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File: 1548296248965.jpeg (40.79 KB, 1280x720, 1774086__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

1994d No.200392

The /mlpol/ is still kind of slow and I would hate to see this place fade away. So I propose a thread for brainstorming ideas on how to increase traffic to the site.
Some ideas
>Raid political forums
>Fishing on 4/8pol
>Paid advertisement on sites related to pony or politics
>Flooding Derpibooru with OC and tagging it with /mlpol/

Also share how you found out about /mlpol/, I've been here since the beginning.
Sorry if this belongs on /qa/, but I think more of the site will participate in the discussion if I post here.

3941e No.200394

File: 1548297210300.jpg (822.99 KB, 2404x1260, 1493656596848.jpg)

Been here since the original /mlpol/ went under.

I think we should keep any recruitment efforts limited to the old guard of the Internet: 4chan, a little 8chan, and in general drawing in the oldfags of similar sites that have been ravaged by high newfag influxes and heavy shill operations.
Since these oldfags know about the cancer that ruined their homes firsthand, they're far more trustworthy than total newcomers in terms of keeping our comfy little home stable.
Basically, avoid stage 3 of pic related at all costs. I'm cool with the site picking up some extra traffic, but compromising the site's foundations for the sake of fame and high traffic is not a mistake I am willing to see repeated. And if is is repeated, I'm outta here.

1994d No.200395

I think we can afford to draw from a larger pool than just oldfags. The mods here actually give a shit and that is more than can be said for 4chan mods. The mods here will help maintain the quality.

3941e No.200397

File: 1548299501351.png (527 B, 396x396, mlpol-qr.png)

True, the staff is very on the ball here, something that should never go underestimated.
Raids have always been a go-to for imageboard population growth in the past, and the raid threads we had a few months ago were a lot of fun to boot. Fishing in more places would probably be a good thing as well, though it depends on the locale.
However, whether we raid or fish, we should take care not to poke hornet's nests that are too big for our britches. I'm sure we could have a lot of fun with some of the modestly sized communities, but one too many determined autists could pose a real challenge for the staff to deal with. Or maybe I just really miss those raid threads from a few months ago. I can't be the only one, right?
Advertising I think is doomed to have a limited reach, since I suspect the vast majority of users who'd be into /mlpol/ already filter ads and run script blockers anyways.
Flooding Derpi sounds fun, though the staff there would be liable to chimp out and mass delete and ban before it could draw too many people in. Still, for a fistful of lulz…

As loathe as I am to say this, getting mobilefags connected to /mlpol/ would probably be a good investment. The site has no mobile interface to speak of, which really makes some older phones and tablets choke on the site, though there was an anon who modded Clover for /mlpol/ over at >>>/qa/4241 , though that was almost a year ago and has no shortage of bugs.
Some more subtle callouts to /mlpol/ could work, too. Pic related is a quick little QR test I whipped up for linking straight to mlpol.net. Snuck into the right places, and with codes generated for specific threads here (since they last for months on end), and I think you can see where this is going.

95f53 No.200399

Well, some new waters that might be amenable to fishing is Voat. They're certainly racist enough for standard /pol/ fair and im sure theres some horsefuckers or would be horsefuckers among them.

8b067 No.200400

I have to agree with this guy here.

524ec No.200401

I think /mlpol/ has a voat from earlier in our site's history.

b3b68 No.200529

High "site traffic" just means a shill horde. Quality over quantity.
One quality post is better than
50 worthless posts. Would you rather have
a large population of IQ 50 retards,
or a small population of IQ 150

Generally the more site traffic on a board the more shills take notice. The agencies
pile their subverters in with the goal
of either seizing control of the board to
neutralize it's message, or killing it
altogether. It always works. They
subvert the moderation teams and might
even take over the site domain.

Don't fall for this trick.

e0926 No.200534

This is really the case.
If you guys think we're going to get more artfags, writefags, or political contributors by fishing other sites, you're would be disappointed.
If you want quality content, you should make it here yourself. That means posting news threads and current events, and replying to those posted by other anons. It means making memes in return for saving them. It means posting to the board as often as you do to whatever other sites you lurk (I'm looking at you, discord).

41cd5 No.200540

> 4chan, a little 8chan, and in general drawing in the oldfags of similar sites that have been ravaged by high newfag influxes and heavy shill operations.
Anyone who is still at 4chan isn't going to leave. 4chan has been lost. 8chan isn't completely done yet, but, and I hate to shill for imkamfy, 8/pol/ going global fucked it completely. Whenever a thread could have real impact in the world, it's deleted. There are still anons hanging in there though.

Personally, I think nothing would help like a great campaign, not a raid on 4 or 8, but a RL campaign, something like HWNDU or IOTBW (plz no more IOTBW #2 threads).

b3b68 No.200543


Take the blackpill. Imkampfy was never
removed, he was just reprimanded
and told to stop Maddowposting. They
don't let him use personalized ban
reasons either.

8chan is a pile of shit. Best thing to
do is global report spam + post non pornographic images of little kids and hope the site
gets taken down for child pornography.

Tear it down.

6bce4 No.200545

I was here since April Fool's. The good one, not the piece of shit plebbit tribalist ice cream one.
My idea for getting more viewers?
easy mode: fish on 4chan and 8chan, fish on assorted MLP forums, and fish on gaming forums about games that allow mods once we get a proper MLPOL mod scene going.
hard mode: We make a non-shit Equestria Daily that calls attention to great pony fan content and subtly pushes our agenda. It also critiques abd rates things.
Super Hard Mode: We make new boards for every 4chan board and bill ourselves as the new, cooler 4chan.

524ec No.200549

We have mods that give a fuck. I don't think that shills would be able to shit up the site as easily as 4chan. We need to red pill more people and have more discussion if our ideas are going to spread.

b1db0 No.200628

I hate to admit it, but 8/pol/ was better then. I don't think he was the maddowposter, but who knows.

>post non pornographic images of little kids and hope the site gets taken down for child pornography

I don't think there's any benefit to sabotaging it any further. I'm not helping the shills.

c2c53 No.201512

File: 1548751557391.png (1.2 MB, 1024x1024, 1016405.png)

>So I propose a thread for brainstorming ideas on how to increase traffic to the site.
I am a /pol/ poner and I can tell the threads on top are not interesting enough or there isn't much to say.
For novelty and variety the AWOO's content helps a lot as well Random News, but perhaps some (or more) generals need to be allowed once in a while to discuss focused subjects.

a3a81 No.201517

File: 1548755616263-0.png (616.98 KB, 1339x1302, 5b0e502209b295ba421a4b1008….png)


All the evidence suggests he was the Maddowposter.
If you deny this, you are either uninformed or have an agenda. This is getting ridiculous. Why the fuck are people still defending 8chan? Anyone defending pigchan is incredibly suspect.

a3a81 No.201518

If you STILL support 8chan, look at this thread and the info dump about that site.


af140 No.201527

Isn't it better to retain lesser influx of new users? This way the site would remain mostly unseen by media and normalfags. Sure, it's necessary to gain new members to avoid death of this site, but as other Anons had previously said, it's better to choose quality over quantity. /mlpol/ is truly a magical place unlike any other in the Internet and I would hate to see it ravaged by invading forces that don't care about this board culture

524ec No.201542

The horse pussy will keep normies out.

14792 No.201560

But only if filtering is not allowed as an option. Otherwise they can just filter those pictures and continue.

63032 No.201567

File: 1548786599307.jpg (37.13 KB, 750x560, shrug.jpg)

That's a troll saying "no". It proves nothing. I just want to stop seeing that guy's face. That's my agenda. Not see the turkface anymore.

The maddowposter is gone, and the moderation has gone to shit even worse than it was before. I don't know what rehashing conspiracy theories on the maddowposter does except elevate the maddowposter to perhaps the most successful of 8/pol/ trolls ever.

Why exactly do YOU want to discuss the maddowposter even more? I don't, I'm happy to let him fade into obscurity.

Either way, it's true that 8/pol/ has gone to shit.

3941e No.201590

File: 1548790784665.png (961.03 KB, 3840x1536, 1729866__safe_artist-colon….png)

>disabling filters
That may just be insane enough to work.

67149 No.201593

File: 1548791859284.png (31.35 KB, 1851x1012, mlpol-net-statspage-190129.png)

We aren't fading. The evidence doesn't justify the concern.

62abb No.201594

This, tbh.
Y'all panic when site traffic slows for a week, when all you need to do to boost traffic is post a few threads.

524ec No.201605

We could still use more posters.

2dbdb No.201606

File: 1548795143330.jpg (32.87 KB, 540x405, 7c657b687cd5796011770353fc….jpg)

It needs to be done.

b86d9 No.201700

Jannies are asleep on 4/pol/ and its getting bombarded.
They've been gone for at least 2 hours now.

1994d No.201703

Advertise this place as a bunker.

524ec No.201704

I'd post a thread but I am banned.

c2c53 No.201705

File: 1548825133073.png (23.02 KB, 306x374, Screenshot_20190130_001114.png)

I was raiding /pol/ and I was banned after the 3rd pone.

b86d9 No.201706

2 and 1/2 hours later, mods woke up.

b86d9 No.201708

It seems the mods are prioritizing pony bans and leaving the random shit.
We know how it goes.
4/pol/ is absolutely filled with spam right now, but post pony? BAN BAN BAN BAN BAN

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