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Happy Birthday

/mlpol/ - My Little Politics

One Year old : Happy Birthday
Please be in attendance on Sunday April 1st, 2018 12pm EST for a special Tea With Atlas. So special it'll ride the short bus the rest of it's life.

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File: 1520279400601-0.png (358.41 KB, 1280x720, popular1.png)

File: 1520279400601-1.png (309.6 KB, 1280x720, popular2.png)

6471f No.125539

I came up with a new meme format. I request mlpols thoughts.

f86fc No.125543

Higher def, and borders. A-

1b52e No.125544

It has potential, but clean up the left side. It looks super grainy.

6471f No.125545

sorry, I used windows art. that's probably why

f9079 No.125547


It's…alright, I guess. Nothing really all that groundbreaking.

Unrelated note: still don't understand why Flat Earthers are a thing.

1b52e No.125549

Internet. There are a higher percentage of flat earhters now than the midevil era.

c167b No.125558

File: 1520282294414.jpg (106.37 KB, 1000x667, PicsArt_03-05-03.36.11.jpg)

1b52e No.125562

Better, but I don't get this one.

c167b No.125574

Hans Hermann-Hoppe is a libertarian writer who was a close friend of Murray Rothbard and stays consistent to the NAP and Austrian Economics, but mostly gets ignored or called a racist/reactionary/alt-right or whatever by mainstream faketarians because he isn't a race denialist egalitarian. The Cato Institute is a Koch-supported neoliberal think tank disguising itself as libertarian, and mainstream faketarians worship them.

f9079 No.125581

Makes you wonder if the existence of the Internet is directly causing our perception of the world around us to change to be more in line with our perception of the Internet.

3fac5 No.125646

Before legacy media we had: 1-to-1 media (rumours)
Legacy media: 1-to-many media (controlled narrative)
Internet: many-to-many media (back to rumours)

a06b9 No.125913

needs more ponies jpeg

feb4c No.125927

File: 1520388033854.jpg (329.38 KB, 1000x667, White Russian Propaganda.jpg)

There are some limitations to the format that make it not only user unfriendly, but also not appealing to the eye. I will try build off of the current template tomorrow.

55123 No.125949

File: 1520390822866.jpeg (27.5 KB, 480x452, 39BF2279-B26D-46EF-8544-1….jpeg)

I really like this good job

5c2ce No.126070

File: 1520405242166.png (353.33 KB, 491x418, 62C7DC3A-D29E-462F-B01D-0F….png)

Nice, I’m just gonna borrow this

6471f No.126130

File: 1520431869125-0.gif (3.21 MB, 1280x721, 1517182866197.gif)

aw thx you guys, I gib you pones 4 dis

262fd No.126135

True art.

5a5b3 No.126169

>That nazbol Anon shitposting in the corner
Kek. True autism.

3a86d No.126495

Maymays don't work too well with standardization due to the nature of how quickly they evolve on the internet. I've tried it and it's the fastest way to kill a meme.

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