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File: 1532324198261.gif (152.67 KB, 300x100, 1527554601034.gif)

18314 No.160740

How did the alt-right got screw?, it was charlottesville is the movement still alive?

dcc97 No.160743

It's never had a great reputation, and was never going to be given much leniency

18314 No.160744

So the identitarians might be the new pillar?

45993 No.160747

What are you even trying to convey, here?

dcc97 No.160748

Identitarians have barely even been heard of in North America. The term "identity politics" is used as way of referring to Neo-Marxist racialism and feminism, so that name might make people think the movement is just inverted Neo-Marxism

18314 No.160751

File: 1532325238646.gif (1.09 MB, 304x336, 1521981426708-0.gif)

I don't know, i don't really know…
I blame sargon.

18314 No.160752

Well they maked Salvini to win.

45993 No.160755

It's just really bad English that's throwing me off, I think.

18314 No.160757

Maybe, :v

e8458 No.160780

You're giving the Soyfather too much credit. In attacking the alt-right he only exposed himself as a doctrinaire, bitter cynic who is completely intellectually dishonest.

What happened was because Trump was elected, the sense of urgency that motivated the American section of the alt-right tapered off. People return to their daily lives when they're no longer worried about the world ending. Also, our public confidence, which had been steadily growing, took a hit at Charlottesville because we looked like a bunch of spergs. The alt-right has still been growing, but public demonstrations are avoided due to optics and fear of reprisals.

2306d No.160781

File: 1532352470745.jpg (49.58 KB, 406x364, 1491948034241.jpg)


We can't forget that there are suspect individuals within the movement itself that seems to be there to create bad optics and nothing else. The asshats who thought it was a good idea to march with tiki torches should be mocked without reprieve.

If the activist and public part of the alt-right weren't led by spergs, hypocritical characters (Laura Southern is one of several I can think of; I view her as someone who is larping as a tradthot), and emotional thinkers I'd have more hope for the movement.

>MFW degenerate horsefuckers understands the principal content above better than most within alt-right.

Or am I giving people here too much credence?

f8376 No.160790

File: 1532358911199.png (566 KB, 960x540, 1411197798359.png)

8a41a No.160793

No, you're absolutely right. We unironically need a Mr. H these days, less so to gas the Griffons but rather to be a striking and unifying leader. The second half of MK tells how he turned a motley club (of which there are no shortage these days) to a disciplined organization that regularly turned out thousands in speaking areas. This requires passion and perseverance but also a shrewd knowledge of how to spread ideas and convince the opposing side. He also had a surprisingly good handle on optics as, although he was painted as "dangerous" by the Griffon press, he merely kept a well-disciplined body of stormtroopers to clear out ruffians. By keeping them in line and finishing fights rather than starting them he appeared competent and what Germany needed.

However, these tactics cannot simply be copied down for obvious reasons, but must be adapted and integrated into a modern, highly cynical setting.

2306d No.160798

File: 1532363597957.jpg (262.89 KB, 1280x720, 1522862000043.jpg)


I'm sorry for being a daft fuck but I just fail to find a proficient use of words to convey my deep frustration at how inept the alt-right is realizing that normies won't look an provocative statement whether there's truth in it — the GQ comes to mind here — and that optics do fucking matters.

Yes, I realize I'm implying that I'm not a sperg or any pertinent counter to whichever claim I've made or that I know anything.


I guess the first step is to read about what one speaks whereof, to create an unassailable core that one can't shoo away with emotions and obfuscations through study. Then the one with the most gumption may rise to the challenge and create a top-down organization with precise goals. The creator behind CounterCurrentsTV comes to mind when thinking of the kind of character I'm imagining: knowledgeable, socially pleasant, respectful, self-controlled, a wordsmith, and courage.


8f5a9 No.161053

Or those who call people who made some really good stuff for the alt-right like Lauren Southern with farmlands, "jewish controlled opposition".

f8376 No.161071

File: 1532458238139.png (Spoiler Image, 1.13 MB, 682x884, umb.png)

This. Ppl like Southern and Rudowski et al are self-promoters, but their content is quality (and often dangerous) even if they won't name the jew

f8376 No.161072

totally wrong image

85608 No.161106

File: 1532464052226.jpg (6.78 KB, 225x225, 1492558555821.jpg)


Yeah, there's too many that do that. Annoying that these spergs scream "Jew" instantly a person they've designated as a member of their clique without realizing they end up hurting their cause more than the person they accuse of a misstep or faux pas.

There are two channels I could drop here (I won't without being explicitly asked to do so) that discusses several alt-right ideas (Not only or mainly) that, in my opinion, is much more interesting than Lauren.

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