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File: 1527283373701.png (961.19 KB, 1000x625, serveimage.png)

94653 No.149094

Does anyone else think fashwave is controlled opposition?
It's so cringy

fdf91 No.149095

… what?

94653 No.149096

It's bad music and it makes us look bad
go ahead and try to name a good fashwave "song"

fdf91 No.149097

Pretty far-fetched to call it "controlled opposition" though.

94653 No.149098

They're pretending to be us pretending to be retarded

3d005 No.149101

I highly doubt its controlled opposition. The reason it exists is because the past few years more and more people have been getting into the whole 80's aesthetics, including me, thanks to vaporwave, games like Hotline Miami, and more people getting into retro things. These people that make it are probably doing it out of autism and not because they don't want to give us a bad image.

40322 No.149102

Fashwave is art anon.

fdf91 No.149109

I highly doubt even Jews would go so far as to create an art/music form just to make Nazis look bad.

da6b2 No.149128

True. You listen to this and tell me you aren't filled with awe, pride, and nostalgia for a golden age you never saw and never had to see to know it can happen again.


b3b6f No.149130

Isn't it possible the people who make these fashwave things are honestly rightwing but also just autistic?

f51dd No.149136

You mean retrofututistic art is autistic because you don't like it?
Sure Anon, your opinion is God's gift to this ignorant earth.

bddb8 No.149151

File: 1527289022362.png (8.64 MB, 1736x1302, A54341C4-485C-4D44-B5B1-41….png)

As long as we’re all complaining, is anyone else getting tired of all the “X is controlled opposition” bullshit? It’s just become the default response for anons to dismiss any trend or media figure they have some kind of problem with. Not to say we should all just blindly trust everything on the internet, but just because everything is Jews it doesn’t mean that literally everything is Jews. I personally like vaporwave art, I find it nostalgic and comfy, and whoever came up with the idea of using it as a vehicle for right wing messaging was a genius imo.

fdf91 No.149156

I'm pretty sick of it too, tbh.

3a3de No.149157

Meh always be skeptical but yeah controlled op feels like a term made by controlled op honestly. Just have a lot of questions and don't follow people blindly including those screaming controlled op and you then should be able to find what is and isn't true.

1e85a No.149161

File: 1527289933706.jpg (59.32 KB, 441x595, 1504568719059-3.jpg)

f94fc No.149165

File: 1527291068534-0.jpg (99.99 KB, 540x540, 1488528299234.jpg)

File: 1527291068534-1.jpeg (61.25 KB, 900x600, 4z6AsbIbwiuEkSLJr3xh_09_d….jpeg)

File: 1527291068534-2.png (1.33 MB, 1165x713, H A T E.png)

File: 1527291068534-3.jpg (371.41 KB, 1500x1500, iEBjFIJoLZMkTkpkFlFu_12_2b….jpg)

art-right and fashwave aren't bad. Though I'll admit that fashwave video content is really basic, just transposing stock nazi imagery into outrun and synth stuff.

But art-right is creative and actually inspires. pics related.

40322 No.149168

I love fashwave tbh. It helps with the blackpills.

1e85a No.149174

File: 1527292361078.png (968.99 KB, 501x860, aesthrwds.png)

7c465 No.149280

Good fashwave? Anything by Joseph Retrostein. Also, the entire soundtrack of Escape from New York. Hell, Imperial March from Star Wars could be remixed into Fashwave without any problems.

Think of any bad guy music…and how much of it is AWESOME.

60fdd No.149292

File: 1527306894130.jpg (164.96 KB, 1280x720, RevoltAgainstTheModernWorl….jpg)

Fashwave is the new counter-culture just as psychedelic rock was for the hippies. It's not supposed to be studio-level quality simply because it's basically made in someone's basement. It embodies our ideals quite well. It's metamodernism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNFcGo0NSkg

Also, Xurious has lots of good music and two excellent music videos. True, some of his work can be a bit repetitive and occasionally he focuses on quantity rather than quality, but we need the material to establish ourselves as a genre.

2c880 No.149375

File: 1527320178327.png (2.61 MB, 2000x853, 1*mZYGO4aIYMSPtcdXh7JHwQ.png)

The baby boom starts in the 40's. The bulk of those people people are at their peak around the 80's. Currently they are facing retirement, old age, infirmity and mortality. Would there not be a boom in nostalgia for when they were at their peak?

Also the 80's is pre-internet so it could be a mild backlash against the social media circus of the internet too.

As for it being controlled. It would be less controllable that a chan.

ca3e5 No.149421

>It's so cringy
Do you know where we are?

2c880 No.149423

File: 1527332863023.png (305.33 KB, 992x559, Pinkie_Pie_hoof_up_S2E24.png)

04071 No.149798

90% of music these days is made on a computer this is not an excuse for shitty vaporwave tier remixes
this is what fashwave could be if anyone in this community had any musical talent or taste

54bf9 No.149816

I do not know about fashwave but am pretty sure every shitty stuff in there it is just their fault not everyone on our side are better than the left there always be a group of idiots here, don't get me wrong, in the left there is barely non-idiotic people and those ones do not know their side well enough.

2c880 No.149857

2c880 No.149859

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