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File: 1529966429237.png (78.35 KB, 290x352, Boomer.png)

a834b No.155278

We all HATE boomers, post your best boomer hate memes and boomer made memes you got and ofc talk about how much we hate the boomers.

5e069 No.155279

Don't mind me, just waiting to get stocked up on memes.

1af35 No.155305

File: 1529977232096.jpg (70.72 KB, 360x216, Barry_Weiss Then & Now.jpg)

>you are like 25 young man
>how do you not own a home yet!?
>I might not have finished high school
>I Still got a 9 to 5 job that paid the bills and then some
>for $150,000 (adjusted for inflation) I bought a big house in a nice all-white suburb
>10 years later, through MY HARD WORK I paid off my mortgage
>and no my wife did not work. through my efforts as the primary provider, She had the privilege of being a full time stay at home mother of our three beautiful childern
>We raised our kids well too. We got >Expert parenting advice for people on the tv; people like Operah (a woman who never had kids and admits if she did they would hate her)
>The Millennials were raised well in our hands

>Back in my day.

>When I was a young man, I was a proud hippie. Me and my other Boomer friends got out and made a real change in the the world.
>LSD may have been everywhere at the time but I stand firm in saying WEED CAN KILL
>We we’re responsible for Things like 2nd wave feminism, the sexual revolution,extreme environmentalism, the end of the Vietnam war, Jimmy Carter, Disco, the black civil rights movement, the gay rights movement and many other successful progressive movements.
>We enacted liberal policies and expanded government. Though I can’t figure out why the economy is always suffering? must those dag-gum kids again.

>I don’t understand kids these days. they must all just be really lazy.

9cfce No.155308

Weed hate was probably mostly right-wing evangelical-like 'devil drug' rhetoric though.
Even though this was during a time when Weed was mostly the beneficial CBD, not THC.

1af35 No.155309

of all the generations alive today, who is most responsible for voting out marijuana legalization?

"when the boomers die then we'll have legal weed"

even an old lard-ass teacher of mine in high school admitted that even though he personally is ok with weed, Boomers as a group are not ok with weed.

5e069 No.155310

Not a Boomer, myself, but I don't understand why anyone would want to smoke weed. It just makes you dumb and lazy, more so than even alcohol, and at least when you get drunk nobody has to get drunk with you.

0908e No.155360

There are legitimate reasons to be upset with the Boomers, but I get the feeling that the boomer hate threads on 4pol are a 1984 style "two minutes of hate" thing to distract attention away from the real problems.

31757 No.155368

File: 1529996704951.jpg (80.09 KB, 502x501, baby-boomer-meme-01 (1).jpg)

>hey lets ruin the economy and allow mass imigration.
>who cares about americas future? i need the gardeners to pick my food so the prices stay low
>you cant say that! jEWs are Gods Chosen!

7714b No.155375

File: 1529999238566.jpg (1.05 MB, 2119x1415, baby-boomer-couple-getty.jpg)

Hey guess what Anon we just bought a crappy old house for $60,000! Yeah haha we're not going to live in it, we're just going to install new marble countertops and hardwood floors and maybe paint the walls some garish color so we can resell it for $600,000 to a Chinese investment firm so they can bulldoze it and build luxury condos. Also everyone we know is doing the same thing and all the houses cost $600,000 now. Why haven't you bought a house yet Anon? Weren't you listening when we taught you all about the value of hard work?

7714b No.155377

>be the generation that popularized smoking weed
>be the generation that prevents the legalization of weed
makes sense.

8506d No.155644

Don't really know too many boomers.
It's hit and miss. Although none of them really understand the whole "times have changed, money is made differently now" thing.

15ef7 No.155662

Many of them have a very poor grasp on the concept of inflation. You can say the same about most people, but boomers can be insufferable with how they fail to grasp that you can't pay for a new car and a year of college tuition with the salary of a summer job any more.

8506d No.155677

>Back when I was a kid, I worked a part-time job, still had plenty of time/money to have a girl and do drugs constantly
>What's wrong with you anon? Full time job and you still haven't gotten out of your shitty apartment. You must have terrible work ethic and financing.

cee2d No.155679

File: 1530120955640.gif (216.34 KB, 500x500, 237147__safe_artist-colon-….gif)

Why doesn't most pop music have a harmonic structure anymore? I bet the boomers did this

8cc39 No.155686

No that was the jews, but boomers are >bestgoy

6a6ef No.155808

File: 1530135220814.png (37.99 KB, 250x250, 209e482.png)

What kind of retard pays off their mortgage!? completely that is

1ea05 No.155931

Can't blame them, I can totally see this same post in a few decades substituting Boomer with millennial.

e6369 No.155937

File: 1530168887387.png (225.65 KB, 441x587, Boomeridle_1.png)

I absolutely fucking hate these things. I mean look at em, they're unhygienic fat assholes that run at you and explode into a green gas and goo that magically alerts every zombie and offshoot zombie to your position. How could this even work? It doesn't make sense.

31757 No.155938

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