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File: 1526147707425-0.mp4 (2.56 MB, 720x1280, dotrisuponus.mp4)

File: 1526147707425-1.webm (14.24 MB, 640x360, NY_Library_Brings_Drag_Qu….webm)

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14fc9 No.146780

I hope you faggots are enjoying your horse circlejerk.
While you fantasize about being a fucking filly, obsess about horse porn, and worry about e-celeb "bloodsports" the world is burning.
The only serious political shit that is regularly
posted here is /sg/ witch is also the only exception to the no generals rule.
I like this place, its been comfy for the past year or so, but it seems more like a /mlp/ refugee board rather than ponies+politics.

Vids related, degeneracy has reached a point we should have never crossed.

06134 No.146784

File: 1526148155575.png (214.25 KB, 617x363, ClipboardImage.png)


14fc9 No.146786

File: 1526148594154.png (568.35 KB, 2196x2648, filly.png)

Forgot my filly, happy now?

440cf No.146789

File: 1526148847865-0.png (424.36 KB, 777x455, 89f.png)

This is now a Justin Trudeau thread.

06134 No.146793

Which brand of maple syrup do you recommend as a lube to jerk off to The Supreme Leader Justin?

14fc9 No.146794

The bastard son of Castro is not he issue here. The lack political posting is. I just wanted to share some degeneracy and rant a bit.
Ill admit Im at fault too and I dont post enough, but seriously, why call this place mlpol if its not at least 50% politics?

0e555 No.146800

File: 1526149617721.png (125.87 KB, 957x834, 084623243.png)

There's not much incentive to post political threads when its been just about the same shit different day all the time as of late. Things that have been important already have threads here so naturally when we are bored, we are gonna discus about ponies.

Shit's been quiet on the political side of things basically.

440cf No.146805

File: 1526150071884.png (Spoiler Image, 489 KB, 1024x1583, 1512438365956.png)

Only the finest 29 Février maple syrup will suffice for our glorious cuck king. 100% ecocert and kosher certified, for maximum diversity.
>why call this place mlpol if its not at least 50% politics
So, are you saying you want… equality?

57d3e No.146806

I feel bad for the boy they turned into a drag-queen ladyboy-toy. What they did to him is way worse than the child beauty contests.

And basically this. War is hell Peace is fucking boring.

641f9 No.146807

Here's the thing, posting news of why the modern world is trash is not going to help us, it will only drive us into a funk. The only thing such abominations are good for are for convincing normies on the fence that action must be taken. We already agree that the cities must be burned and we must cleanse our countries.

If you want to help the political side of this board, you should post either helpful material (such as strategy or guides) or debate material to help us reach an ideological consensus.

14fc9 No.146809

File: 1526150226791.png (1.27 MB, 1887x2160, 941704__safe_artist-colon-….png)

What about the politics of pony? This season is rife with liberal propaganda. There is a concerted attempt to disarm the US citizens with false flags. Then there is the chimpouts in the house by "Were gonna get some reparations" Maxine Waters.
Well shit I concede, Ive been lazy and should have posted this shit instead of ranting….

aaf2d No.146812

aaf2d No.146814


True. Also, but my personal opinion, we should be less ideological and more realistic about our views, objectives and comments themselves. Dealing with a corrupted and evil system requires humbleness and seriousness.

14fc9 No.146815

Ideological consensus, I just want people to care about their heritage again. We owe everything to our forefathers, our life especially.
I know this is a fun board, but I have a harder and harder times having fun now days. Hiding my power level in getting extremely draining and while I try to redpill as much as I can, it seems like an insurmountable goal.

14fc9 No.146816

Ive developed some plans to achieve a resolution to my views that go against the system, unfortunately there is a key one that I doubt I will be able to achieve, and it is the one that I find most important. The continuation of the race.
The only thing I can find hope in is getting fit and obtaining a firearm(should happen within a week or two). And then protecting my friends who have families. But then I find all my friend are so hopelessly bluepilled in key things such as the JQ that I cant even find complete solace in this plan.

57d3e No.146817

I am starting to lean toward not hiding my power level anymore. Be one who stood up and make it more acceptable in the end to show your power level.

bad1f No.146821

What are you talking about, 75% of the threads are political in nature with some great discussion in them, and it's a whole lot better than the cesspool /pol/ has become because of the shills.


This is old stuff, all we have to do is wait for the inevitable depression and resentment towards this shit to blossom in the kids when they grow up and realise that what they've been subjected to is indoctrination and abuse.

b628e No.146823

File: 1526154901833.png (298.96 KB, 960x540, full.png)


This seems to be a recurring discussion. Whenever the news is slow, politics threads tend to wane and the board becomes more pony-focused, and /pol/ anons complain. When there's happenings or elections going on and most of the threads are about politics, the /mlp/ anons complain that it's too political and there's not enough pony. Rarely will it be evenly balanced 50/50 ponies/politics. It's just going to fluctuate back and forth like that, it's part of having a board that deals with two topics.

I also feel like the world is on an upswing at the moment. In the US Trump is doing well and the attacks against him are seriously losing traction. Republican party is mostly behind him at this point and the ones who aren't are retiring. The Democrats are still in reeeeeeee mode and have no focus or message, and are losing ground daily in polls. Patrick Little probably isn't going to win in California but he's the first major party candidate to explicitly call out the Jews, and hopefully he won't be the last. Europe is basically still on fire, and I'll admit I don't follow what's going on there as closely as I should, but I keep hearing about far right groups popping up and making gains here and there, so I feel like they're approaching the tipping point. There's still a lot of degeneracy and kikery happening but the Right has made serious gains in the last two years. We shouldn't rest on our laurels but there's no shame in relaxing a bit and having fun; part of what made /mlpol/ so great in the first place was that the ponies brought an element of fun and cheer into the doom and gloom of /pol/.

All in all I would give you the same advice I usually give people with this complaint, which is that if you feel like there are political topics not being discussed that should be, then start a thread about one of those topics instead of starting a thread complaining about how those topics are not being discussed.

14fc9 No.146833

I made this thread in a moment of weakness and frustration. Went outside and did some intense cycling for an hour and and feeling more clear on things.
You are pretty on spot with this post. Ive seen many of the same type threads myself, guess its just bound to happen on a board this this.

Just been seeing a lot of the same stuff the past few weeks, and been frustrated by other things. I haven't contributed and really shouldn't have even made this shitpost.

bad1f No.146835

Reminding people about tranny degeneracy is never a bad idea, so you did some good. As people have said, the politics have been oddly quiet as of recently, I think we're just waiting for the outcome of Trump and Kimmy meeting to hit the news.

2a928 No.146844

No, you make good points. Some things may be getting better, but this isn't the time to rest. Censorship of conservative views (especially on the Internet) is becoming heavier, Europe is getting worse, especially in regard to "free" speech, and (on a much lesser note), it's safe to say that MLP itself is officially cucked. The big difference is that normies are becoming more aware of the bullshit around them and are starting to not buy it, despite (or even because of) the left doubling down.

As for this board, I also wish there was more /pol/-posting, but I've only posted some MLP stuff too.

00413 No.146852

File: 1526161751616.jpg (1.59 MB, 2024x2900, IMG_20180228_093341.jpg)

Personally I don't think we should abandon the pone stuff, but at the same time actual /pol/posting would be preferable to….well, the Internet Bloodsports General. Feels like most of the people in this board are either just meming, or just talking cartoon horse program. Like, the few people who'll talk politics are doing nothing but arguing semantics instead of trying to work towards any real change.

I'm certain of one thing: if Patrick Little were a regular here, he probably wouldn't be running for senate right now.

Remember people: there's a time for fun and a time for ideology-work. Never forget pic related, and all the undocumented cases we can't see.

00413 No.146855

This. This. This. I try my damnedest to "play devil's advocate" around family and coworkers about this. I always speak out against the genocide of the Boers, the firebombing of Palestinian civilians, the debt-based downfall of the US Dollar and need to invest in crypto and metals, and all that. The JQ's only partially registering to my mother and she doesn't seem to understand that races are different in more than just sickle cell anemia, but I've at least shown her that the republican party is just as much to blame as the democratic one, and hopefully I'll get her to see things through the third-positionism perspective.

Until then…I don't have shit to lose, why bother hiding my feelings?

203d9 No.146856

>Until then…I don't have shit to lose, why bother hiding my feelings?
My thoughts exactly.

38161 No.146857

I've also noticed the lack of political posts. We should make more.

14fc9 No.146858


Ive got a lot of shit to lose unfortunately. Im not friends with a bunch of SJWs but if they knew the extent of my ideals I would lose my job, the room I rent, and probably what few friends I have. These are good people, just very misguided on many things. The programming is very real and scary. It frustrates me to no end that my boss is a christian and thinks the jews are the chosen people and can do no wrong, with no idea how much they are responsible for the degeneracy of our culture.

52e5e No.146876

I know the feel anon

5483d No.146887

>Jew York

14fc9 No.146901

Yes, one of many cities that over power the rest of the nation in pure numbers as shown in the last election. If not for the electoral college, Hillary would be president now. But they are pushing harder and harder to get those numbers up to where they can not be defeated, so yes all people in this country need to be made aware of this degeneracy so that more voters will come out against them.
Or just start the civil war sooner.

37a25 No.146902

The scale is tipped slightly for ponies right now. That's not that surprising. Bronies/Faggots will put up with anything.
Political people generally DON'T put up with shit. So we're less likely to get those people who aren't already pretty open minded to this kind of degeneracy.
Just raid /pol/ more.

38161 No.146904

We need to raid more than just /pol/

b47df No.146975

File: 1526226155425.jpg (665.18 KB, 1062x918, TwilightSparkleOnZebras.jpg)

That picture makes me irate. I'm one who has several black friends and colleagues (on the higher side of the IQ curve) but this makes me unironically want the Turner Diaries to come true. Many blacks are nothing more than wild animals to be put down.

Youtube. The userbase is primarily right-wing, the platform is large enough that we can't easily be traced or countered, and there are a good number of based MLP fans already (such as the ubiquitous ImALittlePip, who may or may not already browse this board). I'm not a video producer but ordering that Tyrone video definitely helped. We need to keep up a meme campaign though and perhaps get noticed by one of the many esoteric philosophers.

00413 No.146976

This. We should be raiding every board. We should be raiding every website. Every app, every Steam group, every club, every high school and every workers' union. Every company, every game lobby, every public park, every government institution, every monument, every civil war statue!

Politics is global and all-encompassing. Act like it, work towards spreading awareness of your cause, and don't put up with shit. Call out sportsballers on Gab for being multiculty, sheeplike faggots who could be doing a lot more for their city than rooting for a team that doesn't even represent their actual city. Call out fellow horsefuckers who spend every waking moment talking IBS and Anonfilly instead of seeking leadership and allies. Amplify video makers on youtube, bitchute, and the late great vidme that you agree with, and mirror their content when it inevitably gets flagged down. This is stuff I KNOW you can do, regardless of social standing.

00413 No.146977

Heyyy, I remember LittlePip. I used to chat with him in comments sections back when Sargon kinda-sorta represented my beliefs on feminism. Does he do anything right now, or does he still just comment in Derpibooru stuff?

b47df No.146979

I never really got into real contact with him, though I've responded to his comments sometimes when I find him on philosophy or MLP videos. The problem with Youtube is that because it is unimaginably vast and quite anonymous (despite the use of usernames) it's hard to organize any sort of community without a content creator pointing directions. When you comment, to get noticed at all you either have to be a well-known creator or have a witty mind.

00413 No.146981

File: 1526227286636.png (29.71 KB, 435x517, ayyyy lmoa.png)

By the way, when I said all-encompassing, I meant it. Pic related.

0bf2e No.147090

File: 1526261842584.gif (130.86 KB, 853x480, mlfw1817-92393_-_animated_….gif)

>when your edit gets used to berate you

c67af No.152670

c61e1 No.152679

File: 1528665756744.jpg (158.85 KB, 752x1063, 223a8c7a3ea62d10c12d5c5c68….jpg)

Are you saying its a cycle between two polarities, anon?

542fa No.152729

Everyone of those degenerates are kikes.
DOTR is not far.

542fa No.152730

>Here's the thing, posting news of why the modern world is trash is not going to help us
Yes it helps a lot.
Hate is a powerful motivator to move the ass.

efb78 No.152732

This is /mlpol/. Deal with it. The only problem with the board is it's lack of participants.

See it as a symbiotic relationship. Pony porn scares off the shill fags. And pol keeps the horse fuckers from straying to far of the deep end (hopefully).

6a452 No.152792

I redpill a few people at a time whenever I get the chance. It's important to remember that debate with libtards is a performance art. You'll never convince a full libtard to detox, you instead have to convince onlookers to not end up like the libtard.

df92e No.152826

File: 1528734465082.png (188.32 KB, 668x1024, 1526214664576.png)


I think we actually need generals here that basically stay up for a month.

White nationalism or identitarian general
Paganism general
Aryanne general

That will tend to separate the serious politics from the clop.

df92e No.152827


Given the board speed maybe they should stay up for 6 months.

e11db No.152828

So post more politics.
I see people complaining all the time that there is too much of something, be it here, /pol/ or /mlp/.
Maybe instead of complaining about others people content and how they want to spend their time you and people who want politics make more political threads and discuss more?
I like talking politics but it just is often too much like /pol/ here and it reminds me why I stoped visiting that AIDS infested shithole. Instead of normal discussion you have autists screaming jews or degeneracy at everything they don't like (on a fucking half pony board).
I came here to have fun not out of some sense of duty.

e59a9 No.152832

For the most part, clop already stays out of most threads. I don't see why we need to change anything.

896bc No.152834


Its a symptom of us being fringe for even political boards. Anyone coming here unless in some sort of raid is probably not complete newfag. Most of us are fairly decided about things and on average I would say older than say /4pol/. Its been brought up as to why we are slow. Many of us have jobs and responsibilities that the 14 year olds on other sites don't. Maybe we want to relax after some work Anon, this does not mean we aren't making strides in this shithole reality.

6a452 No.152835

Fuck you there ain't nothing degenerate about liking pony.

Wanting to be a little filly mothered by Twilight? Sure, that's a little degenerate, but nowhere near as degenerate as the modern left, which needs to be stopped.

6d5fa No.152837

File: 1528739361055.png (288.68 KB, 666x712, 1496444509359.png)

>need generals
Yeah no generals are the last thing we need, the problem is actually the opposite from what I can tell. Shit is too fractured at this point, it'd be better off to have it mixed in even more. /pol/acks learning about mlp and horsefuckers getting redpilled is what made /mlpol/ fun, we got to both redpill each other on our interests.
Ways to make shit less fractured is starting by killing ub and then just participating in shit you don't know too much about and just trying new shit.

e11db No.152838

Read my post again. I never said pony is pbjectively degenerate. But it's seen as degenerate by majority of population and most of moralfags.
I just said it's pretty ironic for purityfags to screech degeneracy while beeing here.

6a452 No.152843

k, but youre still a faggot

e11db No.152846

b628e No.152854

File: 1528749687518.png (1.67 MB, 3500x4500, 1527225746906.png)

I think as before the debate comes down to what exactly a "general" is. Absorbing /sg/ has proven to bring in a lot of quality /pol/ posters, rescuing the Anonfilly thread from /mlp/ probably saved the site during a period of declining traffic, and so far it looks like the Fluttershy and /bug/ communities we've picked up are doing the same.

That said I agree that just having a board full of separate general threads that don't mix with each other defeats the point of having a board in the first place. In particular I think that trying to separate the pony and political topics is a bad idea since that defeats the whole point of /mlpol/ in the first place.

e59a9 No.152861

Agreed. IF we were to bring generals over, we should:

1. Make sure that each general serves a distinct and unique purpose.

2. Limit the creation of new generals.

3. Get rid of generals that are basically dead and have become nothing but bump bait.

c250f No.152863

the poles here are massive faggots, there I said it.

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