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df5e4 No.214618


What have you done that required a good amount of will power to achieve it?
Nothing here so far.

58191 No.214635

Interaction with Humans

0d64e No.214647

Exercise, weight loss, cutting down on porn and masturbation, cutting down on time wasted, more time spent in nature, more rewrites of my fanfics, more fanfic written, and more art completed.

5970a No.215662

Spending less time on things that are fun and instead working on various projects. Also physical exercise and praying to God.

10538 No.215670

Putting in order my things.

8a414 No.215675

currently writing a submission for the site writing contest while also trying to make it through college. I'm not done with either yet nor would they be particularly noteworthy to anyone else, but they're both things that require willpower for an especially unmotivated person like me.

aa8fc No.215811

File: 1554643884966.jpg (2.35 KB, 180x122, Jesus_002.jpg)

Lent in general is a great way to practice will power because you're giving something up for forty days. I'm giving up meat, sweets and alcohol as well as doing nofap. Strangely enough, this is much easier than sleeping before midnight or being productive longer than a couple of hours per day.

10fd4 No.215812

It's a decently noble practice: it's Christians' way of showing that they're capable of a shred of asceticism and self-discipline.

dd727 No.215828

It's not a recent achievement, but I am an Eagle Scout.

More recently I've been trying to cut back on the carbonated jew by giving up soda when I eat my meals. I still allow myself to have some outside of meals, but my goal was to stop the trap of getting refill after refill with my meals. The end result is that I've had maybe four sodas since January. One of those times was because the water dispenser was out of order.

My immediate goals are that I want to push myself out of my comfort zone to meet new people and to start working out to improve my body. By American standards I'm pretty fit, but that's a low bar and I both have a bit of a gut and lack muscle tone. I've joined a new gym that's opening near me, and I intend to try to hit two birds with one stone by participating in fitness classes. It won't finish construction until the fall though, so I'm gonna try to instill a habit of working out on certain days before then. I'm also ashamed that I eat out too damn much. My job has been stressful and often leaves me mentally exhausted to the point where I just don't want to bother with cooking. I want to get into meal prepping where I will cook several meals during the weekend and freeze them for the upcoming week.

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