927x2341, 1491145442138.png)



>Ywn pick up nugget filly
>Swn look around nervously with blind eyes
>Ywn hold her close, letting her feel your love through one of the few senses she retains
>Swn sort of wriggle around for a bit, thinking this is some sort of trick
>Ywn do this every day after feeding her
>Eventually she starts to warm up to you
>Her voice is scratchy and she makes a lot of mistakes, but her chest is surprisingly sensitive and you're able to teach her tactile sign language
>She's pretty fucking cool, liked a lot of the same video games and movies that you liked before she got caught in that explosion
>Passionate and autistic, you start to fall in love with your daughteru even more
>Take her out for ice cream, poke her little filly belly and tell her that she should exercise more or she's going to get fat
>You always get a kick out of those hoarse little giggles
>And then one day…
>You take her to the doctor.
>They tell her that with advances in magical technology, they can upload her mind into the ether, a new simulation that will let her live on forever with all the functionality of her body back.
>At first she's ecstatic when you're explaining this to her, but then she stops cold.
>"S-so, this means no more cuddles?"
"Well, yeah…"
>"No more movie nights on the couch? No more eating popcorn or drinking soda?"
"I'll be able to visit you at the console here, and in there it'll be just like out here. Just… well, there'll be less ponies."
>"And less of you…"
>"Tell him thanks, but no thanks."
~Fin, I guess.


Short thing I wrote up for a guy that was saying that a happy filly constitutes a happy ending.
>Be filly
>Sick fucking murderer sent to Equestria
>Murderrape everyone
>Be happy
>Happy end


Where did this happen, and why wasn't it here?


>Be me
>Usually only write green for the thread
>Guy posts a writing prompt in the discord and I want to get instant (You)s from him
>Other guy comments on the amputee story saying something about 'happy filly happy ending'
>Write a retarded five line green to illustrate how that isn't always the case
>Post to the thread because all filly content should end up here whether or not it originated here
>Get called out for it not happening in the thread originally even though I could've easily just let it get lost to the void of countless discord posts and never posted any of it here


Why didn't that guy post the writing prompt here instead?
Also, you could've just posted the green here and directed him to it, but I guess instant gratification and circlejerking was more important to (You)


9/10 would snugg the filly nugg again


I could've, but nobody here gives me (You)s for the shit I write anymore, and I'm guaranteed at least one or two over there. If you want to change my outlook, then give writefags (You)s that aren't just complaining about how their green didn't originate from here when 99 times out of 100 the green I make is posted directly to the thread.
>Not 9/11



Dear lord it's like heroine in my cunt!


People stopped giving normal greens (You)'s and just make meme rolls for Reuben's CYOA, so now it's not worth the effort to make them.
I said it before, I'll say it again: CYOA's kill threads by pushing away contentfags, and you can see this by how the amount of green we get is diminishing. If Reuben cares about AF threads at all he'll switch to making a normal green like Lone did.


He did, ages ago.


File: 1572239870292.png (460.96 KB, 1829x2193, 1597066.png)

>not uploading along with nugget filly
Seems like it'd be the best scenario.


File: 1572239918302.png (126.24 KB, 876x945, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….png)



File: 1572239937031.png (68.58 KB, 405x431, baitpone biting.png)

>give writefags (You)s that aren't just complaining about how their green didn't originate from here when 99 times out of 100 the green I make is posted directly to the thread.
Don't get worked up over that guy, anon. Seems to me like he's just trying to stir up shit.
Look at this qt poner instead.


I came just in time to steal this poner. It must be by the will of self ordained magic.

>but nobody here gives me (You)s for the shit I write anymore
I understand that feel.
On a different note I try to read all the green posted on the site. Always know someone is reading it no matter what*.

*Barring strange circumstances.


If that horse isn't careful, she'll shoot stab her eye out.
He just stopped doing rolls and now he's dead just like Lone and ASS and Carbs and Allnighter and all the other people we had writing for us at one point.


File: 1572242866997.jpeg (74.88 KB, 1024x1058, 2118295.jpeg)

>but nobody here gives me (You)s for the shit I write anymore
I give. Thank (YOU).


Do you honestly expect writefags to do what they do ad infinitum? Faggots move on and new faggots, usually, step up to take their place, you didn't really think this thread would be flush with content forever, did you?


File: 1572244806143.png (163.22 KB, 890x1024, fillyhnnng.png)

Feels, my only weakness. How did you know?


<(I) wake up on something hard
<Cobblestone street breaking my back
<Tries to push my back up with my hands
<It turns out I have hooves instead of hands
<Nah, I'm just kidding
<Later when I find a mirror I discover that I'm an filly eldritch horror: Filly head but shaggoth body with many mouths, eyes, and tentacles and all that jazz
<As I slide around LARPing and making reddit memes about being cronenberged, the sun goes up and the town's ponies goes about their day
<If their days usually consists of chasing out cosmic abominations in a great mob
<My flight lead me to a throne room, which throne is occupied by a purple alicorn
<She gives me a forced egalitarien smile before she takes sip of her energy drink labeled, "TasteDaRainbow: Now with 20% less sugar"
"Your citizens hunted for several hours. I demand compensation," I say
<My other mouths makes sounds aswell
<Some of them repeat what I just said in another pitch, from shrieky to deep dialogue
<Other mouths just made weird bletching sounds
<Twilight looked a bit bothered but since she didn't want to come off as a specist
<"Of-" She coughed into her hoof. "-of course. Anything to start this relationship anew."
<All according to keikaku
"Yes, diverity is our strength. How else will we be able to reenact my favourite clop with with inspiration from hentai?"
<"Ehehe, right," Twilight said while her eyes darted left and right as she forced a smile to on her lips
"I only see it fit that you pay me back for the increadible suffering that I have endoured due to your insensitve policies by adopting me as your filly."


Since apparently I can't sleep.

>Get in the car.

>Reee on the inside, but jokingly say
"I'm glad my gandma is this cool riding around undercover like this."
>Step one get in the car completed.
>Step two an even temper despite the physical age completed.
>Step three saying something that'll change the minds of school children in a whiplash. Wait we already drove off.
>"I know that look missy thought of something witty to say?"
>A mumbled yeah suffices.
>"When we get home I'm making some of my homemade cookies. Want to help?"
>Everything is right in the world.


>a literal attention whore


>If you want to change my outlook, then give writefags (You)s
This tbh. The soul of a writefag is a tender thing after baring itself before the internet. There are many stories that never were because the seed of a one-shot simply was not watered with the (You)s it needed to grow into a great, flourishing greentext.


File: 1572277767011.png (717.37 KB, 1500x2500, give filly your energy.png)

The new round just started.
Filly needs your energy!



should be (\o/)


File: 1572279579002.png (163.78 KB, 1440x2498, sketch-1571920470195.png)

Princess Filly has announced that it is illegal to not attend her royal tea party


Whattya gonna do, arrest me?


Psst, hey filly wanna try some prison tea? Ours has 200% legit hoof dippings in it.


Spooky, kek. Can we get more?


File: 1572317205298-0.png (109.87 KB, 415x600, image0.png)

Would filly get along well with thingaling, or just spout MacReady quotes until she got annoyed and left?


File: 1572318188932.png (544.54 KB, 949x654, 9317a923c48a3586541d2bf4e7….png)

Alright, I usually stay out of these threads, but you people fucking disgust me. You don't talk to the Thing. You don't touch the Thing. You don't FUCK the Thing.

You do only one thing. You BURN it.

No compromises, no weakness, no hesitation, no uncertainty. The Thing represents the end of life, civilization and, possibly, the galaxy. We don't know where it came from or why; we only know what it does and what it wants, and it will ever treat you as anything more than a meal.

This isn't about waifus, this isn't about subverting human ignorance and finding love in something strange, IT IS THE THING. The struggle against something so utterly and terrifyingly inhuman and alien. Burning it is the only acceptable answer.

You don't even know what it truly is thinking. How can you trust a shapeshifter? You can't. It will always be planning something. Always be plotting. All it desires is assimilation and it will manipulate the emotions of those around it to get what it wants. You DON'T. FUCK. THE THING.

So, you're in Equestria, suddenly Thingpone, what do?


Anything other than that and you get what you deserve when it shoots a tentacle down your throat and tears it out while raping your spine and eyeballs.


File: 1572321687329.png (13.15 KB, 787x906, 1370472.png)


File: 1572322604380.jpeg (264.2 KB, 2400x1900, 313541__safe_pinkie pie_p….jpeg)

A voice of reason among unsuffering faggotry.
Thanks poner.


>Be Anonfilly
>Everything might be fucked.
>more importantly everyone might already be fucked.
"Hey Anonymous listen to me man seriously don't go on a date with that thin- her!"
>"Are you kidding shapeshifting waifu dude. Better than changelings."
>your friend's voice drops to a whisper.
>"We could restart the human race here."
>That's what they all said.
"Where'd all our friends go after dating it- her? Hunh!?"
>"Look, Occult went to that spooky temple place for hands on research."
"That faggot doesn't even like getting his hands dirty. Said she would send a letter, but nothing came."
>weird newfag, but still…
>"Riiight anyway."
>"Kill yourself anon fucked off to the beach for 'life reevaluation'."
"All the content fags are gone! All of them!"
>"They moved on, and I'm sure they will be back."
>ponies are looking at us strangely, but this is a matter of life and death.
"What about all the fillies. Even the diaper, baby, and Twi fags are gone. Not with Twilight. Gone!"
>"Honestly they timed their vacation fairly well so they wouldn't be alone."
"The momfu fags have disappeared. Nobody knows where they went at all."
>"Right, Celestia and-"
"She's gone too. Celestia has missing ads on all the papers to this day."
>"Well… alright that is a little bit strange. Ah shit I'm running late on my date."
"Wait! No! Stop!"
>Using every bit of earth pony strength I try to stop my last friend.
>"It'll be fine. I don't think anything will come of this, but since you are so wired how about you come with?"
"I- what?"
>"I'm sure she will be fine with it."
>The flamethrower, and all the pyro mania stuff we've been hording…
>In case everything goes to shit.
>All else fails Celestia can use the power of the great fireball in the sky…
"I'll go with, but I need to get prepared first okay?"
>Just have a bit of dust in my eyes.
>"Hmmm oh, bother. Dress up nice she's really understanding, and it'll put your fears to rest."

>I'm as ready as I'll ever be.

>Armed to the teeth.
>Every precaution, and dead man's switch is good to go.
>Wish me luck.
>"Ha! I'm sure she'll enjoy the realistic cosplay."
>Oh dear it's even worse than I thought.
"Let's go to the date."
>If nothing else I'll bring it down with me.
>For everyone!


Take a rainbow pill and chill out with the bottom feeders.


These rants are becomming more common on electric land. I wonder if there is a farm of angry indians who have not been allowed out to see the sunshine. Probably ex HSBC customer serivce staff.


File: 1572325375534.png (334.12 KB, 700x700, [No Filename Available].png)

Lurk moar, newfag.


That would explain where they all went…


File: 1572326192136.png (111.41 KB, 1140x1115, 1428888__safe_artist-colon….png)

Go on…



File: 1572326355629.jpg (69.24 KB, 590x661, read a book nigger.jpg)

Dontcha cliffhanger us you nignog, moar


So passé. I bet you still believe in JA`s innocence as well.


File: 1572330763223.png (224.03 KB, 811x816, mlp-art-mane-6-1137105.png)


File: 1572330918401.png (129.18 KB, 1435x1264, Filly_Anon_Plush.png)

Shhh, the ploosh is sleeping.




File: 1572332464434.png (165.54 KB, 640x640, Reee.png)

Great, now look what you've done!


I regret nothing


>find monkey's paw
>wish to be the filly
>now you're some neckbeard's orange filly plush
>tfw you used to be green


Isn't the monkey's paw supposed to make things worse?


File: 1572346884150.png (368.52 KB, 883x2322, wgt Thingpone mlp.png)


File: 1572347935583-0.png (51.59 KB, 768x1020, Screenshot_20191029_071503.png)

File: 1572347935583-1.jpg (49.28 KB, 1280x720, ztes es.jpg)

Amazing packaging.
Thank (you).


File: 1572348717162.png (1.32 MB, 680x799, The thing burgers.png)

Not mine, but some anon on /pone/ put it up


>thingpony tries to assimiliate nyx
>nyx giggles at this and thingpony screeches out in pain
>nyx proceeds to assimiliate her instead


No. Nyx dies in this scenario.


>I copied the cliff notes looking through again, and again.
>Anonymous is acting oblivious. The thing already knows.
>The pyro stash for the apocalypse had a book. Strengths and weaknesses of many fictionalized creatures.
>It can be killed, but ensuring everything is not contaminated…
>Very difficult.
>"Don't get too lost in thought."
>It's been free for months who knows how many real ponies, and creatures are actually left.
>It knows everything the others know.
>Spread quietly and swiftly. No need for this dating nonsense.
>but it's doing that anyway.
>A distraction?
>It could have subsumed to entire world by now.
>"We're here."
>I fucking hope it's stupid, or it's kind.
>"Dear! You made it, and with a friend. Ooo I'm so excited!"
>oh no,
>she's hot!
>A perfection of beauty.
>The apex of pony aesthetic.
>In a singsong tone with her melodius voice.
>"I know what your planning with those toys."
>She smiles contently.
>"None of them will work."
>"I'll tell you. Despite once being assimilated you'll truely understand then."
>"We got Tirek, and the changlings, then the windigos."
>"This physical form isn't truly needed anymore."
>"This whole date to bait you out. It's your fellow anons' ideas."
>"My had they wonderful, beautiful plans to overtake the world with our skillset."
>"Discord was easy to convince after all he gets to live with Fluttershy forever."
>"The princesses were the same. Friends, Foals, Family, and enlightenment."
>"Magic, is wonderful with the greatest minds magic, and science is constantly being improved upon."
>"You are solely the final being not assimilated."
>I unleashed the fire, the explosives, everything.
>was it in vain, maybe.
>I like to think it was my last stand.
>A test to see if it's lies were true, or false.
>"We understand the how scared you were, and the practical joke they decided on might have been a bit mean."
>Fur burnt, limbs charred, it hurts to breath.
>I failed before I even knew it.
>My eyes become disturbed by liquid.
>"Everything will be better now."
>She kisses my head, and the pain is gon-


Nyx is a parasite


Uncomfy, what a terrible thing to know you are the only one left. I'd save a timed explosive up my ass as a last surprise in case of assimilation.


File: 1572382170757.jpeg (22.35 KB, 315x467, image.jpeg)



Join us~ it's better than Borg.


File: 1572387882191.png (71.68 KB, 468x468, sketch-1572386383780.png)

Starting working on the game again soon needed to actually learn how to code. if anyone has any suggestions for what to do later let me know and ill think about them. in the meantime have a laptop i spent far to much time drawing

watch out for small fillies- they might byte you


What language are you going to be working in? What is the scope of the game?


File: 1572389722718.zip (26.29 MB, V5 Filly.zip)

its in C#
ive never coded before this came into a few bugs and stopped working on it but I wanna get back into it


>watch out for small fillies- they might byte you


Unity engine isn't a bad choice.
I recommend w3schools (https://www.w3schools.com/cs/default.asp) and abusing search engines.


File: 1572401401527.png (1.43 MB, 2497x3020, Stare.png)

The void stares back.


File: 1572402510054.png (48.8 KB, 823x768, stare.png)


File: 1572402590074-0.jpg (48.08 KB, 812x492, 1572377632138.jpg)




I concur that Unity is a good engine to use (not that I have used it much myself besides tinkering a little with it). It has all you need and more so, and I think it has a good sized community you can look for help in.
There is a few other Game Engines out there so you might want to shop around a bit, but settle on one that is multiplatform out of the box so you will have an easier time porting it if you desire. But remember the sea of game engines is large and it is easy to get lost and end up not getting anything done if you spend too much time searching.
But just to give one alternative for you, you might want to look into MonoGame http://www.monogame.net/

>for some reason I want to see a top down Cyberpunk game ala. DreamWeb with Anonfilly in now


File: 1572405311082.gif (579.54 KB, 1054x1080, Twilight Sparkle think.gif)

>Wanting to be the Waifu
Actually, IMHO, I think they want to became the same object they love. Like to love themselves.
Wouldn't this be the highest narcissism?


Dunno if it's an issue or not, but remember… comments are your friends. Never know when you have to come back to something, so tell yourself what shit does so you don't have to figure it out. Also useful for keeping track of logic, such as what level of nested brackets/braces/parenthesis you're in, and what the hell that closing part was actually closing when it gets long enough you can't see the top in the same screen. Takes a little more time, but it saves time later. I suppose once one gets experienced enough it won't be as much of an issue, but in those early days, I found it helps.


You can get lost in a twisted logic trail that makes perfect sense while working on the project.
Make strange code that on a surface level, or even a deeper level seems to make no sense, but still for some unholy reason is absolutely vital.
Variables, and functions that intertwine with multitudes of others sometimes losing track of where it all leads to.
Comments for needed commands (probably don't need this as much)

For the love of everything save often, because one small insignificant change can bring everything crashing down.
Save when you reach a break through no matter if it's too small to consider. When shit hits the fan from life, and human error a very recent backup is a life saver.
Before leaving a project for a while make sure to have some notes, and a direction to reorient yourself. Sometimes trying to rediscover what is the world you were thinking is immensely helpful.

Comments also can make transitioning the work on to someone else slightly easier, or when working in a group.


>Starting working on the game again soon needed to actually learn how to code.
Oh boy. Welcome to the fun part.
Remember : backups, StackOverflow, and keeping things dumb & simple are your friends.
You are using Unity with that C#, right ?


File: 1572426839721.png (1.42 MB, 1613x1032, You little fucking shit yo….png)

>Wouldn't this be the highest narcissism?
Not really, I mean the highest level of narcissism wouldn't involve steps concerning the affection of others.
Rather I think its just another side step along the Pygmalion route, where instead of the deus ex statue, the desperate desire for returned affection from the one they love creates a self-looped form of affection where they realize the only affection they would ever receive would be from themselves (due to their waifu not existing), thus they imagine themselves as the ones they desire to be to fulfill their affections.

Alternatively they could always gone the thought form/Tulpa route, resulting in their original consciousness being overridden by the Tulpas due to their absurd love for the Tulpa, leaving only the Tulpa and the love for it remaining.

Regardless, its still leagues more mentally healthier than the trannies who cut off their dicks due to wanting to be a woman or get inside a womens shower due to their sick fetish.


I wish. Maybe later. There is this other project that I want to work on.


File: 1572458279281.png (290.01 KB, 800x838, ded.png)


You only have a bit over an hour left to put in your votes for filly! If you haven't voted yet, then fucking go!!!


God damn that's grotesque as fuck.
Thanks Ruskie, it's perfect. We don't deserve you.


Can't. I literally know 0 of the questions on the latest round.


Well, good luck next time then I guess, the ones before this one were fine, but everyone is questioning these new ones
I do know one and another is uncertain, but the one I don't know is so out of use I'm just using it as a meme spot


You look like you need a band-aid or something, filly.


I thought I told you to lay off the krokodil, Anon!


File: 1572470760719-0.png (15.85 KB, 965x484, Loss.PNG)

File: 1572470760719-1.png (17.32 KB, 968x485, Hope.PNG)

Well, we had a good run fillies… Be sure to stick around to help Purpul win this.


File: 1572471175451.png (205.84 KB, 461x450, 0ReasonsToLive.png)

I guess we still have a slight chance since PageantAnon hasn't come in and discarded all of the votes from the fags who didn't answer them correctly yet, but it's doubtful at this point.


At least the difference of votes is only 4.9%. We give a good fight unlike the other ones in the same round



File: 1572486303968.png (949.25 KB, 1920x1080, 1566110126402.png)

>All top 8 cant participate next year
>Anonfilly went just as far as she could before having her next entry barred
All according to keikaku

>These were released >4 HOURS ago
This curse follows me wherever I go, someone make it stop.


File: 1572497793457.png (344.88 KB, 3000x2600, Pear and Anonfilly.png)

Why do they hate the filly.


File: 1572497853289.png (204.48 KB, 1186x879, Pumpkin Patch.png)

Pumpkin Fillies


Pumpkin Fillies



Look more like pumpkin babbies


Pumpkin very young fillies


Pumpkin costumes are for babies.


QT fillies


File: 1572506129414-0.jpg (1.65 MB, 3264x2448, Hallowed1.jpg)

File: 1572506129414-1.jpg (1.59 MB, 3264x2448, Hallowed2.jpg)

I would've, but it appears
beat me to the punch…
God I hope you're the Nyxfag.
In any case, happy Halloween everyone. Maybe I can go back to writefagging soon, it's hard to say.


Who needs cult koolaid when you have Lone's pone punch?


Turtle baby fillies.


F for



Why isn't she dead?


>Mama Sparkle will never tan your hide for egging and TPing houses
>Tfw you got a triple reward


>helping purpul
Nah, she can wait a couple of years.
She(he) is just unlucky, that's it. Next year it will be rigged in her favor.


Not a single trick or treater tonight.
Nightmare Night is Dead.
At least I have a bowl of candy to console myself.


File: 1572578490140.png (855.97 KB, 640x640, 1518579198004.png)

Trick or treat, I'm a filly!


I know that feel bro. Bought 200 fucking little chocolates for the trick-or-treaters, and the little shits just let my money go to waste.


I'd trade you the little bastards coming to my door for candy in the middle of fucking spring for your apathetic fortnite gamers


File: 1572621256035.png (12.57 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Oh no! Filly has appeared on earth and been captured by the SCP Foundation?!
What fate awaits?


231 Montauk


*Procedure 110-Montauk


Whatever, I haven't been on that site in ages because of all the trannies


File: 1572634574927-0.png (342.89 KB, 1536x2560, 2184351.png)

Seb drew filly again.


Who is Seb?


File: 1572646618533.png (60.38 KB, 359x232, Seb.png)

A *literal* autist who can't take a hint about other people not wanting to have their stuff appear in his MSPaint-tier drawings.
Imagine Nyxfag, but actually producing content, and replacing the persecution complex by a "everyone actually love me deep inside" complex.


Careful anon, if you gaze long into an autist, the autist also gazes into you


Is he actually liked on Facebook?


File: 1572648420906-0.png (42.27 KB, 1308x1112, e56e2d_c6f90714b6d44ab2bc5….png)

He's pitied on facebook, and he has a few friends on there who are also severely autistic pony-humpers. There's a thread about him on /sp/ if you're interested:


File: 1572658993576.png (16 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

>A *literal* autist who can't take a hint about other people not wanting to have their stuff appear in his MSPaint-tier drawings.
Sounds like my kind of guy.


>Panel 2
Filly desperately needs to lose weight


Have you seen Seb though? He probably thinks that's normal figure for anyone.


Now, now. You can actually make some passable stuff with MSPaint. …it just takes much more effort to do so. Blame not the program, but the one using it.
Learn to use the curve tool if you want nice, clean lines. Drag out a straight line with it, then you get 2 adjustments. The first adjustment starts more toward where you started the line you dragged. The second starts more toward where you ended the line.
Remember to edit the colors so you're not just using the default palette.
If you right click with the eraser, you can erase just the first color to the second color, rather than everything to the second.
If you want, you can go into the properties and change it to black and white mode. This changes the palette to various monochrome dithering patterns that it will use instead of color. One thing about it though: Any previous color will be changed to solid black, so do the black and white mode stuff first. Then, you can go back to full color mode and use the color eraser trick to leave the pattern as you add color beneath it. You could use it for textures or a different sort of shading and stuff.
These little tricks can help you make those MSPaint doodles just a little better, if you feel like it. Or not. Even just line doodles can be good enough sometimes.


File: 1572668479909.png (151.35 KB, 700x870, 936134__safe_solo_princess….png)

>Passable stuff
I mean, I guess


Yup. Just like with everything, you get out what you put in.


File: 1572685156422.png (235.39 KB, 1500x1200, Celestia.png)

Celestia Best Momfu


File: 1572693641627.png (105.36 KB, 500x360, anonowo.png)

"Fuck you Spergle, you're still the biggest bitch in this room."


File: 1572694734346.png (361.79 KB, 1170x930, ACK.png)

You'd best start running now, Anon.


Any writefillies doing nanowrimo this year? I don't know if my years of writing pony greentexts have prepared me for writing a prose novel, but I'm gonna try to bust out a really autistic story about a skeleton who saves the world by the end of this month.


I forgot what that even stands for. Plus, I'm busy being an unemployed sack of shit


National Novel Writing Month. And yeah I don't blame you, writefagging is pretty time-consuming. The people running the site say you should shoot for a 50,000 word novel in a month. I just checked and even the longest greentext I ever wrote was only about 47,000 words, and that took me 9 months.


Greentext is just condensed prose


File: 1572699287781.jpg (103.11 KB, 768x768, 1570807699551.jpg)

I love burgers. I believe in you.

Will participate. I hope that I can get over my perfectionism that causes me to obsess over every flaw in my story making me unable to move on.
Should I make a thread for it?


>Should I make a thread for it?
Sounds like a fun idea tbh.


Your belief is unfounded. Burgers suck.


File: 1572701080638.gif (1.48 MB, 450x252, LMAO2buns.gif)



Speak for yourself faggot.


No u x2. Borgs are carb-laden, preservative-pumped GMO trash the jew uses to keep you pacified in the short term until you're too unfit to survive a boogaloo.


File: 1572711938835-0.png (6.37 KB, 970x882, _filly neet.png)

File: 1572711938835-1.png (44.58 KB, 202x202, _angry filly.png)

NO Uer


>doesn't make his own burgers


Have a front-yard cook-out if you want, but that bread is still full of preservatives and your condiments are loaded with corn syrup. You can't escape.


I pity those who have never known the pleasures of a real burger. Stop buying the crap they serve at Micky D's, and start making your own, proper burgers.


>doesn't make his own bread, condiments, hell even the fucking pickles are homemade
Get on my level!


File: 1572714709247-0.png (10.1 KB, 755x929, 2185283.png)

>"Hello! I am Anonymous filler, and you are all really gay for wanting to be me!"


File: 1572719891505-0.png (66.57 KB, 459x420, santa filly 1.png)

File: 1572719891506-1.png (61.76 KB, 459x420, santa filly.png)


File: 1572722159500.png (527.09 KB, 1812x2091, _filly pat.png)


"It's Christmas"
>"No, it's no-"


I want to commission porn of nyx and anonfilly going at it like mad futa demons


File: 1572726945509.png (16.47 KB, 709x920, fluttermom and grumpy fill….png)

Sunmom is a fine mom, but I'm really a fan of Fluttermom


File: 1572727865434.png (599.16 KB, 1080x641, 1513227951189.png)

OG mommy is still best mommy.
>Purpul will never read your shitty greentexts and cherish them because you made them for her


>Celestia is bored after her retirement
>offers to take you off of Twilight's hooves for something to do
>you step off of the pegasus-drawn carriage in front of the Sun Princess's fantastical retirement mansion
>Celestia is waiting for you outside
>all traces of the regal public figure most ponies know her as are gone, she's practically bouncing with excitement
>"I hope you're hungry after your long journey, Nonny. I already whipped up a little dinner for you."
>Celestia leads you to her dining room
>the 50 foot, oaken dinner table is piled from end to end with mountains of cakes
Oh yeah, that sounds like a good life.


Silly filly, it's WAY too early for the Christmas hats.


File: 1572735352518.png (79.05 KB, 1348x923, CHRISTMASNOW.png)



File: 1572737044925.png (184.22 KB, 894x1007, red anon filly stares at y….png)



File: 1572737934544.png (49.55 KB, 1227x799, AAAAAAAAAAAAA.png)


File: 1572756785023-0.jpg (92.61 KB, 614x835, 176646.jpg)

Nyx deserves her diapey wipeys


File: 1572758159762-0.png (2.06 MB, 1904x2092, 2185978.png)

Oh dear lord he made another one


>Watching Youtube Poop seems correct and funny to me, let's watch Youtube Poop together
>correct and funny to me
>repeating redundantly

Good lord.


Well, we've already got people fucking with him in the comments section.


File: 1572760504757.png (2.56 MB, 1904x2092, StopDrawingFilliesSeb.png)


Greentext is also (supposed to be) written in second person while prose is either first or third person


There's a bunch of prose in second person usually in the form of CYOA books


File: 1572761488137.png (20.64 KB, 852x541, FillyAnonSuplex.png)

Looks like Flutters is about to kill Coltanon* with a German suplex.


There's a lot of first-person greentext as well, for example scary stories from /x/ or "real life" stories from /b/. I see short, third-person mini greentext stories often get posted on other boards as well. It's a little silly to say that greentext necessarily has to be anything other than green, seeing as it comes from the informal, discordnant, endless riot that is imageboards.


File: 1572777676032.png (115.61 KB, 600x600, candy corn filly.png)

Who else /toomuchHalloweencandy/ here?


I got one bar of Snickers and painted the town huwite on Halloween night. Housemate stayed home and handed out candy, never even checked the bowl out. Corn syrup is bad, mmkay


File: 1572800006215.gif (2.7 MB, 864x480, _filly happy.gif)

My Younger siblings brought me an a bag full of candy.


>having a family with replacement rate fertility
Wh- heh, what are you, fuckin' gay? Heh…..heh….Can we swap lives


What the absolute FUCK


>Filly after Twilight comes home with tons of discounted Nightmare Night candy the day after


Candy corn is truly the best candy.


File: 1572848551686.png (575.71 KB, 1000x1000, 1533775040808.png)



Candy corn's good, but I'm fond of the black jellybeans. What manner of eldritch genetics do I have, since I always hear about folks hating those?


Can't sleep, one-shot time.
>You stifle a sob as you lie in bed next to your loving adoptive mother.
>She stirs in her sleep.
>"Mmm, what is it doodlebug?"
>Great, now you feel like even more of an ungrateful asshole.
"Please, it's nothing…"
>She holds out a hoof and ruffles your already messy mane.
>"Hey, I'm already awake. Out with it."
"Everything should be wonderful. I have friends again, ones that I can meet up with in person and not feel like an outcast. Ones that don't force me to look to hundreds of miles away or morw to find good people."
>You pause.
"And there's you. You're perfect. Funny, smart, sympathetic…"
>You let the tears take you, rivers of them running down your face.
"They were all supposed to be here with me… the others that wanted to be the filly…"
>You rub the slight depression in your forehead, the only remaining trace of where that nigger put a bullet through your skull.
"If I had known I would never get to see any of them again I would've said something."
>You hug into her soft chest, desperately trying for the one thing that always comforts you.
>But not this time.
"I would've thanked them, I would've given them a proper goodbye…"


Fuck that stings


Anon, if you ever get to be the filly I fucking forbid you from getting all mopey because we didn't make it.
You have a duty to enjoy it for all of us.


>as you press your face into your momfu's chest fluff, you almost fail to notice flash of light passing through the room
>you have a vague notion of somebody walking by outside with a lantern, you don't really care
>but when something heavy lands on top of you, and your momfu gasps
>that's when you look up
>and see a little orange butt in your face
"Ew, a greenfag."
>you wipe the tears from your eyes
>and you hug the ever living fuck out of that orange filly booty


File: 1572875145344.png (387 KB, 1000x849, PieBang_wip.png)


>Maud smiling
>Limestone smiling
Something's not right here.


God that's hot.

Happiness is a warm, not-able-to-flee filly.


File: 1572876159816-0.png (126.57 KB, 415x541, 1010740.png)

File: 1572876159816-1.png (301.62 KB, 700x450, large (1).png)

they just need to be in the right mood


>Wouldn't this be the highest narcissism?
From the term's roots, yes; the myth of Narcissus, who fell in love with himself after seeing his reflection.
From an earlier definition of narcissism, yes. Previously it used to describe a condition wherein a person became their own sex object. I.e. they would wax their carrot/flick their bean to themselves.que the pic of filly schlicking to herself in a mirror
For a more contemporary definition of the term, no. Usually that involves excessive obsession with oneself, and a believe that they are perfect. Usually accompanied by taking offense at even a suggestion that they may not be perfect.


I did not ask for this feel.


Lone generally delivers on that feel, ah dunnae know what ye were expectin'


A-are there gonna be more panels where she's cuffed up and getting fucked?


Anyone have the embroidery files for pony eyes?


Whoah, that's pretty gross. What makes you think there has to be something sexual about that pic?


>more panels
… now I want to see Marble domme Anonfilly.


W-wew, yeah I could get behind that


Filly doms all the Pie sisters


In checkers.


She bets that if she wins they have to take her out for ice cream


>if she loses she has to listen to their lectures on rocks


File: 1572956081883-0.gif (48.71 KB, 640x613, Look_at_what_I_can_do.gif)

Thingfilly shows off some of her talents before assimilating you.



Imagine using corn syrup
This post was made by gigantic national sugar industry gang


yes, i want to do more. It'll probably take forever though


Ew, look at this filthy wagie with more things in his life to do than sit around on his ass and draw filly all day. For shame.
Take your time, we appreciate your work.


Maybe but candy that's basically just condensed corn syrup is really tasty and dirt cheap. I wonder, people make gummy candy with alcohol, can you do the same with corn syrup?

I like that The Thing is having a mild cultural resurgence now, thanks to Thingposting on Halloween and Jerma's stream.


"You knew this would happen, don't beat yourself up about it."
>You cough into your hoof.
>It's red, you don't have much more time.
>"Not so soon, I-"
>She holds up a wing, letting those warm feathers you're oh so familiar with absorb the tears.
"But eventually. You're an alicorn, you'll live for thousands of years. Maybe longer. This was inevitable…."
>"You have the makings of one, you were going to live forever."
"Twilight, there's no sense reminiscing on that now."
>You yawn.
"I'm tired…"
>You can see the hint of a smile on her face.
>You feel the sort of happiness you haven't felt in months as she pulls back the covers.
>Your form is a mess of intravenous drips and bandages from failed procedures, but she still somehow finds the perfect angle to wrap herself around you.
>"Do you want a bedtime story?"
"Yes please, mom."
>"Once upon a time, there was a grumpy bear and a meek antelope."
>You can feel your eyelids growing heavy.
>"T-they fought every day, the bear being a hunter and the antelope being an herbivore."
>You're fighting to stay awake now, but you have to hear the whole story.
>"One day, the antelope stopped and listened to the bear. He realized that there was no right way to subsist, only different sides of the same figure."
>You readjust your position slightly.
>"A-and then one day when the bear woke up…"
>There's something wet on your face.
>Twilight is at barely a whimper at this point.
>"He was an antelope…"
"Twilight, I think I'm going to sleep now."
>"B-but I haven't finished the story…"
>You look up into those beautiful eyes and give her a tired smile.
"It's alright, I understand it."
>You close yours.


File: 1572980813094.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.77 KB, 731x588, 1538329986868.jpg)

Thanks for the green. I must go rather gather my feels.
Well done.


Luckily we have >>248092


But it isn't abuse or neglect, Twiggy is just being a loving momfu to her dying filly


File: 1573007214275-0.jpg (34.64 KB, 323x459, 1573001200921.jpg)


File: 1573013580117-0.png (938 KB, 1200x899, niggamoment.png)

Which one of you fags is underageb&?


A lot, probably


File: 1573014460886.gif (5.22 MB, 698x562, Celestia.gif)


This fucking niggtard
That is a nerf gun
With no spikes or lethal mods to be seen
Who gives a shotgun to a fucking pony? If you want to make them intimidating give them world ending magic, not a gun they can't operate.
What a massive fucking fagnigger.




>I'm in Equestia!
>Unfortunately for me I'm a filly…
>Sun practically feels like it's smiling, clouds comfortably dot the sky, and a joy in my heart.
>"Ahha Iknewityou'rethenewponythatsmightbeanalienandafillydoyoulikechocolateorvanilla?oh!whataboursherbetorachimmycherry-"
>Pulling my wits out of my ass I comeout with the most dignified response to the pink pony.
>Excellent work brain.
>I think I missed something.
>"That's how Canterlot was reclaimed! See you at the mrfffrm."
>She stuffing her hoof in her mouth. She looks side to side, and vanishes in a pony shaped dust cloud.
>The moment from her jumping, and vanishing will forever be seared into my mind as I have witnessed unspeakable things that no one ought to know.
>Ponyville ponies, and places to see…
>The consuming desire to check my nonexistent phone for literature of the green variety abides as a single thought enters my skull.
>I'm a nobody here.
>No birth certificate or Socia- hold on…
>Do ponies have those things?
>Time to go explore…
>and socialize…
>as a child…
>Fake it till you make it.

>Hours roll on past till I finally reach the crystal library tree castle thing.

>Feels like destiny in the making.
>Putting aside all my worries later I politely knock on the absolutely massive door.
>"It's open!"
>Giggling, and all is now silent.
>I enter the dark, and forbidding castle then all of the sudden-

>I'm in the middle of eating a pancake. A really delicious one.

>what is going on…
>"Everything okay over there? You're looking really green."
>Finishing chewing I look around.
>crystal table, dragon boi, and Purple herself.
"I… what did I do? Last thing I remember is opening the dooe to the crystal tree place."
>Twilight frowns
>"That was two days ago Viridity."
>"The name we came to a decision togther."
"Very troubling. Call me Anon, short for Anonymous, something strange is going on her-"

>I'm in the middle of the road walking somewhere apparently.
>A scribbled note about heading to school.
>I do have a backpack of sorts on me.
>The sun is still rising.
>What the fuck. Is ev-

>-en going on?

>It's dark I'm in a very comfortable bed.
>A warm body lays close to me.
>it's strangely comforting.

>"-ou rarely had any blackouts recently. That's a good sign."

"Err, Twilight? I'm Anonymous I've barely had any time to do anything. Time is skipping fowar-"

"-d for…"
>the class giggles at my expense?
>"Sorry Viridity the correct answer is thirty."
>Miss cherry-ly? Cheery lee?
>Writing a small note in this notebook.
>Anon is here, and confus-


>mindfuck filly fiction
Well keep going.


Keep hold of your suspense the fiction continues on the morrow.



Hoping for more filly cards this year


>Be Viridity
>Dear Diary,
>I love my mommy!
>Spike is cool, he's a dragon! He is the bestestist cook in the whole wide of Equestria.
>Mommy is a princess of friendship, and today mommy's teacher is coming over to see what is going on when I blackout.
>Until then she said I can't do anything too intensive like gymnastics, and have an accident. Like bonking my head.
>I bonked my hoof on the side of the table once and that didn't feel good.
>I really really want to do normal foal stuff with all my friends! I wonder what most fillie-

>Oh? Somepony wanted to write something too.

Virididy I'm Anon and I'm stuck in your mind somehow. When you blackout it apears that I am awak-
>Anon sure is a messy writer.

>Be Anonymous

>"-ous? Anonymous? Prin- Celestia are you sure this worked?"
"I'm Anonymous I don't have much tim-"
>"Don't worry my former student, and I are keeping you conscious."
>"I'm sure you can recount us about your happenstance."
>So I told them my tale.

>"Most curious isn't it dear Twilight?"

>"What do we do?"
>The body of the little green filly rests soundly on the bed.
>"I'll see if my mentor, and my sister can help with this."

>A white beard fills my vision.

>"Anonymous you have a choice here. You can choose to leave the filly, to go back to whence you came. We seal you within, potentially till her death. Or we can attempt to extract you, but the filly has a high chance of dying."
"Holy shit those arn't great."
>"No it is not."
"While I would like to live here, by being extracted, the price is too high. I don't really know her, but… I…
"I'll choose to leave if that's possible."
>"Good… good."
>"Would you please Luna?"

>I'm back, on Earth.

>On top of my chest is a letter.
>From the ponies that kicked me out…
>So it wasn't a lucid dream.
>/MLPOL/ won't believe this.
>I have a really strong desire to go watch the show again.
>Maybe watch some lewds of the poners…
>Not sure why specifically the dream princess, but sounds like a plan.

>There isn't anything new at all. Absolutely strange, but fuck it.

>I'll wack it to ones I've seen multiple times already.

>I've rewatched all the episodes again, though the quality seems to be off.

>In fact… the weekend didn't end…
>The time on my phone is staying still.
>What in the world?
>This bares investigating- but not now.
>I'll do it in the morning.

>Daily routine, /MLPOL/ didn't change. No responses so far.

>No new fanfiction.
>Video services are all showing stuff I've already seen.
>weird, but there is something important to do.
>Working at the lampshade factory.

>It's hard to believe that this is my life to make sure processing goes well.

>Hold on is that?
>It's my friends children how did they get in here?
>The emergency stop systems just isn't working!
>Looks like I can use- the only way is to sacrifice myself.
>It'll short circuit the system
>No one would know if they did go missing.
>Moving to certain doom I feel a sense of peace.

>"Anonymous? Did you rest well?"

>"Good news is that we alongside my sister, Twilight, and Starswirl have solved the blackout problem. Unfortunately extracting you in any manner would detrimental for Viridity."
>She holds up a mirror, a green filly. An iconic anonfilly stares back.
>I can feel my own mouth move.
>"I'm Viridity, and I'm super excited to get to know you! Do you like comics? I like comics, and Spike, he's a dragon you know, has really cool ones that go wham and blam!"
"This is my life now…"


File: 1573110972391.png (286.96 KB, 1024x1630, Police Officer.png)

>"We've gotten reports of recent hate crimes in this area. Would you know anything about that little filly?"


File: 1573111861836.jpg (3.2 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20191106_232135.jpg)

Happy Horsemas season, fagets.


File: 1573113460583.png (517.49 KB, 1080x1080, OPisafaget.png)

>"I think I heard someone galloping through the street say "zigger," but maybe I misheard them. Orange, has blonde hair and a freckly face."




OK Boomer


>You know, officer… I'm gonna say the Z word.


Golly, that sounds terrible!




>You lean in close to Copper.
“Of course I would, I obtained a locket of hair from your brush while you were getting ready for bed and used it in a dark ritual to control your mind and body last night. In your sleep, you murdered no less than fifteen zebras and three griffons; and if you don’t want me to go to the press with the photos then you’ll cooperate with my demands from here on out. And don’t even think about just arresting me and taking the developed prints, my accomplices are watching and they still have the negatives….”


File: 1573148349889-0.png (87.2 KB, 651x794, unknown.png)

Bit made a parody of Seb’s work


>"This bares investigating- but not now."
>"weird, but there is something important to do."

>"It's hard to believe that this is my life to make sure processing goes well.

>Hold on is that?
>It's my friends children how did they get in here?
>The emergency stop systems just isn't working!
>Looks like I can use- the only way is to sacrifice myself.
>It'll short circuit the system
>No one would know if they did go missing.
>Moving to certain doom I feel a sense of peace."

I like the way you wrote this dream portion, especially the sections where sentences were interjected by other similar thoughts. Like it jumped to the conclusion of the sentence, and left out the middle of the sentence while retaining the most important bits. Maybe that's just my interpretation of what you wrote and how you wrote it, but if it was intended, good job on putting dream-state like thought into text form. I may take a cap of this and keep it as an example.

For the story itself, I like the premise of Anon having to share a body with an already existing pony with her own personality and character. Quite interesting. Keep on writing.


seems the other way around, this other character hitched a ride with anon at some point.


"Anon can you brush my hair?"
"Sure thing."
>Living essentially like an well developed tulpa certainly is strange. Still trying to figure out a way to send information to her by thought.
"This is great I have my very own real imaginary friend that's realy real!"
>Affirming what she said I focus on hold the brush held in the left hoof.
>The most important change is being conscious for long enough, and no jumps in continuity
>Viridity with the right hand brush we make quick work of her luscious locks.
>Twilight distrusts me for good reason, and talking about… home… has been a blessing, and a curse. For both Purple and I.
>Spike though.
>"Ready for the picnic?"
>Spike is one hell of a role model for the green filly.
>I'm pretty fortunate essentially having a front row seat.

>"Then darlings would you believe this?"

>The final confrontation. The shocking truth this would cause.
>"'That it was her all along!"
>An appropriate amount of gasps, and shocked 'no's filled the picnic area.
>Viridity just as enthralled in this story as everyone else broke the silence.
"And then what happened?
>Her retelling of the pony version of Dr. Jekyl, and Mr. Hyde is a pleasant surprise.
>"Then Miss Pelt was brought to justice."
>The book picnic, different than the pet picnic definitely proved to be more entertaining than I expected.
>The strictly pony food tasted exactly as it normally would. Of the hay, and various flowers I could say I don't like it that much.
>Viridity though had an appetite.

>Be Princess Luna

"The dream test of character proved to be frightening, and only becomes more so with Twilights reports with transcripts."
>Starswirl pensively meditated on the next question.
>"The monstrosities they commit is it not magical in nature?"
"Anonymous believes it to be just part of human nature. Although he admits that he does think magic and the supernatural exists with various superstitions."
>"The thought creature has confirmed it won't ever mention some of the 'fictional' literature?"
"Indeed Anonymous looked quite frightened that some of those… fictional stories were real."
>"Good, although those kinds of entirely fictional things are not as big of a threat as Discord-"
>Speak of the-
>"I thought somepony say my name, and -oh!- what's this? A secret meeting?"
>Despite myself I sigh.

>Be Anonymous

"That dear friends is the tale behind peanut butter, and jelly sandwiches in my world."
"What about hay fries?"
"I'm not exactly sure."
>A series of disappointment ensued.
>"Why don't you tell us about the space program, and the moon?"
"Sanitised right?"
"So we begin this story of a competition between two countries."

>"So yall willingly went to the moon?"

>"Did yah put a town up there or something sugar cube?"
"Ah, just a flag."
"I mean we did send a telescope into space to take pictures for us of the universe…"
"I'm not that well vised in exactly how that happened…"
"Anon why didn't anypony just bring the moon closer?"


Thanks for the (You)s I'm not sure exactly what to write to make the story interesting.
The dream sequence interjections is intended, and I'm glad that it worked out well.
As for Anonymous and Filly I'm not sure I'll go into exposing the why no real reason why that happened yet other than the idea should be interesting maybe I should explore it, but not sure about the general direction.


File: 1573176586679.png (158.65 KB, 500x623, Babysitting.png)

>the poorfag's momfu dumps the filly at McBonald's when she's at work because she can't afford daycare


>She spends her time fucking with the customers and causing trouble


Alright, fillies and faggots alike, I return after way too long with another large block of mediocre text! In case you care about what the holdup was, it was mainly due to college assignments taking time to complete and videogames I play having a bunch of events at once. Without further ado though, the recap!

>Anon's been hired by Celestia to make sure Chrysalis has the ability to repopulate her hive now that the official peace treaty has been pushed through

>Everyone involved was surprised to find this out, but Chrysalis at the very least seemed okay with it all and gave Anon all the info he needed to get to work
>Now, with all that information in tow, he and Twilight have formulated a plan and now go to confront Celestia for additional help in putting it all into motion!



>A few minutesof walking and drafting later, both you and Twilight are back in Celestia's office on more official business

"… So that's the plan that Twilight and I have at this point. Can you put out that announcement for me?"
>Celestia closes her eyes, sighs, and then leans over her desk again to look at you
>"You want me to telepathically announce this for you, to ALL MAGICALLY SUSCEPTIBLE CREATURES within this country, and to have the word then be spread via word-of-mouth to all those who didn't receive the message from me directly?"
>You stare her right in the eyes as you announce your answer
>"Did I not already tell you that I would be fronting the costs of all this? You could simply have advertisements placed where ponies are likely to see them."
>You think back to the previous conversation where you were first put in charge of all this mess
"Actually, you never mentioned it."
>Celestia's exasperation sublimates into surprise at hearing this
>"Then I suppose it's a good thing that you came back to me before actually starting any of this. Don't worry about costs, I'm sure Twilight will have an invoice to my desk with the damages once this is all over."
>Okay then, slight change of plans given the effective blank check you've been given
>What those slight changes will amount to by the end of it all, you're not sure
>However, at least you won't be worrying about funds for this!
"A good thing indeed. I'll be careful to not put you into debt, but if any part of my plans come to involve an indoor pool or a solid gold statue of myself, I'm not holding back."
>"As long as those items are absolutely essential, otherwise they're coming out of your pay. Also, from personal experience, you're better off with a lead statue plated with gold. Same effect, less cost."
"But in all seriousness, thank you for clearing that all up for me. I'll get out of your mane now and will get back to you as soon as I have something to say."
>Celestia nods in agreement, returning to her now significantly smaller stack of papers as you and Twilight make your exit
>As soon as the door's closed for the second time, you speak to your purple guardian
"Please tell me I'm not completely brainless."
>Once again, Twilight's taken aback by your bluntness, this time directed at yourself
>"You're not brainless, the rest of your plan's solid. Yes, it was implied that Princess Celestia would be covering the costs, but from what I've seen of you, you've never been too good at picking up on implications. Don't sweat it!"
"I guess. Still, one would think that I'd get better at it over time, but I have all night and tomorrow to kick myself. Let's get back to planning, okay?"
>"You're the boss. So, what else needs planning?"
>Quite a few things, if you remember correctly
>You still need to figure out how the tests will work, you need to decide how to run the ads, you need to decide where to have all this take place…
"I'll organize my ideas on the way back to the room."
>Twilight nods in understanding as you lead the way down the hall, but she soon overtakes you as you remember that you have no idea how to get back to your room
>Once you two have resumed your respective positions, you lay out your hallway thoughts to her
"Okay, so we need to plan the trials and where they'll take place, and how to run the ads. If there's anything else, then please remind me."
>Twilight's eyes flash to a clipboard she's holding, presumably with notes of what was said before, before rising back to yours
>"We still need to figure out what'll happen when every selected subject walks out when they learn about what they're supposed to do."
>You sigh through gritted teeth at the mention of that point
"Look, I get it. That's probably going to happen, but I know that Chrysalis deserves better than somepony who was forced into it. Besides, wouldn't not giving the option for them to leave be against some kind law?"
>"It wouldn't be against the law if they signed a contract."
"It would still be immoral though, so I'm not changing that."
>"Then what will happen after it all falls through?"
"Well, Chrissy told me that the backup plan from when I was at the hive with her is still valid."



>Twilight pauses and sighs briefly as she shuts her eyes for a moment

>"I had forgotten about that, thank you for putting that image back into my head."
"Sorry about that, but it's a legitimate idea that Chrissy thinks can work, so why not use it?"
>"Oh, I don't know, the fact that you're not just another species, but from another universe would probably throw a pretty big wrench in there."
"Then what would you suggest?"
>"I'm not the one in charge here, remember? I can only advise you on a plan C, not give you one."
>This shit again!
>She's willing to go so far as to correct you, but not actually give you an idea to work with?
>The fuck, dude?!
"Then when's your brother coming to town next?"
"I don't know man; it seemed like he enjoyed it enough. I mean, if I had someone willing to go all night, I wouldn't be complaining."
>You let out a small giggle at Twilight's expense as she tries (and fails) to stop her face from flushing in frustration
>After another moment, she finally just takes a few deep breaths before responding
>"I'll have you know he required medical treatment after that. Besides, aren't we supposed to be serious right now?"
>Medical treatment?
"What made treatment necessary?"
>"Exhaustion, dehydration, extreme magical fatigue, mild delirium, and newfound trust issues."
>Well, now you feel a little bad
"Dang, didn't know about that part. The show pretty much just cut from Chrysalis being defeated to the real wedding happening. Sorry about that."
>"Now you know. So, plan C?"
>This may require some thought
>It may also require some more questions being passed by Chrissy
"I'll get back to you about that. Also, Spike can send letters to a pony even if he doesn't know where they are, right?"
>"As long as he has a name and a face, he should be able to do it. Why do you ask?"
"Because plan C might require asking some more questions."
>"Fair enough. Any beginnings to ideas yet?"
"No, not yet. I think we've about covered all we can for this topic though, so how about we move on?"
>"Alright, what's the next order of business?"
"The tests and where to hold them."
>"I'll handle that. Next?"
"That just leaves the ad placement, I guess. You've been here longer than me, what kind of media do ponies pay attention to the most?"
>"Really, the only place we could run media ads is newspapers. There are other methods too, but the media angle's pretty limited."
"How effective do you think the newspaper ads would be?"
>Twilight tilts her head to the ceiling and rubs a hoof against her chin before looking back to you
>"I'd say it would give us a decent sample size."
"Are there any other methods you think would be better?"
>A few more seconds tick by as Twilight goes back to her thoughts
>"No, not particularly."
"Then we'll run ads in all the major newspapers and give them a definitive date to be here by for testing, probably around four days before the deadline. That should give enough time to run all the tests and get the ones who passed to the badlands in time."
>Twilight finishes scribbling your plan into her notes, then sets aside the clipboard
>"Sounds like a solid plan. I guess that takes care of everything, so all that's left is to pack for tomorrow's train ride home."
>Good, all this thinking has left you a little worn out
>And hey, the bright side of losing your bag on the train is that you don't have to repack it!
>Well, as long as the interdimensional tentacle monster currently molesting your belongings hasn't strewn them about whatever hellscape it calls home
>No, you're still not over that
>Either way, you let Twilight do her thing with packing
>You offered to help, but she had it done before you could finish the sentence
>After that, the rest of the day is free!



"So, what now?"
>"Not sure. Is there anything you'd like to do?"
>Is there?
>Well, looking back on the events of the day, you never really had any plans for what would happen after everything was said and done
>You should probably think about that
>Well, you would if a letter hadn't appeared before the both of you in a plume of green fire
>"I wonder what took Spike this long to get back to us?"
"I dunno, open it up and see."
>Twilight follows your recommendation as you're saying it and begins reading the letter to herself
>After a few seconds, she re-rolls it and tosses it into her bag
>"Good news, your stuff got back to the castle alright. Also, apparently Spike wasn't where I put the letter, in case you were wondering."
>Okay, good!
>Your stuff's home safe and sound, untouched by dimension-hopping monster kleptomaniacs
>"So, back to my question. Anything you want to do?"
"Not really, no."
>"Nothing it is!"
>Normally you'd be fine with nothing, but you also normally have some electronic on you to help kill time
"But before we do that, is there anything you'd like to do?"
>Twilight takes your question into consideration before coming to an answer in short time
>"Well, I do have that question to ask Chrysalis and I'd also like to take a look at what the royal library has to offer on changelings, but I'm not sure how much that would entertain you and I could accomplish at least one of those from the castle."
"Fuck it, let's do that."
>You exhale rather loudly in response before following Twilight out of the room and off to your next order of business
>While Twilight spends her time in the library interviewing Chrysalis and comparing notes with what is currently known about changelings by ponykind, you spend it chronicling the events of your time here further while learning more about chess with Luna
>Now that you know the pieces, you can actually play!
>However, the time between Luna making a move and you ending your turn is great enough that you're actually able to write a significant amount
>She's probably just trying to find the best way to go easy on you, no wonder you actually seem to be winning
>Around the time you win your first game, Twilight decides that it's time to pack up shop
>As such, you say your goodbyes to your friends and follow Twilight back to your room
>When she gets there, she places the books she checked out and papers on a small table before sighing to nobody in particular
>"There's a lot wrong in these books… Well, I guess I'll just have to set it right."
"Gonna write a book, are you?"
>Twilight turns to face you
>"Yeah, is there something wrong?"
"No, I just figured you'd be content to make a research paper. Want me to contribute anything I learned at the hive to it?"
>Twilight considers your offer before responding to you
>"Sure, my questioning only really focused on biological matters, so input on the social ones would help greatly."
"Okay, but we're splitting the profits 50/50 and I'm getting my name on the cover too."
>"I'll give you 10% and keep letting you live in my castle for free, and your name will be on the inside of the cover."
"15% and the back cover along with proper credits."
>"Deal. I hope you don't mind there being no profits, since this'll be for educational purposes."
"Why does the educational aspect make it free?"
>"Because that wouldn't be fair to those wanting to learn."
>Twilight narrows her eyes at you as she prepares her followup
>"Don't tell me that they actually make students pay for the opportunity to grow their minds where you come from."
>Time to let her down easy
"They do at the higher levels of education, but a lot of people are starting to realize it's a scam. At least they were, when I was there last."
>"Those poor humans. At least they're fixing the problem, right?"
"They're working on it. Also, why didn't you know about that from your trip through that mirror? From what I saw, it was very close to my own world in spirit."



>"If you know that much, then you should also remember that my mission there had me placed into a secondary education center instead of a tertiary one."

>Oh yeah, she's technically not legal as a human
"Okay, that just made me remember another question I had about that. Why are you a full-grown adult here but a high schooler in that world?"
>Twilight shrugs at you over an anatomy book
>"If I knew, then I'd probably also know how to completely negate the transformation to begin with and make it a moot point."
>Now it's your turn to shrug, but you do it in a way that shows indifferent acceptance rather than confusion
>"Anyway, where were we? Right, changeling book."
>Twilight turns to you again and levitates down some paper and a pencil to you without taking her eyes off her work
>"Go ahead and write down everything you can remember about your time in Chrysalis's hive and I'll see what I can pull from it. There'll probably be questions when you're done too, so answer what you can and don't be afraid to say you don't know something."
>After that, Twilight goes back fully to what she was doing, leaving you to write down the events of those fateful few days
>It goes rather fast, thanks to your slowly-improving memory, and you give the filled pages to Twilight when you finish
>She looks through the papers you gave her before returning her gaze to you
>"I have no questions that you would be able to immediately answer, but there's definitely a lot in here that flies in the face of what was conventionally thought about the changelings. I'll probably have to ask Chrysalis about a lot of this and see how valid it is, but it's definitely worthy of mention, at least."
"Cool, does that mean I get credit in the book or not?"
>"We'll see. Now, it's starting to get a bit late, why not turn in for the night? Remember, the train tomorrow's an early one."
>It's late?
>Can't be, you're still feeling fine!
>Time to assert your dominance through your correctness by looking out the window…
>Pull back the drapes, and-
>-And the moon's silently judging you from its perch in the sky again
"Fair point. I guess it's goodnight, then."
>"Yep, goodnight!"
>Twilight puts away all of your and her papers before turning off the light
>You both get comfortable in bed and pass the night in unconscious silence
>. . .


And that's it for now! As always, tell me how I fucked up and should go kill myself or something or what I did well but still sucked at something else and the something else completely ruined the first thing. Constructive criticism always welcomed, and I hope you're all having a good NNN (or a regular november, if you're not participating)!



>"Wait, eat hayburguers? Why would I want to do that?"
"I told you Anon, just give them a chance, I bet you will love it"
>"How could I like something so dry and grassy? Heck, I bet it doesn't even have baco-"
>You use your magic to shut her mouth before looking around
>You don't think anyone heard her
>But there are a few ponies just staring at you
>Roseluck waves happily and you shyly wave back before sigh-ing
"Look, I need this, it's been too long since I allowed myself to enjoy some good food, so don't ruin it for me"
>"Fine, you'll own me one though purple"
>You take her out for hayburguers and you'll still own her one?
>The nerves…

>After a while both of you arrive at the place

>Anon asked you to carry her at least twice in the way
>How lazy can she be? She already does nothing all day long
>You are surprised she hasn't gotten fat yet
>…stupid earth pony genes
>Your jealousy is forgotten as you reach the counter
>Anon is looking at the options, so you decide to ask yours while she decides
>Two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda
>You know, the usual
>The cashier steals a not-so-hidden glance at your belly before seeing your wings on your side
>That prompts him to stand straighter upon seeing you're royalty
>You meanwhile just roll your eyes
>Has it been so long that the staff forgot about you?
>You used to come here, like, everyday
>Why did he even stare in the first place?
>Y-you're not fat, just a bit chubby…
>"A-and what will the royal little fille want?"
>"Twilight is not my fucking mom you fucker, fuck off"
>You cringe at that, somehow not surprised at her choice of words
>The stallion just stands there mouth agape
>And you are sure that if you dared to look around, at least half the place would be staring at you
>With a sigh you shake your head, knowing the pout you see on Anons face
>If she didn't wanted to try them before she sure won't now
"Double the order, for me and her, please"
>You wonder how big his eyes can bulge
>Even Anonfilly is looking at you now
"What? It's just so you can choose what to try. Just, go find an empty table for us"
>With a groan she moves away to find a place to sit
>With a sigh, you turn back to the cashier
>And with a shake of his head, he tries to recompose himself to continue
>"So which ones are to eat here and which will be for travel?"
>"No need for packing, we'll eat them here"
>You swear he almost fell back on surprise…

>The one good thing about Anon's bright green fur is that she's really easy to spot

>And the table almost overflows with your orders as you place them down
>You don't think it's that much, they should just get bigger tables…
>Seeing Anon staring, you put a number 45 in front of her
>It's the smaller one, plus you think she may like it
>"Fuck off"
>So it's one of those days where she just doesn't want to cooperate…
>You roll your eyes and leave it there, your just rewards for dealing with her antics awaits you~
>Half-way through your third number 9 you steal a glance at her
>She's looking at you surprised, probably thought you couldn't handle it
>Even though you're just starting with these 3
>Looking to the side after being caught, she scrunches up and eat a bite of hers to hide
>If only she knew how cute she is when she shuts up
>You hold back the urge to boop and tell her that, knowing the extent of damages that'd cause
>Why couldn't you just adopt a filly instead of experimenting on Anon?
>You clean the dip from the sides of your muzzle with the burguer before sinking another bite
>It's not too late to do that though, is it? She always say that he is a grown man afterall
>"What do you want purple?"
>Buck, you must've been staring for a bit too long
"So…did you like it?"
>"It's alright"
>Yep, she loved it
>With a smile, you levitate the last number 9 to her
>A scrunch and a sideways look is all the thanks you get before she takes another bite of her previous burguer
>With that taken care of, you return to your own meal
>But the thought of adopting a normal foal never leaves
>You never really thought on Anon like that
>But everyone else may as well think that way
>What…how would it be to have a normal foal?
>You don't think Anon would mind, she always says she hates being a filly
>So…if you did this…she'd be able to live alone as an adult…
>You try and focus back on the other foals instead of Anon
>Wondering what foals they'd have for adoption
>The rainbow of fur piles or playing catch
>You don't even notice when you finished eating
>Only when Anon decides to bug you back to reality
>"Hey, purple, are you going to be sitting on your fat ass all day or are we going home anytime soon?"
"Just a minute, I'm going to use the bathroom"
>"You better not barf all that shit up. Or please do so we leave sooner"
>A common filly would never say those things to you…much less with a smirk like that
>Getting to a stall in the back, you look through the tiny ventilation window
>Not one outside, perfect
>And with a flash, you teleport yourself to the middle of the road
>It's a weird feeling leaving Anon like that
>But she can take care of herself, you know it
>So with a brisk trot, you walk away


>But what if she can't get a job because of her age?
>Her language sure won't help swaying ponies either
>Her cute can only take her so far
>And as much you want to deny, you'd miss her antics at the castle
>Imagining it without her loud mouth would feel…
>All the times she threw tantrums over nothing
>The times she actually cared to listen when you taught her something new
>Or the funny cute faces she makes when trying to get used to her body
>Especially when trying to grab things
>You give a bittersweet giggle at the memory of her trying to grab a fork
>"Hi Twilight, how is Anon?"
>And Anon, dear Celestia, what would be of her after a while
>Living on a cardboard box in the streets?
>Possibly with nothing to protect her from the cold rain
>What would Celestia think of you for that…
"She's cold and alone Pinkie! So very cold and with no one to help and it's all my fault!"
>You gallop away to get back to your favourite burguer shop, not minding the pink pony
>Would you ever be able to go back there if you continued on this path?
>Always seeing her ghost there, judgingly watching you
>Knowing you just left a foal to fend for herself like this
>You crash through the doors, laboured breaths coming from the exhaustion
>Silence meets you as everyone stops to look
>Only she calls you by your coat colour
>And, following her voice, you find her sitting on the exact same place as before
>Taking a deep breath, you shake your head and swipe away the tears
>Walking beside the table, you levitate the trash to put it in the proper place
>Anon takes it as a prompt that you are leaving and walks beside you
>"What the fuck was that? Didn't you go to the bathroom just n-"
>You wrap a forehoof behind her head and smush her in your chest fluff for a hug
>She resists for a bit, but can't do much against your much larger frame
>You even think she hugged back, but you're too much into this 'sorry' hug to care if she returned or not
>Releasing her, she takes a bit to step back and leave
>Scrunching and looking aside in the very way that only she knows how to do
>Finally depositing the items in the trash, you give her a gently boop and walk away
>She's frozen for a second, and you hold the door open for her to catch up
>"Hey, what was that for?"
"How about we go for some ice cream?"
>You say, ignoring her question and hoping she'd drop it
>"Chocolate mint?"
"Only the best for the best"
>"I guess I could find some time in my schedule"
>And with a ruffle of her mane, you two were off towards the next shop


I'm enjoying the whole story so far.
The only real thing I can say is please write more writefag Placeholder-san.
I like how the world is fleshing out.
The spoiler text is perfectly understandable.


Awesome work I hope to see even more green texts in the future.


"Hurk, I'm glad you enjoy hay fries and candy, but this might have been a bit too much."
"Ughhh my tummy."
>Spike the dragon destroyer of moaning peacfully in minor discomfort spoke to us words of revalation.
>"Did you want to join in on the O&O game the guys, and I are doing?"
"Yeh- Yeah!"
"Sounds like a great-"
>Taking a moment to slowly suck in air.
>The comics Spike got for green filly is actually helping with her self image.
>She says it helps having a similar superpony backstory. Though she doesn't say which one.
>A dark part of me has the thought she didn't say superhero…
>Instincts aren't wrong all the time.
>So I'll do my best regardless.
>By best I really mean just a smidge more than nothing. I'm not seeing how I can actively help in this matter.

>"Yogi bear, the bear?"

"Discord recomended it for Anon."
>"Well… alright if you are sure… what class will you be?"
"Thief, o hoh, the classic gags write themselves."
>"Riiight, and you Viridity?"
"The dread necromamcer in training Ograngue the Floofy!"
>"Let the games begin!"

>Controlling a paper token really should have been an alien, and mind breaking experience.

>but that's no fun at all.
>This is also a minor break from totally sharing a body with Viridity.
>Leaving the area is technically possible, but abusing hard earned trust is a poor investment decision.
"Well- ah- you see- eh the Floofy we as in me is gonna go through that there win-eh-dow!"
>Dumping wisdom, and intelligence, and being a bear with all the wacky plans made for a most interesting venture.
"What then Yogi?"
"Then the door I'll o-o-pen. An' you'll guys let'em haves it. Like an ole one two, or the three four!"
>Rope is an adventuress close friend.
>The arrow for which would tie myself to.
"Hello, Captain Ranger Wuzz Sir!"
>The plan failed.
>The arrow made it through just fine, but a heavy bear lost momentum quite quick.
>Face planting into the castle wall got a chuckle out of everyone in involved.
>Luckily the arrow didn't alert the guards.
>This is a game of teamwork, and I can't hog all the attention.
>The minor break in the action is nice.

>Several failed attempts each more comical than the last.

>"Why don't you just knock on the door, and they'll let you in?"
"Eh-hey that's a mighty fine idea! I shoulda thought of that! Garbunkle, and Mcbiggun Sir!"
>So the plan was hashed out.
>I'd enter as a wondering granny, then the door would be unlocked, and I'd let down a rope that Wuzz would shoot.
>Just incase everything goes wrong.

>Everything went wrong in the best way possible.

>The door, and window were now available to enter.
>I just failed a roll against all odds.
>The nat 1, and the gaurds natural 20 left me in quite a pickle.
>Me all on my own vs lots of guards is a very dead bear, so I scrammed. Exit stage left.

>the raspy voice of the not quite undead skeleton spoke.

>"Have seen a bear 'round here? About this high, and this wide."
"Hey! I resemble that remar- I mean he a-went that-a way!"
>"Sure thing cutie."
>'Wearing' a maid outfit I finished my job, and snuck right out from under their nonexistent noses.

>The party was dealing with a returning skeleton raiding party.

>Rejoining the group via some sneaky sneaks.
>Orange the Floofy necromamcer in training that had a problem with spelling orange correctly nearly got me with her spell.
>Thankfully I know how to dodge a wrench, and that means I can dodge a ball.

>Clearing the castle, dismantling traps, and being a very sneaky big bear.

>We made it to the boss room.
>A skele-king one might say.
>It never had a chance.

>"Thanks for being a good sport."

"No worries, it's not everyday you can safely become a pin cushion using arrows."
"That's a wrap! Everypony got what they needed?"
"This is a good pic-a-nic basket."
>So we shared the victory over the corpses of the fallen skeletons.

"Big Mac that was awesome, and Spike you did the magic and it was like 'whiz-err-zer-wsy bah zam!'.
>Viridity actually did extremely well as a necromancer…
>I'll keep a better eye on her.
>Just incase.


At least all the other namefags are also dead. Have a one-shot.
"Dear fucking lord no!"
>"Anon, please be reasonab-"
>All four of your legs are splayed out, blocking Twilight from getting you through the door.
>Well, probably not physically blocking her, but she'd rather reason with you than use brute force.
>Teleportation usually made you toss cookies anyways.
>"Do you want to get sick?"
"I'd rather get AIDS than get a thing shoved up my butt!"
>You ponder whether the paradoxical nature of that statement needs correcting for a second before realizing that they probably don't even have AIDS here.
>"It's just a more accurate method of telling your temperature, please-"
"I'll take less accurate if I'm not being sodomized, thank you very much!"
>She just facehoofs.
>"Fine, I'll see if they'll be willing to give you the little filly thermometer."
>Probably thinks that statement will hurt your pride, ha.
>The fool, you've heard statements that would make her very eardrums combust.
>You can't be swayed by-
"But Twilight, Imma big filly…"
>God dammit.
>"Oh, you are? Then why don't you want to use the big filly thermometer?"
>You know she's already won.
>Appealing to the foalish sensibilites that she implanted, her nerve…
"I-I'm scared…"
>All four hooves are on the ground now, and she strategically pulls you through the door to the office with a hug.
>"Hey, I'll be there the whole time. You know I'd never let any harm come to you, right?"
"I know…"
>"Do you not trust me?"
>You pause.
>You know she'll probably just take you to a child psychologist if you say no, but this also seems like the last chance you have to not have a thing shoved in your bum.
"I trust you Twilight…"
>"Hey, what did I say about that word?"
>She taps your nose with a hoof.
>"Good filly. If you don't make a fuss for the doctor, we can get ice cream afterwards."
>Your eyes widen to that retardedly large size that normie writers always liken to dinner plates.
>A slightly pudgy middle-aged mare comes out from the door on your right.
>"Anonymous Sparkle."
>You fucking hate that last name.
>Not like you hate Twilight per se, but it's so fucking gay.
>You stand up to the full height that your laughably small stature will allow, puff out your chestfluff and shoot the nurse a glare that would send Medusa herself reeling.
>Luckily Twilight is signing some paperwork, so her all-seeing eyes don't catch your blatant disregard of her conditions.
>The mare leads you both back through a maze of stone corridors.
>You will admit it's a lot cooler than the dull and cheaply made complexes you're used to being poked and prodded in.
>Looks like a castle, almost.
>Eventually you come to a wooden door, and the mare knocks on it a few times.
>"Come in!"
>The door unlocks itself, and you get a look at the doctor.
>He's a fairly young stallion, physically fit.
>Pretty much one of the two kinds you expected.
>"If you would have a seat on the table I would appreciate it."
>You look up at the table.
>It must be a solid three feet higher than you are, and thats' up on your hind legs.
>"Oh dear, a filly? I'm sorry, I expected somepony a bit older. Hold on a second…"
>You feel your barrel gently cupped as he lifts you.
>You've noticed that different unicorns have different styles of levitation, and his feels pretty nice.
>"So, what is she in here for today?"
>Twilight whispers something in his ear.
>"Oh, of course. That is about the age you should start with that."
>He exits the room, presumably to retrieve the ass-mometer and leaving you alone with Twilight.
"I can't believe you talked me into this."
>"I can, your foalish pride is a lot easier to get to than your rational human mind."
"I knew it, you bitch."
>She chuckles, not really minding if you use swear words just so long as nobody else is around.
>"Well, it is for your own good. I'd never use it against you on anything that I didn't know was."
"Suuuure. I really don't see why the most humiliating method was neccesary though…"
>"Well, there's a disease that can develop after transmutation of matter in a living subject. It's nothing too severe if it's caught early, but it can be deadly if it isn't. The only reliable method of testing it is to use a very accurate thermometer as it has a very tight spread."
"Still pretty sure you just want to watch a little filly get things shoved in her butt. Perv."
>She giggles.
>"I assure you, if I were a pervert I would've acted long ago. You're adorable."
>She blows into your exposed belly, prompting a fit of foalish giggles.
"Fuck off…"
>Your face is tinged with red.
>The door unlocks.
>"Are we ready?"
>You speak up before Twilight can answer for you.
"Yes sir."
>"Polite, I like it! Trying to keep your mom from sending you off to the guard academy, eh?"
>You chuckle a bit despite yourself.
"Y-yeah, can we get this over with as fast as possible?"
>"Of course. Hang on a second…"
>You hear a bit of a spurting.
"What's that?"
>"Just some petroleum jelly to make it slide in easier."
>You close your eyes and loosen your ass muscles slightly.
>There's a slight discomfort for about a minute, it doesn't exactly go away once he removes it but it does get better.
>"All done. Well, the reported temperature was 778.4 BQ."
>Twilight leans over to you.
>"You didn't get it."
>Well, that's good.
>Twilight shakes hooves with the stallion.
>"Well, if you don't mind I need to get somepony some ice cream for being such a brave patient."
>As much as you know they shouldn't be, these words are like cocaine for your fragile filly pride.
>"One large mint chocolate chip please!"
"A-aren't you getting something?"
>Twilight pulls you up into her lap and strokes your mane.
>"Silly filly, this is a large cone. We can share."
>Some part of you knows you should be annoyed by this, but the rest of you doesn't really care.
"Yeah, sure. That's okay."



Great green Lone I very much enjoyed this one-shot.
OccultFacade never dies. He just comes back stronger.


File: 1573239373329.png (109.97 KB, 400x400, 1560616695673.png)

why can't i handle all these greens?


I've sorta been working on one for a bit. Dropped it for a while because reasons but it exists if unfinished.

Not dead. Just slower than you can fucking imagine.
>4986 words
>26519 characters
>5 months


>"Spike! Where are you?!"
>Insulting every human, and Anonfilly on purpose may have been a poorly thought out plan to get out of redoing the whole library again…
>The words are consuming everything.
>"Spike! The only solution is to read them all!"

>XDDD Ebin.

>-dodge a ball.

>The furture that is Aku!

>Two number 9s, a-

>-of experimenting on Anon?

>There's a slight discomfort for-

>"I'm Famcy Pants-


>Rarity said to Spike-

>kill yourself

>no u

>-that's how Equestria was made!

>"Anon can you brush my hair?"

>The ride never ends.

>"Spike? Dude? Was it too much for you?"

"Fugg XDDDD."
>"What have we done."






"Crystal balls!"
"Really? For your present, and Twilight's?"
"Mhmm that way we can always see each other!"
"I'm not exactly sure how the magic for that works, but I'll definitely keep and ear out for it."
"Your the bestestist! Squee~!"
>Now I know how it feels to squee.
>I feel violated.

>Be Princess Luna

"Has there been any changes?"
>Discord is enjoying himself a little more when those two joined the game of role playing.
>"Why yes actually."
>"Anonymous is running out of gags for the character. It's going to start to be stale. We were thinking of changing him to something more sustainable."
>"You might want to know miss necromancer in training knows a bit more than she let's on."
>Almost scrunching my face in confusion.
"How so?"
>"She's too precise. Too through. Too, ugh gag, orderly."
>"Putting it simply behind the scenes, and with 'secret' notes to the game master she is constructing multiple evil lairs. A combination of traps, and monster patrols that come from experience."
>Eyes widening.
>"She made it with ease. Multitudes of plans within plans. If I was a anypony else I wouldn't have caught that her multiple lairs fully function in twenty three dimensions as a means of power, and immortality. If it were to be truly built that is."
>Discord pushes my open jaw back into proper position.
>"In all my time here I haven't seen similar structures."
>"Now it is possible that Anon's entry here brought knowledge even he isn't aware of…"

>Be Anonymous

"You're it! He~he."
>What an excitable kid.
>I'm not sure what age group this is, but some of these kids are pretty old, and some are fairly young.
>She's really good at not getting caught.
>Dropping the gift at the castle room.
>She came back out to play with her peers.
>"Hey it's Rainbow Dash!"
>With that single interjection the game turned to zerg rushing the speedy light blue pegasus.
>"Miss Dash?"
>"What is it squirt?"
>"You're it."

>Everyone worked togther to retag Rainbow Dash when someone got tagged.

>All in good fun.
>"I really have to go now okay?"
>The collective 'aw's could have melted steel beams better than jet fuel.
"I have to go finish my homework, and getting some gifts."
>"Oh, well I guess we'll see you tomorrow?"
"Mhmm! Tomorrow!"
>I'm really quite glad children can play freely.
>I really do like it here, even as a spectator.
>"Oh! Wait! You said you were looking for crystal balls? My dad works woth crystals all the time I'm sure he could figure something out."
"You are the best! Where does he work?"


File: 1573265885635.png (157.41 KB, 840x967, fug.png)


does anyone remember SomeDope?


Yeah I remember him, nobody normally talks about writefags that have been dead for years though. I'm still pissed Anon vs. Adoption didn't go on longer, the ending felt a bit rushed. I think he fucked off to ptfg for a little while before dropping the name, or at least that's what I can gather from his pastebin.


Does anybody remember ASSFAGGOT?


wow, somebody remembered me


Yep, I take it as my civic duty to remember all of the writefags that came before me. I was talking about you about a year ago here, you must have missed it. So, are you going to keep writing for us?


It's honestly been so long.. I suppose I could, I always wanted to finish snekfillt properly and redo Anon vs adoption


>23 dimensions
So the little squirt has some hobbies.


id also have to re read my own story to remember where i left off


Don’t be discouraged, it’s not a bad idea to reread your work. I’ve written a short novel’s amount of green for this thread and I’ve reread it all a few times just to make sure I’m keeping things straight.


File: 1573318778941.png (915.42 KB, 4000x4000, Merry_horsemas.png)

I'm in the /mlp/ Secret Santa and have been fucking about with CardSlut about assignments. To be funny, he sent me a fake assignment where I am assigned the holiday ID Oddsy. For the unaware, Oddsy is the odd number who doesn't get assigned anyone. I shared this with others because I found it funny.

This blessed soul did not know that Oddsy is a meme and not real. They felt bad because they'd seen me being hyped up for Secret Santa this year and thought I'd been excluded. They drew the attached image and sent it along with the following words: "sorry ya didn't get into the secret santa, but he still delivers to good fillies."

What a nice chap.


>What a nice chap.
Here here to the random anon-santa that delivers to good fillies.


>We already got crystal balls at a pawn shop, but Viridity is very insistent she has the 'bestistest quality crystal balls'.
>The other two crystal balls can be for Spike and someone else.
"YesYesyesyesyesyes! Yes! Will you really do that mister Crystal Touch?"
>Apparently not only is he a mason he's also lampworker too making glass baubles.
>His specialty though is in working with crystals, and precious gems.
>Precuous gems that can be found almost anywhere, and in some specific rock farms.
>"Ofcourse little one for them both would be about 83 bits…"
>I'm sure Twilight isn't hurting for cash, but the allowance she saved up is roughly 30 bits.
>I think she should have alot more, but since I've been awake she's been dutifully saving up, and only sometimes buying sweets for her and hee feiends sometimes…
"Oh? Oh…"
>His grin full of cheer slid off. Then he stage wispered to her.
>"This is the part where you negotiate. Try to haggle me down."
"Ooooh! Umm, twelve bits mister."

>"Would you like to try again? Somehow you haggled me up to 151 bits."

>I'm not even sure how that happened, and I felt her speak.

>"30 bits miss?"

>"How about 37 bits I do have to feed my family."
>Oof let's see what kind of stuff she's made of.
"30 bits, and I'll personally recomend you to my Mo- Princess Twilight."
>He starts to chuckle.
>"That's a more than fair deal my dear."
>He sticks out his hoof.
>The deal was sealed.

"It's a perfect sphere."
"I know! Isn't it great."
"Yes, but the point is that it's a perfect sphere."
"Right? That's the whole point."
"Making one should be immensely difficult-"
"Oh! Right you aren't used to magic passively making things better.
"Wait what?"
"Mhnm, I read it in a book. It also helps with cutie marks, and professionals. It's why the cutie pox is so dangerous."
"Ah. I didn't know that…"
>Very interesting.
>Ah right time for some positive reinforcement.
"You must have worked really hard to learn about that."
>I can feel her blush.
"Ah, mmm, ah…"
>I can still hear her mumble.
>Good ol' psychological manipulation to assist her being the best she can be.

>A bit of wrapping paper, and a ribbon the gift is done.

>Hooves can truly be bogglingly dextrous.
>After which I had to talk about characters.

>"So this character is a more permanent one to pull agro, and to take blows?"

"Yep. The other character just wasn't… sustainable."

>With a teary good bye the party parted with Yogi the smarter than average bear.

>He would continue to look for a place that had as many picnic baskets as the eye could see.
>All the good times we had.
>"Send us a message if you need any help Yogi!"
>Thus the opportunities for side quests from Yogi increased.


File: 1573366207010-0.png (1.42 MB, 2480x1558, 2190584.png)

Derpitards meatpuppet filly for their shitty reddit-tier maymays.


well that filly playing 4d chess


"Advaced Arcane Aspirations for the Aspiring Adolescent. Any particular reason for this book?"
>Something I try to do to connect with my horsey host.
"I wanna learn magic like mommy!"
"I'm ready when you are."
>Normally reading is a quiet affair.
>Feeling the eyes move to words in a rough fractal spiral moving downwards not under my control made reading far more interesting.
"Hey Anon?"
"Remember the comic with Sandymane?"
"I think so, the one where he tried to take over the world?"
>She set the book down. With a bookmark.
>Normally when we read together it's to the very end. Unless it's too long for a single session.
"Yeah! What if you were Sandymane, and succeeded. What would you do."
"I'd follow the Evil Overlords list, and some advice from wise people in the past."
"Evil Overlor-? I mean like would you give everypony free candy, or like airboating tours of the grand empire?"
>Chuckling, I feel our face contort into a frown.
"Ah, I'd probably try to have everyone be as fulfilled as possible. Working our way to a better future one step at a time."
"Why fulfillment? Why not being happy?"
"People, and by that I mean most sentient, and sapient creatures in Equestria too, can't always be happy all the time. Happiness doesn't last as long as fulfillment does. I'm not saying I'd destroy all happiness, but moving the civilization's focus toward the future, and the far future great works can actually be built. Being so caught up in the now is not always bad, but if there is no future everything collapses."
"What about that money system thingy?"
"Ah, it's a- well I believe it's a reflection of all the people that use it. All the desires, and bonds between people. What they really value. Probably a standardized monetary system so everyone can easily trade with each other, first backed by work, then valuables. Honestly it's a big hassle that isn't quite needed if you rule the world."
"I think so. The biggest problems are internal corruption, and groups also clawing for power."
"Internal corruption? Like evil magic?"
"More like a person in a group project that doesn't do anything. Sometimes, they actively hinder everyone. Then they kick everyone else out of the group to keep being funded for the failing project."
"What would you do?"
"Oh… ummm."
"I'd be a super princess that helped all the world'a problems?"
>Resisting the desire to ruffle the mane.
"What sort of problems? Would you do it yourself or have others do it?"
"I'd do it all myself. Then I would always make sure I did a good job.
"It would be kind of hard helping everyone, doing all the paperwork, and being everywhere for everyone. I'm assuming you mean with some magical device that helped you? Dividing your attention over billions of people would be quite hard."
"Oooh. Ummm. I didn't really thing about it like that…"
"Even Princess Celestia has her gaurds, and maids, and butlers, and assistants. No man stands alone. That's barring impossible personal, and group wide power gains, and a immense increase to wisdom, skills, and knowledge."
"I… I didn't really think about it like that."
>Some kindly words, and more effort into herself, and others.
"Well everyone has to start somewhere. Even the Power Ponies had an origin story. If you work hard, and do your best, and work smarter you can do some very incredible things. Like BatStallion."
"Oo- oh."
"I believe you can do it Viridity."
"Thank you, Anon."
"Just know you aren't alone. You have me, and Spike, and Twilight, and all your friends."
>I'm wet.
>Fairly sure those are tears of happiness.


my little otherworldly abomination with designs on the whole world can't possibly be this cute.


What would you do if poner was to try to have a harem of /MLPOL/acks to hold hands, and hooves togther?


find out if she is ticklish


File: 1573441580081-0.png (680.28 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2019-11-10-23-5….png)


>"Viridity… I'm not mad at you, but you need to know why what you did was… well…."
>Twilight sighs.
>Oh this is going to be about the birds and the bees.

>If only I knew how deep the rabbit hole went then.

>Today is a good day. Except for the exhaustion from the previous three hard days of staying up late reading.

>Working hard during the day. She puts her 110% into everything.
>I think my words were a little too effective.
>In her words 'It'll be fine I've done this multiple times, before you woke up, and mommy even does it to and she's just fine.'
>'It's magic Anonymous I know you don't understand anything about it. Everything will work out great.'
>I'll admit I am a bit petty. I don't much appreciate being talked down to.
>Chalking it up to being exhausted, and perhaps being overly concerned for her health.
>Our health.
>I'm reading everything she has. Twice over.
>Some lessons in life don't need to be felt to understand, but here and now?
>It's perfectly safe for a live demonstration.
>Waking up late, and nearly missing school.
>Missing the daily pleasantries routine with Spike, and Twilight. Sometimes even with the random guest.
>When the order of the day get's thrown off she isn't quite comfortable.
>The school would do a trivia game to prepare for the test.
>An agreement between me and Viridity when I first became constantly conscious was that I wouldn't help her during school hours so that she could learn, and possibly fail on her own.
>So I watched the answers that were right mixed with unrelated facts.
>Her friends asked if she got enough sleep. Like good friends.
>It seemed to rise her hackles even more, but eventually Viridity did agree she needed more sleep.
>Too excited to read 'all of the books!'
>Later that day. During a game with the guys fighting the forces of confirmed evil.
>It's been a long game session, and Viridity has been getting some rather poor rolls with a few massive crits to keep her spirits up.
>I think she's at the end of her rope.
>I've been trying to make it not so hard, but…
"Roll for a seduction check on the guard."
"I'm sure we could stay the night. How about at your place. Good looking."
>Woah! Woah! Woah! Say what?
>A d20 falls from the sky the seven visible.
>"I don't date pipsqueaks. Pipsqueak."
>Feeling the flush. She opened her mouth again.
"Are you sure, because. I know I would rock your world."
>Did she just flick her tail at the paper token guard?
>Holy shit what?
>Seeing the secret filly place, and body blocking the guys' view.
>The tail flick is extraordinarily obvious.
>Glancing over at Spike, Big Mac, and Discord with my newish character (about two months in) they were whispering.
>Viridity didn't look back.

>My discomfort was for entirely different reasons.

>Her embarrassment was something to truly see.
>Though the reasons why might be different.
>"So where did you learn about seduction?"
"In the players hoofbook."
>Oh no that's one hell of a dead pan.
>"Are you sure?"
>I can feel the nail being hammered into the coffin now.
>"Because I've read the players hoofbook."
>"And all expansions with my brother."
>I can feel blood draining away.
>"There isn't one of those copies anywhere in Ponyville that covers the seduction mechanics."
"I, umm read a magazine that made me feel funny?"
>Now I would have remembered that.
>"Show me."

>Well the pit she keeps on digging is just getting deeper.

"How do you know?"
>"I'm sure you didn't forget about Anonymous right?"
>She did forget.
>Must have been from the sleep deprivation.
>I know I'm relatively quiet, and keep to myself.
"I was hoping I could break this to you later momm- Twilight."
"First I have to show you this."
>She most definately not running on all cylinders right now.
>Twilight lost her heat.
>"Language young lady."
"Yes, mommy."
>"As for how I knew… Don't forget I'm also your mother, and all mothers have eyes in the back of our heads."
>Being an alicorn of magic is bullshit.

"You see mom- Twilight. I liked to watch the new up and coming hit series My Little Human."
>Wait what.
"The fan base is absolutely massive., and it is in the public domain…"
>So all the porn all the time. Rule 34 probably exists there too.
"One recurring villain over the whole series was the-"
>No way. No fucking way. That… that's just fine in a multiverse…
>"So how does that relate to… all of this?"
"Well mommy… I didn't want to live on my planet any more…"
>Hold on…
>Purple reached out, and hugs the alien(s) wearing a filly's skin.
>"So what were you?"
"A pony."

"Everytime I started gathering a workforce everypony got antsy. So they started harassing them, and me."
>"That's awful."
"I had them dig too deep into a volcano once. Once, and no pony let's you forget about it."
"I might have accidentally released an accident evil…"
"Maybe once, or five times…"
>"… five times?"
"I only tried to take over the world once… or twice…"
>"I- I'm going to send a letter to my mentor. You aren't in trouble… it's just…"
"The present I was getting will help with explaining."

>Be Princess Luna

>"Sister. Twilight just sent urgent news about her daughter."
"Is it as we feared?"
>"It's… both. A complicated situation."
"Is Anonymous connected?"
"No that's a bit presumptuous. First, do we need to get Starswirl?"


it's confirmed.


>My Little Human, Technology is Belligerence


Nice work, I enjoyed that.

Filly should have told Twilight she's not gay and won't take it up the butt


File: 1573453557411.png (208.37 KB, 800x566, image.png)

I want to adopt a cute filly and pamper it


>"You lost your name during the travel between the dimentional planes?"
"A few other minor things too…"
"I- I wanted a fresh start. So I would go to Earth, and help with their problems."
>A purely theoretical venture from her home. Too deadly, and dangerous to try.
>"What happened?"
"I bumped into the barrier."
>Starswirl the bearded sucked in a deep breath.
>The kind of look someone has when someone else is kicked in the balls.
"Anonymous was ejected from that mishap. If I left him out in the… the… the…"
>Beardy the Merlin spoke up.
>"Don't worry about the name. That will come once you fully adjust here."
"Right. I wanted to make sure Anonymous made it back, or got somewhere safe, but…"
>"You bumped into us. Hard."
>"I see. So you shielded Anon's soul with your own because you knew that yours would regather due to your precautions."
"How did? Nevermind…"
"Yeah, when we entered I hoped I'd be his waifu, and he might be part of my harem of… of…"
>I feel our vocal chords move, but can't understand the subvocals.
>Well I didn't quite expect that.
"Then we both came here in a body of my younger self. Reentering took alot out of me. Only reason why we did not get lost again was because of Anon."
"I have no recollection of that."
>"That makes sense, with Anon as a key to entering here. The question is why didn't it work with Anon's world? You know his world fairly well…"
"I wasn't up to date. I wanted to prevent travesties from happening. I was trying to go back to the 1920's. The current date was 2019."
>"You are lucky to even be alive with most of your facilities intact."
>I feel our cheeks puffing up.
"I prepared for the worst case senario…"
>Then deflate as some shame. Curling up slightly.
"Kind of…"
"I just sort of thought that… since you were just characters, and your society isn't as advanced as mine was…"
>Ah. The trappings of being the main character in a self insert story.
>Good thing no one is catastrophically stupid due to an eldritch force bending the plot for it's nefarious needs.
>Nope just me, the necromancer that happens to have a nack for unleashing ancient and ultimate evils on the world by accident, and all the ponies you can shake a stick at…
>Note never ever tell necromancer pony about the banned things that must remain secret.
>Are we crying? Sniff.
"Moommy, I'm so sorry."
>So she lost non-essential personality traits, and a few memories too.
>Hiccuping she continues.
"I -hic- sorr -hic- sorry'm I -hic- lied, and -hic- an-"
>The biology of the body helping with being a child again, but it can only do so much.
>Princess of friendship comes foward like the arbiter of the hanged.
>Purple's fur feels really nice. Almost like velvet…
>That's a fucking pun even here I subject myself to them… but does Twilight's mom feel like of her name Velvet?
>Her coat just keeps on soaking up all our excess eye liquid.
>Wrapping us in her immortal embrace.
>"Remember what I said when I adopted you?"
>That was all that needed to be said.
>Even though I'm clueless about what she did say, but that's fine I'm not the one that needs to hear that sentence the most right now.

>Someone loudly blows their nose. Not quite running the moment.

>Then a tuba.
>Just a little longer.
>Like mother like daughter.

"Hey, since travel between the worlds, and such is possible. Would you mind helping me with the situation on Earth at some point?"
>"It seems reasonable, but we also have some problems here. That doesn't mean we won't help, just depends on the circumstances at the time. And how soon Viridity recollects herself."
>Perfectly understandable.
>"Ugh- gag- so sappy. I shouldn't stray too long away from here. I'd give the little tyke about the age of maturity. Hotsause-ta la pizza."
>"Indeed. In addition to what Discord said if Anon leaves the body while Viridity is still recovering. We don't know what the effects will be to either of them."
>So everything is the same as it was before…
"I… I guess I didn't need the visual aid…"
>So the gift still remains a delightful suprise.

>Twilight Sparkle pulls us over gently.

>"Remember what I said during the Talk?"
"Which part mommy?"
>"No coltfriends until you get your cutie mark, and even then…"
>"Anon, no funny stuff."
"Yes, Ma'am."
>Our face must be so red.
>"And, Anon?"
>"Welcome to the family."
>That's the first time she said something like that…
>She said something about saving me, and being proud.
>Must be the sleep deprivation.


"I -hahahaa- mommy -haa- stoppp -hehe- nooo -haah- I -giggle- give up!"
>"No telling lies. Understand?"
"Yes -haha- mommy."
>"Alright Anon the spell should be wearing off now."
>In exchange for lack of muscle control, I wouldn't feel anything. Both are welcome.
>The one problem with such a spell is that it would also stop the heart, and lungs.
>Technically being a thought form sure is handy.
"Ahh- shesheae."
>Eh, I can wait a little longer.

"Tell me about everyone on the website."
>This might take a while…
"Have you heard of Anonymous?"
>Could have replaced it with duh.
"-it's you."
"It's also many many people's… erm. What's the word. Alias. That's it."
"So? You- your name isn't Anonymous?"
"It's thematically appropriate."
"After all I look like an Anonfilly."
"So that's how they fit so many in me…"
"In stories?"
"Of all kinds."
"I should have been way more specific."
>I'm not sure if that's intended as an innuendo…

>"Are you excited my mom, and dad are coming to visit! Oh, I've told them so much about you both."

"Yay! Grandma, and Grandpa are coming!"
"I've been wondering if Twilight Velvet feels like velvet… Wonder if it's better than Purple's…"
"Did I say that outloud?"
>"You will find out Anon."
>Isn't that ominous.

>"So, ah Twilight told me she had to bring over both princesses to finish the talk…"

"Yeah! Starswirl, and Discord was there too."
>I cannot tell if that was intentional or not.
"He played a tuba when I was embraced by mommy, and everyone watched."
"Spike means the other talk. The talk about growing up."
"Both were about growing up."
>Technically that's true.
"It's about your origins."
>Spike gives me that look.
>I walked right into that.
"I mean how she, and I came here."
>Same problem.
"About how we both penetrated the dimentional barrier…"
>"Riiight. That's a bit too much information."
"It's not like that. It's more like an alien invasion where I was stranded, and she picked me up, and pro- …"
>"That's really strange dude."
>"Ah, the spell to keep the topic of the conversation a secret is working as intended."
>"At the end I had to pull them both to the side. To personally show them that even Anon should be part of the family."
>"Twilight… that spell you cast works on you too. Sooo I'm going to head over to Rarity's to see if she needs help or something."
"Look during the conversation they said I could only stop being inside Viridity once she's legal. Then we can go back to my place to free my pe-"
>Spike has that far away pained look. Between laughing, and disgust.
"It's not like that I just felt Twilight up, and wondered how her mom would feel if I did the same to her."
>"Nope, nope, nope, nope-"
>Spike has left the area.


File: 1573455218795.png (159.17 KB, 877x725, SCP.png)

>There's a containment breach.
>Your cell block goes dark, and the door to your holding cell slides open.
>You can hear chaos outside.
>A head rolls through the door, you recognize it as the researcher who was overseeing a test on you earlier today.
>You're not safe here, but you do have your anomalies on your side.
>What are they again?
>Input action. (Select three anomalies.)


Boneless (Reed Richards style, toned way down)
Scentless (You're a clean filly and don't smell of cum)
Photosynthesis (You're green, you can eat but you can also claim some energy from Sunbutt's Orb)


27 keks.

Reeeee!: It get's the attention of just about everything. During one of the tests with a toaster(?) It got annoyed(?)
>Rape: don't worry about how it happens it just does. They've been slow to try more dangerous SCPs.
Purple: Is always nearby just before filly is about to do anything naughty or get hurt. In the case of being naughty attitude punishments take place, may include observers. In the case of harm Twilight Sparkle is a 'master of magics' depending on context she just tells filly to stay put in the containment chamber as she goes to do something. (Shopping, Hayburgers, Sorting the library, Deafeating evil ect.)

That works too


Oh yeah, gonna try to do these nightly. Hold me to this you faggots, I expect doxxing and murderraping if I can't follow through with it this time.


Doxxing is too much work when we can just go huff birb's fluff instead


File: 1573457784398.png (Spoiler Image, 102.6 KB, 800x800, 1612569.png)


Is the first digit of your street number a 3?


Adopt or be adopted


File: 1573458713490.jpeg (502.83 KB, 2048x1536, 9D9E57B0-42D8-4ED0-BC01-4….jpeg)





File: 1573518003449.png (319.49 KB, 1153x1569, 1644563.png)

You fool! You've accidentally taken a photo of your mailbox and given away your street number!

As we speak a special filly unit is on it's way to your house to hold you hostage and make sure you keep writing updates. Don't try to run, it's already too late.


File: 1573524902964.jpeg (31.28 KB, 500x418, 1535697849466.jpeg)



To all Semen Combo Pricks, we are hunting SCP Lone15 urgently requiring it to construct more 'greens'.


File: 1573533090070.png (3.24 MB, 3141x2139, Light Containment Floorpla….png)

>You'll remember them later.
>Some of the commotion has died down, so you rummage about…
>Here it is, that sheet of paper the researcher gave you to color on.
>There's just enough light from the battery-operated evacuation lights outside to see what you're looking at.
>There are a bunch of poorly rendered cocks doodled in crayon on the back of it, but turning it over reveals a floorplan of the area you're in.
>Well, part of it. It's not terribly detailed either, maybe they have other revisions that are given to personnel?
>At least they were courteous enough to not obscure the locations of the bathrooms, fuck.
>You take out a fat-tipped marker and scribble some important notes.
>You can move, but quietly.
>Even here where they keep the most benign things, that researcher is still very decapitated.
>Input action. (Where to go first/suggest more anomalies.)


Check nearest toilets for guns


This. 7 Days to Die has taught us that any given toilet has a 40% chance of containing a 9mm.


File: 1573538189607-0.png (186.51 KB, 1750x1750, 2193832.png)

File: 1573538189607-1.jpeg (256.9 KB, 1280x1378, 1443500.jpeg)

Some totally not Anonfilly 4u


Don't forget the mirror, Duke Nukem 3d taught one to check behind the bathroom mirror


and if the time I've spent playing BL2 taught me anything, check the stalls themselves for any goodies. Never know when somebody might leave behind a jacket with some important details or spare ammo/a gun (if RNGsus be with us) in it behind.


File: 1573552789893.jpg (41.89 KB, 453x373, 1572968393308.jpg)



File: 1573553035988.png (532.65 KB, 900x923, img-1267243-1-mlfw6117-RD_….png)

>totally not Anonfilly



If all else fails.
In a pinch toiletpaper, or paper towels can be used as a distraction… (assuming those fags use such products)
It's near a freah air shaft every horror media says air shafts if they aren't filled with terrible things that will eat your face is littered with guns, and useful stuff.

Trashcans don't often have stuff, but it could…


File: 1573573344797.gif (179.13 KB, 192x140, TicklishFilly.gif)


File: 1573573933022.png (25.24 KB, 192x192, 2140541.png)

ticklish filly is a QT


Woah, saved.


Also, very creative.


Why are you telling a piece of bread to become a filly?


Filly wants to be bred, it’s only logical to assume that bread also wants to be filly.


File: 1573580278496.png (142.86 KB, 1280x793, this.png)


File: 1573584791666.png (461.99 KB, 661x710, Drawing.png)

Oopz forgot to post my drawing sorry (° v ° )


>In unison the sounds of agreement were made.
>The real problem with the spell Twilight used to keep the topics discussed secret from others os that it's energy intensive, but not for our dear Purple Smort, and it has to be maintained.
>Most importantly is that reproducing the same results is a triathalon of hurdles, and surprise
>Recasting the spell with the same 'settings' can lead to wildly varying levels of results.
>The real reason Twilight casted the spell?
>Figuring out how the spell worked…
>In practice.
>"Is everything just right? Ohhh I should have checked the checklist again."
"Mommy what do I say the speech you gave me is actually the financial report."
>"Oh no! They're here!"
>"Stick to the plan!"
>Spike bless his little dragon heart says the one thing I've been thinking this whole fiasco.
>"It's not like those never fail."
>"-gasp- BBBFF?"
>Peetzer pony is here too.
>"When you said you have a daughter we just had to come."
>"I- wasn't expecting you both to come too."
>We glance at the paper.
>Hunh, looks like Spike's been busy.
>I feel us shaking slightly.
>Oh no. The plans don't have any flex.
>She ain't got that improv spirit… man.
>'s mom has got it going on…
>"-can you believe who we saw on the way here? Oh! Is this?"
>A lack of improvisation can be sort of fixed.
>Woahoa!? I should start hugging more ponies to see how their fur feels.

>"I hear that spooky forest is nearby here. Why don't we go for a little walk."

>"Of course dear, that would be quite a nice walk. I'll get the camera."
>"Erm, it's realy not that safe…"
>Purple's parents either don't have a sense of danger, or are made of tough stuff.
>Considering their son was the captain of the royal guard, and their daughter is the princess of friendship lasers that stood toe-to-toe with some of the largest threats to Equestria…
>"That's fine if you don't want to go through an icky forest. We'll be back in an hour, or two. Maybe even get to see that castle."
>"Wait! That's not what I ment!"
>Twilight's dad takes a look at the financial paper still somehow loosely in our grasp.
>"Spike is keeping up on his numbers. Such a great kid. Like you Viridity."
>The blushing on our cheeks must be visible.

>Night Light, and Twilight Velvet certainly are… something.

>Sounds of the living forest can be felt.
>It feels almost like home.
>Feels like it is alive.
>It's real danger in our midst.
>Of nature's wrath made manifest.
>"Look at these blue flowers!"
>"Wait mom that's poison joke!"

>"So Viridity, and Anonymous hunh?"

>A private room in the castle.
"Mhmm Mr. Sparkle."
>"Grampa is just fine tyke."
"Yay, grandpa!"
>"Now I know you both came from beyond…"
>So we waited for a moment.
>"I don't want to burden my son, or daughter with some of the things I know…"
>"Shining is a good kid, and Twi- your mom, heh interesting, your mom is the princess of friendship."
>Hold on a second.
>"Neither of them would handle the kind of work I do well. Especially if Shining finds out I've been the one he's been trying to capture for so long."
>No fucking way.
"Why us sir?"
>"Anonymous… I'm sure you already know it by now, but nopony else in the business is showing any signs of being the right sort of leader."
>"Viridity here knows the ins, and outs of managing a completely loyal workforce, she plans big."
"How did you know that grandpa?"
>"The darkness has ears, and eyes everywhere. I'm no slouch with the friendship business, and I have friends is high, and low places."
>"Anonymous, you know the kind of knowledge I've been digging for almost my entire life. I mean a more esoteric other kind of knowledge if you catch my drift."
>Oh fuck.
"You mean the sorts of things I shouldn't-"
>"Exactly, there is a reason why both my son, and daughter are so magically potent."
>I widen my eyes. No fucking way.
>"Since you plan on heading back to potentially heroically save your world this would be a good way to expand into… new markets."
"The… I'm supposing here that the way things are on my planet are a bit more…"
>"It's better to have the one's you know, and trust supporting, and doing behind the scenes work."
"I'm… I'm a little bit confused grandpa?"
>"That's just fine granddaughter it might come to you later, or it might not, but I do have a request."
>"Could you extend the life of my son, and if possible my wife, and I's life span?"
"Things can die of old age here?!"
>That outburst is not at all concerning.
>"Yes things do sweetie, and that includes us."
"Oh no! What about Spike, Pinkie Pie, Rough'n Tumble, Glit- all my friends, and Granny Smith? Them too?"
>"-Possibly except the princesses."
>Feeling out snoot scrunch. Her serious face.
"I won't let dieing because noppny wants to happen to anypony."
>"You have a heart of gold granddaughter."
>I can see him relax.
>"Let's keep this a secret between the three of us."
"I know a really good one! Pinkie showed me…"

>We left the room together closer.

>My… our eye only hurt a little bit.
>And Mr. Sparkle has big balls of steel.
>I still have no clue how Pinkie popped out of the carpet.
>I'm wrong. Harder than any material known to man.
"Thanks grandpa! I know what my side project is going to be."
>Only a side project… what. Whatever fuck it.
>Have to remember twenty first street by the tree, in that kinda alleyway thing. That's the drop off. Parallel for pickup. Cross section to stop pick ups. Remove it from there if lines are about to be found out.
>To the right of Bon Bon's candy place under a bush is the pick up.
>"Where have you two been?"
>"Family bonding. You, and your friends sure did a nice renovation of this place."


did twilight and twilight get hit by poison joke? and how come that stuff isn't regularly being tracked through ponyville?


That's what I get for being so unspecific. Damn.
The original thought was that they made to the castle of the two sisters unmolested. Night Light would talk to Green pone, and Anon. Then they headed back together.
Fortunately what you just said works out better.

>"Family bonding. You, and your friends sure did a nice renovation of this place."

Is a bit off in referring to when they fixed up the castle in the everfree, but also makes sense that the tree castle is also decorated…
Happens to also make Ponk less omnipotent.


File: 1573617290144.jpg (738.49 KB, 890x2307, SparkleComic.jpg)

>Taking the scenic route to the old castle may have been a poor decision on Mrs. and Mr. Sparkle's part…
>But he's pretty crafty, and I don't doubt Twilight Velvet is any less sharp…
>Was it all a plot to engineer that situation?
>A method to see the effects of poison joke at the same time? An evaluatio-
"Anon can I ask you something in my room?"
>Imagined plot, or not I really should keep a better watch if the shadowy crime lord, Night Light, can spy on secure messages. Then others might be able to do the same.

"Anonymous? Do people die of old age too?"
"Yeah, but complications with health, or accidents happen more often."
"Complications? Like when the local healer cuts off the wrong half of the body?"
>The hell is the wrong half?
"Wha- well… I suppose maybe? What exactly do you mean? The other stuff… It's like things get worn and torn, and eventualy wear out no longer working how it should. Cascading to failure."
"Sounds like the theory of entropy."
"Theory? That's part of the universe."
>I can feel her horror.
"I know for sure it's part of mine."
"Your saying we are decaying right this second!"
"Well… what does the theory state just so I'm not confusing it with anything different."

>Purple panics, then Viridity launches her body at the alicorn pony.
>"What's the matter?"
>Burying her head into the velvety fur. Barely murmuring something out.

>Viridity falls to sleep in the comfort of the pony princess.

>Feeling her resting while I'm wide awake. Heh this will mess with our sleep cycle something fierce.
"Viridity didn't know that entropy was real."
"Nor that bodies can eventually fail, or have abnormalities."
>Purple is quiet for a long while.
>"I don't know if that's how her world worked, or that's a side effect from losing part of one's soul can do."
>"Please continue keeping an eye on her?"
"You know me Purple. I'm here everyday of the work week from 8 am to 3 pm."
>She gives a weak chuckle. A fine pairing for the strength of the 'joke'.
>"Is it alright if I tuck her in?"
"I wasn't… I think… I'm not… Yeah, could you hand me the adult book for illusions when you do so?"
>I've been starving for greentext, or at least fanfiction for a long while.
>"I can do that."
>Just like most meats vs a substitute substance. This will have to do.
>The only difference, magic is awesome. Though they do have some creative alternatives to meat.

>Chapter five: Pr-

>I hear both Twilights outside of the door.
>"She's pretty tried mom."
>"I understand that my little filly."
>"The floppy horn was just a little bit funny."
>"Well your father can do something quite similar."
>"Maybe when your older you'll understand. Although I might just bring a bundle of that poison joke back home. It'll definitely make things more interesting."
>Rest in peace purely clean thoughts about grandma, and grandpa Sparkle.
>One adventurous, the other is into shady stuff. A perfect match.
>"Anyway dear it was nice to wash my big filly's, now royal princess, mane again. Just like how we used to."
>I could only tell that Purple said something in reply.
>Back to reading.

>Chapter ten: The s-

>I feel Viridity stirring.
>Putting away the book in the place she never checks I gently close my eyes and lay on the pillow.
>Totally just been a sleep the whole time.
>Waiting some more…
>Waiting even more….
>Finally she yawns.
"Thay's not fair you only said it."
"Le yawn?"
"That's… did mommy tuck me in after…?"
"She did."
>"Going back out will be fun, and it'll be a great way to have the creative forces working. Seeing a castle in the middle of the woods is a great setting."
>Someone knocks on the door.
>"Are you feeling better?"
"Yes mommy."
>"Viridity did you want to head to the castle in the forest with us?"
"Mhmm! Sounds like fun!"
>So full of excitment again.


File: 1573619427259-0.png (213.08 KB, 729x833, ToiletStall.png)

File: 1573619427259-1.png (41.85 KB, 393x385, Vent.png)

>You carefully make the short trip over to the nearby restrooms, keeping both ears fully perked up.
>That's something you like, the enhanced hearing.
>Granted that you're going to need to probably fight tooth and nail, er… tooth and hoof to get out of here, you need a weapon of some kind.
>Thanking every god that you know of that the stall doors don't have squeaky hinges, you begin to pull them open.
>The first one is empty aside from a few rolls of toilet paper.
>You might go back for one of those later if you don't find anything better.
>The next stall over shows…
>Well, now you know where the rest of that researcher is.
>You try to avert your eyes from the carnage that is his entire body as you rummage about through his pockets.
>A pack of gum, an old Nokia phone…
>Here it is, a keycard.
>You don't know how far it'll get you, but it's worth keeping around.
>You shove the lot in your mane, feeling it dissipate into nothingness.
>Right, that's one of the things they were interested in…
>Well, you can recall them when you need them at least.
>You move on to the next stall. And the next one. And the next one.
>Just when you start to think there's nothing else in here, you spot something in a very filthy bowl.
>Well, there's your gun.
>Right in the middle of the most foul, rancid pile of shit you've ever seen.
>With a bit of ingenuity, you're able to remove the magazine.
>The side isn't clear, so you start to remove the bullets with your teeth to see how many you have.
>Thirty-two fucking bullets in this tiny mag.
>You shake your head and start to slowly reload them.
>Now to figure out how the hell you're supposed to fire this thing…
>You go back to the researcher to check him for some rubber bands, paperclips, or anything else you could use to jerry-rig a mod for the firing mechanism.
>Unfortunately, you turn up short.
>You can hear muffled cries echoing from the air vent.
>Your heart is pounding, but you get up on a sink and take a peek.
>There's just enough light to see some sort of mass illuminated just around a bend in the system.
>It almost looks like hair…
>Input action.


universes where entropy doesn't happen are just wierd to think about. fire heats stuff up because of entropy, but without entropy, does stuff just get warmer for being next to a fire?


File: 1573621420982.png (323.64 KB, 3952x3299, 1224993.png)


File: 1573631512213.png (626.94 KB, 1987x1530, Happy To Be Home.png)

Obviously be adopted
>there are people here who unironically want to adopt an anonfilly
Why are they even in the Mommy Issues General?


Obviously they're here to enjoy the content from Twilight's perspective.


File: 1573633258931.png (107.21 KB, 446x750, 2194438.png)


File: 1573634195984.png (143.63 KB, 920x1024, fillyhappy.png)

Because I want more filly in my life


The tickle monster knows no mercy
Bad Anon! Beer isn't for little fillies!


Whelp looks like keeping quiet is the right play.
If it's possible to use the deceased piece of clothing wrapping it through the trigger gaurd to directly pull the trigger. Like just a rope. Unfortunately that also means the method of doing so will clock filly right in the face. Stay still on the back, or slide along the wall. Requiring two hooves, and mouth.
Extracting one's self away from the premisis maybe a good idea.
Are the armed guards friendly? Considering this is Shooting Combustion Practice I'm supposing the answer is shoot first let the researchers ask questions.

>Right in the middle of the most foul, rancid pile of shit you've ever seen.

Oof, that's quite a shity predicament.
Ah an inventory, using the power of pony hair. Ponk may be proud.


That feel when your trying to get luke warm milk, and instead you have hot, and almost freezing drink.
Much of chemistry, and physics is general decide to go cry in a corner.
>without entropy, does stuff just get warmer for being next to a fire?
Who knows what kind of bullshit world mechanics Viridity came from. It might be like a video game where that's just they way things are, or it could be multiple eldritch slaves turning cogs to make things actually work.


File: 1573660957064.png (19.93 KB, 1000x800, 1057912.png)

Because I would love to have my own lovely autistic anon piloting the body of a pretty filly
Like a roomate you have to help to reach the top drawers and can't win in a tickle fight


Keep in mind that without people who'll adopt, you'll just be stuck in some shitty children's home.


File: 1573665126983.png (238.63 KB, 594x612, 1142480.png)


Do you want a filly or to filly


I want to filly personally.


I must say, I think filly's plan is excellent, though it does need one simple change. Specify that the little bird grabs the wood alcohol, and then offer him the first glass. Tell him the pain is normal.


Given the choice I guess I'd rather a filly.


File: 1573670750801.jpg (1.16 MB, 2576x1932, 20191113_115900.jpg)

Sorry I did the same angle, I will do other ones and bodies too, but I'm still practicing


File: 1573670855716.png (592.34 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20191113-124621.png)

Fuck, I'm retarded, it's sideways


File: 1573676308779.png (582.39 KB, 1280x688, large-10.png)

The more fillies to adopt the better
Get used to the sound of microwave going on at 3am and pets


Tch, not likely. I wwould be strict with both bedtimes and sweets.


u should get paper with no lines friend


Would you be a foster guardian or a filly


Guardian. I don't really want to be the filly.


That right there is why I want to adopt fillies. I wanna host a filly slumber party.
Filly is technically a full-grown man, and can make decisions for themselves so long as they're not doing anything that would involve the police.


>Filly is a full-grown man
Pfft, right filly. Back to bed you go.


File: 1573677840477.png (251.78 KB, 1646x1672, 1469664.png)

Nothing wrong with full grown man fillies
I know that physical lovey dovey contact still feels good as an adult
I'll keep it as a secret whenever they get their manes and food groomed and pampered

as long as they are not doing it for a weird baby age regression fetish rather than genuine platonic affection. That just makes it weird and ruins it for me

Let them have fun silly


*fur groomed


File: 1573678602773.png (Spoiler Image, 94.17 KB, 348x491, blushing filly.png)

I d-definitely wouldn't want brushies!
W-what kind of fucking faggot would want that?



File: 1573679561197-0.jpeg (176.11 KB, 1346x978, 2195092.jpeg)

Anonfilly is safe from this here?


File: 1573681053203.jpg (79.83 KB, 445x720, 1538242077796.jpg)

Quickly set up quarantmemes and ensure the illness doesn't spread.
Anonfillies are safe fo now, but it's only a matter of time.


File: 1573684034102.gif (2.78 MB, 640x352, extremely painful.gif)



File: 1573684110386.png (294.11 KB, 885x1058, 1363099.png)

My frog egyptian religion mandates to groom and pamper green non-human shitpost lenient creatures for meme magic
I need it to unlock my wizard skill tree


File: 1573684227402.png (280.28 KB, 1074x1024, large-2 (4).png)

Oh no!
Infected anon fillies have to stay in bed until they make full recovery
Also they have to eat all the eggs


File: 1573686173690.png (39.97 KB, 337x313, 2178344.png)



Her mouth isn't intruding on her other facial features, do it over.


Sorry friend, but I don't think I'm good enough for that.


Doesn't matter how good or shit you are, being able to see what you're doing will help you grow as an artist and generally make your art look cleaner.


File: 1573706763007.png (164.01 KB, 912x608, speardepress.png)

Well, I fucked up my wrist somehow, can't draw anything tonight and all of the ideas I was excited over earlier sort of got quashed. I don't think there's going to be an update. Instead, I'll direct your attention to the poll below so I know if I'm actually doing what you all want.


File: 1573708956517.png (12.51 KB, 212x183, hugs.png)

All the options on that poll are phrased pretty harshly; does somefilly need a hug?


Where's the option for "write all the things" because I want to see how all of it goes.


I want all the contents all the time.
From green to shining green
To the drawings of the most autist to the utterly sublime
Every potentiality fully realized is what I truely wish
From audio to zucchini I want to consume it all
Yet it is the will of you of what you want to make.
Without the soul it's a little more empty.

Get well soon, and recover well for the endless desire for content is self explanatory, but bares reiterating it is infinite.

Hope your wrist feels better Lone, and may the poners be with you.


File: 1573727480632-0.png (73.55 KB, 1440x1742, sketch-1573684960891.png)

File: 1573727480632-1.png (201.77 KB, 1440x1742, sketch-1573685996979.png)

File: 1573727480632-2.png (264.89 KB, 1440x1742, sketch-1573686833812.png)

File: 1573727480632-3.png (467.24 KB, 1440x1742, sketch-1573687512969.png)

File: 1573727480632-4.png (750.11 KB, 1440x1742, sketch-1573687705835.png)

Hi fillies, I heard mlp is getting a new show. Hopefully this is the plot


File: 1573734589915.png (38.41 KB, 232x191, Unbridled Rage.png)



File: 1573735432543.png (152.11 KB, 481x591, EdgeFilly.png)

Oh well, since we are posting garbage now …




File: 1573751041573-0.png (25.54 KB, 788x800, tiny filly.png)

File: 1573751041573-1.png (15.22 KB, 571x530, microfilly.png)

File: 1573751041573-2.png (35.26 KB, 1078x736, atomic filly.png)

I was looking through my filly folder and found a few fillies who were so smol they might've gotten lost
I'm not the artist, but I wanted to be extra sure they found their way here


They have before. But thank you for your survices. We might have stepped on them if you hadn't.


I thought they might have
I must have not seen them the first time because of how smol they are




I swear i didn't take Luftkrieg to drink, honest!


You better not. That filly is too wholesome and pure to drink until she's grown up.



File: 1573765900891.jpg (27.42 KB, 403x350, 1571515324504.jpg)

Should Anonfilly be allowed to drink?
Yay or Neigh


File: 1573768383550.png (265.46 KB, 444x1024, 1565043056915.png)


filly should be forced to drink


Mommy milkies?


White Russians with twiggle milk


straight vodka


File: 1573769358633.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.1 MB, 3264x1773, 2140544.jpeg)

Anonfilly should always be drinking mommy milkies


File: 1573773904272-0.png (866.31 KB, 3500x3500, bad_filly.png)

File: 1573773904272-1.jpg (5.1 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20191114_151837.jpg)

in jail for >rape


faget stole my scarves


Gee Billy, how come your mom lets you have 2 scarves?


File: 1573777611130.jpg (32.01 KB, 500x383, lewd.jpg)

So when are we gonna get an Anonfilly version of this? It's criminal that it doesn't exist already.


File: 1573781222582.png (61.1 KB, 559x603, 2196295.png)

Don't forget to upgrade to the new art style, anon!


File: 1573783189921.gif (241.61 KB, 1000x1000, 141.gif)

>new art style
I wanna die.


File: 1573784445330.png (430.64 KB, 1600x1124, 1547623759141-1.png)

>second pic
Hey, hey, hey!
What happened with that filly's manecut?



File: 1573786219658.png (445.14 KB, 518x539, jar.png)

It begins. (Sorry for my shit painting skills, one day I'll make better ones designed for display)


File: 1573788561541-0.gif (48.39 KB, 128x128, ragefilly.gif)

Thin your paints, faget



Fuckin knew I was missing something basic.




Based Satan.


File: 1573797548418.png (615.72 KB, 1650x1396, FuckedUpNow.png)

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