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File: 1535384529916-0.jpg (55.03 KB, 700x394, 45238502_401.jpg)

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d32fc No.168196

>Scuffles have broken out during two days of protests by hundreds of people in the city centre since a German was stabbed to death early on Sunday.
>Police have arrested a Syrian man and an Iraqi man on suspicion of murder.
>A far-right football fan group called Kaotic Chemnitz called out supporters to show "who is in charge".
Video clips posted on Twitter show protesters chanting "We are the people!" and "This is our city!"
>Some reports also speak of aggressive protesters chasing foreigners, though there are few details.

>"We don't tolerate such unlawful assemblies and the hounding of people who look different or have different origins and attempts to spread hatred on the streets," Mrs Merkel's spokesman, Steffen Seibert, told journalists.

>"That has no place in our cities and we, as the German government, condemn it in the strongest terms. Our basic message for Chemnitz and beyond is that there is no place in Germany for vigilante justice, for groups that want to spread hatred on the streets, for intolerance and for extremism."
>Martina Renner, an MP for the radical Left party, accused the far right of seeking to exploit the murder for political ends.


bee5c No.168229

People are waking up, the crooked media cant keep us down for much longer. Finally some good fucking news.

I also love the hypocracy of the media when it comes to such things: "muh nathseees" roaming through the streets? Instant news coverage, 24/7 reporting, everyone condems it.
Far left rioters actually throwing molotovs and stones at the police, injuring multiple of them? "oh lets not politicise this, i-it has nothing to do with the left! I swear! Youre just making useless drama" Or better yet: they dont even mention it because it obviously doesnt support (((their))) narrative
Fucking pathetic.

93568 No.168240

Let's hope this doesn't end up with us shooting ourselves in the foot, but Goddamn! it's good to see people with sense in Germany.

7da0b No.168327

File: 1535428563416.jpg (7.04 KB, 207x209, 1532107077700.jpg)

Show me your W O K E faces!

3f1b5 No.168328

800 sounds pretty small. How are things in Germany? What are the bullshit "I can't believe this is my country" things that happen on a regular basis?

d32fc No.168334

File: 1535433682902-0.jpg (59.28 KB, 624x415, _103189708_048883306-1.jpg)

File: 1535433682902-1.jpg (47.18 KB, 660x371, _103190780_mediaitem103190….jpg)

I am not sure how large the crowd is compared to what it could be. But it was significant enough that the police had to call in reinforcements from the neighboring city.
But it is at lest a hell of a lot more than it used to be, and things are starting to move.

Also looks like it is not over
>Rival protests over a murder in the east German city of Chemnitz have ended with several people injured as objects were hurled by both sides, police say.
>Far-right activists had gathered in the centre for a second day as a Syrian and an Iraqi remained under arrest on suspicion of Sunday's deadly stabbing.
>Anti-Nazi activists rallied just metres away, accusing the far right of using the death for political ends.
>Injuries were caused when protesters on both sides threw objects, police say.
>German Chancellor Angela Merkel had warned that "vigilante justice" would not be tolerated.

>Pegida, the far-right street movement, called for a new demonstration on Monday afternoon, while an MP from the far-right political party AfD, Markus Frohnmaier, tweeted: "If the state is no longer to protect citizens then people take to the streets and protect themselves. It's as simple as that!"

>"Today it's a citizen's duty to stop the lethal 'knife migration'!" he wrote, alluding to the influx of migrants in recent years. "It could have targeted your father, son or brother!"
>As the heap of wreaths and candles at the spot where the murder occurred grew larger on Monday evening, right-wing demonstrators massed at the Marx monument, and counter-demonstrators gathered close by.
>Police reported Hitler salutes being thrown among the right-wing crowd, where anti-immigration placards can be seen with messages like "Stop the asylum flood".


d32fc No.168429

Chemnitz protests: Germany probes banned Nazi salutes
>German police have opened 10 cases against far-right protesters who gave the illegal Hitler salute during unrest in Chemnitz on Monday.
>About 6,000 people took part in the far-right demonstration and 1,000 in a rival anti-fascist rally, police said.
>The swastika and other Nazi symbols are banned in Germany. The law prescribes a fine or jail term for the Nazi salute.

This is what the German government is focusing on after the protests - hand-salutes

f50e1 No.168430

File: 1535481290724.png (384.34 KB, 631x713, tanya blood and gunpowder.png)


I universally disavow all press, newspapers and radio who agitates against the people of Chemnitz who take back their soil from the Communist demagogues and their rapefugee servants. An absolute travesty. I hope this entire brigade of jew marionettes will be put in jail or to the rope soon along with these paid soros NGO agents.

d32fc No.168438

The positive is that there is regions in Germany that is trying to stay German. Also it can function as a place for German identity spring out from. Chemnitz could also demand autonomy to preserve their cultural heritage.

c52ed No.168451

a shitshow

1ceb3 No.168535


>guy gets stabbed to death by 2 """refugees"""

>media headlines establish that, no, 20 stabs to the chest is not self defence as if that wasnt clear already
>media also focuses on salutes instead of a brutal murder while calling 6000 normal protesters neo nazis and right wing extremists

The absolute state of german media

c97f4 No.168601

I can assure you that it's not just the german media.They use exactly the same tactics to protect gypsies and other "chosen minorities" here and i bet that it's the same in other countries.
They will not allow any semblance of resistance from the native population.

d32fc No.168604

According to Norwegian press the Police in Chemnitz leaked the information regarding the murder to the "right-wing" groups. Information with name and nationality of the murderers, name of the victim and witnesses. So there is at lest some people in the Chemnitz Police that has some love for the German culture.

c52ed No.168647

and they get hunted down

db756 No.168699

Same from the French press, I can translate the article but it doesn't say a lot of news things.

1ceb3 No.168755

Ive heard from different sources that the base of the police is actually pretty right-wing, dispropotionatly from the rest of the country. Many of them are sick of the tactics they are forced to use when dealing with minorities. Ofcourse saying anything about it would cost them their jobs, thats why many of them leave, the rest keeps quiet
The basis of the police force is boiling and in some time in the future there will be an event so drastic and so massive, that the basis will no longer follow the orders of the higher ups.
Lets hope this point comes sooner than later, before its too late.

d32fc No.168829

22acf No.168952

d32fc No.169038

File: 1535825602796.jpg (304.09 KB, 1200x679, 388FzGM3vLNUIMYQ155NiwkM48….jpg)

Looks like the protests are continuing. We might be witnessing the awakening of Germany. Hope they keep the movement going.

22acf No.169183

File: 1535930401908.jpg (37.7 KB, 1024x576, 1522768408327.jpg)

I see potential

878de No.169185

Man why cant burger ever pull of something this cool

54a69 No.169246

File: 1535951889969.jpg (1.23 MB, 1100x906, CrushTheAntiFascistMob.jpg)

They've tried but spergs don't know the first thing about what makes a protest successful.

A good protest like this one is specific and to the point. It protests against an injustice in society that is clear to many people and that people naturally sympathize to. Germans know, at least subliminally, their kind are being raped and murdered by immigrants. When these facts are covered over by the media something is clearly wrong here, and that disturbs them. They want change for the injustice to be remedied. If the media calls them "neo-nazis" for simply demanding this change, then implicitly it becomes justified to be a "Nazi" to impose this change. The media cannot win.

Compare this to retard rallies like at Charlottesville. There was no clear objective or apparent wrong being actually protested there. All that normies could see were torch-bearing spergs shouting "Jews will not replace us." White replacement is not obvious to the majority of whites, and it's difficult to hold up facts and statistics next to a torch. It was just a bunch of LARPers showing how cool and edgy white nationalism is rather than centering on a clear and identifiable case (such as rape and murder by illegals). The media went wild and angry white men holding tiki torches became an object of mockery.

In addition, Chenmitz Kaotic prepared in relative secret and held a large flash demonstration, catching Antifa off-guard and preventing a major reprisal. Charlottesville was advertised months in advance and drew a counter-protester crowd at least as large as the actual protesters. Violence was inevitable and it was all blamed on our side.

If I had the slightest drawing skill I'd make a meme variant based on "Virgin Torchbearer vs. Chad Chemnitz"

d32fc No.169298

>BERLIN — A German court convicted a young migrant who is believed to be from Afghanistan of murdering his 15-year-old girlfriend and sentenced him to eight and a half years in prison on Monday, in a case that has become a flash point for fears over immigration.
>The killing, in December 2017, took place in daylight in a drugstore in a small western German town, shocking the nation and emerging as a rallying cry for the far right and others opposed to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door migration policies of recent years.
>The verdict comes amid rising tensions in the eastern city of Chemnitz, where the fatal stabbing of a German man last month by a Syrian and an Afghan, both asylum seekers, further stoked outrage.

>On Monday, in the drugstore case, a court convicted a man identified by the authorities as Abdul D. of plunging a kitchen knife with an eight-inch blade into the heart of his ex-girlfriend. In the days after the attack, hundreds of people flooded Kandel, a quiet town near the French border.

>Prosecutors argued that the young asylum seeker had been jealous after the victim, who in keeping with German privacy law has been identified only as Mia V., broke up with him several weeks earlier.
>Twelve days before she was stabbed, she filed a report with the police accusing the defendant of insulting and threatening her, and her father then reported him to the authorities two days before her death.

>The mayor of Kandel, Volker Poss, said right-wing groups were organizing demonstrations in the town for later Monday, to protest what they saw as an overly lenient sentence for the killing.

>The court handled the case as a juvenile offense, because Abdul had claimed he was 15 at the time of the killing. Although an expert analysis had suggested he was over 17, and possibly as old as 20, authorities decided not to try him as an adult. That meant the trial was closed to spectators and the maximum penalty was 10 years in prison.

>Migrants under the age of 18 are treated as juveniles in Germany, meaning they are afforded better benefits, including access to schooling and protection from deportation until they become adults. This has led many young men to enter the country without documents and lie about their age.
>There is also some question about the defendant’s origins. He said he was from Afghanistan, but officials have been not been able to confirm that.
>He arrived in Germany in 2016, a year that saw a surge of migration to Europe, primarily from the Middle East and Africa, and applied for asylum as a refugee. Like one of the suspects in Chemnitz, he had been denied asylum but had not yet been deported.

Best of luck and Gods speed to the demonstrators protesting the ridiculous "verdict" in the killing of the German girl

3f1b5 No.169313

I imagine those pictures are supposed to be people killed by migrants or something?

ac359 No.169322

File: 1535999731518.png (23.16 KB, 758x304, 28aeacc288e0bcf1e4cb187c24….png)

Despite obviously biased "journalism" by media, and ridiculous outrage by politicians all over the establishment for the most ridiculous reasons, the AfD now is the 2nd largest party in germany, even in the polls. The dark figure (?) is definitly higher. When looking at the past election, polls showed the AfD at 7-10% right before the election where they got 12.6% (very similar to trumps election).
I suspect that the actual number would be somewhere around 20% at the moment (atleast).
The media and politicians keep throwing a tandrum whenever they see the AfD winning yet again, and they somehow cant see how their "tactics" only strengthens us.
I say: keep it up! In a few months the AfD will at CDU/CSU level and eventually we will be the biggest party in germany. They have been digging their own grave since Murksel opened the borders, but now they switched from a spade to an
excavator, only accelerating their (hopefully) inevitable demise.
Despite their greatest efforts, it seems like germany isnt completely lost yet. We have a real chance, and we have to use it.

3785e No.169396

File: 1536059642696.jpg (23.17 KB, 593x351, AfD-speculated-2033.jpg)

Soon. ↻

22acf No.169444


ec684 No.169456

File: 1536079745325.jpg (90.4 KB, 747x735, vril badge.jpg)


i wonder why you requested this flag vril, do you have german heritage?

be8b9 No.169457


d32fc No.169461

File: 1536080173132.png (332.75 KB, 900x900, 1465851691931.png)

ac359 No.169480

flawless. great statistical value

93568 No.169486

Eeyup. Totally accurate infograph.

3785e No.169508

File: 1536105493501.png (17.84 KB, 850x557, AfD-2013-2017-2018-specula….png)

2nd most maximum edge.

Not at all. It's a speculation based on my discovering Armstrong and watching the right rise for 5 years inline with Armstrong's ideas. I have stated the AfD or someone like them will continue to rise and >>169322 has proven the prediction. Lets see what 2019 gets us.

Updated chart to show the rise of AfD is exceeding my crude speculation. We definitely need more samples as time rolls on, but for now my speculation is not disproven. Also their is little value to prediction if everyone is already convinced. So I will stand here a lone voice and keep watching.

Can't tell if sarc, assuming yes. See above if so.

93568 No.169511

It was. Just poking fun at you making speculations that far in the future with this little amount of evidence. Like you said, we're gonna need more information from these next couple election cycles before we can make predictions like that.

177a7 No.169512

File: 1536108248996.jpg (357.37 KB, 1280x800, 1500837376694.jpg)

What does the future of Germany hold? How Stalinistic can Merkel and her Government get before the German people say "enough"?

3785e No.169513

All the way… then they hand it over to the right wing who will use the accumulated power murderously.

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