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One Year old : Happy Birthday
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File: 1520623173367.jpg (42.31 KB, 780x438, 170428163640-senate-seats-….jpg)

be084 No.126783

At least five Democrat Senators are likely to be voted out of office in the 2018 midterms. This is largely thanks to how unfavorable the map is to Democrats, with 23 of 33 senators up for reelection belonging to the Democratic Party, and having been voted in during the 2012 Presidential election.

>Montana: Sen. Jon Tester loses to his unnamed Republican challenger 42 percent to 55 percent.

>West Virginia: Sen. Joe Manchin loses to his unnamed Republican challenger 43 percent to 52 percent.

>Missouri: Sen. Claire McCaskill loses to Republican challenger Josh Hawley 44 percent to 52 percent.

>Indiana: Sen. Joe Donnelly loses to his unnamed Republican challenger 45 percent to 51 percent.

>North Dakota: Sen. Heidi Heitkamp loses to her unnamed Republican challenger 47 percent to 49 percent.

>Moreover, in all five of those states, President Trump’s job approval rating is in better shape than the Democrat’s: MT: 58 percent; WV: 65 percent; MO: 55 percent; IN: 53 percent; ND: 60 percent.


b2f76 No.126784

Any word on the representatives?

8a61a No.126786

In b4 some litterally who's accuse the republican candidates of sexual misconduct 40 years ago with no evidence.

9a9bc No.126787

Sadly I think you are going to be right. It wont be brought up before a day or two prior to the election day so there is no way to defend against the accusations.

240bf No.126789

Why not? It worked last time

d96df No.126792

They can't pull that trick in every single election. The Roy Moore thing was suspicious as hell and I still believe there was unironic voter suppression, but you have to remember that both the establishment Republicans and all Democrats badly wanted him not to win. On the Republican side part of the rationale was that he would create problems for them in the midterms. My guess is they probably called some kind of temporary ceasefire to fix the special election for Jones. It's one thing to do that in a single special election where a highly controversial candidate is running, it's another thing to try it in every single Senate race in the country and not expect people to figure out what's happening. Even the Democratic party can't believe that Americans are literally that dumb.

Bottom line is if you live anywhere in the US and you have a Senator/Representative/Governor whatever up for election, fucking vote. I don't care how blackpilled you are about the future of civilization or how big a cuck the Republican candidate in your area is or whether or not you think democracy is a bad idea, fucking vote. Every war is won by gaining ground slowly and steadily in a series of small battles, and right now our side is gaining ground. Let's not fuck it up.

9a9bc No.126793

It will be done as long as it is working. And I think it will work for a long time. But in the end they will just fuck over actual victims who wont be believed. It will end up like prisoners in a jail, everyone could say they are innocent including the one who actually is innocent.

9a9bc No.126794

>Senator/Representative/Governor whatever up for election, fucking vote
This, so much this.

3953b No.126827

>Polls show democrats losing
This does nothing but worry me.

be084 No.126828

Why would that worry you?

9a9bc No.126829

I kind of agree, it might just be set up to rally Democrat voters. Until Portugal, who gave reliable polls during the election, comes and confirms the polls we should be wary.

92628 No.126834

It might be the left-wing media seeing if they can trick us into not voting. It could be the sort of reverse psychology that saw the media polling that Brexit wouldn't pass, or that Trump wouldn't be nominated much less elected, and then being proven wrong on all accounts.

8b2b5 No.126970

Let's hope it back fires on them big time.

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