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File: 1522463148407.png (4.58 KB, 255x170, Super power.png)

a4087 No.134669

We will be a super power by 2020 prove me wrong!

2218c No.134673


ded19 No.134676

I'm an Indian. I'm tired of all the things people say about us. I mean, which other country is hated the most? North Korea? We're probably next to North Korea. Several people called me "pajeet", "who shits on the streets" "giv bob and vegana" as soon as I told them I'm from India. I'm now afraid of telling that I'm Indian. I feel ashamed. One person said "US should nuke India" on a youtube video about India and it got hundreds of likes or upvotes. Most of the things people say only apply to poor people and uneducated. People like me in the cities probably never saw anyone shitting on streets. I honestly never saw anyone shit on streets. At least from what I know, people don't shit on "streets" but in an open area like farmlands in villages. I keep my identity hidden and don't tell anyone that I'm Indian. I'm afraid they'll treat me differently. I keep trying to avoid those comments but they are affecting me. Not directly but indirectly. For example, read any Reddit threads about, you'll see hate comments about India. Fuck this shit

5f934 No.134677

Alright. Tell us some great things about India

b46f3 No.134678

>flag turned off
sure, you lying ((("pajeet")))
nice pasta, too

2218c No.134685

Anyway, how's the tech support job?

7c345 No.134701

File: 1522471188168.gif (134.78 KB, 960x200, image.gif)

>no flag

71425 No.134755


be29b No.134788

File: 1522507014597.gif (857.69 KB, 240x228, hcsg3.gif)

>be me out of town for work driving through clinton, AR
>pull over to gas station and go inside
>greeted by dot head behind register
>dont have time gotta go
>run to bathroom unbuckling pants on the way
>explode onto toilet just in time
>look at note written in multiple places on the stall
>"Do not throw toilet paper in toilet -mgmt"
>look at garbage can full of used toilet paper

1aa88 No.134789

File: 1522507536941-0.png (1.17 MB, 1414x855, india shit most unclean co….png)

File: 1522507536941-1.jpg (94.77 KB, 544x529, cwc indian.jpg)

File: 1522507536941-2.png (4.63 MB, 1800x1800, trixie tripledick indian g….png)

File: 1522507536941-3.png (88.86 KB, 474x696, smelly indian merchant.png)

File: 1522507536941-4.jpg (61.31 KB, 355x400, indiana trash.jpg)


i think pakistan will nuke you into the ground and to be honest i approve of it

2f27b No.134803

41129 No.135407


+Curry and some spices.
+Tells islam to fuck off mostly.
+Sikhs (related to the above of telling islam to fuck off).

-Tech support scams.
-Shitting in the streets like animals.
-Like Islam it's heretic for worshiping other gods.
-Indians who make it into real tech (Like IT programmers) are extremely arrogant and prone to write spaghetti code. It's like being smart but you act like a special Olympics team. When you win it's still shit.
-That fucking smell, do you guys ever shower once in a while? Even those of you who look "rich" or sophisticated still smell like shit.

e9881 No.140194

File: 1523641413525.webm (690.05 KB, 640x352, runover.webm)

here's your proof

e8188 No.140198


what kind of idiot is going out at night on a street where trucks drive to take shit on the pavement without any lights or safety precautions

eb486 No.140349

If Pakistan nuke India then radio active shit will be flung up into upper atmosphere and cause poocular winter. We would all die.

9fd07 No.140358

why are you people bumping this 2 week old shit thread?

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