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29091 No.168644

What are your thoughs on this one, Ryan seems to became a cuck, Insult Spencer, accept and then refuse to debate. Now he do wants to, but JFG and Spencer refuses.
What's going up with all that BS.


e50b1 No.168646

>no e-celeb drama

2cfe8 No.168649

What exactly is the Alt-hype? That term has been thrown around, but never seemed to have a definitive meaning.

61116 No.168650

Normally he's very on point, and he is great in terms of genetics and statistics, but he seems to have become black-pilled of late. Now he's acting irrationally. This is why you need to surround yourself with friends you can rely on to give you sound advice.

cd163 No.168677

If you mean to talk about the eceleb trash get >>>/out/

But I think althype's move away from ethno nationalism isn't really surprising since it flows of ideas. The idea of peaceful states owned by left and right factions will never happen. One will win the other will lose and no magical "ethno" or "civic" state will come out of it. Separatism is defeatism. It as an idea is suicidal and so of course his views were going to get blackpilled eventually, they were way too utopian to start with. The only answer to the culture war is to push those on the other side to play they're hand too early and win via acceleration.
Some faggot who did a decent job defending race realism. But he pushed for pan European separatism and for liberal democracy to continue in this new ethno state. So he was a cuck to start with because even if his ideas on how to get to this new state were neat his end goal was a 1950s vision of the US.

29091 No.168757

It will be only possible if the left were not an agressive totalitarian cult that loves to make anti-white propaganda.

a29f5 No.168774

At this point Richard Spencer holds the ground since Alt Hype flaked on a debate they were supposed to have. Richard was right when he said youtubers with graphs and raw data arent fit to lead a movement like him.

a2a3b No.169228

>fit to lead
Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcmhybk2czg
I think Ryan is just becoming disillusioned in general and is disgusted with how Spencer is trashing the "movement" just so he leads it. The analogy of Spencer being a general who orders a frontal attack against the enemy's strongest point five times in a row is quite apt.

I think Alt-Hype's change of tune in regard to scientific facts is certainly alarming, and he is veering precariously close to becoming a lolcow, but Spencer is far worse in every respect.

1ed05 No.169237

Forgive me for feeding this, but I'm curious: what exactly is going on? Because all I know is that a bit ago, Ryan put out a video detailing that Spencer cucked out on the ethnostate by allowing any race so long as they're conservative in.

I don't like bothering with drama, but from that impression it seemed as though Spencer straight up abandoned the idea of ethno-nationalism by muddying the waters of nationalism. That's a massive faux-pas to me and I don't appreciate it - I much prefer the stance of Mexican nationalist Fernando Cort├ęs, that being that while citizenship shouldn't be granted to outsiders like him, we should make allies with those who share both social values and ideology of race.

cd163 No.169239

Ryan took a big blackpill and figured out that most whites even when they find out about white nationalism don't care enough about their kin to do much. On top of that a good amount hate his ethno nationalism so he turned away from it instead of just holding true to his own people. Because of this Ryan is pretty much just a separatist and culture warrior.

Spencer was shat on by Ryan for being an idiot. Which he is.

Both of these idiots are missing a lot, Spencer is pretty much just trying to throw his name out as some big shit that people should care about because he is an attention whore and has no real love or care for Americans or any core ideology besides is own ego. Ryan is the opposite, he cares so much about winning separatism into his perfect state that he is slowly realizing that'll never happen. When he hits the liberalism is dead blackpill I wouldn't be surprised if he offs himself.

One is a blackpilled liberal reaching for a utopia he can't get, the other is an attention whore wanna be dictator with zero charisma. One makes good content on scientific racism, the other holds retard rallies trying to get press attention and grow his profile. One is a good gateway into more, the other is a dead end.

1ed05 No.169242

Shit. I always thought AltHyp was a lolbert with racially-aware leanings. But that's not a huge surprise.

Well if that's all true then frankly both sides sound like cancer and we need to take the third position and abandon the garbage from both the autist and the noise-making e-celeb. I'm keeping his scientific content though, for future use.

1e8b2 No.169267

>Not a form of liberalism in the classical sense.

5bc5b No.170586

Am actually pretty much like Fernando Cortes lol.

cdace No.171278


Rich is better.

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