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c5111 No.185710

Does anyone have recommendations on what political organizations are worth donating money to? I'll send some donations their way if I can find some good ones.

Also, should we try defunding leftist media and journalist outlets? I heard suing them drains their pockets with lawsuit money, I just dont know if it would be much effective. you have to learn about lawschool and probably fork out lawyer money for yourself. What are your thoughts?

e2d89 No.185711

File: 1542175299732.png (502.46 KB, 2000x2190, 6a76e566be2501aeb36ee9b73c….png)

Straight from Commander Rockwell: National Socialist Movement.

c3d4c No.185747

I hear the Suidlanders are one of the main groups helping the Boer in their struggle with the communist government of South Africa.

332be No.185750

File: 1542195949084.jpeg (48.72 KB, 682x676, SymbolOfTheMovement.jpeg)

Gun Owners of America is a better lobbying group than the NRA because they won't budge an inch on rights.

Also, if you're Catholic or simply Christian, TFP Student Action is an important advocacy group. They actively expose the subversion of "Catholic" universities and institutions and fight it by hosting marches. They simply need more publicity.

Rather than overtly political groups, it is better to support groups and individuals that foster education (most people have no idea what's going on) and help for fellow whites. It may be a good idea to look locally. So-called "fascist soup kitchens" are a great means to build up a positive image. Humanitarian action leaves a better impression of white nationalism–and therefore more effectively cuts through propaganda–than militant action.

Also, I'd recommend setting aside a small fund that you contribute toward every month. This can be useful to fund some message, like putting up a billboard with a redpill, on short notice.

Lawsuits are a complicated affair and before aggressive suing is tried one must analyze what kind of case you have, how much it will cost you, how much it costs the media, and how important the money is to it. If it hurts you more than the target it's not worth it.

fd3f2 No.185760

Good ideas anon.

Not a christcuck, but I think some traditions have merit, and the world would be much worse off with other religions (islam and athiesm). Towards that end, the Society of St Pius X (SSPX) is pretty good. They are a break off of Catholicism, and they routinely speak of the ways in which the current pope is a total heretic.

f2dca No.187931

Mom is an NRA member but I was considering a more hard line organization like GOA. Fascist soup kitchens sound wonderful. Billboard campaigns are a big one.

I think suing isn't direct enough. I know boycotts usually don't seem outwardly effective but that's because slacktivists are weak willed and ill informed enough to think that Pepsi owns just one soda brand. Do research into CNN advrtisers, compile a list, check every relevant label before you buy to make sure it's not actually just another child-company or alternate product from the same guys.

Bumping because this thread needs more steam and ideas. Praise death and pass the ammunition, friends.

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