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25c70 No.236666

>Norwegian citizen with Norwegian background arrested after reports of shots fired inside or at the al-Noor Islamic Center in Bærum

>The police in Oslo have arrested "a person from the local community" after reports of shot fired in or by a mosque in Bærum. The police told NRK that they have found several weapons inside the mosque.

>Police received reports at 16.07 Saturday afternoon (local time) that there were shots fired inside the Al-Noor Islamic Center in Bærum

>"When we arrived there there was a person who was overpowered by those who were on the spot," stated head of the Oslo police, Rune Skjold, at a press conference Saturday night.

>Skjold says that the man is a "Norwegian citizen with a Norwegian background living in the community." He reports that the suspect is a man in his 20s.

>The arrested man have sustained what the police mentions as "some damage." He will be treated before he is questioned by the police.

>Police state that they have had contact with a arrested man before, but that they will not say that he has a criminal background.

>-We haven't had any concern about him and haven't seen reason for it either. "We do not want to go into details beyond the fact that we have been bumped into him," says section leader Skjold.
>He says to NRK that they have no information that the man should have right-wing extremist attitudes.

>Earlier Saturday afternoon, Operations manager Per Ivar Iversen said to NRK that they were found several weapons at the mosque. The police won't say anything about how many guns it's all about.

>The police are now investigating whether the man has left traces on the Internet at the forefront of Saturday's events.

>He adds to the police have secured something online that should be relevant to the case.
>"There are online findings that we link to the case, and which we ensure to see if it has significance in the case," Shields says.

>A person was injured in the mosque, but the police said that they do not have information that it is about a shot injury.

>"One of our members has been shot by a white man with a helmet and a uniform," says the principal Irfan Mushtaq.

>The police have not spoken about the reports of helmet and uniform.

>The police said they got the first message about shooting at 16.07 Saturday afternoon (local time).

>Operations Manager Iversen says to NRK that the person who called in spoke very poorly Norwegian and that the threat was first not considered very high.
>He added that eventually they got more information about the seriousness of the situation and that the police then sent all the available personnel to the place.


>tl;dr; Reports of shots fired at al-Noor Islamic Center in Bærum Norway. One person apprehended with light injuries. No fatalities reported.

65d0a No.236674

>one man wounded
Aw, man!

25c70 No.236682

Nothing much happens in Norway usually

57ff9 No.236684

>inb4 kittystyles420 did it

25c70 No.236686

They probably refused to serve him beer

2f04e No.236690

Perhaps he showed up to tell them that he is their god

57ff9 No.236691

His Mom said no more weed and he lost it.

3c0b2 No.236938

File: 1565535053949.jpeg (141.68 KB, 500x721, image.jpeg)

Except that one time…

c5422 No.236940

File: 1565535501431.png (104.76 KB, 725x209, Breivik-PS3.PNG)

shh no one knows about the knight

0215e No.236967

File: 1565542241095.png (312.73 KB, 423x500, topkek.png)

>buy a ps3

726ee No.237069

Low score. Very sad.

94ddc No.237080

>What will his first move be?
To gather the fags to cleanse Europe.

6d85f No.237133

File: 1565562306452.jpg (13.14 KB, 310x201, Breivik do it.jpg)

i am not sure if you can send prisoners in norway gifts, but i was contemplating in sending Breivik a modded game boy to kill time since hes an epic gamer. not sure if he would even get it tho.

3c0b2 No.237292

Well you can definately send letters but im not sure about parcels

9b063 No.237295

What kind of game boy? GBA? Color?

25c70 No.237370

File: 1565632033618-0.jpg (52.69 KB, 1200x675, Jsig8tEz3Ip6N0Pqlfpq6g5zvn….jpg)

File: 1565632033618-1.jpg (51.52 KB, 960x540, uLmUsG0Y_1TohZQCaCZ6dAGrC7….jpg)

File: 1565632033618-2.mp4 (15.68 MB, 1280x720, Siktede ankommer rettsloka….mp4)

>The terrorist imprisonment for four weeks
>Philip Manshaus is jailed for four weeks for the mosque shooting in Bærum and the murder of his step sister.

>- The court believes there is a strong likelihood that the defendant will commit new offenses of the same nature if he is not imprisoned, the prison order states.

>The prosecution requested that the 21-year-old be jailed for four weeks with full isolation. Now, the court has ruled that he is subject to letter and visitation bans and media bans throughout the prison term.
>- We are familiar with the ruling, it was as I and my client were prepared for, says 21-year-old defender Unni Fries to NRK.

>The accused 21-year-old showed that he was overpowered by several people after the mosque shooting in Bærum. He smiled at the press when he arrived at the Oslo District Court on Monday afternoon.

>At the hearing, he was asked by the prosecutor if he was willing to submit to a psychiatric examination. According to the order from the Oslo District Court, defender Fries responded that they had to come back to it.

>The police put extra resources in and out of the district court, and roadblocks were set up in connection with the prison meeting. According to police, threats did not come in front of the meeting, but they did increase the security just in case.

>"In serious criminal cases, it is often the case that such meassures is activated", said operations manager Magne Olsvold in the Oslo police to NRK.
>Police said Monday morning that the charges against the 21-year-old have been extended to include terrorism . He is also charged with the murder of his 17-year-old step-sister.

>The attack happened on Saturday afternoon at the Al-Noor Islamic Center in Bærum. According to witnesses, the 21-year-old was wearing a helmet and uniform.

>He must have shot in through a glass door to get into the mosque. Several shots were also fired inside the mosque, but none were seriously injured. The 21-year-old was soon overpowered by two elderly men, who were at the mosque to pray. They held the perpetrator down until the police arrived.

>Police have previously said they knew who Manshaus was, but that he did not have a criminal record. The police security service confirmed Monday afternoon that they received a tip about terrorism one year ago.

>- The tip was rather vague and did not go in the direction of imminent terror planning, says PST chief Hans Sverre Sjøvold.

http://archive.fo/naZQU (Norwegian text)

780f2 No.237404

>Police said Monday morning that the charges against the 21-year-old have been extended to include terrorism
Terrorism: violence committed for political ends
So, the Norway's government has the monopoly of violence and is applying it also for political ends against their own people if they resist to hand over their land to invaders.
Ironic and ominous for that country.

3f89d No.237567

He looks like a dyke. He go on HRT or something? Drinking a little bit too much soy? Because that is not the face of a man.

25c70 No.237570

I think they threw on terrorism charges to statute an example. I also think they did this to be able to give longer prison sentence than if they were to charge him for the murder of his half sister alone.
My thinking is that he had an argument with his sister. He snapped, killed her, and realized he was going to prison no matter what. He then probably "reasoned" that he had nothing to loose and tried an failed attempt at an attack. Nothing point to this being an actually planed attack, but rather an attack of "opportunity", or "spur of the moment".

I agree. Not sure if it is the black eyes that kind of look like the makeup that does it, but was the first thing I thought too.

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