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File: 1524447122588.png (3.46 MB, 1920x1052, DarkSoulsJPCoverArt.png)

71379 No.142527

What do you anons do to make yourselves less unhappy with yourselves on a daily basis? Poner hellps a little, but not nearly enough for me. Any hobbies, games, social things you do? Because right now I've been banned from every degenerate fetish discord server on the damn app and only have one friend left over from it all. Shit's getting lonely.

Pic related.

ecfd1 No.142532

I play grand strategy games with groups of people and work out. I also work and take care of my house. when I'm not doing that I go to the range and waste thousands of dollars on ammunition just in case shit goes south in the near future.

71379 No.142533

>having thousands of dollars to piss away and have fun with

Jealous. All I have worth a damn is my computer, haven't even added any new graphics cards or peripherals in a few years now.

0b606 No.142536

Productivity. Set simple goals and achieve them. It really helps with my depression. Friends are for communists. You're not a communist, are you?

ecfd1 No.142538

its more like 25 here and there then wasting it all in a afternoon

71379 No.142539

If friends are for communists, you can call me Pinochet, my dude. The one person I know isn't even acquainted with me.

15c4a No.142544

>getting banned from every Discord server
Geez, anon, how do you achieve such offensiveness?

You're master over your mind and body. Working out regularly is satisfying as you can measure your progress and become more capable. As for entertainment, read whatever interests you, for example books on politics and economics.

4a16a No.142546

>What do you anons do to make yourselves less unhappy with yourselves on a daily basis?
I'm waiting for the meds to kick in.

d2f35 No.142548

I do a bit of writing. Strive to improve myself through it. The (You)'s are a nice side benefit, too.

71379 No.142551

>Geez, anon, how do you achieve such offensiveness?
Unironically, it's because I make like one jew joke every week or so and piss someone off, then they whine to the mods, mods push me into debating the authenticity of Israel or the existence of race or other bad-goy things.

>Working out regularly is satisfying

I lost sixty pounds post-election and still felt like shit a year and a half after losing it. Probably gained ten back this last couple months but otherwise the exercise hasn't changed.


That's interesting. I used to write for a couple faggy 4/mlp/ generals back in 2013, but stopped bothering because I felt like everything was bleeding together and nothing I wrote was motivating or entertaining to me anymore.

d2f35 No.142559

File: 1524449612620.png (21.75 KB, 250x188, 1499408114823.png)

My old writing was god-awful, consisting primarily of chatroom LARPing. Going up from that, and indeed, going above the current show writers, is a special kind of gratifying.
Mind you, that's not exactly a very difficult feat, but you take what you can get.

71379 No.142560

Argh. I feel like throwing away my night with some games. Any Dark Souls fags here? CoD Zombies? Payday 2? Borderlands 2? R6S?

d8eeb No.142561

There is no hope and no salvation.
It's all rather pointless and if I had a decision in it and no family left I would not hesitate even for a second to look up a suitable method and then kill myself. To pass the time I drink vodka like it was some damn juice until I pass out, fap or terrorize people.

71379 No.142562

>chatroom RP
Nigger I literally made four different accounts on MSPARP/MxRP and am in the middle of an RP right the fuck now. It's fetish pandering trash and my partner wanted to be a hyperdicked Ross Lalonde. So trust me, whatever your old writing was, it's better than my shit.

d2f35 No.142565

Ah, you went the max degeneracy route?
Me personally, I went the max autism route. Sonic fandom, crossed over with all kinds of things, ranging from South Park to StarCraft, all parties pumping out enough OCs to drown in. Though mine were the best :^)

71379 No.142567

I played Sonic Adventure on Dreamcast before I turned one year old, my man. I still come back to Sonic Advance 2 or Sonic 3 or SA2 every now and then. Crossovers, I used to really enjoy. I still want to sometime try something with the style or setting/origin story of Dark Souls, since the concept of hollowing probably had the most impact on me irl.

21a7c No.142569

I play vidya, read books, go bike riding/nature walking now that it's warmer out, try baking new foods, buy clothes at goodwill, roll DnD characters I will never use, draw dungeons and worlds I'll never DM, go to mall and look at clothes I wouldn't wear and post here.

d2f35 No.142570

It was always more of a 'fan of the fandom' relationship with Sonic for me. I grew up on mostly RTSes and ye olde Blizzard titles. To this day, I still prefer Diablo's DEEPEST LORE to Dark Souls's DEEPEST LORE, though both are great in their own rights.
I tell you, when I stumbled on ponies, it was like an atomic bomb straight to my autism centers. I couldn't not write again after that, and I'm glad I did. I think it'd be worth a shot.

c98b0 No.142571

File: 1524450593626.png (230.9 KB, 497x387, 1522540862293.png)

Sounds like you're in a bit of a rut, mates.
I set myself projects to do, or goals to achieve.
You need to challenge yourself, and when you achieve your goals, you feel better about yourself.
Use Agile. By that I mean break up your projects into small chunks, so when you overcome small challenges, you're compelled to carry on.
Write down a checklist. Or set up an account on Trello, make a board for whatever you're doing, and then use the cards to tick off your small challenges.
This will keep track of your progress, and when you see it all add up as you go, it feels good.
Best of luck to you all.

71379 No.142572

>bike riding
I haven't ridden my bike in so long, I'd be shocked if the tires didn't slowly deflate over the years

>try baking new foods

Right now I've got alternative keto/paleo pizza crust flour as well as a recipe for making my own with eggs, but I still haven't used it since ordering it two months ago. Maybe sometime I should do that in a few days.

>draw dungeons

Jesus, man. I don't care if they're basic top-down stuff, I can't even fathom DnD's rules. I tried three different times to draft a character and follow along with a campaign, none of those went well. I envy you.

When I challenge myself even a little, I crumble. Always happens. I have 1300 hours in CSGO and still haven't gotten out of silver hell, I can't do truly challenging things. I'll just financially, emotionally, or physically fuck myself up like I always do.

When I first discovered Jordan Peterson, I wrote a hundred sticky-notes and attempted to make a point system to improve myself. I have a skill-tree style setup where everything has pre-goals and side-goals, and originally I planned on using these to do a Dark Souls run where all my level-ups came from that, and I would play one hour of a recorded commentary for use in a vidme video a week, but that never worked out.

It never felt good. Like I said, lost sixty pounds and still feel like shit.

60e02 No.142578

File: 1524456790746.jpg (68.32 KB, 842x595, father fuhrer.jpg)

Devote your life to spiritual Hitlerism. Reach for Father Fuhrer's love and he shall show you the way

15c4a No.142580

File: 1524457993865.gif (664.53 KB, 220x238, KimJongUnBinoculars.gif)

>advocating a literal cult of personality
Pfft, you all know Kim Jong Un is the true savior of the world. He'll liberate us all with nuclear hellfire!

71379 No.142582

I'm gonna have to second >>142580 . After all, Hitler literally appeased the zionists, and not only did they manage to still paint him as a genocidal maniac through propaganda, but all the things he sacrificed for the Jews' sake ended up capsizing nazi Germany.

eb758 No.142583

I came here to post this. Set some goals and achieve them. The don't need to be big goals. In fact it's better to pick simple goals or to break up a larger goal into several more manageable sub-goals. Getting things done makes you feel good.

Also, getting a good night's rest is important.

eb758 No.142585

A small part of me kind of wish that Rocketman would follow through and nuke Hollywood or one of the Commiefornian cesspits.

71379 No.142589

Seconding. Moving out of California soon…one day….hopefully…..if I'm not in debt a year from now.

b99a0 No.142947

File: 1524578277034.jpg (9.56 MB, 9312x5240, P_20180411_115821_SRES.jpg)

Ayy I'm a souls fag. Got 3 on pc? I haven't finished the dlc yet.
Also for me I just go into the wilderness for a few days. With or without someone. Freezing myself to sleep on the side of a mountain while speaking with the animals and the wind never fails to give me a good reset.
On work weeks if I'm down I just drink, learn some new songs and play music or chat with people in vr chat now. I used to think low of people that would use vr or something like that but even though I can't see them I feel like the weirdos there get me more than people I see everyday.

61ced No.142954

I exercise a little each day, write (or try to write) pony fanfics for myself, and slowly work on a pokemon fangame I wanted to make when I was 10.

71379 No.143197


I swear to christ I'm literally the only person on this board who lives away from all nature. >:V

Jokes aside, I don't like VRChat myself, but I do have all three Souls'. I don't have the DLC yet though, and I've only touched the first two games no shit I spent two hours on the first boss because I wanted to do a Deprived run and can't get used to the speed of combat and the new charge-attack for the club, kinda got sick of it before I made any real progress. DS1's combat feels much less hectic for me, much better for calming down.

anyway yeah, if you want me I'll name myself Enoch Powell Was Right and change it back after you send me the request.

b75e0 No.143199

I like to read about depression and loneliness, look at examples and talk to depressed/lonely people.
Then i meditate on why one needs those feelings so i can find a fix.

71379 No.143200

Sounds a lot like why I play Dark Souls and Silent Hill 2 and Yume Nikki and other 'depression games.' It feels like ruminating on it at least calms it down instead of it just constantly boiling inside.

64b4b No.143222

I drink and do nothing after work.
Like you, I'm banned pretty much everywhere.

ecfd1 No.143364

Dnd is pretty simple once you get a few games in. I'm still learning it but it's more or less imagination + rules. 5E is very streamlined, but if that's just not working try playing F.A.T.E. (not the PC game mind you) it takes out almost all of the rules and makes things easy to just pick up and go.

81c90 No.143378

Indeed, someway this kind of activity does helps a lot to feel better.
Ever played cry of fear?

025c4 No.143414

Nothing anymore. I used to walk but I've walked in every direction from here. I used to draw but I no longer have a community to draw for. I used to clean my house but some family moved in and now it gets much messier faster than I can clean it. I have no job and no money. I used to play vidya (love TFH btw) but I feel like shit for not doing anything above and being a lazy cunt. If I didn't believe in God I'd probably have an hero'd by now.

4de64 No.143483

just get a job. work gives you something to focus your mind on even if it's not necessarily rewarding or fulfilling, and you'll have money coming in which always feels good.

025c4 No.143496

File: 1524693051860-0.png (709.75 KB, 1280x720, 1523944704317.png)

Yeah I know. I've been looking for the past 12 months. I'm sure I'll get a call back one day

df44d No.143498

File: 1524693473275.png (75.64 KB, 401x397, 1504065620267.png)

>tfw I wanted to play good ol' CoD 4
>got the box, CD and CD-key
>CD is so fucking wasted that it cannot be read by CD drive.

0b606 No.143500

You could draw for us. If you're good, I could also offer minor commissions.

025c4 No.143503

I could. I'm just not okay with drawing porn which a lot of people seem to want (and pay for)

71379 No.143504

Could buy it on steam if you felt like it. I got that plus MW2 with the IW4X mod attached for server based matchmaking.

71379 No.143509

No, but it does look neat. Till then I'll play Resident Evil 4 and Dark Souls to tide me over.

df44d No.143512

Made it work with enough of luck and CD cleaning. Time to see how my skill is. Damn, last played it in like… 2010? Damn.. time flies.

71379 No.143534

I feel ya. Definitely feels weird playing a CoD game with perks but no pro versions of them. Guess Black Ops 2's lack of pro perks never really resonated with me.

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