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c1592 No.181290

>tell foreign friend about totalitarian government over here
>friend offers to help me flee the country and move to a better one, but only if I stop reading the news, bury my head in the sand, stop saying I like Trump, "stop worrying" and become neutral like him
>friend thinks because his leftist friends screamed at him about lgbtqp conversion and death camps and right wing death squads, everything I say about WHY my government is being so "stupid and shortsighted" must be equally wrong.
>friend waxes lyrical about flowers and monks on mountains and red cross doctors and shit for 4k words, as if the sjws will leave him alone for not thoughtcriming as hard as me.
What do?

8fc11 No.181291

>Sure, I'll help you get out of the country trying to suppress you if you let me suppress you instead
You have shitty friends, get better friends.

6071c No.181386

this tbh

7f909 No.181395

What country were you planning on fleeing to? Most western nations are on the path to oblivion.

fa8dc No.181495

"You can run but you can not hide."

I think it is from the book, death of thes west. Either we win or we lose. There is no in between. Unless it is somekind of tactical retreat you are doing. All western countries face the same problem.

c1592 No.181543

He doesn't want me to stop being a Trump supporter (and secret you-know-what), he just wants me to keep my support of Trump under wraps.
That's what I want to say, but with how hard this guy fetishizes neutrality and other things that he think can make him seem smart, I've got no idea.

6071c No.181544

>fetishizes neutrality
Is he swiss?

ef949 No.181545

That's censorship anon.

>First they ask you to tone it down.

>Then, to not talk about it.
>Finally, to forget about it.

Don't let them submise you: stand tall and proud. And if they don't like the truth they can turn around and still ignore their reality by keeping looking at the wall.

8fc11 No.181655

Never concede on your convictions, ever, that's how they get you.

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