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File: 1554183385176.png (38.56 KB, 239x440, biz horse make it.png)

90452 No.215107

Crypto is going up again and it reminded me to remind you to buy in while its still relatively cheap. But money making aside (yes that is important) its a hedge against things like PayPal and other payment platforms in which have demonstrated time and time again to be against right wing movements. Its decentralized and anti-(((big bank))).

So why don't you own any? At worse its a risk investment, at its best its a moon mission with a great cause.

16e78 No.215108

>At worse its a risk investment, at best its a moon mission with a great cause
That's a matter of perspective. What you describe as a risk investment I see as an opportunity to waste resources unnecessarily. I don't invest in crypto for the same reason I don't play the lottery. Let me describe my perspective on the matter.
Best case I lose the money and reaffirm the value of my time and effort by recognizing the waste of it. Worst case I gain money and potentially condition an abject materialism where I neither respect nor appreciate my time/effort or that of other people. I do not sit back and laugh at my gains while other people are losing their shirts, nor do I engender a fixation on indexes and price comparisons and, to wit, money-changing.

90452 No.215109

File: 1554186256715.webm (610.32 KB, 800x450, b-but_btc_is_ded....webm)

>its a win at someone else's expense game
But it isn't, also to put BTC on par with the lottery is disingenuous as all hell. Webm related. Maybe shitcoins or day trading. Though thats not what matters nearly as much as the technology of the blockchain.

1df84 No.215113

Mostly because only suckers believe the siren song of Crypto.

686a6 No.215116

I'm too much of a brainlet to know how to acquire it.

90452 No.215119

Only suckers ignore a great technology and money making scheme like crypto.
Its fairly easy to acquire assuming you don't want to mine into the market (don't mine into the market.) https://www.buybitcoinworldwide.com/united-states/
Coinbase is considered the normie's first way to enter into crypto. Also BTC ATMs exist though I've never used one.

4ada6 No.215122

Can't afford it. I took a vow of poverty.
That's my story & I'm sticking to it.

e48be No.215123

File: 1554189398765.png (188.07 KB, 1024x952, t5C5c6N.png)

>That pic

90452 No.215124

File: 1554190031881.png (31.38 KB, 278x324, biz_horse.png)

Read the file names dummy this is a 100% serious thread.

e48be No.215125

File: 1554190500804.jpg (103.4 KB, 900x900, Suspicious - Twilight Spar….jpg)

>this is a 100% serious thread
However OP begun with the wrong foot, I am inclined to believe on purpose as an act of chutzpah.

1df84 No.215126

The only money makers in this scheme (perfect way to describe Crypto, btw) are the people selling you worthless digital coins. If you're not one of those people, then you're one of the suckers those people conned into investing into a system that takes the worst excesses of the stock market and pyramid schemes and passes it off as a "currency".

5c88b No.215127

This. I have practically no money, and if I did have any, it would probably be going towards the necessities first.

90452 No.215128

>The only money makers in this scheme are the people selling you worthless digital coins
WRONG I'm up x3 still, at the ATH I was nearly at half a mil. To say crypto is a pyramid scheme is to say that the blockchain as a technology has no worth which is the point I'm trying to make. That is its great not only because of security, decentralization, and being anti-cooperate, but because on top of that the right wing needs to adopt platforms in which allow for what gives. Transferring large sums of money to others without (((a third party))) shutting it down. If you can't see the huge potential value in all of this (I'm not even going to touch on smart contracts, supply chain, and security coins) then your blinded by the crypto = bad meme which has been pushed by guess who? Oh thats right your political enemies.

bb640 No.215135

Elites fear crypto because crypto takes away the power of everyone that doesn't has crypto.
Yet you cannot forget that there's literally nothing stopping a country from saying "lol nope, we don't accept crypto" so what are you going to do if that happens?
You can't say "lol nope we don't accept money" because the current world is a mexican stand-off, the value of money is all the debt that's in place since china has most of the world's gold.
So tell me, anon, how do you plan to raise crypto's value to the same level as money?
They are both worthless by themselves, one of them stands on it's own, the other one depends of the former to stand by itself.

24d84 No.215138

File: 1554207431113.jpeg (23.21 KB, 425x346, image.jpeg)

*deletes your crypto*

0acfc No.215141

File: 1554214189444.mp4 (6.76 MB, 640x360, biz_ gets cucked once agai….mp4)

dude you can totally trade this tulip for a brewery. Just trust the hype you dumb fuck.

54cd0 No.215142

File: 1554214401590.jpg (649.5 KB, 750x975, 1536613081409.jpg)

Yeah i was thinkign about it.
How do I crypto, frens?
Job's killing me…

7ee3a No.215148

Crypto is the currency of the underworld. Nothing more. Unless you are buying or selling illegal shit, or speculating on the overall market of illegal shit, crypto has no use.

The really sad thing is for as much as bitcoin is the currency of the underworld, it's damn near impossible to buy it completely anonymously.

16e78 No.215149

>BTC on par with the lottery is disingenuous
Far more people have lost money with BTC than have made money. Let me be more clear. You view crypto as a worthwhile investment. I see it as gambling. Its not that I'm uninformed of blockchain technology, its that I'm willfully dismissive of it. I consider my time, effort, and resources to be too valuable to risk/gamble in something that has no tangible product, and I contest the idea that any gains made from such activity can legitimately be called earnings.
>t. small business owner/operator

90452 No.215160

Sure the current adopters are those who wish not to have the government interfere with their business but this can easily change.
So two things there that I need to refute. First the idea that more people have lost money then gained with crypto. The problem with this statement is the context of when its being said. If I said this but in the reverse near the ATH it'd be disingenuous of me. The current rate of gains to lose means little when considering future gains or lose and I hope you as a small business man would understand this.
Secondly you point that your skepticism in crypto stems from its inability to deliver a tangible product. Key word being tangible since it does deliver a service that is. Now let me start with this, if you have no value on intangible goods then I'm fine you are in a vast minority and your difference in preference means that crypto outright isn't something for you. But now let me tell you to consider other intangible goods that you likely do value. The internet which you obviously have and pay for is not tangible; however unless you are only posting from a coffee shop or stealing someone else's wifi you likely value. Video games are also not something physical but is one of the biggest markets out there and has always been linked to image board culture for a reason. If you value any video game then you value something intangible. There are a lot more examples but you get the idea. I doubt that you or nearly anyone here actually values something based on tangibility to a large degree. Thus we can see that the service which crypto at its most basic state delivers is worthwhile and due to tangibility meaning little on aggregate preferences (assuming your not in a small minority) its an investment and not a gamble.

486ba No.215175

>crypto outright isn't for you
It took you that long to puzzle that out? I know my ID has changed, but I made that clear in the first post. The same mentality that would possibly (keyword) make gains through crypto would be antithetical to working 10+ hours a day to make a company successful. I value the internet as a means to exchange information. I'm not going to throw money at the internet and expect it to throw money back at me. And no, I don't value video games, they're a degenerate time-sink. You seem quite self-assured and I wish you luck with that, but I'm coming from the school where how you make your money is as important as how much you have and what you do with it. Good day sir.

90452 No.215181

>same mentality that would make gains through crypto would be antithetical to working 10+ hours a day to make a company successful
False dichotomy its not an either you can easily have a nack for good investments or you are a hard worker. In fact the most success people out there have both and most people are so and so on both.
>I'm in the tinny minority of those who don't value anything intangible
Call me skeptical. You value information and "hard work" both which are non-tangibles. Furthermore my point was that nearly everyone else does value non-tangibles. If you want to refute this in a more compelling way rather then going on about your work ethic that those who invest in crypto don't have then that would be much more helpful.
Look into an exchange to buy it from one. >>215119 has a list of them. Research which ones are open in your country and which ones have what your are looking for (ideally low fees at the least). Then set some aside when you think the price looks good to buy in at.

68d68 No.215203

With war, or the collapse of civilization, both on the horizon, why would anyone pay money for a supposed investment that will go poof if either of those inevitabilities happens? Among everything else they require, cryptocurrencies require the current globalized consumerist state of affairs to continue as-is, which it will not.

90452 No.215237

File: 1554268082816.png (55.83 KB, 500x300, damn_optomist.png)

>With war, or the collapse of civilization, both on the horizon

d40e8 No.215238

All of the thises

e9f1d No.215243

I can't recall a time in History when all of the world was at war and civilization collapsed world wide. It's always sunny somewhere.

That said, I don't support using crypto as an investment. At most I view it as a means to an end. A medium for transactions. I do however have a few hundred dollars of bitcoin from when I tried to see how much a 1080ti could farm in a year back during the mining craze in 2017. Rates were good for awhile, and then they became laughably shit. Considering the extra effort that I went through trying to report that income on my taxes, mining probably wasn't worth my time. It was a neat learning experience though.

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