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File: 1525033484642.png (388.47 KB, 900x506, upside_down__screenshot_re….png)

3b5bd No.144299[Last 50 Posts]

Does anyone have links to the MLP Discords? I would like to discuss pone after the ride ends.

8ff31 No.144301

File: 1525033824373.png (1.06 MB, 2000x2000, 1514232850188.png)

The ride never ends anon

60bd8 No.144302

File: 1525033998156.png (1.06 MB, 798x967, 1474780023515.png)


8ccc5 No.144303

286bf No.144306

Why don't you meet people irl and set up a little group where you meet at your library's meeting room every weekend and talk about the show, share fanfics and art(porn) etc.

fd3aa No.144308

I used to be able to do something sort of like this with friends at college

3b5bd No.144311


That's actually a good idea, thanks anon. I know a few people irl already, but I want a place I can always lurk around as specifically a plushfag or an artfag and ask for advice

3b5bd No.144312

>share porn

44bbe No.144314


You'll find more drama than MLP. I wouldn't even bother

f1244 No.144316

Do this but no PC funkillers and play boardgames.
It's time to admit being a pony-nigger is degenerate.

f1244 No.144318

I meant to say no degenerate pony shit either.
Keep your animal relationship - interracial tier, viscerally disgusting fetish away.

c1161 No.144325

File: 1525039674685-0.png (2.28 MB, 1406x2000, 1310020__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1525039674685-1.png (1.15 MB, 1944x1280, 1473062__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1525039674685-2.png (4.5 MB, 2976x1930, 1574858__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1525039674685-3.png (2.13 MB, 1900x1347, 1521814926842.png)

you sound mad anon ^:) friendship is for everypony. have some horse pucci to help you calm down.

f79ce No.144340


f1244 No.144363

Yeah but that's poni x poni.
Birds and the bees, that's fine.
No hoove x hooves goes straight into the oven.
For our own health I say this.

60bd8 No.144365

File: 1525048488587.png (392.04 KB, 606x682, 1513492167132.png)

Who anointed you the /mlpol/ thought leader, pretty boy?

a0fee No.144367

Holy fuck I need to shove my cock in to that mare.

f1244 No.144371

I just wanna provide suggestions for your mental health my dear.
It's true that most non-pol mlp people aren't people who watch human x poni porn thereby destroying their natural negative reaction to seeing interracial couples in public (the normal response is disgust and alikening it to bestiality).

As a member of the enlightened I'd say at worse it could push you closer to the 'world domination by white seed' mentality.
But is that really much better? Silly goyim.


df9fd No.144373

File: 1525049336599.png (105.07 KB, 1097x965, 5465475675.png)

I bet ya would. :^)

a2626 No.144374

>not sharing porn with your friends

60bd8 No.144379

File: 1525050509105-0.jpg (432.37 KB, 3284x5009, gMtVK0i.jpg)

File: 1525050509105-1.gif (20.55 MB, 480x270, xUPGcs2vzUStmiSAXS.gif)

File: 1525050509105-2.webm (3.02 MB, 1024x1536, c3deeec6d5dfbe5332f3cbd12….webm)

File: 1525050509105-3.webm (3.79 MB, 1108x1080, Flutter.webm)

File: 1525050509105-4.png (1.2 MB, 5000x2179, 1518827335700-0.png)

>implying poners aren't aliens
>implying beastiality == xenophilia
>implying poners aren't white

f1244 No.144381


a0fee No.144384

File: 1525054065237-0.png (465.45 KB, 1605x2199, 1065396__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1525054065237-1.png (1.95 MB, 1655x1325, 1195804__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1525054065237-2.png (1.93 MB, 2100x1638, 1389338__source needed_exp….png)

File: 1525054065237-3.png (2.14 MB, 1920x1080, 1457903__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1525054065237-4.png (674.54 KB, 1100x850, 1485711__explicit_alternat….png)

b7313 No.144389

File: 1525055861510-0.gif (4.35 MB, 1280x720, 1693026__explicit_artist-c….gif)

File: 1525055861510-1.jpeg (213.03 KB, 1000x913, 1695755__questionable_art….jpeg)

File: 1525055861510-2.png (545.37 KB, 750x750, 1574007__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1525055861510-3.png (937.82 KB, 905x1280, 1508972__explicit_artist-c….png)

>my dear
fuck off granny

>destroying their natural negative reaction to seeing interracial couples in public

uh nope, that's still alive and well, thanks for asking though goy.

your attempt to fellate yourself by asserting a baseless moral superiority on a vietnamese horse politics forum shows just how pathetic you're being. what do you hope to gain in your life with this? for your mental health, drop the soy and go read some nietzsche.

f1244 No.144390

>>destroying their natural negative reaction to seeing interracial couples in public
>uh nope, that's still alive and well, thanks for asking though goy.
I wasn't asking you.
I was talking about the average autistic degenerate that watched MLP.
These retarded shut-ins who have removed the only inherent barrier to liking the disgusting /int/eracial relationship fetish.
I specifically dis-included people who expand upon this inherent disgust by fact-seeking.

You might not have caught on with that raging boner for dog ass.
>aw what a cute dog
>thump thump thump

I'm sorry my superiority offended you honeypie.

a0fee No.144391

File: 1525059143645-0.jpg (79.02 KB, 533x800, 1d3.jpg)

File: 1525059143645-1.png (1.03 MB, 1920x1044, 1508417142033.png)

File: 1525059143645-2.png (122.2 KB, 500x501, 1508700505259.png)

File: 1525059143645-3.jpg (83.84 KB, 550x789, 1516498707729.jpg)

19256 No.144417

File: 1525079942225.gif (1.87 MB, 240x220, triggered_3.gif)

>20.55MB GIF
i'm fucking triggered

60bd8 No.144419

File: 1525083209860-0.gif (6.1 MB, 720x720, 1040562__explicit_artist-c….gif)

File: 1525083209860-1.gif (4.44 MB, 600x810, 1047162__explicit_artist-c….gif)

File: 1525083209860-2.gif (3.84 MB, 592x780, 1057560__explicit_artist-c….gif)

File: 1525083209860-3.gif (4.25 MB, 630x950, 1201547__explicit_artist-c….gif)

File: 1525083209860-4.gif (3.3 MB, 560x800, 1155615__explicit_artist-c….gif)

At least I wear my flaggotry like armour. What's your excuse?
>waah interspecies bad
Dude, if you wanted to see ayys getting fucked that badly, you just had to ask.

e3212 No.144422

>pic 2
Wtf is with that filesize?

70a06 No.144423

Gif filesize is determined by the complexity of the picture and its length. Two frames of clipart have very little file size. This, however, is a picture of a very detailed 3D model and it lasts several seconds.

f1244 No.144427

>he's right ponies are animals, not aliens
>best switch to EQG
>rubs hands vigorously

df9fd No.144428

>no hooves
GTFO, barbienigger.

72a1c No.144430

File: 1525094849430.jpg (576.95 KB, 1316x1631, 905491__solo_oc_explicit_n….jpg)


>not wanting to fuck characters from a toy franchise for little girls

df9fd No.144432

File: 1525096175616.jpg (67.86 KB, 600x634, 1520959191282.jpg)

>anything but music from EqG

60bd8 No.144433

File: 1525096411320.png (1.01 MB, 4938x7124, 1493584558452-0.png)

>not wanting the purest, whitest aryan waifu
I didn't realize it was possible to be this much of a faggot.

df9fd No.144437

File: 1525098646037.gif (98.18 KB, 360x360, 1518434793541.gif)

Go be a barbiefaggot somewhere else.

f1244 No.144438

Wow, A pole acting like a nigger and water feels wet.

f1244 No.144440

This actually brings back memories, I still have a hard version of the Sunset one saved.
I saw these and immediately thought of it.

df9fd No.144442

File: 1525101182122.jpg (40.74 KB, 502x353, 546576867.jpg)

>WoW, A PoLe AcTiNg LiKe A nIgGeR aNd WaTeR fEeLs WeT.
hurr durr

72a1c No.144449

File: 1525101972581.png (239.16 KB, 1022x2570, Poland in a nutshell.png)


you have been found out pole. apologize for existing.

df9fd No.144450

File: 1525102095217.jpg (147.99 KB, 1023x767, 1481479876638.jpg)

You first, Eternal Kraut.

8ccc5 No.144466

File: 1525104235373.gif (604.76 KB, 600x600, dipshit.gif)

>Hitler listed as a Germanic Crime against Civilization

3b783 No.144472

Dark ages is a historical meme that never happened unless you interpret as the Black Plague, but it didn't occur after Rome fell.
Sectarian violence had been around since late antiquity, and arguably Christianity began out of sectarian conflict.
He's a Jew. He also spent most of his time as a Marxist after 1845 as stateless or in Britain.
Russia intervened in Austria-Hungary's war with Serbia before that, and Serbia started the whole thing in the first place.

68af0 No.144503

File: 1525112739120.png (37.47 KB, 500x549, 1491148396361.png)

So, I haven't been to this site in a month or so. What the hell is even going on in this thread?

8edd6 No.144507

>I haven't been to this site in a month or so
Why the fuck not faggot?
>What the hell is even going on in this thread?
Read the thread.

68af0 No.144524

>Why the fuck not faggot?
I've been busy with real life, faggot.
>Read the thread.
>Implying I haven't and that the context isn't what's throwing me off.

2a0eb No.144548


f1244 No.144550

The Weimar did nothing wrong and Hitler was a nut.

Meanwhile Poland are the niggees of white foreign tourism, but unlike Spartans aren't badasses who earned it by leaving their young on mountains for weakness.

5e86e No.144561

File: 1525125236960.png (73.25 KB, 264x219, 1525120589745.png)

>The Weimar did nothing wrong
Dumbest shit said this year

f1244 No.144579

>doesn't explain himself
More proof of your Jewish stupidiту, you are a literal shill!

e3212 No.144580

File: 1525136851476-0.png (532.92 KB, 5008x6192, 1335322__safe_artist-colon….png)


44bbe No.144581

File: 1525137381450.jpg (23.82 KB, 401x345, 8926343.jpg)

Don't look at the rest of us, we don't know either.

286bf No.144583

f1244 No.144584

> >=^>

In a conspiracy of silence.
Anyone is winning.
But the truth is like a gunshot.

2a0eb No.144585

>weimar did nothing wrong.
Gas yourself faggot.

5e86e No.144586

Even from a non-Axis standpoint, the Weimrar was a big fuckup, numbskull. They couldn't even establish a proper parliamentary democracy, the government had a wonky structure, their social society was in decay, degeneracy was rampant, the military wasn't even loyal (ex. The Kapp Putsch), they relied on foreign liabilities to repay reparations, there were either commies or Jews in power, paramilitaries ran rampant, there were several attempts at revolution, strikes, portions of the country came under socialist control, and the government didn't do anything to combat the Great Depression. No one liked the thing. Many former Prussian leaders were planning on taking over the thing. It wasn't just Hitler.

f1244 No.144587

How is losing a war the fault of the Weimar at its peak, good goyim.
Hitler pushing Germany into occupational genocide was definitely an improvement and also ruining the proud Wehrmacht with literal blind cultish fanaticism (which the Nazee party could've corrected).
The resident lolcow always good for a laff.
>we wuz hitler he a good boy
>fucking wei-Thrackerzod-mar

2a0eb No.144588

File: 1525142470378.jpeg (9.34 MB, 6084x8000, 1524170204326.jpeg)

Your being more of a lolcow than me (((anon)))

5e86e No.144589

No, no. You get this all wrong. Even with their debt being renegotiated and a moratorium, Weimrar did nothing to stabilise the economy out of wrongheaded fear for hyperinflation. No one wanted Weimrar, it was literally forced on the Germans. Even during their stable period from 1929-1930, Weimrar was rampant with issues because the entire structure was designed to fail. It substituted communism for corrupt bourgeois democracy. The former being more popular because Weimrar was so shit.
>How is losing a war the fault of the Weimar at its peak
Except Weimrar didn't lose a war. The 2nd Reich did. Even during Weimrar's peak, no problems were mitigated.
>good goyim
Show us your Israeli flag, kike.
>Hitler pushing Germany into occupational genocide was definitely an improvement and also ruining the proud Wehrmacht with literal blind cultish fanaticism (which the Nazee party could've corrected).
I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or if yu are retarded because you're not making nay literary sense. I'll go off from what I think you mean. The Prussian military was always fanatic. They always had an explicit war doctrine. And, Germany didn't even have a genocidal occupation policy. You're literally being a shill.
As much as I think you are as dumb as bricks and shame your flag, I have to agree thsis time. Checked.

2a0eb No.144590

Im fairly intelligent and i dont care about optics. I just care about my people.

5e86e No.144591

I think you're rather dumb unless I am mistaking you. I've been meaning to contact you privately because I feel embarassed being ideologically associated.

cec53 No.144592

>Grabs my Recreational McRakes

2a0eb No.144593

Maybe you are, give some examples of the stupidity.

5e86e No.144594

File: 1525144051054.jpg (92.48 KB, 680x680, 4991421787e76d3e3710688c03….jpg)

*teleports behind you*
*bullis you*
Nuthin personnel kid
Most of your posts tbqh

df9fd No.144595

File: 1525144127227.gif (2.07 MB, 662x600, 45435646.gif)

This thread is going just right for my liking. :^)

2a0eb No.144596

File: 1525144423988.jpg (39.44 KB, 400x502, 39b.jpg.cf.jpg)

>a lgbtleaf
Have you even read locke,xir?

5e86e No.144598

Yes. But, it wasn't too great.

cec53 No.144599

Don't make me buy a shipment of High-capacity Recreational Assault McBlitzkriegs

5e86e No.144600

File: 1525144806396.jpg (852.62 KB, 766x3231, 1525122860504.jpg)

>threatening over words
>violating NAPpy time
"lmao kill commies becaus of opions muh dude"

f1244 No.144602

The Wehrmacht military machine was blinded by its devotion near the end of the war and almost non-functional.
Filled with silly non-people drones from years of fanaticism.
>except winrar blah blah bill gates
More proof you're just jealous. Lmao.
Probably jealous of the sweet WW1 British and Weimar uniforms, after all you seem awfully focusэd on nationality -specifically my nationality.

You really think I'm an Israeli poster or proxy?
You fucking wish the casтle on the hill gave a single fuck about you. Tel a'viv would not even shit on you if you asкed.

2a0eb No.144604

File: 1525146062942.jpeg (623.49 KB, 2894x3894, 1330707__explicit_artist-….jpeg)

Fuck off shill

5e86e No.144605

File: 1525146619954.png (1.29 MB, 3326x2963, 1524762151907-2.png)

You get it half-right. Much of the "fanaticism" was simply Hitler's military doctrine. I admit, he appointed his own generals based on those who agreed more often than not. Still, that was not always the case, and there were many military successes. War sort of makes people inhumane in some ways, but no way was the Wehrmact dysfunctional.
>More proof you're just jealous. Lmao.
Jealous of what? It seems like you are moving goalposts again like when you dropped the topic of Weimrar.
>You really think I'm an Israeli poster or proxy?
I really do. I can't think of any other reason for someone to post such stupid shit, or kvetch so much about the Third Reich. I'm sorry if your grandfather was gassed 6 gorillion times in the holdomor.

5e86e No.144607

File: 1525147000701-0.png (2.87 MB, 3000x3000, 1672583.png)

Is little Jewboy going to respond?

68af0 No.144608

I'm going to by saying that your posted image is top-unf material and that Aryanne x Human is righteous and pure

19f9c No.144616

>cuck shill jew
>i sure showed my opposition and people who simply disagree
It was factually disfunctional.
Read the historic reports, near the very end they where barely operating a military.

Also I'm still not a 'jew agent' like you think moron and I know nobody who was in the holocaust.
But the holocaust definitely happened. You might as well go out and try to confirmation bias against the Armenian Genocide.

Even if I'm wrong I hardly see how you help your own position by making persuasive ideas unpersuasive. Just talk at length about Jewish over-representation and nepotism then you can make anyone hate the Jew, but no, stupid goyim like you are too retarded.

Why are you so obsessed with my no flag?

99bbd No.144622

what's your reason for posting without a flag?

f1244 No.144625

Because my geo-location is irrelevant and I like my privacy.
Why do you bother waving that bargin bin of a 51 (((star))) flag?
At least I care about using my own tools of privacy to their fullest.

f1244 No.144631


Anyways I thought I should say I meant pre-WW1 Weimar.
That and during is what I admire personally.

8ccc5 No.144637

File: 1525162803835.png (240.2 KB, 692x420, medium.png)

That never gets old. Welcome to Mlpol jewfag

19f9c No.144639

>pretending to be an oldfag on a 1+ old non-chan
Implying I'm new and a Jew, wew.
It's a new filter as well, I never usually call 'mu daddy droompf' drūmpz and you're also implying NepNep is a newfag; who i'll tell on you to.
Get fucked Al Assad Bashar dog.

68af0 No.144640

File: 1525163938707.gif (Spoiler Image, 745.14 KB, 500x500, 1515917087630-0.gif)

>Get fucked Al Assad Bashar dog.
You know, for someone who claims to not be one of (((them)))…

8ccc5 No.144641

File: 1525165404613-0.gif (753.43 KB, 720x405, mlfw3851-1332283623948.gif)

File: 1525165404613-1.mp4 (48.48 KB, 480x312, giphy2.mp4)

>getting this buttmad
>implying thrackerz is new
>name dropping
That's an awful lot of defensive posturing. You know what goes great with defensive posturing? The Denver Broncos.

Back in 1491 John Elway kicked Christopher Columbus in his nigger cunt, the shame of which caused Chris to run away, leading to the official discovery of the New World. The new world was already known to John Elway, because the world is a Football, and John Elway is 100% Football and was thus known to him. For centuries the knowledge of the new world was passed down by John Elway unto the Denver Broncos, who foretold of a magical place known as Mile High, where Football would rain down on the masses like cupcake sprinkles. And Football did rain down and the people did become more Football, but gradually so as not to injure anyone's rectum. Gene Shalit was unavailable at the time, existing as an amorphous blob of bushy face. It would not be for many centuries that deep within this blob was a tongue of remarkable restorative capacity. And so, without Gene Shalit, John Elway had no choice but to gradually spread and increase Football.

19f9c No.144642

Theres a reason why the (((Ju)))deo-Christians like Bashar and it can't be good.
They want to colonize the boards. The channeries.
Sports has nothing to do with this.
Mods probably know you are a niggerfag, hence why you hate the shadow BO I '''namedrop.''''
You're a cringey Jew and your kind will get the rope. Fucking dickhead.

68af0 No.144643

Can we hear more about our Lord and Savior John Elway?

8ccc5 No.144644

File: 1525167950512.png (223.32 KB, 1015x1161, milo_by_jeremeymcdude-d7g9….png)

It would be my pleasure. Speaking of John Elway causes spontaneous increases in Football and American, both in the speaker and the audience, and Football is always good. Likewise the Denver Broncos are always good, because the Denver Broncos collectively are 100% Football. No individual has ever managed to be so Football, and John Elway got tired of cleaning up the mess of those who tried. In response, the Lord Jesus Christ came down and played Football with John Elway. This is what led to the great flood of Noah, which though lost to historical record was in fact a flood of Football, washing away the undesirables and the Oakland Raiders. This is why the Oakland Raiders both adopted the theme of pirates, and why they ended up in California. But I digress.

When humanity first began to explore space, they made a startling discovery; there was already a man on the moon. This information has been long since classified, but their exploration led them right to the feet of John Elway, who at the time was surveying to build rooms in space for all the Footballs. Football had grown to such levels of American by then that Boutros Boutros Gali called an emergency session of the United Nations. Even though Football is a gift from Elway, the people could not be compelled to embrace Football. This is not the only reason for the rooms in space of course, but we'll get to that.

As Neil Armstrong stood before John Elway, who of course wasn't wearing a space suit but rather a Denver Bronco's uniform (which is like an impenetrable suit), he offered John Elway a high-five. John Elway looked at him and said, "Kid, you're not 0% football. How about a Mile-high-five?"
Neil Armstrong exploded into Footballs at the very instant which drifted and floated away, allowing John Elway to correctly plot the precise locations for the Football rooms. Armstrong did eventually return to human form, and would spend the rest of his days speaking inanely about Football. This was arguably the least messy attempt to be 100% Football, though only because it wasn't intentional.

72a1c No.144645

File: 1525168048655.png (471.48 KB, 980x742, 31_grimdark_aryanne_clothe….png)

60bd8 No.144647

File: 1525168892838-0.png (1.12 MB, 1533x1579, A night with Rarity B Glas….png)

File: 1525168892838-1.png (1.12 MB, 1533x1579, A night with Rarity C Glas….png)

File: 1525168892838-2.png (1.12 MB, 1533x1579, A night with Rarity D Glas….png)

File: 1525168892838-3.png (1.18 MB, 1533x1579, A night with Rarity E Glas….png)

File: 1525168892838-4.png (1.13 MB, 1533x1579, A night with Rarity F Glas….png)

>from ((("hooves == degeneracy"))) to (((">nohooves == degeneracy"))) to "weimar dindu nuffin" to "this filter is new lmao im an oldfag" to le ebin """judeo-christian""" meme
>israel flag
Shilling, shilling never changes.

f1244 No.144648

File: 1525169182143.png (1.46 MB, 1302x1842, 1522918215504.png)

>404 post not found
Did you seriously just make a post in another thread and then jump back here quoting it to make me look like a JudenSama?

You're a real fucking 3D Backgammon shill.
This is a new level of sad.

You can even see the thread you bumped ahead of this as I type while it has no new posts.

60bd8 No.144653

File: 1525169336998-0.png (99.27 KB, 1081x468, lmao dude denial.png)

File: 1525169336998-1.png (388.76 KB, 460x740, 1481230931376.png)

You're funny. I like you.

8ccc5 No.144654

File: 1525169471602.png (717.71 KB, 1600x1083, 42851 - Lyra artist tenchi….png)

Whoops!, forgot to hide ur flag,….

8ccc5 No.144655

File: 1525169548897.png (7.22 KB, 411x161, Screenshot-2018-5-1 MLP Di….png)

Don't worry, I got u

f1244 No.144656

File: 1525169839429.jpg (28.35 KB, 383x316, Proof your a jew.JPG)

Wow, and it only took me four minutes, but don't worry, the screencap you took is sooooo real.

8ccc5 No.144657

File: 1525170162836.png (313.04 KB, 689x436, riiiiiiiiight.png)

Anyone else wanna out themselves?

f1244 No.144658

File: 1525170478521.jpg (36.66 KB, 876x189, SamefagLeaf.JPG)

8ccc5 No.144659

File: 1525170614071.gif (221.01 KB, 351x406, 4569d674c1a090168ad7ec61fd….gif)

We already know about you, I'm asking if anyone else wants to.

f1244 No.144660

What are you talking about?
Know about what? Some faked screencap?
Wow, such a good precedent of evidence lord jew!

e3212 No.144661

>It's a new filter
lol no

e3212 No.144662

Show us your flag then to prove it.

fe48b No.144663

File: 1525173618710.png (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 1000x1515, dmv9ozk1ocp01.png)

thank you have a lewd nepper

2a0eb No.144664

Oy vey your cover is blown rabbi.

8ccc5 No.144665

File: 1525174151858.jpg (63.63 KB, 500x500, 7f5.jpg)

Sorry for the delay, I was watching Metokur. Yes, its obvious that your screencap is fake. Yes, it is obvious that mine and the other are authentic, since they're identical. Does that answer your question? BTW, what happened to the jewfag? He went silent when he slipped up,… must be a coincidence.

f1244 No.144666

>mine are authentic(tm)
>but authentic(tm) is not for THEE!
Good goy.
Can't even deliberate what constitutes authentic.

Not only that but by your own standard of evidence we can see via this valid piece of evidence. Here: >>144658
That you are currently contradicting yourself.

Is this some kind of advanced Giga-Jew peppering?
Can /mlpol/ even survive such a giga-jew?!?

fe48b No.144667

I'm also watching metokur.
I assume it's the livestream, what a shitshow.

8ccc5 No.144668

File: 1525174837500.png (206.25 KB, 900x717, discord__you__by_critchley….png)

Anyone ever clued you into the concept of post numbers? Shoop all you want, you're only making yourself look dumb

2a0eb No.144669

Tel Aviv will be wiped off the map.

e3212 No.144670

Show us your flag, Satan.

19f9c No.144671

If you think I photoshopped that first one I made in 4 minutes from scratch, then you're a fucking tech-illiterate idiot.
>hurr durr it's photoshop
Then show me your "ENHANCE"ed pixel by pixel analysis FBI.

Then screen-record your own attempt to edit this post and upload the .mp4
Remember, four minute limit!

Somebody better go to jail and be state euthanized by the end of the day.
Danke for the Nep.

8ccc5 No.144672

File: 1525176924519.jpg (43.63 KB, 680x600, Metal gear pony made me la….jpg)

I can think of several ways to do it, shoop being the easiest. Nice tacit admission tho.

bcba9 No.144673

You never made a direct accusation in the first part bucko.
You made a vague statement, then you made a accusation by inference.
You're even doing it again here.

Like Jewish peppers and pottery.

You sure like doing what you accuse others of.
Stop being a tacit bitch and prove it's that easy.

You can't because you have no clue what you're talking about.
>shoop all you want
>only making yourself look dumb
Whoos, and all standards of proofs and all points I'm making about your piss poor quality of evidence go out the window and over your head.
Because we disagree and your right! -thanks semetic Romanian gypsy.

>photoshop being the easiest

Imagine being so fucking stupid you believe this.

8ccc5 No.144674

File: 1525177913702.png (278.92 KB, 1280x2171, applejack___that_doesn__t_….png)

>If you think I photoshopped that first one I made in 4 minutes from scratch
That ladies and gentlemen, is a tacit admission. You act like this is a court of law, I don't need a smoking gun when you're being this obvious.

f7a0c No.144675

So… What's up with f1244? Why pony porn triggers him so much? Could it be that he's some sort of redditor(or a shill, or a newfag)?

f1244 No.144676

>for a moment i was worried i would have to engage with your argument and admit youre right but then i noticed you made a spelling mistake xd

Since you're slow lets break it down. (You post mud ponies so I understand).
>If you think I photoshopped that first one I made in 4 minutes from scratch
Started as:
>If you think I photoshopped that first one in 4 minutes
But was then modified to clarify I made it but you're obviously a fucking moron if you think it's a .pd job.
As- stay with us sweety-pie -we are all aware I cleary made it, you can compare with an available original ITT.
It was, as I've pointed out multiple times already slowpoke, done to demonstrate the terrible low quality and ease of making those fake-caps.

I was demonstrating how you both did it so easily by doing the same openly and honestly.
Okay honeypie?

8ccc5 No.144678

File: 1525178676512.gif (58.02 KB, 200x200, fluff.gif)

>I uh,… didn't mean to say that,… it was a mistake! But you KNEW it was!
Keep trying,….

f1244 No.144679

And stop avoiding my previous points from beforehand you annoying little oven-dodger.

8ccc5 No.144680

File: 1525178888113.jpg (82.13 KB, 572x923, pinkie_pie_puzzled_by_myst….jpg)

You had a point?

f1244 No.144681

Wow, so funny.
Given gold.

I've explained it WASN'T a mistake.
I've explicitly taken exactly what I said and deliberated on it so anyone can understand and expanded upon it to dispell confused retards like you too stupid to understand without being spoonfed through the chain of logic.

You can go read what I said, the rest of the thread again and then consider the fact the original intent pre-deliberation could be nothing else.

Not everyone is as slack jaw as you and can understand that I see what they see. Or do you sincerely think I'm setting up people with their original posts intact? Simpleton.

90152 No.144682

Nigger nigger Jew Jew

8ccc5 No.144706

File: 1525194898759.png (133.68 KB, 894x894, iron_will_thumb_up_by_lolk….png)

>massively out shitposted
>weak rhetoric
>cares what others think
>can't… into… critical… thinking
Thanks for the suggestion, you look even more foolish now.

e3212 No.144710

Show us your flag.

60bd8 No.144711

File: 1525199289223-0.png (59.79 KB, 499x310, it'sa me.png)

There are tens of ways to try and make me look like a faggot, and you chose to pick the weakest and most obvious one?
Fucking amateurs, I swear.

68af0 No.144746

You're making it way too obvious, Satan.

bcba9 No.144747

>pretending to be retarded
Filtered for being semetic.
We EthnoNats gas Semites like you and nail your nigger young to crosses.
>show us your flag Agent of Mossad!
>fucking Tel a'viv Mossad cyber division!1!!
Imagine being so stupid you believe a higher than Fed - state level agent is attacking you.
Except I don't care about your disgusting fetish anyway. NepNep has it right, no-hooves are the way to go, instead a LEAF wants you to MIX with ANIMALS. SSA, don't slip off.

I assure you my flag is Australian, but if course you went to the bottom of the fake-cap barrel just to derail from my arguments.
>hurr i might have to engage your correct points
>but your a jew jew jew agent from Tel A'viv!!1!

d797d No.144751

if you don't want people thinking you're a jew why do you talk like a jew?

f1244 No.144765

>file deleted

f1244 No.144840

File: 1525252063508.jpg (35.81 KB, 810x266, A Leaf and an American who….JPG)

I've given you ample time to admit to your samefaggotry ID:(((8ccc5))) (which thinks he is a (1) leaf) and collusion with ID:60bd8 who is a leaf.
Here is the proofs ^:)

8ccc5 No.144859

File: 1525282726238.jpg (16.28 KB, 480x360, 6b2ae522954e1ff2dfd7070cbb….jpg)

Keep trying, eventually you might just come up with something plausible. Or get more paranoid, it makes no difference to me.
I thought aussies were supposed to be good at shitposting
I look forward to your next piece of 'evidence' and 'solid points'

bcba9 No.144888

>Decedis argumentum ad absurdo. Argumentum ad passione.
Contuli reductio ad absurdum!

Vade retro, Anon.
One small step for Tel A'viv, one giant leap for Greater Israel.

bcba9 No.144889

File: 1525298497782-0.png (Spoiler Image, 119.19 KB, 500x385, IMG_2760.PNG)

File: 1525298497782-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 99.62 KB, 820x450, IMG_2761.JPG)

File: 1525298497782-2.jpg (Spoiler Image, 179.28 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_2688.JPG)

48690 No.144892


bcba9 No.144899

Thanks, I'll kill you last.
So can I be the resident Semite of mlpol/pol?
Out of all the Channeries this one is the comfiest.

2a0eb No.144905

jizzrael pls go.

2ec5b No.144928

File: 1525310850654-0.jpg (1.39 MB, 2500x2716, 1522946472238-1.jpg)

File: 1525310850654-1.png (766.78 KB, 960x667, 1498215778551.png)

File: 1525310850654-2.jpg (2.27 MB, 3936x3706, 1504053683980-4.jpg)

File: 1525310850654-3.png (919.14 KB, 1279x1304, 1499046499020-4.png)

File: 1525310850654-4.png (1.85 MB, 1330x3610, djb7z18ds.png)

Too many shills here currectly goldshekelbergstein. Board's full, go help your pig-fucking high king priest suck off a goyim boy as he's getting his first experience getting cucked via circumcision.

8ccc5 No.145000

File: 1525343340294.jpg (105.84 KB, 850x660, image-208255-galleryV9-itf….jpg)

Jews can stay, but only after they've had a shower

948c9 No.145033

I just come here to find a link to the mlpol discord

72a1c No.145034

File: 1525366050899.jpg (778.25 KB, 1000x1412, __yamashiro_azur_lane_draw….jpg)


the mods are busy shitposting and roleplaying as jews here, very unprofessional and distracting.

there are no more mlpol discords related to 4chan. at least to my knowledge. i am sure there are some left, but if they exist they dont advertise openly. Most of the users from the last big one are here already.

MLPOL.NET does not have a public Discord and will probably never have one again since it is considered to be disruptive to the community.

50a10 No.145036

Yeah it was fun in there but also became such a shit show Creating conflicts on the site.
It might be better to just make one about a topic that other nor/mlpol/ice could join to enjoy but not take away from the site.

948c9 No.145037

Ah I see, I thought we did have some troll Jew around.
Well, thanks for letting me know anon, I'll see my options.
Well, it's just normal for a community to be divided between the instant message bunch and the classic imageboard posters.
I mean cross posting exists, if someone wants to leave for discord, they will.

72a1c No.145038

File: 1525371058386.jpg (31.35 KB, 674x549, baked alaska shitstream 4 ….jpg)


i temporaryly joined an IBS related discord group and asked one of the officers why they were posting there he reponsed with that discord offers a more suitable platform for this kind of content. that the conversations where faster and more on topic.

with the absolute state of 4/pol/ i cant really. People like to be incontrol of their own content rather than being subjected to otheres with a diffent agenda. I honestly wonder how many MLPOL users and traffic we have lost to discord leeching.

8ccc5 No.145039

you'll find that the ones larping as jews and shills are actually from discord

948c9 No.145040

>lost to discord leeching
Probably a lot, just like forums ceased to exist, imageboards might one day come to an end.
Chanpink (was it called that?) had a nice take on this with the real-time written posts, sadly i never heard of them again.

9dae8 No.145041

Sometimes I think all jewish shills use Discord to coordinate their attacks.

8ccc5 No.145042

Lately, that's the conclusion I've been coming to also

9dae8 No.145043

We need to be better coordinated if we're going to defeat this menace. We need to argue over targets, pick good ones, and work together to shill there. Or, pick SJW fandoms and work together to trigger it into acting so SJWish no normie would ever want to associate himself with it.

72a1c No.145044

File: 1525373776692.mp4 (6.17 MB, 1280x720, Kill yourself oh yeah.mp4)


i think for the time being MLPOL will be busy surviving and holding the diminishing userbase and content it has. MLP-FIM will soon be put into the ground, so that section of our community will only survive from canned OC content from that time forward. Just as Vril predicted, the site will not survive on off topic content.

I repeatedly see people talking about how they want to use several /pol/ boards at once. look at the "is /pol/ down?"-threads for more on that. What they dont say is, that they dont post here because the threads are stagnant. Discord, other chan sites and our very own site itself are actively trying to kill our community.

8ccc5 No.145045

The "rules" for shilling, board disruption, and disinformation have long been established. Shilling on other boards/sites will not reinforce Mlpol.
Funny, there was a post "discord doesn't diminish site traffic" in this thread before. I wonder what happened to it. But I agree, I've seen loads of current, news, politics, etc. articles and memes posted to Discord that never make it to the board.

60bd8 No.145050

File: 1525378324916.jpg (149.77 KB, 1024x1024, 1497139054468.jpg)

Nice to see you still sticking to your doomsaying after everyone's responses to your /qa/ blog.
Pray tell, do you have any solutions to propose to these issues, or is this just you sharing some of that traditional kraut pessimism with everyone in arm's reach?

3b783 No.145053

I don't think browbeating is going to help with the problem neither. I'd say we advertise to derpibooru.

68af0 No.145055

>advertise to derpibooru
Oh HELL no! Let's get our ammo from there, sure, but fuck trying to advertise there. It'll bring us nothing but trouble.

d6ece No.145056

File: 1525379744678.png (324.3 KB, 634x857, 1525298955306.png)

hey niggers, I used to post here all the time, and the thing is you can't force things. I stopped coming here regularly and went back to /pol/ a few months ago because I like fucking with niggers and Jews and there aren't any here. We didn't get to do much to 4chan April first of this year either which was really disappointing. Just feels like the fun that this place was founded on is gone and if people don't wanna post here there's not much we can do about it.

Also Discords are fucking cancer, lick my sack OP.

60bd8 No.145059

File: 1525381551701.jpg (68.8 KB, 846x846, 1497366026206.jpg)

>you can't force things
Yes, this nigga gets it!
>i like fucking with niggers and jews and there aren't any here
Yeah, I can see why that'd be a draw for you.
>the fun this place was founded on is gone
I've definitely noticed it's been leaking out, little by little.
>if people don't wanna post here there's not much we can do about it
I'll drink to that.

Ultimately, I think what we need, is a source of users that is from a fresh, new phenomenon. Not fished from other sites, not just borne out of a short fad. We need to ride the lightning from a new, hot thing, sort of like how the original /mlp/ came into being through lightning hitting just the right spot, birthing autism throughout the net.
Of course, you can't will this into happening, it just happens by itself. So playing the waiting game, feeding moles into the corners of the net, lurking up a storm, sniffing out any big new phenomenons, vetting them for compatibility, and of course, playing the fucking waiting game.
Imagine it. A new, slightly right-leaning autistic fad, transformed into a full-blown category 11 shitstorm thanks to a little help from butthurt mods, assblasted establishmenterian pushback, and good ole Streisand. That wouldn't just push our usercount up, it would be the first time we get users that aren't parasitised from other establishes venues.
That, right there, is the long game in my eyes. Whether we'll still be kicking or not when that happens is another question entirely, but hey, that's the power and price of entropy for you. You can't pick how or when it happens, but when it happens, it fucking happens.

8ccc5 No.145061

The law of diminishing returns can certainly be observed to apply to Mlpol, as anons become acclimated to not-jew mods and shills. You're right about not forcing things though, and discords are fucking cancer.

bcba9 No.145089

I own TeamSan-Booru and artificially eliminated 'competitor sites' while shilling by signalling and counter-signalling myself at the same time.
Then I abandoned the site to kill the meme off. Didn't even host a custom-booru on my dime ayylmao.

Never underestimate the power of Jewgents.

You remind me of women. Always complaining without solutions is nagging.
"So this is the power of the armed NeoNazi movement around the world." Pathetic.

a2626 No.145110

File: 1525387305504.png (1.52 MB, 1024x821, 1504129251635.png)

86b6f No.145124

>the site will not survive on off topic content.
Yeah, i have seen this happen a few times, its not pretty.
I dont think we have any hope for salvation thought, itd just that people is not into politics.
Replicating the magic hurtbox of /pol/ might be too great of a task.

2a0eb No.145125

we are doing just fine, why so black pilled?

a2626 No.145128

Yeah, youre being a gay pussy. >>145124

e3f1f No.145129

File: 1525396155720.jpg (78.83 KB, 720x480, 1460161828753.jpg)

Discord is gay and kills chans. People want to be recognized and make "friends" for some reason. They may be your buddies, but internet friends don't exist. Based on reality and experience you should stay the hell away.
There is actually, just unused (to my knowledge). There is a big one, but it seems only tangentially related.
>I honestly wonder how many MLPOL users and traffic we have lost to discord leeching.
Some have been confirmed. Many never visited this place to begin with.
>I repeatedly see people talking about how they want to use several /pol/ boards at once. look at the "is /pol/ down?"-threads for more on that. What they dont say is, that they dont post here because the threads are stagnant. Discord, other chan sites and our very own site itself are actively trying to kill our community.
/mlpol/ has been and continues to be a satellite of 4chan, which in itself is fine. The problem is when people choose one over the other, they will chose the familiar and the larger. /mlpol/ currently stands no chance.
>Also Discords are fucking cancer, lick my sack OP.
>Ultimately, I think what we need, is a source of users that is from a fresh, new phenomenon. Not fished from other sites, not just borne out of a short fad. We need to ride the lightning from a new, hot thing, sort of like how the original /mlp/ came into being through lightning hitting just the right spot, birthing autism throughout the net.
I fucking tried that, and both ideas flopped. I take full credit for Project: Winter Wrap Up and the creation of R.A.P.E. I put my autism into it, but I was not met half way. Suggest something, I'll help with it.
The site feels slower than usual, and the statistics confirm it. Excluding enclaves such as anonfilly and /sg/ site traffic is at an all time low. I keep hearing about the summerfags, but that is not a guarantee. I fear the next /pol/ league will be our last hurrah.

a2626 No.145130

File: 1525397222387.png (3.85 KB, 549x580, 1489784822159.png)

>The problem is when people choose one over the other, they will chose the familiar and the larger. /mlpol/ currently stands no chance.
I disagree with this part because as im sure, we've all seen the changes in 4cuck after the election but the last few months and especially this week ive noticed it really go down hill. Not the usual down hill but by a lot. Ive been posting ponies on multiple boards for the passed ten days with no repercussion like usually get. Pony threads have been up for hours until deletion unlike before. I also noticed a huge influx of complete political retards on 4/pol/. The fact that people are saying shit like Obama and Trump were both good presidents unironically says it all in my opinion.
You're still a homo for not going down with some gusto.

2a0eb No.145132

Live stream your suicide,nigger.

a2626 No.145133

no lol

60bd8 No.145134

I feel you on people not meeting you halfway. I was doing the lion's share of the flags for the flag creation thread, and after a while, it kind of tapered off. Seems like the people here just tend to give up, after a while.
And while I can appreciate the autism you invested into those two threads, and will definitely give you a thumbs-up where it's due, I need to make something absolutely clear to you. Those two, while certainly fun and entertaining, were never going to garner much success, for one simple reason: they rehashed old concepts, and pandered strictly to our pre-existing, parasitised userbase. This isn't to put you down, friend, it's just my take on it, from experience.
It wasn't trying to 'ride the lightning', as I put it: it was trying to tap into an already drying aquifer.

Look, I love MLP. The fandom, the images, the stories, the porn, whatever tickles my fancy. But with the latest seasons, and G5 looming over the horizon, it'll take a miracle to revitalize the fandom, and it's not the wisest thing to bet on happening.
Put simply, we need something new. Something different. That's what I mean, by 'riding the lightning' of a new internet phenomenon.
A new fandom for a new show could spring up overnight. A new game, a new book, whatever it may be. And in today's current political climate, if it wants to leave it's mark at all, this new thing is almost assuredly going to lean towards the right.
Right-leaning new content + left-leaning establishment = conflict. Conflict we can tap into.
Alternatively, recall MLP's formation, for example, from the first threads on /co/. That wasn't a conflict of politics, as much as it was a conflict in tastes between mods and users. I'm sure I don't need to tell you what came of that little sticking point.

My suggestion, is that we keep a close eye on any developments like this, whether they be on chans, or off. For whatever reason, a new big thing will pick up huge amounts of steam, because Streisand demands it to be so.
If it matches criteria that we deem desirable to have, like kind of out-there views, and aversions to places like Reddit, we should make every effort possible to make this new big thing our own.
If it's getting banned wholesale on major sites, we open our doors to them, offer them an enclave. We give them an outlet, a home, for their particular brand of content.
Put simply, one site's trash is another site's treasure. If they don't see the value in this big, new happening, we'll take it for ourselves, and make fools of them for throwing aside something with that much sheer potential.

MLP:FIM has lasted for seven uninterrupted years, now. People thought it was a fad, something that would fizzle out.
But it didn't. /mlp/ FIMfic, Derpibooru, fuck, even EQD and Ponychan still stand, all these years later, producing new things.
I want us to be shrewd enough, wise enough, to see the next big thing, and capitalize on it to the fullest extent possible. I want our mark left on this next big thing. Not for all the world to see, hopefully, but with enough of a presence to be a permanent part of it's history.
If we have that, we'll last as long as, and finally be independent from, /mlp/. And with any luck, we'll induct plenty of new members into our ranks, and forge a wonderful new relationship from it all.
Friendship is magic, after all.

f1244 No.145136

>i post ponies
What ones?
I posted
>airponer 'anon it's maintenance day'
in /k/ and was left unmolested and well received during a discussion.
Ice-Tan also goes past really easily.
So does the Heil image.

Any more 'borderline' images? Or images that can be used while replying on-topic without being b8?

a2626 No.145137

Aryanne, Twilight mostly. I used to get bans after 10 minutes for that shit in the regular.

f1244 No.145140

Normal pony Twi and Aryanne?!?
Where in? I thought it was still rule fag nu-jan season as well.

a2626 No.145142

Thats why it feels weird. /pol/ [s4s] /bant/ are some.

e3f1f No.145147

>I feel you on people not meeting you halfway. I was doing the lion's share of the flags for the flag creation thread, and after a while, it kind of tapered off. Seems like the people here just tend to give up, after a while.
And while I can appreciate the autism you invested into those two threads, and will definitely give you a thumbs-up where it's due, I need to make something absolutely clear to you. Those two, while certainly fun and entertaining, were never going to garner much success, for one simple reason: they rehashed old concepts, and pandered strictly to our pre-existing, parasitised userbase. This isn't to put you down, friend, it's just my take on it, from experience.
I appreciate your honest feedback, and definitely understand the problems with what I was doing. There was a reason for what I was doing though, which feeds into what you seem to propose.

You are right that the MLP fandom is indeed dying, and is arguably dead already. You are also right that for /mlpol/ to survive in a meaningful manner it must adapt. Your concept for adaptation is to turn /mlpol/ into the isle of misfit posters, which is wonderfully grandiose and ironically Jewish, given that the plan would rely heavily on a refugee influxes. The only problem is that you are missing a step in between.

It is admirable that you would love to wait and bide time, but that is not the only thing to consider. Nobody wants to call a shithole home, even refugees. /mlpol/ is very slow, and would not be an ideal home given the alternatives. My hope was jump start some fun ideas which would develop /mlpol/ activity and culture. This was partly successful, but never went as far as hoped. For your plans to succeed /mlpol/ must be an attractive alternative, or seem like one at least. The resources are still there in terms of users and creativity to do so. MLP is less an aquifer, and more like a depleted goldmine. The major deposits are gone, but you can still find worthwhile veins with enough effort. MLP still has much to offer in terms of OC, and given the "ponify" phenomenon, can theoretically offer flakes of OC forever. That is my take on the situation however. Anything could happen tomorrow, and I could be missing something.

68af0 No.145157

Okay, that's definitely a Jew.

60bd8 No.145206

I completely agree, that OC is a critical component of maintaining the board, and satisfying the userbase. However, we don't have the numbers of something like /mlp/, which can rely on random lurkers to just pick up any random prompt or idea, and write or draw as they see fit. Our userbase is considerably smaller, and with more varied tastes, and can't rely on this more random coalescence of autism.
If we're going to make something truly good, something that really sticks, we need to coordinate it. Admittedly, that flies in the face of sitting back, and letting memetic randomness take it's course, but if it's quick results one is looking for, you're going to have to pool together with others, and get cracking on some plans, if you want it to be anything more than a little flash in the pan.

f1244 No.145207

>not thanking your jew masters for killing a shit forced meme

5e86e No.145218

Could it just be there is a growing disinterest MLP, but also politics as well? I check this site every several hours, and I see in the overboard that the few threads tha have received replies are either threads not about politics, one of the generals, or threads shitting on leftists or Muslims for the hundredth time. Ever think that the latter two topics get old? I mean, I only post on this site in my slight amount of daily time to argue with people every few days. Which are usually ancaps or Jews.

10c14 No.145221

Well maybe I'm looking at it the wrong way, but we will become stagnant if we just hold onto mlp and pol and leave it at that.
Yet I don't see a way of changing this whitout screwing the whole community.
Its just that I see mlp dying and politics getting less and less interesting by the year.

ede94 No.145225

It might have to do with the political off season. The first half of 2017 was still fun following the election shitfest so that could be a factor. The mlp issue is different. The show is not the same, it's ending and the fanbase is getting older. We're getting careers, family's and other interests. It's sad but think of it as the old star wars. It's not the same and it never will be now just remember the good times.

65688 No.145226

Cool, so it will turn soon into oldfaggots nostalgic circlejerk.
And you know what?
I can live with it. Hell, wouldn't even mind tbh familia.

a2626 No.145252

Its like a super secret club :^)

72a1c No.145298

File: 1525460199405.jpg (236.59 KB, 500x550, __kar98k_girls_frontline_d….jpg)


If you have actually read that consider me surprised. There is few I can say i havent already written down there what i could add here, but the general situation how I see it is this.

/mlpol/ is to the rest of the internet like yesterdays newspaper. The interests and activity shift so fast that i genuinely do not think that this site will survive for a longer period of time.
10 years ago moot was shilling a nigger into the white house
8 years ago /b/ was still good
6 years ago /mlp/ was a new board on 4chan, now its almost dead.
4 years ago gamergate made 8chan into a big website, now its almost dead.
2 years ago everyone and their mother was trumpposting on 4chan, now trump and associated memes are considered normie cringe.

The cards are stacked against MLPOL and if past trends are any indication to the reality that is to be expected for us all, this place will soon embrace oblivion.

There are more things to consider though. Obviously MLPOL never a large window of opportunity. Our user pool never surpassed 3000 people and is most likely in the low hundreds. We are barely more active than /pone/ at this point. Most (if not all) Power of action is lost on this place now. MLPOL is no longer capable to do business proactively to anticipate growth, we are reduced to managing the few assets we have in an attempt not appear repulsive to our small user core.

Like (You) said, at this MLPOL needs a cataclysmic event to grow and capitalize on. Be that the deletion of a board, the shutdown of a website or a new promotion on mainstream media (that we can somehow turn into a net gain). But make yourself no illusions. This site will die at some point in the foreseeable, that is certain. Maybe in a years time, maybe less, maybe more. Not offering a place for the other April fools boards now appears like wasted opportunity.

To answer your other question, yes, i do in fact have a suggestion that could temporarily help out the community. I say we should do a great survey thread to find out how much manpower we actually have left and what kind of websites besides MLPOL and 4chan said users actually browse. The next step would be to start a campaign where we send our users out to recruit new posters from other websites and discord groups. This along with an officially endorsed site ambassador who makes deals with other websites would be one of the only things that could postpone MLPOLs inevitable death.

47d22 No.145300

>now trump and associated memes are considered normie cringe
You're the normie and you're cringe, you fucking leaf.

47d22 No.145302

I like the idea of fishing on other boards, but fuck you for calling the board's death inevitable, it's only inevitable if we fail to recruit more members.

fd3aa No.145304

Let me finish law school first, then I can address mlpol's issues

3b783 No.145323

This. Let's advertise to derpibooru already.

60bd8 No.145337

All right, let's get the empty platitudes, shitflinging, and the painfully obvious out of the way, first.

>/mlpol/ is to the rest of the internet like yesterday's newspaper

I don't give a Canada goose's milky shit about what the rest of the Internet happens to goddamn think about this corner of the net. Frankly, I am shocked that you seem to care so much about what other people and groups happen to think about us.
Actually, no, I'm not shocked at all. It explains a lot about your posting habits.
>the site is going to die eventually
It and every single other site. Jesus Christ, what is it with you self-styled 'thought leaders', and your platitudes?
>in an attempt to not appear repulsive to our small user core me and my group of friends
FTFY. Next time, you should be more honest about your intentions.
>But make yourself no illusions.
Oh yes, kraut-senpai, talk down to me some more~! Nyaaah~!

Ahh, glad that's outta my system. Now, onto the real meat of the matter.
>our user pool never surpassed 3000 people … We are barely more active than /pone/
You've clearly never been to /pone/, or at least not recently. Our post count per day runs circles around theirs.
Besides, when was the last time you saw serious discussion occur on /pone/?
Didn't think so.
We have the advantage in both quantity and quality, and it only took five minutes of lurking to determine that.
Oh, as for our usercount, I'm still not concerned about it. Even with our much slower growth compared to 4chan, the users we do draw upon are among the toughest and hardiest you ever did see out of the Salty Spitoon, and that's not even counting the lurkers, doing what they should be doing.
Though your lack of faith in them is duly noted.
>a survey thread
All right, sounds good so far. A few issues revolving around selection bias and participation, but nothing out of the ordinary for internet polls. Hell, I'd take it. Go on.
>send our users out to recruit new posters
That could definitely use some more coordination. Not bad, keep going!
>an officially endorsed site ambassador
Aaaaand this is where you lose the plot. Imageboards, by their very nature, are decentralized.
You cannot, no matter how hard you try, embody the userbase's collective will into a single person or group. Every time this is tried, it fails, with no exception: the anointed group always deciding that they know best, even when the group they supposedly represent both is not actually represented, but indeed, holds this representative in active contempt. Remind you of anything?
I'm not really sure why I have to explain the concept of corruption on a board partially about politics, especially one that looks poorly upon democracies, but hey, we have our moments.

A common theme I keep running across, with everyone and their mother who tries to oh-so-valiantly fix the site, is that they almost always rush into things, as if the end of the site was just a day away.
Outside of some annoying lapses in the site's payments seriously you fucking niggers get that shit straightened out, we're on record to be funded and operational for another year, barring any XK-class end of the world scenarios. We have no shortage of time to carefully plan how we approach this problem.
So hey, let's keep this going, see if we can't come to a good compromise!

47d22 No.145338

Fuck the nigger you're talking to, we need to advertise properly amd fuck his "I wanna be the ambassador it's my favrit spy main wepun" bullshit.
Good plan, but what do we post? Do we make pro-MLPOL propaganda-style art the glimmernigger admins can downvote, or do we invite people until the glimmernigger admins ban us for thoughtcrime? Their idea of an April Fool's day gag is to make the site Commie-Glimmer themed and bask in the compliments for "Doing what's right" while being more transparent about their thoughtcrime bans.

68af0 No.145345

File: 1525466238273.png (1.64 MB, 2611x3074, 1516577858438.png)

The amount of blackpilling in this thread disappoints me.

I'm with the leaf on this. The end most certainly isn't nigh. We're doing well for a small niche Mongolian horsewhispering forum. Let's take the time to do this right, so we don't fuck the site up while trying to grow it.

bcba9 No.145364

File: 1525469343838.png (2.76 MB, 3450x3507, IMG_2790.PNG)

Wow, so this is the true power of /mlpol/,
how fucking weak.
Y'know I almost feel bad for you so I'll tell you something (free of charge).

The 'Kraut' isn't wrong, not hosting for the other merged boards was a mistake.
You don't have to be a genius to know expansion is good in the name of business and that ''every'' business strategy is 100x more easier AND effective over the internet.
It's so cheap, easy and fast you'd have to be a complete idiot to fail and a fail of a functioning adult (think ease of acquiring low capital for the latter).
Infact you'd have to be a complete moron to not understand that the first off-4chan /mlpol/ and every succession thereafter is ''-in the business of supply.''
/mlpol/ is in the business of supplying to a niche demand.
Analyzing the past is both unhelpful and helpful, you are looking at the past success all wrong.
/mlpol/ was once 'popularly' successful from opportunism. A high demand with no supply was met, thus a functioning userbase and COMMUNITY of 1000 people.

The past is the past and nothing can change the fact nobody invested enough into expanding.

/mlpol/ is in the market
the business of /mlpol/ is SUPPLY

I did a thing with teamsan and the garbage april-fools joke.
I took opportunity then converted it into opportunism, of course I allowed it to silently expire but my shilling early on was surprisingly effective, there really is 10 lurkers for every poster on 4/pol/.

In conclusion:
I'm too tired to explain expansion and growth thereby helping identify the best path for /mlpol/ to take.
Later when I'm thinking I'll identify some types of growth and the best options and methods for /mlpol/ to grow.
When it comes to mindless shilling I don't think that will work without being clever. Being clever and subversive (think 'semetic' strategy of playing both sides, except you have a stake in one side so you astroturf and make the other look retarded (also I coined astroturf but that's another story)) -only gets you so far.
All /mlpol/ can offer that's 'new' is shill-free and topical quality discussion, or artfaggots I suppose.

47d22 No.145365

>maybe if I agree with myself while using the jewish flag and toning my bullshit down a little nobody will notice
/fitlit/ could have been fun, but… bruh.

47d22 No.145366

Also don't underestimate how nice shill-free discussion is, you'd be surprised how many /mlp/ users immigrate when you tell them Glimshitting is banned here.

8c2a0 No.145392

File: 1525480699441.jpg (34.42 KB, 600x387, leafspoo.jpg)

>All /mlpol/ an offer […]
For now
>pic related

a2626 No.145402

File: 1525484956774.jpg (121.19 KB, 1280x720, 01.jpg)

We aren't a business. We're friends but I'm not sure that's something a jew like you would understand. Its sad, maybe one day you will be able to feel the connections between comrades. Don't dwell in the darkness too long, even a jew can join us. It doesn't matter if we lose as long as never played your game.

5e86e No.145531

Play it to our strengths. There's enough altright/lite bronies on derpi, that'll be enough. Simply make a good banner (.gif is optional), use some ad space, then wait. Wait enough time to establish a good trial run to see how effective the implementation was. Then, if it was successful, we could have another go. What are we afraid? Liberal cringe will be n full display at worst, and at best some bronies are redpilled.

f1244 No.145536

>maybe if I agree with myself while using the jewish flag and toning my bullshit down a little nobody will notice
You've completely lost everyone in this thread Jason.

60bd8 No.145555

Actually, for once, the kike has a point.

Might see about drawing up some banner ads later on. Even if they don't end up being used, it should be an interesting exercise, all the same.

72a1c No.145583

File: 1525542895380.jpg (20.25 KB, 590x332, discord spy.jpg)


Allsup suggest that the parent Company of Discord sells explicit User data to US American Activist groups and possible others (like the Southern Povertly Law Center and the Anti Defamation League), which are later laundered by Left Wing Vigilante groups likle Unicorn Riot, who later employ life ruination upon people who do not support Neomarxism.

No Evidence has been presented for this so far, but Discord has by their Terms of Service the right to document everything you say, post or program you run while using the software.

so more likely than you every last one of us is a glass window to them and they know literally everything you ever did since you downloaded Discord.

350e8 No.145587

af4f8 No.145588

Shame. I really liked Discord as a communicator.

fe75f No.145589

Wonder how this would play into the privacy laws in Europe and probably the US too. Sounds like Discord tries to pretend you can sign away your rights by writing it in the TOS. No matter what the TOS says the privacy laws trumps it.

3a222 No.145590

It's no surprise. You should expect anything you say to be recorded and used against you, if not by actual programs, then by your own ISP.

How safe is IRC? It's been around for years but it's one of those more technical applications that normies tend to steer clear of.

fe75f No.145592

>How safe is IRC
If you are on an open server and channel you can assume all is logged and saved forever

60bd8 No.145594

File: 1525547728189.jpg (146.52 KB, 518x572, 1480669891845.jpg)

>a centralized service with a centralized server receiving all of your data
>logs everything sent to it
>people are surprised when the data is sold and traded
I don't know what to really add, other than "stick to using Mumble", and "use Tox or XMPP with OTR".

d6ece No.145624

File: 1525559591397.gif (727.84 KB, 640x358, 1722195__safe_edit_edited ….gif)

>when you knew they were doing that the whole fucking time

f1244 No.145678

Sunset is smoking.
If she ruled Eques she wouldn't let this happen.

4a07d No.145813

lmao one guy joined and left a few hours later

6366e No.152808

So is there no way to get a link to the mlpol discord?
I lost access to my old account and have a new one and want to re-join.

ed98c No.152809

26f63 No.152842

How do we fuck with Discord and get back at them for this?

Change.org petition demanding Unicorn Riot and the like be recognized as terrorist organizations that break the law?

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