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File: 1552037174785.gif (1.98 MB, 480x360, 1503595164170.gif)

0c43e No.209263

I have been thinking about the left a bit lately.

You know they are not all wrong.

I am not talking about the fucking commies or SJWs but people that actually are good-hearted and logically thinking individuals.

Basically the can't help thinking the way they do because they are wired that way (See women) and they have some points, like inequality can become really become a problem if it gets out of hand. The people rebel.

So I guess I am asking about what your stance is on the logical left and their use for preventig the right from going over the top and running thenselves intolerant a corner, a sort of political consciusness.

0c43e No.209265

*into, not intolerant

951a0 No.209267

File: 1552038740511.jpg (161.12 KB, 1200x1600, b2d32bc454f09542d9d28d867c….jpg)

>So I guess I am asking about what your stance is on the logical left and their use for preventig the right from going over the top and running thenselves intolerant a corner, a sort of political consciusness.
What about none of them?
Left — Third Position — Right

d98cd No.209268

I am probably misunderstanding what you are asking, but here I go.
I see my rant veered way off course at times, but hey it happens. I just hope there is some reason to be found in my rant.

It is as King Oscar II said (and others)
>A man who has not been a socialist before 25 has no heart. If he remains one after 25 he has no head.
Helping is not a bad trait, and should be commended.
The problem as I see it is that the left don't have a middle way. They see dangers everywhere. And therefor we have ended up in a world where children aren't allowed to climb in trees. The ground beneath the swings and slides are special made foam plastic to cushion any slight fall. They pander too much to the lowest common denominator, i.e. the weakest of the weak, and try to make the world a safe space for them. What they don't see is that they take away all that makes life worth living, and what spurs growth and imagination from the rest.
Like a story here in Norway. There was a freak accident where the string of a child's hoodie was caught in the top of a slide, and it sadly resulted in the death of the child. The solution ban and remove all the slides of that type. Whenever there is the slightest form of accident they go into panic mode and their first tool is making things illegal.

The above traits probably is mostly towards the illogical left. Something that overshadows reasonable discussions and voices on the left because they don't scream that loud. But the toolbox the left uses seams to be an neverending limitation on freedoms, also for those "moderate left".

But perhaps to get closest to an answer to your question. A society without discussion and different political thought is a doomed society. You need the devils advocate to argue for the opposite, it is the only way to see potential faults in your arguments. An echo chamber and a strict party line is not the way of a free society.

I just wish the left would accept that it is dangerous to live, you will eventually die from it, so let people have some fun while they are alive and accept that accidents happens. I also think that there is so many potential innovations we are missing out on because of the neverending restrictions put in place. Sure selling liquid opium and all kinds of chemicals over the counter is perhaps not optimal, but it will allow individuals to make new discoveries. The number of innovations that came to be due to pure coincidence is numerous. But the last part is relevant for both sides of the political spectrum.

951a0 No.209276

File: 1552045536172.jpg (256.51 KB, 1005x1024, The solution.jpg)

The fix for the (((System))), IMHO.

9a22b No.209295

I see the left as 2 different parts

one part is the left who only knew homogenenity their whole lives. They grew up in all white areas and have the least experience with multiculturalism, therefore they will be more open to it.

The other is the left that only knew multiculturalism their whole lives, and never had a taste of the understanding of homogeneity.

What creates people like us, I would say is a mix of tasting both mutlicultualism and homogeneity. I would just call ourselves "post modern reasctionaries"

The rest of the left wing seems to be explicit antiwhite degenerates. No matter what they experience, they are stubborn to change views once they are first indoctrinated.

As for the 2 parts of the left I described above, we should have open arms to them, but also be careful not to compromise. Once they get enough experience, they will eventually turn into one of us. Its only a matter of time.

7774d No.209301

File: 1552057923892.jpg (90.15 KB, 800x600, wheel.jpg)

814bf No.209306

I don't think it's currently possible to really attract people on the left in any significant numbers, first we'd have to change the metapolitical landscape and make it acceptable (but presumably still controversial) to advocate for nationalism/ethnocentrism or to question the fundamental assumptions of how society is organized. Until then everyone but a tiny group of autists will just fall into the established thought patterns people are taught and react accordingly - "but those people are Nazis" - and run in the opposite direction.
Good-hearted and logically thinking individuals in science, with first hand knowledge of the issues will tie themselves in knots before having to accept that, just maybe, those racists might have a point. I just don't see how normalfags could ever be made to listen to the political viewpoints of people who are considered evil without being tricked into doing so.

That might be why /pol/ was and is such a central point, you go there because of memes and shitposting and gradually those automatic responses get stripped away (and, sure, at least partially replaced with others) and come out seeing things a bit more clearly.

>The solution ban and remove all the slides of that type.
That's the problem with career politicians in a democratic system, they have to be seen to be doing something, since they want to get elected; and the only tool they have with which to do anything is legislation. And so "X is a problem, let's pass a law" becomes the natural way of doing things.

>What creates people like us, I would say is a mix of tasting both mutlicultualism and homogeneity.
So I guess an awareness that something has been lost? It seems to be a common theme for a lot of people, "we didn't use to have to lock our doors when I was a kid" and that sort of thing.

7774d No.209311

File: 1552060005637.png (533.95 KB, 990x807, nightmare_rarity__open_col….png)

I think the whole situation is vastly different to the presumed left vs right. A subset of humanity are criminal in nature. The bulk of humanity is gullible and manipulable.

Just harp on whatever statement gets you the most advantage at the expense of the gullible whole. The People are a resource that exists for farming and labor.

No system will stop humans from being predators on itself.
How can you have a winner if there are no losers?? You want to win don't you?

7774d No.209314

File: 1552061504594.png (90.3 KB, 1798x507, Keystone.png)

It's important for the prey to keep fighting each other and in no way look at the predator.

19511 No.209320

Maybe the situation is so fucked up that acceleration in the only way.

Crashing this plane

7774d No.209322

File: 1552064603276.jpg (286.76 KB, 1011x567, decimates-the-ego-feeds-th….jpg)

959ea No.209324

I view the left as three parts:
*the naive useful idiot: Their heart is in the right place and they want to help others, but they rarely think things all the way through and instead act off of feelings. They often grew up in affluent environments and struggle to comprehend the value of a dollar. They see a poor person and the solution that they perceive is to give that person money. They'll never consider if their solution is sustainable over time or scalable up to larger sizes. Conversion of a naive useful idiot is accomplished by them experiencing a traumatic life event that violently shoves a red suppository up their ass and shatters their world view.

*the selfish useful idiot: These are people who are looking out for themselves and only themselves. They are drawn to instant gratification instead of greater rewards that are achievable via delaying gratification. The left is fighting for programs that will benefit them at the expense of people who aren't them? FUCK YEAH you've got their vote. Who cares if society is crumbling apart so long as they receive benefits right here and now? Their support shifts the very instant that they stop benefiting from the deal.

*the wannabe tyrant: these people want power for themselves. They court support from the naive useful idiots with appeals to emotion and support from the selfish by promising gibs. They attack laws and regulations that stand in the way of them achieving more power or threaten to remove their grip on power by painting the laws as evil bigoted relics of bygone eras. For example, the second Ammendment. They don't care about preventing suicides, stopping crime, or protecting children. If they did, then their regulatory efforts would focus on banning the handguns that are most commonly found by children, concealed for criminal intent, or cheaply purchased for suicide. What they're truly afraid of is that the second Ammendment symbolizes the Sword of Damocles hanging over their own heads. So their regulatory efforts target the long guns that most threaten the lives of tyrants like them.

19511 No.209327

Thanks for the answers so far.

a85e2 No.209428

>Person 1
Most Democrat voters.

>Person 2

Most of the people whom Democrat voters think they are helping.

>Person 3

Most Democrat politicians.

Of the three, only Person 1 is in any way worth trying to convince. Person 3 should get the rope, and Person 2 should be cut off and left to either figure things out for themselves or starve.

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