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47388 No.200408

the Trump administration is going to include a citizenship question on the 2020 census, a question that hasn't been on it since the 1950s. it seems innocent enough but the democrats have chimped out and filed multiple lawsuits to prevent it. the democrats have won their inital lawsuit in NY but now the case will most likely jump the appealate court and go directly to the Supreme Court. if the Trump administration wins it will be a crippling blow to the democrats.

congressional seats are proportional based on population. each congressional seat represents 770k people. there are estimated between 16-30 million illegals in the US, largely based in California,New York, New Jersey,Illinois, Texas and Florida in largely urban areas.

the democrats are afraid if they aren't counted they will lose congressional seats and those seats will be redistributed to states with few illegal residents, red states. the democrats know they'll even lose seats within the states with high levels of illegals because when they have to redistrict their urban strongholds won't be as heavily weighted, so redistricting will favor rural areas within those blue states. the democrats stand to lose a lot of house seats for at least a decade. much more than they care to admit.

another added bonus is that federal gibs will be cut to those states. dems will have to make a choice. reduce gibs for everybody in the state or cut illegals off.


c5959 No.200409

Fuck illegals.
If they gave nothing to hide, there's no reason why we couldn't add the question.

47388 No.200411

there isn't a good reason why not to ask, the democrats know how fucked they're going to be if it is asked. basically it's a typical muh civil rights bullshit but I don't think that will uphold in the Supreme Court.

c9148 No.200412

What basis are they suing on?
I don't recall any line in the Constitution that says we can't ask residents if they're citizens.

47388 No.200415

they claim it's unconstitutional because it will cause an under count and fuck them out of congressional seats and federal gibs

47388 No.200416

basically California is saying like 40% of it's population is either foreign born or flat out illegal and that question will scare them away from taking the census survey causing a massive undercount.

8aae6 No.200420

File: 1548307875074.jpg (87.87 KB, 459x659, FB_IMG_1548264995269.jpg)

wow, it almost sounds like they want the nation's representative government to accurately reflect its actual population of legal citizens or something. what a bunch of racists. I literally can't even.

47388 No.200431

yeah we live in a country where that's a radical idea. it's sad but I think it's going to change.
assuming this happens and Trump fills the 163 judicial vacancies on the district and appellate courts, the liberals political power will be completely shattered.
no wonder they're going all out against Trump. they're on the verge of losing everything, all they can do is stall and hope they win in 2020.

67ed6 No.200446

The real interesting thing will be how many israelis this census will unveil

49ef0 No.200464

File: 1548322495115.jpg (1.25 MB, 3600x2400, 592IPaB.jpg)

>Fuck illegals.
And what about the legals?
Because the "illegal" propaganda is hiding the elephant in the room: White Genocide.
OP, you are playing the ZOG's game.
The issue here is non White foreigners taking over Whites' land.

c642a No.200467

Fuck the "legals" and illegals.they both need to fuck of back to mexico.

49ef0 No.200476

>back to mexico
Don't forget China, Bangladesh, India, Somalia, Egypt, and a never ending list of shitholes.

c642a No.200477

Nah They get a free ticket to the camps.

b115c No.200480

Bullets are cheaper than deportations.

8aae6 No.200649

Especially Indians. Poos are basically doing the same thing to tech that beaners are doing to manufacturing. And they all vote overwhelmingly left-wing. Also, the population of Somalis and others from the horn part of Africa has increased disturbingly in the last couple of years where I live.

47388 No.200778

File: 1548406302914.jpg (32.45 KB, 605x531, 1533109072027.jpg)

I don't see that happening. the US is too important for the Jews. should the US fall or even have a civil war it would be disastrous for every kike on the planet. no ethnic majority was ever displaced as the majority without massive upheavals in that society.

here's what I see happening and it isn't great but it isn't terrible. the EU is fucked, demographics based recession/depression is certain and unavoidable. virtually every geopolitical analyst I follow think the right wing nationalism will take over sooner rather than later. a massive economic downturn will only fuel what's already there.
>oy vey it will be the 1930s
Jews are already leaving Europe, rats leaving before the fall. in an enviroment of economic depression and nationalism I suspect a lot of people with skills will be leaving and the US is really one of the few places that will gladly taken them.
at CPAC 2013 Trump said we need more European immigrants. people are bitching about Trump's support of H1B but don't realize he's made the process a lot more complex, this will benefit Europeans who are used to bureaucratic bullshit.
secondly you have over 2 million white refugees in Ukraine.
Trump has reduced non European refugees by 90% but taking more Eastern Europeans. he's using the Lautenberg Amendment, which was created for Eastern Bloc Jews and Christians back in the 1980s but now he's using it to bring in Ukrainians. liberals are upset that he's trying to slow demographic change. in this way he'll be bolstering the white population.

the next part isn't exactly so good but this is what I see happening. I see a massive shift to civnat christcuck conservatism, literally r the donald. Trump and his successors will cut off most legal/illegal immigration from the South. cut off from their home culture the goblins will fully culturally assimilate and the upwardly mobile ones will marry and breed white. in a few generations they will be bleached. no they aren't actually white but they'll appear white and in many cases have non Spanish European surnames. no I'm not promoting race mixing, it's just what I see unfolding.

another added bonus of the census under count is that it will make the US white population appear larger than it is which gives Trump and company time to reverse the trend and stave off the absolute shit storm demographic replacement will cause.

most people don't realize how important the US is to ZOG. ZOG doesn't exist without America, we're it's favorite attack dog and only protector. if the US falls Israel is instantly fucked because their "allies" in the middle east will turn on them in a heart beat without the US backing them. if the EU goes back to pre 1930s Europe they won't be welcomed there and if the US is in a civil war they won't be able to stay here. if the US falls the two largest infestations fall too. their survival is linked with ours.

ZOG realized this with the refugee bullshit failed in Europe and caused a massive populist backlash. they fear populism the most. you have to understand that ZOG fears anodda shoah more than anything. if the US falls the final shoah will happen and they can't let that happen.

e57d2 No.200784

Tl;dr = they're trying to appease us now so that we stop messing with their plans? Did I get that right?

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