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File: 1546570797122.png (332.07 KB, 600x450, a1a.png)

68cb5 No.196138

>Twitter bans anything to the right of Pol Pot

>Google censors naughty think and promotes good goy opinions

>Kikebook has banned everyone without a dildo up their ass

>There is no way in hell Hollywood will produce anything remotely red pilled

So how will we get the message out in 2020? It seems that shitlibs have control of the internet and the media and they are going to use that control to try to win the 2020 elections. We need to prevent a shitlib from gaining control of the white house in 2020 or things are going to get a lot worse for white people.
So how do we get the message out when the kikes control the mainstream media and internet? The purpose of this thread is to brainstorm ideas on how we can win the election in 2020.

8cc83 No.196142

Well i think Commander Rockwell and his party had the right idea when the would go into live events to get free coverage from (((the media)))

10dbd No.196145

File: 1546571486159.jpg (74.17 KB, 580x386, metro_bridge_banner-.jpg)

I have an idea, but it would require a lot of autism. We find the most high traffic roads in the U.S. and we place banners on them.

8cc83 No.196146

its gotta be in L.A right?

10dbd No.196147

L.A. is going to be blue no matter what we do. It would be best if we did it in swing states.

68cb5 No.196148

L.A. might not be a bad idea because people will share the picture on snap chat and social media. Any high traffic area should be good in the age of social media.

8cc83 No.196150

Thats are very good idea.

0dc8b No.196155

I have an idea. Dallas is the bluest city in texas. texas is known for being red, however dallas is trying to bluepill ft.worth, which is a red city (one of the few red cities in the US) perhaps if we do the bridge thing over the major highways in that region it would work. Many lib-fags have done this to try and convert ft.worth to blue. (and now northern ft.worth is blue because of it) so we have to be on the defensive as well on this idea anons, as what we do, can also be used against us.

1c940 No.196166

This. I'd also recommend local activism such as posters. "It's OK to be white" was genius and redpilled thousands.

Retard rallies are what killed the Alt-Right™.

d9ea4 No.196169

File: 1546585687950.mp4 (13.6 MB, 854x480, National Action flash demo….mp4)

>Retard rallies are what killed the Alt-Right™
I strongly disagree.
To retreat and disband from the street presence deflated the momentum.
Now our opponents are emboldened to persecute us because of that.
British video posted.

8cc83 No.196170

File: 1546586404812.jpg (519.63 KB, 1546x2056, joseph-goebbels-images.jpg)

"Whoever can conquer the street will one day conquer the state, for every form of power politics and any dictatorship-run state has its roots in the street." -Joseph Goebbels

1c940 No.196174

>twenty people next to a church had any momentum
If anything, our opponents became emboldened because of "le scary Nazis."


If you want to have a street presence, have one that is too large to shut down and which is sympathetic to the people. The Yellow Vests are a grand example of that and they'll be a million times more successful than National Action ever could be. They are the symbol of the new resistance in Europe and cannot be shut down, even as a good many carry the Celtic Cross.

SA's tactics worked for 1920's Germany. You're not just fighting the last war, you're fighting several wars ago.

54da0 No.196175

For this to work, it should be multiple cities and areas as that will nake it harder to take down. Remember, the elites do not want Trump or any rogue not on their payroll.

More like got co-opted by greedy retards who drove it into the ground much like gamergate before.

d9ea4 No.196176

File: 1546588231184-0.png (960.8 KB, 622x601, misshitler2.png)

File: 1546588231184-1.jpg (132.36 KB, 900x506, NA.jpg)

File: 1546588231184-2.webm (14.59 MB, 640x360, Scottish_Dawn_Alloa_Demon….webm)

File: 1546588231184-3.png (34.67 KB, 1060x407, National_Action_Banned_off….png)

>twenty people next to a church had any momentum
You are missing the point.
The 20 folks are not the point, but the more than 100 ZOGbots there standing enough close to hide the signs and to obstacle any member from the population to approach.
The (((System))) was so scared about this movement that banned it just last year.
>If anything, our opponents became emboldened because of "le scary Nazis."
Muh optics.
Shock and awe works.

bf369 No.196178

Im afraid very few people will question WW2 history, and no matter how trivial or taboo holocaust denial is we will need to use it eventually. I have little hope in "gradual redpilling" for most people, we need to be honest up front.

d9ea4 No.196179

File: 1546591719351-0.jpg (307.82 KB, 964x832, on your head.jpg)

>SA's tactics worked for 1920's Germany
SA tactics are been employed by antifa and with ZOGbots looking the other way.
Then we have in the Western world that governments are using irregular shock groups as fronts to suppress us backed by their propaganda tools, "regular" enforcers and the Judiciary to snatch and jail the dissidents.
The peaceful demonstrations are in some countries outlawed and in others attacked, harassed, and discouraged.
Therefore, which option is left?
>The Yellow Vests are the symbol of the new resistance in Europe and cannot be shut down
Actually is loosing steam fast. And all the people kidnapped, beaten, maimed, and murdered will be for nothing.
To stand on the street and to not confront and suppress the (((government)))'s violence against the people is retarded.

8842a No.196190

The point is spreading a message, not about playing the victim. You have to market a message that people will rally behind with pride and loyally associate themselves with. This isn't going to happen in Western countries with the same old National Socialist symbols.
If you have a respectable gathering and then the shock groups arrive, you bring in your guards from the wings and beat them until they can't get up anymore. You establish a presence and onlookers will think you're justified.

I can't honestly see how LARPing like autists will help anyone. Intelligent people will not hear any message above your crassness, unintelligent people will not be impressed by your puny numbers, right-wingers will not want to associate with you and left-wingers will believe all the paranoia about nazis is true.

All you do is get yourself banned and then say "shock and awe works." It's the political equivalent of going into a bar, insulting everyone, getting into a fight, getting thrown out and saying "that's how you conduct yourself in a bar."

da6ef No.196229

The alternative is to do nothing and get banned anyway.
At this point, we have principles and they want us dead for having them.
So tell me, what SHOULD we do?

da6ef No.196230

I redpilled six Trump-loving NPCs using this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxbV3RsyQwI and telling them it's from a real talk show from 2001.

41742 No.196232

We make ourselves out to not be the bad guys, for one. Perform community service, start charities, conduct ourselves in a responsible and respectful manner in public, bring reasonable solutions to issues plaguing the world today. Anything that would associate ourselves with doing good in the world, and would build up public support for us and our ideals.

8cc83 No.196238

Spoiler alert" the jews will still want us dead no matter what we do.

41742 No.196239


8cc83 No.196242

File: 1546628686770.jpg (42.54 KB, 604x453, _cant tell if.jpg)

they will send their brown hordes to kill us.

41742 No.196244

We are not here to try to convince the Jews to not want us dead. We are here to convince Whites to support us. Remember, our sense of empathy is far greater than that of other races. Performing acts of kindness and goodwill is the best way to garner support for our cause from other Whites.

8cc83 No.196245

>We are here to convince Whites to support us. Remember, our sense of empathy is far greater than that of other races. Performing acts of kindness and goodwill is the best way to garner support for our cause from other Whites
I agree with you about that, but they will try to slander us any way they can. to attempt to turn the rest of the whites against us. WW2 is a Great Example of that.

41742 No.196251

Agreed. We have allowed them to define us for too long. However, the only way we can change that is if we actively attempt to subvert the narrative. We perform charitable acts in the public eye, and we attach the name of our movement to it whenever possible. We will make people associate our names with good and doing good, and as a bonus make it extraordinarily difficult for them to continue pushing this narrative.

8cc83 No.196253

(((they))) are kings of Subversion. is it even possible to out subvert them?

d9ea4 No.196259

File: 1546632431388-0.png (1.15 MB, 1366x768, Screenshot_20190104_150225.png)

File: 1546632431388-1.png (1.03 MB, 1366x768, Screenshot_20190104_150241.png)

File: 1546632431388-2.png (1.06 MB, 1366x768, Screenshot_20190104_150336.png)

There is nothing to hide.
I am proud NatSoc and my convictions and blood follow Adolf Hitler spiritual lead.

41742 No.196261

I would think so, even if it would appear difficult at first. It might just be because I don't have a drop of Jewish blood in me, but I don't see any particularly good way they could make a bunch of guys donating to charity and helping the poor out as anything but that.

8cc83 No.196262

Look at what the wall s journal did to the kill stream. they made them out to be literally Hitler.

41742 No.196272

And if they did that with people performing charity, then…well, they'd be saying that performing charity is literally being Hitler. There's not really any way to bend it so that it fits their narrative.

5a5a1 No.196283

File: 1546636639361.jpeg (54.81 KB, 850x400, WhateverIsFunnyIsSubversi….jpeg)

Isn't that what we've been doing? Fifty years of protests and exaggerated propagandizing hasn't done anything compared to five years of memes and edgy humor. Why was /pol/ so attractive to us in the first place and why have memes from there spread all over the web?

We have been funnier, edgier, and more honest than our enemies and that is what attracts the youth to us, and what terrifies (((them))). The Jews had their work cut out for them when they were the subversives against boomer-tier conservatives who sought to ban everything not nailed down; now they're in that boat.

There are untold hundreds of thousands who are receptive to our message (going by Youtube where we've had some of the greatest impact), though they are not politically motivated and just want their vidya. If we keep meming, offline and online, we can readily get the majority of white Gen-Z to support us at least implicitly. Getting them to put themselves on the line and work non-democratically is tough strategically and will take a crisis.

Also keep in mind that most of Ralph's audience followed him onto Stream.me, a move that would normally cost much more. While the "WSJ kills kids" meme didn't take off, it's still a useful propaganda item and I use it to criticize the MSM publicly.

Moral purity is a key aspect to maintaining a zealous following. One must avoid scandals of all kinds and preferably follow almost monkish levels of care and asceticism. Living not for oneself but for others is the next step. Hitler was a war hero and his moral concern for his nation was more realistic in this light. People say that Trump's reputation is tarnished but there are plenty of examples of beneficence which conservatives cite to defend him. If you are perceived as a saint who can do no wrong then it doesn't matter if you're actually literally Hitler, your followers will die for you anyway. This is a cult of personality and it can be used for good.

You'll be surprised how a good act will implant itself into people's heads. Building a house or running a soup kitchen for the homeless would constitute fundamentally good acts. There is a surprising number of vets who end up on the streets, so an institution to help them would garner valuable support from veterans, for example.

54da0 No.196308

Part of the reason the tag didn't take of was due to Twitter blacklisting that shit and suppressing users. Metokur did an overview on Twitter shadowbanning not the people, but rather the loudest of members. Thus, the only way to go around it would be to spread it in other platforms where normies hopefully take notice.

d9ea4 No.196335

File: 1546647492875-0.jpg (179.67 KB, 960x960, 42766367_1874663032571205_….jpg)

File: 1546647492875-1.jpg (70.46 KB, 567x500, cops-palace-slaves.jpg)

File: 1546647492875-2.jpg (100 KB, 1024x576, 1546600146728.jpg)

A little off topic.

>There is a surprising number of vets who end up on the streets, so an institution to help them would garner valuable support from veterans, for example.

You have good intentions, but misguided.
Is not my intention to counter signal you, but truth must be told.
Vets are not innocent or victims.
They know America wasn't and isn't threatened by all those "evil" dictators or exotic people they killed by millions. They are no heroes, they signed for money and perks, to invade and plunder for the (((banksters))) benefit.
This same false narrative is pushed domestically concerning to those "in blue sacrificing and protecting our communities"; reality is that these mostly sociopaths thirty for power are serving the (((System))) and those in power, they are uncountable to the people and they main task is to keep the slaves in check.
Their paycheck and pension is their main and real motivation.

cbfdb No.196358

I wholeheartedly disagree with your statements.

d9ea4 No.196360

File: 1546654467797-0.png (310.91 KB, 1024x576, matrix pony.png)

I know, I am sure that my point of view is in direct collision course with everything most Americans believe and are proud of.
However, cognitive dissonance cannot deny facts.

cbfdb No.196362

It's a stretch to call what you stated as "facts".

d9ea4 No.196364

File: 1546655780597-0.jpg (60.1 KB, 800x332, medium.jpg)

>It's a stretch
Are you denying that ZOGbots are serving those on charge and the elite?
Are you denying that ZOGbots will attack those unwilling to comply with ZOG's rules and mandates?
Are you denying that ZOGbots are meant to keep the population compliant?
Are you denying that ZOGbots are fundamental pillar for tyranny and White Genocide?

3ed38 No.196368

When was the last time you went outside?

d9ea4 No.196369

>went outside?

cf952 No.196370

Why don't we get enougb people of any movement including normies like the yellow vest thing did, to expose that the ruling class (call them jews if your from /ourguys/, call them opressors if you're a retarted leftist) just does not care about the good of anyone but them, that they're just supporting the movement that they can explote the best, passing the laws that do benefits them, and putting everyone against anyone who challenges them?

d9ea4 No.196371

File: 1546657886050-0.png (2.02 MB, 1468x7317, Psychology of the Lemmings….png)

File: 1546657886050-1.jpg (41.67 KB, 400x259, Good morning lemmings.jpg)

>Why don't we get enougb people of any movement including normies like the yellow vest thing did
America is surrounded for an education system, media and culture destined to indoctrinate the population to consume and enjoy distractions, to pursue luxury and not to question those on charge.
Failure to comply is punished with social and economical ostracism.
Because the slaves have no higher goals than hedonism and material possessions, they are terrified to lose those things the believe are worth.
For a more comprehensive understanding of this check the Dr. Pierce guide to Lemmings.

d9ea4 No.196372

In other words.
Americans are too comfy and afraid to death to lose that status.
Yellow Vests are suffering accelerationism and because of that, they are revolting.

5a5a1 No.196388

Generally right. However, not all are bad people or are self-centered in motivation. A surprising number would likely break with the government if a civil war broke out.

This is largely why city-dwellers are much more blue-pilled than their rural or suburban counterparts and this is unlikely to change. People in the country make more valuable recruits anyway and they already have views closer to our own.

The short-term goal is to redpill as many people as possible such that when the next economic or social crisis hits (which is inevitable) we will have a large number of supporters. It is impossible for us to get people to rise up spontaneously; that needs a catalyst such as what happened in France.

Fortunately, individuals who become redpilled will tend to stay redpilled even as they hide their power level.

cbfdb No.196450

I'm denying that you provided any evidence for what you claim to be "facts". Prove that the overwhelming majority of soldiers and police are sociopathic and that they joined for money and perks instead of wanting to serve their country and their people, then we can talk seriously.

a9629 No.196603

>I'm denying that you provided any evidence for what you claim to be "facts".
Look outside your window. The anon is not mistaken.

>Prove that the overwhelming majority of soldiers and police are sociopathic and that they joined for money and perks

This line of thought also admits to ask you for evidence disproving it.
I don't know about how many sociopaths are, but I know that without goodies the ranks would be empty.

d9ea4 No.196729

File: 1546814331623-0.png (483.1 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_20190106_172905.png)

File: 1546814331623-1.png (418.74 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_20190106_172947.png)

Going back to the meme war.
I think we have a champion to support: Ocasio Cortez.
This deranged (((commie))) is the best for accelerationism.
She will bring more degeneracy, chaos, financial hardship, and violence galore as response to tyranny.
We have a very good chance she will be a precursor for civil war and then RAHOWA.

- Conservatives are Memeing Ocasio Cortez Into The Presidency

8cc83 No.196731

So i heard her nudes got released.

a8bee No.196742

Not sure we should be pushing for acceleration yet. If we can still buy some time with Trump we should be buying time.

d9ea4 No.196743

File: 1546822039014-0.png (1.32 MB, 1344x4957, canvasII.png)

>If we can still buy some time with Trump we should be buying time.
I wish you were right, but it is clear he is carrying water for a ZOG's faction and serving as a distraction.
To begin with, he deserves the same treatment he is famous for -→ "YOU ARE FIRED".
Time is running out, not only all the progressive agenda is in place untouched, but is going further non stop.
We need an edgy and "outrageous" candidate, no more optics neither compromise bullshit, just the plain unadulterated truth.
Sure, he will have no chances to win, but to create a hierarchical political framework to inject in the war to come is needed.

Screenshot sauce:

41742 No.196760

Any claim made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.
>Look outside your window.
Doing so has provided me with no evidence to back up his claims.

d9ea4 No.196858

File: 1546888152141-0.png (547.85 KB, 1346x1954, dog murdered.png)

File: 1546888152141-1.webm (18.44 MB, 1920x1080, Arkansas Deputy Shoots Ch….webm)

This is one of thousands occurrences happening everyday.
And this happen just because they can.
The outrageous part of this is not only that the citizen involved is bound to not take lethal defensive measures and submit, but that the ZOGbot's coworker stands there without to do anything at all and going along.
And going back to the topic of this thread, this matter has enormous potential to meme against the (((system))).

-Arkansas Cop Casually Shoots a 9-pound Dog
Sauce: https://reason.com/blog/2019/01/05/video-arkansas-cop-casually-shoots-a-9-p

d9ea4 No.197136

File: 1546989773433-0.jpg (45.05 KB, 480x360, not-defending-attacking.jpg)

File: 1546989773433-1.jpg (70.28 KB, 800x600, proud-to-bbe-us.jpg)

File: 1546989773433-2.jpg (130.35 KB, 640x471, puppet-govt-and-private-ba….jpg)

File: 1546989773433-3.jpg (58.39 KB, 587x468, why-hate-us.jpg)

I found some memes very "toxic" for the average NPC believing the military is protecting America and the soldiers "sacrificing" themselves by their country.

b0ebd No.197138

It's going to be a tough battle. (((They))) underestimated us last time, and have been upping their game ever since to compensate.

b8912 No.197701

File: 1547184323166.jpg (50.58 KB, 500x374, 1515533906017-2.jpg)

Well what would be a good replacement for the police? Should every town have their own militia?

b8912 No.197704

Speaking of hiding your power level I was almost fired last week because I revealed what they called and i fucking quote: "Dangerous Opinions" unquote.

db76d No.197712

What did you say?

b8912 No.197718

I simply said that if you come to this country illegally then you don't deserve to be here and that goes for the children too.

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