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Happy Birthday

/mlpol/ - My Little Politics

One Year old : Happy Birthday
Please be in attendance on Sunday April 1st, 2018 12pm EST for a special Tea With Atlas. So special it'll ride the short bus the rest of it's life.

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File: 1521321277161.jpg (20.43 KB, 500x328, tumblr_p35xmsVaxn1w4eqqho1….jpg)

84269 No.129812

>post on /pol/ BTFOing a "It's ok to racebend characters and make them black but it's not ok to make black characters white" tard
>get a 15 minute ban for "violating rule 3, posting garbage outside of /b/"
>this ban was given to me by a janitor, and it'll stay in place until a moderator looks at the report and decides whether to ban me for longer or not

4chan has fallen

bfbf0 No.129814

Don't reply to those shitty bait threads.

8ec34 No.129816

link to the post you made in the archive or bullshit

6910d No.129822

4chan is kill

34af8 No.129832

File: 1521325065276.png (14.09 KB, 307x156, 1521256679724.png)

Pff… get on my level.
>see some dude doing Lee's thing but in opposition to EqG
>shitpsot few bait threads with same image (pic rel)
>get banned for a month for "ban evasion"
>the absolute fucking state of 4cuck moderation

84269 No.129835

it was /co/, my bad
Is that an Avatar reference?

6910d No.129837

/co/ is easily the most cucked board on 4chan.

9739d No.129838

4chan is getting overrun with leftists.

62166 No.129841

Lee is a guy who posts Barneyfags posts whenever a pony is posted on /pol/, /co/ or other board outside of /mlp/. He is said to have a script that has all derpibooru images hashed and checks all images posted on 4chan to this list (only something I've heard). If a pony is posted he is alerted and goes to post Barney posts. He usually starts with an similar image as the one Poland posted, but it has Barney where Barbie is and My Little Pony where EqG is, and then he calls pony posters Barneyfags and calls for their death. It can be fun at times, and you will meet him if you funpost pony on 4chan.

7ea97 No.129843

File: 1521330213393.gif (1.68 MB, 544x399, 2112a124.gif)

I avoid him mainly cause I use my own shitpost shops that are not hosted anywhere. I post poners with no leeRee

62166 No.129845

Always a step ahead; nice
I bet this infuriates Lee beyond belief

7ea97 No.129847

File: 1521330874135.gif (504.05 KB, 250x250, nyah.gif)

He gets more mad when I make shops of his face on barney n pones. Tends to happen after someone post a hosted pic and brings him in
>Thought I had one or two of the shops somewhere but can't find em

56e06 No.129988

whatever makes you feel good op

2bfae No.129989

File: 1521358512055.png (555.86 KB, 2033x1241, ban.png)

The trick is to make every ban something to be proud of.

4f6c4 No.130073

Please define the terms
>he barneyfags
I wish my bans were not constant and short, so I could make funny replies like that.

bfbf0 No.130084

File: 1521391838851.png (708.27 KB, 1024x952, Barneyfag.png)

Barneyfag, aka Lee Goldson, is the autistic Canadian NEET who responds to every pony post (outside of /b/ /mlp/ and /trash/) with a screencap that shows FiM airing in juxtaposition to the Barney show, with a comment like something along the lines of "Die Barneyfag!".
He set up some kind of bot/system that notified him whenever a pic from derpibooru is posted to 4chan.

4f6c4 No.130098

What a fucking loser. So what if FIM airs after Barney? FIM used to be good. Barney was NEVER good.

Why is it always the nolifer manchildren that try the hardest to convince everyone else they're not the lowest on the totem pole of society? And why, instead of bringing up pedophiles or pedophile apologists, do they always go for "Nerdy dorky manchildren" like us?

ffe5a No.130110

>getting banned on /co/ for a Gr3 violation.

Not surprised /co/ is unironically THE WORSE board on 4chan. Even /trash/ and /lgbt/ aren't as degenerate or gay.

c373f No.130152

>He set up some kind of bot/system
His replies are always the same just die nothing new or witty I think it is just a bot in general and same goes for this bot from /lgbpol/

be036 No.130183

Never before in my life have I been happier to leave a website.

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