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ea5a0 No.167054

The death of music, art, entertainment, dancing, music, joy, laughter, jokes and play at the hands of those who limited free speech and controlled the news in favor of sadness and fear. Communism and tyranny reigned. The holy trinity can't vibe at that frequency, and therefore disappeared from that stifling dimension. The longing for love and creativity was so overwhelming that people were reduced to alcoholism and were dead inside. The fountain of youth was drained. People vaguely remembered when life was lively and fun, but had defeatidly come to accept their diminished reality. Seekers wandered in search of anyone who could shed some light on the dim circumstances, but only found a momentary glimpse of it here and there, as most had withdrawn within themselves. The jokesters and free-thinkers had been stifled, injured even, and it wasn't a fair fight. Or was it? The arts and creativity are the sparks that ignite our souls. We are creators. Without those sparks, we are dead inside. Mrs. American Pie represents that spark that we Americans once had. The levy represents the universal field of consciousness and creativity. When Americans stopped tapping into creative energy and became complacent, the levy ran dry.

5cd9b No.167067

The only way to kill fascist social norms is to force complacency and cut off comedy at the ankles. In short, communism thrives in a populace that represses its creative spirit and good humor. An environment where your only motivator is fear. But the Faustian spirit despises this, for fear is stagnation. Decay. Boredom. A fate worse than death. The few creative spirits in a communist regime are weakened by a constant struggle for meaning in a system enforcing nihilism and shallow comforts.

e68f2 No.167088

File: 1534918100274-0.jpg (1.47 MB, 3800x3841, frankfurt school.jpg)

File: 1534918100274-1.jpg (768.36 KB, 1608x1600, frankfurt school 2.jpg)

the jews did this.

13daa No.167111

File: 1534957710148.jpg (65.62 KB, 500x360, 1513600525384.jpg)

>mfw too drained to create anything

e2f82 No.172804


This post makes me hate myself for not pursuing my writing aspirations.

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