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File: 1557362018554.png (700.47 KB, 1280x713, valij.png)

e521f No.220942

Does anyone know of any? To truly win you have to capture the kids- and honestly, the children currently being raised by parents who will read to them instead of throwing a phone into their hands are already in a situation that would leave them more malleable to our ideals.

I only know of a couple, and they are pretty much just meme books, or are so embarrassingly terribly written. (Think "Why is Feminism So Silly")

Can you think of any others? Does anyone know if someone is working on something like this? Or animations or webcomics targeted towards kids? It just seems like an untapped market for the early implementation of nationalist ideals. Might help fight the system's attempts at androgyny and inclusion later down the line.

083de No.220944

File: 1557366651422.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1280x800, 1531798.jpeg)

Sadly I don't know any books like the ones you're looking for. But maybe we should start to write one, or we could create a comic. We could even include ponies.
Also, what is that cursed pic?

906b0 No.220952

You raise a good point. The culture war begins with kids and the left is the only faction that seems to explicitly recognize that and plan around it. Good values begin young and now that church is completely fubar, the other logical angle would be entertainment. We need "Hearts Strong as Horses" the book or something

290bf No.221001

File: 1557374804524.jpeg (201.62 KB, 786x1201, TuttleTwinsAndTheCreature….jpeg)

The "Tuttle Twins" books are not explicitly nationalistic but they are libertarian. Gave a collection to a friend's daughter. In terms of education the libertarians are way ahead.

da875 No.221002

Sounds like an awesome idea.
I don't know of any actual Natsoc children's entertainment.
Dr. Seuss is a great example on how to communicate to people on multiple levels.
As is Mr. Rodgers.
Children are ignorant, but not stupid (for the relative IQ ect. ect. of their parents, genetics, and surroundings).

Old fairy tales have danger, and a consequence attached to the wisdom. Making it real. Most stories in this day and age are feel good fluff without the danger or the true wisdom. Too gruesome for the poor children. (Not that everything ought to be jammed with wisdom and redpills All the time.)

Except for Dr. Seuss books. The consequence are hidden in plain sight. The implications are real.

Tom and Jerry show comedically the price of hubris (and other lessons looking deeper into it). The iconic Tom and Jerry. It manages to slip past expectations by being funny, not about humans, (at the time) being animated. The problem is that finding the lessons takes some digging.

Children's entertainment. These tend to have a clear cut message most of the stated outright. Crime doesn't pay. Stealing is wrong. Listen to your parents. Obey the school.
The implications can really show some scary stuff. Not in a good way, but in the show's message has been made by people who are fanatics. The doing X is normal, but doing Y is wrong and get's attention then eventually love.

Political Kids media. It can be obvious or 'subtle' with the message. Sometimes it's just someone on the team not really thinking about it.

Games. Are a peer to peer experience that can matter more, except when it's for self reflection and discovery.

Celebrities and E-Celebrities. What a mess that is. People kids look up to for whatever reason. The problem is most are just human.
Being Mr. Rodgers is possible. Requires alot of self change, communication, and possibly philosophy.

Schools, Parents, and (((them))). Biggest hurdle in making stuff is connections, that means advertising. Unless the things made are masterpieces word of mouth might not cut it.
Two methods. The first, it's innocuous enough that it's read and understood by children slips by adults for whatever reason. The second, is being part of their counter culture. This is already going on.
Both should be used.

Brand, Icon, or Mascot. Depending on how big this gets having one is a great help.

Memes. Never forget the memes.

Very nice.

bd489 No.221003

This is a great idea, now that MLP is ending, our write-fags should come up with something.

68732 No.221019

File: 1557390149741.png (427.34 KB, 768x995, 1.png)

>I don't know of any actual Natsoc children's entertainment.
A original National Socialist book for children exists: Der Giftpilz (The Poisonous Mushroom).
It just has been posted at >>221016 and >>221017

6acc1 No.221054

File: 1557418225158.png (371.19 KB, 400x594, narnia1.png)

You're on the right track but you need to stop thinking like a leftist. Don't try to overtly feed children propaganda, just tell them good stories about characters who behave like proper humans and live in proper societies. This is what I think was so initially great about MLP and why it's so regrettable that it's taken some of the directions it has in later seasons.

I grew up reading The Chronicles of Narnia, The Hobbit, The Hardy Boys, Encyclopedia Brown, shit like that. Most of these degenerate leftists seem to have grown up on Harry Potter and internet porn. Take from that what you will.

da875 No.221060

Neat. Thank you I'll read it.
This. Very much this.

Every part matters to send the right message and the implications about anything.

5d5fd No.221206


Thinking like a leftist isn't an inherently bad idea- after all, they have been relatively successful. They have successfully infiltrated the schools, and basically crafted the millennial's with stuff like this. The only reason Gen Z isn't as cucked is that we grew up with a free and wild internet, something they are working towards stomping out.

It's the same reason we read 'Rules for Radicals'- just because the messages are tailored for Commies doesn't mean the techniques are bad.

7eac4 No.221209

>The only reason Gen Z isn't as cucked
I don't know man. If it is true, it is great but where have you even got the idea that they aren't as cucked from? Because I have never heard that before.
>free and wild internet
I feel like I grew up with such a wild internet as well.

da875 No.221217

They also have the power from the top down with a strangle hold on practically all economies.
They can only see the forest, but not the trees. Their method is Lie about yourself and the enemy, Cheat all the time, Subvert everything.

We could use soap operas to screw with their programming.
Soap Operas. They are designed to be psychologically changing and addicting with as little content as possible.
You probably know who the target audience is already.

c302c No.221220

Im working on one. Its for younger kids, maybe ages 5-10 or something like that. The plots all written and thumbnails are almost complete in their 2nd/3rd stages. Just ironing out some kinks and working on flow. Character development needs some work as well before I can start on the final thumbnails. Then Ill start the actual illustrations.

Its a long process (at least a year in), and I have short time, but its getting there. Its a personal project, so theres other things that keep jumping ahead of it.

But. I know our artists of all types are being collected and organized now, so I hope to see more work like this in the future.

Sorry tho guys, its not about ponies.

da875 No.221223

Very nice. If you need help I'll do what I can.

f79ea No.221227

I always liked that short story of the cricket and the ant. The ant spent hours each day preparing for winter. The cricket partied hard. Winter came. The ant enjoyed the fruits of its labor. The cricket died.

cfcc4 No.221265

File: 1557540358101.jpeg (87.93 KB, 640x800, 1637517__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

Fable of the Ducks and the Hens by Commander Rockwell was pretty good. It's about the Holohoax.

3e81c No.221276

I am partial to Greek and Nordic mythology…but then it is all contradicted by Bible stories…seems like only one or the other will work.

Jack Zipes ( I think) translated the original Grimm tales to English recently, but those are dark.

Still, even sanitized Grimm's tales are a collection of stories of a people, with the morals of a people, which should not be overlooked.

I enjoy writing and would be happy to write something…but you should see the shit editors/agents (especially Young Adult)are looking for these days.

5d5fd No.221578


My only point of reference for Gen Z is the people around me, so maybe it's localized to my area,but we seem to HATE many of the tenants of leftism. I hear more holocaust jokes daily than I read anywhere else, they hate the idea of anyone telling them what to say, and the feminist is the funniest and dumbest thing in the world to them, even the women.

I wouldn't go so far as to call the generation based- there is a disturbing degree of fag acceptance and degenerate racial and diversity support. But the building blocks of Nationalism are there; most just need a solid push further right.

On the 'free and wild thing', you actually probably had it slightly better. But Gen Z is the first generation to grow up CONSTANTLY surrounded by the then still mostly free internet. Millenials at the latest (97) had at least ten years, many of which they remember, available for direct programming.

Gen Z's formative years included a constant smartphone presence, as well as witnessing the struggles and stresses of 08. My own mother was very pro-Obama and a liberal, and I distinctly remember being disgusted that we had elected a "brownie", a phrase ten year old me actually used. So Gen Z has been cultured to reject language control and believe that nothing is sacred, while experience has pushed the generation toward conservative or right wing economic policy, instead of the debt slavery beloved by millennials.

This policy has kept a fair number of the older members away from indoctrination centers, going instead to trade schools or starting their own businesses or entering the workforce.

The biggest hurdle with Gen Z, beyond the tendency toward social liberalism, will be nihilism. They see the failings of the previous generation, the unending boomer control of things they can't even comprehend, subconsciously recognizing the enemy horde and the death of their people.

But that is an opportunity. If I had to categorize my generation, most would be antifeminist libertarians with a depressive streak. Libertarianism, antifeminism, it's a funnel. People get sucked in, gradually learn that those systems are gay and won't work, and stumble deeper right.

I don't know what I meant with any of this shit, but that's my take on Gen Z. Millenials are lost, Gen Z is a very large group already right wing or libertarian in ideals. Good group to target and shift further.

Also did you see that high school that told the Dems and Moms Against to BTFO when they turned a memorial into a gun control thing? Never would have happened with a millenial student body. The "Mental Health Mental Health" chant was good, but the "Fuck the Media" really shows what the generation already knows.

6acc1 No.221589

I'm not sure where the world is headed exactly, but I actually have relatively high hopes for Gen Z. Whatever else happens I suspect the whole "muh feelings" aspect of our culture will peak with the millennials and be largely laughed away by subsequent generations. Millennials will probably end up being the most universally despised generation in history, probably even more so than the boomers.

Overall though I think Gen Z is a good example of why the internet has proven to be an unpredictable catalyst in the arc of recent history, that could very easily still end up being the thing that fucks the kikes' shit up. I remember reading a while ago that Gen Z kids are better at detecting bias and fake news, because they've spent their whole lives being bombarded on all sides by information and had to learn how to instinctively filter out bullshit. They're also a lot less likely to have their opinions swayed by celebrities, because growing up with YouTube has taught them that it's really not that hard to become famous and that famous people are not necessarily more intelligent.

That second one is huge, because every generation of Americans since the development of radio has basically grown up worshipping the ground that celebrities walk on. The film and music industries were probably the most powerful Jewish subversion tool of the 20th century, more so even than academia and news.

6d57a No.221623

Seconding Tuttle's Tales. I read one where they debunk Clown Communism. The Strong Man gets paid more than the clowns because he works harder, damn it! If you waste money on giving the clowns massages and shit like that, the circus stops making money.

80310 No.221647

File: 1557797333087.jpg (263.38 KB, 642x1024, maya.jpg)

Here's a classic. It comes with a movie put together in the beginning of the last century where they pointed a camera at some insects wandering about and dubbed over it, and an anime. Featuring war, death, and getting into verbal altercations because some fly didn't respect you enough for your species.

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