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File: 1522062886397.png (425.66 KB, 900x792, White power pony has a poi….png)

321d2 No.132972

Chancellor Neighsay's comments at the end of the first episode were handled fairly poorly. They essentially dropped an anvilicious racist rant on everyone out of nowhere, when that isn't how that works. Socio-behavioral tendencies, like ethnocentrism, are largely created by reactions to things…like Changeling invasions and the general ruckus that Yaks bring around wherever they show up. Instead of handling these issues, and make the episode about something real that can be solved with a conversation, they decided to deploy a straw man that they don't have to explain before they destroy it. It is also incredibly hypocritical in the following ways:

1. Yaks can declare themselves the best, and this is seen as a quirk rather than something to be remedied. If a Pony did the same thing, it would be seen as a problem to be solved.

2. When Thorax says he can pull Ocellus out of school to avoid an international incident, putting his hive ahead of the values of friendship, it isn't seen as a bad thing. When Chancellor Neighsay puts the needs of Equestria before the values of friendship, he is seen as evil.

3. When Chancellor Neighsay shuts down the friendship school after Twilight Sparkle nearly starts a war, it is seen as a bad thing. If the Main Seven had started the school with just ponies first, they could have avoided that whole set of problems and solved the curriculum before almost setting Equestria on fire.

4. Ocellus, a Changeling child, was capable of destroying entire buildings effortlessly, by herself. That sounds like a good reason to be wary of them, just to be safe.

Chancellor Neighsay has legitimate reasons to feel the way he does - he's being handled poorly as a character so that no one thinks about his arguments.

599c0 No.132974

You're right, and I hate that I don't have anything more to add to this discussion. This was a shit episode written by stupid people, and I miss when this show was good.

If we made this thread on /mlp/ or MLPforums, we'd get a bunch of liberal faggots and delusional denialfags yelling lies and rationalizations at us, because the faggots would want to stand against the "Icky wrong bad waycis white male" on principle. We wouldn't get good discussion out of it, we'd just be mocked for """Not understanding""" the """moral""" of the episode, which is "absolute power must be used to bash the fash because whitey wrong".

d2a7d No.132975

Chancellor Neighsay did nothing wrong

03f67 No.132984

File: 1522070779686.jpg (30.95 KB, 792x475, 1453073286921.jpg)


its ca cartoon made by jews to sell toys to little girls. Small Jim does not care, he just does as his kike overlords say. And the results are clusterfucks like this.

246eb No.133049

File: 1522088813145.gif (43.96 KB, 190x286, 720461__safe_artist-colon-….gif)

I named that unicorn /pol/

321d2 No.133072

>Not understanding the moral
I get what they were trying to do, but the fact of the matter is that Chancellor Neighsay is being written like a jerk so that you don't see the parallels in thought. The Thorax and Ocellus decision is just the most obvious.

Another thing that pisses me off is the Dragon chick and her nephew Smolder. "I'll let him stay if you stop singing!" is…well, I don't even know what to say. I mean, if you didn't like pony culture, then why send your nephew to a pony school? It boggles my mind.

Ponies are expected to bend over backwards to accommodate every other 'creature,' but none of the others have to do the same. This just highlights even more the fact that ponies are inherently white.

>Somepony set us up the bomb
>We get signal

d26dc No.133084

Same reason you cant name (((them))), because MUH RASISM

4a37d No.133086

In definitive, the episode is bad because they don't reference the theme correctly, they just rush it hypocritically in favor of the friendship school. In this type of scenario, ¿How would /mlpol/ write the episodes instead?

321d2 No.133193

Well, we could've started it off differently.

>First class is all ponies

>Twilight finds out the EEA makes things difficult
>Instead of a song about shitty school, confront Chancellor Neighsay directly about his views on what the school is for (he says for the betterment of ponies, she wants it for the betterment of everyone)
>Main conflict established here, instead of at 19:30 at the end of part one
>By the end of the first part, Twilight comes up with a plan

>Part 2

>Introduce the non-ponies
>Invite Chancellor Neighsay to the new, unaccredited curriculum
>Show him how classes work, and the magic of Friendship
>Neighsay shakes the Hippogriffs claw
>"I love my people. You love your people. Let's love our people together."
>Happy smiles all around, conflict resolved, roll credits

Does that work for everyone? Does it at least sound better than what happened within the episode?

>Communist. Guidance. Counselors.

d0009 No.133206

Like the original it's still overdone for a little girls show. Have the Mane 6 start starswirl academy, start developing that part of the world; hell I'm pretty certain most people forget the other two races are supposed to be magical as well or some shit.

321d2 No.133208

Your probably right. It would've still been resolved better than what they ended up doing.

321d2 No.133672


5221d No.133673

An entire day just for that, wow, impressive English teacher skills.

321d2 No.133675

I have a job, NEET. I don't sit here all day reviewing everything. I just caught it when I was looking to see if anyone responded yet.

>Slow board

e1bd4 No.135426

File: 1522592929959.png (203.48 KB, 1000x1000, 929435__safe_princess luna….png)


hmmmmm…. this really makes me think.

How would the "redpilled" ponies of equestria be like?,both male and female, what would be their beliefs or philosophies?, what would they think about having 2 inmortal alicorns as supreme leaders of alle equestria?, Would all the ponies have a giantness fetish?

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