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File: 1539366608604.png (194.33 KB, 800x943, babbies.png)

d35c9 No.178569

Today is the first day of the Autumn Babby Cup Qualifiers
Neither /pol/ or /mlp/ is playing


Participating teams:

Matches to occur all weekend in preparation for the Autumn Babby Cup, which starts on October 26th.

7e3c2 No.178570

File: 1539366806671.png (724.56 KB, 1280x720, disapproval.png)

>Neither /pol/ or /mlp/ is playing
Fuck. Are any of the teams playing worth watching?

d35c9 No.178572

That depends on anon's taste. I'm curious to see what /adv/ has come up with.
/c/ just beat /out/ 2-1, and up next is /v/ v. /adv/

d35c9 No.178575

Schedule for matches today is:
/c/ v. /out/: 2-1
/v/ v. /adv/: Starting next
/o/ v. /mu/
/y/ v. /cgi/
/w/ v. /y/
/a/ v. /his/

bc4d4 No.178578

Might watch the /his/ match if I get the time.

d35c9 No.178589

/adv/ got bullied by /v/, losing 4-1

6e977 No.178604

File: 1539385912663.gif (1.31 MB, 371x209, image.gif)

>Neither /pol/ or /mlp/ is playing

bb408 No.178608

Hey I care about /biz/ but they also aren't playing so yeah fuck the fetus.

d35c9 No.178623

Its not the fetus tho, its the pre-fetus

50e62 No.178630

File: 1539399007630.jpeg (32.39 KB, 306x349, A2F05BBB-ADDA-42AD-8EAD-C….jpeg)

>Neither /pol/ or /mlp/ is playing
Lack of /pol/ & /mlp/ I probably won’t watch but if I had to choose a winner I hope /his/ wins because it’s only other board I use

d35c9 No.178631

Final results for the day:
/c/ took out /out/ 2-1
/v/ triggered /adv/'s depression 4-1
/o/ couldn't keep up with /mu/'s advances 0-1
/y/ anally violated /cgl/ 4-2
/w/ bonked /i/ 1-0 and
/a/ didn't learn their /his/, losing 0-1

Tomorrow's schedule:
/c/ v. /v/
/out/ v. /adv/
/o/ v. /y/
/mu/ v. /cgi/
/w/ v. /a/
/i/ v. /his/
Games start @ 11:00est

d35c9 No.178677

Yeah, I'm an idiot. I meant to say 1:00pm EST, which was 50 minutes ago

d35c9 No.178714

Day 2 Results
/c/ v. /v/ 1-0
/out/ v. /adv/ 2-0
/o/ v. /y/ 3-1
/mu/ v. /cgl/ 1-0
/w/ v. /a/ 1-2
/i/ v. /his/ 0-1

/c/, /mu/, & /his/ are leading their respective groups with 2W 0L and /adv/ has been eliminated

Tomorrow's Schedule
/v/ v. /out/
/adv/ v. /c/
/y/ v. /mu/
/cgl/ v. /o/
/a/ v. /i/
/his/ v. /w/

Games start tomorrow @ 1:00p est

50e62 No.178719

File: 1539497695430.jpeg (26.96 KB, 425x339, E591445C-8DCF-4A5F-A16F-9….jpeg)

Go /his/

d35c9 No.178845

Third day results:
/v/ v. /out/ 1-2
/adv/ v. /c/ 3-1
/y/ v. /mu/ 1-3
/cgl/ v. /o/ 0-2
/a/ v. /i/ 1-1
/his/ v. /w/ 0-3


Drawing pot for the groups will be Oct 20th at 1:00p EST

bb408 No.178847


50e62 No.178862

I guess /his/ is history then

7e27d No.184524

/mlpol/ will grow larger.

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