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File: 1542550301358.jpg (2.22 KB, 300x187, _.jpg)

dcb71 No.187097

Is this place even active? Reply if it is active.

bacfc No.187098

File: 1542550469300.png (893.94 KB, 870x1024, 05s.png)

6b8f1 No.187099

File: 1542550515485.jpg (23.38 KB, 400x400, of course.jpg)

Of course. The last reply was about 20 minutes ago.

5298a No.187100

Nice pic, faggot

ca684 No.187103

File: 1542550815090.png (120.34 KB, 413x248, dsp phil they are onto me ….png)

we are only allowed to post when Phil is not streaming or the king of hate forums are down

a7f1d No.187104

File: 1542550896429.gif (94.92 KB, 216x290, 1230122_011 - 654325654321….gif)

That we are.

60247 No.187143

If it's active

e5b75 No.187160

It's active, just very slow. I wish we had more posters, but what can you do?

38cef No.187181

File: 1542562524959.png (322.77 KB, 800x900, DisapprovingAnonfilly.png)

>doubting this board

1f021 No.187190

File: 1542563176653.jpg (150.02 KB, 782x782, Denver-Broncos-2-1.jpg)

Active? Active? I'll tell you what's active: The Denver Broncos.

Thousands of years ago, when John Elway was nothing but a football-shaped gleam in the eye of Dan Reeves as he eyeballed the shapely hindquarters of Rainbow Dash, the world was covered by a thick forest made entirely out of things that were not Football, called trees. These trees were home to thousands upon thousands of filthy immigrants, who were able to evade capture due to being able to hide behind the trees.

Then, in a mighty burst of pure Football, Dan Reeves did cum inside Rainbow Dash, and there was an explosion that later became The Denver Broncos, but first it was a heavenly light that burst forth from the almighty hoers vagene, and rocketed around the earth five hundred thousand million times until it collided directly with Peyton Manning, who at the time was working at Dunkin Donuts.

Some legends say that Peyton Manning's forehead grew three thousand sizes that day, and he did create an elevator into space that was made of his forehead, and John Elway, who had recently formed out of the heavenly light that was only now becoming The Denver Broncos, did ride the elevator into space and travel through space acquiring the ancient wisdom of the spheres, and the spheres did become football shaped for they saw that now was the time for Football.

And so it was that John Elway did descend upon the forest, and remove the trees with the immigrants behind them and also the immigrants and threw them into space, but space did not want them so they were cast into the depths of Tartarus, to feast on shitty hipster street tacos which are full of things that do not really belong in tacos but they are still called tacos, and the immigrants did despair for all eternity.

Also, there was Football. And the ponies rejoiced. Amen.

35ce0 No.187191

File: 1542563341172.png (299.33 KB, 726x280, absolute disgust.png)

were alive and well

53373 No.187264

File: 1542574428730.jpeg (59.15 KB, 1300x650, red-leader1jpg.jpeg)

All wings report in

a7827 No.187277

We live

6c6a6 No.187282

File: 1542575251911.jpg (108.25 KB, 601x601, 1491177600671.jpg)

Who /comfy/ here?

2320d No.187303

File: 1542577208888.png (339.51 KB, 1280x884, 1502055878233.png)

more active than pone

a6020 No.187305

File: 1542577877031.jpg (52.67 KB, 600x646, 217929__safe_edit_edited s….jpg)


3f26d No.187306

File: 1542578012368.jpg (36.48 KB, 403x406, DaiBI2cWkAcBh7v.jpg)

>more active than pone

97f3e No.187307

File: 1542578337473.png (760.45 KB, 950x1000, 18e4b678a08636bebd3773f196….png)

72bf8 No.187332


2320d No.187391

sick zoomer memes bro. le based and red billed. xDDD

af5a5 No.187394

File: 1542585940805.png (165.03 KB, 834x524, 1234565467.png)

2320d No.187397

File: 1542586020024.jpeg (199.13 KB, 633x591, 1809691__safe_twilight sp….jpeg)

559f1 No.187435

Oh, it'll be active now. Fuck 4chins!!!

559f1 No.187437

File: 1542593346114.jpg (285.95 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_20181118_202150~2.jpg)

No picture wtf?

82808 No.187438

File: 1542593363173.jpeg (120.07 KB, 638x809, Nicepony.jpeg)

This is nice board

af5a5 No.187439

File: 1542593621648.jpg (7.05 KB, 250x188, 123447678678.jpg)

For You…

d21af No.187440

Thank god.
Everytime I go to /pone/ something I didn't want to be reminded about or know gets brought up.
Infact /pone/ is more /mlp/ than /pol/ and it's the worst shit in the world. It's /mlpol/ but bad.
The biggest group of knuckledraggers you will find.

Stupider than standalone /mlpol/ by far.

ef9af No.187473

based mods

aab7c No.187572

Ayy lmao

afb03 No.187590

08c1b No.187595

File: 1542639478773.png (885.79 KB, 830x752, _EitherWithTheFriendshipOr….png)

3fd5b No.187597

File: 1542639840013.png (599.18 KB, 1200x1067, Aryanne is sleeping.png)

Shh, sleeping.

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