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File: 1545906976694.jpg (728.98 KB, 1280x829, 1505643500105.jpg)

a6f6f No.194816[Last 50 Posts]


>Latest interviews with Assad
>Live MAPS

>Fan maps


>SE Syria Dec 25
>Yemen Dec 25
>Idlib Dec 18
>Libya Nov 3
>Iraq Jun 14

Devs Dec 25
>SAA seizes large weapons cache left behind by militants in Daraa
>Crimean leader invites Assad to attend Yalta conference
>US Coalition airstrikes pave way for new SDF advance in Deir Ezzor
>Large convoy of Turkish-backed rebels head to Manbij
>Christians forced to flee ISIS spend another Christmas in IDP camps
>Trump:Saudi Arabia agrees to fund reconstruction of Syria
>Iraq denies sending army to replace US forces in Syria
>Kurdish official:Turkey is not serious partner in fight against IS
>Turkish FM:Netanyahu tried to split Syria up
>No consensus among Arab League states to lift Syria’s suspension
>Turkey encourages France to get out of Syria
>SAA strikes militant positions in southeastern Idlib
>Large attack in Kabul leaves at least 43 dead. Taliban demands us withdrawal from Afghanistan

Prev: >>190983

c5fc9 No.194818

Parade of SAA units preparing to enter Manbij:

c5fc9 No.194819

Special task forces
Military intelligence division

a6f6f No.194820

So, race is about to start.

c5fc9 No.194821

But wait, there's more!
>Amaq reports about sticky bomb attack in Manbij yesterday which was confirmed by local sources also

fd8a3 No.194837

File: 1545923916457.png (190.06 KB, 1025x1024, HiTrump.png)

The gainz

85268 No.194838

File: 1545923916517.webm (613.92 KB, 480x348, Lawgoy.webm)

Thanks for baking

85268 No.194839

File: 1545923994195.jpg (33.17 KB, 648x455, 1526318348698.jpg)

>SDF has began storming Al-Kishmah village

>ISIS and SDF killing each other

Given the current situation, I won't pretend to know why they are doing this… but I'm not complaining.

c5fc9 No.194841

Trump wasn't fucking around for once when he said the pocket would be gone in 30 days.
In other words, the burgers are forcing SDF to do it somehow.

fd8a3 No.194842

File: 1545925040814.jpg (45.21 KB, 483x676, beontherightsideMAGA.jpg)

SDF are considered terrorists to the RuF. Getting the fuck out of there avoids direct war with Russia and possibly diplomacy, while the Jews die. WIN/WIN situation

c5fc9 No.194843

Speaking of Kishmah, i wonder how the frontlines to the east of it looks like.
There was reports two days ago of fighting in Sha‘fah or atleast the outskirts and that SDF made their way there through the desert (duhh).
Controlling the cliffs overlooking Kishmah and Sha‘fah would give SDF good vantage points over the towns speeding up the capture.

c5fc9 No.194844

>SDF are considered terrorists to the RuF
I'd say you're over exaggerating.
>Getting the fuck out of there avoids direct war with Russia and possibly diplomacy
Out of Hajin? I dunno man.
>while the Jews die
If only.

fd8a3 No.194845

File: 1545925910555-0.png (122.5 KB, 932x857, tolietsparkle.png)

File: 1545925910555-1.png (94.61 KB, 626x348, suckit.png)

Bullshit fucking Sweed, It's official military policy of the Russian Federation to treat the SDF as terrorists

1256c No.194846

File: 1545926453364.jpg (57.48 KB, 964x526, 1545748838947-0.jpg)

> It's official military policy of the Russian Federation to treat the SDF as terrorists
sauce me on that because this pic seems to say the opposite

78bcd No.194847

File: 1545926798654.jpg (40.7 KB, 785x720, 123456465756756.jpg)

>Bogdanov: "Russia is also ready to mediate between Damascus and the Syrian Kurds in the northeast who have been under U.S. protection, to allow for the return of Syrian government troops and the eventual withdrawal of Turkish forces"
Activate it.

85268 No.194849

File: 1545927087455.jpg (53.15 KB, 600x600, lennon.jpg)

>UAE re-opens its embassy in Damascus after 7 years
Yes, also an Egyptian delegation is helping too. The wheels are in motion!

fd8a3 No.194850

File: 1545927185518-0.png (220.21 KB, 628x460, fuckofzion.png)

>not wanting to die to Russians
Yeah nice try jew.

c5fc9 No.194851

File: 1545927269427.jpg (81.69 KB, 783x590, 1544780863259.jpg)

>It's official military policy of the Russian Federation to treat the SDF as terrorists
I suppose you have the documents in front of you?

fd8a3 No.194852

File: 1545927349852-0.jpeg (35.6 KB, 580x491, fuckoffisrael.jpeg)

No and fuck off

c5fc9 No.194853

>Daesh raided SDF positions near Shafah. There is an SDF buildup in this area.
I suppose that answers the question, SDF has outposts, maybe not on the very edge of the cliff, but nearby.
If ISIS doesn't do more of these raids to keep SDF away, SDF could cut off Kishmah from Sha'Fah.

c5fc9 No.194854

>IS claims attack on #SDF positions NE of Shafah
Northeast of Shafah eh, i'm willing to bet it's around the Sha'fah hillside expansion area:

c5fc9 No.194857

>The SDF have entered Kashmah. Heavy fighting is occurring with losses on both sides.
ISIS finally running out of steam or are they waiting for the weather allah to bail them out again?

c5fc9 No.194890

c5fc9 No.194892

File: 1545942449199.jpg (83.68 KB, 442x691, DvcqZYSWoAAu5Uf.jpg)

>Reports from Euphrates Activist today
Weird ass reports

aa946 No.194904

Absorutery shamfur dispray.

aa946 No.194906

Yo dawg, I heard you like civil wars

aa946 No.194912

File: 1545956851216-0.png (1.11 MB, 2810x2564, Technicolor Afghan Warmap.png)

File: 1545956851216-1.gif (773.73 KB, 2810x2564, AFG(S) Dec 25 - Dec 27.gif)

File: 1545956851216-2.png (559.5 KB, 5792x3664, Afghan Districtmap.png)

File: 1545956851216-3.gif (755.82 KB, 5792x3664, AFG(D) Dec 25 - Dec 27.gif)

>#AlKhandaq 31 #Kabul administration army, police & arbaki workers left enemy ranks & joined Mujahidin in Mardeyan district #Jowzjan over the past few days. Officials of Preaching, Guidance & Recruitment Commission welcomed them & eased them into civilian lives.

Afghan Shitmupdates

1256c No.194930

can someone screencap me this guys first page
>yes i'm restricted because of cuck cencorship laws
>we 1984 now

78bcd No.194931

File: 1545962105935.jpg (32.69 KB, 600x485, 12345646546456.jpg)

>>we 1984 now
This is the future you chose.

1256c No.194933

File: 1545962172258.jpg (35.79 KB, 480x720, 1543918614712.jpg)

> you chose
>implying i chose it
i chose this one :^)

78bcd No.194934

Whatever subsidies your melatonin, Doc.

1256c No.194936

can you deliver the screencap or is your country cucked too?

78bcd No.194938

File: 1545962492470.jpg (266.28 KB, 1375x985, 1232543534534.jpg)

Here you go.

1256c No.194939


78bcd No.194940

What you got in mind this time?

1256c No.194941

i was reading some of the comments to this and saw the disabled comment

78bcd No.194942

I see. Big Brother is ever watchful.

1256c No.194943

funny how these tweets aren't blocked in the so called dictatorships that amerimutts try to subvert
big think

2994f No.194996

#Manbij is under control by the Syrian Arab Army #SAA

#SAA entered the city at 6:00 AM local time.
Large units from the 1st 5th Divisions and the Republic Guards took control of the city, with units from the Russian Army
The #Syria/n flag can be seen waving over the governmental buildings in #Manbij


any confirmation on this?

c5fc9 No.195013

>We invite the Syrian government forces to assert control over the areas our forces have withdrawn from, in particularly Manbij, and to protect these areas against a Turkish invasion.

2994f No.195015

aa946 No.195025

File: 1546001209687-0.png (1.41 MB, 2510x2186, Techincolor Syria Warmap.png)

File: 1546001209687-1.gif (937.2 KB, 2510x2186, SYR Dec 26 - Dec 28.gif)

A lot of conflicting reports - some are saying SAA hasn't even entered the city (Ivan), while others are saying Manbij is under full SAA control (Watanisy)

aa946 No.195026

>To-date #USA still maintains two military bases in #Manbij: Aoun dadat and S'aydiyeh. Now in #Manbij there are the #Syrian #Russian and #USA flags.


aa946 No.195027

>FSA National Army announces its full readiness on the borders of the city of Manbij east of Aleppo to start military operations.

At this point, they're a broken record.

aa946 No.195028

File: 1546003174036.png (34.11 KB, 200x151, zem_151.png)

BEIRUT, LEBANON (2:50 P.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has yet to enter the city of Manbij in the northeastern countryside of the Aleppo Governorate, a military source in the area told Al-Masdar News this afternoon.

According to the military source, the Syrian Arab Army is deployed at the outskirts of Manbij, but they have not been given clearance to enter the city from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The source said that a joint Syrian Arab Army and Russian military delegation did enter Manbij to meet with the Syrian Democratic Forces, but they have since left the city and returned to the nearby town of Al-Arimeh.

He would add that their troops are currently on standby and awaiting orders to enter the city.

Earlier today, it was reported that the Syrian Arab Army had entered the city and began securing the area; however, it appears that the military has only deployed to the outskirts Manbij.


aa946 No.195029

>Turkish State Media Exposes Alleged Locations Of French Military Facilities In Syria
As for locations of the bases, Anadolu Agency reported that France backs the YPG/PKK under the pretext of the International Coalition against ISIS. For that purpose it maintains a presence in the northern town of Ain al-Arab (Kobani); the Mistanur Hill and Sarrin districts; the town of Ain Issa; the Lafarge concrete plant in the village of Harab Isk; the Raqqa military base; the Kahar military site; the Tabqa Airbase; and in parts of Manbij.

France reportedly has artillery batteries south of Deir Ezzor’s Kabiba Oilfield, whose auxiliary buildings house French military personnel. It has artillery batteries and has position Special Forces in and around the Kahar Oilfield in Deir Ezzor’s eastern Mayadin district.
>read more in link

85268 No.195033

File: 1546007503739.png (334.38 KB, 618x688, 1485225463509.png)

>Tahrir Al Sham announces the death of 5 of its members after being shot by the fire from of Jabal Azza west of Aleppo
JEJ, Remember lads, no matter what's happening, you can always count on rebel infighting to brighten your day..
At this point the Kurds are asking for it
>SAA generously offer to act as shields for the SDF against the Turks in Manbif
>Kurds don't let them into the city.

85268 No.195034

File: 1546007697933.jpg (80.66 KB, 400x400, 1544452994867.jpg)

Thanks Ebin!
>mfw I won't have to do much of the work for the upcoming Turk vs. Kurd gif, like I did with Daraa
>mfw I can mooch off your effort again!

c5fc9 No.195039

File: 1546014436472-0.jpg (163.96 KB, 1199x734, DvgYTKXWwAAPM1A.jpg)

File: 1546014436472-1.jpg (260.86 KB, 824x1200, DvgYQUIXcAAsTRF.jpg)

New map.
Confirms my theory about the fighting near Sha'fah is at the Sha'fah hillside expansion area.

c5fc9 No.195040

File: 1546014594259-0.jpg (108.43 KB, 1024x683, DvhCvloXQAYHiXZ.jpg)


94c33 No.195041

Wait, is that actually the size of the land they're claiming?

c5fc9 No.195042

Latakia belongs to the K Û R D

c5fc9 No.195043

>Car bomb explosion in Manbij apparently. With soldiers being the victim

1256c No.195047

>we wuz rote of all civilizashun
>uses latin alphabet
very cringe

2994f No.195049

>about Manbij
>army still in surroundings and not enter the city yet
>sorry for previous


1256c No.195054

care to explain the show of pure autismo?

2994f No.195055

needed some real time Finnish translation
google translate a shit

1256c No.195056

>wasting time on foreign thots that can't even english

fd8a3 No.195057

File: 1546024383506.jpg (82.65 KB, 686x960, 1536419059867.jpg)

2994f No.195058

File: 1546024613060.png (119.63 KB, 1000x1000, 478 (1).png)

they cute

1256c No.195059

any pic/nudes?

2994f No.195060

can't take a screenshot without snap notifying them and getting blocked
no nudes anyway, but average fingolian looking

1256c No.195061

>can't take a screenshot without snap notifying them
what about taking a pic of your phone with a camera or another phone or even webcam

2994f No.195062

don't have any other camera around, sorry
'twas a fun experiment but oh well

1256c No.195063

oh well

2994f No.195064

>SAKike unironically turned rogue

1256c No.195065

what were you discussing?

2994f No.195066

asked him why he's encouraging the Portuguese
said it's time to end this place (as in the country).

1256c No.195067

i see
ask him if he has plans to flee from SA considering the escalating tensions

2994f No.195071

didn't answer
memed anti boer stuff yesterday tho

1256c No.195073

i thought most jews fled SA after the apartheid ended
also how likely is a diaspora to be speaking hebrew?

2994f No.195074

>i thought most jews fled SA after the apartheid ended

>also how likely is a diaspora to be speaking hebrew?

usually uncommon but I think he lived here for a while IIRC.

1256c No.195075

btw you wouldn't happen to have family from/living in switzerland?

2994f No.195076

mmm nope, why?

1256c No.195077

just thought you might you have some due to your ancestry
i consider moving to switzerland

c5fc9 No.195078

>IS claims its presence inside Manbij
T*rkey and GASsad BTFO

2994f No.195080

File: 1546029859614.jpg (441.45 KB, 1024x683, 8360586997_e6ce86e6c7_b.jpg)

nah, I wish. heard even with EU passport it's hard to migrate into, correct?

tired of la france?

1256c No.195081

> heard even with EU passport it's hard to migrate into, correct?
although not part of EU they have a lot of treaties that makes them very close to EU countries
for instance they're part of schengen which makes it possible to go there without visa as long as you have EU passport
>tired of la france?
>no minimal income, all healthcare is fully privatized, retirement pension are mostly privatized

6d12a No.195082

Just get PL papers it's easy af.

2994f No.195084

File: 1546030565067.jpg (212.69 KB, 1173x714, steven1964-1477970132-Euro….jpg)

>although not part of EU they have a lot of treaties that makes them very close to EU countries
right. I'd go for it for the scenery only if I had the means.

>>no minimal income, all healthcare is fully privatized, retirement pension are mostly privatized
Isn't Switzerland one of, if not the most expensive countries out there though? whatever you'll gain in salary and benefits you'll mostly waste in various expenses.

1256c No.195086

> if not the most expensive countries out there though?
norway is far worse though, not sure about sweden
>whatever you'll gain in salary and benefits you'll mostly waste in various expenses.
yes and no
sure cost of life is higher, but at the end of the day you have a better purchasing power than your neighbors (france germoney etc)
also no retarded subsidies healthcare/gibsmedats etc
but you don't need to live there to make big bucks though
there's a group of people called "frontaliers" here in france who work in switzerland but live in france they have the best of both worlds

2994f No.195088

>sure cost of life is higher, but at the end of the day you have a better purchasing power than your neighbors (france germoney etc)
Hmm, I see.

>there's a group of people called "frontaliers" here in france who work in switzerland but live in france they have the best of both worlds

Oh right, I didn't even consider that. if you can travel by car in reasonable time back and forth it sounds like a viable plan.

aa946 No.195111

Well, the thing is, the YPG has already (last I checked, I was in rush) withdrawn so there's really no need to occupy Manbij itself.

aa946 No.195112

>Correspondent of "Aleppo Today": pro-Assad force withdraw its forces from the villages and the town of Arima in the western countryside of Manbij towards the crossing of Taheeh south of the city


aa946 No.195113

>NEW: Trump has NOT made a determination to pull troops from Afghanistan or issued any order, contradicting widespread reports last week that 7,000 troops would be withdrawn

double wat

aa946 No.195121

File: 1546050728297.jpg (43.68 KB, 639x480, db20c77e-73bc-4fa1-87e4-dd….jpg)

>mfw I open up the Warmap

aa946 No.195122

File: 1546051475512-0.png (1.41 MB, 2510x2186, Techincolor Syria Warmap.png)

File: 1546051475512-1.gif (1.37 MB, 2510x2186, SYR Dec 26 - Dec 28.gif)


aa946 No.195123

File: 1546051861045-0.jpg (162.77 KB, 1037x607, DvhiKXQX4AEjxXN.jpg)

aa946 No.195124

File: 1546051910916.jpg (2.4 MB, 3054x3395, 1-227.jpg)

>no second pic

94c33 No.195125

Cheeky fucking cunts, those K*rds.

1256c No.195126

>hey guise we're willing to surrender…
>…our territories bordering turkey :^)
>retards araps take the deal
assad confirmed for unironic cuckold and brain damaged

aa946 No.195128

I dunno, I'm thinking wikipedia fucked up (again, jej). See these >>195123
Surrendered some territories, but leaving the north open for attack.

1256c No.195129

>Surrendered some territories, but leaving the north open for attack.
>inb4 because they knew that the attack was coming from here and roaches didn't gather any troops for the other border

aa946 No.195131

>Damascus and the SDF are working on more surprises, away from a political agreement, which will allow the Kurdish force to maintain its structure as for now, likely until the war on the ground ends.

inb4 it never ends

aa946 No.195133

f18b0 No.195143

Dugin is Dugin, most modern Western labels don't describe him. Eurasianism/4th Position corresponds most closely to National Bolshevism but without the symbols and irony.

Dugin is painted as a scary ideologue behind Putin in the West but I doubt he actually has so much influence. Putin is a pragmatist and I doubt Russia will become some neo-USSR.

85268 No.195145

File: 1546074305247-0.jpg (27.66 KB, 261x150, zzzz.jpg)

File: 1546074305247-1.jpg (23.41 KB, 400x400, spongebob2.jpg)

Are you sure that SAA troops have entered all towns on the border to the Euphrates?
The sources I've seen have them about this far?
What sources told you this?

c5fc9 No.195146

It's probably bullshit, doubt the SAA would go all the way to the Euphrates on such a thin line without supply lines through Manbij.
Besides, the frontlines north of Manbij are along a river, doubt the t*rks will launch their TFSA offensive starting with crossing a river.

c5fc9 No.195152

File: 1546089499075-0.jpg (155.93 KB, 1200x899, DvlfL25X4AEDtQS.jpg)

File: 1546089499075-1.jpg (166.81 KB, 1200x899, DvlfMYZWkAAtn4C.jpg)

c5fc9 No.195153

>MMC still control Manbij, SAA deployed from Arimah until Awn Dadat along Sajur river frontline with Turks

1256c No.195161

>and I doubt Russia will become some neo-USSR.

c5fc9 No.195165

Is the insurgency so strong on SDF's side of the river because it's easier for ISIS to recruit arabs to fight k*rds/burgers than it is to get them to fight the government?
Is it because the mukhabarat is doing such a good job, or just SDF/burgers doing a sloppy job (maybe intentionally even)?

85268 No.195166

2994f No.195172

aa946 No.195180

These are the sources Wikipedia used

Interesting. Was their label of "Putin's Rasputin" accurate?
Also, what did you think about the catch 22 the article mentioned: Attack Putin, and he gets stronger; Help Putin, and he faces a real threat of being ousted?

aa946 No.195181

>#Iraq will start rebuilding al-Nuri the great mosque in #Mosul (known by its leaning minaret, nicknamed "the Hunchback", al-Had'ba') the place where Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi announced his caliphate in 2014 and has lost it in 2017.

aa946 No.195184

File: 1546103380123.jpg (59.17 KB, 516x541, 93.jpg)

>Radio translation:
>Manbij is back to the bosom of the dear homeland. Men of the 1st Division are on the norther border strip of Manbij. From the Euphrates until Al-Areime. Congratulations to all of you men. Please stay cautious and alert. Repel any Turkish group which tries to advance towards this line. God keep you and protect you, and congratulations.

So, SAA has Manbij City and the northern strip?

aa946 No.195185

>This video was uploaded yesterday. The rally is said to have taken place in the village of Jaayfiyah al-Mashi located in SDF-land, SE of Manbij.

>Originaly uploaded with this title: Villagers of d village of Al-Mashi in rural Manbij welcome the entry of the SAA to their village.


aa946 No.195186

aa946 No.195188

Until the writing of this text (16:00, Friday), the SAA forces have not entered the city of Manbij, and all the news about the SAA forces entering the city is lie or incorrect.

On Friday, The General Command of the Syrian Armed Forces, with publishing a statement, gave news about Syrian army forces entering the city of Manbij in northeast of Aleppo province

An important news which led to a vast wave of reactions from media activists; but the truth is a little bit different from what is published in the news.

The issue of SAA’s presence in regions, which are under the control of the Kurds around Manbij and eastern Euphrates, have a long history. The important point is that the Syria’s kurds have never destroyed all the bridges behind them for negotiating with Damascus, and the negotiations, despite its up and downs, have always been going on.

Also during these past days because of the things that happened and the current changes in the region, Kurd’s negotiations with Damascus have entered in a new chapter and different than what have been going on before.

Although the details of the negotiations have not been published officially, however, understanding it, based on field changes, is not a difficult task for those who follow the developments of Syria.

It seems that agreement between the government and the Kurds will implemented in couple of stages and every stage will be dependant on joint decisions and according to existing capacities, and until it is executable.

So in its first stage we witnessed the campaign of Syrian Army towards the town of Arimah in west of Manbij; during the many denies (that the SAA is not present) the SAA’s forces deployed in Arimah.

Of course last year in March the SAA forces have been deployed in western countryside of Arimah in order to prevent the influence of Turkey’s militias, which back in those days they were advancing towards Arimah under the Turkish army’s operation called “Euphrates Shield”. so the presence of Syrian forces around Arimah was not a new subject, and isn’t.

And in the second stage of agreement between Syrian government and the Kurds, the SAA forces have strongly began their next step towards entering the city of Manbij and they will deploy in contact lines of Kurds (Manbij Military Council) with Turkey’s militias in northern areas of Manbij. the strong step of SAA is the published announcement of the General Command of the Syrian Armed Forces!

Until the writing of this text (16:00, Friday), the SAA forces have not entered the city of Manbij, and all the news about the SAA forces entering the city is lie or incorrect.

Today a delegation of Syrian and Russian forces entered the city and talked with “Manbij Military Council” members and left the city once the talks ended, but the SAA forces have not yet entered the city.

Although the people in the city are hoisting the flag of Syria on the roof of their houses, and obviously the SAA will enter Manbij.

In fact, The Syrian Armed Forces with publishing an official statement, saying that the army have entered Manbij, made Turkey and Erdogan to understand and warned them that the government is determined to take back the occupied regions, and the way for another foreigner to enter Syria is closed.

So that was the reason that Erdogan today, after this news, stated that the SAA have began a psychological warfare inside of Manbij, and that the parties must not do provocative actions.

He said that our goal is to give YPG a lesson, and we don’t want to disintegrate Syria, and if the threats from terrorist are neutralized, we are gone!

On the other hand, the official account of YPG published a statement, saying that YPG forces have retreated(or will retreat) from western Euphrates and handed it to Syrian army.

Maybe the Kurds have learned their lesson from Afrin…

According to the information at hand, the further stages of the agreement between the Kurds and government, will include eastern Euphrates and the control of these regions will gradually goes back to government. Of course it is to soon to talk about this and the quality of its implementation, we must wait and see what happens.

aa946 No.195189

>Senior Russian And Turkish Officials Finish Talks On Syria In Moscow

Senior Russian and Turkish officials held a meeting on the Syrian crisis in Moscow on Saturday. The sides discussed anti-terrorism issues, the withdrawal of U.S. forces and the political process in the country.

The Turkish side was represented by Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, intelligence chief Hakan Fidan and presidential aide Ibrahim Kalin, while Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu, chief of General Staff Valery Gerasimov, Presidential Envoy for Syria Alexander Lavrentiev, and presidential aide Yuri Ushakov represented Russia.

Following the meeting, Cavusoglu praised the Russian-Turkish cooperation on Syria and said that both counties will continue to work together to defend Syria’s “territorial integrity and political unity.”

“We will continue close cooperation with Russia and Iran on Syria and regional issues,” the Turkish Anadolu Agency quoted Cavusoglu as saying.

From his side, Lavrov said that the high-level Russian-Turkish meeting was “very useful” and confirmed that the two side discussed several issues in Moscow.

“Following the agreements, which were reached by our presidents, we discussed further steps to implement those tasks, which were outlined in the Astana format, primarily in the context of fighting terrorism, resolving humanitarian issues and creating conditions for refugees’ return,” the Russian foreign minister said, according to the Russian news agency TASS.

Both sides have not commented on the situation in the Syrian area of Manbij, where Turkish forces and Russian forces are now deployed. This may indicate that Moscow and Ankara have failed to reach an understanding on the issue, as for now.

aa946 No.195192

File: 1546105916176-0.png (1.11 MB, 2810x2564, Technicolor Afghan Warmap.png)

File: 1546105916176-1.gif (775.2 KB, 2810x2564, AFG(S) Dec 27 - Dec 29.gif)

File: 1546105916176-2.png (560.46 KB, 5792x3664, Afghan Districtmap.png)

File: 1546105916176-3.gif (747.7 KB, 5792x3664, AFG(D) Dec 27 - Dec 29.gif)

Afghan Shitmupdates - Taliban presence in Shinwari District of Parwan

aa946 No.195193

File: 1546106202478-0.gif (3.6 MB, 300x300, 1512448115197.gif)

BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:15 P.M.) – The spokesperson for the People’s Protection Units (YPG), Nuri Mahmoud, told Rudaw News on Saturday evening that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) will not enter Manbij city.

“We have just called on the Syria Army to come and protect the territorial integrity of the Syrian land and our talks have been in this context, not for them to enter Manbij city,” he told Rudaw News.

“The Syrian army is not going to enter Manbij city or its surrounding villages. There are no Syrian troops at the moment inside Manbij city,” Mahmoud he continued.

“They are going to be stationed outside the cities to protect the integrity of Syria,” he said.

In regards to the U.S. military’s withdrawal from Manbij, Mahmoud said they have not received orders on how to leave or when to leave.

“Until now there have been no practical steps made by the Americans to withdraw from northern Syria, it is just a decision,” he said.

“The Americans have not even received advice as to how they should withdraw and from where,” Mahmoud added.

aa946 No.195194

The Syrian army will remain around Manbij until the full withdrawal of the #US forces from their base around the city. It was also agreed that no #YPG armed militants will be present in the city and around it #Syria.

I hate it when there are these conflicting reports…

313b5 No.195199

I honestly have no idea. I don't live in Russia and stayed there only a few months. Putin may be influenced by Dugin but is far from being an active proponent or avatar of his beliefs. It's like asking if Bannon is Trump's Rasputin (which is actually considered by the paranoid Left).

The Catch-22 is accurate. The Russian people are extremely nationalistic, to the point that it's proven difficult to suppress fascist groups in Russia despite the All-Russia People's Front being an effective outlet for nationalism. Despite this, Putin does want good relations with the West for economic reasons; despite the hype China, central Asia, and the rest of BRICS make poor trade partners.

But really, I'm not much more well-informed on this than any other American.

94c33 No.195205

I honestly have no idea anymore about what's going on where in Syria.

aa946 No.195209

I see. Thanks for the insights.

>Looks like there is a Race going on to Visit #Syria. Now We have a Flight from Naples, #Italy to Aleppo, #Syria (Based on its flight path) & Back.


fd8a3 No.195211

File: 1546113414655-0.png (89.86 KB, 1919x1077, WWJew.png)

File: 1546113414655-1.png (1.12 MB, 3000x4000, syrianhorsepussy.png)

Papa Roach Vs. Bibi, when?

aa946 No.195215

File: 1546114923188.png (180.17 KB, 500x465, great.png)

>In the last two weeks, every time I talked with one of my sources he shock me with good news, I honestly don't know what I should write and what not, but trust me, things are even better than what they seem, and on all fronts.

pic related, lel

aa946 No.195216

File: 1546118117457-0.png (722.76 KB, 3210x2767, Technicolor Yemen Warmap.png)

File: 1546118117457-1.gif (510.99 KB, 3210x2767, YEM Dec 25 - Dec 29.gif)

File: 1546118117457-2.png (46.49 KB, 1601x1027, Yemen Districtmap.png)

Yemen Shitmupdates - Saudis create kotel near Harad and advance in al-Jawf
The ISIS/AQAP pocket in Bayda gets even more messed up.
And AQAP pops up in NE Abyan.

I found a Districtmap for Yemen. My autism compels me to make a Yemen Districtmap. I must do research.

aa946 No.195225

File: 1546123877328.png (71.53 KB, 1602x1028, Yemen Districtmap.png)


1256c No.195226

isn't socotra actually directly controlled by UAE instead of hadi?

aa946 No.195227

I dunno, Wikipedia's got it marked as Hadi-controlled. It's been like that for a while. I'll do some research on it.

4b9bc No.195228

aa946 No.195230

Thanks anon.

1256c No.195231


aa946 No.195235

File: 1546133406148.png (71.07 KB, 251x251, 1512336709327.png)

>Kremlin Confirms Syrian Army Deployment In Manbij As More Troops Head Towards City
Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Kremlin, confirmed on December 29 that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) was deployed in the northern city of Manbij, according to the Russian news agency Sputnik.

A day earlier, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) announced its withdrawal from Manbij and called on the SAA to protect the city from Turkey’s threats. The army responded within few hours and deployed a large force in the outskirt of the strategic city.

“No doubt, this is a positive step towards stabilizing the situation,” Peskov said back then.

However, US-led coalition denied any changes in military forces in Manbij. Furthermore, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan questioned the army’s announcement and called it a “psychological operation.”

Despite the denial of the US-led coalition, whose forces are still in Manbij, many videos and photos showing Syrian and Russian forces in the outskirt of the city were released by pro-government sources.

In fact, on December 29, the Syrian pro-government al-Masdar News blog reported that more forces, this time from the SAA’s 4th Division, were deployed near the northern city.

The tension around Manbij is not expected to develop into a military confrontation due to the presence of Russian and American forces. However, this situation may not last for long.

So they're present in Manbij, but also not present in Manbij?
Are the Russians and Syrians bullshitting to keep Erdogan from moving in? But that wouldn't make sense either because of the Russian-Turkish summit that was held today (Sat for non Burgers) - all Putin had to do to stop the offensive was throw up a red light.
What the bloody is going on here?

1256c No.195236

you're witnessing classic maskirovska

aa946 No.195237

Ye, I know. But for what purpose?

1256c No.195238

buying time obviously

aa946 No.195239

>But that wouldn't make sense either because of the Russian-Turkish summit that was held today (Sat for non Burgers) - all Putin had to do to stop the offensive was throw up a red light.
Unless Erdogan's crazy enough to move in and risk getting bombed by Russians/Syrians.

1256c No.195240

>all Putin had to do to stop the offensive was throw up a red light
yeah i'm sure making it plain and evident that you have nothing on the ground and only """threats""" or airstrikes is going to stop erdogan the mad sultan for having his way anyways
that's where maskirovska comes into play

aa946 No.195241

Eh, good point.

>Syrian al-Watan newspaper is reporting that the SAA was deployed in the SDF-held Tishreen dam on the Euphrates River. The strategic dam is located east of Manbi. SDF will supposedly release a statement on the issue within hours.


756c3 No.195275

85268 No.195290

File: 1546179941170.jpg (29.16 KB, 640x519, thinking.jpg)

Guys, I've just realized something. Trump's decision to withdraw from Syria is, as we all know, a good thing, and as such I was looking forward to the "I told you so" phase as the neocons and neolibs (especially in the media) are confronted with the fact that peace will return to Syria and that their policies have been retarded the whole time.

But I've now realized that this is never going to happen…
His decision will never be vindicated as the media point to the handover of Kurdish land to Assad as "Thrackerzod's decision is helping an ebil dictator." If anything, this will be a counter example used by war hawks in the same way that we point to Libya or Iraq.

Trump will take a big hit for this no matter how well it turns out for Syria and it's just not fair.

1256c No.195291

1256c No.195292

>Trump will take a big hit for this no matter how well it turns out
all this text to state the obvious
he's used to being shat by MSM on so it doesn't affect his choices anymore

aa946 No.195293

>Egyptian security officials visited Manbij after the US announced withdrawal, and after the UAE reopened its embassy in Damascus. It was part of a last-ditch effort to replace American troops with Arab forces friendly to Damascus & the Kurds


85268 No.195294

File: 1546183416866.jpg (87.39 KB, 1245x1207, 22zq01.jpg)

Egyptian pro-SAA, pro-SDF militias standing against pro-rebel Turkish military.
Of course! It's so obvious now! Why couldn't I see this earlier?

aa946 No.195296

>AQ linked militant Abu Julaybib al-Urduni killed in #Syria possibly in #Daraa by security forces

please be shitduni

85268 No.195298

File: 1546183724980.jpg (31.07 KB, 480x480, 34280625c561f4a7ee9f56cb08….jpg)

>Germany's Angela Merkel and Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan discussed developments in Syrian, war on terror in phone call
Fuck off Merkel! Nobody likes you!

85268 No.195299

File: 1546183791401.gif (404.49 KB, 342x342, 1386378654236.gif)

>HTS sends military reinforcements to the outskirts of Darat al-Izza after tensions with Nureddin al Zinki.

aa946 No.195300

File: 1546184761743-0.png (1.11 MB, 2810x2564, Technicolor Afghan Warmap.png)

File: 1546184761743-1.gif (777.13 KB, 2810x2564, AFG(S) Dec 29- Dec 30.gif)

File: 1546184761743-2.png (560.81 KB, 5792x3664, Afghan Districtmap.png)

File: 1546184761743-3.gif (748.67 KB, 5792x3664, AFG(D) Dec 29 - Dec 30.gif)

Taliban are in Adraskan District of Herat.
Pingu, you think they're advancing on Herat now like they were on Maymana, Ghazni, Farah? It would certainly tie into their endgame of capturing the CS around the provincial capitals and waging the battles to take and hold the provincial capitals throughout 2019-202X.

aa946 No.195321

File: 1546194993768-0.png (1.41 MB, 2510x2186, Techincolor Syria Warmap.png)

File: 1546194993768-1.gif (937.76 KB, 2510x2186, SYR Dec 28 - Dec 30.gif)

Syria Shitmupdates - gov't takes over Tishrin Dam, SDF takes Kashmah and moves into Shaafah.

>At the early morning, Russian warplanes intercepted an Israeli ELINT plane escorted by warplanes over northern Lebanon.

>Sorry that I couldn't provide details earlier, but the interception occurred off the shores of Lebanon. Russian warplanes were seen flying at top speed and low level over Tartus towards the Lebanese shores in the early morning.

aa946 No.195334

Turkey has ordered Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups deployed on the frontlines around the northern city of Manbij to withdraw and end the state of emergency, the Syrian Step News Agency reported on at the late hours of December 30.

According to the pro-opposition news agency, Ankara backed-off from its plans to attack the strategic city, which is held by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), as a result of the high-level Russia-Turkish meeting that was held in Moscow two days ago.

Earlier this week, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) announced its withdrawal from Manbij and called on the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) to protect the city from Turkey’s threats. The army responded within few hours and deployed a large force in the outskirt of the strategic city.

However, U.S. and French forces didn’t withdraw from the city. Later, a local official said that the SAA was deployed only on the front lines with Turkish-backed forces and said that the city is still under the control the local Manbij Military Council (MMC).

Local observers believe that the presence of U.S. force, French forces, Syrian military forces and even Russia forces around Manbij may have deterred Ankara and forced it to cancel its plan to attack the city.

fd8a3 No.195364

File: 1546243190541.png (174.23 KB, 1280x906, Syriana.png)

What the hell did Lindsey Graham mean by "Trump 'slowing down' withdrawal of troops from Syria".

fd8a3 No.195366

File: 1546243411796.jpg (23.44 KB, 310x220, Consider.jpg)

>Trump takes a hit
If you are an U.S, citizen and still can't realize fucking zionism is ruining the country, you are fucking retarded.

645f4 No.195396

File: 1546273201037.jpg (57.24 KB, 1080x607, DvwQmCJX4AARPnV.jpg)

You said it yourself it ties in their strategy to control areas surrounding the provincial capitals and controlling the ring road. But in what time frame will they make a more determined push I have no idea.


>#Taliban captured military officer Vassnad Askari in Shahrak district #Ghor


>#ANDSF op in Tishkan district targeted #Taliban commander Qari Sher Ahmad but #IEA denied that he was killed #Badakhshan


Taliban released a map indicating the territory they control and some details.

645f4 No.195397

>Taliban leaders met Iranian officials in Tehran on Sunday

1256c No.195399

fd8a3 No.195401

File: 1546273754023-0.png (298.26 KB, 655x480, killthemall.png)

File: 1546273754023-1.png (1.49 MB, 3000x4000, syrianacheer.png)

Wonder how (((they))) will spin this. Even though it's brokering some type of "peace" in the region.

28e3d No.195404

>majoosi stronk!
>proceeds to beat up some random afghaniggers
>no profit

1256c No.195497

can't make that shit up
>The Western pattern diet (WPD) or standard American diet (SAD)
>By contrast, a healthy diet

1256c No.195515

>The J-10 is externally similar to the IAI Lavi. In 2008, aviation publishing house Jane's alleged that China's development of the Chengdu J-10 had benefited from technical information from the Lavi project, citing senior Russian engineers who said they had heard this from Chinese colleagues

why do your people do this JJ? what do you get from it?

aa946 No.195546


1256c No.195548

take it with a grain of salt
if ANA made the map it would be all white

aa946 No.195551

File: 1546303967471.jpg (426.55 KB, 1212x1048, WEW.jpg)

>In the year 2018, a total of 10638 attacks were carried out by Mujahideen against invaders and their hirelings from which 31 were martyr operations which resulted in the death of 249 US and other invading troops and injuries to 153 along with death toll of 22594 inflicted on Kabul administration troops, intelligence operatives, commandos, police and Arbakis with a further 14063 sustaining injuries.
Huge if factual, considering Kabul suffered death tolls of 10,000 per year since 2018.

85268 No.195552

File: 1546304159793.jpg (17.28 KB, 413x395, z1.jpg)

More like "Ka-boom!"
Am i rite guis???

1256c No.195554

File: 1546304267038.png (196.68 KB, 540x315, 1528723828064.png)

this is a very shitty start for 2019

85268 No.195555

quads say otherwise!

94c33 No.195558


85268 No.195559

File: 1546304663217-0.jpg (137.67 KB, 764x654, zzzz.jpg)

File: 1546304663217-1.jpg (22.52 KB, 385x385, pepe.jpg)

i - is this true?

aa946 No.195560


fd8a3 No.195568

File: 1546308202640.jpg (33.78 KB, 717x531, jewboy.jpg)

It's Lindsey Graham spouting shit from his jew masters. He does not speak for Trump. Only Trump speaks for Trump. He will find out the hard way as all jews will.

eabe4 No.195571


aa946 No.195583


Do you think I should update the wikipedia warmap using these figures?
Keep in mind, I'll be counting 96% and above control as full control (Icon will be solid dot instead of contested gif)

1256c No.195587

nah 2biased4me

aa946 No.195588

Alright, that's one vote against, waiting for others.
If Pingu says no, then I won't do it.

1256c No.195590

taliban didn't make sacrifices for this gay shit :^)

aa946 No.195591

File: 1546315508261.jpg (5.33 KB, 250x201, 888888.jpg)

Shut up Doc, we're not Taliban. Nor are we in Afghanistan.

1256c No.195592

File: 1546315587882.png (45.84 KB, 355x354, 1525812407987.png)

>we're not Taliban

aa946 No.195593

File: 1546315635699.jpg (11.81 KB, 355x258, 519752031.jpg)

More like

1256c No.195595

>repdpills his entourage about the taliban
>is a de facto spokesperson/propagandist of taliban in USA
>not taliban

aa946 No.195596

File: 1546315886651.png (222.08 KB, 2075x1064, 604888.png)

aa946 No.195603

File: 1546319321635.png (557.26 KB, 5792x3664, Taligigglers Claim for Afg….png)

I finished mapping out their claim per this source: https://justpaste.it/3ipps
Spread this propaganda responsibly.

aa946 No.195604

Now, time for real Shitmupdates
>>#Taliban captured military officer Vassnad Askari in Shahrak district #Ghor
I'm gonna pass this one. A kidnapping/capturing doesn't equal contested district. People can get disappeared in Kabul city without Taliban controlling parts of it.
Ok, I'll do this one.

1256c No.195605

File: 1546319815557.gif (741.6 KB, 5792x3664, 1546184761743-2.gif)

>*teleports all around you*
>everything personal kuffar

aa946 No.195606

aa946 No.195609

File: 1546321930011.jpg (57.21 KB, 640x480, Up_Spongebob.jpg)

/(ml)sg/, want to make bets on which province in Afghanistan will come under complete Taliban control first?
My money's on Helmand.

aa946 No.195610

File: 1546322187770-0.png (1.11 MB, 2810x2564, Technicolor Afghan Warmap.png)

File: 1546322187770-1.gif (777.48 KB, 2810x2564, AFG(S) Dec 30 - Dec 31.gif)

File: 1546322187770-2.png (560.24 KB, 5792x3664, Afghan Districtmap.png)

File: 1546322187770-3.gif (748.89 KB, 5792x3664, AFG(D) Dec 30 - Dec 31.gif)

Final Afghan Shitmupdates for 2018

aa946 No.195611

File: 1546322941161-0.png (1.41 MB, 2510x2186, Techincolor Syria Warmap.png)

File: 1546322941161-1.gif (937.81 KB, 2510x2186, SYR Dec 30 - Dec 31.gif)

File: 1546322941161-2.png (141.98 KB, 2124x1854, Technicolor Syria Road Map….png)

Final Syria Shitmupdates for 2018

aa946 No.195612

File: 1546323017929-0.jpg (17.72 KB, 400x303, sb_008.jpg)

With this, I bid you adieu, goodnight, and happy new year.

85268 No.195642

File: 1546334264691-0.jpg (42.17 KB, 500x500, zzzz.jpg)

You will probably be right, but to be different, I'll guess either Badghis or Ghazni.
Thanks Ebin
Happy new year

1256c No.195660

File: 1546350706324.jpg (58.36 KB, 900x900, 1528359657229.jpg)

>I bid you adieu
wait what? are you an heroing yourself?

2994f No.195661

You rang?

1256c No.195662

2994f No.195664

File: 1546353651693.jpg (147.72 KB, 624x375, btsvsvx2_hhks.jpg)

ah sorry, missed the post.

I don't know if it's true. if it is, I guess probably as payback after the Americans forces IAF to cancel Lavi and Kfir and buy their F-16's and F-15's.
And you know, good ole' greed. I bet the chinks pay good.

2994f No.195665


1256c No.195666

but wouldn't emboldening china be naturally against your interests?
pretty sure that tchayna having these new techs will only mean seeing them in the hands of iran/iraq/syria etc in a matter of years
>inb4 it's "let's support iran in iraq-iran war" type of shortsightedness

c5fc9 No.195667

File: 1546354308458-0.jpg (246.16 KB, 1064x885, Dv1StNCXgAMfsHo.jpg)

File: 1546354308458-1.png (212.91 KB, 343x432, 1497705500682.png)

>#HTS has reportedly captured the locations of Taqad, al-Sadiyah and the mountaintop of Sheikh Barakat, which at some point hosted a #Turkey military base.
>Next target would be the Zenki stronghold of Darat Izza with unconfirmed reports that HTS has already captured a HQ there
>Al Habatah village W of Aleppo City was also taken by the HTS.
>Video from Shaych Barakat hill in the hands of HTS

2994f No.195668

File: 1546354491442.jpg (22.08 KB, 506x208, 6vXpbGd.jpg)

IDF commanders are too arrogant to care, they think they're invincible. especially with anything involving IAF. but really who knows, it hurt the reputation with the U.S, so it probably wasn't worth the shekels.

1256c No.195669

>IDF commanders are too arrogant to care
isn't there a time where they're supposed to realize that the iranian threat isn't a joke? or maybe do they think arab incompetence applies to iranians too?

2994f No.195670

Oh yeah, but IIRC the OG accusations about the china stuff came out somewhere the 80's, before Iran was a threat. lavi and kfir are outdated by now.
Also I think China hacked the F-35 blueprints long time ago, they probably know everything they need.


1256c No.195671

>China hacked the F-35 blueprints long time ago, they probably know everything they need.
interesting times we have ahead of us
btw redpill me about conscription in israel, how come it's so long and yet there hasn't been much to try to reduce it to 1 year? isn't there good economical arguments to reduce it considering you're "at peace" far longer than you're engaging an actual war?

1256c No.195672


2994f No.195673

> how come it's so long and yet there hasn't been much to try to reduce it to 1 year?
Men 3 years, girls 2. I think they shortened it by a few months for most non combat roles guys too awhile ago.

>isn't there good economical arguments to reduce it

Nah, the pay is complete shit. like, laughable. even for combat units. it's modern slavery, they use most troops to build/paint/repair infrastructure anyway. the service is too much of an ingathering experience of all different racial/class groups to ingrain you into society and brainwash you, so most people left and right support conscription. also everyone is paranoid that if you'd turn it into a professional service no one would enlist and in time of need there wouldn't be enough men to fight.

1256c No.195674

by economic argument i meant having the new working population enter the labor market earlier than when they're forced to do 3 years of underpaid slavery
>if you'd turn it into a professional service no one would enlist and in time of need there wouldn't be enough men to fight.
just do like in america, have universities charge overpriced prohibitive fees and make a system where the state pays for your university if you enlist :^)
or more seriously do like in switzerland where they chop up the conscription in periods of few weeks over the years up until the individual complete the whole cycle (at around the age of 30 yo)

aa946 No.195675

Nah Doc. If I was gonna do that, I wouldn't be vague at all.
Thanks lad.

aa946 No.195677

>#IEA started large scale offensive on Sayyad district with big push towards #Saripul provincial capital. Several villages and CP's already fell, more then 40 soldiers killed and wounded along with 3 commanders. Local authorities are pleading for help #Afghanistan

"Help us, help us"

2994f No.195679

>by economic argument i meant having the new working population enter the labor market earlier than when they're forced to do 3 years of underpaid slavery
Oh yeah, I totally support that. I guess it's just too much ingrained into society at this point. any attempt to change it is taboo.

>have universities charge overpriced prohibitive fees

don't worry, they do.

> where they chop up the conscription in periods of few weeks over the years up until the individual complete the whole cycle

Plausible idea, but most people just wanna get it over with as quickly as possible. it should be privatized with good pay and benefits.
demographics is the core issue. not enough people to get around it.

b3e48 No.195680

File: 1546358772512.png (60.54 KB, 222x348, YellingAnonfilly.png)

>discussing the best path Israel should take
>not wishing maximum suffering and penury on Jews

1256c No.195683

thanks for the insights

2994f No.195685

File: 1546360687072.jpg (172.35 KB, 1024x768, Dv1s2V_W0Ak12NZ.jpg)

aa946 No.195688

If the Taliban make a big push to capture the CS around Herat City and then stop after succeeding towards that goal, I predict Kandahar will be next.

c5fc9 No.195689

File: 1546361733091-0.jpg (98.35 KB, 880x1123, Dv1cWxBWsAA0V_K.jpg)

>Heavy clashes between HTS and the Zenki criminals on the entire wastern flank of Daraat izza now, after HTS controls Qaturah

c5fc9 No.195691

File: 1546362148254-0.jpg (120.19 KB, 895x1114, Dv1bDUzXcAAgQou.jpg)

>Busratoun is in the hands of HTS after heavy clashes with the criminals of Zenki
>Its between HTS and Zenki only because Zenki killed 5 men in cold blood
Zenki finna get dabbed on

c5fc9 No.195692

File: 1546363294674-0.jpg (501.85 KB, 1909x1440, darat.jpg)

>Al-Sadiyah, Al-Habatah, Jabal Sheikh Barakath and Qatarah were captured by HTS today. Tuqad and Ajael were already under HTS control. basicaly Zinki and friends got beaten by HTS again as it was in previous cases (infightings)

2994f No.195695

#Syria: Zinki (part of #NLF) is mobilizing heavy weaponry incl. its homemade APC as infighting renewed with #HTS today in Darat Izza.

Zinki lost at least 1 technical during infighting with HTS today

c5fc9 No.195698

>incl. its homemade APC
Scuffed Kobra will win the battle

c5fc9 No.195702

HTS fan-account says Zenki lost the battle and fled Darat Izza

2994f No.195706

File: 1546368322411.jpg (56.64 KB, 750x421, Dv2ESdSWoAAKHFs (1).jpg)

>#Syria's Hayat Tahrir al-Sham releases photos in control of Sheikh Barakat mountaintop after capturing it after clashes with Nour al-Zenki in western #Aleppo,#Idlib,#Syria

2994f No.195708

1256c No.195711

do you people think that the diplomatic crisis between Libya and switzerland (and thus to a certain extent the whole EU) played a role in the decision to create the civil war in libya?

cdf4b No.195713

The jews killed Gaddafi and threw Libya into Chaos to Further their agenda of invading Europe with (((their))) Shitskin cousins.

c5fc9 No.195715

>According to a local source #HTS has received intelligence info before attacking Zinki & allies that #Turkey & Rebels are preparing a wide scaled assault on seizing most of HTS held areas in South western #Aleppo & northern #Hama.

aa946 No.195717

File: 1546372750974-0.png (1.11 MB, 2810x2564, Technicolor Afghan Warmap.png)

File: 1546372750974-1.gif (777.31 KB, 2810x2564, AFG(S) Dec 31 - Jan 1.gif)

File: 1546372750974-2.png (556.91 KB, 5792x3664, Afghan Districtmap.png)

File: 1546372750974-3.gif (746.05 KB, 5792x3664, AFG(D) Dec 31 - Jan 1.gif)

Afghan Shitmupdates: New Year Edition
>Ghazni Capital is contested again
>Samangan capital district is contested
>Taliban advance in Jaji district of Paktia

aa946 No.195718

I'm gonna wait until the infighting dies down for the day before Syria Shitmupdating.
It'll look more epic that way.

1256c No.195719

>I'm gonna wait until the infighting dies down
see you in 2020

aa946 No.195721

Alright, if there's no more infighting within the next hour, I will Shitmupdate

c5fc9 No.195722

1 - Mount Sheikh Barakat
2 - the city of Daraat Izza
3 - Saadia
4 - Ghazel village and its strategic hill
5 - Busratoun
6 - Tuqad
7 - Fidarah
8 - only road leading to Afrin and the citadel of Samaan (Simeon)
9. Al-Habata checkpoint
10. Zaatar checkpoint
All locations:
Can't find the Zaatar checkpoint and he must've forgotten about Qaturah (included in the wikimapia link.

aa946 No.195726

File: 1546377390817-0.png (1.41 MB, 2510x2186, Techincolor Syria Warmap.png)

File: 1546377390817-1.gif (937.51 KB, 2510x2186, SYR Dec 31 - Jan 1.gif)

Falck it, early Shitmupdate

cb5cb No.195728

File: 1546377583876.png (280.84 KB, 1142x525, 177.png)

>A kidnapping/capturing doesn't equal contested district. People can get disappeared in Kabul city without Taliban controlling parts of it.
True but they do control part of Shahrak district

also shouldn't Tishkan be placed between Kishin and Darayim in the maps >>195610 (as shown in pic)

aa946 No.195730

Damn, the coordinates are impossible to find.
I'll have to look with wikimapia.
>True but they do control part of Shahrak district
Ah, thanks Pingu!

aa946 No.195731

Wait, it's not wrong coordinates for Tishkin, it's wrong coordinates for Kishim, lol.

aa946 No.195733

File: 1546380607329-0.png (1.11 MB, 2810x2564, Technicolor Afghan Warmap.png)

File: 1546380607329-1.gif (777.75 KB, 2810x2564, AFG(S) Dec 31 - Jan 1.gif)

File: 1546380607329-2.png (557.43 KB, 5792x3664, Afghan Districtmap.png)

File: 1546380607329-3.gif (746.79 KB, 5792x3664, AFG(D) Dec 31 - Jan 1.gif)

Reupdated Afghan Shitmupdates

aa946 No.195734

File: 1546380965218-0.png (1.41 MB, 2510x2186, Techincolor Syria Warmap.png)

File: 1546380965218-1.gif (937.34 KB, 2510x2186, SYR Dec 31 - Jan 1.gif)

Reupdated Syria Shitmupdates

aa946 No.195751

File: 1546391268057.jpg (40.68 KB, 699x366, Monster Energy.jpg)

Btw, if any of you ever drink (((Monster))), cease and desist.

94c33 No.195779

Why would I drink something that tastes like complete and utter ass?

c5fc9 No.195786

>Approximate map of all positions HTS captured from Zenki in W-Aleppo until now. (white area) Deir Simeon, which connects W and N-Aleppo, is in danger of falling in HTS hands.
>HTS are breaking into the Shaykh Suleiman army base east of Darat Izza
>HTS captured Makbas, east of Darat Izza
>Kafr Tin north of Darat Izza
>HTS enter Urem al-Kubra west of Aleppo as part of agreement with village elders and have stormed houses of 8 NFL-affiliated militants and executed them

c5fc9 No.195788

>Video from Daraat Izza and a Zenki BMP captured by HTS

28e3d No.195789

To think they used to be good friends.
Oh well.

c5fc9 No.195790

File: 1546438490707-0.jpg (82.63 KB, 1199x510, Dv6VjvzWsAIc5vz.jpg)

>HTS has cut the road between Khan asal and urem al kubra

85268 No.195791

File: 1546438836597.jpg (31.51 KB, 480x270, popcorn.jpg)

Thanks for the updates, Snus!
This is great news.
Whenever it's HTS vs. NFL, I always hope HTS wins! (Hopefully with many deaths on both sides)

c5fc9 No.195792

File: 1546439332788-0.png (489.87 KB, 604x488, 1540588786718.png)

File: 1546439332788-1.jpg (12.44 KB, 191x207, 1540492565931.jpg)

Indeed, seems HTS won't accept a peace deal with Zenki now like so many times before, exposing how weak T*rkeys proxies really are.
Kind of odd how the rest of the NLF won't intervene, does Zenki really control all this territory alone?
Maybe it's because they're all around Manbij now..

c5fc9 No.195793

>HTS is in complete control of Khan al Asal
Fucking hell lmao

c5fc9 No.195794

>The withdrawal of Kurdish combat units from the Manbj area to the eastern shore of the Euphrates River
Uhh, Syrian MoD just posted this…

85268 No.195795

I wonder if he means the entire area west of the Euphrates or just Manbij city.
Enormous if accurate!

85268 No.195796

*either way

c5fc9 No.195797

File: 1546440197472-0.jpg (1.71 KB, 125x125, 1544114460517.jpg)

No idea, it looks like they're passing over Tishrin dam though.
It's straight from the Syrian Ministry of Defense yo

c5fc9 No.195798

File: 1546440297663-0.jpg (146.95 KB, 851x1124, Dv6c3llX4AAs1nF.jpg)

>Ahrar sham and Suqour Sham tried to aid Zenki with an attack from Masaran, but they failed
Speak of the devil

28e3d No.195799

File: 1546440549978.jpg (77.01 KB, 1024x543, 121342346674.jpg)

Based HTS killing turkoids proxies so Assad can retake every inch of Syria.

85268 No.195800

File: 1546440674253.jpg (64.96 KB, 660x330, zzzz.jpg)

>Syrian Ministry of defense.
Nice, although say what you will about the SAA being based and honest, I just… I just don't trust what this guy says 100% tbqh.
HTS have always been /our rebels/

28e3d No.195801

File: 1546440955083.jpg (125.58 KB, 600x350, 200_virgins_I_shit_you_not.jpg)

Well they have best preacher with them!

c5fc9 No.195804

>Ahrar al-Sham and Suqour al-Sham are now sending many fighters to help their child-beheading allies of Nour al-Din al-Zenki against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham

28e3d No.195805

S-save the child beheaders of Syria!

85268 No.195807

>The National Front for Liberation(NLF) seized Maasran in Idlib from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham(HTS)
>Violent clashes between the Hayʼat Tahrir al-Sham and the Ahrar Al Sham on the international highway near the town of Hish in the southern countryside of Idlib
So NLF is making some counter atacks, it seems.

c5fc9 No.195808

>Ahrar has started liberating villages that were already under their control?
Maasran was already under their control lel

85268 No.195809

File: 1546443202221.png (84.04 KB, 657x600, 1519426776879.png)

kek. I see.
This was the source that hohol used for that claim:
Very pro-Rebel source.

I'll try not to post their propaganda without checking any more.

c5fc9 No.195810

File: 1546443380896-0.png (37.18 KB, 986x995, 1540476490454.png)

Don't worry fren
Propaganda wars between your adversaries are always hilarious

c5fc9 No.195811

>Ahrar al-Sham is attacking the HTS south of Maarrat al-Numan along the M5 near the town of Hish. Clashes ongoing.
>lol, this is an invitation to the HTS to take Maarrat al-Numan.

28e3d No.195812


c5fc9 No.195814

>Hurass al Deen allegedly entered the battle and is clashing with Ahrar al Sham in the southern Idlib CS.

c5fc9 No.195816

>Ahrar Sham tried to attack the city Saraqib but they failed

2994f No.195817

File: 1546448140441.jpg (100.56 KB, 960x540, Dv60BMxXgAA63tc.jpg)

“ I thought he was going to invite me over for some Vodka, it ended up that he's a bigger Mate drinker than I am.
General Abdelqader of the Russian military police. #Idlib


2994f No.195818

c5fc9 No.195820

NLF/TFSA propagandists damage control

c5fc9 No.195824

>Sheikh Fayiq Ayed Al-Duif of the tribe of Al-Bujabir, appeals to the leader of the homeland and the Syrian Arab Army to intervene quickly and liberate the province of Al-Raqqa.
>“Bujabir” tribe inhabits the area from Heneida village to Mansoura

c5fc9 No.195826

File: 1546450487402-0.png (2.11 MB, 803x688, 1499340653762.png)

>NLF claims to have arrested many #HTS members in Idlib and Saraqib
>In the attempt of Ahrar to attack Saraqib 15 fighters of Ahrar were captured by HTS

c5fc9 No.195829

>The PKK/YPG have withdrawn now from Manbij towards Qura Qozaq bridge.
>Only the SDF Manbij Military Council members remain, who are all sons of Manbij.

c5fc9 No.195830

>IS released the video of drive by on Marwan Fatih SW of #Hasakah from couple of days ago

2994f No.195831

Activist :
Eye witnesses from the Assadiya village east of Manbij confirm the departure of 40 vehicles belonging to SDF from the mills towards Tishreen dam. Dozens of units were aboard of them this afternoon.

c5fc9 No.195832

>Video from Ash Shafah by Hajin Magazine. Significant portions of the town are in SDF control.

2994f No.195836

Sporadic clashes between the National Front for Liberation and HTS on Saraqeb's outskirts. At the same time with the latter's implementation of a curfew inside the city.

2994f No.195837

The British Embassy in Damascus is reportedly being refurbished and will be re-opened soon

2994f No.195838

Abu Issa Al-Sheikh, commander of the Suqour Al-Sham (Levant Eagles) announces battle against Jolani's gang ( HTS ) from Jabal Al-Zawiyah

c5fc9 No.195840

c5fc9 No.195841

>#Raqqa (VIDEO) Statement by the Bu-Mane clan urging President Assad to send the Syrian Arab Amy to free the province of Raqqa as soon as possible
>he spoke on behalf of all the clans of Raqqa. He asked President Assad to send the Syrian Army to liberate Raqqa province as soon as possible from "American colonialist backed terrorists". He says Raqqa suffered a lot from SDF and ISIS.

c5fc9 No.195846

File: 1546454357810-0.jpg (30.37 KB, 480x640, Dv7PWNTU8AANFE7.jpg)

File: 1546454357810-1.jpg (34.57 KB, 480x640, Dv7PWNSVYAEGFX2.jpg)

c5fc9 No.195849

>Some 500 people displaced by terrorism returned to their villages through the Salhiya corridor in Deir al-Zour

c5fc9 No.195850

>The national army in the north of Syria denies the rumours spread by Zenki that they will aid them against HTS
>Zenki uses false reports to raise moral in their ranks

2994f No.195851

File: 1546454695862.jpg (222.97 KB, 1143x657, Dv7R9n0W0AYfBGg.jpg)

MAP: Clashes btwn Nour al-Din al-Zenki Movement & #HTS near the city of Khan al-Asal #Aleppo #Syria

2994f No.195853

ISIS crosses Euphrates to kill over 20 Syrian Army soldiers

BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:10 P.M.) – The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) terror group launched a surprise attack last night that targeted the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) troops west of the Euphrates River.

According to a Syrian military source in the area, the Islamic State terrorists began their operation last night by crossing the Euphrates River and landing in the Deir Ezzor Governorate village of Al-Siyal.


2994f No.195855

#Breaking| #Trump said that Washington wants to protect the #Kurds even if American forces pull out of #Syria

c5fc9 No.195863

File: 1546455744166-0.jpg (42.09 KB, 750x422, 1546201958621.jpg)

That bulge to Turmanin is unlikely to be a real thing. HTS fans claim Turmanin is in HTS hands and there's no supply routes to that town for Zenki.
Also i haven't seen reports of HTS capturing Kafr Naha/Al Halaqim, only capturing Khan al-Asal and
Urm al-Kubra, far too big to have gone unreported imo.

c5fc9 No.195867

File: 1546456377604-0.jpg (172.7 KB, 1072x614, Dv7Y6jiWoAEaneL.jpg)

>#Aleppo : #HTS captured Tallat an Nabi Nu`man & Dayr Simeon, Makbas, Urem al-Kubra & Khan al-Asal from #NLF

28e3d No.195872

2994f No.195873

File: 1546457781671.png (190.88 KB, 460x480, Emoji_Icon_-_Thinking_larg….png)

Trump on Iran’s role in Syria: “they can do what they want there, frankly”


c5fc9 No.195878

>Algerian regime sends 50 floating pontoon bridges to the Syrian regime in what it describes as "non-military aid".
Based Bouteflika

1256c No.195884

File: 1546459405308.jpg (58.93 KB, 910x752, 1527797416305.jpg)

here we go again

c5fc9 No.195889

File: 1546459993346-0.jpg (74.43 KB, 380x467, 1489518195438.jpg)

The crusader regime of Abdelaziz "wh*teoid" Bouteflika is known for being oppressors of innocent moslems.

c5fc9 No.195892

>The revolutionary and civilian administrations in the city of Idlib and its countryside, invite the people tomorrow, after Asr prayer, to demonstrate in all regions to emphasize the objectives of the revolution and to direct its force to the Regime and reconciliation seekers

c5fc9 No.195903

c5fc9 No.195905

File: 1546466483678-0.jpg (136.1 KB, 1432x1198, innit.jpg)

>A delegation of Anbar elders went to Tehran asking for their support against terrorism in the governorate

2994f No.195909

No Syrian military offensive planned in Idlib province – source

BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:45 P.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has no plans of launching a large-scale offensive in the Idlib Governorate of northwest Syria at this time, a military officer in Damascus told Al-Masdar News this evening.

Speaking to Al-Masdar on the condition of unanimity, the source said that the Syrian military’s next planned offensive will take place in the Badiya Al-Sham region between the provinces of Deir Ezzor and Homs.

When asked if there are any plans to launch an offensive in the Idlib province, the officer responded ‘no’, adding that the Russian and Turkish forces in Syria are working to handle the situation diplomatically.


c5fc9 No.195911

File: 1546467191583-0.jpg (28.39 KB, 450x450, 1546199263753.jpg)

>Russian and Turkish forces in Syria are working to handle the situation diplomatically

c5fc9 No.195929

File: 1546469931733-0.jpg (30.21 KB, 345x295, Dv8OlCOWkAEFOsy.jpg)

c5fc9 No.195936

File: 1546472799360-0.jpg (555.62 KB, 2541x1791, whatis.jpg)

God damn i hate the topo maps from topographic but it's the best i can get… Here's a crude snusmap.
Been checking out reports from https://twitter.com/syria_map + taking >>195929 into account.
Seems like Zenki are totally cut off from any land routes to fellow T*rkish proxies.

2994f No.195946

#Syria #Idlib
activist :
A convoy of HTS / Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham has left Khan Sheikhoun and is heading toward Al-Tamana to join the fight against the National Front for Liberation / Jabhat al-Wataniya lil-Tahrir / #NFL

aa946 No.195948

Wew, the absolute state.
Shitmaps will be coming in 10-20mins.

aa946 No.195949

File: 1546479468805.png (550.24 KB, 600x580, mfw Jihadi Civil War.png)

aa946 No.195950

File: 1546480225328-0.png (1.41 MB, 2510x2186, Techincolor Syria Warmap.png)

File: 1546480225328-1.gif (937.38 KB, 2510x2186, SYR Jan 1 - Jan 2.gif)

Syria Shitmupdates

aa946 No.195969

1256c No.195970

File: 1546488275892.jpg (98.23 KB, 1200x675, Dv7J9dqXgAA0-XT.jpg)

>yfw taliban are coming but HQ isn't answering to your request for reinforcements

aa946 No.195971

File: 1546488371307-0.jpg (1.33 MB, 1422x1422, 1483800099608.jpg)

I knew you would get a kick out of that pic.

aa946 No.195973

File: 1546490594015-0.jpg (17.44 KB, 500x349, 2975537988.jpg)

>#News During the year 2018 a total of 8010 soldiers & police surrendered to Mujahidin, surrendering 1120 unit heavy/light weaponry along with 53 APCs & pickup trucks.

>Death toll of 22,594
>Injury toll of 14,063
Add 22,594 to 8010, and that's 30,604 losses - not including injured - for the gov't.
For reference, the gov't lost around the same amount over the course of 3 years from 2015-2018.

>In a report released on Tuesday, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, or SIGAR, said the number of forces in the Afghan National Defense and Security forces (ANDSF), which includes the army, air force and police, totaled an estimated 296,400 personnel as of January. That was a drop of 10.6 percent compared to the same month in 2017.

>The authorized strength of the ANDSF is 334,000 personnel.

296,400 - 30,604 (assuming the losses the Taliban claim to inflict on the ANDSF weren't already being inflicted as of date of that 296,400 figure (Jan 2018) = 265,796. Which means 10.32% losses, not including injured.
Now, we add in injured: 22,594 + 14,063 + 8,010 = 44,667 losses inflicted on the ANA as it existed in Jan 2018 over the course of 2018.

296,400 - 44,667 = 251,733. Which means 15.06% losses on the ANDSF as it existed in Jan 2018 over the course one year!

334,000 - 251,733 = 82,267 total losses assuming ANA started at full strength (334k). Which means a total of 24.63% losses, with 61.14% of those losses (15.06%) being inflicted over the course of one year!

c5fc9 No.195985

c5fc9 No.195990

c5fc9 No.195991

File: 1546495256701-0.jpg (57.57 KB, 481x640, Dv8UAkqX0AYlXXt.jpg)

>on the road to Qabtian and Ainjaraat (Anjarah)

c5fc9 No.195996

>HTS-Zinki Round 3 hasn't started yet, however, reports came out about clashes in the southern Idlib countryside between HTS and Ahrar al-Sham of the NLF, in the following villages:
>If the news is accurate about the last two villages - these are the first clashes between local militants on the Shashabo mountain since they reached peace in July 2017.
>See our thread on yesterday's false reports in southern Idlib countryside:
>Pro-NLF media had reported that the NLF captured Masaran, Jaradah, Babila, Khan as Subul
>These villages have been under NLF for months, and were under JTS (Ahrar al-Sham and Zinki movement) before NLF was formed. This is not only according to pro-HTS media - it is seen on all our past maps of Idlib and our colleagues even reported when JTS captured it (Feb. 2018)

c5fc9 No.196002

>Masaran, Jaradah, Babila, Khan as Subul
>It was reported that HTS and Ahrar al-Sham clashed in the villages Juzif and Ain Larus.
>Local sources strongly denied it
>Only confirmed news about inter-rebel fighting in Idlib province is the report of HTS and Ahrar al-Sham exchanging fire in the Khan Shaykhoun region, in the Basidah and Hish villages, where local militants have clashed for months

tl;dr: t*rkish proxies are lying their ass off to damage control

c5fc9 No.196007

c5fc9 No.196009

File: 1546501318320-0.jpg (1.33 MB, 2451x1831, pincer.jpg)

>After capturing the villages to its south, HTS now prepares to storm the Zinki stronghold Shaykh Suleiman army base
Look at that pincer though.
Beginning to look like HTS will control all of the Aleppo suburbs by the end of the week.
Focking wew

c5fc9 No.196010

c5fc9 No.196011

c5fc9 No.196012

c5fc9 No.196013

File: 1546503161989-0.jpg (105.65 KB, 1024x768, 1503140131442.jpg)

>Breaking: HTS media: Dozens of villages in the countryside of Hama were captured from Ahrar al-Sham militants.

c5fc9 No.196020

There's tons more reported in Hama and Idlib but i won't post it because i cba to discover what was controlled by who before this frenzy started.

40a92 No.196030

>wait for party in the east of Syria
>annudah part of Idlib soap-opera

aa946 No.196031

File: 1546523822302.png (162.86 KB, 401x535, Idlab.png)


aa946 No.196032

File: 1546523879709.png (8.5 MB, 2451x1831, Allab.png)

Shitmaps in the evening when I get off work.

85268 No.196033

Looking forward to them. I've been uploading my own Idlib edits to wikipedia for the last few days and whenever I see your shitmaps here (normally posted a few hours later) I think to myself "holy shit, I've missed so much!"
It's all so hard to keep track of everything…
Haha. Which side are you going for?

aa946 No.196034

HTS. I want to see Idlib turn "white".

85268 No.196035


c5fc9 No.196039

File: 1546530093635.jpg (243.08 KB, 1200x1200, Dv_ffKeXcAA_xWh.jpg)

>HTS controls Maklabis and Blinta
>HTS controls the Hilltop East of Blinta
>HTS controls Arhaal (al rihal??? can't find it…)village in west Aleppo countryside
>Selfie video from inside Qilah showing that the territory Qilah and Salwa that was taken by Hamza brigade is back under HTS control
>HTS clashing with NLF at Bashqatin, A'ajel, and Kafr Nasih in the Aleppo area.
>HTS captured this APC from Suqour sham

c5fc9 No.196040

File: 1546530264370.jpg (525.59 KB, 2369x1819, aeou.jpg)

c5fc9 No.196041

>The video shows the arrival of the American patrol at a point of the 1st Armored Division yesterday on the outskirts of Manbij, where it was said that the American patrol had requested that the Syrian flag be removed, which was rejected.
>U.S. unit commander asked to hold a meeting in the position with the Syrian officer, who refused to invite them to a cup of coffee

c5fc9 No.196042

Video of BTFO Suqur al Sham militants in southern #Idlib

c5fc9 No.196044

File: 1546531357695.png (498.82 KB, 640x586, 1498595202667.png)

>After refusing to remove the flag and stressing that he would die before letting them remove it, the U.S. commander told officer Mohamad Salum that he respects his honor and that he will leave, but he asked for a souvenir, so Salum gave him a photo of Bashar al-Assad

85268 No.196045

File: 1546531513672.png (314.13 KB, 402x390, kek.png)

Actually kek'd

c5fc9 No.196046

c5fc9 No.196048

>The Muslim Brotherhood branch in Tunisia, Al-Nahda released an official statement, in which they called for the return of Syria to the Arab League. Al-Nahda is very close to Saudi Arabia who won it over, which confirm again that KSA is playing key role in these efforts.

e5027 No.196050

File: 1546534816651.png (731.19 KB, 823x768, 1534605457742.png)

It will only mean the offensive in Idlib will kick off sooner

c5fc9 No.196052

File: 1546535242355.png (19.39 KB, 495x433, 1499195638071.png)

Worst case scenario however is T*rkey joining the fray, defeating HTS and taking complete control or downright accept the outcome and defending HTS from SAA.

c5fc9 No.196053

>HTS confiscated a van belonging to Liwa Samarqand who are part of the euphrates shield groups in northern Syria

e5027 No.196054

File: 1546535680978.png (954.23 KB, 768x1000, race to al bab.png)

>Watermelon seller entering the bazaar
If that's the case, it might end up like another race to Al-Bab, with both sides scrambling to eat up as much as they can.

85268 No.196055

>The glory days of /sg/ memes

85268 No.196057

File: 1546537119860.png (412.21 KB, 470x470, leo.png)

>Go the 4/sg/ for the first time in 3 months
>They happen to be talking about me
>Gay hans tells them that I died in a car crash

c5fc9 No.196058

>both sides scrambling to eat up as much as they can
*watermelon posts blocks your way*
Shitty /soc/ general as usual. Sigh.

e5027 No.196060

File: 1546537455705.png (637.04 KB, 960x598, I'll watch Syria, you watc….png)

*teleports behind posts*
heh, nuthin' personnel kid

c5fc9 No.196061

>In a statement, #HTS said: "we promise our Zenki brothers at the frontlines against #SAA that nobody will harm you. We will also guarantee you safe supply lines".
>There is a will of cease fire it seems.

c5fc9 No.196062

e5027 No.196063

>shitty /soc/ general
all I did was post a nate .gif and it turns into /soc/

Do you think this is going to turn into something more than what it is? Or do you think there is going to be another ceasefire within a couple of days/weeks like there has been the last couple of idlib civil wars?

c5fc9 No.196064

Putins new BFF won't be happy.
I don't know man, the original beef was only Zenki vs HTS and i assume that's why things have been going so well for HTS.
They might cool down if all of NLF gets involved but for now it seems like western Aleppo (not including ES-areas) will go to HTS.
We'll see if NLF will escalate, grabbing all of W Aleppo is a massive move, NLF/T*rkey accepting that outcome would be megacucked.

40a92 No.196065

>>Gay hans tells them that I died in a car crash
Off to bros for BBQ?

c5fc9 No.196078

>New convoy of +100 HTS vehicles have entered Dana (heading) for the last stand in Qabtan (Qabtian) and Ain Jaraat (Anjarah)

c5fc9 No.196084

>All the rumours and news about a ceasefire between HTS and Zenki are not true. Fighting continues

c5fc9 No.196085

File: 1546548510544.gif (2.63 MB, 312x312, 1499258453973.gif)

>Zenki is calling civillians through loudspeakers of mosques in Kafr Daal and Ain Jaraat to please join the fight against HTS

c5fc9 No.196087

>NLF releases a statement warning all groups and individuals not to help Zenki against HTS

40a92 No.196088

1256c No.196089

these shartlets really take the whole "muh demuttcracy" too seriously

38e90 No.196090

File: 1546549579838.jpg (24.8 KB, 400x386, 1500238425924.jpg)

>He thought Nate actually died in a car accident

2fec7 No.196092

File: 1546550064260.jpg (37.06 KB, 529x665, Thats a nice boipussy you ….jpg)

1256c No.196094

File: 1546550365594.png (22.65 KB, 400x400, 1527197385228.png)

we have a cuckshed for them
>After abandoning thousands of sub-Saharan migrants in the Sahara desert, Algeria has now deported Syrian refugees to Niger.

1256c No.196096

not the first time it happens
it's an old tradition
>broke: let's use the sahara to exploit solar energy
>woke: let's use the sahara as a death camp for the unwanted

2fec7 No.196098

c5fc9 No.196099

c5fc9 No.196107

File: 1546557821473.gif (55.71 KB, 460x405, 1499194266981.gif)

>The National Liberation Front (NLF) regains control of the Al-Rahal Association west of Aleppo after violent clashes with HTS
Seeing only pro-NLF reports from this source, sooo… Probably fake news.

2fec7 No.196108

>#Taliban night raid on 2 police stations in Pul e Khumri. At least 10 policemen were killed

1256c No.196113

how's life so far with khan?
any major changes?

c5fc9 No.196117

>Deralzour, Eastern countryside:Popular rallies in support of President Bashar al-Assad in the town of Marat in the countryside of the eastern province

aa946 No.196118

File: 1546563806598.jpg (55.51 KB, 642x637, 1500832800707.jpg)

c5fc9 No.196121

File: 1546564621650-0.jpg (50.98 KB, 640x640, DwA_e21VsAAYFOQ.jpg)

File: 1546564621650-1.png (127.62 KB, 657x527, 1540679168019.png)

Oh, the pic was cropped for some reason…
Why would HTS supporters want to crop it i wonder?

aa946 No.196125

File: 1546565471201-0.png (1.11 MB, 2810x2564, Technicolor Afghan Warmap.png)

File: 1546565471201-1.gif (779.02 KB, 2810x2564, AFG(S) Jan 1 - Jan 3.gif)

File: 1546565471201-2.png (559.47 KB, 5792x3664, Afghan Districtmap.png)

File: 1546565471201-3.gif (745.25 KB, 5792x3664, AFG(D) Jan 1 - Jan 3.gif)

Thanks Pingu.
Afghan Shitmupdates.

aa946 No.196128

Syria Shitmaps are being updated, should take 15-35mins.

aa946 No.196130

File: 1546567020854-0.png (1.41 MB, 2510x2186, Techincolor Syria Warmap.png)

File: 1546567020854-1.gif (937.54 KB, 2510x2186, SYR Jan 2 - Jan 3.gif)

Syria Shitmupdates

aa946 No.196131

>yes, HTS is moving into Turkish-held areas.

85268 No.196171

File: 1546587031369.gif (740.23 KB, 360x420, rebel infighting.gif)

New gif
This one was hard because the sources wildly disagreed with each other (even more than the Afrin offensive).
Primary source: Ebin and Snus' autism

85268 No.196173

Hopefully they keep fighting for at least another week so I can add more each day. It ends way too quickly.

c5fc9 No.196181

File: 1546593048629-0.jpg (125.7 KB, 992x1080, DwDePFzX4AAEkyv.jpg)

>What’s left of Zinki is in the yeallow parameters. Two strongholds: Qubtan and Anjarah. Clashes in the former since last night.

c5fc9 No.196185

File: 1546596776837-0.png (131.1 KB, 353x299, 1499355214970.png)

T*rkish proxy media are such obvious bullshitters.
What the fuck do they gain by claiming to capture made up locations.

2994f No.196186

Reports of #HTS captured abal Shashbo from Nour al-Din al-Zenki Movement, located at a strategic position overlooking Al Ghab plain #Aleppo #Syria

2994f No.196187

File: 1546597821204.jpg (179.29 KB, 1280x960, DwD12MsX4AAbafE.jpg)

c5fc9 No.196188

c5fc9 No.196189

>Looks like Zinki is on the verge of disintegrating. Turkey realized that Zinki cannot stop in Jolani’s face and rumors are circulating that field commanders are telling their troops that each man for himself as many flee to Turkey. Nat’l Army only participated on twitter.

2994f No.196191

#HTS captured Regiment 111 base, a very important Zenki position.

c5fc9 No.196192

File: 1546603399349-0.jpg (33.99 KB, 493x533, 1508020870549.jpg)

Was reported yesterday, NLF fanboys only admitting it today.

2994f No.196193

File: 1546604512854.jpg (186.24 KB, 1280x622, DwEQAIgXgAIfmFe.jpg)

#HTS in Bazhir town.

#HTS found drugs in Khan al-Asal, an area previously occupied by Zenki (unclear if the aim is saying that Zenki sell drugs or are drugs addicted).

2994f No.196194

File: 1546605393849.jpg (200.37 KB, 1280x853, DwESigaW0AAy4QD.jpg)

c5fc9 No.196195

>Claims by Zinki that they captured Bazahir village west of Darat Izzah are false. Aimed at lifting morale of several areas considering laying down arms.
Besides, no town named Bazhir/Bazahir exist there.

c5fc9 No.196197

>Clashes between HTS and the faction of Sultan Sulaiman Shah of the mercenaries of the Euphrates shield in the village of Bsaofan Southern countryside of Afrin

c5fc9 No.196198

File: 1546610503866-0.jpg (592.37 KB, 1594x1255, baz.jpg)

Alright I'm sorry lads, Bazhir/Bazahir does exist. It's just called Burj Suleyman on wikimapia.
Seeing as HTS are fighting in the village north of now though, we can confirm it was fake news that NLF re-captured Burj Suleyman/Bazhir/Bazahir.
What's odd is Basufan is Olive Branch territory, HTS probably wants to capture the defensive positions on the summit of the mountain for protection and not go further (it's at the southern tip of Basufan).

c5fc9 No.196199

>A large Zenki convoy has left Qabtian towards Afrin
>Zenki groups have left one of the last Zenki stronghold of Qabtian
>HTS enters the village Qiloun
Seems to be a village west of Idlib city.
>HTS is in complete control of the village of Sheikh Suleiman and base of Sheikh Suleiman 111
Not quite sure if they mean the village next to the base or the village up north.
>claims about hts militants also control Regiment 111 - Anjarah and al-Hutah
>HTS controls Alhouta (Hutah/Hawtah) village
>Video: HTS ATGM ambushes a whole group of Zenki on a technical near the village of abaZihar (bazyhar)

c5fc9 No.196200

c5fc9 No.196201

>Three civilians were wounded near the Deir Ballut refugee camp as a result of clashes between HTS and NLF in the area. They were evacuated to Jinderes Hospital in rural Afrin.
>HTS enters the village of Garab fatoun
No clue where.
>HTS controls Ain Jaraat
see >>196200

c5fc9 No.196203

2994f No.196204

b77a8 No.196205

> Anjarah.
Isn't it Aleppo suburbs?

c5fc9 No.196206

2994f No.196207

File: 1546614059591.jpg (383.67 KB, 1310x732, DwEz4FsWoAEXUXg.jpg)

>The locality of #Anjarah has just been captured by #HTS. #Zenki only controls the bastion Qabtian al-Jabal (red).

c5fc9 No.196208

2994f No.196209

File: 1546614848236.jpg (58.2 KB, 649x1080, DwE1_TZXcAMcmy0.jpg)

#HTS in al-Atareb village.

2994f No.196210

File: 1546614944352.jpg (131.53 KB, 956x616, DwE1WAWX0AAG41i.jpg)

#NLF announces recapturing the village of Kafr Tin east of Darat Izza. #Aleppo

2994f No.196211

File: 1546615590048.jpg (87.74 KB, 1111x598, DwE6V63XgAAkLY2.jpg)

First pics of #HTS in Anjarah.

2994f No.196212

File: 1546615617631.jpg (140.19 KB, 1097x588, DwE6VckX0AEvRzI.jpg)

>#Syria: #HTS has captured all #Zenki towns and villages in Western #Aleppo today. The Zenki group does not exist anymore

c5fc9 No.196213

File: 1546615908372-0.gif (24.09 KB, 60x95, 1503113681980.gif)

I don't believe it but i hope it's true.
Would be boring if the fighting stopped already.

2994f No.196214

File: 1546615970937.jpg (396.06 KB, 1253x818, DwE7L1eXcAIy5Sa.jpg)

#HTS now controls the West suburbs of #Aleppo as well as road 62 linking #Afrin to #Aleppo

c5fc9 No.196217

>#HTS removing roadblocks after they took control over Sheikh Sulaiman base, western #Aleppo CS. Zinki lines totally collapsed

c5fc9 No.196218

>HTS has taken over all areas in Aleppo that were controlled by Zenki

c5fc9 No.196219

>Zinki fighters escaping to Afrin en masse. It’s over. Afrin rebels now alert in case HTS attacks. Dozens of armored vehicles, tanks, and Hilux trucks now seized by HTS.
I guess the scuffed Otokar Kobra copy didn't win the fight…

c5fc9 No.196220

File: 1546618863995-0.jpg (51.25 KB, 540x550, DwFHC0XWoAEQlom.jpg)

>HTS confiscated 7 tanks and 6 BMP's that Zenki wanted to transport to Afrin
>seized by HTS from Zinki(ak's)
>More SRG troops heading to Aleppo CS.
>Some SAA reinfocements reach Hama CS and more are on they way to other locations in NW Syria.

85268 No.196221

File: 1546619748761.jpg (87.75 KB, 900x600, sleepies.jpg)

Well, at least Kafr Tin is a place that actually exists, so there is *some* truth to their claim.

85268 No.196222

hmm, the old putting *'s around words trick doesn't work on mlpol. Good to know, good to know.

c5fc9 No.196223

>there is a open passage between the New district of Aleppo and Al-Mansura, which connects the SAA-controlled areas with militant areas and it was just closed due the infighting.
Likely one of the things Zinki profited from by tolling.
I wonder what will happen with the Zinkis that escaped to Afrin, i bet some of them might reconcile if there'll be a SAA offensive.

2994f No.196224

#US mil.analyst: "TSK's Zinki withdrawal looks like a rouse, #HTS captured 60 villages & a few towns on the way as well as 9 military vehicles, but TSK drones observed all this - is #Ankara luring HTS into trap ?" #SYRIA

c5fc9 No.196225

>i bet some of them might reconcile if there'll be a SAA offensive
I say this because not only were they betrayed by NLF and T*rkey, but because they seem like run of the mill gangsters in it for the profit.
With their source of income stolen from them, there isn't much of a reason to fight for T*rkish imperialism.
Similar situation with the FSA in Daraa when the burgers abandoned them, there was basically no will to fight and die.

756c3 No.196226

you mean the patch?

Does Turkey not give a fuck about Idlib and their proxies losing control over there? A lot of analysts talk about Turkey wanting stability in Idlib because their economy can't handle more refugees but they seem to be wholly focused on the k*rds

c5fc9 No.196233

>A militairy collone has reached the frontlines in west Aleppo after an attempt by the regime to advance

c5fc9 No.196235

File: 1546625486422-0.png (71.46 KB, 500x395, 1497553876829.png)

>you mean the patch?
>Does Turkey not give a fuck about Idlib and their proxies losing control over there?
It's a mystery, letting literally al-Qaeda eliminate one of your strongest proxies doesn't exactly seem like a good strategy if you want to use your proxies to defeat HTS…
Who knows, maybe it's a 4D chess conspiracy to let Russia and SAA launch an offensive against HTS without defending them…
A way to make your goons forget about SDF?

c5fc9 No.196236

>HTS has blocked an attempt by the regime to advance on the rashideen area and destroyed a tank

c5fc9 No.196252

>An HTS military convoy consisting of tens of tanks is heading from Sarmada towards Southern Idlib,in a potential move by HTS to launch a military operation to destroy Ahrar Al-Sham and Suqour Al-Sham in Zawiya Mountain and Maraat Al-Numan

c64e8 No.196254

File: 1546630716831.jpg (142.16 KB, 1024x576, Sale ampuu tykillä.jpg)

TFW HTS makes proper mechanized assault

2994f No.196255

Syrian Army unleashes heavy attack on foreign jihadists near Turkish border

BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:00 P.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) unleashed a heavy attack on the foreign jihadists in the Al-Ghaab Plain on Friday after the latter fired several artillery shells towards their positions near the Turkish border.

According to a military communique from the Latakia province, the Syrian Arab Army fired several surface-to-surface missiles towards the defenses of the Turkestan Islamic Party in the Al-Ghaab Plain and Jisr Al-Shughour countryside.


c5fc9 No.196256

The source said that the collapse of the Turkish-backed rebels in the area will force the Syrian Arab Army to clear the western countryside of the province from the jihadists that have expanded their presence

c5fc9 No.196257

The last real rebel Hama offensive comes to mind. iirc even two T90's were used.

c5fc9 No.196258

01567 No.196260

Why don't HTS target the Turkish Watchposts, yet? (inb4 obvious answer: "it would escelate")
Why do the Turkish Watchposts not confront HTS (keep the peace; de-escelate)?
Why do the Turks feel comfortable having their troops in little dirt forts deep in Al Quaeda territory?

c5fc9 No.196263

File: 1546633798439-0.jpg (169.4 KB, 1063x611, DwF5VlAW0AMS806.jpg)

>#Aleppo: #HTS captured the remaining areas under #Zenki control (Awayjil, Jamiat Amin, Hawtah, Anjarah, Shaykh Sulayman, Bazhir, Qabtian Jabal, Shaykh Aqil, Sinhar, Maarat Artiq & Babis) & now have control over M-62 (#Aleppo city - #Afrin road) & 77% of Western #Aleppo CS.
Mansoura, Kafr Da'el, Al Halaqim, Bashqatin etc along the highway not being reported as captured by HTS even though they claim to control the road is odd and I'm still unsure about the rest in the north (HTS-supporters mark all of it (Haritan, Anadan etc) as being in HTS hands even before the offensive).
But this map accurately reports all the captured towns at least.

c5fc9 No.196265

>Why don't HTS target the Turkish Watchposts, yet?
Why would they?
>Why do the Turkish Watchposts not confront HTS
They're not suicidal, if a confrontation would happen it would be from the T*rkish border, not some tiny isolated bases behind enemy lines.
>Why do the Turks feel comfortable having their troops in little dirt forts deep in Al Quaeda territory?
HTS doesn't want to get fucked by T*rkey and T*rkey doesn't want to spoil their relations with the strongest force in Idlib.

2994f No.196266

Russian Air Force currently bombing Darat Izza and other towns recently taken by HTS during infighting with Zenki/NLF


2994f No.196268

Russian air force launches barrage of airstrikes tonight targeting #HTS across west #Aleppo CS including Dart Izza, Sheikh Suliman and Kafr Naha

c5fc9 No.196269

>Military source to me: Russian aircraft bombed the new positions of the Nasra Front in the countryside of western Aleppo after the expulsion of the Zenki

c5fc9 No.196270

>Russian air force launches barrage of airstrikes tonight targeting #HTS across west #Aleppo CS including Dart Izza, Sheikh Suliman and Kafr Naha

c5fc9 No.196271

2994f No.196273

An incident regarding a jet/helicopter occurred yesterday in east #Syria near Hajin

No farther information to be published at the moment.

c5fc9 No.196274

>Video: Air strikes around Darat Izza, western #Aleppo region

c5fc9 No.196275

File: 1546635205949-0.png (11.53 KB, 640x640, 1499563469912.png)

How do they know the planes are Russian though?

1256c No.196276

because the bombing is efficient

01567 No.196277

Turkey doesn't have a relationship with HTS.
HTS allows them to erect Watchposts to stop the SAA attack and take the non HTS groups slwoyl into the TFSA region where HTS has no influence (yet).
HTS would want to get rid of the watchposts as, when it occurs, as the possibilities allow, Turks will want to be the ones to "liberate Idlib", possibly with their TFSA puppets, these watchposts will be in the back of HTS's forces.
HTS was the group that sent SVBIED at a Turkish convoy when turks once again rushed in the night to establish a new watchpost, and the turks did nothing to retaliate; HTS isn't afraid of Turks, or anyone, they are jsut perhaps not stupid.
When The Last bodies of the TFSA groups die in Idlib, shit is going to go down in Idlib, either by the SAA or someone else who will want to liberate the area from literal Al-Quaeda, and HTS are certainly aware of this as well.

c64e8 No.196278

>Turkey doesn't have a relationship with HTS.
Yeah right, the main facilitator of jihadist movement and transactions has no relations with HTS.

c5fc9 No.196279

File: 1546635707046-0.jpg (32.66 KB, 650x650, 1500064235607.jpg)

>Turkey doesn't have a relationship with HTS
>these watchposts will be in the back of HTS's forces
They aren't a threat.
>HTS was the group that sent SVBIED at a Turkish convoy
>When The Last bodies of the TFSA groups die in Idlib
No solid proof there's further plans to escalate beyond Zenki now.
>shit is going to go down in Idlib, either by the SAA or someone else who will want to liberate the area from literal Al-Quaeda, and HTS are certainly aware of this as well.

1256c No.196281

File: 1546636074316.jpg (76.08 KB, 684x546, 1526938820474.jpg)

>Turkey doesn't have a relationship with HTS

01567 No.196282

>these watchposts will be in the back of HTS's forces
>They aren't a threat.
ok. buddy. absolutely retarded statemnt here. hope you will be able to understand why yourself.
you senile already, old man, and are forgetting such events?
>No solid proof there's further plans to escalate beyond Zenki now.
do you read the shit you yourself post here?
looky, here dumb dumb >>196252
your own post
HTS knows that they won't uncontestetly hold the region forever. They know they will have to (possibly) fight Turkey, so might as well do it while you can gain an advantage
ISIS had a better relationship with Turkey than HTS

You drunk or something. I feel I could have a more reasoned discussion with Urduni rn

c5fc9 No.196285

>Video: airstrike in Darat Izza, Western #Aleppo, hit also a civilian building.

c5fc9 No.196286

>absolutely retarded statemnt here
How would 10 tiny outposts with no supply lines be a threat to tens of thousands of jihadis
Top lel
>forgetting such events?
There was no proof HTS did it.
>do you read the shit you yourself post here?
"a potential move", i.e, a speculation, is not solid proof
>HTS knows that they won't uncontestetly hold the region forever. They know they will have to (possibly) fight Turkey, so might as well do it while you can gain an advantage
Making T*rkey your enemy is not a wise move.

c5fc9 No.196287

c5fc9 No.196288

>This is most likely due to HTS repelling a regime attack near the military research area and HTS artillery barrage on the frontline which HTS claimed killed 7 regime men…

c5fc9 No.196289

c5fc9 No.196290

>SAA Artillery targets HTS west of Aleppo

c5fc9 No.196292

>Hayʼat Tahrir al-Sham (#HTS) is now firing 130mm artillery shells at military academy of #Syrian Arab Army & villages around that in #Aleppo

b77a8 No.196293

File: 1546638883497.jpg (35.04 KB, 720x404, 54675756756.jpg)

>HTS be like

c5fc9 No.196294

>Russian jets bombed the weapons and ammunition of Al-Zanki groups
wew, that's a big boom, they didn't move it yet?

c5fc9 No.196298

>Sultan Murad gangs headed towards Derat İzza district

c5fc9 No.196315

File: 1546641781257-0.jpg (1.14 MB, 1787x1394, ErdoPutin chess.jpg)

Now that HTS are far from entrenched in the newly acquired territory there's actually an opening for a joint offensive with SAA here…
TFSA/NLF could take Simeon mountains and the Bab al-Hawa border crossing whilst SAA secures the Aleppo suburbs.
It won't happen but would be insane if it did.

756c3 No.196316

Let's not forget, the observation posts were created in order to prevent an SAA attack. If HTS were to take them over it would be like giving a green light to the SAA, which would be quite stupid even for jihadis.

01567 No.196317

File: 1546643029531.png (32.81 KB, 657x527, 1535818377895.png)

>SAA and TFSA "cooperating"

1256c No.196322

File: 1546644314325.jpg (8.55 KB, 234x216, 1543353034967.jpg)

someone sure is asshurt here

c5fc9 No.196325

File: 1546645107339-0.png (1.43 MB, 1920x1331, Western_al-Bab_offensive_(….png)

Putin wants Aleppo secure and HTS removed.
Erdomeme wants to cooperate with Putin, his proxies on the border and the troublemakers HTS removed.
Simultaneous offensives doesn't necessarily imply TFSA and SAA befriending eachother or cooperating beyond stopping at a certain point as their masters order.
It has happened before but you are clearly too simple-minded to comprehend such a scenario.

c5fc9 No.196327

>The artillery of the Syrian army is bombing militant locations around Hayan in northern Aleppo.

c5fc9 No.196329

>Artillery Targeted Kafr Hamrah & Hajjan Area a short while ago.
>SyrianArmy Targeted Militant locations at Western Aleppo Countryside including al-Rashidin sectors with "Elephant Rockets" and Artillery.

01567 No.196330

Erdogan: H U M A N I T A R I A N C R I S I S I N I D L I B
(if an SAA attack)
all he cares about

btw your uncoordinated coordinated attack is more unrealistic than my HTS attacks Turkish Watchposts.
A coordinated Attack between Turkey+friends and Russia+friends is even more likely than your race to Idlib scenario

c5fc9 No.196336

File: 1546647637315-0.gif (2.41 MB, 500x500, 1541162249099.gif)

>all he cares about
He cares about ratings and i don't think his supporters are too happy with HTS atm.
Hell, since my proposed lines aren't crossing the observation post at Anadan, all he has to do is [Deep Concern] and threaten SAA to earn his good boy points.
>race to Idlib scenario
It's still Aleppo and it's not a race if the lines are drawn ahead of time like with Tadef going to SAA despite TFSA having the opportunity to nab it.
>HTS attacks Turkish Watchposts
They're not a threat to HTS but you're free to have your uninformed opinion.

aa946 No.196345

>Turkey doesn't have a relationship with HTS.
How do you think Turkey was even able to set up the OPs in the first place?

c5fc9 No.196351

They drove slowly to avoid the SVBIED traffic in HTS territory.
They accidentally rushed it once though.

aa946 No.196353

aa946 No.196359

File: 1546654223434-0.png (1.41 MB, 2510x2186, Techincolor Syria Warmap.png)

File: 1546654223434-1.gif (937.56 KB, 2510x2186, SYR Jan 3 - Jan 4.gif)

Syria Shitmupdates - Paranoid that I forgot something because subconscious is bugging me about map Edition

aa946 No.196361

Welp, it seems SDF offensive against ISIS pocket has stalled after reports of slowed withdrawal.
Say it with me /sg/: "Baqiya wa tatamadad."

aa946 No.196375

File: 1546660235991-0.webm (2.96 MB, 720x576, moderate group nour ed di….webm)

>inb4 these guys are part of HTS now

85268 No.196376

File: 1546661594198.gif (569.04 KB, 360x420, rebel infighting.gif)

Gif has been updated.

aa946 No.196385

Thanks Nate. I look forward to seeing this map evolve even more.

c5fc9 No.196409

>Shafah is almost captured if reports are to be believed

c5fc9 No.196410

File: 1546691193822-0.jpg (68.47 KB, 727x616, 1.jpg)

File: 1546691193822-1.jpg (18.82 KB, 675x246, 2.jpg)

>A militant belonging to the Zinki and friends camp, also known as "NLF," calls on the factions to counterattack the HTS.
>Attack now.. or withdraw from the battle and declare your defeat.

c5fc9 No.196411

File: 1546693646500-0.jpg (102.19 KB, 1080x734, DwJhQHdWoAI7QAe.jpg)

Before and after.

c5fc9 No.196412

>on Hama and NW Syria: some troops are replaced by others, and regular troops take positions of non-regular troops

c5fc9 No.196414

>Reports that #HTS is now massing and planning to attack #NLF positions in southern #Idlib, particularly near Maarat al-Numan

2994f No.196415

File: 1546698765055.jpg (151.29 KB, 1280x960, DwJzQFhXcAAPjao.jpg)

#HTS in Qalaat Samaan, Western #Aleppo.

2994f No.196416

File: 1546698843005.jpg (229.58 KB, 960x1280, DwJxuGCX4AAWnIz (1).jpg)

#HTS captured some Cobra vehicles from Zenki.

c5fc9 No.196420

>SDF liberated most of ash-Sha'fah, including the neighborhoods ar-Rizazah, at-Ta's, ar-Ramthah, Marzuq, as-Sur, Hawi as-Sur. (Locations apart from central neighborhood ar-Rizazah unclear)
as-Sur and Hawi as-Sur makes me think of Hawi al Susah ad Susah but time will tell.

c5fc9 No.196421

c5fc9 No.196422

>Graduation ceremony #SAA 11th Armored Division

2994f No.196423

File: 1546700535707.jpg (46.49 KB, 700x466, 60_big.jpg)

aa946 No.196426

Ben voyons…

85268 No.196427

File: 1546702358256.jpg (279.24 KB, 1448x496, zzzz.jpg)

Question for Snus or Ebin, re: our map.
So I've been trying to find reliable sources and that show exactly what land is controlled by HTS and NLF. Overall, I think we've done a good job but there are three things that sometimes come up, where our maps don't align perfectly with what some say.
Pic related are pics I found to demonstrate what I mean.
1. I've seen websites that say that Armanaz and some of the villages to its east are controlled by the NLF
2. That the eastern border with the SAR is entirely controlled by HTS, from Aleppo city to the Duhur - Maarrat al Numan road
3. That the area south of Jasr ash Shugur is controlled by HTS
4. That NLF still controls AL Mansura (although that one might be me not seeing the details correctly (due to that area being a minimap on Ebin's version).

Of course, our map is vastly superior to any I've seen in terms of detail in southern Idlib and northern Hama, and is better overall. I was just wondering if any of you guys had sources for those areas which could clear up this confusion I'm having?

c5fc9 No.196429

c5fc9 No.196432

Frankly i have no clue since i haven't been following the conflict too closely.
However from what i know i'd argue the third map has the most accurate eastern and Jisr frontlines.
Regarding Mansura, i've read reports that HTS has taken over all the frontlines previously held by Zinki in Aleppo, seeing as Mansura is on the frontline, it's obvious that it's captured:
Another question is the northwestern suburbs of Aleppo (Anadan, Hayyan, Haritan), HTS claims they controlled all of it even before this weeks gains.
I dunno…

c5fc9 No.196433

File: 1546703667843-0.jpg (256.43 KB, 824x1200, DwKJkJXWkAA1eKW.jpg)

File: 1546703667843-1.jpg (193.85 KB, 971x1200, DwKJmsjXQAEBMzF.jpg)


c5fc9 No.196434

>Pro-HTS outlet claiming a meeting btwn HTS and 'National Front for Liberation' in which HTS is apparently demanding for Ariha and Ma'arat al-Nu'man in Idlib to be handed over to it. Key strategic assets to control for any negotiations over the future of the region.

aa946 No.196435

aa946 No.196436

>Ariha and Ma'arat al-Nu'man
They want control of the roads in Idlibstan.

c5fc9 No.196437

>the area south of Jasr ash Shugur is controlled by HTS
Wasn't too long ago since HTS captured Qastun and the Zeyzoun reservoir area, dunno about the rest there but there are nasty cats like TIP on the front so NLF controlling it makes no sense.

c5fc9 No.196438

File: 1546704370555-0.jpg (238.6 KB, 1024x768, 1546659103285.jpg)

It's the only big town NLF has left, so looks more like they want to control all of Idlibstan.

85268 No.196439

Thanks guys, appreciate the feedback! I'll look into this more tomorrow!

aa946 No.196440

File: 1546704980810.png (135.97 KB, 387x426, Idlibstan raods.png)

Well, that was a given, but there are also other sizeable settlements like Lataminah, Kafr Zita, Qalaat al-Mudiq, Binnish, Kafr Nabl.

aa946 No.196441

Controlling the main road between Idlib-Ariha-Maraat allows a linkup between the weaker HTS positions in south Idlib with the stronger HTS positions in north Idlib and creates a logistical "backbone" for HTS, like the Trans-Siberian railroad was/is the logistical "backbone" of Russia.

Sure, there's the Saraqib-Maraat road, but it's not as direct as Idlib-Ariha-Maraat.

c5fc9 No.196442

>Lataminah, Kafr Zita
That area is controlled by Jaysh al-Izza, friends of HTS.
Binnish is too isolated to be a threat and the rest are Daraat Izza-tier.
The highway(s) as you mentioned, would be the real key to absolutely dominating Idlib and it would force NLF to submit even harder.
Shit's not looking good for T*rkish proxies.

c5fc9 No.196443

File: 1546706648894-0.jpg (322.93 KB, 902x849, DwKVkaDW0AY-zRa.jpg)

>Infighting between two groups of Hamza Division in Basuta village south of Afrin City.
Alright, nevermind my simultaneous TFSA-SAA offensive against HTS, these TFSA buffoons can't do shit.
>#HTS and #NLF are negotiating a handover of the key towns of #Ariha and #MaaratalNuman as well as the NLF controlled countryside roughly sketched in the map

c5fc9 No.196446

>there are negotiations between HTS and Ahrar over a ceasefire. HTS will only accept it if Ahrar concede Maarat al-Nu’man and Ariha (basically HTS will control the M4 and M5 Highways). Ahrar is not in a position to reject HTS’s demands.
>So far in the negotiations, Ahrar agreed to allow HTS to enter Ma’arrat al-Nu’man’s eastern countryside peacefully. The fate of Ma’arat al-Nu’man, Jabal al-Zawiya, and Hama’s countryside still undecided. Seems like the infighting will be resolved very soon.

aa946 No.196447

>Jaysh al-Izza
>Binnish is too isolated to be a threat and the rest are Daraat Izza-tier.
>The highway(s) as you mentioned, would be the real key to absolutely dominating Idlib and it would force NLF to submit even harder.
>Shit's not looking good for T*rkish proxies.

>inb4 4d chess by Erdomeme'

Jej, the absolute state.

c5fc9 No.196449

>HTS enters al Qadfa, Maarshoreen, TelMans, jarjanaz, and maasran - the main areas Ahrar and Suqour took.
>HTS took them without a fight after the locals facilitated HTSs entrance and drove out Ahrar/Suqour

c5fc9 No.196451

File: 1546708413459-0.jpg (213.27 KB, 1440x1440, 1499972863816.jpg)

>inb4 4d chess by Erdomeme'
You know, T*rkeys silence can be interpreted as an abandonment…
Erdomeme redemption arc confirmed?

c5fc9 No.196452

>Entire area in Reef Maarat Al Nouman captured by HTS
I guess he means countryside of Maarat al Nouman.

c5fc9 No.196453

File: 1546708503576-0.jpg (132.06 KB, 1200x675, DwKc1CCXQAAu-MA.jpg)

File: 1546708503576-1.jpg (130.5 KB, 1200x675, DwKc1CfXcAAhw_P.jpg)

>Tanks captured from Zinki, western #Aleppo

1256c No.196454

File: 1546708555553.png (101.23 KB, 492x633, 1546593635962.png)

>You know, T*rkeys silence can be interpreted as an abandonment…
no it only proves that turkey had no contact with the jihadis :^)

aa946 No.196455

Yeah, reef/rif generally means countryside - see Rif Dimashq for example.

c5fc9 No.196456

File: 1546708567914-0.jpg (143.51 KB, 960x1540, 1546689917010.jpg)

>countryside of Maarat al Nouman
i.e not the city

c5fc9 No.196457

File: 1546708736486-0.png (127.24 KB, 334x346, 1540386182298.png)


Actually yeah, I'm just retarded, was thinking it could mean district/governorate too.

c5fc9 No.196459

>Thuwwar al-Sham (not sure whether they are rebels from Damascus or its just Sham Revolutioanries) who are in control of Atareb were given an ultimatum by HTS to concede control of the strategic town of Atareb.
Oh no no no

aa946 No.196461

c5fc9 No.196462

>Locals have expelled Ahrar al-Sham and Suqur al-Sham from Babilla, Al-Ghadfa, Maarr Shurin, Tall Manis and Jarjanaz. The areas have been handed over to Hayat Tahrir al-Sham.

c5fc9 No.196463

>Large crowd of HTS jihadis on the. outskirts of Atarib town

c5fc9 No.196467

>Atarib is one of the most vehemently anti-extremist towns in greater Idlib. HTS going back in means they are supremely confident of their position right now, and feel they can put down any dissent to their leadership.

c5fc9 No.196470

2994f No.196471

Govt. forces hold #Arima village, close to #Manbij

2994f No.196473

File: 1546714467375.jpg (45.16 KB, 720x960, DwKvGd0W0AAPBHY.jpg)

S. #Syria: former leaders of Jaish Yarmouk & Fallujah Hauran who reconcilied were shot dead yesterday by hitmen while travelling in same vehicle in W. #Daraa

aa946 No.196475

File: 1546714908282.jpg (39.82 KB, 500x495, 1516128712304.jpg)

>Clashes, air strikes, ambushes reported by MOI, media and #IEA reported in 13 provinces during past 24 hrs. This winter is weak in #Afghanistan (at least till now) and if some significant snowfall doesn't come, intense fighting will last until the spring

>tfw al-Khandaq could last into next winter

357c0 No.196476

File: 1546715181318.jpg (31.29 KB, 396x385, 1500237001271.jpg)

>Alright, nevermind my simultaneous TFSA-SAA offensive against HTS, these TFSA buffoons can't do shit.

357c0 No.196477

Is it know who are the ones doing this?
Mukhbarat or sour FSA loyalists?

2994f No.196479

Turkey asks US for help in fighting ISIS in Syria

Turkey has asked the United States to provide military support so that Ankara can take over the responsibility of fighting the Daesh terror group in Syria, media reported on Friday.

The Turkish government is requesting that the United States provide military support, including air strikes, transport, and logistics so that it can take on the responsibility of fighting the Daesh in Syria, the Wall Street Journal reported citing senior US officials.


55012 No.196484

File: 1546716209507.jpg (557.9 KB, 1290x1413, 1499345842926-0.jpg)

Reminder that ASSAD is the LAW

c5fc9 No.196485

2994f No.196487

Breaking: Syria claims 2 British soldiers killed in ISIS attack

BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:20 P.M.) – Two British soldiers were killed this evening while aiding the Anti-ISIS Coalition in their ongoing battle against the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) in eastern Deir Ezzor, Syria TV reported.

According to the Syria TV report, the two British soldiers were killed in the Al-Shafah area of eastern Deir Ezzor.


c5fc9 No.196488

>Elements of Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham direct a message to the people of Atareb/Atarib in Aleppo's western countryside
They look moderate.

c5fc9 No.196489

File: 1546717641294-0.jpg (33.49 KB, 368x319, DwK_5sSXgAERvSz.jpg)

2994f No.196493

File: 1546719872756.jpg (145.46 KB, 1280x720, DwLHPCnWwAMNiRk.jpg)

More pics of Zenki tanks captured by #HTS.

aa946 No.196498

Just when I think yellow vests are dead, they get up to more ebin shit.

b77a8 No.196499

File: 1546725340895.jpg (22.13 KB, 360x270, 21345657565.jpg)

Is it…?

aa946 No.196500

b77a8 No.196501

>december 29

1256c No.196502

>fox news
that's gonna be a yikes for me chief
yellow vest are pretty much dead now

aa946 No.196503

aa946 No.196504

b77a8 No.196505

File: 1546725824630.gif (694.5 KB, 472x360, 123445675675].gif)

Lmao, so much for "muh european spring".
Good goyim cattle, not disrupting their overlords plans.

2994f No.196506

File: 1546725843559.jpg (385.78 KB, 1792x1024, DwLepRYWwAAGl61.jpg)

Renewed clashes between the HTS and NLF near Deir Balut, South of Afrin, west of Aleppo

b77a8 No.196508

File: 1546725932376.jpg (59.86 KB, 600x623, 1334329164853.jpg)

>trying to take ES areas before dealing with Idlib itself

aa946 No.196509

357c0 No.196510

File: 1546726055190.jpg (23.57 KB, 480x480, 1527626626738.jpg)

>MFW HTS takes Jindares

b77a8 No.196511


2994f No.196512

aa946 No.196513

File: 1546726208271.jpg (65.32 KB, 540x720, 34d1604bca492edd8f2aac6b45….jpg)

>paying for satellite when you can get the same thing for free

c5fc9 No.196514

File: 1546726217266-0.jpg (178.85 KB, 837x1024, 1494259439767.jpg)

>tfw no Hezbollah snipers disguised as police shooting at both sides from roofs
IRGC should step up their game.

aa946 No.196515

Lel, it'd be WWIII

b77a8 No.196516

File: 1546726352249.jpg (339.91 KB, 1250x882, 12343345675.jpg)

Ahahhaha no so fast, sweetie. No release for you from this beloved modern day of ours. This is the future you chose.

2994f No.196517

File: 1546726486591.jpg (351.5 KB, 1792x1024, DwLhj3QX4AACQH9 (1).jpg)

Clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the SDF near the village of Kur Huyuk, West to Manbij (Arimah area)

aa946 No.196518

File: 1546726512566.jpg (131.53 KB, 1024x545, Slow Collapse.jpg)

Blackpill thread?

b77a8 No.196520

Later. But yeah, wishful thinking for establishment collapse.

c5fc9 No.196521

>The fall of a 4-storey residential building in the Al-Salheen district of Aleppo, the civil defense elements are working to rescue people trapped under the rubble
In SAA territory.
Guess this is the district.

1256c No.196522

anyone has seen al irani lately?

aa946 No.196523

>inb4 his literal faggotry got him killed

b77a8 No.196524

Might be he starved to death.

b77a8 No.196526

File: 1546727000400.png (196.26 KB, 600x339, 1476750173492.png)

Heh, should've listen to his elders.

1256c No.196527

so how many are mia/kia so far?
houtibro, al irani, canistan leaf, libyanon, some syrians

b77a8 No.196528

Who? Damas-kun and Aleppo dude are quiet coz you know, shitshow there ended, guess they preffered to get on with their lives rather than shitpost.

aa946 No.196529

Deepy as well.

b77a8 No.196530

he;s in half-Reich. Just not posting that much.

1256c No.196531

he's posting with german flag

aa946 No.196532

Ah. I wish he'd come here
>inb4 I've been chatting with him and didn't know it

c5fc9 No.196533

>1st long footage of Zenki vehicles captured by #HTS.

b77a8 No.196534

Zenki ded totally?

c5fc9 No.196535

File: 1546728687519-0.gif (1002.02 KB, 250x251, zps880b4a1e.gif)

Is your question if they were allowed to leave on foot? No idea.

2994f No.196536

File: 1546728918362.jpg (393.22 KB, 1792x1024, DwLoX4pX0AMYxTY.jpg)

FSA National Army sends reinforcements to Deir Balout west of Aleppo

2994f No.196537

Kurdish forces offer to surrender its zones in Syria for autonomy: report

Syrian Kurdish YPG leader Sipan Hemo offered last month to hand over control of Kurdish-held lands to the Syrian government in return for Kurdish autonomy, media said Saturday.

The Kurdish militia commander came to Russia’s Hmeimim base in western Syria days after the US president announced troop withdrawal from the country, Asharq al-Awsat reported.

Hemo then traveled to Damascus to tell Syrian authorities that YPG was ready to give up control of the Syrian-Turkish border, before going to Moscow on December 29.


aa946 No.196538

?We will hand over control of Kurdish-held lands
>inb4 hands over only the Turkish border

c5fc9 No.196540

>Atarib completely surrenders to HTS. The al-Zinki loyal factions in the town, Thuwar al-Sham and Bayariq al-Islam, will be dissolved and members guaranteed no-persecution by HTS.

357c0 No.196542

I still wanna know how legit Homsi's story was.
I never truly bought it, but if one is to believe his tale it wouldn't be all to surprising to assume he died will tring to sell a kidney.

aa946 No.196543

File: 1546730872069.png (18.03 KB, 80x92, It's all white.png)

At this rate, the entire north half of Idlibstan will be colored white by the end of the week.

357c0 No.196544

that'sa might small picture you posted there

aa946 No.196545

It's part of the Shitmap. I'm waiting for further updates since Atarib fell.

c5fc9 No.196552

>footage of a #FSA's Syrian National Army convoy heading to Idlib region. It is said that FSA will try to stop #HTS.
>It's confirmed: a big convoy of #FSA units (Suleiman Shah's Brigade and First Corps) is heading towards the Western #Aleppo and Northern Idlib.
Well well well

c5fc9 No.196553

c5fc9 No.196554

>Allah Akbar The heros of Atareb are still resisting

c5fc9 No.196555

>One Activist Claims: "HTS is circulating a fake agreement paper showing that it made an agreement with the people in Atareb .
>However in reality they only circulared it to defuse the situation and pressure on them by the citizens and the community
>Until now nothing"

c5fc9 No.196566

>Another footage of #FSA's First Corp heading towards Idlib.

aa946 No.196567

wElL wELl WeLl
Looks like we might have a proper Jihadi civil war on our hands.
>HTS subhumanoid t*Qqiya

c5fc9 No.196570

c5fc9 No.196572

>Looks like we might have a proper Jihadi civil war on our hands.

4b9bc No.196595

when's the new shitmap gonna be made already?

85268 No.196596

File: 1546755475679-0.jpg (15.73 KB, 447x444, 1542963025220.jpg)

File: 1546755475679-1.gif (625.93 KB, 360x420, rebel infighting.gif)

>mfw I had to make the last frame without Ebin's map
>mfw I just know his map and my gif are going to be wildly different…

c5fc9 No.196602

>HTS convoy in al-Atarib
>Another footage of an #HTS convoy in al-Atarib
>HTS fully controls the major city Atarib since this morning
>HTS is preparing to occupy Kafr Noran south of Atarib

c5fc9 No.196604

>SAA is sending reinforcements to #Idlib fronts
>A military campaign is expected next week.
>Syrian Arab Army 9th Division Storming Group led by Brigadier General Nizar Fandi heading to Hama Region for a New “Mission”
>I know that regular army units change local units like NDF so it isnt built up of forces (Hama).
>Heading to Hama Region with Tanks / Armored Vehicles

c5fc9 No.196605

>Rebels of Atareb being evacuated to Turkish-occupied Afrin as part of agreement to handover city to HTS

39815 No.196606

>watermelon seller losing Idlib
Oh noononononnoooooo

c5fc9 No.196607

>Leading commander in PKK/KCK, Cemil Bayik, says US is trying to form coalition against Iran and that PKK refuses to be part of it. He also said that sanctions against Tehran and bounty on PKK leaders at same time was not coincidence but part of conspiracy to destroy Iran and PKK

39815 No.196609

WTF?! I love PKK now!

1256c No.196610

they just aren't dumb enough to add majoosi enemy on their list
nothing extraordinary

c5fc9 No.196611

>yellow vest are pretty much dead now
What did Doc mean by this?

c5fc9 No.196613

>The Syrian Arab army is planting five thousand different forest trees in the province of Quneitra

c5fc9 No.196614

>Pics: Defensive positions of pro-Hadi forces overrun by Houthi fighters in Aham Triangle, Hajjah province.

c5fc9 No.196615

>Saudi army M60A3 explode as a result of Houthi fire.

c5fc9 No.196616

File: 1546785943230-0.jpg (229.75 KB, 960x1200, DwPA1hzWoAE8dEh.jpg)

File: 1546785943230-1.jpg (75.19 KB, 1080x810, DwPA2J3WwAYqJIu.jpg)

>HTS fighters after kicking out Zinki from Idlib

39815 No.196617

S-save the moderate rebels of Syria!

c5fc9 No.196626

File: 1546790393450-0.jpg (8.23 KB, 250x243, 1497123845067.jpg)

>Erdogan said about PKK "we will creep up on them in the middle of the night, enter their place of abode silently, and crawl up their entrances and penetrate them from inside, where they least expect us."

c5fc9 No.196628

>On January 5, fighters of #AfrinLiberationForces have struck jihadists of Turkish-backed Jabha al-Shamiya in village of Gobal of Afrin’s Sherawa district. The operation resulted in death of 2 terrorists and destruction of a vehicle.

aa946 No.196630

Sorry, I had a particularly shitty nigt last night.

aa946 No.196631

Shitmaps inbound, it should take 15-35mins, depending on the changes.

85268 No.196632

File: 1546792899172.jpg (23.21 KB, 319x331, hiding.jpg)

Thank you m'Lord
I hope you are okay…

85268 No.196633

Taken Atarib
Nice, the map will be so much cleaner now that that pocket is gone!

aa946 No.196634

File: 1546793015858.png (84.24 KB, 192x210, sad as sad.png)

I am far from ok, but I don't want to talk about it.

85268 No.196635

I hope they take over kafranbel (even though they haven't been advancing there lately). Just think of the memes!

85268 No.196636

File: 1546793141042.png (52.28 KB, 500x382, hug3.png)

aa946 No.196637

File: 1546793352222-0.png (1.41 MB, 2510x2186, Techincolor Syria Warmap.png)

File: 1546793352222-1.gif (938.7 KB, 2510x2186, SYR Jan 4 - Jan 6.gif)

Syria Shitmupdates - late edition

85268 No.196638

File: 1546793508172.jpg (147.87 KB, 764x532, zzzz.jpg)

>HTS advancing against Turkish forces in Afrin
(Although it's day-old news), I've only just realized how unexpected this really is. I just saw it before and though "oh, okay, I guess they are advaning against the Turks now, cool cool)
How far do you guys think they get in the Afrin area?

aa946 No.196639

Not far if the Turks get involved against HTS.
But if they're leaving NLF to fight alone against HTS, who knows?

c5fc9 No.196640

File: 1546793741136-0.jpg (34.65 KB, 424x444, 1546718419559.jpg)

I don't think there's any attempts by HTS to advance tbqh

c5fc9 No.196641

File: 1546793856959-0.jpg (67.99 KB, 1024x768, DwOHTo9XgAEfMwJ.jpg)

Shafa frontline. #SDF are advancing to the city center, many airstrikes going on. Daesh are fleeing to Sussa town.

85268 No.196643

Yeah, you guys are probably right. But we are living in strange times.

Updated gif incoming!

85268 No.196645

File: 1546794455328.gif (682.74 KB, 360x420, rebel infighting.gif)

c5fc9 No.196647

File: 1546794776499-0.jpg (12.72 KB, 183x225, 1486764682500.jpg)

aa946 No.196648

c5fc9 No.196651

>Batallion of Saraya Batig announces its defection from Suqour Sham

85268 No.196652

File: 1546795336956-0.jpg (160.58 KB, 1676x424, zzzz2.jpg)

I saw that HTS took the town of Tlemnes in southern Idlib
>mfw but that's kind of sandwiched in between two areas controlled by HTS. From which direction did they take it??? (important for my own map).
>Try to find info
>find nothing
>Look at Snus' elevation maps
>which direction would it make the most sense to attack from?
>Use science to find the answer
>Think wwhtsd?
>what would make the most sense militarily?
>Get all analytical and sheit
One day later
>mfw it was attacked it from both directions all along…


c5fc9 No.196653

File: 1546795549998-0.jpg (38.63 KB, 306x321, 1487470110755.jpg)

The town was handed over peacefully.

85268 No.196654

File: 1546795641220-0.jpg (181.87 KB, 713x611, 1520946517303.jpg)

85268 No.196656

File: 1546795842761-0.jpg (180.89 KB, 662x1024, thumbs up.jpg)

c5fc9 No.196657

>#FSA's National Army has created an operation room in order to start an offensive against #HTS in Western #Aleppo.
Any day now.

aa946 No.196658

I saw that they're deploying to the Turkish side of Bab al-Hawa crossing.

85268 No.196661

File: 1546796795230-0.jpg (5.85 KB, 288x224, 1501598003500.jpg)

According to Mayadeen: HTS is mobilizing its forces around Ma'ret al-Nu'man and Ariha in Idlib countryside in preparation to storm them

c5fc9 No.196662

File: 1546796822841-0.jpg (40.22 KB, 513x400, 1489135035572.jpg)

If the offensive happens it will probably launch from Afrin imhotbqh.

aa946 No.196663


c5fc9 No.196664

File: 1546796924452-0.jpg (342.49 KB, 1510x1148, 1486130757994.jpg)

>HTS sources: We aren't preparing to go to war with Olive Branch. Maarat al Numan and Ariha will be ours soon.
>Large HTS convoys are now travelling to Maraat al Numan and Ariha - these are the largest cities under pro-Turkish NLF control

c5fc9 No.196665

Avoiding artillery fire into T*rkey and well, T*rkey larping as if they aren't involved.

85268 No.196666

Quads confirm!!!

c5fc9 No.196667

File: 1546797085681-0.jpg (8.53 KB, 234x216, 1485458810556.jpg)

aa946 No.196668


85268 No.196669

File: 1546797196211-0.png (3.96 MB, 1193x869, 1501123142113.png)

sorry, I'll stop doing the get jokes here. I saw someone do it a few times and I thought it was funny and copied them, but I'll stop now.

c5fc9 No.196670

>HTS announces end to its operations in west Aleppo countryside and refutes reports of its intention to advance towards “Olive Branch” operation area

c5fc9 No.196671

>The SAA made several "unusual" and "serious" movements around Idlib during the last two days.

2994f No.196673

#SAA is sending reinforcements to #Idlib fronts
A military campaign is expected next week.


aa946 No.196674

File: 1546799107812-0.gif (1.26 MB, 245x281, victory has defeated you.gif)

>tfw HTS wins and SAA launches op because of it

2994f No.196675

File: 1546800010858.jpg (286.93 KB, 1003x1010, DwP3debXgAExITD.jpg)

The importance of Ariha and Maraat Al Numan, which HTS (Nusra) is trying to capture in order to have complete dominance over Idlib, this comes after HTS captured most West Aleppo from Zinki (NLF)

aa946 No.196676

And to think I beat this guy to that post by a day
>>196440 (map)

2994f No.196677

File: 1546800299766.jpg (366.7 KB, 1386x900, DwP28MxWsAA2VVw.jpg)


>West #Aleppo : #HTS ((#AlQaeda) take Atarib from NFL (pro-#Turkish #Jihadists) by an agreement, v. @sayed_ridha . Mansoura is also now in #HTS hands.

2994f No.196679

File: 1546801949259.jpg (69.67 KB, 960x720, DwP_4qMXgAEAqnG.jpg)

#Syria Men of the South #SAA -
Photo taken 11 Hours Ago Syrian Arab Army 9th Division Storming Group led by Brigadier General Nizar Fandi heading to Hama Region for a New “Mission”


c5fc9 No.196680

What's the light green dot northwest of Darat Izza?
It was captured the first day of the offensive.

c5fc9 No.196681

>A #SyrianArmedForces #SyrianArabArmy #SyrianArmy Soldier (No idea what Unit) photo from today with the title "To Raqqa"

c5fc9 No.196682

Rotations maybe.

aa946 No.196683

Yeah, it is.
Too bad I need 500 edits to edit Syria warmap, and I've only got over 100 edits.

c5fc9 No.196685

File: 1546803278945-0.png (37.64 KB, 657x527, 1495177594734.png)

c5fc9 No.196688

>Netanyahu has asked the to have the #Trump administration to recognize #Israel’s sovereignty in the Golan Heights as compensation for the American withdrawal from #Syria. The two men will visit the area tomorrow.

1256c No.196690

> as compensation
quite the chutzpah to assume that you're owed shit when you're one of the reason america was dragged in

2994f No.196694

File: 1546806729931.jpg (109.48 KB, 594x444, 1513519598485.jpg)

Israel to officially demand $250 billion from Arab countries which expelled Jews

After 18 months of secret research, the State of Israel is preparing to officially demand compensation for assets abandoned by Jews who were forced to flee eight Arab countries after the establishment of the State of Israel.

Israel is preparing to sue Tunisia for $35 billion in lost assets and Libya for $15 billion.

In total, Israel will demand $250 billion from Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, and Iran.


Ummm, pay up sweetie.

39815 No.196695

Don't worry (((greatest ally)))! We will have this 65 billion $ ready soon enough!!!

e56ad No.196696

Fuck iskike.

aa946 No.196697

1256c No.196698

File: 1546807100249.jpg (21.27 KB, 152x158, 1540151044044.jpg)

gonna be honest it was a scummy move to not compensate for the property they left behind (not compensation for deportation tho)
>After 18 months of secret research
lmaoing at your weak attempt, this isn't germoney, you can't psyops people who take pride in praising hitler publicly
>Ummm, pay up sweetie.
algeria isn't on the list
big think
umm sweetie

1256c No.196699

File: 1546807242992.png (66.19 KB, 659x609, so_good.png)

also muttrocco has the biggest jewish diaspora and their king is a huge israeli goy (although not too publicly) so i really wonder how can you sue them
meanwhile in the judenfrei land of Algeria
>There are an estimated 50 Jews remaining in Algeria, mostly in Algiers

aa946 No.196700


2994f No.196701

File: 1546807942219.jpg (80.05 KB, 550x526, poland-islam.jpg)

Best goy.

What's really funny is that without those deportations Israel would't survive '67/'73 wars. all those millions of people and canon fodder were really necessary to build up the country and rev up the tiny pop.
shekels aside, that move was really short sighted on their part, only emboldening the new state they detested.

Yeah, it's one of the only places in Maghreb you'll see Israeli tourists. every Moroccan has a story on how they were friends with the king's family.
Surprised about Algeria though, thought there were more than that.

aa946 No.196702

File: 1546807968161-0.png (423.29 KB, 550x412, 3978.png)

>dat ceiling
>this was the Arab Summit in Syria, 2008

1256c No.196703

aa946 No.196704

Huh. Well at that angle, it was hard to make out 8 points.

1256c No.196705

>What's really funny is that without those deportations Israel would't survive '67/'73 wars
(x) doubt
same as in 48 whenever you're on the verge of collapse shartistan comes to the rescue

1256c No.196706

File: 1546808498625.png (245 KB, 550x412, 1546807968161-0.png)

>wElL aT tHaT aNgLe iT WaS HaRd tO mAkE OuT 8 pOiNtS

aa946 No.196707

File: 1546808564177-0.jpg (98.07 KB, 981x691, 2985888.jpg)

2994f No.196708

File: 1546808651795.png (72.29 KB, 612x413, Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at ….png)

mutts didn't really help in '48, Soviets and euros did, funnily enough.
but in any case in the long term it strengthened the country. there weren't nearly enough Ashkenazim to effectively control the land after the holohoax.

39815 No.196709

Sadly, pic rel not up to date. More and more pajeets and pakis are invading big cities. Send Mossad for clean-up!

2994f No.196710

File: 1546809003077.jpg (54.35 KB, 480x462, Anon_0248d8_6285214.jpg)

so the /pol/ memes aren't true? I was led to believe Poland is immunized against rapefugees and migration.

1256c No.196711

>so the /pol/ memes aren't true?
your pic implied that there are rapefugees trying to enter poorland which ain't true especially considering even native poles are emigrating to western europe

39815 No.196712

>/pol/ being right
You should check the instructions that are send to Euro governments and exclude Polin next time.
Please, thank you.

2994f No.196714

File: 1546810686089.jpg (12.7 KB, 234x215, images (8).jpg)

alright, I will tell my handlers, najlepsze goje.

39815 No.196715

Biały i bazowany, pan żyd.

aa946 No.196717


39815 No.196718

File: 1546811277589.jpg (106.43 KB, 500x500, 1498751076517.jpg)

>ameritards education

1256c No.196719

at least he didn't say "speak american"

aa946 No.196720

File: 1546811391798-0.jpg (112.98 KB, 500x500, 144.jpg)

c5fc9 No.196721

>According to a local source. Daesh attacks today used units heavy in child soldiers. Young teenagers were used and the attacks failed.
>There are large clashes in Shafah and Baghuz Fawqani now.
>And shelling still on Susah. Now also in Safafinah.

cdf4b No.196730

To Be fair you have to have a high I.Q to speak american.

c5fc9 No.196734

>HTS convoy heading to Maarat al-Nouman.
This conflict is all a convoy measuring contest isn't it?

2994f No.196735

Hayat Tahrir al Sham is now traveling to M’rat al Nu’man. This is the largest anti-HTS town remaining in greater Idlib. The capture of this town will signify HTS’ complete and total domination of rebel-held territory.

c5fc9 No.196737

File: 1546815546015-0.png (72.47 KB, 595x447, 1545097548812.png)

>Marat al Numan has consistently protested against extremist groups. Like Atarib, HTS moving on this town shows they are confident in their position.

c5fc9 No.196738

>Another footage of an #HTS convoy heading to Maarat al-Nouman.

aa946 No.196749

>"Mine's bigger than yours!"

2994f No.196751

Breaking: ISIS takes advantage of heavy fog to launch offensive to retake Euphrates stronghold

BEIRUT, LEBANON (3:20 A.M.) – The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) launched a large-scale counter-offensive in the eastern countryside of the Deir Ezzor Governorate this morning, targeting the areas recently captured by the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Taking advantage of the heavy fog, the Islamic State units in the Al-Sousah area launched a big attack on the southern axis of Al-Shafah.


85268 No.196759

Get your popcorn ready to watch this!

85268 No.196771

File: 1546842280397.jpg (66.71 KB, 550x631, tiger.jpg)

>Kurdish forces could be integrated in Syrian Army: SDF official

BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:20 A.M.) – The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) could be integrated into the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the near future, the spokesperson for the SDF told the AFP last week.

Speaking to the AFP News Agency, the spokesperson for the SDF, Redur Khalil, said that the Syrian Democratic Forces could be integrated into the Syrian Arab Army once an agreement is established between the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) and Damascus.


I know many of you are "every inch autists" who will disagree with me on this, but a Kurdish - Assad alliance against the other rebels is the only way the war will ever end. I mean… we can genocide them a few years after if you guys really want to, but this is a good thing for now - Assad has to be pragmatic.

2994f No.196779

Syrian Army eyes new military operations as jihadists expand presence in NW Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:00 A.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is reportedly preparing to launch several new operations in the northwestern region of Syria, a military officer told Al-Masdar News this morning.

Speaking to Al-Masdar from the Aleppo Governorate, the officer said that the Syrian Arab Army is preparing to launch a big attack in the western countryside of the province.

According to the officer, the Syrian Arab Army is giving the Turkish-backed rebels the opportunity to retake the areas they lost to Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham last week; however, if they fail to do so, the military will launch their operation.

In addition to the potential operation in west Aleppo, the officer said that the Syrian Arab Army’s High Command made the recent decision to once again amass troops along the Hama-Idlib axis


c5fc9 No.196785

File: 1546856472071-0.gif (2.58 MB, 280x250, 1484438328542.gif)

>Military coup underway as Army in Gabon take control of capital Libreville & call the creation of a council to restore democracy adding that they question President Bongo’s ability to continue.
>The president's name is literally Bongo

c5fc9 No.196793

>The comb work of areas <in particular of caves> in Tulul al-Safa continues.
>1 Daesh was caught + 4 rifles seized.
Nigga must be starvin' marvin-tier

85268 No.196794

File: 1546867234715.png (324.21 KB, 750x500, 1504477843039.png)

>mfw I saw both Gruber and Lanka (my Aussie bros with whom I haven't spoken in over a month) at the same time on 4/sg/ conversing and posting high quality stuff, but I was too late and the thread was archived just before I could reply…

04cda No.196797

File: 1546868994190.gif (175.41 KB, 800x450, 123435675768.gif)

Maarat al-Numan when?!

85268 No.196803

File: 1546871687138.gif (737.23 KB, 360x420, losing territory any% spee….gif)

New gifaroo

SOON… hopefully

c5fc9 No.196805

>Ahrar Shaam has blocked all roads leading to #Maarat_al_Numan

85268 No.196806

Thanks, today was hard to find any sources.
does he also mean the one that heads west-south-west from the city? Hmm, this needs further investigation.

c5fc9 No.196807

File: 1546872627412-0.png (128.01 KB, 690x539, 1484360407676.png)

all roads

85268 No.196809

File: 1546872789343.jpg (202.53 KB, 2880x1800, not sure.jpg)

From which direction was it cut? HTS has a presence to its south, was it cut from there or did HTS wrap around from the top to cut it?

c5fc9 No.196810

File: 1546873256871-0.gif (1.84 MB, 202x360, 1485064048336.gif)

Pretty obvious all the roads to HTS territory have been blocked (HTS has presence South, East and North).
Cameraman couldn't be everywhere at once, ergo only one road is pictured.

85268 No.196812

Okay, let me put it differently;
in what way were Ebin and my previous maps incorrect? It's just that they show that road as being open, that's all.
But now that I know my error, the question answers itself. It has to be cut from the south (since Ebin or I would have noticed the alternative - being such a big mistake…)

c5fc9 No.196813

File: 1546873799171-0.jpg (126.7 KB, 1920x1541, 1484573178222.jpg)

>It's just that they show that road as being open
w…what road?

What do you mean cut from the south?

85268 No.196815

File: 1546873942357.jpg (16.44 KB, 152x108, zzzz.jpg)

This one.

85268 No.196816

File: 1546874039023.jpg (31.13 KB, 363x108, zzzz.jpg)

756c3 No.196817

I agree with the pragmatism and all, but the T*rkish problem remains.
Say the SAA makes a deal with kurds and "receives" the territory in the north east back. Then they take back Idlib as it's ridden with the HTS virus anyways. You still got the roach army in the north west

c5fc9 No.196818

File: 1546874266433-0.jpg (11.79 KB, 250x201, 1485404144242.jpg)

Oh, that road is still open, no reported HTS gains there.
It's just the roads to HTS territory that are blocked.

756c3 No.196820

I heard he had been in Morocco for a couple of months now receiving medical treatment.
Advice of Al-Jazeera "expert": "Those African presidents better make hospitals in their own country if they want to rule for generations"

85268 No.196821

Oh, I see. Ta.
Good point, but I think that could be managed. Erdogan can be reasoned with as long as concessions are made, and Russia is able to put some pressure on them not to do anything too drastic.

c5fc9 No.196822

File: 1546874619188-0.gif (45.43 KB, 499x499, 1484792901348.gif)

Nigger kings go to arab hospitals, arab kings go to european hospitals.

85268 No.196823

File: 1546874625584.gif (77.17 KB, 300x186, sb.gif)

>Ahrar Shaam
oh yeah, now I see it…

04cda No.196824

And european kings die. Kewl.

c5fc9 No.196825

File: 1546874816086-0.jpg (95.09 KB, 554x439, enfermera-con-cinturon-mas….jpg)

They go to the illuminati.
Lodgemasters go to Tel Aviv.
ahh, lel

85268 No.196826

>@realDonaldTrump: The Failing New York Times has knowingly written a very inaccurate story on my intentions on Syria. No different from my original statements, we will be leaving at a proper pace while at the same time continuing to fight ISIS and doing all else that is prudent and necessary….

Good, but I don't trust him

85268 No.196827

Not yet anyway. Please just pull out already!

04cda No.196828

85268 No.196829

File: 1546875123148.jpg (18.1 KB, 470x313, time.jpg)

Day one:
>iii- it's oay, it's just a few supplies… a few small supplies before they leave…

c5fc9 No.196830

File: 1546875142213-0.jpg (54.33 KB, 720x470, DwTMPkTWkAAaJ-J.jpg)

>More Bearcats to the SDF. These will be used by internal security forces.
Possibly beefing up SDF so they don't get BTFO by ISIS the moment they leave.

04cda No.196833

File: 1546878052717.jpg (97.1 KB, 701x623, 2134356757657.jpg)

HTS bypassing turkoids observation points and going freely to Afrin district.
Forget Maraat al-Nuamn, Jandaris when?

c5fc9 No.196836

HTS announced they won't advance into ES territory.

c5fc9 No.196845

>Local notables from Hazano in north Idlib countryside apparently agree to affiliate the locality to the HTS-linked Salvation Government

1256c No.196847

>ES territory.
didn't know they'd go as far as finland

c5fc9 No.196848

File: 1546882180645-0.jpg (5.64 KB, 259x194, 1502497159022.jpg)

c5fc9 No.196849

>Negotiations between HTS and Ahrar/Suqour failed….
>Both sides gearing up.
>Video: A civilian was killed by an IED in Hajin.
I bet the PKK did this

c5fc9 No.196850

File: 1546883318655-0.jpg (97.09 KB, 1024x630, DwU3QrvX0AIphib.jpg)

>SDF attaching rocket launchers to their humvees

c5fc9 No.196855

>IS released the video of clashes around Shafah

c5fc9 No.196857

File: 1546887427862-0.gif (3.23 MB, 242x214, 1546657936192.gif)

>Faylaq al-Sham
>Brigade 111 refuses to fight HTS
>FSA Second army refuses to fight HTS
>Jaysh Ahrar of the NLF refuses to fight HTS

c5fc9 No.196859

>Rebels from Khattab announce their defection from Ahrar al-Sham
>Video statement of National Front for Liberation (NFL) operation room in Maraat Numan

04cda No.196863

Based White Helmets and HTS helping the people of Syria

04cda No.196876

File: 1546897116709.jpg (68.25 KB, 604x352, 121343565756.jpg)

Bullshit, but I believe it.

c5fc9 No.196878

>NLF knows they are outgunned/outmanned and made a strategic mistake by attacking HTS in Idlib towards Saraqeb and reef South Idlib. They seek de-escalation via courts who never make any resolution.
>HTS knows they can finish the fragmentation by conquering NLF Areas.
>The hope is for a mediation between the two where the status quo is changed. NLF and Hts cant be going to war every 2 months.
>A resolution where the fight begins in a month again due to the existing hatred is not a plausible solution

04cda No.196880

File: 1546897568352.jpg (77.92 KB, 1280x720, 136675756567.jpg)


c5fc9 No.196885

File: 1546897821131-0.jpg (145.59 KB, 2027x1185, [Bestial Cheering Intensif….jpg)


aa946 No.196920

File: 1546908388306.jpg (590.99 KB, 746x500, 1499992455752.jpg)

c5fc9 No.196923

File: 1546911063169-0.jpg (34.63 KB, 552x403, 896abbb432d8432ec756999fd9….jpg)

What's new in Afghanland

1256c No.196939

if hts takes over idblib, what will it mean for turkey? will their non idlib, proxy controlled territories will be open season for hts expansion? or will they "friendship is over with fsa, hts is my new friend"?

c5fc9 No.196942

File: 1546915226901-0.png (187.05 KB, 549x506, 1546710854047.png)

Either T*rkey uses TFSA or they let SAA take it.
They can't defend literally al-Qaeda without the "muh moderates" excuse and considering how much NLF has cost them, they can't be happy.
Hell, I'm beginning to believe this is all a ErdoPutin conspiracy to use up/keep busy the TFSA who were supposed to go to NE Syria…

1256c No.196943

why can't they do some heavy rebranding (as in purge the most hardline elements) of hts (not like it's the first time hts changes name) and integrate them to t-fsa?

c5fc9 No.196944

HTS has other income sources (gulfnigger donors) and doesn't need the lira.

1256c No.196946

i see
thanks for the insights

c5fc9 No.196947

File: 1546916199630-0.jpg (114.52 KB, 1200x800, 1492417675758.jpg)

No problemo.

aa946 No.196949

File: 1546916530106-0.png (1.12 MB, 2810x2564, Technicolor Afghan Warmap.png)

File: 1546916530106-1.gif (779.16 KB, 2810x2564, AFG(S) Jan 3 - Jan 7.gif)

File: 1546916530106-2.png (558.63 KB, 5792x3664, Afghan Districtmap.png)

File: 1546916530106-3.gif (745.08 KB, 5792x3664, AFG(D) Jan 3 - Jan 7.gif)

Not much, bombings by both sides, police getting killed off, ambushes galore, propaganda, war crimes, CPs getting overrun by Taliban, districts you thought weren't contested are contested this whole time.
Just another day in Afghanland.

c5fc9 No.196950

File: 1546916679406-0.jpg (27.69 KB, 450x410, 1491764912482.jpg)

Hmm, seems about right.

1256c No.196951

> CPs getting overrun by Taliban
this has more than one meaning ;^)

aa946 No.196952

1256c No.196955

File: 1546920699722.png (586.71 KB, 865x929, al-whitey.png)

rare footage of afghan army commander al-whitey 2018 colorized

2994f No.196967

File: 1546928547552.jpg (432.79 KB, 1792x1024, DwXhBHmXcAANkSJ.jpg)

HTS has moved from Jabal Al-Zawiyya towards Jabal Al-Shehshabu, and clashes with the National Liberation Front on the outskirts of the village of Tarmalah


doc, is it generally safe to take fish antibiotics/antifungals that aren't meant for human consumption?



or is it dangerous/give me cancer/turn me into a fish. I gotta get around that prescription crap.

2994f No.196969

File: 1546928879437.jpg (103.52 KB, 1058x594, DwXkznSX0AA-OyM.jpg)

Carrying out of a charity action by the #Russian_center_of_reconciliation in district of the city #Aleppo

2994f No.196970

File: 1546929286729.jpg (112.05 KB, 1060x595, DwXkznTWkAATV1z.jpg)

2994f No.196973

HTS moves into Ahrar Areas.

Following areas taken after Ahrar retreated it appears unclear if Clashes took place.

Al Abideen, Suth Al Deir, Araniba, Al Naqeer… initial areas taken by HTS.

Tarmala and Safwahan also taken.


2994f No.196989

Russian forces allegedly begin patrols in Manbij area

The military police of the Russian Armed Forces began patrolling the territory in the Manbij area in the Syrian province of Aleppo near the Turkish border, the police’s spokesman Yusup Mamatov told reporters.

“Today, patrols have begun to patrol the security zone in the area of the settlement of Manbij and its suburbs. The task is to ensure security in the area of responsibility, to control the position and movement of armed formations,” Mamatov said.

The first patrol route of military police officers passed along the rear border of the security zone near Manbij, he explained.


c5fc9 No.196991

File: 1546938231531-0.png (20.74 KB, 657x527, 1492264983629.png)

85268 No.196992

Thanks. Big help!
Not sure if you have these (because Arab town names often have mutiple English translations) but Al Abideen, Suth Al Deir, Araniba, Al Naqeerhave all been taken by HTS.

ec8b4 No.196993

Baking fresh, hol' up.

ec8b4 No.196995

c5fc9 No.196996

85268 No.196998

File: 1546939616917.png (632.31 KB, 800x800, gift.png)

Thanks m8!

c5fc9 No.197002

File: 1546939775953-0.png (14.36 KB, 657x527, 1491967574917.png)


58466 No.197033

File: 1546959200218.png (179.56 KB, 997x556, 1529157970660.png)

I feel like /mlpol/ is like one of those fake companies the CIA creates to assign their agents to as "employees". The whole /mlpol/ is a ruse solely for the hidden operative of /sg/. The other threads are allowed to exist and their creation encourage to keep the cover of this being a legitimate /mlp+pol/ site.

1256c No.197056

meds for animals are designed for illnesses specific to said animals so at best it'll be useless, at worse it'll be dangerous (deadly intoxications and such) because first, the levels of safety on veterinary meds are less strict than on human meds (cause no pharma industry is going to get a lawsuit for a dead dog or a dead fish) also the fact that drug metabolism is very different from one animal to the other can cause problems(example a human can die from 10 grams of paracetamol, a mouse can die from 40 grams so if the pill is "regular dose" for a mouse, it will be lethal if taken by a human)
all in all i hope you don't do that, but if you do please keep me updated on the effects (for research purposes)

2994f No.197060

Hey, thanks for replying.
In the meanwhile I found a Russian shop that has what I need, and they seem legit. I will probably order from them and the fish stuff I will keep as last resort. the docs here are waaay uptight with their rx bs.

>btw do you usually drink alcohol?

no, not at all. it's for a nasty infection I had for a while now, from a tainted supplement I took a while back. I hope it will help, shits annoying af.

1256c No.197063

> I found a Russian shop that has what I need
are you implying they sell without caring about prescription?
also start with amoxicillin for at least 2 weeks then tell me about the results

2994f No.197064

>are you implying they sell without caring about prescription?
correct. Russian shops seems lax about this.

>also start with amoxicillin for at least 2 weeks then tell me about the results

alright, thanks for the advice. I will update once it gets here(if it passes customs). shipping gonna take a while too probably, the PO/mail service here is incredibly slow and inefficient.

1256c No.197065

three other things
-avoid grapefruits when you take your medicine, grapefruits tend to cause overdosing of certain types of meds (if you want to know more: they tend to inactivate the Cytochrome P450 which is one of the main ways of degrading meds in the liver)
-also use clavulanic acid in conjunction to amox (some bacteria are amox resitant and clavulanic acid will take down their resistance to amox)
-you will most likely have diarrhea due to amox since it'll also fuck up the bacterias in your intestine

58466 No.197066

Did snus go to sleep that late that he is still asleep now?
Otherwise I am really surprised that he isn't going at mapping out all the HTS gainz happening today.

2994f No.197069

File: 1546969287976.jpg (105.13 KB, 900x1200, saccharomyces-boulardii-mo….jpg)

>-avoid grapefruits when you take your medicine, grapefruits tend to cause overdosing of certain types of meds (if you want to know more: they tend to inactivate the Cytochrome P450 which is one of the main ways of degrading meds in the liver)
I think I remember hearing about this, the juice too. don't think I had grapefruits in the last 5
years tho tbh.

>-also use clavulanic acid in conjunction to amox

Where dafuk do you get this from? is it OTC?

>-you will most likely have diarrhea due to amox since it'll also fuck up the bacterias in your intestine

oh I know, not my first time with antibiotics haha, I found pic related really helps with it. I used it during an h.pylori triple and quad therapy and it's a life saver, well worth the shekels.


2994f No.197070

in the new bread m8

1256c No.197073

File: 1546969785010.png (33 KB, 400x400, augmentin.png)

> the juice too
obviously yes
>Where dafuk do you get this from? is it OTC?
dunno in your situation but it's often sold mixed with amox here it goes with the brand name of "augmentin"
>oh I know, not my first time with antibiotics
well i don't know how often people are exposed to meds, personally i've been very little exposed to any medicine cause i have a solid immune system
wew lad you've got quite the history with diseases, maybe that's why your infection is staying so long

2994f No.197077

>dunno in your situation but it's often sold mixed with amox here it goes with the brand name of "augmentin"
Interesting, I will see if the russian shop has it.

>personally i've been very little exposed to any medicine cause i have a solid immune system

Up until this debacle I was too (other than the pneumothorax thingy when I was younger). this shit messed me up real good.

>wew lad you've got quite the history with diseases, maybe that's why your infection is staying so long

Yes, it's been quite hellish.
>maybe that's why your infection is staying so long
yeah, I think it fucked my immune system for good. I had Thyroiditis as a result of the reflux and took buttload of ibuprofen and prednisone,
and now I'm sick all the fucking time because of it.
fucking thing sucks, I used to be healthy, only got cold in the winters but never took antibiotics or anything before that.

>tfw won't live long enough to see the state collapses


58466 No.197078

Jesus fuck. This happens all the time.
I once spent 5+ days in a bump limit thread wondering why things were so slow

1256c No.197081

>shipping gonna take a while too probably,
btw how come you can't pick it up from the shop?

1256c No.197083

> took buttload of ibuprofen and prednisone
you still take them? if yes you should stop

2994f No.197090

what do you mean? it's an online shop in russia. there aren't any local shops in here that will sell without rx. well, maybe some dubious ones ran by the mobs, I dunno jej.

no, stopped months ago after symptoms cleared. it def. screwed my immune system.

1256c No.197091

> it's an online shop in russia.
oh ok, i thought you meant a shady pharmacy in your vicinity with russian owners who sell drugs without prescriptions for maximum shekels
> screwed my immune system.
sounds really bad my dude, this means increased chance of developing cancers too

2994f No.197094

File: 1546973496799.jpg (32.6 KB, 600x388, 845901276_preview_Ch9p_elV….jpg)

>oh ok, i thought you meant a shady pharmacy in your vicinity with russian owners who sell drugs without prescriptions for maximum shekels
kek, I wish. i bet these exist somewhere, but I don't speak Russian and have no connections to those people, so no bueno.

>sounds really bad my dude, this means increased chance of developing cancers too

Yeah, I've came to terms that I'll probably have cancer/sepsis/stroke at some point, and my liver is probably fucked too from all the antibiotics and steroids. and I don't eat healthy on top of it.
all in all I'm fucked, but w/e. shit's fucked around here, might as well croak early.

1256c No.197097

File: 1546973835470.jpg (43.55 KB, 680x765, 1446136538389.jpg)

well, not the best way to end my day on a sad note
but again i've grown too apathetic to really feel anything anymore
same shit different day
i really need vacations

2994f No.197100

File: 1546975008522.jpg (74.61 KB, 750x1000, mwo,x1000,ipad_2_snap-pad,….jpg)

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