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Let's skip the other 6 layers and go straight to the physical /cyb/

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File: 1545273258066.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 308.73 KB, 1163x1241, 1913335__explicit_artist-….jpeg)

6a76b No.193408

On one hand, it's basically straight porn without the man, which means you aren't fapping to an image that's at least 50% man, so it's less gay.
On the other hand, isn't futa on female porn still technically lesbian porn, which makes it gay?
As an aside, anyone else notice how the male in porn is usually only allowed to make some noise and express pleasure when the one in the male role is a futa mare?

596db No.193410

That's the worst thing you can imagine. Three shittiest things in any fandom art combined together.

6a76b No.193411

It isn't even close to the worst thing I can imagine. I've seen some shit.

4b039 No.193415

I would have spoilered that pic in the OP, but to each his own, I guess.
Also, was that the first futa image you found on Derpi while searching, or is that actually up to your tastes?

d441f No.193432

File: 1545278510163.jpg (1.07 MB, 2000x2331, 20671_ba6f1522.jpg)

Impale yourself.

4da38 No.193433

Wtf does it matter if it's "100%" gay or not? It's NOT STRAIGHT.
With all of the straight porn out there, you still sought out the pic depicting "women" with fucking cocks.

fd720 No.193435

I don't know, it probably is.
But as any "normal" degenerate man, I keep that stuff hidden properly in my PC in my room.
Fetishes should never be asked if they are degenerate or not.
Is your fetish, is your fantasy: as long as you aren't outside paying trannies or mid-way sex changed males to do you in the arse, enjoy it in a place where you know you can be alone, be calm, and enjoy your fetishes peacefully with enough time for foreplay, masturbation, post-orgasm relaxation and clean up.

f0ea6 No.193436

File: 1545287470373.jpg (241.92 KB, 800x680, 1493879290251.jpg)

>With all of the straight porn out there
Don't kid yourself, "straight porn" out there can be as harmful as the shittiest faggot tier porn. Your brain is good at adding two and two together, so when you fap you see the shit you fap to as the reasons for your arousal. If you fap to straight porn, your likely going to be seeing dicks more then vag. So your brain adds this together and says, oh dicks = pleasure, making you a faggot. Futa is just the logical progression of this brain fapping to "straight porn" over and over again.

If your going to fap to shit at all, fap to nudes of women or horses or lesbian.

5d60f No.193437

Autogynephillia, my man. All porn is pretty bad, best just to abstain from it all together.

6a76b No.193449

That's the fetish of being female and having a vagina and getting off when it gets off, right?
What if that's what Trannies have?

5d60f No.193453

That's the idea. Watching porn with women, like lesbian, makes your brain create the association between the female body and pleasure. Then, to seek pleasure, you get off on being the female. This is how I think most trannies become trannies today. They watch heaps of porn and then feel like they want to be a girl. It's just a fetish.

f0ea6 No.193578

File: 1545351209618.jpeg (63.73 KB, 264x287, stop fapping.jpeg)

I stand corrected then, don't fap.

3f7a6 No.193588

is that why moot wanted to be a little girl?

ee4f6 No.193773

It's 100% gay
It also makes my pee pee hard so I don't care

d49b8 No.196925

File: 1546911545326.png (Spoiler Image, 6.4 MB, 2160x3592, sizecompare.png)

I unironically love that shit OP

4b039 No.196927

You know you could have at least posted ponies if you were going to post futa.
Seriously, what is it with you futafags and anthro SFM?

d49b8 No.196929

File: 1546912900690.png (Spoiler Image, 1.95 MB, 1280x1152, 1825026__explicit_artist-c….png)

Sorry anon, here's something better to make up for it. I just like the models.
I don't have any non-SFM futa so you get a vageen

4b039 No.196932

Apology accepted.

d441f No.196933

File: 1546913327958.png (667.03 KB, 893x1000, 0c275d.png)

4e193 No.197198

How much fucking mental gymnastics must you do to think futa isn't gay? If there's a dick involved, then you are gay. The art style and lack of hooves is gross. Fuck off.

49798 No.197204

How many "is x degenerate" threads do we need. Even 4cuck doesn't tolerate this crap.

606ce No.197346

By that metric straight porn is gay, and lesbien is the only non-degenerate porn despite it being a gateway into excepting the homo agenda.

28b08 No.197363

File: 1547075356932.jpg (718.46 KB, 1440x1375, Luigigay.jpg)

3dc85 No.197437

File: 1547092061469.jpg (59.5 KB, 490x442, twhy.jpg)

14d4e No.197450

File: 1547093388908.jpg (60.13 KB, 476x451, Sonic says.jpg)

e9f00 No.197678

I became a futa fan thanks to Blackjrxiii. I never even heard of the term until I discovered him.

3f7a6 No.197679

Every time you fap to futa a rabbi smiles.

e9f00 No.197683

File: 1547176601040.jpeg (87.52 KB, 1377x1248, CB57C584-E482-4C00-94B7-A….jpeg)

Your right.

But in all seriousness, it did motivated me to take sfm seriously and started taking advance tips on how lightings, camera angle, and posing works. I even rendered some of my own. Though I’m not sure if I can share here in this board

4b039 No.197693

It's generally recommended to spoiler images of that nature, give fair warning as to the reason why they're spoilered, and not try to make more than one post at any given time, if you want to post them.

a9f46 No.197696

>Every time you fap
Fixed it for you.

7b25c No.197699

Sadly, the renderes I made aren’t pony related. Because majority of the sfm tag has really been taking over by sfm ponies. Perhaps a bit too much. Granted they are hot, but I knew it was time for non-pony sfm futa to have their turn. I was one of them. Most of my posters are a bunch of anthro lizards, krystal, and even robot girls I made. I wouldn’t mind making some sfm ponies sometime in the future. Sorry. No sfm ponies from me. Which I can’t post anything unrelated to ponies.

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