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>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.
>What's to be expected?
Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?

Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.

Great! For writers, just notify All Nighter Fgt, so you can have your green to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.
Some especially based faggot also recently compiled nearly every filly image ever created, which you can check out here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Bff9CRn8VVwgpxT6sU6cottQsQ3svXGI
>I don't like this thread because of reasons.
You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Old-mare Thread: >>213474


File: 1555261930137.png (252.86 KB, 826x1150, 1481299532029.png)

I want momma snugs


You need to put in effort to get something out, it's only fair that only the people who work for it should reap the benefits.
That second point sounds like a (You) problem. Don't try to underpin a concept that encourages the thing that keeps the thread going just because you don't have faith in yourself.


Without the lurkers and posters who are in the thread alongside the contentfags, you'd hardly have a thread, much less a community. At no point did I say that those who work to make content shouldn't reap any benefits, but there's more to a thread than just its contentfags.
If we didn't have any contentfags the thread would dwindle and die, but if we didn't have anybody other than a handful of contentfags the thread would either die out or become a circlejerk.
Content helps keep a thread going, but so do the anons who participate in a thread in other ways. It wouldn't be fair to completely discount them either.
There are better concepts around, and there are much better ways to encourage content creation. I haven't seen anybody else spurred to make content by what you're peddling, and I know I'm certainly not.


>Contentfags get to pick their race and momfu, while normieposters are randomized
>S-tier contentfags get to be the alicornfilly


File: 1555276430390.png (644.54 KB, 951x947, 1508801786416.png)

santa pone
then the autistic twitter grill that originally made this but horrifying

they're out there still


way too cute to be legal


File: 1555277166271.png (312.15 KB, 1202x1108, 1537083171990.png)

and im pretty sure im certain in saying that'd be lockhe4rt and ASSFAGGOT, right?

funny, as i dont think he's ever made an alicorn filly before


That pic is so cute and funny.


What exactly constitutes S-tier? Is it quality or quantity, because while someone who consistently makes good content like locke or ass definantly deserve alicornhood, reuben doesn't really fit the bill for quality despite his massive wordcount.


You do realize most contentfags lurk and post without names, right? You just can't tell because most of us aren't namefagging cunts until it involves something we've made.


File: 1555285034624.png (548.99 KB, 1280x897, large.png)

Twi becomes the babby. What do?


> It wouldn't be fair to completely discount them either.
I agree. Without them, who would give me my (you)s.
And writting is harder than it seems. I undestand that everyone might not be intrested in doing that or don't have the time to spare.
However, one shouldn't get discourage from trying. Here's a stupid green to illustarate that you can keep it simple and easy on yourself and yet contribute.

>Be filly

>Open basment door.
>Walk donwstairs.
"There are stuffed animals here and they are fillies!"
>You hear a hoofstep behind you.
>It's Twilight with a gleaming white chesire cat smile on her lips.
"You stuffed them and now you're gonna stuff me! Oh my GAAAHHHHD!"

But honestly, are there actual rules for who becomes filly or not? What is canon?


Care for her, of course


File: 1555287851571.jpg (149.97 KB, 1148x878, 1542315466285.jpg)

>ywn reteach Twilight how to read
>ywn see the joy on her babby face as her favorite hobby starts to come back to her
>swn excitedly bring you a book for her bedtime story
>ywn help her out as she tries to sound out the more difficult words
>swn fall asleep in your arms as you finish up a chapter
>ywn tuck her in and kiss her goodnight as she dreams about the adventures you two read about


File: 1555288310103.png (553.04 KB, 1987x1530, 1538903.png)

I want momma Twilight to comfort me after an accident


File: 1555288771670.jpg (44.85 KB, 577x433, NotSure.jpg)


Truly a fate worse than death.


File: 1555289477423.png (44.74 KB, 513x525, 1495502072296.png)

Nah. Accident as in falling and getting a scratch, of course


File: 1555289645859.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 90.57 KB, 995x802, 1830035.jpeg)

Betcha want to be this filly, you gay


File: 1555289863585.png (1.17 MB, 4961x7016, 1315691.png)

I'm not into pills


File: 1555290180825.png (Spoiler Image, 102.6 KB, 800x800, 1612569.png)

Alright, fair enough.
How about this filly?


File: 1555291014713.png (195.74 KB, 1483x1480, 1116703.png)

T-totally not


Suure if not you wouldnt mind if I put these away


Why must you make me feel?



Of course I'm aware of that, but there are still more lurkers and posters than just them.
I'm glad to hear you agree with me and are understanding that not everyone has time for and interest in writing.
Also, thanks for the words of encouragement. I've still got my own heavy confidence issues to work through, but I just might take another crack at breaking through them once I have time, even if nothing results from it. Best case I create filly content of my own, worst case nothing changes.


File: 1555298289290.jpg (Spoiler Image, 669.27 KB, 2350x2816, FillyHasExcellentTaste.jpg)

Friend drew another one of my requests


filly does, in fact, have excellent taste


File: 1555299545961.png (208.87 KB, 768x941, 1047761.png)



Good taste, good filly.


That's heresy



Hmm, that's cool. Ty for the info.


File: 1555301452979.png (Spoiler Image, 284.62 KB, 1440x1514, Fillywet.png)

Filly Edit


File: 1555302080592.png (2.11 MB, 2000x4000, 1986657.png)

Reminder that fillyboops are contagious.
If you are booped by a filly, seek immediate medical attention.


File: 1555302251255.png (81.74 KB, 700x700, 1509148105627.png)

What if Filly boops herself?


None within a 5 mile radius are spared.



File: 1555303250818.png (440.6 KB, 1024x712, smolholding.png)

This really is the thread of mommy issues edits already, eh? I made this one last week.


File: 1555303469149.png (69.8 KB, 425x404, 1550275457112.png)

Absolutely disgusting
Peetzer horse does not approve of this message and filly should get a good spank for such heresy


File: 1555303532818.mp4 (2.52 MB, 1360x768, fillywheels.mp4)


File: 1555303635766.png (175.76 KB, 459x557, WeLiveInABoard.png)


>Filly in secret


Fucking kek, those sounds




qt babby


File: 1555304672307-0.jpg (294.48 KB, 1080x2880, 190414_192423_319._1.jpg)


File: 1555304730223.png (15 KB, 471x497, fillypee.png)

I wish for filly to pee in my mouth.


File: 1555304768418-0.jpg (124.45 KB, 1080x1250, 190413_225721_523._1.jpg)

File: 1555304768418-1.jpg (266.69 KB, 1080x2517, 190410_132925_497._1.jpg)

File: 1555304768418-2.jpg (103.45 KB, 1080x1358, 190407_023104_785._1.jpg)


Hell yeah, always good to see you.


I wish for kirin filly to pour me a glass


>When you're such a shitty filly that Twilight turns you into a plunger


Haha, yeah that'd be awful, I totally wouldn't want to be that filly
Twilight looks like she's got a nefarious plan
>babby proceeds to piss on her


File: 1555310257505.png (48.95 KB, 1220x651, AnonFilly-WrongHoleJoke.png)

Okay, time for the recap no one asked for

Pastebin Part 1: https://pastebin.com/JReEqH6G
Pastebin Part 2: https://pastebin.com/CuNuktSQ
Pastebin Part 3: https://pastebin.com/6NReU7EY

>You are Anon, and your life has been rather weird as of late

>One day, you went to sleep in your bed, and woke up as a cute green filly in Equestria
>The world was a bit different, since Luna hadn't come back from the moon yet, but you ended up getting into some cool adventures nonetheless
>You weren't the only filly who used to be a human, and indeed you made 5 other friends who were in the same boat as you.
>But then you fucked everything up as soon as you got the Elements of Harmony.
>Like really, not 5 minutes after touching them, you used them to open a portal back to Earth, and ran away from your problems.
>Now you're back on Earth AND still a pony, plus the Elements are a bunch of shattered fragments in Twilight's saddle bag.
>You are currently in the back of a pickup truck in the outskirts of Fargo, North Dakota, debating what to do next with your friends.


That's largely due to being a CYOA writer. You can't really put much in story or character development because the plot is pretty much randomized.


That baby filly is the cutest filly around. I want to take care of her.


Clown filly.


File: 1555312727946-0.png (664.16 KB, 3840x2160, RunFilly.png)

Solifugid. I'm not dead, just working on something else at the moment.


File: 1555315273084.png (522 KB, 2048x912, quickbabbies.png)

thanks for the birthday drawings and wishes, babb… I mean, fillies


File: 1555317298508.png (104.97 KB, 536x623, 1476309440850.png)

You're welcome


R-ree I'm not a babby you faggot


now i just need a gif of that because filly sounding like a fat white lady screaming to death is kind of a turn off


Could always play it without sound


Totemo kawaii desu

But I cant tell what's in filly's mouth

Also maybe add some stink lines to the babby that's about to be changed


but it's more of a hassle to replay and the filly isnt front and center the whole video reeeeeeeeee


Alright. Hope to see more soon


A safety pin


wow, you're improving


T-thanks mate
Yeah, I'm aiming to be posting more of Chilly by the beginning of May.


File: 1555381450328.png (19.51 KB, 900x900, AlicornFillyAnon.png)

>Garden Appreciation in Equestria
>I found myself walking about in the gardens, having gotten quite bored of trying to figure out how not to get lost.
>Since I didn't have any chewing gum to stick on the statues, I was meandering through the various flowers.
>Guess it's a sort of backup food supply, in a pinch, but I suspect they're mostly because of the traditional reason.
>Large beds of flowers are scattered about, some completely a single color, a few with a variety, and some even have been arranged to grow in patterns.
>Eventually, I turn down a path with climbing roses trained overhead across an arched trellis extending down the length of the short passage between the hedges.
>Some unfamiliar part of me wanted to try and nibble on one for some reason.
>Best resist that.
>Eventually, I emerged in a circular clearing in the garden with every kind of rose one could imagine being cultivated.
>I couldn't stop a low whistle from escaping as I made my way to a gazebo at the center.
"Seems like it'd be a shame to not sit and appreciate all this work."
>With a flap of my wings, I made it onto a bench and plopped my forehooves on the railing.
>My ear twitched idly as I took in the scenery, stifling a snicker as I recalled a few songs from back home.
>It had been so long since I'd even thought of it.
>My head joined my forehooves as I tried thinking back.
>A dozen years in a different world has a way of making those memories get fuzzy.
>Idly, I rocked my head back and forth.
>A heavy sigh escaped me as I hummed quietly.
>I could kinda remember how a tune went.
>I could almost hear it, really.
>Eventually, the words began to flutter about in the garden, escaping my lips in the still unfamiliar voice.


>My ears perked a bit as I heard something from elsewhere in the gardens, carrying oddly well.

>It seemed to have joined in about as I hit the chorus.
>Certainly a bit different…


>Well, no sense in wasting a decent little jam session, I supposed.

>On with the show.

>Eventually, the song petered to an end.

>Was that one of those… music things?
>I wasn't sure what the etiquette for that sort of thing might be.
>…maybe another tune?
>After a bit of thought, that odd sensation of disembodied music began drifting around.
>Unbidden, my voice flitted into the air once more.
>I wasn't as familiar with the tune, having only heard it a couple of times, but somehow I didn't seem to be unsure of what phrase came next.


>As a second voice joined in right behind me, my heart felt like it dropped a beat or two, yet the song continued.

>I turned slightly as a mass of pink moved into my periphery.
>As the music swelled, a gold-shod hoof pulled me beneath a wing.
>A pink forehoof and my own stretched out to the sky of their own accord before lowering back down on a more sedate verse.
>As it falls to the end, there's a moment of calm.
>I look over to the pink princess patron of paramours.
>Uh oh.
>I recognized that look.
>I tried to turn and bolt, but it was already far too late.
>With a squeal that could make a night guard jealous, I was ensnared in Cadence's constrictor grasp and thrashed about in her enthusiasm.
>"Ohh, who knew my new cousin was so precious!"
>I tried to tap out on one of the limbs squeezing the life out of me, but apparently wrestling rules aren't part of a princess's curriculum.
>Soon enough, I found myself dangling from her hooves, face to face.
>Flat look engaged.
>"And so smart for your age! I was a little concerned after reading the papers, but I can see it's little wonder why you ascended!"
>She clapped me against her in another hug, continuing her stream of words and exposing my disappointment to a poor, hapless flower on a pillar of the gazebo.
>"I was concerned when I heard somepony singing a song so full of heartache, so I decided I would check it out, but then you started with that other one too and I just had to join in."
>Back out to arm's… forehoof's length.
>"Oh, I'm sure we're going to be the best of cousins! Maybe I can watch you sometimes when Celestia's busy, and maybe you can watch Flurry Heart when you're a bit older!"
>She finally grew silent, beaming cheerfully.
>After a moment to make sure she got it out of her system, I rose a hoof.
>"Yo. Good to see you again, Candy-ass."
>I could almost hear it as her expression cracked, eyes shifting from side to side.
>Her smile clung on, but a strong breeze could probably have blown it off.
>I leaned in as much as I could from my position, and whispered those three magical words.
"Blame Twilight Sparkle."
>Like a pneumatic lift, she sighed as she lowered me to the bench once more.
"How's the hubby?"


>She gave a slight smile, but her disappointment remained.
>We made small talk for a moment before heading inside.
>Not too bad a day.

>The next morning
>I shambled my way through the castle, fresh out of bed.
>The maids seemed to be giving occasional sad-looking smiles as we passed.
>A few brought me into a hug and made cooing "It's going to be okay" type encouragements.
>What the hell.
>I just wanted some fucking breakfast.
>Shuffling into the dining hall took far longer than I expected.
>As I plopped into my seat, I could immediately tell something was wrong.
>Cadence was watching me with cheerful expectancy, and Celestia looked terribly amused.
>A grunt of acknowledgement in their direction only prompted wider smiles.
>"Good morning, my little sunshine."
>"Have you read the news yet?"
>Before I could reply, a gossip rag was plopped in front of me.
>A photo of myself from the whirlwind of activity when I was introduced was splashed across the front.
-Princess Celestia's New Daughter!-
--Unruly Terror or Tragic Young Love?--
>I blinked.
>The princesses watched expectantly as I began to read.
"Oh god dammit."
>Apparently, a pony paparazzi had overheard me in the gardens and managed to snap a few pictures of myself and Cadence.
>They were promptly used to speculate wildly and spin a tragic tale of lost foalhood love, citing it as a potential reason for my prickly nature.
>Cadence's presence fueled suppositions of her being called in to help deal with suppressed heartbreak.
"This is total horseshit!"
>Cadence gave another titter.
>"Come come. This might work out okay for your public image."
"Fuck public image."
>"Now now. This will give a nice excuse to spend plenty of time with your dear, older cousin."
>I knocked my head against the table.
>"Uuugh… if we're gonna have to hang out, you'd better be taking me to get pizza or something."
>A server toted out the meals, placing them before each of us.
>I couldn't help but notice mine had a few extra pancakes on it when it was placed before me.
>The server patted atop my made and murmured to 'stay strong' before exiting again.
>I let out a frustrated scream that was far too girly for my liking, then resumed banging my head on the table.
>Fucking ponies.
>Fucking Twilight.
>Fucking paparazzi.


Fine update once again, did you post your pastebin last thread? I can't seem to recall and I'd like to save your green to my collection


Didn't post one last thread, but the last one I did was sometime in March.

Here's some fresh paste for you to enjoy.


Hooray an update


File: 1555391561935.png (946.15 KB, 2000x2000, Nore.png)


Best caretaker

Great work


So, who're the tards and who're the wranglers?


File: 1555395759995.png (362.63 KB, 1582x2840, Twilight-DreamyEyes.png)

"Honestly Twi, I don't think it's as much me changing because of going to Equestria, as it is me changing from the voices. A lot of my boldness came from them telling me what to say or do, and me just going with the flow."

She shakes her head in disappointment. "Do you really think listening to a bunch of random voices in your head is such a good idea?"

"Well it's gotten me this far."

"It's also caused you to do and say some incredibly stupid things. You sure you don't need help with them? I've got a couple of friends from college who went into psychiatric medicine, and I'm sure any one of them could make the voices go away."

"Tell you what. If I still have them in my head when I stop being a pony, then you can send me to as many quacks as you see fit and fill me full of all of the drugs you want. Until then though, I'll stick with the voices."

Twilight sighs, defeated. "Alright. Just don't let them turn you into someone you'd hate. Anyways, I'm gonna guess dorm parties are probably a bad idea. Most students are going to be studying for midterms anyways. And I guess Blossom's a bit young for it anyways."

Blossom scowls at that remark. "Hey, I'm pretty sure we're all too young - physically - to be drinking."

Twilight shrugs. "Ponies handle their liquor better than humans. Even as a filly, I can still handle vodka without passing out."

Remembering back to your time loop days, you mouth the words you heard far too often from Twilight, making quote gestures with your hooves as you say it, "Fuck me, remind me not to drink when I have research in the morning."

She leers at you. "Cute, just cute. So what are we doing anyways, camping out in an abandoned section of the university library planning out what the heck we're gonna do tomorrow? Because that sounds like the safest option to me. I'm not gonna sleep in the streets."


Whatever reuben wants 1d100[ 1d100 = 96 ]


1d100[ 1d100 = 28 ]


Most of the fillies probably, and the few fillies that aren't were hired by a very sleep-deprived Twilight to help with the workload.


Yes. Take it away, my dude.
1d100[ 1d100 = 17 ]


I find it difficult to believe that Twilight would ever hire an Anonfilly to take care of others, esp. disabled. I'd see her putting Fluttershy in charge, and then hiring some ponies that wouldn't take advantage of her (aka not Anons)


File: 1555441848439.png (807.71 KB, 1280x722, 1480313490413.png)

>to take care of others, esp. disabled.
>implying thats not a clever ruse to gain sympathy, funding and keep the normal fillies away from the anonfillies


File: 1555443257968.png (Spoiler Image, 392.59 KB, 1128x1844, ACuteFilly.png)

I decided to try my hand at drawing a cute filly, I hope you all enjoy it




Filly filly filly I'm 100% filly.
Filly filly filly I'm 200% filly.
Filly filly filly I'm 300% filly.
Why do ptg-fags hate fillies?
They hate us because our chestfluff is bigga.

Filly filly filly.
Why do you eat so many tendies?
What do you eat? Weeds and grass?

Filly filly filly.
Why do you stay with Twilight?
Because I don't wanna live with background ponies.

I'm a filly. F… I-L-L-Y. Not a colt. Not some OC. A filly.

Filly filly filly.
Why do you call Twilight purple?
Because Twilight is purple.

Filly filly filly.
Why ddo like being bottlefeed?
I am not being bottlefeed. I drink from the teats because I'm a filly.


File: 1555451155390.jpg (268.57 KB, 1280x1280, 1474173641123.jpg)

Poor filly. Cadance is a good pony tho, I'd love to hang out with her. Keep up the good work mate.


File: 1555452584805.png (16.47 KB, 709x920, fluttermom and grumpy fill….png)

>I'd see her putting Fluttershy in charge
I for one would be more than happy to have a fluttermom


Fuck, I wish I was a better writefag. That would be a superb prompt for a green.


Fluttermom best mom


Hey fillies. Haven't read the threads in a good long while. It's sad there's still so much division about the discord server/thread disconnect. I think it is probably warranted to bring it up and address the activity of both places and their differences, but it is unfortunate it's gotten to personal attacks and thread derelle drama over the months. I've missed all of you both the server and thread despite real life being a massive drag and hope everyone's doing well, especially Sews, Ponis, Nore, ASSFAGGOT, Reuben, and Smoldix.

I got around to reading your stuff, ASSFAGGOT. I promised that I would eventually get to reading all you friendly fillies' work, late as I've been to do that, and I'm glad I've finally started. I love your writing style. While it's reminiscent of the Zephyr pony TF green I first read when I got into the TG fetish sphere, it's generally more innocent and wholesome. It's hard to find that kind of balance in a content style like genderbending/TFTG, and it's a breath of fresh air.


>"It's just a hug, Anon, don't be so silly."
>"Don't be silly, we know each other very well."
>"Ssshhhh, shh shhh…"


Why do we never see any fluttermom stories?


You know…I've thought about that for a while. I don't really now what would be the most entertaining or accurate depiction of fluttermom but there's a lot of potential for it. For instance:
>Fluttermom is inexperienced and innocent but eager, gets tricked or bullied by filly into making compromises or doing stupid/irresponsible things
>Fluttermom is mommy issues embodied, lets filly reverse the roles, perhaps for lewd reasons
>Fluttermom is extremely well read on young animal rearing but not on foal rearing, makes animal related or novice mistakes in taking care of filly
>Fluttermom is meek but mature, understanding filly is an independent spirit and accommodating well for her, leading to Fluttermom becoming filly's wingmare

Just a few examples off the top of my head.


I assume because conflict makes things interesting, and the conflicts likely with Fluttershy have been hit by the show a few times.


I mean, I suppose that's true. But the same goes with the main characters at large. The show's nine seasons long, the creators have done all sorts of things, characteristic of the cast or not. Yet original content can still be done with the characters so long as they have an accurate or realistic personalities.


…either that or completely flanderize or mischaracterize the characters in some way.


Yeah, the unfortunate part about all fiction is that people don't treat their or others' characters with much faithfulness or realism when they try to write them, leading to a lot of wasted potential. But there are diamonds in the rough out there.

Speaking of diamonds in the rough, if anyone here knows about what I'm thinking of, there's a story I remember from pastebin about a human Fluttershy x Anon story where Flutters is a trap or reverse trap from an abusive household. I really fucking loved it and it was one of my favorite greentext stories I read in my entire time on /mlp/. I spent all morning searching for it to no avail. rip me.


Ah, found it. In case anyone here's interested in an emotional roller coaster, here it is:

Anyway, /tangent. Back to Fluttermom because now my mind won't leave yellow quiet alone. Any suggested scenes or plots for a Fluttermom scenario? I'm up for giving writing a shot again.


Do the fillies know where we could advertise mlpol?


>not drinking tea or coffee from an Aryanne or Broncos mug at work every day
>not wearing mlpol merch while going out at least once a week
>not telling anyone you know that shares any interests whatsoever with you about it
>not having a family and making your wife and kids J-woke using primarily mlpol
You're not workin' hard enough, boi. Mostly kidding. Mostly.


File: 1555470080733-0.png (1.16 MB, 2048x1851, Dtoep84U4AAf1bj.png)

I can't tell if this is a new filly or not


Well we can all agree it's a cyoot filly, at least.


That is indisputable, yes.


File: 1555471725134.png (452.27 KB, 4840x4840, HI, ME!.png)

never seen it before, can confirm it's a newfilly
t. veteran fillyfag


Anyone have a template for an anon filly plush?


>Be filly
>Come home after hard day of school.
>Looks forword to spend time with your boyfriend, Anon.
>Hears sounds coming from your bedroom.
>You skip upstairs to it.
>You throw open the door expecting Anon oiled and clothed only in a liongap.
>Sees him under the covers with your step-sister Nyx.
What do?


realize none of this is real because nyx exists and wake up from this dream


Crucify the pair of them for all the town to see.



File: 1555472941718.png (94.12 KB, 460x381, 1498575738465.png)



More like nightmare. AMIRIGHT
>Be anon
>Standing on podium above a sea of green angry fillies.
>To your side stand Purple.
>Infront of you Aryanne is adressing the crowd.
"Who do you want to be relieved from their charages?" Aryanne asked.
"Purple!" Shouted the crowd of fillies in unison.
"But Purple has [ABUSED] many fillies while Anon has commited adultery, which isn't even ilegal in Equestria. Are you sure you want to sentence Anon to crucifiction? I thought he was your King?"
>A chorus screatched out a powerful, "Reeeeee!"
>After the crowd had calmed down, one of them shouted.
"Free Purple. Anon's blood will be upon us and on our babyfillies."
I might make a small green for this later.


File: 1555474689657.jpg (2.99 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190416_211558.jpg)

Just these. If you wanted something bigger, there's starter patterns to be found https://plushie.horse/content/Plushmancy_Guides


>Anon does this in public
>Fluttershy is infinitely embarrased has to have a long awkward talk with the ponice
Wait, is it Anon or Flutters with the mommy issues? or both?


Either or if I were the one choosing, it would be both, but what do you expect from a diaperfag


Oh, hey, check'd. Maybe the quads is a sign from Kek to get off my lazy ass and write again.


File: 1555482597941.png (158.08 KB, 905x865, Twilight-Transparent.png)


You shrug. "Whatever you feel like, really. I'm not feeling too decisive right now."

For the next few minutes, you're relatively silent as you try to take in the appearance of the city of Fargo. It seems quite large, but also rather flat. None of the buildings seem to be any more than 3 or 4 stories tall at the highest. In a way, it's almost the exact opposite of Canterlot, which was dense and filled with tall ornate buildings. You shutter at why you now feel the need to compare human settlements with those of ponies.

You are soon dropped off in front of a Jimmy Johns, right next to the university. Across the street in one direction, you see a credit union. In the other direction, hidden by some trees, you see another building, which Jasmine informs you is the library. After saying goodbye to your human companions, you make your way to the library, taking every chance you can to stretch out your legs. There aren't many people outside to see you, as it is getting rather close to dark, but you do get a few stares from everyone you can see yourself.

There are a lot more students inside the library than there are wandering around outside. Most don't notice you, as their faces seem buried in either laptops or books, speaking quietly with classmates to plan for what you assume to be upcoming tests or group projects. The librarian at the checkout counter, however, does notice you, and seems quite surprised as Twilight immediately approaches her with a smile, asking, "Hi, do you happen to have any private study rooms we could check out?"

The librarian is speechless. "A- are you students?"

Twilight nods. "Yes, I'm a student. I've misplaced my ID though. I hope that won't be a problem."

"Um, okay. Can I get a name? And wait a second, why do all of you look like ponies? Am I seeing things? Or are you all in costumes for some theater program?"

"My name's Diana, and I'm actually a physics student. Of course you're seeing things. You're not blind, are you?"

"No… no I'm not. Tell you what, is the basement fine with you? Because most of the study rooms are booked, but there should be a couple free in the basement I can loan out."

"That would be lovely. Thank you."

The librarian pulls out a key and places it on the counter, which Twilight makes a point of grabbing in her telekinesis, leaving the librarian unable to come up with a response as she cheerily waltzes towards the stairs.


Ayy! You're around. Nice to see you again.


you're still' frick


"So, what's the plan after we get v& by men in black? Or are we hoping that word won't spread about us, or get close to the Feds, because of how ridiculous our existence here on earth as we are is, to the point where no one would share it because virtually no remotely sane person would believe them?
1d100[ 1d100 = 72 ]


to specific who to say this to, Diana.




File: 1555540032308.png (2.12 MB, 3246x2825, SpacePlease.png)


I really recommend you fags redraw rather than recolour when possible. I don't want Anonfilly to just be known as "that OC that gets shitty recolours made of her".


Go die normie.


File: 1555540931895.jpg (85.04 KB, 551x484, kys filly box.jpg)


Not bad, Anon. There'd probably be a lot of fillies like this.

Yeah, I do agree. Though I appreciate people wanting to make content however they can.


File: 1555541311346.png (901.3 KB, 2000x1200, 1552778718558.png)

everybody needs to be reminded that nobody is safe

if it can be filly, by god




File: 1555544257679-0.jpg (45.11 KB, 640x960, mG6ggD2.jpg)

Could we get a version of this with filly and Twilight?


File: 1555544480957.png (830.66 KB, 1623x1413, 1555540032308b.png)


File: 1555544948249.gif (1.1 MB, 598x354, 1450651494640.gif)

Twilight's going to get dat filly plot, biological processes be damned.


Absolutely this. I appreciate the fact that people see a pic and go "heh, filly could fit into this pic/situation well" and then proceed to recolour the pic to make it filly, making more content. But going the extra mile and putting in the effort to redraw it from scratch will go a long way towards improving the reputation of filly as an OC, and the community surrounding it.


>be anon
>suddenly in Equestria
>aw yeah, now I get to fuck mares
>fall over
>realize that you have hooves
>eh, at least maybe ponies will be more willing to fuck a retard horse than some random hairless ape
>awkwardly walking along since you don't really know how to trot or anything
>finally get to a populated area
>mares everywhere
>whelp, time to take a peak
>too nervous to actually go up and ask for something since you aren't exactly sure how mares would react to that
>you notice you are a bit small
"Oh great, I was a manlet and now I am a stallionlet"
>decide to hide in some bushes and see if you can get a peak of some plot
>get in the bushes, a bit itchy but otherwise surprisingly comfortable
>a mare starts standing right in view and lifts her tail
>she's looking at a stallion
>you see her vagina winking and wet
>you bring your hoof down to your member to start masturbating
>notice you are getting wet
>>you are getting wet
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>you are getting wet
>you roll on your back and to try to get a better look
"Fuck, Must've cut my junk on something in here"
>the mare looks back startled and hurries off
>well, better to investigate now than later
>you look down, and notice that you don't see any balls
>you look down and see that you have a vagina
>now everypony is looking
>you realize that you are still in public
>everypony agape at your foul tongue
>you are going to have to get used to that
>you run out of town a bit into the woods
>what am I gonna do shit fuck goddammit nigger
>suddenly an idea enters your head
>surely if anyone--anypony knows what to do, it would be her
>luckily, you are very near Ponyville
>hurry off to find Twilight Sparkle
IDK where I am trying to go with this I am bad at storytelling so I am going to stop. Hopefully someone found that amusing or funny in some way. Might follow it up, might not.


Keep writing right now, Nigger. Welcome to writefilly land, cookies and punch are by the door.


Everything is trash right now so don't worry about it. I liked it enough anyway. The idea that anon doesn't notice what he has turned but notice he has been transported to Equestria is funny if illogical.

If you want, I can write the next scene. Well, I feel inspired so I will write the next scene and you can deconanonize it if you feel like it.


I suppose I will try to continue, but I need a bit of time to think about what to do.
Yeah, I was going more for humor than logic there.


File: 1555550171569.png (144.5 KB, 804x994, minuette_vector_by_tizerfi….png)

i love it.


That actually hurts to look at. I relate to it more than any adult should relate to anything fictional. That's a really depressing thought.


>Be filly
>You run up to the double doors leading into the crystal palace and knock on it
>After a time of waiting, somone opens one of the doors
>In the doorway now stands Spike and a green femine looking colt with a black sleek mane
>Spike and the green colt look surpised at seeing you
>Silence reigns before you break the ice
"Is Twilight home? I need a dick!" you say
>They get slacked jawed by your statement
"Whaaaa?!" they say in unison
>The green colt looks away, flustered
>Spike pushes his jaw lifs up his hanging jaw in cartoony fashion
"T-twilight is gone on Princess duties in Canterlot b-but I don't know if she can help you get a… a dick?" Spike stammered while having a huge blaush on his face
"Also, I think you are to young for… that."
>You weren't listening to Spike that mush becaue your thoughts were still on the fact thta Twilight wasn't present
>What could you do now?
>You could try to travel for Canterlot but you didn't know how long Twilight would be there
>Perhaps she would leave for Ponyville soon
>Well, Spike would know right
"So when does she return? I can't stay a virgin forever you know," you say
>The colt hid his face behind his mane and squirm in place
>Spike saw this and got annoyed
"Look! Twilight will get here tomorrow. You can return then. Also, please some of us-" He nodded towards the colt next to him. "-don't like foul langauge so keep it down," he say
>You don't listen more than on the part about Twilight returning tomorrow
>This makes you think about the fact that you have nowhere to sleep tonight

ends adruptly, lol

>Everything is trash right now
I am talking about movies and such.


I have an idea for another direction, and I will try and work on it tomorrow. Cheers.


Shit, that's gonna be a mess to fix. Great update, glad to see more!


Some fillies would probably come off as more trustworthy than others


File: 1555564811114.png (267.36 KB, 1387x1617, 1351559.png)


File: 1555564979736.png (421.65 KB, 754x1000, 1972507.png)

Pretty good. I imagine this filly singing that song.

Also that last line, wew


File: 1555565308900.png (303.72 KB, 800x800, 1029120.png)



Liongap? Wat?


Not bad, I like this.

To the Swede: It's custom to have only "you" talk in blacktext, and other characters talk in greentext. It makes things confusing if you do all dialogue in black.


File: 1555566168253.png (822.93 KB, 1623x1413, teal.png)


>>218008 This. If there's multiple characters you can also pinktext or something like that. Or you can pre-empt their dialogue with some activity that directs the reader's attention to that character. For instance:
>Pinkamena gives a derisive exhale, whipping her flat tail in the direction of her potential partner
>"You're going to have to try harder if that's the only trick you've got up your sleeve. Wasting my time."


File: 1555569169720.png (568.65 KB, 800x868, Twilight-SexyCoworker.png)


You sprint to catch up with Twilight, who is pulling a few random books from the shelves on her way to the stairs. You're not even sure if she's even looking at the titles of those books or just grabbing literally anything to keep herself entertained for the night. Once you're close enough, you try to catch her attention by whispering, albeit somewhat loudly.

"Hey, what's the plan for when we get arrested by the men in black, huh? I know you're trying to go for the whole, 'get exposure' thing, but you're not even being subtle."

She slows down finally, takes a look at a few of the books she's grabbed, and puts half of them on a nearby cart for returns, keeping the rest to herself. Just to make sure she's not ignoring you, you clear your throat in hopes of getting a response, which you do.

"You have an overactive imagination, Anon. Half the people we interacted with today were convinced we were wearing some really elaborate costumes. A couple of talking horses that look exactly like characters from a cartoon show do not necessarily warrant government attention."

"Showing you have telekinesis does!"

"I showed it to one librarian who works an evening shift. She might blog about it tonight, but we have people claiming to see magic every day. They're usually dismissed as being on drugs or having a mental disorder. Or they're religious. We're in North Dakota, so she might as well be claiming to be seeing angels. At the very least, we won't have to worry about getting a visit from the feds until tomorrow."

"And what happens tomorrow?"

"Oh that's easy. I start doing magic tricks all day in the most populated area on the campus and see what happens. I think I might just test out my moth wings spell on a human, what do you think?"


"Given how that worked on us, I'd recommend against starting a panic by accidentally replicating Mothman."
1d100[ 1d100 = 4 ]


Welp looks like we're replicating Mothman.


Time to make Mothman a reality. 1d100[ 1d100 = 62 ]


Time to make Mothman a reality. 1d100[ 1d100 = 42 ]


File: 1555577303280-0.png (9.32 KB, 348x167, 8bd55bf4f9eed2e2190988377b….png)

File: 1555577303281-1.gif (1.54 MB, 480x264, BIG_Think.gif)

I can't be sure if this was hive mind or just mlpol posting the same post twice…


it's the same post word for word with identical spacing and from the same flag, I'd be more willing to bet on double posting.


"Has the screw that was probably loosened during your time in Equestria finally fallen out, or do you actually have SOME kind of plan? ANY kind of plan, at all? Please tell me it's at least a little of column A and a little of column B. Or maybe you're just fucking with me because your tired?"
1d100[ 1d100 = 19 ]


'member when Reuben used to put greentexts for other chracters so we could tell who's talking easier? ooo i 'member


File: 1555614432641.png (96.83 KB, 536x623, shyfilly.png)

I'd love hugs and snugs from fluttermom


How effective do you think the stare would be on filly?


Too effective. It would remind filly of her abusive parents back on earth and she'd curl up into a ball and start whimpering.


"lol blu"


ATTENTION FILLIES! (And especially writefags) /mlpol/ needs your help. /mlpol/ will not last unless we can bring in new anons. We need your help to write catchy advertisements that we can post on other sites to get new anons. Who knows maybe one of the new anons will be a writefag. Post slogans in the following thread >>218127


This is a good idea, unfortunately I'm not a very politically inclined filly. Best of luck to you mate, here's hoping other people will be better at coming up with slogans than I am.


File: 1555644642951.png (125.18 KB, 1251x610, 1555569492460.png)

Cadance has been teaching Anon the forbidden art of pizzamancy.


That's a good filly
We need more unifilly art.



File: 1555645273621.png (209.37 KB, 954x1011, 43214324231.png)

That's a nice thread.


Well, now to continue, since I said I would. I am going to make it up as I go along. I have some ideas, so hopefully this will get better eventually.
Author's Note: I am not going to be character consistent with dialogue text color, it is just to make it easier to distinguish characters; it will probably change on a scene by scene basis except for (You) (if there is any feedback on that, I am receptive)
>walk to Twilight's castle (you would run, but you don't want to show up covered in mud)
>still embarrassed
>finally arrive at the castle; covered in mud anyway because you ran through the woods
>knock on the door
>after a short pause, Spike answers the door
>"Uh, do you need something? Twilight's kinda busy. Princess duties, you know."
"My di--uh co--um… penis is gone and I need the Princess to fix it now!"
>he looks at you a bit awkwardly, reaching to check that his is still there
>"Um, I think that might be more Princess Cadance's thing, but I can, you know, ask Twilight about it. Come in, would you like tea?"
"Sure, I guess. Is there a lobby or something?"
>"I guess we can sit you down in one of the dining rooms"
>he leads you to the dining room and brews a teapot with his breath
>you drink your tea waiting
"So, do you know what Twi--the Princess is doing?"
>"She's been busy doing paperwork all day. I think it's some important friendship business or something."
>he sips his tea
>"Not really out of the ordinary. She does this sort of thing all the time."
>he shrugs
>you aren't sure how to reply to this; you aren't good at small talk
"Could you ask her if she can see me? It's really important."
>"If you say so, I guess."
>he goes off to Twilight's office
>you stair at the crystal wall of the castle
>you see yourself stair back
>a small green filly
>as you look upon yourself, Twilight arises
>she realizes that she was shouting
>"Sorry, I'm very stressed. Lot's of paperwork to be done, princess duties. What do you need and what should I call you?"
"Call me Anon. I'm, new. I don't exactly know how I got here…"
>should you say it?
>heck, it's going to come up eventually either way, might as well make it quick
"And I want my penis back"
>she recoils slightly, confused
>"We should probably talk about this later, why would a filly like you be talking like that? Spike! Arrange a meeting in a half hour! I should be able to finish the paperwork by then if I work at double speed!"
>she gallops off in a frenzy
>"She does that a lot."

Sorry for being about a half hour late for 'tomorrow' if anyone was waiting. I'll try and continue by before the end of the week.


Looking at my work, I might change the text coloring if nobody specifically asks for me to keep it to just green since I am easily distracted by other colors.


File: 1555649014232.png (434.98 KB, 1080x641, 1450703628291.png)

honestly im just used to the regular green and no green stuff, other colors if ya want
and yes i was waiting, im glad to see more of this


File: 1555653038641.png (839.21 KB, 2000x1550, go directly to tartarus.png)

Would pony hell really be that bad?


>Get to have hot lesbian sex with Cozy Glow
>No Purple to deal with
Yeah, it would be okay.


Cozy Glow is a bit of a dom, though


>implying that'd be a bad thing



Interested in where this is going

I don't mind if it's colored or not as long as it's consistent


Bless you skitter

Now that's a way to keep Filly in check


File: 1555655316465.jpg (45.62 KB, 800x450, Man of Culture.jpg)

>Why ddo like being bottlefeed?
>I am not being bottlefeed. I drink from the teats because I'm a filly.

Also check'd Satan filly


File: 1555656438220.png (768.11 KB, 1024x768, Twilight-SalutingFlag.png)


"Well, I guess we're making Mothman a reality. Still pretty sure it's a bad idea though. Do you have any plan at all, or has the screw that loosened back in Equestria completely fallen out?"

Twilight shrugs. "I'm kinda making it up as I go along. It sounds dumb, but it's the best option possible when you think about it. If we spend all of our lives hiding away from humans, we'll be miserable as fuck. If we spend enough time around humans, eventually we may get a visit from Uncle Sam. If we are a household name, we put Uncle Sam in a bind where he can't make us disappear so easily. I figure the safest route is to gain as much fame in a short amount of time as possible, as to give ourselves immunity."

You bury your hooves in your face in response to her nonsensical 'plan'. "Twilight… that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard."

"Do you have any better plans?"


"Then maybe you should put your fortune telling powers to good use tomorrow."

You're not even sure if you want to dignify that with a response, so for now you stay quiet as you make your way downstairs and past a number of rooms that are thankfully mostly empty. It takes little time to find the basement study room undetected. Inside, you find the room rather small and mostly featureless. There's a table, some chairs, a whiteboard with markers, and an electrical socket. Once all of your friends make it inside and lock the door behind you, you feel a slight twinge of claustrophobia. This room might not have been designed for a party of six, and it definitely wasn't designed as living quarters. Regardless, this is where you suppose you will be sleeping for the night.


File: 1555659910022.png (450.3 KB, 2802x2100, Kansas Filly.png)

>"How did I get here?"


Quick! Click your hind hooves together three times and say "there's no place like home!"


>Teleports to EQG universe
>Fuck go back


… well, next prank need to be worth of going to Tartarus then.


Given how pony hell appears to be more of a maximum security prison over an actual afterlife to be sent to, it certainly would beat human hell.


Ask Twilight if you can look at the book's sees grabbed, and take one to read. If she agrees, proceed to read the selected book to wind down.
1d100[ 1d100 = 81 ]




she's, jesus


Anonfilly on the league of doom when? Double evil filly combo for the league is needed


File: 1555685828606-0.png (16.71 MB, 4960x3508, 1826212_explicit_artist_co….png)

File: 1555685828606-1.png (437.2 KB, 2056x1569, serveimage (3).png)


What did he mean by this?


Put our hoof on the eletric socket 1d100[ 1d100 = 70 ]


Gently caress the socket like a lover. 1d100[ 1d100 = 27 ]


Fiddle with the electrical socket switch like an autist 1d100[ 1d100 = 92 ]


Boop the socket like you would to another filly
1d100[ 1d100 = 64 ]


Touch the electric socket. Touch it gently. 1d100[ 1d100 = 57 ]


File: 1555697982900.png (60.8 KB, 244x118, AnonGetsToEquestriaAsaFill….png)


God I wish Alcor would do a full-sized Anonfilly comic.


File: 1555699584860-0.webm (433.85 KB, 600x338, 2004831.webm)

>End in the same cell with cozy
>Both summoned by Grogar
>Grogar command filly to go with sombra
>Filly just got paired again with another filly fiddler again
>Sombra defeated
>Twilight just take filly again with her again
>Status quo preserved


>Not getting double teamed while they duke it out magically.
>When the both finish as Sombra also turns to dust inside you.
>tfw the bystanders claim it was a a sacrifice for the good of Equestria.
>You are celebrated as a hero.
>Still on her mare cock.


This guy really like to assault fillies first.


File: 1555703728163.png (198.61 KB, 841x1024, sweatingfilly.png)


File: 1555704240418.webm (820.97 KB, 600x338, 2005862.webm)


File: 1555706747362.png (218.26 KB, 602x684, unknown (4).png)






she needs a dictionary


>Sombra is actually inside anonfilly and waiting a good moment to come out



that makes sience.. sense


What is filly's Stand?


「No Cock Like Horsecock」


File: 1555730817301.png (21.23 KB, 486x444, 1111111111.png)


File: 1555731544793.png (25.31 KB, 486x444, Hold My Hoof.png)

Low effort mousepad post


File: 1555733002257.jpg (585.82 KB, 1701x2528, IMG_-11jqxj.jpg)

a human anon is filly`s stand. can open portals from equestria to eqg universe and teleport using them


File: 1555733030233.png (25.91 KB, 486x444, Wryyyyyyyyyyyyy.png)

You only have yourself to blame for giving me this idea.



when the filly goes to EQG universe, he becomes humanon, and his stand is the filly LOL


File: 1555734017050.png (25.4 KB, 486x444, FillyLovesHorsecock.png)

You also gave me this idea, so there's that.



fillyAnon turns into a batpony


File: 1555734840045-0.png (364.72 KB, 1350x1200, 1775504.png)

Has there ever been a grrentext written about anonpony play tuba?
Should it be so?


That art is literally about an ASSFAGGOT green where Anon's tuba playing interrupts Twilight and Starlight's sex session.


Mamma mia!


Yknow…the idea of filly learning an instrument or just annoying everyone by purposely playing it like shit sounds fun. I'm up for wri-


File: 1555737485781.png (671 B, 102x59, extreme_minimalist_filly.png)

the evolution of circle filly


File: 1555737496868.png (1.97 KB, 155x127, unknown (23).png)


File: 1555737536992.png (1.28 KB, 99x112, unknown (24).png)


File: 1555737615768.png (1.53 KB, 113x118, unknown (25).png)


File: 1555737673462.png (1.75 KB, 121x118, unknown (26).png)


File: 1555737751835.png (2.09 KB, 118x118, unknown (27).png)


File: 1555737835226.gif (282.45 KB, 570x462, sdfbjisdfbjksdf.gif)


File: 1555737907242.png (245.65 KB, 1365x1570, hnnngg.png)


File: 1555737942865.gif (246.22 KB, 570x462, bisfbjidfbjilbjil.gif)


A cute! Also this should be called "how to make filly in any CoD Black Ops emblem creator"


File: 1555738490296.png (1.62 KB, 200x195, Circle Filly.png)



But what about fillies that knew music beforehand? Would they be inclined to learn a instrument and dealt as prodigies thanks to past experiences? Or have even more trouble than other fillies because of the hooves, after being used to play with fingers before?


Well logically speaking, if a man has an ear for music and a sense of rhythm, losing their hands and gaining an even more effective sense of hearing doesn't sound like a bad tradeoff. After they find alternative ways to play their instrument, or find or create new instruments to use in lieu of their old ones, I imagine they'd be pretty much back to their old skill level as musicians.

That reminds me of something I did for PTFG a couple years ago…I really love using music during greens or stories, and such.


File: 1555740450757.jpg (734.89 KB, 1500x1200, 1555197751672.jpg)

You make it sound so easy
I wish it was that easy
No really, holding a violin on the fetlocks and playing double notes with hooves would be a nightmare. Hooves, how do they work?
t. Violinist

On the good side, even if filly couldnt play, she could become famous by introducing melodies like Canon in D, only to bring forth a new era of rock and metal songs after she had enough prestige with the high class


File: 1555741097146.png (43.45 KB, 800x600, I want to circle inside Ra….png)


>don't know how to play instrument
>don't know how to write music
>but can learn a song note-for-note and whistle really well
>sell songs to actual musicians by whistling it and offering smaller bits like basic percussion or backing vocals
>make bank as a filly by copying songs from your human life for others to buy off of you to expand upon
>new human-neissance of filly's favorite genres of human music being translated to Equestrian instruments and cultural influences begins


File: 1555744297490.png (609.16 KB, 823x970, Twilight-ParaspriteMage.png)


Seeing the electrical socket gives you an odd bit of morbid curiosity. Do hooves conduct electricity? You step walk over to it and pass it over with the soft part of your hoof, rubbing it against the terminals. It does actually feel kinda cool - in a way that only an autist who enjoys fidgeting about could understand - but you feel no electricity. Not that you necessarily would, since your hoof is far too large to insert into such a tiny hole, and also isn't made of metal.

After a few minutes, you get bored pretty fast. You wish there was a switch on it that maybe you could fiddle with for a while, but like most electrical sockets in America, there is none. Just two slots to insert a power cord. Thus, you need something new to do. Reading would seem like a good option, so you scooch up to Twilight and ask her if she can spare any of her books. Most of them, it seems, she passed out amongst your friends almost immediately, while you were playing with the electrical socket for whatever reason. Nevertheless, she offers two books that she pulled back off the cart while the two of you were talking - 1984 and Animal Farm. Your heart sinks a bit thinking about the nature of the two books, and the state you left Equestria in.


File: 1555764009857-0.png (714.9 KB, 1330x2827, de6bd10f77.png)



Notices bulge
OwO wats dis


Giant piano keys? Play every guitar song in key tunings so you dont need to make chords?


What bul-



Read it I guess. Kind of a no brainer. 1d100[ 1d100 = 69 ]


Daw, how cute

That bunny costume looks really comfy


Circlefilly a cyoot!


File: 1555774362646.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.26 MB, 1972x2796, IMG_3393.JPG)

Filly died for your sins.


Take animal farm, and read the part where Boxer gets injured from working, and gets sold to a glue factory by the (((pigs))).


forgot to roll 1d100[ 1d100 = 7 ]


Probably crotch tits.


File: 1555777192987-0.png (108.7 KB, 268x268, tenor.png)

That's no set of crotchtits


File: 1555777316141.png (33.33 KB, 142x165, 1521517490210.png)

>notices bulge
>follows line around filly's butt
Wait just a damn minute.


File: 1555777872123.jpg (650.37 KB, 3840x2160, IMG_3390.JPG)

Faggot leader, orbital strike primed. Ready to fire on your command.


File: 1555777895230.png (51.65 KB, 251x251, 04cdb5cfe189a0afde6c8c95c5….png)


File: 1555778193024.jpg (Spoiler Image, 73.18 KB, 500x500, pull-ups.jpg)

>"I'm a big filly now."


>Twilight will never unbutton your bunny suit and put you in a clean diaper


File: 1555778711565.png (4.06 KB, 333x289, 1456761.png)


File: 1555778837347.jpg (5.23 MB, 4000x3000, IMG_3302.JPG)

God damn it



??e vomit


Someone redraw this but fiĺly


>??e vomit


You're a day late and a Messiah short there, lad.


Is it ever the wrong day to draw filly being crucified?


File: 1555804324766.png (37.17 KB, 1127x685, 1479973169840.png)

I find anonfilly very cute. wanting to start a CYOA here. Any tips? and how should I go about doing so? In general I should have the time to update frequently
Never done one, but im at least not new to writing fiction/green


It's a trap. Don't run a cyoa, you will get no responses unless you are Reuben. Go for a traditional format green instead.


File: 1555806128258.jpg (6.02 KB, 250x200, 1493537131621s.jpg)

thanks for the advice anon
looks like thats what i will be doing


Yeah I'd say not to focus on CYOA format at least until you've got ten distinct praise/critique posters willing to follow along for actual CYOA rolls. and not just "jump off a cliff: d100 = 99"


I remember that roll.


I remember that roll too but I was mostly just being facetious and nonspecific.


Also, half the thread doesn't like the presence of CYOA, so there's that too


No CYOAs please, they just make the thread worse.


Speaking of people who don't like the presence of CYOA…


File: 1555818157415.png (366.13 KB, 717x923, sleepy filly.png)




Is that new??? Holy shit that's adorable!


God that's cute


File: 1555819131523.png (108.03 KB, 973x837, acute filly.png)


File: 1555819501497.png (295.42 KB, 1155x1014, SadFilly.png)


Poor filly. Twi will be there soon to clean the sheets and give filly a bath.


Find the eggs she placed, you'll find your desired fetishes in each egg ;)



I just wanted chocolate…


File: 1555828646188.png (Spoiler Image, 56.75 KB, 361x372, Sk sk sk(S).png)

Then give filly her morning feeding, of course


Oh, you'll be getting quite a lot of a certain type of chocolate…


File: 1555829287549-0.png (239.55 KB, 1020x1363, 1502769952714.png)

Y-you're voting for Trump again, r-right Anon?


No promises. I don't really trust anything Yang says except the social struggles that come with innovations in tech and the struggles against marxists. I don't trust a word Trump says because despite what he says he acts in the opposite direction. I don't know any better candidates just yet.


File: 1555829995042.jpg (16.71 KB, 256x352, 18qg4nx5anhnrjpg.jpg)

>implying I ever did




File: 1555831229883.png (684.72 KB, 1364x733, Luna-ILikePonopple.png)


Between the two, Animal Farm seems more palatable to you right now, so you take it and begin to read. Despite the novel's relatively short length, it does take you a while to complete it, as the room around you is filled with numerous quiet, yet distracting sounds. Twilight is reading an encyclopedia, but she keeps flipping between several different pages, seemingly cross-referencing one entry with another. Coco is in the corner of the room, dictating your bible in a whispered tone to Blossom, who is reading over her shoulder. Lyra and Daring are both writing on the white board to keep a somewhat hushed conversation going between the two of them, but in the absence of any vocalized words, you hear each individual stroke of their markers, as well as each time the board is erased.

It starts to get annoying after a while, and so as you get to the chapter in your book where Boxer the horse is sent off to the glue factory in exchange for some whiskey for the pigs, you begin to read out each word in your normal speaking voice, purging the silence from the room, and filling it with a chilling thought as some of your friends begin to look at their hooves and shiver. Towards the end of your dramatic reading, you see the bubble form around you once again, and everything around you becomes completely silent. You manage to finish your book in silence, and fall asleep. Tomorrow will be a big day for sure.

. . .

Ajna's voice reverberates through your mind like a bad microphone on a voice chatting application. You are surrounded by a black canvas in every direction. From the darkness, your clone comes bolting out of nowhere and tackles you to what you can only assume to be the ground, pinning you under her hooves.

"Anon, I hope you're happy because you completely fucked us all!"

You roll your eyes. Ajna is not someone you want to be dealing with right now. "Relax, cunt. I'm planning on coming back just as soon as I figure out how to fix the Elements. I'm sure you can handle a few changelings and a communist until then. They weren't exactly on the verge of attacking when I left anyways."

Ajna looks frustrated and seems as though she is about to smack you, but instead snaps and yells at you only a few inches away from your face, "You fucking idiot. Do you really think that's our biggest concern right now? Did you not think that maybe, just maybe, the Elements were there to protect us from something worse?"

"Such as?"

In lieu of a response, Ajna warps the world around you to show an image of Canterlot. The night's sky is illuminated by the blood moon, and it appears to be raining. Upon closer inspection, the rain is brown, and the streets are not filled with ponies, but… Goombas. It takes you a second to process why an enemy from Super Mario Bros is in Canterlot, but the sight of a dark alicorn being thrown into the walls of a house tells you everything you need to know. Discord is back, and so is Nightmare Moon.

. . .

You jolt awake at around 7 AM, based on what a nearby wall clock reads. At least you hope that's what the time is, since you don't have the ability to look out the window to tell if the clock is at all accurate, nor do you have a smartphone to verify anything. The rest of your friends are sleeping in more or less uncomfortable positions. You also feel a sudden need to pee.


Go pee, then inform our compatriots of the shit currently going down


"It's official, we fucked them even worse than leaving them to the tender mercies of a communist!" 1d100[ 1d100 = 43 ]


forgot roll
1d100[ 1d100 = 40 ]


>inb4 pisses the bed
1d100[ 1d100 = 7 ]


File: 1555847789947.png (178.02 KB, 1440x1688, sketch-1555821348168.png)

I did a draw


Consider searching for one who wishes for filly to pee in their mouth, decide against it. Then find somewhere to piss where it will drain somewhere and not just sit. A drain on a bathroom floor if you can't get up on a toilet, or some bushes outside even.
1d100[ 1d100 = 27 ]


Piss yourself and go back to sleep, 7am is too early

1d100[ 1d100 = 10 ]


Don't go alone. Go with somepony or multiple somrponies. That's how every horror genre starts other than teens fucking! 1d100[ 1d100 = 56 ]


Out the window is always an option if you can maintain the pressure and don't mind sticking your bits out to the world to see.
1d100[ 1d100 = 38 ]


I wish I had PJs…

Very lewd option. Boosting. It would also be a good idea to let everyone know that Equestria is well and truly fucked at the moment. 1d100[ 1d100 = 63 ]


I say let them have their sleep, and get some more yourself, so that they're all as rested as they can be before receiving the news.


Adorable. I want comfy pjs as the filly


I have no dice and I must boost
1d100[ 1d100 = 10 ]



You're in the basement of the library. I very explicitly wrote at the end that you can't tell if the clock is accurate because you can't look out the window.


Go upstairs and find a window, then


File: 1555879059679-0.jpeg (959.38 KB, 1750x2000, 1386443__questionable_art….jpeg)

Wah! What are we gonna do on the bed, Twiggy?


File: 1555879532204.gif (Spoiler Image, 94.4 KB, 567x567, I don't need it I don't ne….gif)



File: 1555879696516.png (Spoiler Image, 726.2 KB, 1700x1600, sexEd.png)

>"Oh, you'll find out soon enough Nonny…"


N-no! No lewding the filly!


>Looking through deviantart for unposted filly images
>Come across this fag
"Oh hey, they set Anonfilly as their name. How cute."
>Deviant for 10 years
>Last upload was in 2008
>No core membership
Are we dealing with a fucking time traveler?


File: 1555880654548.png (148.89 KB, 732x633, very spooked filly.png)

Wait, what?!


That's pretty fucking crazy

You think they…changed their username? Even though they stopped making content? That seems unlikely if there's no activity.


Nah, that's why I mentioned they don't appear to have ever had a pro membership. You need that to change your username.


Huh….well I don't touch deviantart so that explains how I never knew that.


File: 1555881201332.png (Spoiler Image, 125.86 KB, 600x600, gjf.png)


According to their only journal entry, this is one of the songs they enjoy:
Is this the official anonfilly song now?


Last activity 443 weeks ago. Roughly 8 years and a few months ago. A Harry Potter fan. Female. High chance of liking horses. Few contacts. Last read thing was fanfiction.
Before being even more creep like, the guess is that she was a loner who would rather stay out of the spotlight, but wanted a place to put pictures online. Anonymous and Female Horse.
Bam AnonFilly that doesn't even need a number to be registered.


Shit, you're right. I'm actually a bit spooked by all of this, and the fact that there's no way to tell why she stopped posting is a bit frightening too…




Hahaha, god damnit anon. Thanks for the laugh but damn you for turning that joke on its head with the implication of changies.


Yeah, I mean that's a possibility and all. I think it's just funny that the names were a match like that.

I hope that she didn't an hero and just grew up, otherwise that would be really sad.


Green about this girl an heroing and becoming the first filly when?



Alright, as you know in filly culture a no is the same thing as a yes.
>You simply can't take it anymore.
>You look at your extensive galley of photos, but they don't help this time.
>You almost feel surprised, but everything has been so dulled recently.
>You give Mobey, now aging, a small stroke on his little head.
>You don't want to upset him when it happens.
>Walking into the bathroom, you take out a small but carefully sharpened X-ACTO knife.
>You don't want there to be any more mess than there has to be.
>You scroll through your music selection, settling on an old favorite.
>It's a bit poppy, but it's been your guilty pleasure for so long that you don't really care.
>As it plays through to the end, the calming effect of the song fades.
>You need to get out of here.
>You start the tap on the tub and feel the water to make sure it's the right temperature.
>Confirming that it is, you wait.
>And wait.
>Finally, the tub is full.
>You strip off your shirt, bra, panties and jeans and toss them aside before climbing in.
>The X-ACTO knife is still clutched in your left hand.
>Last chance to back out.
>Yeah, you knew you wouldn't take it.
>You remember what the others at school always said, 'across the stream for attention, down the stream for results.'
>You aren't concerned with attention.
>Your fingers dip into the water and pull out a bit of warm water, which you splash on your face.
>You grab the Marker and scrawl out a simple 'Love, Julie.'
>Your knife dips into your vein, and pulls out blood on its own accord, which splashes itself on your face.
>Submerging that arm, you work on the other and submerge it too.
>Now all you have to do is wait.
>You start to feel cold… is the water cooling?
>You're going to sleep now, just for a few minutes while you wait…


>"Anon! Are you done in there yet?"
>Wait, you don't live with anybody.
>Who is that?
>"Alright, I'm coming in."
>You look on in horror as a small purple horse enters your bathroom.
>"What the tartarus, this isn't my bathroom…"
>She looks down to you, visibly confused.
>"Who are you?"
"I think I was about to ask you the same, but more on the topic of what."
>"What do you mean by that? You don't know what a pony is?"
"Of course I know what a pony is, I've just never seen one as… vibrant as you are."
>Her cheeks get a bit flushed with that remark.
>"I'm honestly just a bit confused, I mean… you are a pony."
"Get outta here."
>She just shrugs and grabs a mirror with some sort of amorphous energy.
>"See for yourself."
>You inspect every inch of your face.
>Not only are you not dead, but you're also a very strange looking horse.
>Reminds you of one of those old cartoons your parents used to put on when you were younger.
>Not ugly persay, just…
"I think you have a lot of explaining to do."
>"Yes, it would certainly seem that way."
Would you all like to see more of this? I realize it's a bit fucked, but I'm sort of enjoying it in a screwed up way.


Snuggles. Right after >>218724 , of course


This pic is always such a big turn on.
Comfy mommy Twilight hug and magically restrained and masturbated by her …


This. Snuggles are best all comfy


It's a great pic. Very well done


File: 1555891466591-0.svg (261 B, 20120812153730!Flag_of_Rus….svg)

Kek, you're mixing up the flags for Russia and France.


Oh, I wasn't implying they drew it. Just saying it's well done


File: 1555892581922.png (2.11 MB, 4042x4351, My Little Pony - Art - Twi….png)

WOW! Astonishing mural.


Too tranny.


File: 1555893319652-0.jpg (2.09 MB, 4160x2340, IMG_20190421_172924726.jpg)

File: 1555893319652-1.jpg (2.03 MB, 4160x2340, IMG_20190421_172932568.jpg)

File: 1555893319652-2.jpg (1.98 MB, 4160x2340, IMG_20190421_172936259.jpg)

File: 1555893319652-3.jpg (2.12 MB, 4160x2340, IMG_20190421_173003256.jpg)

File: 1555893319652-4.jpg (2.06 MB, 4160x2340, IMG_20190421_173012831.jpg)

Purple filly


That’s actually really cute, and neat


>purple filly
Is this what happens when Anon says "You're not my real mom" to Twilight one too many times?


Next she'll be doing Filly's mane and tail like hers


A couple of you requested that I repost my other AF greens, so here's a horror-themed one I'm proud of.
Protip: read this at night. Also, listen to this playlist:
Seriously, do both of the above. Really helps set the mood


>Be Anon
>Trying to draw a scenery shot of Ponyville Square
>Hard to get the angles right with these stupid hooves
>You look up from your drawing pad to see HER again
>Just watching, smiling a little bit
>Be glad that you're in a very public place

-2 weeks earlier-
>You had recently woken up in Equestria as a filly, no idea how or why you spoke the language
>After plenty of bureacracy, you had managed to get an audience with Celestia and Luna
>They actually believed you, and had their 'best ponies' on it
>They put you in Ponyville since running a private lab in Canterlot or Fillydelphia would draw too much attention
>They gave you a small stipend plus room-and-board with one of the researchers, Sample Size

>A few days later, and *she* showed up

>You were just sitting on a hill, looking up at the clouds and enjoying the breeze
>When a shadow loomed over you; you glanced over and saw a purple pony looking down at you, smiling
>Oddly enough, she had horns AND wings. Talk about winning the genetic lottery.
"Um, hi"
>"Would you like to be friends?"
"…sure, whatever you say."
>"Great! You know, I have some cookies at home I'd love to share! How about you come and we can get to know each other better?"
>You knew better than to follow a stranger into their home
"I, uh, can't. Very busy right now."
>"Oh, okay. I'm sure we'll meet again VERY soon"
>You just trot away a bit quicker than usual.


>A few days later, and you were sitting at the Cartwheel Cafe, eating some soup
>Kinda wish you had gone with the sandwich
>Just reading the comics section of the newspaper when you hear a scraping noise
>Put the paper down and see her there
>Apparently she was 'Princess Twilight', a highly esteemed member of the community
>"Oh, Anon! What a surprise!"
"…… I don't remember telling you my name."
>"Oh, I found out ALL about you."
>As a princess, she probably had connections
>As you lay down the paper, she reaches across the table and holds your hoof
>"I just want you to know I'm here for you."
>You slowly retract your hoof, and start to get up; but she just pushed on
>"Oh, you're staying with that Sample Size stallion, right?"
"…Maybe". You didn't want her to know where you lived, but she seemed already aware.
>"Well, you should come live with me! I have SO many empty rooms in my castle, and I think you need a… mare's touch." she proposed, reaching out to touch your face; thankfully she was a couple of inches out of range
"I'm fine, thanks. You should already know that I'm a competent, independent adult"
>She just shook her head at that, like she knew better

"Hey Sample Size, did you talk to Princess Twilight?" you asked as you entered the house, dropping your saddlebag by the door
>He popped his head out from his study
>"Why, yes, she offered her services to our research, and of course we could use a mind like hers on the project. She was very interested in you, so I guess we should count ourselves lucky."
"Yeah, lucky…"
>You spent the night up in bed, staring out the window to make sure nopony was watching you


"I'm telling you, something's up!"
>"Princess Twilight is obviously just invested in interdimensional science, she's been proposing studies for years-"
"She just seems a BIT too interested in me."
>Sample Size sighed. "You're the only Planeswalker we've encountered, so obviously she wants to find out more. Now, I have a train to catch to make sure our funding doesn't get cut. Just have a good time while I'm gone."
>He left out the door, and you just appreciated him for a moment. Treated you like a roommate and talked to you like an adult, not some kid.
>The polar opposite of one pony you knew
>You just sat in your room reading comics for about an hour, when you heard a knocking at the door
>You open the door a crack, making sure the chain lock was up
>Thankfully, it was the crosseyed mailmare, Dapper or Dipper or whatever her name was
>"Uh, one letter for a… Anon?" she asked, holding out an envelope
"Uh, that's mine" you said, holding your hoof through the crack, into which she handed you the letter
>"Have a nice day!" and like that, she was gone

>The envelope had no return address

>After a moment of apprehension, you opened the envelope. Inside were three pages.
>The first one was a detailed drawing of you and Twilight happy in a field, complete with flowers and butterflies. It actually looked really well-done; did she have it commissioned? She didn't seem like the artistic type
>The second page was covered in what seemed to be lipstick marks, with an "XOXOXO" neatly scribbled at the bottom
>The third page was a list of benefits of living with her, including 'Home-cooked Breakfast' and 'Bedtime Readings'
>You just looked at the letter, to a face of confusion at a nonexistent camera, back to the letter, repeated about eight times
>You eventually noticed a name for the drawing on its reverse side
>'Mother-Daughter Fun Time'.


>30 minutes later and you were yelling at Mayor Mare
>"Just calm down Anon, there's a perfectly reasonable eplanation for this"
>"Princess Twilight has always been friendly to her subjects, why, when Applebloom went investigating Zecora-"
"THIS IS NORMAL FOR HER?!?" you yelled as you waved the kissy-mark paper in her face
>"I doubt that's actually her, Anon."
"Wha- huh?" The paper had a drawing of her, a list of reasons to live with her. What more-
>"It was most likely a prank by somepony 'hazing' you, see, they didn't use her special stationary, and there's no signature to identify-"
"So you're not going to do anything?"
>"Of course not, Princess Twilight is the most valuable and respected-"
>You slammed the door on your way out

>So now you sat in Ponyville's only bar

>They wouldn't actually serve you any booze, but you figured this would be the last place she would look for you
>So you just ate bar pretzels and tried to stay close to as many ponies as possible
>You actually managed a few hours before you were found; once you heard those determined hoofsteps, your heart dropped
>"Now Anon, this is no place for a little filly"
"I'm an adult, don't you get it-"
>"Aw, you're tired! Why don't you come home and take a nap-" she tried to grab you by the hoof, but you pulled back
>"Anon, listen to your Mommy."
"If you try to drag me out I will kick and scream and cry rape."
>"…They love me, they wouldn't believe anything you said."
"Wanna bet on it?" Maybe she was uber-popular, but people tended to side with little kids irregardless.
>She paused before putting her forehead to yours and nuzzling you affectionately
>"Well, I'll see you soon. And here's a present for my little angel." she pulled out a small package wrapped in a red bow, placing it on the counter. She then walked out the front door, but you never lost that feeling of being watched.


>You decided to open the package then and there
>You'd feel a bit less scared surrounded by other, much bigger ponies
>They wouldn't believe your story, but there was at least safety in numbers
>So you opened the package and pulled out a small scrapbook
>Leather-bound, titled "Treasured Memories"
>You hesitated, then opened it
>First page was a picture of you stepping off the train to Ponyville
>Hoofwritten caption read: ' Radiant Dawn's First Day Home'
>Dawn? You turned the page looking for answers
>Picture of your first meeting with Twilight on that hill
>'Mother and Daughter Reunion'
>Next page was a picture of your cafe meeting
>'Lunchtime' with a smiley face
>You flip oncemore, questions piling up in your head
>A picture of Twilight holding her letter
>'A Happy Surprise for my Pumpkin'
>The next picture stopped your heart and froze your blood
>'A Sleeping Angel'
>Obviously taken while inside your room.


>It took you ten minutes to quit hyperventilating
>Nopony else would listen to you in the bar; most of them were already pretty drunk
>It WAS getting late, and Sample Size wouldn't be back 'til morning
>You had evidence, you just needed to last the night.

>Apple Bloom popped her head out of the Carousel Boutique; her face turned from confusion to happiness rather quickly.

>"Anon! You made it to our slumber party!"
"Heh, yeah. My schedule got cleared."
>"That's great! Come inside, we're doing our hooves!"
>You had forgotten a pillow or blanket, but they were more than happy to give you some of Rarity's spares
"Hey, where's Rarity anyway?"
>"Oh, she's in her room" Sweetie Belle answered "She's VERY sick and doesn't want to be bothered"
>You hold the package tighter to your frame
"I really think she should-"
>"Her words were 'Don't come in unless somepony's bleeding out'" Scootaloo elaborated in a decent impersonation
>So you spent the next couple of hours applying hoof polish and talking about pointless stuff
>At last it was time to go to bed
>12 more hours, YOU COULD DO THIS
>But of course you heard a knock at the door.


>You began praying to God, Celestia, whoever, that it be ANYPONY but her
>"Oh! Hello Twilight!" you died a little on the inside when you heard Sweetie Belle's words
>"Oh, good, I found Anon." Twilight replied, "Her mom's very sick and she asked me to take her home."
>You try to scream for Rarity, but the words stop in your throat. What sorcery was this?
>Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle push you toward the door with their heads, but you try to lean against them and stop yourself in vain
>"I know it's scary out in the dark, Anon. But Twilight's here! She'll keep you safe!"
>Pretty soon they had shoved you out the door and under the moon
>You tried to turn around and bang on the door, but Twilight's magic pulled you back, and she dragged you behind her

>After you were a few meters away from the Boutique, you felt your throat muscles relax

>But it barely came out in a conversational tone. More magic, undoubtedly
>"Oh Dawn, you were always SUCH a troublemaker" Twilight giggled
>She was certifiably insane, how had nopony noticed before? You struggled against her magical grip, to no avail.
>"You know Dawn, what I said was true. Your mom IS very sick."
>As you kept trying to yell, your voice simply got quieter until it was a whisper
>"She's SICK of missing you so much!" she exclaimed, nuzzling you oncemore
>Maybe somepony would go for a nightly jog?
>"Now, I've got your room all ready; the hardest part was choosing a wallpaper, so I went with hearts."
"Why do you call me Dawn?" you ask in that raspy whisper
>"That's a story for another time. You know, it'd be easier to just TELEPORT home, I'm sure you're all tuckered out after so much fun with your friends!"
>A pop and a purple flash of light, and you were in some bedroom
>Hearts on the wallpaper, a twin-size bed in the corner, toys and dolls lining the walls
>You try to resist, but she's bigger and ridiculously good at magic
>"Now let's get you tucked in!"
>She gently but firmly shoves you in bed, tucking you into the sheets
>You try to wriggle out, but the blankets have some sort of magical vice-like grip on you
>"Normally I'd read you a story, but it's so late I figured you'd be sleepy! So sweet dreams, pumpkin. I'll see you in the morning! We'll have lots of fun then!".


>After an hour of violent thrashing, you managed to escape your bed
>You quietly rushed for the door, but it was locked
>Your room was four stories up, and the window was locked too. Probably magically invulnerable
>Nothing useful in the drawers
>DAMMIT, you were screwed
>You bucked the wall in anger, but heard a tiny crack
>You listened for a moment; Twilight probably didn't hear
>You bucked again, and again, and the wall began cracking, even breaking open a bit
>On the fifth try the hole in the wall was big enough to shimmy into

>Surprisingly, the area in-between walls was somewhat roomy

>By navigating around and forcing through weak areas in the floor, you got several floors down
>Were you on the first floor now? Naw, it had been five, so basement
>You were on a timer here; hopefully the insane mare wouldn't check on you during the night, and you'd have a few more hours to escape
>You managed to find another weak spot in the wall, and after ten minutes you broke through
>The room was dark, no windows to let in moonlight; definitely the basement
>You rushed down the room a blitzed for the door, passing some storage boxes, a cupboard, a few small gardening tools
>You twist and pull the doorknob in vain, but it's locked
>You slam the floor with you hoof in despair, but it obviously didn't crack
>…what was gonna happen to you?
>You wiped a tear and steeled your nerves
>Maybe you could use a garden shovel to pry it open or something
>As you walk towards the tools, you feel a dark presence emanating from the cupboard
>It feels like you're magnetically drawn to it, and you start walking towards it
>You weren't sure you wanted to look inside, but you had to
>The door creaked as you slowly opened it

>And inside sat a single large jar, filled with a translucent green liquid
>A small, slightly deformed face stared at you, eyes closed
>A stillborn
>"Dawn, I told you it was bedtime."




>push jar off shelf
>it breaks


I smell a dirty MTG nerd.
>>218777 (Checked)
Twist was pretty damn good, though I did sort of see it coming from a mile away. I don't quite know what genres of music you like, but try this out: >inb4 I get called a zoomer


tbf you might have already read this before and forgotten doing so


Nah, I just know your style. Well, unless you posted this this year during Halloween, I'm an mlpol-era filly. Not saying it's a bad twist, just not one that really got me. Also, main green update when?


Fuck I forgot to namefag (I use incognito for mlpol because paranoia about someone reading through my history, and frequently close these windows).

I forgot when I wrote it, but I know it was at least 4 months ago.
I'll try to update soon, but finals are killing me.


I know that feel, I always keep this shit open in incognito, but so are over half of my tabs, might be even more paranoid than ya mate.
Good luck with those, don't worry. Life comes before filly.


File: 1555915189048.png (170.39 KB, 685x507, Twilight-CoffeeSad.png)


If you could, you would probably pee out the window right now. Going out alone would have to be the dumbest thing ever in your current state, but unfortunately you're in a basement. Your next best option is to ask for one of your friends to come with you to the bathroom. A bit embarrassing, but better safe than sorry. Naturally, you pick Twilight for this, since you've known her the longest. You walk over to her and shake her awake.

She's a bit groggy waking up, but upon seeing you and taking a quick look at the clock, she seems to decide against going back to sleep. You try to think of the best way to ask her the question.

"Twilight, I know this may sound a bit weird, but I need to go to the bathroom and I don't want to go alone when we're surrounded by humans who might freak out if they saw me and…"

She puts a hoof over your mouth and answers in a very soft voice, "You don't have to speak so fast, I've got you. I haven't had my coffee yet though, so I might not be entirely alert right now."

Given that none of you have any money, you're not entirely sure how or when she intends to get coffee today, but no matter, at least you've got a bathroom buddy. Twilight takes her keys with her as you leave, making you realize this was probably a smart decision after all, as otherwise you might have been locked out when you tried to come back in.

The way to the bathroom goes by pretty uneventfully, as there are no humans in the halls whatsoever. Twilight casually mentions that she thinks she read that the library opens at 7:30 or something, so there shouldn't be anyone here except for one or two members of the staff. When you reach the bathrooms, you almost enter the men's room out of habit, only to realize that technically you are not male. After an odd look from Twilight, you end up walking into the women's bathroom, which is thankfully empty, although you feel no less uncomfortable from the fact that this is technically your first time in the women's restroom… at least on Earth. In fact, now that you think about it, you're not quite sure if you've used public restrooms much back in Equestria. Most of the time it was just a single room at your home or at Sugarcube Corner (which had just one bathroom).

As soon as you've finished your business, you head back to the study room with Twilight, and proceed to break the news of your most recent dreams.

"So I'm pretty sure we fucked things up a bit more than normal. Apparently the Elements were responsible for not just banishing Nightmare Moon and Discord, but also containing them in their banishment. Once they were destroyed, Discord ceased to be a statue and Nightmare Moon left the moon 10 years early. They're fighting over Canterlot right now and wrecking the place up."

Twilight doesn't show much reaction, perhaps due to her lack of coffee. She pauses for a moment to process before responding with a simple, "that's nice." She then proceeds to gently nudge the rest of your friends to wake them up.


File: 1555918741627.png (111.88 KB, 448x377, itaintgay.png)

>Be anon filly
>the sun is setting and you are heading back to your room
>It has been a long day and you're ready to get some sleep
>You trot down the hall of Twilight’s castle alone and unsupervised
>For any other filly this would be an issue but you’re a good filly and don’t normally cause trouble
>Unlike most other fillies you were kinda serious and guarded
>coming to Equestria didn’t really bring your walls down but instead only made you build them higher
>Your emotions lay behind a fortress that you rarely let down
>Not that this was a problem you didn’t like a lot of the noise and color and all the sunshine happiness that came with coming to Equestria
>It was all too good to be true
>If there was anything that your old life had taught you it was that if it’s good then it won't last long
>You watched your old life fall apart and the only thing that got you through was waiting for the good times to end
>The bad doesn’t hurt so much when you are expecting it
>You bring a hoof up to your mouth to yawn as you near your room
>Twilight has been insistent on dragging you around with the other fillies to try and acclimate all the anons human and pony to their new homes
>It was exhausting
>Every day was a new trip to some “new and exciting” place
>You were sure it was all going to end soon
>What was the point in building a new life only to have it taken away
>Pushing open the door you walk into the room
>Dozens of beds lay inside
>Fillies sleeping
>Tucked in their beds and clutching plushies or other fillies
>When put into young bodies a lot of the anons had reverted to a child like mind set
>It seemed to be a good way to handle the trauma of being sucked into a new world
>Not you though
>You were dead set on staying grounded in reality and not swept up in this shiny new world that promised so much
>You pull the covers back from your bed and crawl up
>There was no one to tuck you in as you lay back
>Shutting your eyes you were unaware of a human anon that had crept in
>Be human anon
>Coming to Equestria had been an interesting experience
>You didn't really think you would be able to integrate with all these small ponies but it was going along pretty easily
>From what you can tell most anons didn’t really enjoy life back home on earth and now that they were here they were really living it up
>Of course there were some that were bummed out
>Some had loving families left behind
>others had girlfriends and wives back at home
>For you it was your dog
>She was always there for you and now you were gone you hoped your parents would check in and take care of her
>Laying in bed was lonely without her warm body to snuggle up with you were jealous of the anons that had fillies attach themselves to them
>Twilight disapproved and tried to keep the humans and fillies separate but late at night you often saw pairs sleeping cuddled together
>Tonight you had enough you wanted a filly of your own
>While Twilight had dragged everyone around you had been trying to see if any filly had an interest in you
>THe ones that hadn’t claimed an anon were generally pretty shy and needed coxing
>While trying to spot a filly you noticed one that always tried to keep away from everyone
>She seemed to be having an extra hard to integrating into being part of a pony society
>You didn’t understand why at the time but something about her seemed enchanting
>You tried to talk to her a few times but she was pretty withdrawn and quiet
>Such a sad filly
>It broke your heart to see her like that and now you were taking it upon yourself to choose her as your filly
>Following her to the filly quarters was easy she didn't really notice
>As she laid down and closed her eyes you made your move
>Snatching her from her bed was easy she was adorably small
>”Hey put me do-”
>Quickly covering her mouth to silence her reeeing you ran back to your room with the now struggling little filly
>Be anonfilly
>One of those humans just fucking foal napped you
>That bitch
>He had taken you back to his bed and was holding you against his chest
>There was no way you were gonna let some weirdo snuggle you
>You weren't a little pony
>Struggling only made him hug tighter and you felt a warm hand start to stroke down your back
>No homo but this was kinda nice
>Slowly you stopped struggling
>His fingers now stroking along your fur in such a way as to send tingles along your body
>Something just felt weirdly right about this
>As he stroked your ear you felt the last of your inhibitions melt away submitting to cuddles
>Taking the time to soak up your surroundings
>Anons chest was so warm you couldn't help but nuzzle it a little
>As you did his hands stopped
>His body started to tremble and you heard him sniffling a bit
>It sounded like he was holding back tears
“H-hey c-come on dude don’t do that if anything I should be the one crying since you kidnaped me”
>”I know I’m sorry. It’s been so hard sleeping alone. You can go back to your room. ”
>He took in a shuddering breath
>He must have had a girlfriend or something back on earth the poor guy
>Awkwardly patting him in an attempt to comfort him you try to think of what to say
“Um well.”
>Words failed you
>Attempting to speak only making you sound like a stuttering faggot
>Instead you pressed yourself to his chest in an attempt to make him feel better
>Once more his arms wrapped around you
>”You remind me of her, the way she used to nuzzle up with me. We always slept together.”
>Anon seemed to calm down a bit and you could feel his hand once more stroking your back making your heart race
>Hoping to make him feel better you try and speak with him
“She sounds nice. Would you like to talk about her?”


>”Well she had warm grey fur and was really fluffy. She was always super cuddly and even as she got bigger would always lay in my lap. She was my best friend.”
>Realization dawns on you
>Unsure of how to proceed you get a little more comfy in his arms
“She sounds nice, I never had a dog back on earth it must have been nice.”
>He stroke the back of your neck and you let out a happy little sigh
>”She was the best thing in my life. I miss her so much. I don’t know what I’m gonna do without her. I hope she’s okay.”
>As Anon strokes you your eyes start to feel heavy his warm embrace was more than you had ever had before
>Strange emotions began to fill your heart
>Starved of affection for so long this was filling a comfortable void
>Sure it could all end in an instant but maybe enjoying the moment was better than worrying about it ending
“I know i'm no substitute but”
>Pausing unsure if you really want to let down your walls but feeling the warmth and comfort of another being was too much you didn't want to spend one more night alone
“I would be happy to cuddle with you Anon.”
>”Thank you.”


I've been in a confused headspace, so I'm gonna write. I'll stick to green format for convenience because I think stream-of-thought's always been my own strong point. That and music. I dunno, maybe that's just my own bias showing and I'm bad at both but either way I thought I'd contribute something even if it's shit.


>You sit up in the bed you're in, patting yourself down from chest to thighs rapidly
>And judging by that subtle bulge in your crotch, Little Anon's joined the party again
>Oh, how I've missed you…
>However, as your shaft rubs oh-so-wonderfully against the silky-smooth fabric of your sheets, you feel a guilt rise in you
>No…this isn't a time to fap
>Whatever's going on, something just isn't right
>You look over your body, noting a strange blue set of pajamas
>It seems regal, with shoulderpads and a two toned collar, and even some fancy-shmancy curls emblazoning your navy-blue outfit
>In the center of your pajama's shirt, you notice a familiar shape: a crescent moon surrounded by a miasma of pitch black
>You can't shake the familiarity of that logo, and the color scheme of these pajamas, but what's even more curious is the color of the surrounding room
>Almost a pure green - bedsheets, floor, walls, and even the decorations are a uniform green color, much like your skin and like-
>You shake your head; no, you're not a filly. It must just have been a dream
>Or maybe…this is the dream?
>But you can feel them…fingers, toes, a smooth and bald head - how is it this lucid after years without these sensations?
>You get out of bed and re-orient yourself, learning to walk all over again
>After that, you decide that there's not much to analyze in this bizarrely stark room, and so leave
>You'd get into your suit, but you just don't care enough.
>You travel down a spiral staircase down to the surface of a strange town; a seedy underbelly is apparent, but your presence on the streets seems to deter any threats or would-be seediness from approaching you
>Not for respect for your personal space, but for the fact you are…Anonymous, an unknown variable in their schemes that they can't truly trust
>You heard hushed rumors spread among the strange pitch-black residents about someone being "awake" - they ominously didn't use any names, and simply called that person the "Prince"
>Prince? Are you royalty? Since when?
>You've always been just another suit, another cubicle
>Even when you'd become the filly, you were just another pony nobody seemed to pay any heed to
>You feel your knuckles whitening, snapping you out of your introspection
>Why are you sweating? Why do you feel like everyone is staring?
>That's it - you approach the entrance to a pub, coming inside and taking a seat at the bar
"Hey barkeep, hate to be a mooch but, I don't know anything right now and I don't think I have any way of paying you directly. Could I do something for a shot of Fireball? I could clean the bathrooms, wash your dishes for an hour, whatever man."
>The expressionless, rotund humanoid creature simply responds, "Can't pay? You're fine! How could I charge someone like you? Fireball, on the house. You want it on the rocks?"
>Someone like…
"Eh, well, if you insist…I'll take it on the rocks, yeah. Thanks boss."
>He pours you a drink and the other folks at the bar seem suspiciously quiet
>When they talk, their voices are so low that you can't eavesdrop without making it obvious what you're trying to do
>All your life…er, lives, you've gone under the radar. Why do these chucklefucks keep giving you attention?
>You feel uncomfortable, shifting in your seat as more of these strange people seem to openly stare and speak conspiratorially about you behind your back
>Even the bartender seems suspicious, and you finally stand up, more suddenly than you meant to
"A-alright bud, you said that was on the house? No favors or help needed?"
>"On the house."
"Alright, in that case, I've got some…errands that need doing."
>"Suit yourself kid, don't get into any trouble out there."
>You don't even acknowledge his warning, bolting as casually as you can make it look
>Fuck how can it be this hard to find your way through this town
>Just as you figure out where you took residence, you enter and then-

>Be filly, in the waking world once more.

>You get out of bed and get your morning started right, with a nice long bath and a free breakfast from Purple
>As you run the water however, you chance upon something at your flank, and a realization dawns upon you: your cutie mark, or faux-cutie mark, has disappeared!
>As a filly, the question mark always felt like some kind of generic placeholder for a special talent you'd never achieve
>But then, what's going to happen to you? Are you changing or is this the pre-requisite to getting your cutie mark for realsies?
>You dry off and head to the kitchen for your nummies, consternation visible on your face as your body works on autopilot
>Was that dream…important? Was it real? Or just some kind of mental game? Maybe it's just pony magic giving you some kind of revelation you subconsciously already knew but didn't have an awareness of-
>No, this is all stupid. Dreams aren't magic, they're rapid eye movement creating images and memories in your mind - nothing more, nothing less
>But…what did it all mean? What was that world, and why does it feel as though it's going to be relevant soon?
>"Anon? Are you going to finish your waffles?"


Why the fuck do I have the bong flag on me, my VPN's in Las Vegas.


If anyone here's a hamstunker, I hope that this piques your interests. I've been thinking over the whole archetype/classpect thing for the past couple days.

>Many waffles are slain by your confused self, mouth and hooves operating unhealthily fast to keep you distracted

>As long as you don't allow your metaphorical RAM to be free to think too hard, you don't care if your throat hurts a little from the exertion of swallowing your half chewed confection
>Unfortunately, Twilight seems concerned enough to intervene, levitating your plate away from you just as you reach your fork down for another slab of delicious syrupy goodness
>"Anon…why are you so ravenous? Did I give you enough for dinner? Do you have some kind of sickness or hunger curse?"
>You open your mouth to speak but feel your gag reflex protest as the under-processed chunk of dough lodges in there
>You spend a good minute drinking your milk and trying to regain your breath; much to your chagrin, the thoughts return once more
>You bite your tongue for a moment, but after trying and failing to sort your thoughts, it all comes spilling out
"Do I stand out in a crowd? Is it normal I don't have any friends yet?"
>"W-wow, uhm, Anon, that's a lot of questions. Did something happen I should kno-"
"Is it normal I don't know whether I want any friends? Are you a hundred percent sure I can't turn back into a human?"
>"Anon, I can't answer you if you-"
"Can I have species dysphoria to the point of vividly dreaming of my old hands? Why won't you let me drink whisk-"
>Suddenly your mouth is crammed with a whole waffle, and you let out a whine of guilt, giving a meek glance into her eyes
>A few seconds pass in silence as she gathers her composure, then slowly removes your edible gag
>"Okay Anon, you have my attention. One at a time, please."
>That emphasis on 'please' definitely doesn't sound happy
"I…sorry, I had a dream. I…was human again. But I was in this, like, blue city. It was literally all blue, except for my own room. I felt like everyone was eying me, like I'd done something, or they wanted something from me…"
>"Aww…Anon, if you needed to sleep with me, all you'd have to do is ask."
"N-no! I don't- I mean…maybe some other time, b-but…it didn't feel like any other dream. I felt everything…even my di- er, manhood. They were talking about a prince, or something. It felt like they wanted something from me, but I don't have any clue what."
>"What does that have to do with, making friends?"
"I felt like, everybody knew who I was, but I didn't know any of them. And…it made me feel insecure."
"I…know it sounds stupid. But, it's not just…normal shyness. I felt…alienated. Like I was being pushed to be someone I wasn't, subconsciously."
>Her expression softens as she cleans up your part of the table and gently cleans off any little crumbs and drips of syrup, placing a hoof on your cheek
>"Well Anon, maybe it's about time you went back to school, or got yourself a job to socialize at. It doesn't seem you've aged much since you first came to Ponyville, maybe this has something to do with-"
>She stops without warning, seeming shocked
>You notice her eyes staring to your flank, and from her expression it seems this conversation is about to go in a radically different direction
>"Anon, you…your cutie mark's gone."
"T-Twilight, don't call it that, it's not one of your tramp stamps. Whatever it is, it's not that."
>"Okay, but, your question mark. It's gone."
"Does that lend credence to my fears that the dream's not just any old dream?"
>"Well, I don't know. But I think this warrants further research. Want to come to the study with me?"
"Sure, don't see why not."
>And just like that, your day's gone and taken a 180.


>As Purple does her thing in the library, dashing about and rapidly skimming through hundreds of tomes per hour for information on cutie mark sciences, you're left to sit and wait for her, and think about your dream
>It seems so…bizarre, feeling such an intimate part of your identity - your anonymity - challenged by the strange anthropomorphs' suspicious conversations
>Why did they seem to refer to you as some kind of special guy, when you were at the pub?
>"Mmh, no, that's just another book on adult onset cutie mark discovery syndrome…"
>You feel your somewhat overactive filly mind drifting toward other things as you lean against a bookshelf and close your eyes
>You miss your old MP3 player; you know a lot of songs by heart but you wish you could hear them performed again, and not just interpreted by Equestrian musicians
>Really, you miss everything about your old life, even if it was at times a bleak place to live
>Where else would you get to enjoy stuff like Metal Gear Solid or One Punch Man?
>Hmmn…man, Ken Ashcorp should make a One Punch Man song one day, a song like Hunter about nihilism in the heroic context of OPM would be awesome

>Suddenly, after a good hour and a half of waiting, you're awoken by Twilight's sudden shout

>"Eureka!! Anon, I found it!"
>Your eyes snap open and you jump over to your momfu's table to see what "it" is
>"Apparently there's been cases of this before. This tome's centuries old but it seems to document a case like this. Starswirl himself was believed to be a simple runesmith in his time before taking up the arcane arts. But somewhere along the way, his cutie mark disappeared. He went into hiding out of fear of this being found out, but after about half a year he had managed to meet Princess Celestia behind the scenes for some undisclosed reason, and later on allied with her in some kind of war. But, the war itself has no documentation as it happened somewhere very far away. While there's a degree of separation by date, it's believed that it had something to do with Luna's-"
>You listen to your teacher rattle off some bullshit story about that nobody unicorn meeting the princesses, not really absorbing it until seconds after Twilight ends her ramble
>Wait….somewhere very far away?
"Hold on, what's this 'somewhere far away' shit? You can't just leave me hanging on that one, Starswirl's a famous figure and you just mentioned a fucking war involving Sunbutt. Let's rewind a bit."
>Despite curiosity, you find yourself growing impatient at the boring, slow and indirect dive into this obscure historical documentation
>It's not your fault shit's gotten frustratingly off-topic
>Time to nod off until she's got a revelation coming soon…


Gonna end it here because I got work in six hours and I'm on the verge of passing out.


File: 1555931376436.png (242.5 KB, 1440x1708, sketch-1555887155305.png)

More quick drawa


Nice, pretty spooky! I-is there any chance we could get more one-shot reposts nightly? A-asking for a friend.


a cute!


Help her, if there's anyone left to be woken up.
1d100[ 1d100 = 31 ]


File: 1555956541566.jpg (57.45 KB, 497x398, IMG_3413.JPG)

Plunger drew a thing


>Lifts filly head with a finger
>Her worried face shows all you need to know
>A worried man turned filly, trying to fit in this new society
>Sure the mares are the ones that woo the stallions
>But you didnt think she d go ahead and propose to you after the talk you both had with purple
>The pony birds and bees or something
>Her lifted hoof starts trembling after your continued silence
>And not once did her beautiful emerald eyes leave yours, after getting her head lifted
>She s the only one that gets you, being the only remaining human in Equestria
>And you re the only one that gets her, being a human turned pony
>So the marriage proposal to hold hooves makes sense
>You know Anon is a straight forward filly like you would be
>Therefore there s only one answer that fits her
>Moving your hand from under her head to her hoof makes her face light up in a smile
>You tap the hoof back to the ground instead of grabbing it though
"Thats fucking gay man"
>She may be a filly outside, but you know he s still your bro, a man
>Getting up from your table, you leave Sugar Cube Corner
>Leaving the stunned filly behind to pay for both of your milkshakes
>Not that you didnt wanted to pay, but she did say that you shouldnt bring any bits, for she would pay for both of you
>She will get over it, you know it, and maybe you can pay for her next time you decide to have another "best bros" reunion


Good stuff. Now I'm just imagining Anon taking over Luna's job in the dream realm after she retires.


>when you wanted the good stuff but your mom will only buy the generic no-name brand


>"Now Anon, you know this is cheaper, we don't have the money to-"
"You're the fucking Princess REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"


File: 1555971489114.jpg (38.38 KB, 1030x1030, Knows Better.jpg)

>"Maybe if I didn't have to spend our entire food budget on importing chicken "tendies" for you, we'd be able to buy them"


"God fucking dammit Purple, stop giving me that fucking look, are you trying to rape me or talk to me?"


>"Every fucking day. Every single fucking day when I come home this little faggot just sits there and gives me this stupid look on her face. What should I do about her? Ideas?"


File: 1555972839471.jpg (1.87 MB, 2909x1918, IMG_3382.JPG)

I fucking hate this place, but the sunsets are nice.


That was very heartwarming, good work!

Are you planning on writing more?


>"Ooh, ooh! Can we get some ice cream? Please?"




Looks comfy and serene.


I'd like to watch the sunset with that filly


G-god damnit just let her have this


Oh god now I have a lot of ideas analogous to the source of this concept. Like Anon joining up with the Midnight Crew to overthrow the Derse government in order to get answers and to prevent The Reckoning. Oh hey, using spoilers for their intended purpose! I feel like a good filly now.


File: 1555983853858.png (454.17 KB, 2927x2341, it's shit.png)

>implying such a dedicated bro would ever prioritize remaining straight above being a bro to his bro if he had to choose
this green is 100% fake and gay


Wait, is that Anon or Purple speaking?


It's a mystery


File: 1555987070921.png (191.35 KB, 1024x1024, 1537235811558.png)

yeah sure, why not?
i was gonna say there's never enough sad anon stories but we've actually got plenty



>As soon as you nod off, you awake again, in your strange pajama-clad human form

>You're not in your presumed living quarters; you awoke from the last dream before you could, leaving your dream self to rest on a flight of spiral stairs
>You slowly get up, stretching your neck and back a little before coming back down the stairs
>After your brief episode of confusion, the city seems to have moved on somewhat
>Now it's just the normal hustle and bustle of a dark, seedy city with no direct sunlight
>But this time, you notice a few of the occupants of this city are much less subtle or quiet in their observation of you
>You walk through, approaching the first place you see - a newspaper stand
>The denizen operating it hands you a freebie, and immediately your interest is piqued:
"What the…that's me!"
>"No shit wise guy. Kinda hard not to notice the green skin, Shrek."
"No, I mean-"
>You cut yourself off, reading onward
>If you're stuck here in your dreams, it's probably for the best you figure out what exactly is going on here
>Your article in here talks about you being a Prince of some kind (capitalized, as well), waking from an eternal sleep
>So…you've been here for some time, just sleeping?
>And the other people here at least know somewhat about you and refer to you as a hero…
>You, a hero? Hard to imagine that between the fetishes and the boring life - er, lives
>You approach a nearby bus bench for a moment just to flip through the pages, boning up on your current events
>Something about a great offensive against "the Celestian forces" on another planet or something?
>It's not easy to follow without knowing anything else about this realm, and as such you still have many questions left unanswered by the time this paper's been read from front to back
>But one thing you do take note of is that your rank in this society, according to this paper, is "Prince of Blood"
>You decide to get up and explore a little more on foot; a few spires looking similar to your own strange watchtower can be seen a ways away, maybe you can figure things out from there?

So, I'm gonna keep from doing any CYOA stuff because it seems to simply invite shitposting and derailing, but I do want some input. Using pics related as basic building blocks, Do you have any ponies you'd like to see get embroiled in this too? Or should they all be Anons with differing goals and philosophies who diversify as they piece this puzzle together?


File: 1555988262409-0.png (Spoiler Image, 32.91 KB, 350x350, Aspects.png)

File: 1555988262409-1.png (Spoiler Image, 70.44 KB, 759x380, Classes, Passivity and Bas….png)

Ruined quads by forgetting pics related. R-ree…


I ain't goin' to 4chan. I'm b& from like three or four boards and I don't wanna give gookmoot my time and metadata. But if you want to post it there, I'm up for it. Credit or no. Doesn't matter; you fillies and nor/mlpol/icemen are my community now.


Don't you have a dead board to browse?


Now now, friend, no need to shit too hard on him. /mlp/ is our progenitor and there's nothing wrong with asking someone to repost content there. I assume the discord server's got loads of fillies who ask contentfags to post here, too. Doesn't make either party worse off to repost or spread things out.

The internet is connected; nothing wrong with branching content out. Although it is preferable to keep things on alt-sites over mainstream ones.


You clearly have no idea who this is, so hold still while I spoonfeed you. This is PTFG shill, a faggot who occasionally comes around to beg for and/or steal content from this thread for his body horror fetishist dead thread. Before we were banished from /mlp/ this faggot would at the start and end of every thread shitpost that our thread should not exist. He was supremely happy when we were forced into PTFG for a short while, while the rest of his thread was not, so we wound up getting banned from there too and then the rest of the board.

This fag is not a friend, he doesn't mean us well, he's just a parasitic leech.


To be fair, PTFG isn't necessarily body horror or fetishism, just like anonfilly isn't. I know this because I wrote some there and got lots of fun ideas and suggestions from thread-goers about dysphoria, identity and understanding their pony form. In fact, that's what got me into filly in the first place!

But I never knew of this piece of the threads' histories. If it's all true, that's unfortunate and I resent that kind of shill attitude. I understand why someone would want filly in a thread with other PTFG content, but the content on both subgenres of content diverged over the years and they're just not the same stuff anymore. It's like posting cub/regression in an ABDL thread somewhere; there's just too much disconnect, and the people in the thread probably object strongly to it. Not like I speak from experience on that one…h-ha. But seriously fuck pedo, and fuck people imposing it on an already morally dubious community.


File: 1555990691520-0.jpeg (88.1 KB, 960x678, large.jpeg)

I don't know what the fuck this is, but derpibooru says it's filly.


>Unironic alicorn oc
What is this, 2011?


File: 1555990895170-0.jpg (1.67 MB, 2909x1918, Adobe_20190422_192230.jpg)

>Not posting the edit


lolwut. Heck of an OC too, feels like 2012 all over again.


>isn't anonbabby


Why did Anon's cutie mark move to her eyes?


File: 1555991442057.png (313.1 KB, 1024x894, 1714760.png)


File: 1555991713786.png (141.58 KB, 853x931, laughingbabby.png)


File: 1555991750464.png (108.4 KB, 800x641, filly guy.png)

>ywn reset and feel emotions again


File: 1555993543701.png (5.23 KB, 1024x1024, color_of_text.png)

did someone say green?


File: 1555994392757.png (413.46 KB, 2595x1906, eggcelent.png)

Anon definitely not a filly decided to mess with Twilight when telling her about human holidays…
Twilight, however, was a little too quick to celebrate them


File: 1555994561572.png (410.54 KB, 2595x1906, eggcelent.png)

Oh no, I forgot to save the fix'd version


File: 1555994862609.png (14.82 KB, 468x509, filly needs to eat her gre….png)



>If Twiggles:
Screw with Anon mentally until she isn't sure what is or isn't real. Decide her reality for her by engineering events (and the relevant emotions) in her life to lead her into a vulnerable state. Then create philosophically ambiguous and psychologically damaging experiences to make her question everything she knows and believes, thus putting her in an emotionally vulnerable state, attracting her to the safety and comfort you provide.
>If Anon:
Just be a good filly.


File: 1556003033406.png (94.85 KB, 1046x1055, AnonFilly-AnonBoop.png)


You join Twilight in the process of waking up your friends, who seem just as displeased as you to be up at this hour. Unfortunately, as you are both hungry, and not exactly in a room designed as a living quarters, you will all have to be leaving soon, a prospect no one seems to be looking forward to. Yesterday, you were able to get by without too much exposure to humans, which was somewhat kept controlled by the fact that you had a chaperone of sorts. Now you only have each other, and anything can happen.

As soon as everyone is up, Twilight opens the door and beckons the rest of you outside. You follow, and ascend the stairs to the main floor of the library. Fortunately, the librarian seems to be distracted when Twilight drops the keys to the study room on the front counter, along with all of her books in the book drop. You are able to walk out the door with no issues.

Outside does not have such a dearth of people. A number of sleepy-eyed students are walking, coffee in hand, to their morning classes. One of them stops to point you out to the rest of his friends. You hear a few chuckles along with lines such as, "holy shit, there's ponies," and the like among several groups of people. There's no mention of the words "Twilight Sparkle" among them, however, so it's likely that you haven't encountered any fans of My Little Pony… at least not yet.


File: 1556015080372.png (200.15 KB, 496x397, FillyDenial AccurateVersio….png)

in case anyone wants it


To Twilight "So, what kind of magic tricks are you going to start with?" suggest to use Twilight's "plan" as a way to get cash so that you all can eat.
1d100[ 1d100 = 98 ]


File: 1556025101903.png (19.6 KB, 135x147, 1556015080372.png)



Oof… I wouldn't even really need to be psychologically conditioned by her, I'd roll right over on my fucking back if it meant having a mother figure…


Wow, that's gay


File: 1556057742824.png (142.81 KB, 249x499, 1076547.png)

>Being this gay

Filly is clearly being blinded by her first heat, but we can propose for us to pick a horse and form a herd with them. Win / win(sorta)

Now, whatever pony does accept this weird proposal of entering a herd of a man and a filly will sure be in for a treat

*cue image of the tired pony in the middle with a T pose as Anon pulls her leg from one side and Anonfilly bites on the other, the filly trying to use her earth pony strength and extra grip from her 4 legs to her advantage, both trying to get the mare to give attention to themselves*

On the "gay" topic, surprised that after so long there is no filly version of this pic, not even one with only the first part


File: 1556059614079.png (94.73 KB, 839x928, disgusted.png)

You are completely wrong, at least about the first part of that image.


What if you WANT to be psychologically abused? Asking for a friend


As a leading expert on psychological abuse I'd say that resistance is probably your best bet; at least based on how most of the greentexts 'round these parts go.


>ponies you'd like to see … Or should they all be Anons
Could have a mix of both. There are a lot of different personalities in the show which could play a role in this. Mix in an Anon or few who've heard some unspoken secrets in their dreams and you might have something interesting. Hard for me to name any ponies however, knowing so little about this story. Could be anyone I suppose, maybe Cheerilee? Maybe with one of her students? Either way I like how the story seems so far, keep it up.

Heil Hitler


I admit I've been holding off until someone answers that question and was getting a little bit worried. Also hi there, Plus. :V I like the idea of background or side characters getting a new life due to this strange outcropping of dreams. Reminds me of Anthropology, where Lyra Heartstrings becomes part of her own friendship crew of humans. Would it be too cliche for the ponies to all have past or alternate/dream lives as humans, or would it be better to have a mix of ponies and humans? Or perhaps Anon's been Hiveswap'd and he's the sole exception whose nature as an outsider to ponykind and a Prince of Blood adds to that alienation?


I swear i spent over a hour searching for that or something similar, thanks Anon


The Ew Gay meme is really easy to find on derpi. If you're looking specifically for filly, all you have to do is search "oc:anonfilly, ew gay"


But then again, why would we be going on derpi?


Because it's the largest source of pony images on the internet?


I mean….sure, the culture there's shit and I wouldn't give them a cent of ad revenue, but it's an image booru. Why not use it?


A true bro would never let some thot break his bro's heart, so why would you be even worse than a thot by breaking his heart yourself when he thought you were his bro?


File: 1556067870262.png (1.25 MB, 2363x3253, late night shenanigans.png)

I don't know.


Also it hasn't autistically banned filly as a whole, unlike that site we all know and hate, yet still the occasional fag still checks even there.


…Meant to reply to >>218975 but oh well.


Its also THE most active pony site on the internet, even moreso than fimfiction and EQD.


>filly trying to unbirth herself


File: 1556068670274.png (1.06 MB, 4000x2354, I'm in danger.png)

Sketch WIP.


But she look fine. Where is the danger?




So somefucker pulled me from the ether to rewrite an old ass anonfillyXNyx fic found @ https://pastebin.com/xLU6tfS7
(I also did some old anonfilly art)

Iirc this was part of something i was doing at school and shit before the found and banned 4chan but i kinda have an idea for an story line. Would you kinda want to see an AnonfillyXnyx story again where Anon can't control their heat and corrupt an small army of foals with srx and dated memes.

Also would you do this as a CYOA or standards greentext.


I'd go for standard greentext, people don't like cyoas lately.


Standard greentext, and go for it


File: 1556088431484.png (209.08 KB, 894x894, Twilight-SillyPony.png)


"So Twilight, what kinds of magic tricks are you planning to start with?"

She pauses a moment, putting a hoof to her chin. Within seconds, the idea comes to her, and her horn begins to glow with an aura you are all too familiar with. In front of you, a dark purple colored text begins writing by itself in the air, accented by little flecks of pink, like magic glitter. In her finest cursive, this message reads one simple word, "Howdy!"

You've only seen this spell used on solid surfaces, so this is definitely a new one for you. You're also not used to the visual effects, but you have to admit they make a nice touch, and the makeshift audience seems to agree.

"Ha! Howdy there," calls out one of the students. "Where are you uh.. ponies from? You are ponies, right?"

Twilight takes a few steps forward and flashes a smile. "That's a damn good question. While I don't want to speak for my friends here… the name's Diana, and I'm a unicorn from Virginia. How about you? You guys are called 'humans', right?"

The student who had previously responded steps forward to get a little closer himself, closing the distance. "Name's Eric," he says, offering a hand forward, which Twilight instinctively shakes with her hoof. "I guess yeah, you could say I'm a human."

"Well you certainly don't look like a giraffe!"

He laughs. "Yeah, I guess not. So what's a unicorn doing in Fargo? You're a bit far from Virginia, I'd say."

"Long story, empty stomachs. I could tell you all about it if you could guest me and my friends into the dining hall."

Eric looks a bit troubled. "Ah, I wish I could. I've got a midterm in half an hour, and the dining hall is on the other side of campus. Do you think you could wait maybe an hour and a half?"

Twilight playfully rolls her eyes. "I dunno… I bet I could find a number of students who have the time right now…" She turns to you and the rest of your friends. "Any of you guys mind waiting a bit on breakfast?"


File: 1556089552518.png (156.68 KB, 1136x893, Pregnant.png)

>"Uh… Mom, Dad, this is gonna sound crazy…"


Alright, here's another (admittedly long) one-shot I wrote:

>Be Anonfilly, chilling out in the courtyard

>It was kinda nice out, even though the land outside the magic bubble was consumed by an eternal snowstorm
>Just enjoying the quiet with a book and a cold one
>Soda, since nopony here would even think about giving you beer
>Oh, there you are Anon!"
>Great, Shining was here
>He was an awesome guy and all, but you had been avoiding your foster parents. They had never made it official, but they basically were
>"Anon! We haven't seen much of you recently, you up to no good?" He laughed at the last bit, punching you lightly on the shoulder
"Just been thinking, and enjoying the fineries of life" you swished your can of soda around like it was a wineglass
>"Well, we really hoped that we could spend more time with us, y'know, my O&O group is meeting up again tomorrow-"
"Yeah, yeah. I'll be there"
>"Great! Y'know, I'm prety sure Cadance wants to talk to you"
"Mmhmm, I'll get to it". You look back down at your book, avoiding his gaze
>"Here's a little advice: Cadance usually gets what she wants. You can meet her head-on, on your own terms, or she will find you and cuddle what she wants out of you."
>You sigh and close the book. He was probably right
"Where is she now?"
>"Our bedroom, she's been dealing with a bit of nausea."
>You thought about making a bedroom joke, but now didn't seem like the time

>You stood in front of the door for a minute, trying to picture where this conversation would go

>You let out a breath, screwed your courage to the sticking-place, and knocked on the door
>"Come in"
>You opened the door and saw Cadance laying down on her bed
>She was pretty far along in her pregnancy; swollen stomach, engorged teats (which nopony but her complained about :^)
>Yet she was never bitchy or complained, like you heard pregnant women were. Maybe it was a horse thing, or because she was, well, Cadance
>She patted the bed next to her, and you shook your body for the momentum before reluctantly hopping up next to her
"You wanted to talk?"
>"Yes Nonny, I wanted to talk about YOU."

>You avoided looking her in the eye; a bit of her mane had suddenly become very fascinating

>"You seem depressed, you've been missing meals, I've barely seen you the past few days. Is something wrong? Did me or Shining offend you in some way?"
"…No, you guys have been great, really."
>She just raised her eyebrow at that
"I just didn't want to distract you. You've got a kingdom to run, and the baby is coming soon-"
>"Oh… is this about the baby?"
"N-no, I just don't want-"
>"Come closer, Anon."
>You didn't really have a choice, as she pulled you next to her
>Felt really nice, having your head pushed against her body
>"Do you feel anything, Anon?"
>She guided your hoof to her stomach
>After a moment, you felt a kick
>"Feel it now?"
"Y-yeah.". Dammit, don't cry.
>"That's your little sister. She's excited to come out and meet you, but needs a little more time to get ready."
"How do you know it's a girl?"
>She gave out a little chuckle. "A mother knows"

>"I want you to know that she's not gonna replace you. Ever. For the first few weeks she's going to need a lot of attention, but that's because she's a baby, not because she's more important, or we love her more."

"I… I've heard that before."
>Cadance paused. "Well, I can prove it."
>"Do you HEAR anything, Nonny?"
>You quietened, and eventually heard a rhythmic pounding
>Wub-lub… wub-lub…
"Yeah. It's your heart."
>"Mm-hmm. It's my heart reminding the world how much I love my family. How much I love YOU."
>That's not how the cardiovascular system works, but it was a happy thought
>Plus the Princess of Love would probably know these things
>She picked you up in her hooves
>"Do you feel better Nonny?"
>"You can't imagine how happy hearing that makes me." she sets you down on the bed, after another hug of course. "And if you EVER feel sad or unloved, please come to me or Shiny."

This is about a third of it, decided to split it up for you to guess whether or not this will have a /comfy/ ending


I don't mind waiting because his name is the correct version of Eric
1d100[ 1d100 = 9 ]



I feel like, had you not mentioned that, I would later misspell his name.


I'm glad I helped
>t. another correctly-spelled boi


been a bit busy over the past few days, just caught up to filly before going to sleep. Also, Plus?
I don't think it's necessary for everyone involved to have a dream life. Having a few normal ponies who for whatever reason believe in filly and want to help her would probably work better. Perhaps there's one other pony who's always been in Equestria but somehow also has these dreams. That or another Anon.
A kind of alienation from most of the rest of Equestria seems interesting as long as it's not completely isolating Filly from the rest of the world, more as a minor thing that slightly affects everyday interactions.


Because it's a porn depository?


>Spoiler 2
Knowing you I doubt it, but please carry on.
Also, what's with your fixation on alcohol in most of your stories? That isn't good for growing fillies…


She is the danger


*rees in scandanavian erik*


Oh, I thought you were the same person who I talked to on another thread. Given the heil hitler message that was spoilered.

Anyway, I think I'll explain the gist of what I'm trying to with this "prince of blood" stuff. This is gonna be laden with Homestuck spoilers but if you like mythology that can be used as motivation or structure for daily life maybe you'll like it.

Homestuck's aspects are in the image I posted earlier; the Blood aspect is all about responsibility, relationships, and being bound by one's duty to others. The class I chose for Anon, specifically, is a destroyer class, with a very specific quest in mind for achieving god-tier status. As a Prince, one finds their aspect as a burden and has to temper their use of it, or destroy it within themselves, in order to use it well. Dirk in the comic is a Prince of Heart, and he has no identity, having multiple splinters of himself (Auto Responder/Lil Hal, his Derse dreamself, Jake's stunningly accurate mental projection of Dirk, and so on) and a serious identity crisis throughout his arc. Literally every other human character in the Alpha timeline swoons over him, but he himself doesn't actually pursue romance with any of them for most of the comic; despite being absolutely gay for Jake he suppresses his emotions and passions behind his cool-guy pair of weeaboo shades and his aloof, stoic personality. Another prince character, Eridan Ampora, has the Hope aspect and ends up becoming hopeless due to the loneliness and irrelevance of his part in the game; eventually the team makes it to the end of their quest, but end up being interrupted due to what happens in the universe they create with the Beta kids. As they hide in the outer stretches of their universe from a nigh unkillable foe, Eridan's hope starts to die out, and he becomes pessimmistic - hopeless. Similar to Dirk, he loses all faith in the future of their session and tries to convince the team to switch sides to save their skin, at which point confrontations begin and he kills a few of them.

Of course one of these princes did a shit job and nearly cost the team the game, but that seems to be a central part of a prince's quest: having to kill or coping with the lack of their aspect.

Back to Anon, though. Anon is a projected persona of chan culture's most common lifestyle and personality; pessimmistic, anonymous, irrelevant to the grand stage save for the election of course, and in the eyes of some of us, free of any social restraints or norms. We are, Bloodless. What I'm thinking with Anon/filly is that he has to come to terms with this lack of responsibility and learn to take it one step at a time, and to use this uniquely un-equine lifestyle of independence from others as a strength, while becoming more in-tune with the relationships and boundaries of the others in their session.

/rambles. Things could go either way in the end, but I just couldn't help but think about that hero's arc in particular, over the past few days.


Whoops, correction on the big spoiler: period after "similar to Dirk." Didn't mean to make Dirk sound pessimistic, he's actually one of the more forward thinking of the human characters.


>"Alright, who knocked you up?"


88 -> HH

Don't know dick about Homestuck, don't know if I ever will. What's particularly interesting to me in your story so far is the lovecraftian vibe of Anon 'living' in this vivid dream world that is accessed through dreams. Best to focus on filly though, considering the thread we're in.


>Filly gets into Fluttershy's marejuana stash


>"A-Anon! That was for Mr. Bidet, he has cancer!"
"Yeah, and I'm going to die if I spend another minute in this whack-ass world sober."


>Then she puts it back because she knows it isn't for her and she's a good filly


>Be Anon
>That was it. That was the last straw.
>It had been two weeks since Flurry had been born
>The first time you picked her up, you knew that you loved her.
>But it didn't matter how you felt about her. She had taken Cadance and Shiny from you.
>They had promised the two of you were equally important, that you would still get attention and love.
>They lied. You'd been replaced by the newer model.
>Just like what had happened back home.
>Now it's just 'Flurry this' and 'The baby that.'
>You weren't important to them. Not anymore.

>You'd come home from school eagerly, waving a paper in hand

>Your report card had come in with all A's, even the stuff you didn't know like Equestrian History
>Running past servants and up flights of stairs, you bolted into your surrogate parents' room to share the news, expecting praise and pats on the back.
>You entered to see Cadance holding a crying Flurry Heart over her shoulder, trying to get her to sleep
"Cadance! Cadance, look, I-"
>"Anon, I'm busy right now." she answered tiredly, still rocking Flurry
>She looked tired and stressed, with bags under her eyes and a frizzled mane
"I just wanted to show you my report card. I got-"
>"I don't have time for you right now Anon, can't you wait??"
"But if you'd just look-"
"Anon, I can't, I've nearly got her down and she's very fussy" she said angrily over the sound of Flurry's wailing
"Can you please just-"
>"Not now Anon! Just go away!" she yelled
>For one tiny moment, the world sat silent
>You nearly cried on the spot, instead running out the door
>Once you were safely locked inside your room, you let the tears flow
>Of course nobody came to console you.
>They were busy with the baby.

>Be Anon

>You had gathered what you could into your red backpack
>Your comic books, a yo-yo, a picture of your new fami- prior caretakers, twelve sandwiches you had gotten the cooks to make you, and thirty bits you were previously gonna spend on a scooter.
>You zipped up the bag and slung it over your shoulder.
>You weren't really their daughter. You weren't even a pony.
>You were just a charity case they took in because they felt like they HAD to.
>They didn't really want you.
>You may as well just leave.
>As you turned towards the door, you remembered one last thing.
>The goodbye note. Cadance and Shiny would worry about what had happened, may as well give them some closure.
>You pulled a quill and paper out from your desk and started writing.
"Dear Mom and D-"
>You crumpled the sheet into a ball and threw it into the wastebin.
"Dear Cadance and Shining Armor,
I am running away. Thank you for taking me in, but I see I'm not wanted here. I hope you'll be happy with Flurry.
P..S don't try to follow me. I'm not doing this for attention.
>You left it on your bed and set out, closing the door behind you.


I am in a color mood while i write greentext. Send me monochrome I will color it in my blackline style
My Derpi: https://derpibooru.org/profiles/Gamer_KM


God knows we need some fillies colored


No way they'll leave her


But filly isn't bad. Just a faggot
No one can sent you to the jail for being a faggot…right?


Maybe this is like late 17th England, where being a faggot was a burning offennce


File: 1556147430990.png (95.79 KB, 710x776, 1476307344255.png)


File: 1556148742349-0.png (226.46 KB, 1156x1070, perfect match.png)

File: 1556148742349-1.png (63.86 KB, 751x748, 1759504.png)

File: 1556148742349-2.png (156.42 KB, 874x494, kys filly and fuck off fil….png)

File: 1556148742349-3.png (147.39 KB, 689x591, kys-fuck_off nuzzle.png)

I can think of a few uncolored pics with this pair of angery anonfillies


Well, the unnamed one just has kys filly without fuck-off filly
still could use coloring though


File: 1556150017411.png (24.73 KB, 751x748, Cuddles.png)


Based Gamer, thank you!


A cyoot!


File: 1556159758908-0.png (1.13 MB, 1440x1061, 20190424_224024.png)

Can somebody draw filly looking at this slightly horrified?


t h e c u r s e d f l o w e r


File: 1556162229800.png (89.59 KB, 737x640, 1986708.png)


File: 1556164306834.png (849.33 KB, 1495x650, 1554744468473.png)


>Looks like sperm touching tips.


File: 1556167157855.jpg (71.46 KB, 1280x941, 2005817__safe_artist-colon….jpg)



Sorry for being behind schedule if anyone is following, stuff got way busier than expected with working and Easter. I've not given up on this, but it might take a little while before I get something else out.
I'll probably just start using the name Equulea Innominata (Latin for nameless filly (anonfilly)) just to make it easier to tell who I am when I do updates so that I don't have to just keep giving myself (you)'s to make it clear who I am.


File: 1556171288957.jpg (506.23 KB, 1797x1983, 1477603612072.jpg)

This was some awesome green.


That was an awesome artist, shame he doesn't fillyfilly no more…


That's alright
Name is nice


This. Pretty unique spin on calling yourself anonfilly.

Also new headcanon: anonfillies in their natural habitat differentiate by referring to themselves as different pronunciations and languages for "nameless filly," causing most ponies to just default to anon, filly, etc.


That's not a bad headcanon
I personally really like the headcanon of each anonfilly having a cutiemark of a stylized question mark, with each being as unique as a fingerprint


All the contentfags still get referred to by screen names, right?


File: 1556174585828.png (125.55 KB, 778x891, AnonFilly-HoldingBreath.png)


"Yeah, sure. Any man who spells his name as Eric with a 'c' instead of a 'k' is worth waiting for."

Eric looks a little confused. "Wait, when did I say I spelled my name with a 'c'? How did you know that, did you guess?"

You smile. "Nah, psychic. Or maybe I did guess, I'll never tell. It's a coin flip anyways, right?"

He shrugs. "Lucky guess then. Anyways, I gotta go. See you when I get out."

Eric runs off with a few of his friends in the direction of what you assume to be his classes. You can still hear them talking among themselves about how psyched they are that they got to speak to a real life unicorn. There are still a number of students out and about, but many of them seem to just be staring at you as they pass by to their classes, or taking pictures with their phones.

Since you've promised to be around for Eric when he gets back, you find yourself with an hour to kill before breakfast. You turn to your friends for their suggestions on what to do. Coco notes that since the day is rather warm, it would be nice to take a nap in the morning sun. Twilight suggests doing some sight-seeing to explore the campus, while Lyra simply wishes she had a guitar on her and asks if you think there might be issues if she explores the performing arts center. As for Daring and Blossomforth, they are both… mysteriously gone.


find Uncle Touchy and the actual child to make sure nothing suspicious is happening
1d100[ 1d100 = 8 ]


Hmm….well we're talking in-person. I assume if they want to differentiate themselves from other anons, they have to use clothing, makeup, dye or other things to look different enough for it. But what's the point in that if everypony still knows you're an anon?


easier to tell if someone's yelling for you in particular instead of having to remember which specific thesaurus amalgamation translating to "anonfilly" you are


But wouldn't it be funny if we had Amerimutt fillies frustrated as they drunkenly shout gibberish trying to pronounce Latin or French translations in a crowd of other fillies?

Practicality is a kike construct, reee! Embrace the silly.


I'm a practical lad, I like my simplicity


File: 1556184438538.png (481.38 KB, 800x1195, 1551554112841.png)

If you will not give yourself a (You), then I may need to pick up the slack.
Here you go but waste it all on tendies


Yeah, I wouldn't mind being called my writefag name. It honestly sounds better than my actual name, so…


This. Determine whether or not imouto requires protecting.
Mention Daring and Blossom's absence, and suggest looking for them.
1d100[ 1d100 = 31 ]


File: 1556204891097.png (395.24 KB, 600x800, ThisYouFaggot.png)


N-no officer, you must be mistaken!


File: 1556220100373.png (92.53 KB, 500x301, 1550454774118-1.png)

What are you gonna do about it?


File: 1556231861432.png (254.18 KB, 740x1040, Spanking 1.png)

>"Anon! What have I told you about using that kind of language?!"


Based anuspoof


File: 1556242102926.png (518.62 KB, 2000x2000, 2022900.png)

New filly from Derpi


What exactly is he trying?


It appears he's trying to boop the filly


Filly is bluffing. I'm not afraid of her.



Gib third part of one-shot faggot


I want to massage that chest fluff.


You will never massage that chestfluff.


File: 1556249292125-0.png (1.7 MB, 2388x3300, 78dc06435b.png)

Filly does what she wants because a pirate is free


(You) R A QT!


Am I the only one who read that in the pirate's voice?


I read it in a pirate filly's voice, get on my fucking level normie.


What would a pirate filly's voice be like?


aww thanks


No problem, your art deserves to be seen by everyone


File: 1556257093634.png (40.78 KB, 1000x1000, 1456191123043.png)

I do what I want


More cardboard filly, nice!


File: 1556258088930.png (52.12 KB, 500x600, AnonFilly-TongueOut.png)


Losing both Daring and Blossom together stands a chance of causing some major issues, knowing Daring. You look around you as quickly as possible, and still do not find them, bringing a slight bit of panic.

"Hey Twi, have you seen Blossom and Daring? They've gone AWOL, and I'm a bit worried."

She looks around, and then up, and takes a rather large step back. You look up, and finally see the two of them, with a big hunk of cloud right above your head. Daring stomps on it, causing the entire puff of concentrated vapor to fall down upon you as rain. Your mane is completely soaked, and you're not sure which is worse: the fact that Daring managed to prank you good, or the fact that Blossom is giggling like a schoolgirl the entire time.

"Hey, that's not fucking fun-"

Before you can finish your sentence, Blossom flies down and boops you on the nose. "Tag, you're it!" she shouts before bolting off as fast as she can.


Let out our fearsome battle-reee and chase after the one who has violated our snootendootle! 1d100[ 1d100 = 44 ]


File: 1556263674264.jpg (62.35 KB, 1026x666, 1541549375567-0.jpg)

fuck the fillice!


1d100[ 1d100 = 43 ]


These, but refuse to play any further if they decide to be cheating fucks who just fly around for the whole game
1d100[ 1d100 = 76 ]


Yeet over to the nearest airport and steal a jet to chase her down 1d100[ 1d100 = 14 ]


>Be Cadance
>You had put Flurry to sleep, and trotted through the halls to apologize
>You felt so bad about how you treated Anon
>You were so tired, and worried about the summit, and Flurry wouldn't stop screaming, and-
>No excuses, Cadance. You had treated Anon terribly, and it was time to make amends
>You stood outside the door to her room, screwing up your courage
>You knocked twice, sorrow and worry gnawing at you
"Anon? I'm so sorry about what I said. Can I come in?"
"Anon, I'm coming in."
>You swing open the door, only to be greeted by an empty room
>She must've gone down to the kitchens, or one of the courtyards to bask in the sun. She loved doing that.
>You saw a sheet of paper on his bed, and grew curious. What could it be?
>No Cadance, you shouldn't read it, it may be private.
>Eventually you gave in, and levitated the paper over to you.
>"Dear Cadance and Shining Armor…


>Be Anon
>You stood on the train platform, ticket in hand
>It'd be here soon, and you'd get on and leave forever.
>Getting one ticket for a child had been difficult as hell, but you'd convinced the teller that you just wanted to be a big girl and get it yourself
>Man, when was this thing gonna be here?
>You started to wonder if this was the right idea. Were you overreacting?
>Cadance and Shining Armor had been nice to you
"…You're just a charity case. They feel bad because no pony could ever love a human like you. You're just too different" you mumbled to yourself.
>First your human parents, and now this.
>You didn't belong anywhere.


>Be Cadance
>Running through the halls of your castle in panic
"Anon?!? Anon?!?"
>You weren't sure how long ago she had written that note. The ink didn't seem too dry, so it must've been in the last hour
>Where could she be?? She got lost in here very easily, so you were hoping she hadn't left yet.
>You reached the ground floor and paused.
>Shining Armor had the knights and staff searching the castle.
>You should look in the city, she'd probably be out.
>Plus your wings would make it far more efficient
>You popped open the front doors and soared out fast as a Wonderbolt
>Your green baby would be in your hooves by nightfall
>You hoped.

>You soared through the streets at twenty feet in the air, scanning below for a sign of your daughter

>Knights were already asking around, so you simply needed to search.

>Oh, this was too slow

>Where would she go?
>She wouldn't leave the magic dome, he'd freeze
>Plus she hated long walks anyway
>Could she be hiding somewhere?
>Might be sitting on the floor of the comic book shop reading, the owner looking at her with disdain for not buying anything
>Or 'testing' free samples of every flavor at the ice cream shop
>Odds are she'd want to leave, as the Crystal Empire would remind her of you and Shiny
>So if she wanted to leave…
>The train station!

>Be Anon

>The train was near, and you were ready to board
>Off in the distance sat a pinprick of light, the floodlamps cutting through the blizzard
>Were you really going to do this?
>Yeah. You didn't want to, but it was for the best
>Cut off ties before it became too hard
>They probably wouldn't notice you were gone for a whole week
>You'd miss them though. Back when they cared about you at least.
>You wanted to lay down and cry, but the tears wouldn't come. You were numb.

>Be Cadance

>You walked inside the train station, having explained the situation to the teller
>One of the advantages of being unfathomably rich
>You gazed around the platform, desperate to find Anon
>Where was she? Was she even here?
>A torrent of relief swarmed over you as you saw her on the platform, looking into a red backpack
>You rushed her faster than Rainbow Dash could possibly imagine
>She turned in confusion a quarter of a second before impact
>You swept her into a tight hug, wings wrapping around her, her face pressed against your chest
>Your baby was safe.


>Be Anon
>You had decided you and go and live somewhere tropical
>Although you hated sand
>It was coarse and rough and irritating, and it gets everywhere
>As the pinprick of light grew closer, you heard a voice call out your name
>Before you could gauge the situation, you were gripped fiercely in a tight hug, your face pressed into a mare's chestfluff
>Wings hugged you from behind, shielding you from the breeze
>You processed the voice as Cadance's, with a twinges of both surprise and happiness
>"I-I thought I lost you…" she said, holding you a bit tighter
"…Oh, so I'm just an object to you. Okay."
>She loosened you to look down at you, with sad eyes
>"That's not what I meant."
"It's okay, you don't have to feel bad about this. It's just natural to favor your own blood. I mean, I'm not really your daughter, I'm not-"
>"You listen here young lady! You are my daughter no matter what, and I love you SO much!"
>Thankfully the station was empty, this would've been embarassing otherwise.
"No you don't. You're just saying that so I don't feel bad. I know that Flurry's the one you care about."
>You were sniffling now. Why did she have to make this so hard?
>"Anon, I'm sorry."
>She wasn't mad?
>"I'm sorry for how I've treated you. I'm a terrible mother"
>"I've neglected you and been rude since Flurry was born. I'm so, so sorry. You deserve better."
>The train pulled in, its horn blowing at its arrival
>You could see Cadance was crying, but trying to hold it in for your sake
>"I want to do better. I promise to do better. I know I'm far from perfect… But I love you, and want you to be a part of my family. But i-if you want to leave, you can go on the train. I won't stop you."
>You gazed at the Friendship Express, thinking
>What did you want?
>You pushed yourself deeper into her grasp, head resting against her
"…Let's go home Mom."



>Filly is bluffing.
Can't argue against those numbers.


>It was coarse and rough and irritating, and it gets everywhere
Sweet fucking green though… how do you keep doing it?


File: 1556293742116.jpg (257.09 KB, 1500x1500, 1095269.jpg)


File: 1556299257258-0.png (494.82 KB, 1440x580, 20190425_233240.png)


It would be rough and coarse, and it would get everywhere.


>fillies running around town checking mares to see if they're lactating


Imagine a swarm of fillies tipping mares over to see if they leak the white stuff. Then bucketing the mare to extract the cookie dipping fluid. Some use direct cookie action.


Why are those normal-sized fillies diapered?


Fillyfication had some unintended side effects


File: 1556322017216.gif (Spoiler Image, 90.08 KB, 450x450, BUCKETS ARE FOR SEXUAL REE….gif)

>the middle one's horribly drawn facial expression
I'd still hug them both though

I'm imagining fillies accosting mares and throwing buckets at them if they don't lactate. In a fashion similar to pic related.


File: 1556323155408.png (328.14 KB, 681x611, 2023698.png)

Derpi filli


>not drinking straight from the tap


Based and Milkpilled.


File: 1556336772556.png (169.92 KB, 720x1280, 1544824930918.png)

I'm bored, gonna pose another one of these tests; maybe get some more insight on our contentfags in particular if any of you are willing to.


Dreamer. Not that it matters since this test is dumb and anyone who tries it is dumb. Especially me. Fuck you I pre-empted it.


Kek, I know all of these tests are dumb, but who are you to ruin my fun?


a heartless cunt who still doesn't know whether he wants to make friends or not after being in the Friendship is Magic fandom for seven+ years, obviously. Ree.


>Type: faggot
it's not wrong


Well that was unsettling.


This is the most retarded "test" ever made, binary questions with an obvious logical/creative answer copied out of a facebook poll with weird animations to try and make it seem "high-tech".


Only went like 5 questions deep, the answer was so obvious from the get-go because all questions were basically "do you like rules? y/n" or borderline "are you creative? y/n" (protip: I was logical).


Couldn't even get past question one. Sometimes one, sometimes the other.

I swear, this happens with every fucking one of those tests with me.


This one looks a bit better if you feel like wasting more time on personality tests instead of writing or studying for your exams:


File: 1556339101833.jpg (182.4 KB, 614x392, poke belly.jpg)

I would do pic related to Anonfilly.


File: 1556339602065.png (211.4 KB, 1912x1260, Conjugate.png)

Here's a group I created so we can collect data on this shit, ya'know… for science.
Alright, here we go.
Openness to experience: 88%
Agreeableness: 46%
Conscientiousness: 38%
Negative emotionality: 79%
Extraversion: 54%
You fags had better take this so I don't look like a damn fool; one of the more reputable ones I've seen.
And make sure to screenshot your results and paste them into MSPaint like I did, as far as I'm aware that's the best way to share individuals.
Gotta agree with this fag, but your call mate.


Mommy issues: 99%


File: 1556339759103.png (3.26 KB, 292x31, rise up.png)


File: 1556339822256.png (32.57 KB, 638x590, ImRetartid.PNG)

Oh yeah, and because I'm a fucking dumbass I forgot a trait.
N-no u


File: 1556340522000.png (Spoiler Image, 163.15 KB, 452x2496, man my whiskey tastes nice….png)

Seeing how closely I match Lone's matchup makes me even more ready to get piss drunk tonight.


I'm sorry.
>Be Anonymous.
>The poor filly with the question mark.
>Eye's the promised a swift demise if you do what she(?) thought you would do.
>Being an apex predator you lurch into motion. This will happen tonight!
>Anonfilly startled by the suddenness of your erratic and autistic movement shot the hooves into the air.
>With one great swoop the prize near.
>A mangled warcry your belly is exposed as your hands and feet stretch foward.
>Still in shock the tiny defenceless filly shot out a hoof further.
>She lightly boops you on the belly.

>Physics disagrees with the happy ending as you continue to move foward.

>A light belly poke turning into a full gut punch that knocks the air right out of you.

>Be Twilight Sparkle

>Having Anonymous watch Anonymous was one of the better ideas you have had recently.
>Hear a very stallion like grunting, and a young youthful voice cursing.
>Oh, no. Oh sweet Celestia no!
>The door swoops open as your eyes feast on the action.
>Anonymous, hands and feet in the air, is being violently poked by Anonymous' hoof!
>You just can't stop looking.


Openness to experience
71 out of 100
54 out of 100
42 out of 100
Negative emotionality
25 out of 100
38 out of 100
I think I fucked up a few questions.


File: 1556341350771.png (376.91 KB, 2610x1687, wat.png)

How fucked up am I?


>flat 0 on both extroversion and conscientiousness ratings
Are you fucking with us or is this serious. If you're serious, I don't really have anything to say except DAMN DOES IT FEEL NICE BEING ME


File: 1556342006610-0.png (27.56 KB, 500x250, 1556341939274.png)

A-are you implying it's a bad thing to be like me?


it was technically +4 on both but yeah basically zero


No, just that I pity you for sharing my neuroticism and lack of drive. We'll probably be the first to go when the Balkanization wars begin in America.

I think about that fact a lot.


Gotta become the filly somehow.


File: 1556342768654.png (17.67 KB, 744x810, Hug 8.png)

Of course not Lone, we all love you here


File: 1556342873212.png (75.26 KB, 592x804, 1438133.png)

N-no u


I call your Want You Gone and raise you an All This Time. I'll make you cry before I do goddamnit I swear to fuck


File: 1556343001106.jpg (132.25 KB, 847x3275, Clipboard.jpg)


I pity your extroversion but I envy your lack of negative emotionality.


File: 1556343264829.png (124.31 KB, 436x2704, triangle filly.png)

Can I be the filly now?


File: 1556343270159.png (165.09 KB, 729x913, 1528408988426.png)

im just hard to anger and i like forgetting what im worrying about
i know im an introvert, but i dont really have trouble talking to people
just prefer not to, because i could be doing cool filly stuff instead


I have a secret to tell you, Anon. You're talking to people at this very moment.


Discord's penas has penned ass


File: 1556343535729.png (214.74 KB, 964x1368, 1516646501298.png)

oh holy fuck


>>219391 This. Sorry to break it to ya.

Jokes aside, I don't like people too much either but I've learned to be more agreeable and sociable, as part of working a job that has me talking to strangers every minute or two. It's just sort of a necessary evil sometimes, and it's led to a few nice conversations despite me being mostly introverted. There are good people, just not too many good redpilled ones in meatspace.


File: 1556343723466.png (1022.15 KB, 1414x1000, 1471064180093.png)

I'm too tired to cry right now, but it was a good effort. Have something that's come close a few times…


>"I'm Anon Fielli, and I'm here to find Equestria's best food on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives"



I've got a few moody sounding songs but the ones that really get to me are the ones that sound somewhat bittersweet or optimistic like this one.


File: 1556344033964.jpeg (107.65 KB, 678x1024, 1551370799327.jpeg)

>as part of working a job that has me talking to strangers every minute or two
thats why i avoid jobs like that

but bottom line's just that im better at listening than talking someone's ear off, so i dont really enjoy just standing there while some stranger goes on and on about their life, but im too nice to tell them to fuck off because i know they're enjoying having me there to listen


Holy shit. I got 100% on one of mine.
openness to experience 100
agreeableness 88
conscientiousness 46
negative emotionality 13
"extraversion" 42

How the hell I scored so high on extroversion is a mystery to me. The low negative emotion is probably either because I've learned to hide it well, or they did a shit job on detecting it.


File: 1556344473618.png (497.35 KB, 1156x1600, cute4.png)

I admire your taste, though it's quite different from my own in a lot of ways.
Have an ambient gem I found by chance as a parting token before I go to sleep.


I work at a grocery store so the worst I have to listen to is a few geezers complaining about Trump. Honestly, I've lost faith in the fella anyway so I don't care to correct them anyway. I've managed to at least make my blackpilled-ness somewhat palpable or relateable to the average person - otherwise I'd have been fired for bigotry by now, given how I talk about pedosexuals and noticeably diverse fellows quite often in my rambles, although not naming their race unless it's to point out hypocrisy in the media like with Smollett.

What makes me most angry isn't people being bluepilled; it's when I meet the anti-whites and radical feminists who can't buy mozzarella without making some commentary on cis-het-white-patriarchy in sales departments while checking out their stupid groceries. Sometimes I just imagine these kinds of people leering over the battlefield as their race is going extinct, lecturing the soldiers on bigotry and privilege while the Muslims and Jews cut thousands' lives short. And I feel a searing hatred coursing through me unbidden, and I can't stop from committing the thoughtcrime of rebutting or snarking. If I hold it in, I'm liable to kill a motherfucker. Or at the very least polish my knives when I get home.


File: 1556344790432.png (487.21 KB, 2398x2045, Comfy-fied[OC].png)


I like your style Ponis. I'll post something more dark for you, though this is fandom related. Hopefully you enjoy, whether you're already asleep or not. I won't be sleeping for some time unless I feel the need to fap until I pass out

Sleep tight poner. I hope that your sleep isn't plagued with dreams of the death of America and the rise of Islam or communism or Jewry like mine usually is. I'm happy to continue the feels-fight whenever you show up again, I got a three day weekend at work so I don't have much to do but wait on my graphics card and mobo to ship…


Not an Anonfilly poster but I've started reading this and it's a great read so far. If you want something a little like this then check The Evening Sonata although it's a little lesbo and therefore degenerate but you should like it non the less!


And errm to keep to the theme of the thread, Purple horse is a faggot!

Am I doing it right?


Get out

Okay I'm drunk don't trust my judgment but like, why is EqG popular stop it or I'll show you how to eat a taco with your anus




File: 1556350297281.png (195.63 KB, 1015x800, AnonFilly-SnuggledByBlosso….png)


"REEEEEEEE!" you scream as you gallop after your friends with a rage-fueled swiftness that would rival Usain Bolt. To your advantage, Blossom flies low to the ground, perhaps to give you a sporting chance. Unfortunately, she also zig-zags around the trees a lot, making it very difficult to maintain momentum.


Blossom turns her head around to stick her tongue out at you in response. When she immediately face plants into a tree and collapses to the ground. You slow down, not wanting to fall to the same fate, and catch yourself by placing your hooves forward, bouncing off the tree and tripping to fall right next to your thankfully not too injured friend.

You boop her on the nose. "Tag, you're it."

Before she can react, you get back on your feet and start running again, all the way back to the entrance of the library. Blossom isn't that far behind you, so you lead her towards a good diversion: Coco, who has been spending this entire time lounging around on the lawn. The young pegasus drops a hoof as she flies past, grazing Coco as she sputters out a quick "tag you're it."

It doesn't take long before every filly ends up involved in the high speed tag game, which draws out for what feels like an hour or more. Onlookers occasionally stop to take pictures or videos with their phones, but you quite frankly can't be bothered to deal with their schenanigans. You've got all day to answer dumb questions, and just one hour to burn up as much energy as possible to work up an appetite.

After a while, you end up collapsing on the grass with the rest of your friends. Twilight was the last to be it, as she doesn't nearly exercise enough. The grass, after such a work out, feels like absolute heaven. Nice and cool, slightly damp from what you would guess to be rain maybe a day ago, all caressing your hot and sweaty fur.

You take a nap next to Blossom, resting your head on her belly. She either doesn't care, or is too tired to protest. A short while later, a familiar face comes running up to you and your friends. It's Eric.

"Oh good, you guys are still here. You wanna get some breakfast?"


1d100[ 1d100 = 64 ]


"Hey dude, ever wondered how it is to go all the 9 yards with a horse?"
>Hape, >Rape and Penetrate
Also "…i miss my dick"
1d100[ 1d100 = 20 ]


Iven if you're not an australian by nationality, you're certainly one in spirit
you shall die with the rest


File: 1556352014377.png (453.05 KB, 1055x1265, 1536997387093.png)

yeah, i could see how that'd be annoying
i used to work at a grocery store
almost everyone spoke spanish first and i sent a lot of people to the wrong aisles
aside from that it was politically silent, ive only heard stories from people really wanting to talk about themselves, not really their opinions


File: 1556352367747.png (933.53 KB, 1903x7510, Untitled.png)

Can't be arsed to crop the image properly, judge as you see fit.


>79 out of 100 negative emotionality
i wish i could hug you better, filly…


Fuck yeah man, I'm so hungry I could eat out a horse. 1d100[ 1d100 = 90 ]


Don't hug me, I can't handle extroversion!
you'd be one of the first not related to me, though


neither can i, but that's not gonna stop me
and that only makes me want to hug you more


File: 1556356893811.png (836.73 KB, 2156x1600, FivePersonalityValuesTest.png)

I may be crippled by lack of social interaction and lethargy but at least I'm not damaged goods.

As for my creative style, I'm a thinker. Big whoop.


B-but what if the filly wants to be abused? (Asking for a friend)


>"why is EqG popular"
The same reasons anime is popular. Which also happens to be many of the same reasons pony is so popular.
It's all cyclical.


File: 1556376836967.jpg (54.3 KB, 1214x272, IMG_3461.JPG)


>It's all cyclical.
I don't know. Seems a bit far-fetched.

The difference between normal movies and anime is that anime is animated so I suppose you are refering to somehing more atypical for anime compared to western cartoons. The common elements with mlp:fim and anime could then be the power of friendship trope, elements of certain virtues [see:Inyasha] I think, and big eyes otherwise I don't see it. Also, with the exclusion of the big expressive eyes what pulled me in were other qualities than the power of friendship trope that allways were explicitly displayed on the season finales. This was because they allways defeated the villains with rainbow beams on those occasions and reminded the audinace on why they could do that.

What I am trying to say here is that that trope only felt anime on the finales were the characters stated their connection before they could unleash their powers. The rest of the epsiodes were about friendship yes but that part is not something anime invented. Relationship drama has existed before. When I think power of friendhship, I think of superficial connections between characters that makes the main character, when facing down the villain or while inn training montage, go, "If I don't do anything my harem friends will be killed,", "My friends give me strength," or, "I must be come stronger to protect everyone."

Not drama with conflict between characters that later learns a moral, overcomes their differences, and find common ground.

It is not like we know that anime inspired Laura, from what I understand, to make mlp. Wasn't she a fan of the originals? I guess, she could have been inspired by anime but there really ain't that many things to support that premise.


>Fan of the originals
I mean the first generations of mlp.


File: 1556380989041.png (97.09 KB, 988x2072, beerfilly.png)


>Almost everyone spoke Spanish first
Dude, you have no idea how relevant that is to me. San Diego County is FULL of ESL Mexicans. It's such a problem to communicate with them that we have three assistant managers who are all Hispanic women because we need translators 24/7.


Welp, I'm up now and just as emotionally unstable as last night. So, have some Neighsayer to wake you up.



Three more nights of drinking sounds like a horrible idea. But I've dug this far down, so in for a penny in for a pound


What did Anon originally say?


I'll go out on a limb and guess "I want some kind of job other than being your assistant or the assistant of the mane 6." If filly's anything like me, she probably hates feeling like she owes her life to others or is indebted to them. So being given a job at the apple orchards or the library probably makes her feel guilty for getting a job based on nepotism.

I think I'm going to take the day to try and scrub off my driveway…I can't sit in my room drinking for the whole three days.


"It doesn't matter if I'm a filly, I'm still an adult and I want to be treated like one!"


File: 1556402516176.png (200.23 KB, 817x977, Smirk.png)

>"Alright then, no more diapers or mommy milkies it is."


You wouldn't dare!



"You're still making me tendies, tho."


I-I don't need those diapers and you know it!


I don't need it….I don't need it….I don't need it….DEFINITELY don't need it….



File: 1556407288458.jpg (11.37 KB, 318x298, 1426000912843.jpg)

>Diaperfags roleplaying in the thread


File: 1556407524809.png (306.51 KB, 319x503, ;3.png)

>not roleplaying as the filly
>mocking filly roleplayers
You must be new here AusAnon.


I've been browsing this thread since 2015, it was cancer then, and it's cancer now.


This tbh.


embrace the owo, filly. Embrace iiiiit~


File: 1556419316273.png (120.71 KB, 990x766, 1444948788290.png)

Whoa now, let's not be too hasty there Twiggles, milk is very important for a growing filly!


File: 1556421067098.png (247.74 KB, 961x757, Smug anime unicorn.png)

>"Well, you're not a growing filly, you're a big strong independent man! Isn't that right, Nonny?"


File: 1556421209798-0.png (53.47 KB, 762x679, 1.png)

File: 1556421209798-1.png (88.7 KB, 850x765, 2.png)

File: 1556421209798-2.png (88.26 KB, 919x756, 3.png)

File: 1556421209798-3.png (70.87 KB, 890x721, 4.png)

File: 1556421209798-4.png (85.27 KB, 901x762, 5.png)

openness to experience
92 out of 100
75 out of 100
50 out of 100
negative emotionality
75 out of 100
21 out of 100


File: 1556421231970-0.png (102.34 KB, 952x851, 6.png)

5 file limit
Also need to write


>Universally high openness to experience
>Nigh universal negative emotionality over 70
>Conscientiousness usually at or below 50
>Universally low extroversion

I don't even know your content as well as I do the other fillies, but you faggots make me worried..


File: 1556421699601.png (618.38 KB, 857x5240, 2019.04.27-23-16-14.png)


Slightly less concerning. But I already know you're an agreeable and somewhat sociable person, Crafty. Otherwise I doubt that you would have even bothered to put up with my depressing and antagonistic behavior when I was there.



Shut the fuck up.


You wouldn't know me well because I only recently started writing.
IDK what the results look like to you but I'm not crazy, just not good at answering questions on stuff like this; I typically will respond a bit oddly because of how I interpret questions. But regardless, I also have limits when it comes to my openness. I don't do drugs (other than very moderate amounts of alcohol, but that includes less than a glass of wine's worth in the past year, and medicine) and I am also not generally open to sexual relations at this point in time with anyone because I don't wish to make commitments that I might not be able to keep at my current station.
Also, I'm actually quite optimistic and usually stoic, it's just that when I panic, I panic and I also often get overly cautious (I pack a medical kit whenever I have space to fit it in addition to answering the door with a knife or gun drawn at night)
I also don't run into many problems with low extroversion because I can get along with people who share interests pretty well, which happen to be most colleagues and friends.
Also, I am not depressed, just autistic and anxious.
But fuck this rambling I should be writing something decent, I just like to defend my honor.


It's alright, I understand. Sorry for distracting you then.

>But fuck this rambling […] I just like to defend my honor

I know that feel.


File: 1556424501204.png (416.8 KB, 2736x2940, 1465976__safe_artist-colon….png)

W-well of course but this body still needs the same things as a regular filly, Purple!


File: 1556424698277.png (74.39 KB, 604x357, increasingly smug anime un….png)

Mmhmm. Sure, sweetie. Well, when you're done being a 'big boy' just let me know and I'll let you be my little filly again.


File: 1556424832023.png (286.48 KB, 1387x1617, 1485694101093.png)

B-but I wanna be both, REEEEEE!


>you sit in the room rather miffed
>you aren't feeling very talkative, so you sit in awkward silence with Spike
>you watch the clock
>after thirty minutes, near to the second, Twilight rushes into the room
>spike looks exasperated
>"OK princess."
>he looks down at the schedule he was holding and marks something down with his quill
>you wonder if writing with quills is similar to writing with pens
>then you remember you don't have hands so it doesn't matter
>Twilight turns back to you
>"You, come to my office. Anon, was it? Sorry to be curt, but I am very busy."
>you go to her office and sit down awkwardly; you still aren't very comfortable on your hooves
>Twilight sits down across the desk
>"So, you said something about wanting your, um, penis back? Fillies shouldn't be talking about things like that. Firstly, you should not be having such relations at your age, and secondly you do not own any colts with whom you have such relations. They are ponies, not objects.
"No, that's not what I mean. I had a… penis… and now I don't. I just appeared hear, I don't know why, but now I don't have a penis"
>"I don't know what you are talking about. You are clearly a filly. Hmm… where do you say you are from, anyway?"
"I'm from Earth. I was a human. Do you know what a hoo-man is?"
>"Yes, I do. Let's not get into that, state secrets and such."
"Well, is there a penis grow back spell? Zap a penis on me you purple hoers!"
>"You can call me Twilight, but, it's not that simple. You have to understand, when I use magic to add something somewhere, it needs to come from something. Additionally, all of the nervous connections and circulatory connections and modification of the surrounding muscle structure makes it a very complex thing to even map out, much less do! Even if we somehow got a penis to attach to you, we would need to figure out how to get rid of the female organs and install the correct musculature, and how to not just kill you doing that. I'm sorry, but I think you are just going to have to stay like this. I suppose you could look in the library for something, but I am very busy. I can help you in… I have an opening in a month! Well, anything I can help you adjust with? I can get you set up in a guest room in the castle while we get something more permanent set up, and maybe show you around town."
"Uh, yeah, a room would be nice, uh, yeah."
>you don't really know what to do. I suppose it is time to lie in bed and cry about what has been lost
>primarily your manhood
>still a loss
>she quickly has Spike escort you to a guest room and make it
>he makes the bed and dusts it off quickly, and you get in bed and ask for some alone time
>you look out the window and see that it is getting dark
>you hadn't really considered when you had arrived
>you suppose it must've been late
>well, now to sleep
>you tear up a bit remembering the day; that incident earlier was rather embarrassing, but alas, this is no time for tears
>you know what you must do
>you must get back what is rightfully yours
>with these thoughts you drift to sleep
I think I might try drawing crappy images to accompany this stuff but I don't have a good way of digitizing art without just photographing it or running to the office scanner.


File: 1556425056319.png (44.37 KB, 466x248, unicorn transcends the pla….png)

Having your cake and eating it too doesn't sound like something a mature adult would espouse. But don't worry my little filly, mama Twilight's here to provide for her filly.


File: 1556425343184.png (680.97 KB, 1558x913, 1511411510838.png)

Well why not, I bought cake and I love it, I paid bills, I went to school!
I still have my balls on the inside, damn it!


>she forgets that mature adults are allowed to have their cake and eat it too, provided they pay for two cakes


trips confirms that filly has balls on the inside.


If she has a mark, things are ready to go "after dark"


File: 1556431486926.png (Spoiler Image, 100.31 KB, 296x334, two_keks.png)


File: 1556431536740.jpg (Spoiler Image, 91.83 KB, 480x653, 1498579347847-0.jpg)


File: 1556436292338.png (667.29 KB, 3097x2193, AnonFilly-DenseMotherfucke….png)


"Fuck. Yes. I am so fucking hungry, I could eat out a horse."

Eric laughs. "Sounds like you've got quite the appetite. Although I'm pretty sure the idiom is 'could eat a horse'"

Twilight presses her hoof against him and shakes her head. "Trust me, she's got a dirty mind. She meant exactly what you thought she said. And no, you shouldn't encourage her. Come on, let's go."

Stupid Twilight, not letting your inner pervert shine. You stick your tongue out at her in response, and make other silly faces at her along the way to the university dining hall. For the most part, she just ignores you. Not ignoring you, however, are a few dozen passer-bys who can't help but stare and take pictures. You're not quite sure if you're used to this or not. On one hand, it feels just a bit creepy. On the other hand, it's been happening constantly every time you're out in public, so in some ways it just feels like it's part of the background.

Getting into the dining hall plays out strangely similar to the restaurant in Nebraska. A staff member makes a comment about how they can't have animals in, and this time it is Twilight who responds. "Just pretend we're regular people, and I'll pretend you're not high right now."

"I-I- I'm not high right now."

"Really? Your eyes are a little red. Are you feeling alright? Are you having any hallucinations right now, like that there's some sort of talking purple unicorn in front of you?"

"Uh… tell you what, I'll just let you in and pretend I didn't see anything."

You give Twilight another dumb look. "How many times are you planning to pull that trick? One of these days you're gonna run into someone who's not high."

She just smiles. "Oh she's not high right now. But she does drugs. And if she hasn't checked her Facebook in the past hour, she may not have been aware that there were ponies on campus. Quite frankly, I'm surprised she hadn't at least learned about us from word of mou-"


A table full of students, phones in hand, come rushing out of their seats towards you.


priority scrape
by that I mean push purple in front of us and use her like a meatshield until we have an exit
1d100[ 1d100 = 31 ]


Ruh roh!


File: 1556439888149.jpg (27.23 KB, 383x352, tfw no dick.jpg)

you don'd need to digitalize, and i'm glad to see more of this, anon!


1d100[ 1d100 = 33 ]


rolling perception check to see what those people look like/what they're wearing/etc to see what we're getting into
1d20[ 1d20 = 17 ]


This, and this >>219571
Do they have ANY pins on any article of clothing or accessory, like their bags? Do they have any other accouterments? What do they look like?
1d100[ 1d100 = 79 ]


What do the accouterments look like, just to clarify.


>You tap yourself on the arm and disappear.
>No, that's your ear.
>You don't have arms anymore.
>You've never had arms.
>What are arms?
>You're in the middle of the Everfree.
>You're scared out of your wits, cut all over and bleeding from some of them.
>A few vials of something you don't recognize are strapped to your barrel.
>Something tells you they aren't a good idea to touch.
>There's a lingering headache.
>Something is very wrong here, but you can't quite put your hoof on it.
>You'd be all for playing detective, but mommy said never to go beyond the forest wall and this place gives you the spooks.
>She wouldn't be happy to know you're out here.
>That's okay, you just need to find your way home before dark.
>Now which way…
>You notice something on the ground.
>It's only barely visible, but it looks different than the rest of the forest.
>You pick it up with your mouth, pushing aside small plants.
>Oh, neat!
>A baseball cap of your very own!
>It says Anon on it, you're not quite sure who that is…
>Maybe this cap belongs to someone else…
>You'll put it on for now, just for safekeeping.
>You wish there was a mirror somewhere, you probably look really cute!
>You beam with pride at your own compliment.
>You don't get a lot of them from anypony but yourself.
>The only pony that gave you them was…
>Oh my.
"H-hello? Who's there?"
>Nothing. The wind blows through the trees, creating an eerie whistle.
>Stay brave, Clover.
>A twig snaps behind you.
>You whirl around in time to catch a blur disappear.
>You… don't feel so hot.
>Lunch exits your stomach as you feel hot breath on the back of your neck.
"P-please… leave me alone, I don't want no trouble."
>A slight sound joins the chorus of whistling trees.
>Somewhere in-between 'Twilight is grinding up meat for her Owl' and 'that big box at the doctor's office you had to go in when you fell and broke your ribs.'
>Deep breaths…
>That's what they always told you…
>Be Little League.
>You're running through the forest in the opposite direction of… that.
>Its presence no longer looms over you, but you can't help your heart pounding in your ears.
>You notice you've lost both your hat and Anon, but it can't be said you didn't search for them both.
>Well, mainly Anon, but the hat was a nice memento…
>Your thoughts drift back to the day as you run…
>"Hey kiddo, I don't got all fuckin' day."
"I swear I'm normally better with a baseball than this…"
>"Hey, kid."
>You look back, slightly afraid as you see the huge bipedal figure towering over you.
>"These games are a waste of your money, come on."
"But how?"
>He looks a bit confused.
>"What do you mean, 'how?' they're a cash sink made by the Griffons."
"Could you explain?"
>At this point you're sitting next to him, the slightly overweight booth operator preoccupied with another filly.
>"Well, you see those big bottles?"
>"They're pretty fucking heavy. Even a major league baseball player wouldn't have the strength to knock all three of those things over."
"But there are always ponies walking around with stuffed animals…"
>"See, that's the thing. If you ask someone to take a stuffed animal, no questions asked, they won't turn you down. It's a conspiracy, if they invest a bit of money on having visitors carry them around to make you think the games are winnable, they'll have a much better chance of increasing their capital with a small investment. You understand that?"
>"Well, that would be a first with a filly in this town… I'm Anonymous, but you can call me Anon."
"Little League, but League is good."
>"Alright League, I have a little present for you. A good friend of mine over here runs a booth, he can hook you up with anything you want."
"Of course, it's the least I could do for someone in this place besides Twilight listening to my fucking autistic rambles."
>You ponder what exactly you'll get as you're led to the stall.
>Hopefully stranger danger.
>As it turns out, Anon actually does deliver.
>"Alright League, take your pick."
>Laid out in front of you are all assortment of stuffed animals, necklaces, leg bracelets and other paraphernalia, but one in particular catches your eye.
"You can burn something into a hat?"
>"Well, yeah. Of course."
>You lock your legs around Anon's left one and smile up at him.
"I want a biiig heart with 'Anon' over it!"
>The operator chuckles. "Quite the attachment, eh?"
>"I just met her, but she's already pretty alright. If she can listen to others she'll go far in life."
>"Well, ain't that the truth."
>Flashes of the present come back to you as you trip and fall over thorny vines.
>But the memory isn't over just yet.
>"Hey League, I'm looking for an accomplice in a few things. Are you up to the task?"
>And well…
>That's how it all happened.
>Time blurs together as you become increasingly scratched up.
>The path is never certain. only estimated.
>It all comes back together when you see Ponyville and breathe a sigh of relief.
>…and then immediately tense up as you realize you're going to have to be the one to tell Twilight that her daughter is missing.
>No sense dilly dallying…
>You go over to door and knock.
>A very frazzled looking Twilight pokes out her head.
>"What? I'm busy."
"Clover went missing a few minutes ago."
>She just sighs like this happens a lot.
>"Last location?"
>"Spit it out!"
"The Everfree Forest!"
>You sniffle a bit, you don't appreciate being yelled at.
>"The castle is safe. Don't leave it."
>She's gone.
>You sit down, the amount of scratches on you becoming more apparent as you rest.
>You feel more guilt than anything…


This but "someone's gonna get fucking vaporized" 1d100[ 1d100 = 99 ]


God I love you faggots


File: 1556502445770-0.jpeg (32.19 KB, 378x663, 2025389.jpeg)


Poor filly.


"Hey, Purple, I got us some sodas."
"HA! I put a retard potion in the one on the left!"
>"But I took the one on the right."


File: 1556508064652.png (141.38 KB, 789x817, Smug.png)

>"So how was your first day as a grown-up Anon? I'm sure you loved that 8-hour shift, not to mention having to walk all the way to the bathroom."


File: 1556508438230.jpeg (44.18 KB, 680x674, Cop 1.jpeg)

Here's another old one-shot green from the ASSFAGGOT vault:

>Be a normal citizen of Ponyville

>Sun setting as you walk home, groceries slung over your back
>When you hear a terrible, terrible sound
>It's Officer Anon, making siren sounds with her voice
>"What seems to be the problem here, citizen?"
"I… I don't know, you pulled ME over."
>"Well, I wouldn't have done that without good cause, so you're clearly suspicious"
>Her badge was a (now partially-eaten) cookie bestowed upon her by Princess Celestia when Anon was promoted to Chief Cuteness Officer
>"What's in the bags?"
"Uh, groceries. I have tomatoes, carrots, bread, cheese, celery-"
>Officer Anon grabs the bags on your back and starts shuffling through your possessions
"…Don't you need a warrant?"
>"Mmhmm, tomatoes, bread, cheese, oh, I'm gonna need to throw these chocolates in the evidence locker." she says, devouring Bon Bon's famous truffles.
>"What's this?" Anon asks, pulling out a small packet of cooking herbs, upon which you begin sweating
"I-it's oregano, I swear!"
>"Oregano, huh? Is that what you punks are calling MJ now?"
"I-I'm 35-"
>"And now you're under arrest, too. Hands up!"
"WHAT are HANDS?!?"
>"Resisting arrest! Calling for backup!" Officer Anon shouts into her radio, a paper cutout she had drawn in crayon
"Now listen, I've had enough-"
>Anon goes in for a tackle, but she's 1/3 your weight and just clings to your barrel
>"Huff… give up yet, jailbird?"
"Anon, why don't you take these bits and go buy some ice cream?"
"No, I'm just suggesting-"
>"Threatening movements! Deadly force authorized!"
>Anon dropped to the ground, pulling out her tiny baton
>Now, when Celestia gave her a baton to go with the Cuteness Officer garb, it was plastic, hollow, and adorable
>Somehow Anon had replaced it with a metal one made for her proportions
>So now you're curled into the fetal position, hoping Anon doesn't break any bones with her admittedly feeble swings

>20 minutes later and you're sitting in Ponyville jail

>Eventually Meter Maid had found you, with Anon sniffing your oregano and pocketing your 'bribe'
>A quick lookover from Nurse Redheart and you were fine
>You were going to be compensated for your time, groceries, pain and suffering, etc.
>But you still needed an unofficial trial
>It was the only way to keep Anon happy

>Sit in the Ponyville Judicial Court

>"All rise for the honorable Judge Mayor Mare" Meter Maid announced
>What a mouthful, but you rise anyway
>" Thank you, baliff. Now this case is the City of Ponyville vs. insert_Name, so will the prosecutor please rise." Mayor Mare began
>Nothing, until Meter Maid bumps Anon, who promptly stands up
>"Now, the charges are: Disturbing the peace, resisting arrest, possession of narcotics, attempted bribery, and purchasing dark chocolate rather than milk. Does the prosecution have any statements?".
>Officer Anon just shakes her head, cap bobbing a little bit
>"Does the defense have any arguments?" she continues
>You sigh internally
"I confess to the charges, and just want to say I'm sorry, and I was a 'meanie-pants', and will buy chocolate milk in the future."
>Officer Anon glares at you
"Sorry, 'choccy' milk"
>"Well, the jury unanimously finds you guilty" she declared, gesturing to rows of stuffed animals "and I hereby sentence you to three time-outs"
>Anon smiles at this, hops off her stool with a little shake, and skips out of the courtroom
>You noticed that her badge is gone, most likely eaten

>Mayor Mare soon came over and handed you a bag of bits

"Why do we let that filly-?"
>"Princesses' orders. I don't understand either."


File: 1556508561582.jpg (58.77 KB, 720x566, 1495263037793.jpg)

I-it was great, now in a few more days I can buy my own beer, like a real grown up again!


>implying anywhere would sell beer to a 9-year-old
>implying Twiggles won't be charging you for rent and food, with the gov't taking the rest from your minimum-wagie paycheck


File: 1556509161428.png (495.79 KB, 910x748, 1519660681897-0.png)

Fuck you fag I'm living innawoods then.


File: 1556511662069.png (365.26 KB, 541x1024, AnonFilly-SlapSlapKiss.png)



As soon as the crowd reaches you, they stop and form a sort of half-circle around you, eyes in complete awe, and phones out taking video.

"Oh my God, she's so cute! And wait, did she just say she used to have a hand?"

"Oooooo! Think she's got a story to tell?"

This many people this close to you is sensory overload. You try to see if any of them are wearing anything that might reveal them to be a threat of some sort, but for the most part all you see is fairly in-fashion clothing and some "woke" buttons on a few people's backpacks. There's not a single item among them to suggest any of them are bronies of some sort, and the presence of about 60% women in the group leads you to an easy conclusion: these are normalfags.


I deem it to finally be an acceptable time to yell nigger at the top of our lungs
1d100[ 1d100 = 28 ]


"And now I'm gonna say the N-word, NI-" 1d100[ 1d100 = 88 ]


>reminding us how hopeless our existences are
D-damnit anon…


Have I mentioned how much I love you buttfilly? God damn you hit all the right spots in this degenerate roleplaying. <3


>rolling godly dubs on an N-word meme
>while filly is in the presence of normalfags



can we actually say the word instead of cutting ourselves off?


Yeah, photos are fine. That could be a nice addition


Glad to see more of this again!
Really interested in where you're going with this


No wonder she's such a faggot


To be fair, I only made two posts.


"WWII Lasted a total of 6 years. Assuming that Hitler started gassing Jews since day one, that makes for 3,153,600 minutes. 6,000,000 Jews killed during 3,153,600 minutes comes out to 1.9 Jews per minute. That means Hitler killed roughly one Jew every 30 seconds. In Auschwitz, the most famous and biggest concentration camp, there are 15 crematoriums. According to Auschwitz survivors, Jews would go into the chamber, gassed for 15-20 minutes, then put into the oven. It takes 1 hour to cremate a body using modern furnaces which operate at much higher temperatures than the traditional ovens at the camp. However, lets say that the ovens were operating at a level that we see today, that means it would take 1 hour, 20 minutes to gas and burn 15 Jews assuming they were all burned simultaneously. (Disregarding the time it would take for the gas to empty the chamber for the bodies to be transported from the chamber to the oven.) The elevators used to transport bodies were very slow and could only take up 7 bodies at a time with their weight capacity. However, for our greatest ally, we're going to assume that bodies were teleported instantly from chamber to oven. That means 15 Jews were gassed and burned every 1-1/2 hours. That comes out to exactly 300 Jews every 24 hours (Assuming the gassing and burning of Jews was happening every hour straight for 6 years on an uninterrupted basis) the total # of killed Jews would be 657,000 for those 6 years. The official Jewish story is that 1,100,000 Jews were killed at Auschwitz alone." 1d100[ 1d100 = 20 ]


You know what, it'll piss off the normies and hopefully make them leave. Australia had a passable idea for once.


File: 1556526179837.png (62.08 KB, 1000x712, 1304456.png)

Very cute and funny, thanks for sharing!


Thanks, then I know.

>Pinkamena gives a derisive exhale, whipping her flat tail in the direction of her potential partner

>"You're going to have to try harder if that's the only trick you've got up your sleeve. Wasting my time."
Cute! To think that you knew it was me and also knew which pony is my fav. That's impressive, Anon.


That filly is so skinny.


She works herself really hard, keeping the zebra population in check is difficult.


Nice green, can't wait for more of your main thing. Having you and Lone both updating regularly would be a fucking mommy issues dream come true.
People can get off to surprisingly little. Don't sell yourself short, writefilly.


I mean throughout the thread, not just the two posts. >>219694 This, but not sexually. Hmph…r-reeee…

I didn't know, I was just thinking up a random scenario in my head. Just so happens we share lewd dreams. /mlpol/ collective consciousness?


What, "nincompoop"? Sure. 1d100[ 1d100 = 62 ]


Sure it isn't sexual, you just like putting those on because of inexplicable good feels in your peepee, right?


Perfect time for something we havent asked for in a while:
"Benis! :DDD"
1d100[ 1d100 = 64 ]

>Tfw straya is being sensible so you have to pick up the funposting


They are insanely comfortable and frotting against felt-like surfaces is better than rubbing one out normally.




File: 1556568449336.png (Spoiler Image, 1.31 MB, 3190x4085, 1673369__explicit_artist-c….png)

Dontcha know? Filly cashed in all of her saved good filly points to get her peepee back.


Boosting it d100[ d100 = 22 ]


1d100[ 1d100 = 80 ]


Fucking hell…
How do I delete someone else's post?


You don't, you just unzip your pants and enjoy uwu


>After months of pent up frustration and sexual tension in your poor filly mind, you finally ask Twilight if there's anything, anything at all that can be done to change at least some part of your physiology back
>"What do you mean, something? Like, your hands? I'm afraid your form is set in stone; I don't know of any age progression, color swapping, or species altering spells we could use at this stage in your new life."
>You bite your lip, your loins burning almost as much as your cheeks
"What about….my junk?"
>"I can't change your phy-"
>She pauses, face flushed as she goes over what she remembers of sexual transformations (and the kinky implications it could have)
>"Actually….I think I could do that. But, it's temporary."
"YES! Anything, I don't care if it's just five minutes, I just need a dick and something to stuff it in."
>She gasps sharply at your outburst, visibly flustered at the seeming offer to fuck her
>W-which totally wasn't your intention. No siree Bob. Nope.
>"I'll get out the spellbook then. If I've got it right, the spell itself expends a good deal of mana and only lasts about an hour at a time."

>Several minutes pass as she combs her study for the right book

>Casting the spell suddenly gives you a flood of sensation and touch
>A pleasurable burning in your loins spreads as a massive equine shaft grows where your twat used to be
>It's got to be at least a foot and four inches
>For a filly as scrawny as you, that's practically a hyper dick!
>All your most shameful material from your past life's DeviantArt favorites overwhelms your mind
>You're left lying on your belly, rubbing your dick against the floor like a mindless animal as you start to drool a little
>"A-Anon! For Celestia's sake, g-get up this instant! You've got one hour, but that doesn't mean you can just violate these floors right in front of me!"
"B-but, I need…nnnf~…somethin' to fuuUUuuUUuck…"
>"Damnit…alright, listen Anon, I'll…help you a little with that. Just, give me a minute to…prepare."
>Originally you were hesitant to even think about fucking Twilight…
>But with this heady scent filling your lungs and this meat stick hard and ready, that doesn't sound like such a bad prospect


>After your dick shrinks away once more, you're left exhausted, huffing and puffing as you recuperate from your sordid session with Twilight
>Twilight is similarly tuckered out, taking out a surprisingly large magically-conjured condom and just staring at its sheer fullness
"I….hh…shit, Purple…that was…"
>"Tiring, huh? Imagine how tiring it was taking it-"
>"Y-you mean that?"
>She shakes her head violently, flushed with embarrassment again
>"I-I mean uh, glad I could h-help…though, maybe, next time, I could…commission somepony for a sex doll…"
>You take a few seconds to even recognize what she said, somewhat zoned out as you lie on your side and lightly paw at your damp marehood
"Hmm? Oh, you're right…what kinds of dolls or toys do stallions even have?"
>"Well, there's the inflatable dolls, sounding rods, chastity cages and plugs, dildos…but there's also some expensive stuff out there. Plush sex dolls, fleshlights, mounting benches…"
"Sweet jesus a plush sex doll. That is the most fucked up thought-"
>"Language…but actually, it's a whole subgenre. There's this sort of felt material they use, really firm on the outside and can be sewn somewhat tight inside. It's a pain to clean those up from what Rarity sai- I mean some ponies say."
"What was that about Rar-"
>"Nothing! Nothing."
"Hmm…well…is there any way I could…"
>"I may be a princess, but that seems like a really frivolous purchase. I'm happy to get you a fleshlight and rutting bench should you get this randy regularly, but I really don't know about getting one of those intricate dolls."
>"Anon, stop it."
>"Anon, stop that right now or you won't be getting it back again, let alone a doll."
"I'll be good! M-maybe I could save up my good filly points for a few weeks?"
>"I'm thinking more like a month or two, and that's being really conservative. Will you eat your greens and do your chores?"
"Yes yes yes!"
>"Alright, we'll see. I'll get some estimates and quotes in the meantime. Should this go well, we can plan things out."
>"I don't want you jacking the price up just to get to me though! So I'll be monitoring the creative process."
>Well…that's a little embarrassing, but so is just about everything from the past two hours.


File: 1556585298951.png (486.49 KB, 768x1024, thumbsup.png)

This is some good green
Great work Anon!


ask if anyone in the group has lurked moar
if not, you act accordingly:
1d100[ 1d100 = 24 ]


thanks <3


File: 1556590378771-0.jpg (63.43 KB, 570x1005, 1556506559854.jpg)

I really want to see a filly version of this…


Trying to convince people the holocaust didn't happen as their history classes said is probably going to scare off our meal ticket too, if only by not wanting to be associated with us. Not to mention people not wanting anything to do with us contradicts Purple's plan to get us so much exposure that the Gov'ment can't just make us disappear.
Rolling to thwart attempt at Red Pilling normal fags. 1d100[ 1d100 = 52 ]


>first image
What the fuck is that

Is that straight from DBZ?


I think? I just found it in the anime thread and I think it captures how a lot of Anons here would react after all the abuse shit.


Stop spamming derpibooru with your OC



What is it you guys are so fond of saying? "Just filter it"?


File: 1556591978618.png (4.83 KB, 386x386, 1519956425247.png)

Kek, did we bump your wittle alicorn baby off of page 1? We're vewwwwwwy sowwy…


Well, some faggot was pretty stupid to upload a pic that was outright stated to be from derpi to begin with >>219214


File: 1556593742373.png (29.81 KB, 207x195, 1553727592508-4.png)

theres hundreds of filly pics still yet to be uploaded
kys, the filly fight will not stop for faggots the likes of you, you swiss roll making fuck nigger!


My ancestors are from Switzerland.
Still, fuck off nigger.


Unf. Lovely lil' green, Anon. Ya done good.


>don't even write any direct action
>people still say unf in response to it
Feels good man


noice, I can respect not writing out the lewd parts if you're not comfortable writing it.
I expect a continuation in the future.


File: 1556596591099.png (227.78 KB, 1000x1285, 1555901.png)

I hope they remembered to use protection.


Ye, Twilight summoned a magic condom oo-woo


File: 1556597330971.png (Spoiler Image, 167.97 KB, 924x756, at least we have our toys.png)

Nah, just a one off or two off honestly. And it wasn't that I wasn't comfortable with writing smut, it's just that I don't care too much about writing a sex scene for this specific prompt.

Also >continuation with filly being given her first sex doll/plush fucktoy
Reminds me of pic related. I'm a bad person who loves Futashy, especially a pet Futashy


I can't read or hear "Futashy" anymore without thinking about that poor kid who got named that.


you're not too bad, everyone has a guilty pleasure


I totally am that bad. This is Ash.


You're not that bad, Ash; I sometimes enjoy the same sort of thing. Not sure what you're trying to imply with your name, though.


File: 1556599290203.jpg (105.63 KB, 1000x648, Windranger What.jpg)


Oh shit, I remember that
poor kid, I hope that somehow they never find the internet or encounter anyone who dares to find out what that means.


File: 1556599881991.png (439.34 KB, 590x694, 1341070390449.png)

I pity the children born in 2012.


I was saying that to signal to the discord server fillies and the oldfags who know me.


Jesus christ how horrifying.



not a discordfag and an /mlpol/ native, previously /pol/lack. context pl0x?


How's fat, slob, diapers, scat, and mild gore sound? Tis but a sample. I blame four years on F-List.


another fat slob, I'm fine with the gore. the rest can fuck right off, though.


Is that you Select? Been a while. Check the filename in >>219374 if you wanna chat. If not Select, I don't mind meeting new folks.


not Select, but another contentfag that's been more-or-less comatose in terms of content production. That'll change soon, though.


Don't like fat or gore, but the rest sounds great


File: 1556607915990.png (308.33 KB, 2048x1536, AnonFilly-Dabbing.png)


A primal rage builds within you. Normalfags are a special kind of terrible, doubly so when they get between you and your food. You take a deep breath and shout once more. "ALRIGHT YOU MOTHERFUCKERS, NOW YOU'VE DONE IT> I'M GONNA SAY THE N WORD!"

One of the students tries to interrupt you. "Wait wait wait, don't do that. You're gonna get me demonetized!"


The room suddenly becomes silent. You take advantage and look the one youtubing normalfag dead in the eyes. "If you don't stop crowding around me, I'm going to tell your whole audience the exact mathematics about why the holocaust could never happen."

The youtuber quickly moves out of the way like the soy-eating runt that he is. Not wanting to deal with any of the others, you walk through the break in the crowd towards the main eating areas, but not without dabbing to demonstrate your dominance. You're not sure if the kids still dab these days, but fuck 'em, they deserve it.

No one else seems to bother you as you make your way through the cafeteria, though you do get a few odd looks. Thankfully, the dining hall is served buffet style, so you don't need any awkward confrontations with staff. You grab a few slices of pizza and some juice, and sit down at an empty table. A few bites into your tasty breakfast, however, and you realize the rest of your friends are still talking to the crowd, possibly doing damage control.


Keep eating your fucking pizza, you earned it. Stupid normals not being able to handle this shit deserve what we did.
1d100[ 1d100 = 97 ]


Not that this post necessarily needs it, but I'll boost it just to throw my hat in the ring. You earned your peetser!
1d100[ 1d100 = 19 ]





Take the fuckers to karaoke and you can all sing nigger nigger nigger nigger as loud as you want.


File: 1556628202362-0.png (25.72 KB, 500x250, 1553594179284.png)

Sorry for wait, new bread.


Eat the peetzer. If anyone besides your friends tries to bother you for any reason, stand on your seat and T-pose on them to assert dominance.
Consider apologizing to your friends, especially whoever does the best job at damage control.
1d100[ 1d100 = 77 ]


As an aside, Ty for the dab.

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