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File: 1537495689915-0.jpg (516.46 KB, 1524x1757, 1537490554474.jpg)

d16c0 No.172808

The Witcher:

An upcoming Netflix series based on books and video games set in a fictional world inspired by European fantasy and folklore. Becuase the world the series takes place is fictional, the race of the characters should not matter when it comes to casting actors to play their roles. Therefore, for the sake of diversity, it should be acceptable for a character or group of characters who have been canonically described as caucasian to have their race changed when considering actors to play said roles.

Avatar - The Last Airbender:

An upcoming Netflix series based on an animated show set in a fictional world inspired by various Asian cultures. Despite the world the show takes place being entirely fictional, the race of the actors playing the roles of the characters must and should reflect the original portrayals as seen in the show. Therefore, for the sake of staying true to the original material, only actors of Asian, Middle Eastern, South American and Native Inuit ethnicities should be considered to play the roles of these characters. In addition, the inclusion of caucasian actors for any role will not only be considered objectionable, it will also be openly protested.

Well, do I have this correct, or am I misreading something?

e36b6 No.172814

Read some article with an interview with one of the live-action team numbnuts talking about how the Avatar was 'whitewashed,' it's just one of THOSE; "wah war weese wappowanweesee waopple wawhyte."
It's like actual retards directing tv shows now.

babd1 No.172816

>It's like actual retards directing tv shows now.
This. I have so little hope for anything new coming out of Hollywood I don't even bother to get excited about things anymore. I'm just going to hole up in my bunker, watch old shows and anime, and wait for these idiots to either go bankrupt or start producing quality entertainment again.

d16c0 No.172820

I copy pasted this thread from 8chan
you mad?

babd1 No.172831

Not really. I don't go on 8chan so I don't recognize it. Were you trying to prove something by doing this?

e36b6 No.172834


This is exactly what you should do though.
The only reason these movies get such high praise now is because we don't get anything better and what we do get is 'flawless' entertainment because it never fails in a way that matters because it's always so mediocre, people don't care about that which isn't immediately egregious.

How could any director looking for a positive-sum fail at making a return if mediocrity is the challenge and perfecting the achievement of mediocrity is the goal?

0724d No.172881

File: 1537517978702.png (313.51 KB, 814x798, witcher_netflix.png)

>Let's change a white girl (Ciri) into a nigger!

Fucking (((Netflix)))

32135 No.172886

Didn't they back down with that whole nigger Ciri thing?

c7d50 No.172920


f9a1a No.172943

File: 1537540693650.gif (1.63 KB, 140x88, 1491086694701.gif)


I never watched Netflix nor am i a Witcher fan. Is aidsapprove altering the source material and niggering it up, the does not need to be said.

Metokur recently came forward to disapproving of this service, so i guess i will never spend a dime on it. Fuck these faggots.

c65ab No.172991

fuck off racist

ae8ed No.172995

You new here?

f9a1a No.172997

File: 1537547349896.mp3 (34.41 KB, get that ass banned ltg.mp3)

84aec No.173031

84aec No.173034

>watching hollywood crap

e9036 No.173358

I knew that something was bad when i started feeling coy to talk in a positive way, or to signal an injustice against White people.

c777f No.173366

File: 1537596802613.png (560.28 KB, 720x921, b7472e28b3d8f374e04ca741d0….png)

This shit doesn't even surprise me anymore. Like I don't even feel furious about it cause I shit like this happen so much now.

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