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File: 1570621044745.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 50.16 KB, 474x338, download (34).jpeg)

560a8 No.246201

There's a meme war brewing lads get in on the fun
>CCP (that's right, the fuckin Chinese communist party)
>cuck companies that bend the knee to the CCP (blizzard entertainment is a primary target)
>subverting anons that think China is too big or too little a threat
>based peaceful Hong Kong protesters
>the Don
>imageboards and reddit (its happening)
>countries neighbouring China that grow tired of their rhetoric
The battle is already in full swing

560a8 No.246202

File: 1570621600897-0.png (181.04 KB, 3218x1424, 1570614491728.png)

File: 1570621600897-1.png (748.9 KB, 960x962, 1570613128956.png)

File: 1570621600898-2.jpg (61.86 KB, 640x640, 1570603548203.jpg)

File: 1570621600898-3.png (643.75 KB, 1500x1500, 1570612124041.png)

File: 1570621600898-4.jpg (118.52 KB, 450x263, 1570614622129.jpg)

a7e6c No.246211

File: 1570628288688.jpg (321.46 KB, 2000x1500, PinkiePieHadTooMuchToDrink.jpg)

>subverting anons that think China is…too little a threat
How is it a serious threat at all? Economically China is weaker than it's made itself look and is mostly worried about its own people sneaking money out of the country. Politically China has inadvertently isolated itself and has any influence merely from bribing countries with developmentbux. Socially China has a comparatively small influence in the West and is viewed with suspicion compared to the far worse threat of Judaism. In foreign policy there is nothing ZOG likes more than an excuse to expand the Empire. The only threat that exists is a large Chinese influence in Canada and Australia, but that's solely because of globalist immigration policies in the first place.

>the Don & reddit

Do you know where you are? Pinkie would show you but she's too tuckered out.

>literal Battleborn character

Wait, it's not Battleborn, as that's a better game than that one which is just one step above Fortnite.

>HK shilling

I don't care how much you love the HK protestors, it's simply not our battle and trying to make it so just opens the window for globalist interventionism. At best HK is an example that a disarmed people is always one step away from tyranny and that separatism is the best policy.

t. China shill

6aac9 No.246246

File: 1570635322658.png (274.31 KB, 1600x1476, sigh.png)

>and reddit

05f9e No.246277

File: 1570648956441.jpeg (8.26 KB, 142x200, BasketBallWinnie.jpeg)

>it's simply not our battle
That's true. However, there's nothing wrong with using them to play "you and him fight" with one of our hated american cuck companies.

Right now, I think some winnie the pooh and NBA mashups would really stir the pot up when the NBA would like to let this blow over so their chinese sheckles continue uninterrupted. I don't have time now, but I'll be on later and fire some memes out. I think this could have serious legs.

inb4 we make winnie the pooh a hate symbol.

05f9e No.246279

File: 1570650177157.png (58.37 KB, 142x200, BasketBallWinnie_ChinaIsAs….png)

Something like this. We could tar all the NBA with shit china hates. It would really chap the NBAs ass if we made NBA Winnie the mascot of hong hong independence.

edf8e No.246299

Shouldn't it be 'asshore'?

db4fd No.246304

File: 1570659044757.png (855.74 KB, 1280x720, Quibble.png)

>The battle is already in full swing
Nope. Meme warfare is to serve truth and not to be played for some (((oligarchs)))' benefit.
I will not take part in a (((The_Donald))) led psyop.
Not only it's a distraction but a betrayal from:
-Lock her up
-Drain the swamp
-Build the wall
-No more foreign wars
-… and many more

239d7 No.246318

Check for yourself. I definitely hear asshoe.


dadd3 No.246320

File: 1570672323109.jpeg (674.63 KB, 1242x875, A4F1206F-E7C7-47FB-9C44-B….jpeg)

Perhaps we should engage in some memetics to instigate the bloc of the happy north American negro against the yellow menace? Just some food for thought…

db4fd No.246323

>to instigate the bloc of the happy north American negro against the yellow menace?
There isn't any profit for Whites in that.
However, positively there is profit turning the niggers against the Jews.

c0390 No.246500

>happy north American negro
>china vs nba
What do you think we are doing here? Do I have to spoonfeed you anons?

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