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File: 1523642388055.gif (317.95 KB, 500x386, rarara nazi.gif)

98e40 No.140212

any body know what's going on?

316bb No.140214

File: 1523642488443.png (286.67 KB, 682x1050, 1522001736336.png)

Probably the /r9k/ bullshit. Other from that could just be server problems/other technical issues.

98e40 No.140218

I forgot about that, seems possible.

35dd3 No.140220

File: 1523642766019.jpg (156.85 KB, 432x518, __fujiwara_no_mokou_touhou….jpg)


the reason is unknown, sadly. we have suspicisions. FLags, Niggers, Syria, World war 3 Censorship.

take a look at >>139075 and the related videos

severlal police investigations, swattings, FBI reports, Doxxings, Death Threads etc confirmed.

People probably died or ruined their lives forever.

35dd3 No.140222

File: 1523642894291.mp4 (19.99 MB, 1280x720, grotesque body horror feas….mp4)


also i am a little shocked how many people ive seen who COME HERE to complain that 4chan is not working. Why are you going to 4chan? why do you complain here? we have nothing to do with that place.

7349e No.140224

No idea, been lurking cripplechan to see if they have any idea wjat is going on. They seem to think that it's related to NWIS or to the jack dorsey incident the other day, but thier too busy dealingvwith the most retarded elements of 4/pol/ to do anything else

2591c No.140226

I don't care.
/pol/ is shit.

7349e No.140230

Agreed, but its fast. Things tend to show up there first, even if the board is bombarded by shills. Just a shame thier autism is lacking nowadays

874a6 No.140232

A thousand times this.
Just post here.

316bb No.140233

Looks like 4chins is back up.

eb24a No.140234

This site would be faster if more people posted here. You know your mods are against you on 4/pol/ right?

316bb No.140236

Never mind. Some people posted, but it seemed like the window was for a short time.

8b1b4 No.140241

device change.
I know. thats why i post here frequently. but insofar as a crowdsourced news aggregate goes or for livestreams of speeches, rallies, happenings, etc, /mlpol/ cannot currently compare to a well filtered 4/pol/. Similarly, 4/pol/ will never be as comfy as /mlpol/ for the same event.
different boards, different purpose.

1a1d9 No.140285

Because there exists a chance that a disruption of 4pol is part an attempt to bury some story. In that case, it is beneficial to identify what story prompted the shutdown of 4pol so that we can discuss that story here.

b5542 No.140376

Many anti Syria strike sources are down.

d193b No.140377

>sort by reply count

7024b No.143086

File: 1524594915804.jpg (30.75 KB, 288x288, al-snow-head.jpg)

This is twice in like 2 weeks. And now I'm on mlpol?

316bb No.143093

File: 1524595208058.png (373.83 KB, 1000x952, 1523892555108.png)

Yep. Welcome friend. Do you know about the (((Griffins)))?

301c9 No.143098

Good, maybe it's being attacked for hiring more censorship happy leftists.

89b48 No.143134

I can't post on /mlp/, /co/, /his/, it just keeps saying "connection error"

5ce17 No.143148

File: 1524599627649.jpeg (435 KB, 556x910, C5B43569-979C-45A0-9385-A….jpeg)

I can’t post on /trash/ /fit/ /ck/ or /diy/ either.

35dd3 No.143346

File: 1524672220942.png (5.44 KB, 225x225, homer is dead.png)

Syria General is reporting 4chan has been taken offline again since about 30 minutes
this is the second time after yesterday, where the site was offline for 9 hours by demand of the canadian government
how and why an alien government can taken down 4chan is beyond me
but apparently they can, seemingly at any time they want for no reason whatsoever

88764 No.143350

i can't believe so many of you still go on 4chan

35dd3 No.143353

File: 1524673832553.jpg (103.52 KB, 410x308, metal gear rising joey rap….jpg)


personally, i dont do it on my own free will. I am done with that site. Sadly , i have minor obligations that force me to check on the place at least once a day.

that said, I would advice anyone who still uses 4chan on a regular basis to move to 8chan (or simply just post here).

5ce17 No.143362

One of the few reasons I still go is because 4chan has a /diy/ /ck/ and /fit/ boards. That or porn and before you ask “why not here” I just like to spread my net as far as possible. But 4chan seems to be on its death bed right now, rather sad

98e40 No.143561

File: 1524714417458.gif (1.99 MB, 450x405, 1708513__safe_sunset shimm….gif)

you niggers keep saying this but sometimes nothing happens here for hours.

7aaf2 No.143566

If nothing happens here, then make something happen!

98e40 No.143633

File: 1524757007398.png (727.36 KB, 640x849, not a game ponk.png)

my point is, especially during neet hours, you could "make something happen" and still get no replies for awhile. I'm not saying it's bad that it's slow here it's just not fast enough to be my go to place for shitposting.

35dd3 No.143636

File: 1524757501161.png (7.23 MB, 2893x4092, __takao_azur_lane_drawn_by….png)


true, i think what this site needs is a 72 hour ID and post-per-hour counter like 8chan has. it will help us to determine how much user activity we actually have. The Statistics page is skewered and can not be trusted in that regard.

this site is painfully inactive at times where we come close to rigor mortis. just visit some of the other boards with less fluctuation ot get a lick of that.

e1068 No.143644

If the servers are located in Canada , it would be within reason that they can take it down, although endchan was also down around the same time yesterday for some reason.

35dd3 No.143645


so is it fair then to assume that all chan sites, including the backwater ones, are ALL compromised to the point where any government can demand a standstill and (most likely) request insight into the server database?

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