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File: 1533791504578.jpg (34.49 KB, 749x488, iranian.jpg)

c7957 No.164823

Greetings. I am a supersoldier created by the liberals. Tremble before the list of my inhuman abilities:

- The inability to destinguish between different races

Through sustained effort on your part, this ability has waned to the point where I can recognise niggers and Spaniards (probably a latent artifact from my race's revolutionary period). Keep this up and I might start discriminating between different kinds of niggers! But my architects have put extra effort into making sure I'll never be able to identify my own race, so your efforts are futile! All manner of Europeans and Shitskins will forevermore leave me to wonder if they are of my own breed.

If I do want to know, the only thing I can use is someone's name. What with all the sandniggers being named al yigsil or some other dumb shit. I'll never be able to pick them out in a crowd.

Do you have an innate ability to recognise your brethern? Did you have to learn to recognise them? How common is it to be able to do that?

7112e No.164824

7112e No.164827

7112e No.164828

7112e No.164829

7112e No.164830

0691c No.164918

c7957 No.164921

File: 1533841459306.jpg (50.17 KB, 897x800, leatherjacket.jpg)

Despite the faggy OP, I actually intended to have a discussion on the topic. It's a genuine bother to me. Is it abnormal? How did I get this way? How can it be reversed? How can this be prevented in future generations?

ea131 No.164984

I learned a lot of it but Ive always been able to generally pick out fellow celtic niggers over mainland europoors.

72d43 No.165003

File: 1533871931897-0.png (436.05 KB, 1000x979, homo-superior.png)

27962 No.165094


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