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a8ffd No.191149

>We have obtained a copy of the assault plans to be deployed against the Yellow Vest protestors tomorrow. For the safety of the protestors, we release this information to the public so the public can make good judgements in the favor of their personal security. These are the police plans and map the squadron locations which will be present tomorrow.
>LEAK : Les documents des plans de la police concernant la manifestation des Gilets Jaunes demain à Paris
>Voici une copie des plans de la Préfecture de Police de Paris qui détaille la disposition des unités devant être déployées contre les manifestants Gilets Jaunes demain.
Faites en le meilleur usage pour votre sécurité.

a8ffd No.191150

File: 1544218188407-0.png (329.99 KB, 826x1170, 56496AFA-8BFA-4035-965E-57….png)

File: 1544218188408-1.png (66.83 KB, 826x1170, 9A361C39-8462-4D8C-AA2A-67….png)

46209 No.191152

Anyone who can give a short translation and the gist of the plan.

4f889 No.191153

I really need to execute my plans to learn french…

f417f No.191160

here a machine translation

46209 No.191163

I wonder if there will be some farmers who gets up early that will coincidentally drive their tractors into town blocking off access to the sites the police wants to deploy to.

4e7fa No.191164

From a quick skimming of the information, all i can say is that over the weekend France is handing out authority to important individuals (the 'do what you need to do' kind of authority), sending (armed) police to important locations around paris, and that they're authorized to use force to keep the peace. Even more, they're locking down tourist sites and economic locations.
On top of it all though, the usage of surveillance and the internet to identify people seems to have been authorized at certain times or if the police get overwhelmed. There's also quite a bit surrounding getting identification sorted in general, so i wouldn't be surprised to see checkpoints or something similar.
But that's just the gist of a comb-over, and my french is extremely rusty.

535cc No.191165

>heavy farming equipment is blocking the traitor police
>"move this out of the way immediately"
>I'd love to officer, but the gas tank is empty and there is no fuel:^)

46209 No.191166

0e179 No.191174

Reminder that non-destructive penetration testing is really easy and a couple cans of paint from a roof top or a mollie go a long way.

0e179 No.191199

What did you mean by this.

37b1b No.191216

Well, if police begin killing the people, then their are toast, no ZOGbot will be safe anywhere.
As the situation looks, they will be hunted down without mercy along those working in tandem with them, like judges and politicians.

46209 No.191274

Reports are that there is stationed 89.000 police across France. In Paris there is around 8.000 police in the streets. Police is also standing by and awaiting order to be allowed to shoot rubber bullets. There is also talk that "Black Block" from around Europe is seeing its chance to go to Paris to further their own agenda that consist of attacking police, banks and trashcans.

46209 No.191275

3d6d4 No.191276

What do they have against trashcans?

46209 No.191280

Leftist always destroy their homes, it is in their nature.

fbd78 No.191282

>Archive of a translation of an archive of a pdf
It's growing stronger.

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