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Please be in attendance on Sunday April 1st, 2018 12pm EST for a special Tea With Atlas. So special it'll ride the short bus the rest of it's life.


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File: 1513545381229-0.png (85.27 KB, 293x297, ProjectSTAHP.png)

File: 1513545381229-1.png (312.57 KB, 596x598, 1513502093754-2.png)

File: 1513545381229-2.png (125.01 KB, 1485x678, AppleJack-too-traditional.png)

0e6df No.96304[Last 50 Posts]

Project STAHP

This thread is to discuss creating memes and generating ideas for a campaign to keep Applejack as a traditional character in MLP. We often joke that Applejack is a background pony but she represents the basic ideas that make any nation, or Ponyville and Equestria, great. Which is being honest and hard working. Without hard work there is no nation. This contrasts greatly with the modern world which is all about pretence and being flashy and showy, rather than pragmatic and real.

Removing the basic concept of Applejack, from Applejack, continues the "progress" of society further into degeneracy and decay as it continues to walk away from the foundations of healthy society.

The name of the project is in the thread title and it shortens to STAHP. As in stop this so-called "progress" away from important basic real values.

Are you interested in helping come up with ideas and memes for this project?

Also the leaks gave us a large number of Hasbro email addresses, which would be improper to exploit.

03006 No.96307

File: 1513545985442.png (14.69 KB, 668x630, 1422222222.png)

its a shame, I do like the new design in several areas such as the fetlocks and colouration. I am however worried enough by the direction they're looking at moving her as a character, it is disgusting.

132d5 No.96308

While interesting, there will likely be no way to save Applejack. The libs seem to hate her too much. Besides talking about how shity all this is there doesn't really seem to be a good plan of action.

If someone gives a good idea for a plan I'd join in.

0e6df No.96309

Makes memes, spread memes. Send polite emails to various Hasbro staff with memes explaining the virtues of Applejack's character to society. And why it is important to see those as one of many ways women can be valuable in society.

47f2b No.96310

Best course of action would be cause as much outrage as possible but even then with Meghan being hellbent on redoing MLP in her own vision AJ is going to be fucked

0e6df No.96312

The hair doesn't suit a working pony, and no hat would be possible. The face is okay. The body is too splotchy. Who came all over her ass?

9b4df No.96313

Miller, Vogel, and Haber, all aided by Megan.

03006 No.96315

Mane is unsuitable aye but braided. I've worked with several shires with long hair so the longer hair on a working horse/pony makes sense to me. Face is a good ponyish face the colour again reminds me of shire types so it doesn't bother me.

a34ef No.96316

f6d72 No.96317

File: 1513549034715.png (151.44 KB, 900x716, 93728434.png)

Applejackfag here. I will be honest, looking at it the color scheme for the gen 5 Applejack isn't that bad but everything else is just garbage. Worst part is this isn't gonna be Applejack, it wont have any southern accent, it wont be tending a farm, hell it probably wont even be supporting it's family, it will probably be nothing but a sjw virtue signaling machine. This is NOT Applejack, this is a giant fuck you towards the real gen 4 Applejack. The fact that the writers completely despise the true Applejack and want to destroy everything about her because she is "too horsey" and she isn't liberal enough pisses me off to the core.

I'm not super obsessed with the show but I feel nothing but sadness, agony, and anger from this. Applejack is everything I want from a waifu. Its very hard to embrace what will happen to her plus how they are gonna destroy mlp.

5da29 No.96320

Just had a terrible thought. What if she is a show pony, traveling around doing rodeo shows and the like now. She looks like what little girls would be showing off at a fair or something. This of course falls apart if they end up going the “urban/bad girl” route.

Anyone else feel like they are trying to send a message by attempting to make the honest character into a rebel, who most likely lies?

0e6df No.96324

File: 1513549973906.jpg (156.88 KB, 1024x768, ideology-cycle-alignment-d….jpg)

I wouldn't say it is an intentional message or conspiracy but the natural result of a decaying society. Rich successful societies experience entropy then fall apart. They don't comprehend the cycles of civilisation so they unknowingly do the cycle.

20a8f No.96365

alright, should we start compiling memes and information on who to send it to here?

0e6df No.96369

We need meme ideas first. My OP has some ideas but we need better ones. Can Applejack be memed?

20a8f No.96370

how was she memed before, besides "background pony"? If the applefag thread is still up, I'll check there for ideas.

20a8f No.96371

File: 1513560365014-0.png (343.76 KB, 1200x797, 1511661211259.png)

File: 1513560365014-1.png (177.94 KB, 850x940, 1511661385809.png)

File: 1513560365014-2.jpg (73.68 KB, 960x690, 1512346691491.jpg)

Alright, I found this stuff in the applefag thread that I think we can use.
Included text wall:

>Applejack's the type of pony who would be able to bench press more than you, but would do it in a way that doesn't make you feel self conscious about it.

>Applejack's the type of pony who would help your niece with her math homework even though it's not her responsibility.

>Applejack's the type of pony who would tell you if you had something in your nose to keep you from embarrassing yourself.

>Applejack's the type of pony who would get upset if you spent a lot of money on her birthday gift, but would still spend a lot of money on yours.

>Applejack's the type of pony who, when you're visiting her family, would convince them to order pizza instead of making a salad.

>Applejack's the type of pony who would walk out of your bathroom and say "By the way, I tightened up the trap pipe under your sink for you".

>Applejack's the type of pony who would pretend she was leaning in to hug you, but then pin you to the ground and make you beg for her to let you go.

>Applejack's the type of pony who would tip a waitress 30% because her friends were being obnoxious all night.

>Applejack's the type of pony who would get a hair off of the back of your shirt for you without telling you about it.

>Applejack's the type of pony who would beat you in Mario Kart on her first try, and then just go back to reading her book like it was no biggie.

>Applejack is best pony.

495d7 No.96376

File: 1513561510286.jpg (61.6 KB, 634x500, 1513547881517.jpg)

Sorry lads but your at bargaining. I've hit acceptance for a long time.

Its over. It has been for a long long time. Apple and the princess are kill enjoy the next two years with them before they die. Its like watching a loved one die of cancer but she doesn't know. It makes me sad as well and I'm deeply sorry.

e830c No.96378

File: 1513562543313.gif (2 MB, 640x360, full.gif)


The libs hate her because she's an embodiment of the American rural work ethic and values, that's why they're basically trying to not just kill her character but desecrate it. That's why they're trying to not just tone down how "country" she is, they want to turn her into an "urban bad girl". Country=white=bad; Urban=black=good.

They deliberately make a point of mentioning how they want her to be a pony from the "wrong side of the tracks" who had to "work harder" than other ponies in order to make her a more sympathetic character. The wording matters here. The current AJ is already a pony who works hard, that's her whole character, but that's not what they want. They don't want her to be a pony who works hard, they want her to be a pony who "had to work harder than other ponies".

Basically, having integrity and a good work ethic, being reliable, self-sufficient, industrious, etc.; these are not good values to the modern left, they're liabilities. For liberals, an individual's worth is not determined by their accomplishments and what they've been able to do on their own, it's determined by the amount of "adversity" they've had to endure. Hard work is something to be endured, and you're not supposed to admire Neo-Applejack, you're supposed to feel sorry for her; poor ghetto pony from the mean streets of Ponyville, how sad. The left has no concept of admiration because they have no concept of accomplishment; they only understand pity and an eternal cycle of guilt and penance.

You're probably right, but fuck it, I'm nowhere near Acceptance yet. I'm on Anger and frankly I'm enjoying it; I plan on staying here for awhile. If making memes and shitposting is all I can do, then damn it I'm going to do it.

0e6df No.96379

File: 1513563195883.png (459.39 KB, 1600x1600, apple_jack_and_applebloom_….png)

I think my initial idea was too complex. With this >>96378 in mind AJ is just AJ. There is nothing comical to extract from AJ just good standards. The plan instead should be to send an email to a number of the Hasbro addresses with a simple one line comment on why AJ, as she is, is important and valuable. Also attach one image of AJ. And everyone does this simple task.

The plan isn't to clog email or send walls of text but demonstrate the number of people who like AJ how she is.

495d7 No.96385

>The plan isn't to clog email or send walls of text but demonstrate the number of people who like AJ how she is.
Won't be enough Hasjew wants to axe her because she's comparatively unpopular which is the writers fault for not knowing how to write and maintain the point on why she is important, ponyvill. She's the character that represents the community of ponyvill the small town rouged world. But they've since moved on with it making it feel less and less of a romantic style and more industrialized and because of it have moved on. So now she's unpopular and not selling well and the writers won't fix her as we can see with the new episodes which will mean she's going to need to change to appeal to the audience to sell which is why she will be completely killed off.

I doubt anything we can do we saying we'll buy x10 the merch if they keep her as is will change their mind since we're fighting Hasjew over it.

20a8f No.96386

it may not be enough, but we'll never know unless we try.

d1e80 No.96387

As a pollack who's new to series, I recommend that we enjoy what's left of gen 4, assail gen 5 so that it fails in every conceivable metric ESPECIALLY hasbro's pocket book. Don't let them see a cent for gen 5 anything. Give feedback for why gen 5 is so shit and hope that gen 5 dies an early death in a shallow grave and hope that some future gen 6 harkens back to what made gen 4 so successful.

0e6df No.96391

File: 1513565339262.png (114.99 KB, 510x596, applejack.png)

I think I will take this idea to 4/mlp/ tomorrow and see what happens. At minimum its a way to remind people about tradition and its importance.

20a8f No.96393

I'm pretty sure I'm still sitting on a ban, I'm not gonna be able to tell them.

3ff9b No.96410

>As a …
Don't fucking start your message like that ever again. That phrase added nothing to the statement, and it would've held up just fine on its own.
"As a black man"
"As a gay man"
These are all tactics of label and identity politics obsessed liberals, don't let yourself be pulled into that trap even for things as simple as this.

7bc68 No.96421

iunno, I like applejack but winterwrap up was fucking retarded and she needs to get her filly fanny flagellated

d1e80 No.96422

Fuck you you fucking cunt. We're not all heavily invested into the mlp fandom. A subset of us came from /pol/ with little to no exposure to mlp. Viewing problems from different perspectives can assist on identifying the best solution. My introduction did add to my statement by letting you know that you were reading the opinion of someone who doesn't have a long standing attachment to the franchise.

3d610 No.96431



G5 is still in the planning stages. It's 3 years away from here. Since we now know what's going on, we have a right to input on the development of it.

d2b15 No.96434

File: 1513572746425.jpg (992.24 KB, 2048x2048, 1494770772264.jpg)

New AJ looks like a blend of Rarity, flutters and a dash of appul

e830c No.96463

1a6eb No.96470

Dont you degenerates get it?! /mlpol/ enforced the connection between ponies and the right. We did this! The best thing we can do to stop G5 from happening is to double, triple and quadruple down to get the enitre show boycotted and off the air. Im sorry horsefuckers but unless you want to see your show turn into this monstrocity the ride has to end.

d2b15 No.96471

File: 1513586170156.jpg (352.57 KB, 1280x942, 1494800964727.jpg)

I've missed aussie top shitposting. Moot was a mistake

bd266 No.96473

Sounds reasonable, but if they're already trying to steer the show away from us, wouldn't anything we do just be met with "will be fixed in G5", instead of "let's cancel it"?

1a6eb No.96477

Libtards will boycott it nevertheless because they're closed minded enough to not care about reperations

35f89 No.96501

If I wanted to get the attention of executives at Hasbro, I'd look into their investors. Random anons from the Internet probably go straight to some ignore list, but when people start asking why the company is meddling with a successful formula and how it will affect the value of the stock they hold you have to have a good answer ready.

And are the higher-ups even aware that they're about to alienate parents with conservative values? Might be a useful angle, especially if political winds are changing.

25dce No.96503

File: 1513616046651.png (149.46 KB, 1412x869, Top memes.png)

Meme with responsibility the next time

0279e No.96504

Ohhh that would be a shame if SOMEONE was to turn this into another Tay,huh? :^)

aaf26 No.96507

>tools for kids to want to brand-ize themselves
>to want to
>make kids want to brand-ize themselves
So it is about turning kids into advertisers and not about sharing fun images

59636 No.96602



Friendship is optimal when?

4a258 No.96613

>Hasbro Confidential - Not for Distribution
Make no mistake, that is the goal of nearly every social media platform. We're a resource to (((them))).

1a6eb No.96714

File: 1513666331749.png (150.03 KB, 500x522, image.png)

Mein Gott

0e6df No.96751

File: 1513685978355.png (739.2 KB, 1280x720, Applejack_confused_S5E24.png)

0e6df No.96755

File: 1513689485779-0.png (86.63 KB, 1117x299, EmilyThompson2.png)

File: 1513689485779-1.png (322.17 KB, 1200x1000, EmilyThompson.png)

/mlp/ has an investigation going looking into who is deciding what G5 will be like. Pics related on who is the new leader of MLP design. Marketing will be very happy.


0e6df No.96758

File: 1513690991910.png (882.41 KB, 1321x4545, FireShot Capture 2 - Emily….png)

< Emily Thompson, the new Faust.

0e6df No.96759

a924c No.96760

Do the inverse, instead of memeing Applejack as she is, meme Applejack as she would be. Make the very concept of their vision of G5 Applejack undesirable and unpopular to the masses.

4a258 No.96761

0e6df No.96772

File: 1513698277819.png (114.2 KB, 522x662, untitled_drawing_by_bluehe….png)

Like this?

4a258 No.96776


3f66b No.96778

That's a fucking powerful image.

Do a second "Genre" of them that focuses on the splotchy aspect of her, try to make it look unwell.

4a258 No.96779

Idk why they would do this to AJ, the new design is devoid of any of the aspects of her that I appreciate. Holy shit.

0e6df No.96782

File: 1513699563416.png (1.45 MB, 1920x5562, FireShot Capture 1 - _mlp_….png)

/mlp/ just kill G5.

4a258 No.96784

Scriptkiddies need to off themselves.

88425 No.96786

Well how do you know that was done through a script?

4a258 No.96793

Because I'm butthurt..
I just find it a bit hard to believe.. I know there are scriptkiddies who regularly fuck with /mlp/.

7f790 No.97143

File: 1513833019056.png (64.83 KB, 312x186, Bildschirmfoto vom 2017-12….png)

but i like applewhore

7f790 No.97188

File: 1513840370747.png (163.69 KB, 480x330, Bildschirmfoto vom 2017-12….png)


0e6df No.97223

File: 1513860499990.png (2.09 MB, 649x10000, 1513611972578.png)

82db1 No.97225

Fuck, why am I feeling these feels?

4a258 No.97228

File: 1513865147496.jpg (63.33 KB, 720x706, community anger.jpg)

Muh feelz…

aaf26 No.97244

File: 1513878425249.png (135.92 KB, 617x544, 1497241938439.png)

I hope the gravity of the unforgivable wrong Hasbro is planning on doing to AJ sinks in with parents. They need to slap some sense into Hasbro and tell them that family, friendship and values matter.

b95d9 No.97274

She was the favourite pony of underpny


acc3c No.97292


a34ef No.97294

File: 1513902865245.png (19.56 KB, 500x461, 1323642227001.png)

032c3 No.97295

File: 1513902968406.gif (1.66 MB, 323x386, AB10CC7F-830F-4E7C-B49F-1C….gif)

9f6d8 No.97774

Fake news
Next mlp project will be 3D models

1d577 No.97783

>even when his waifu is at stake, the Applefag has to complain about how much he dislikes Rainbow Dash

Every time.

de453 No.98818

File: 1514498152568-0.jpg (123.59 KB, 906x882, applejack__equestrian_mari….jpg)

File: 1514498152568-1.png (564.32 KB, 900x532, applejack__s_m4_sherman_by….png)

File: 1514498152568-2.png (211.35 KB, 1280x768, applejack_finds_an_m10_wol….png)

File: 1514498152568-3.jpg (119.77 KB, 1280x720, HowApplejackWonTheWar.jpg)

This is depressing for the reasons others have listed. Applejack is what sets FiM above other cartoons for me. Bookish characters, prim characters, bouncy characters, shy characters, confident characters, etc., are everywhere (there are even special Japanese terms for them, for goodness' sake!), but the hard-working, honest, wholesome country girl has largely disappeared from entertainment, especially cartoons. You can really sense who was the biggest threat to corruptive modernism. It's so rare these days to find a positive portrayal of a Southern farmer.


These are our three options. I would love to hear additional ideas.

1) The polite way: we raise awareness among the brony fandom by presenting the best aspects of current Applejack, showing how she's wholesome and loveable, and how a complete alteration of character is equivalent to a lobotomy. The goal is to start an entreaty of compassion on the level of #SaveDerpy.
Strengths: no bad press; most likely to influence Tumblrites and the women at DHX who probably donate to "muhfeels" campaigns
Weaknesses: as neutered as your average picket-rally, real-life or internet; brony community is smaller, more ambivalent, and more infected by social justice: not likely to muster the same outcry for a main character as it could for a background character 6 years ago

2) The shocking way: showing everyone how "bad" (literally and 90's way) Applejack will be in G5. Will be a contrast to bronies who favor good character design and an outrage to parents. Whereas option #1 is an outreach of compassion, #2 is a fit of anger.
Strengths: will leave a stronger impression on the bulk of bronies; we could get the target audience (or at least their parents) on our side; could lead to a "compromise" solution where Applejack is not completely changed or at least is removed (better to lose a character than to see her ruined)
Weaknesses: DHX will not understand or may even label the movement as "racist;" unlikely to reach parents without any major media connections; Tumblr may actually like "urban AJ"

3) SHUT IT DOWN: We initiate Operation: Winter Wrap Up with full memetic warfare against Hasbro. We infiltrate Plebbit, Derpibooru, and other brony websites, enough that "fascistic art" and memes won't be traced back to us. Then, we, "concerned friends and relatives" contact a handful of reporters (not all at once, but spread out over weeks) over how the brony community harbors Nazis and how the show itself is fascistic (with how CNN went after Thomas the Tank Engine and Paw Patrol, I'm surprised they haven't reported on it already). Don't be spergs or over-the-top, make it believable. Then when fake news gets rolling, spam out memes that will really rise them up; make us look to be the majority or very large minority of bronies. After bronies start to notice the full-scale attack on MLP by MSM, they'll rise up to defend it. Prime-time to recruit, but don't try to make them completely alt-right immediately: if you send them here telling them we're "ironic" and just stand against the social justice attacking our cartoons, by staying here long enough they'll take the red-pill naturally. By then this post and all others related to WWU will go down the memory-hole. Hasbro will at first try to ignore the issue, but if SJWs keep screeching about how fascist MLP is they'll either take it down entirely (unlikely, given the franchise value) or change it completely (diving into the deep end of social justice, as opposed to wading there). Either will hurt them enormously.
Strengths: Dividing and conquering our enemies; free press about the issue; red-pilling the brony community; potentially thousands of recruits for /mlpol/; MSM media's reputation dragged further in the mud; will serve as a warning call to other fandoms; more kekworthy memes than all of Equestria could dream up; Aryanne and Leslie Faire become meme legends alongside Pepe and Pinochet
Weaknesses: Complicated and scheduled plan; could expose /mlpol/ to shills and media attacks; some bronies will virtue-signal and disavow us; MLP may be destroyed utterly (though there is a slim chance a new Lauren Faust could appear in 12 years and turn Gen6 around), so we'll need to find or make new cutesie and moralizing cartoons to clop over

By the by, I hate you goldfish for having the attention span of an average voter! You let the Winter Wrap-Up thread DIE. Someone had better saved it, because it is, in my view, the best chance for our community. I had come up with a neat e-mail layout to send to a reporter but was waiting for exams to end, but, NUH-UH, you neglected that thread once it fell past the first page. You want to be like old /pol/ but you'll never achieve the things they did with your casual attitude toward community projects.

82db1 No.98848

>Hasbro needs an idea to test their next gen of MLP without straight up asking
>MLP staff gets idea to do a fake "leak" for the adult fans to see how well it goes over
>when they see the backlash they will realize their idea sucks and change back to original mane 6, just with new stories and better art
Am I just too hopeful or just plain crazy?

aaf26 No.98849

This is what I am hoping for too. But I think parents need to push them too for it to happen. Removal of true role models from a show is not what kids needs today.

86193 No.98869

I’d believe that if they hadn’t also leaked full episodes. If it were only gen 5 info, that would make some sense.

6ff56 No.98967

Here's an idea for a picture I can't draw myself:

>A little girl in a cowboy hat, hugging an Applejack plush and watching TV.

TV: Shut it Twinkysparks! Diz little poner had ta work hard to earn her inks!
Girl: Mom? Why doesn't Applejack want to work anymore?

632a5 No.102684

Most girls identify with Applejack so of course they are going to ruin her image to fit their agenda.

8d6d7 No.102699

File: 1515273539885.mp4 (163.35 KB, 480x360, it does look like shit.mp4)

8d6d7 No.102722

File: 1515274142563.png (374.84 KB, 2500x4308, 834828__safe_oc_smiling_cu….png)

I strongly prefer practical minimalist aesthetics in the style of Albert Speer. It appreciates natural beauty over this kind >>96304 of overdesigned derailed barbie monstrosity.

4a258 No.102795

File: 1515277327368-0.png (1.99 MB, 1920x1080, 1549572__safe_screencap_ba….png)

Like in Zen Buddhism, there's beauty in simplicity.

30f89 No.103269

File: 1515304216051.png (88.77 KB, 883x990, Blade-Runner.png)

6289a No.103270

30f89 No.103271

File: 1515304516260.png (193.62 KB, 1500x1581, image.png)

Is there a particular reason why?

6289a No.103272

I've been talking to only vril anon for several days.

6289a No.103273

Also I made a cool post about whether or not aliens are real.

f3780 No.104284

File: 1515427600580.png (40.41 KB, 306x269, Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-01….png)

e830c No.107508


There's a thread on this on /mlp/ right now if anyone wants to weigh in.

d55f3 No.107513

File: 1516227220271.png (2.23 MB, 2176x2376, dark_aj_by_akainu7-db0tvc6.png)

aaabc No.107559

File: 1516237535591.jpg (2.35 MB, 3648x2736, 1469322663899.jpg)

I need more 40k pone in my life

406a8 No.110653

I requested G4 Applejack curb stomping G5 Niggerjack American History X style and the kike mods literally deleted my post.

4a258 No.110654

Themods on /mlp/?

0279e No.110655

Eyy… was wondering where that post went. Maybe one of drawfags here can do the thing?

735d2 No.110658

File: 1516931512358.png (437.61 KB, 684x1000, 1515603884594.png)

406a8 No.110659

Sounds great to me

5da29 No.118977

Is this still in the works? Just curious.

206ac No.118978

Well, I think most of us are still vehemently opposed to turning familyhorse into a nigger.

a6564 No.119273

Fuck /mlp/ nothing will ever be accomplished under 4chan. Mods are narcs there, got jailed some frenchbros who took down the HWNDU flag.

Get in Discord or IRC for ops.

My idea, we dox the new VA. we find more info on Meghan and try to find shit on her. People have always shit to hide, and we will find it.

526de No.119293

File: 1518893407843.png (71.88 KB, 1024x768, real apple horse.png)

5da29 No.119295

Nice one.

14079 No.123115

Other than the fandom's reinterpretation of Derpy, Apple Butt is really the only sane choice for waifu material. Other ponys might be fun to hang out with or even admirable, but being married to any of them would be a disaster in all likelihood.

It's a sad day to see the death of the honest and wholesome Apple Jack, but given the fundamental feminism of the show engendered by Faust herself, it was basically inevitable. What's surprising to me is that the character even got off the drawing board in this version of the show as it was in the pre-pro stage.

You basically already indicated it, but I'd like to point out myself that 'work harder' is code for not working at all. It means being handed money gibs, authority gibs, and power gibs simply because muh_stronk_nigress + muh_whitey_guilt.

3770f No.123128

Pretty good

a37e1 No.123170


14079 No.123179

Proceed Anon…

8aae2 No.123485

File: 1519952388474.jpg (327.83 KB, 1600x1200, $(KGrHqR,!igFEIzoHMm!BRIYC….JPG)

Why doing this to Applejack, this is sickening to kill a children's character.
We can do something, do you or anyone have the big files of the leaks? All of them? I'd like to check em all in detail.

What we must do is to get an artist to re-draw the leaked versions of AppleJack, and copyright this design.

e830c No.123516

>copyright this design.
Won't work, she's already a trademarked character. Technically they could sue people for fan art if they wanted to.

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