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File: 1523035713138.png (320.29 KB, 1280x731, Autism Spectrum.png)

854e0 No.137728

It is commonly accepted that autists are drawn to MLP like flies to shit. What about MLP attracts autism?

71aaa No.137732

Colorful, friendly ponies.

4bfc5 No.137733

Autists like shows aimed for children for their easy-to-follow plot and clear-cut relationships. Shows aimed for little girls are doubly-so in innocence.

5e669 No.137745

File: 1523038820423.png (1.91 MB, 1447x2046, __shirona_pokemon_pokemon_….png)


colorful talking animals are a gold mine of autism. and the internet is a global gold rush. we all have to suffer for the mental deficiencies of literal manchildren worldwide.

a8b32 No.137754

83865 No.137756

People with autism are usually deprived a sufficient socialization in their development. For one reason or another they are less desirable socially and can be seen to consistently be deprived the experiences and interactions that would naturally administer Seratonin and Oxytocyn, which are essential neuro-chemicals toward maintaining a healthy disposition. These chemicals - Oxytocyn in particular - are readily adminstered both during the social interactions that naturally cause them and by witnessing interactions among those interactions with others. Simply, if you see people being familial, helpful, or otherwise bonding, then you get a spike in Oxytocyn.
MLP is rife with colorful (lit. and fig.) examples of just the sorts of dynamics which would produce plenty of Seratonin and Oxytocyn, while being not abysmal in its aesthetics. Participation in/around the fandom allows a person to do so with individuals who likewise have a less-comprehensive socialization.
>t. autist

cce7f No.137759

Then explain why non autists like it.

Checkmate spurgs.
t. Chad

6a158 No.137771

Because MLP is made in such a way that everyone, not just kids can enjoy it. The show is filled with adult jokes, the punch being "spiked" immediately springs to mind, and fluttershy covering herself up. As well as references to popular culture, both in the background and foreground, such as; "winter is coming everypony", Pinkie's Bat signal, the Futurama pony, Kratos from God Of War, the Dragonball Z style laser battle between Tirek and Twilight, TRON, Slenderman, Weird Al. There are loads more, but those are the more well known ones.

These are things that little girls obviously aren't going to pick up on, as they are more geared towards teens and adults, which make the show more enjoyable for us, autism or not. Plus the show is written in such a way that adults can enjoy it too, the whole point of this is to be able to watch it with your kids.

83865 No.137784

File: 1523048501492.gif (352.48 KB, 600x450, 883458.gif)

Your retort/demand stands in contrast to the topic of the thread. Additionally, it suggests that autists are the only demographic that experiences undesirable consequences in their developmental years.
Tl;dr Not an argument
Right. Pull the other one.

9d017 No.137801

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