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83b96 No.216362

"Glad to have you with us commander, now we can brief you on what's transpired while you were away".

"What we have on our hands here is a very unique situation: King Sombra has mobilized all of the residents of the city against us, leaving us with the predicament of having an adversary that also doubles as hostages… Like a very extreme case of Stockholm syndrome. As far as we know, Sombra has them under a hypnosis spell, the best bet is to take him out to free the ponies".

"The Princesses are ready to empty their treasury to see that the city is retaken and their subjects freed, so money is no issue in this matter… But of course, the less we have to spend, the better. I'm sure the esteemed Commander Anonymous won't have to use much anyways".

"Oh, and I shouldn't have to say this, but try not to hurt any of them, I don't think anyone wants to see that".

Well, armchair generals of /mlpol/, how would you handle this situation?

35a68 No.216364

Post videos on YouTube redpilling them about their indoctrination by Sombra, and hope they will watch them and wake up… even though Sombra has biased the sorting algorithm

aa268 No.216400

> best bet is to take him out to free the ponies
> try not to hurt any of them

>Operation: Traps Incognito Ponies

The Plan.
> Prepare Sombra Costume.
> Sneak in. / Teleport in.
> Dress and 'pretend' to be Sombra.
> Issue commands to hypnotized to see if it works.
> A. It works.
Remove all previous commands.
Have them evactuate to extraction zone.
They must obey Celestia, Luna, The Elements of harmony (by name as well).
No longer think about commands from Sombra.
> B. The disguise is fine, but they don't accept commands.
Continue with the mission.
> C. They Know!
Teleport out! Mission is over let's try something else.
>Find Sombra's location
>Reflect the Hypnosis Spell
> D. Sombra is under our control.
We win!
> E. Can't Reflect it!
Some sacrifices are a sad reality.
A. The Dark Horse is now raped to submission!
We win!
B. It didn't work boss!
Try more rape!
If that doesn't work bait Sombra outside of Canterlot and don't stop running!
Blast with Friend beam!
If we don't gots the Friend beam use the Sun and Moon power!
If we don't gots Either keep blasting Sombra with everhthing we have as our operatives run. Via train, or chariot, or other means.
If that doesn't work keep running away until we one of those options does work!
> F. Our Guys got the gay now!
The situation is worse and we lost perfectly good ponies and costumes. Try a different operation.

>Operation: ALL THE POWER!

> Power up three loyal Changelings.
Ask for volunteers to love 'em. If needed use hypnosis to get the amount of love needed. (If we have access to Shining Armor and Princess of love. Use them for even MORE POWAH!)
>ZAP Sombra with the power of LOVE! (Proven weakness)
>If needed ZAP the remains with FRIENDSHIP cannon.

>Operation: Three Step Solution.

> Ask Fluttershy to ask Discord to remove Sombra's magic, and his hypnosis on those ponies.
>It works.
>Clean up. Capture Sombra, Repair any damage, Offer counseling. Ect.

f12b7 No.216417

File: 1555063789322.png (391.29 KB, 1500x1500, 1321829__safe_artist-colon….png)

I say fight brain rape with more brain rape.
Let the professional brain rapist handle it.

079cf No.216456

How much prep time do we have?
I'd say an air drop, where Pegasi drop paper leaflets… Except the papers are enchanted with a modified Want It Need It spell to make them want nothing, not even to serve… That would work best in this scenario.
Soldiers aren't much good when they're lazing around, doing nothing.
Our guys, however few/incompetent/underprepared they may be, can safely walk past every lazy soldier and head right for Sombra.

d1e20 No.216516

It's simple. Celestia tought Twilight everything she knows about magic, even the evil stuff Sombra appears fluent in. If she knows even more, then odds are she'll know of some way to disspell the mass hypnosis that we can use. Use the mass-hypnosis diffusion spell/ritual to free the population, then send that fucker right back to hell where he should've stayed.

224d3 No.217973

File: 1555549677546-0.jpeg (582.93 KB, 1400x991, Спецназ-ГРУ-3.jpeg)

File: 1555549677546-1.png (140.16 KB, 500x522, when-the-whole-team-rush-b….png)

Hostage situation? This looks like a job for the Spetznaz!

>Load up three MI-8 choppers with commandos on standby.

>Take one, maybe two Antonov transports and fill them with experimental sleeping gas.
>Crop dust the city with the stuff.
>Once everyone in the city is incapacitated, fly in the Spetznaz bois.
>If Kang Sombrero is down, finish the job with Kalashnikov's gats.
>If not, expect a fight, and casualties.

Now we can claim Sombra's glorious mane as a trophy!

>Send medical teams to the sleep gassed poners.

>None of them wake up.

Блин! This was not supposed to make happenings.

Alpha Group is good at a lot of things, but hostage rescue is not one of them.

aa268 No.218000

>Be me commander of some niggers.
>The damned cheapskates at Central to get 'em out of their hair.
>Speaking of cheap, gold is actually farmed from rocks here.
>Minimal property damage and theft and no loss of life? I'm not a miracle worker here.
>With a megaphone I speak to Canterlot.
"King Sombra, I Surrender with me is good, cheap labo-"
>The fucker ruined my megaphone.
"Yo werd up, commanduh whut chu jivin' 'bout hustle fo'? Wif da ponay 'n shit."
>Right, no deaths, no major damage, no harm at all with little resources. This is going to require tactical knowledge of the enemy and myself. I speak to my nigger translator. He actually gets paid.
>So I only need to keep an eye out every other minute.
"Men we need to kill the Sombra the dark cloud pony. No hurting the brainwashed. No Stealling. If all this happens you all get a gold bar to hang on your neck."
"Oooga booga!"
"Yo Boss says we's need ta kill da black nigga spookay smoke ponay, nuhh stealing, nahh jackin, nahh hitting, or punchin', or shootin', or damagin' da zombie ponayies or duh stupid ponaeies at all. Kill da One wif da crown an don't make me pull mah gat! Yo we's all git uh solid gold bar if nuhh one fucks up and sheit. Pimpin' nigga!"
"Oooga Booga!"
>If Sombra actually kills a few I might give him a medal myself.
>If he didn't ruin my megaphone.
>I better follow them to make sure they don't fuck everything up, and they do the job.
>The black hoard reaches the first obstacle.
"Oga boooga chain oooga"
>They shot the drawbridge chains after the translator yelled at them some more.
>They only used a full magazine. I'm somewhat actually impressed.
>The bridge fell down hard.
>We charged foward to find Sombra.
>I could hear the ponies soft bodies hit the meat shields.
>Keeping them from splitting up was hard, but we made to the throne room.
>A dark bolt lances out.
"Die you damned dirty apes!"
"Cap yo azz!"
"Why won't you just die!"
>Right despite the lucky hit on the chain thry can't hit jackshit. Sombra actually managed to do damage to the hoard. They hace sprained ankles.
>Three shots.
>Target down.
>Double tap for good measure.
"Ooogaa Boogaa!"
"Cohmanduh, dais be sain' dey want's dah gold bar now."
"The big white pony princess has them in a safe place. We'll get it from her. We need to clean up as much as possible or you won't get the gold."
"Awh sheeeit."
"Oga booga."
>They hardly do anything, but at least they didn't do anything.
>Celestia enters her eyes narrow on Sombra's now nude and cooling corpse.
>Quietly explain the situation.
"Here's the gold bars."
>Now I have to get them back.
"Nigga. Muh nigga."
"oooga booga."
>Looks like Sombra actually did better than I expected.
>A word from the princess is that he isn't actually dead, she is going to transfer hin somehere safe.
"ooga booga."
>Princess Celestia rushes in and tries to heal some of them.
>Poor Celestia she doesn't know about how negromancy ruins the connection to the white arts. I- hold on Sombra got the new highscore after the Ursa Minor attack.
>Today might actually be a good day.
>A good day indeed.

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