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File: 1532119104755-0.jpg (17.39 KB, 230x345, 230px-Ave_trumpus_maximus.jpg)

e96af No.160382

Why don't we have a minecraft server?

48a7b No.160383

I thought we did.
No idea how to access it though…

f34d1 No.160385

People still play that? Which version of Minecraft? Last time I played it was the update before the sale to Microsoft.

b2d03 No.160392

File: 1532126488607.jpg (24.53 KB, 747x227, zoomer undertale.jpg)

I think we are autistic enough thank you.

0836e No.160394

its kill, id play on it if it was brought back online.

d0d99 No.160425

Why not a Roblox Server? Or we could make a Holdfast regiment to btfo historical faggots in glorious line battles.

47c88 No.160429

Son, how old do you think we are?

d0d99 No.160430

Quiet down boomer.

1c43d No.160440

Would we want mods personally I think it would be great to have them?

And to stay relevant to board interest and purpose this would be a great addition.


0836e No.160441

flans mod is a must. i want those sweet sweet 1940s weapons

f7045 No.160458

We had one
I still think we should have a Rust clan

0836e No.160459

we should,faceless.

be8fc No.160464

why don't we have a despacito 2 server?

f7045 No.160474

Please, Max is the ponyfucker of those two

eb913 No.160484

We need a 2b2t like server for /mlpol/. I would build ponies and swastikas all day

f6cd0 No.160516

File: 1532194432675-0.png (111.63 KB, 627x653, for memories (5).png)

Something like mlpcraft back in the day would be fun. Modding vehicles and guns with the pony mod, fun shit.

cd113 No.160529


0836e No.160762

Conan exiles server when?

40f84 No.160772

why not just a regular vanilla server?
id support it. maybe after 1.13 releases. could have a custom spawn area map like thats shown on the front page of the mlpcraft wiki >>160516

47c88 No.160809

That game looks like it got a lot more fun after it got a full release.

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