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It has never been the aim to deal with individuals, even if there have been small incursions. They fear ideas more than anything and that is why they will always curb things flat whenever these ideals become too strong. WE have reached such a point. History will always keep repeating itself if the ideas of the past become relevant again. Remember when the Austrians were against the young German Nationalists? Remember how the ((Media)) smeared on a Man who was for those Ideals?
Through adversary comes strength. With each step we get pushed back, will take two more steps forward in retaliation!

The chans and other similar image boards have come under fire and the "bastion of free speech" and their overlords are at it again, shutting everything down, they love to protect their specific imaginary free speech after all!

Anyway let us get to the point.
The aim of this thread is to find the best networking solution to protect free speech and encourage good family friendly discussion. Of course this has become increasingly more difficult with so many falsefaggers coming about.

We need to come find the best method, improve it and keep using it.

These are the current most known encrypted network solutions



Keep in mind that VPNs are useless and servers owned by American companies should never host image boards and the owners should also move out of that country too or at least relocate if they are serious. My personal Favoruite is Zeronet, ease of use and less undesirables. Tor is compromised, but the easiest to use.

Also, excuse my English. But I believe the Globhomos should not have even the opportunity to to stop our combined shitposting Lebensraum.
Also, consider expanding this to other local chans in your area.


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>with so many falsefaggers coming about.


File: 1565166045057.jpg (28.03 KB, 593x399, 4chan-far-left.jpg)

Ideology oscillates even on the chans.


There are so many shills on 4chan, even on infinite chan shills popped up all the time. It is only a matter of time before governments will even take down local chans.

Are there any coding people here that can explain to us the process of setting this up? So that other chans can follow suit? Decentralisation is a big plus too!


Not sure about zeronet. If someone loads CP on zeronet then everyone who uses the site could get v&.


File: 1565186716497.jpg (36.85 KB, 500x375, 1478305859061.jpg)


Chan culture is not in Danger
(((They'll))) cut off one head, two more will take its place…


As OP mentioned, there will always be individuals targeted. But how will they take down a million souls? But I do hope it does not come to that. Perhaps there is a way of changing it so that the IP is hashed and encrypted somehow?

Every time they divide us we become slightly weaker, but at the same time, our rage grows. The enemy has an unlimited fund, unlimited power and brainwashes the lesser-beings, but this movement cannot be stopped. As the men who came before us, we will continue on.


File: 1565496995395.png (804.77 KB, 1280x752, 1565461786606.png)

the more pols the better. decentralization seems wise to me. its way harder to shut a bunch down. 8 was just HUGE. making things interesting for the trouble making big tec kikes wouldn't be a bad idea.how exactly i'm not sure? has cloudflare or ggoogle ever been swated?


>Chans are Hydras

Urm no no no, no they are not.

It wasn't just some tech company putting their foot down, it was the start of an all out genocide, the mass killing of free thought, free speech, and free expression. The Chan Culture lives and thrives on that very fact that we say what every we want with out censorship and the community either listens or ignores and if someone wants to be an idiot, we kick them in the nuts.

That is what the Communist/Socialist/LeftWing/Liberal/Anarchist/PotSmoking/Hippies/Put a dress on a goat and call it a gal fucking jew, fear the most. Individuals with individual ideas, thought,and expression. It is why they seek to group and label everything and everyone. Groupthink is their only means of control.

Other social Media like Twitter, Tumbler, Facebook, Youtube have shadowbanned, ghosted, demonitized, and outright banned free thinkers, it has been happening for years and years and do you see another Facebook? Another Google, Youtube? No.

The people have tried pushing back and it has went really nowhere. Recently Youtube users have unionized to push back but doubt if they every will really get anywhere. GoDaddy durring one such event banned even right wing web sites and everyone went after Alex Jones.

If what you say has any merit it would be making pen pals and sending pedgeons to carry coded messages because it will get harder and harder to keep anything that would ever be in the meat space and how can you ever truly be free if you are always kept underground.

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