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b6dce No.115523[Last 50 Posts]

>What is Internet Bloodsports?
Internet Bloodsports is where E-celeb cancer, lolcows and trolls come together for some of the best entertainment on Youtube. It all started after the fallout of the Kraut fiasco, and ever since then le Skeptics have been forced to confront with the alt-right, and have been constantly losing. It really began with the infamous Spencer v Sargon v Styx debate (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiUH-tWHbr8) in which the stream reached the top trending stream on all of Youtube.
Internet Bloodsports usually take place on a variety of streams, mostly on Adam "Race" Warski's show, Baked Alaska's show or on Tonka Saw's Morning Kumite show.

Here are a bunch of important links from the 4pol thread.
>trs guys vs. libs on warski

>Shittalking and debating a prognog (Warski, JF, Enoch)


>Alt Hype's destruction of Sargon


>Sargon gets triggered by comment


>Why Demographics Matter (JF & Matthew Drake):


>Mike Tokes Goes Full White Knight For Laura Loomer On Baked Alaskas Stream


>Naked Ape BTFOs The Skeptic Community [Mirror]:


>An important message to the Skeptic Community:


>Old links:


Very soon Tariq Nasheed and Jared Taylor will have a debate on Baked Alaska's show, here is his channel

310f9 No.115524

Didn't Sargon rage quit because of one of these?

b6dce No.115526

Yes he did.
He left because he was "tired" and then went and made his own hour long stream about how well he did in the debate.
It's been all downhill for him since.

19c23 No.115529

>Non-Newsworthy E-Celeb bullshit
Unless it is something noteworthy, like the Trout and Killroy nonsense, this isn't really a topic to be discussed here.

310f9 No.115530

I dunno watching the skeptic community burn to the ground is pretty fun. I say we allow a containment thread for bloodsports.

b6dce No.115532

>Trout wasn't eceleb bullshit
Internet Bloodsports are hilarious, I don't give a damn who's participating in it.

19c23 No.115542

It's funny, don't get me wrong. What I ask is does this transcend simple e-celeb faggotry, and have a reason to be discussed here? My answer is no.

b6dce No.115545

>does this transcend e-celeb faggotry
that is a question that is difficult to answer.
But when the SPLC is mad about it it's certainly a good thing.

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b6dce No.115560

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19e13 No.115610

File: 1518138377175.png (280.05 KB, 452x710, 1490734004024.png)

This argument and the thread about Nigel.
Is this real life?
I can't deal with this.

b6dce No.115612

I can't even
Tariq is a conspiracy nibba and Jared is just going allow smiling and laughing.

19e13 No.115614

File: 1518138923263.gif (481.79 KB, 480x268, dbb3b386a2cfa8d681c590b819….gif)

>Africa has low crime rates

Sometimes I doubt if something this retarded can even be real or is it me that is missing something.
I just gonna read something and start drinking until I pass out.

b6dce No.115615

This stream has been hilarious
I can't wait for all the cuts to be made.

310f9 No.115616


b6dce No.115617


19e13 No.115618


310f9 No.115619

alkaline noses

df464 No.115620


b6dce No.115622


19e13 No.115623

The KKK should employ this guy.
There is no more effective way to make people in white supremacy.

19e13 No.115624

*believe in

df464 No.115625

"You need us to kick around"

b6dce No.115626


310f9 No.115628

The white supremacists that rule the world meet up on yahoo message boards, reddit, and 4chan.

19e13 No.115632

File: 1518140289792.png (283.64 KB, 1200x674, 1485629115304.png)

The smartest white people are white supremacists

b6dce No.115633

I wonder what makes /mlpol/

19e13 No.115634

File: 1518140444755.png (1.56 MB, 1000x3000, 1497812399288.png)

The smartest whites also have another group they hate

976d4 No.115644

I know e-celebs are generally cancer but I've enjoyed the last few episodes of race ware now with adam "race" warski, plus the surrounding drama

b6dce No.115647

Watch the latest stream on baked alaska with Tariq Nasheed an Jared Taylor, it's the best thing I've watched in forever

310f9 No.115652

This steam was fucking amazing

7aa9b No.115675

still fairly underground

d1aea No.115707

Stay safe germanon,we dont want mama merkels gestapo arresting you.

19e13 No.115961

File: 1518204719978.jpg (11.69 KB, 192x182, 1511888996540.jpg)

haha you funny indian with your religios symbol as flag
I meant anti-semites. Every smart man hates anti-semites!
Also every post on this board is ironic. haha

And Kang Tariq won the debate! He got himself invited to prove that the white supremacists just want him around to beat him up in the aftershow and by doing so proved that blacks are smarter than whites!

And having multiple agencies and foundations what the citizens is only a conspiracy theory!

haha ha

bomb us

54c9c No.115980

>e celeb rule can be broken now
Can I post cuckoldry now then?

d1aea No.116003

I will avenge germany do not worry.

df464 No.116004

E celeb shit is relevant to the political landscape of the internet right now. Let's just leave it in a containment thread.

b1383 No.116005

Not to be rude, but the thread should be nuked. Or moved to >>>/sp/.

310f9 No.119388

19c23 No.119389

Thought that nigger died. Thanks for posting it.

decb6 No.119407

File: 1518916565138-0.png (666.76 KB, 923x1080, TL;DR twilight.png)

File: 1518916565138-1.png (368.96 KB, 1189x1024, tldr.png)

File: 1518916565138-2.png (427.98 KB, 462x1058, TL Twi.PNG)

Are we allowed /pol/ e-celeb threads if we turn them into thinly veiled /mlp/ threads?




As a brony, this "race realism" thing sounds interesting I wonder if there are other youtubers who have spoken about this, I wonder what happened to them…

5f465 No.128337

File: 1520981895881-0.jpg (310.8 KB, 1769x1079, Andy Warski New Liberalist….jpg)

File: 1520981895881-1.png (1.11 MB, 850x1200, blonde futa in skirt.png)

2 Noteworthy Kumite streams from yesterday and today, i hi9ghly recommend you give them a watch. Check out Kronos and American Pride for highlight clips.


https://youtu.be/c0ERUU9JWjc (pending)

- Andy Warski unironically copyright trolls IRL Soygoy of a Cuck and becomes the official international Owner of the term "Liberalist" for 1.000 Dollars. The butthurt of the Sargonites wents weapon grade, Soygoy himself holds three streams in response, the Soygoy subreddit has a seizure about it.

- Warski ironically founds a "Liberalist Canada" discord on stream that instantly gets bombarder with gore, tranny and childporn. Warski delcares himself the king of the Liberalists and vows to found a Trapnostate for Futa girls, segregated by skin color.

- Soygoy comes to Kumite as a watcher, refuses to come into the show and officially quits the friendship with Jim by Calling him a coward and a cuck.

- Dean Esmay aka Red Pill Religion (that fat MRA fuck who got blown the fuck out on a 2016 Metocast over the Rapefugees) talks shit about Metokur and challenges him to a new debate on Bloodsports

- The foreman woman from Moneybaders (who publicly embarraded herself ~2 weeks ago) had a drunken shitfit over another stream yesterday on twitter and dragged Jim into it, got severaly butthurt over not being let on on Kumite again to un-shit herself

- A British White Nationalist (Godwinson) exposes Count Dankula in a debate as a naive Liberalist and proposes the virtues of culturally processed philisophies. Good channel, recommend you look it up.

- A decent Jim Impersonator fucks up Vee in a debate

19c23 No.128338

To help avoid the pesky no e-celeb rule, I say that is talking about the founding/incoming destruction of a political party. Thus, should be allowed.
Also, for giggles we should start the Horsefucker Liberalist Chapter.

19c23 No.128341

Wait, really? I'm IN that server. Oh well, time to leave it I guess.

b585c No.128382

You don't have to leave somewhere just because CP was posted on it as long as its not tolerated by mods and gets quickly deleted. Otherwise it'd be easy to shutdown a site, shills would just need to spam CP once to kill anything they disliked.

976d4 No.128420

here's the link to andy's Liberalist Canada discord server if it isn't here yet discord.gg/HYuv4a

9488f No.128506

Would we try to taunt Sargoy with it, or would we just let it exist and wait for the shitstorm to come?

5f465 No.128557

File: 1521032782755.jpg (819.34 KB, 1000x1500, __kar98k_girls_frontline_d….jpg)

A highlight clip of the copyright coup.


Sagrons Leddit Drones are foaming at their fucking mouth, they are threatening to drown Andy in aavalanche of Maddox Lolsuits.

Turns out the term "Liberalist" exists since the 18th century and has never been copyrighted before. Soygoy doesnt own dick and Warski now owns the biggest most active Liberalist server worldwide.

976d4 No.128617

he's also planning to write a book and sell merchandise, hold events, and I think they have a website, race warski is in his full legal rights to do this

5f465 No.128620

File: 1521054114512-0.png (155.96 KB, 484x650, warski trap art.png)

File: 1521054114512-1.jpg (290.53 KB, 996x642, sesame street traps are ga….jpg)

5f465 No.128621

File: 1521054262208.png (629.79 KB, 5024x4465, aryan squidward.png)


very true. Warski is in full swing in being a meme machine with jim sitting on his shoulder.

also, Soygoy is now unironically threatening to pull a Maddox on him. He's been raving on fakebook all day about it deleting comments.

976d4 No.128852

on what grounds tho? he didn't invent the term and andy is using it properly.

5f465 No.128989

File: 1521122540557.jpg (64.53 KB, 720x540, bakery opossum.jpg)


i dont know yet, but leddit wont let go of it and soygoy seems to have lost both his sense of humor and his connection with reality. Theres constantly now called "Liberalists Lite" on the Kumite who publicly complain that this isnt funny, stop bullying us, this is serious, we are triggered etc. its seriously impressive how much it bothers them despite most of them claiming it doesnt really matter and their have their own sub sect of liberalist lite anyway since sargon """refuses""" to be the public leader of the """movement""".

I am no expert on copyright law but as i see it Andy should have no problem copyrighting this if he really wants to.

5f465 No.129006

File: 1521129350150.jpg (47.97 KB, 600x800, 1510437071360.jpg)

Kumite is LIVE


Seems like they are railing on the Liberalists Lite again.

5f465 No.129400

File: 1521219777807.png (2.67 MB, 1448x2048, __asui_tsuyu_boku_no_hero_….png)

Kumite Is LIVE.


Jim just announced that Soygoy of a Cuck challenged the host of the Kumite, Tonka Saw himself, to a debate on stream. Naked Ape is currently live talking shit about Richard Spencer.

The Stream is supposed to take place in 3 hours from now.

Tonka had a screaming match with King of Pol yesterday of KOP going around with the guardian doxxing random people they suspect of misbehavior. KOP got scalped severaly in the fist encounter.

The second encounter was kind of a failure, though. KOP challenged Jim to a match in Street Fighter 5, which will be live streamed next week.

Furthermore Jim casttrated a Nu/pol/ ledditor yesterday who begged him to come on stream but was to incompetent to just Twitter correctly. The ledditor was quickly BTFO'd. Also Jim and Tonka announced that they will soon feature speaker from the We Wuz Kangz community to come on there live.

Last but not least, Warski, Baked Alaska and a third streamer by the name "Asian Andy" (not related to Warski) went to Los Angeles and did a IRL Livestream with speakers blasting Donations with Nigger and Hitler Soeeches through the strees. Baked was challenged by a Kang to a fistfight but pussied out. They later got detained by LA police for alleged """Hate Crimes""".


- Sargon is on in 3 hours
- Street Fighter Streams
- Kangz on Kumite
- IRL Kumite in LA

19c23 No.129422

Sargoy is going to be talking with Tonka Saw, presumably about the Liberalist movement within the next few minutes.

5f465 No.129423

File: 1521229437064.jpg (98.47 KB, 900x750, sargon mutt.jpg)


Soygoy is online on Kumite as of the writing of this message.

5f465 No.129461

File: 1521237116910.jpg (461.46 KB, 1024x1280, __i_8_kantai_collection_dr….jpg)


stream is now almost over. it was pretty underwhelming. No screaming, Soygoy going full Pilpul again. He admittet he now has to make normie content because of channel growth and change in watcher demographics, said the Internet Bloodsports wont last, wont matter and will be removed for harassment as soon as some shitty marxist website runs a smearing camapign against it. Sargon apologized to Tonka for something trivial and continues to shill to the alt right to support him.

Also, apparently Discord Killed Andys Liberalist Server.

8da27 No.129677

Tonka was just making a point about how he's not alt-right tbh, that was his whole point. Too bad we didn't get any blood though

5f465 No.130312

File: 1521473913118.png (884.15 KB, 700x990, __bismarck_kantai_collecti….png)

Kumite is LIVE.


Jim also made a new video in which he essentially declared war against the MRA Community and the moneybaggers under Karen Straughan, who are infamous for ebegging and moralfaggint during Gamergate.

The video can be seen here:


3d560 No.130315

File: 1521476014097.png (308.26 KB, 1600x1557, TwilightSparkleHappy.png)


5f465 No.130583

File: 1521556152162.jpg (172.83 KB, 1200x730, dankula in chains.jpg)

Kumite is LIVE.


Count Dankula aka the ugly tattooes scotsman with the disgusting nigger ear rings has been found guilty by the scottish court for (((hate speech))) and will now go to jail for 6+ Months for teaching his dog nazi salutes.

Dankula is a former communist and a Sargonite.

402c0 No.130592

He may be a degenerate but attacks on free speech strike against all of us. The Britbongs should have known that without a 2nd Amendment they could never defend against the destruction of their non-existent 1st.

5f465 No.131052

File: 1521647430133.png (985.2 KB, 1353x800, __emperor_penguin_gentoo_p….png)

Kumite is LIVE


Seems to be a new Liberalist Stream today. No real news regarding Dankula either. Not that i really care as far as i cam concerned this wasted degenerate can die in jail.

Theres been a somewhat interesting Warski Stream Yesterday. Since Jim is now gunning against the Man's Right Activist Movemoment of the Money Badger Bridage under Karen Straughan, Dean "Asthma Attack" Esmay (a Islamo-Communist who converted after a Metokur stream in 2016) now came out of the woodwork to support Warksi and Jim against Straughan. Apparentl he's out for revenge. Some people say this is a redemtpion arc, but i doubt that. Given Esmay is not a lying sack of shit (which he might as well be, knowingly or unknowingly) he may turn out to be an insider who will help keep up digging dirt against the Moneybadgers.

A yesterdays highlight stream from Kronos with Jim and Esmay can be seen here.


5f465 No.131100

File: 1521660503175.jpg (23.72 KB, 289x285, ._. man.jpg)



this stream was pretty degenerat. Brittany Venti was cohost and argued with Andy warski about Masturbation for over 90 minutes. It got so bad that Andy had to call Jim for help because he couldnt handle Venti and her Transnigger Thot powers.

deb3a No.131144

I would bleach the fuck out of her desu.

da5fb No.131239

Dude she’s a octoroon… I mean I wouldn’t gas her necessarily but I wouldn’t want my kids having a nigger great great grandfather…

deb3a No.131283

Your right, i wish taylor swift browsed here.

5f465 No.131508

File: 1521733197197.png (261.86 KB, 636x900, __homura_senran_kagura_and….png)

Kumite is LIVE.


Not much to say about the designated wankign stream from yesterday besides that warski outed himself as a borderline addicted masterbaiter.

Since the topic is kind of neboulous today, heres some more fluff on Jims Grudge with the MRA's. Seems like this is getting personnel. IF Jim holds true to his promise, he will deliver something in the likes of his "That Guy with the glasses" series on the Moneybaggers and their head Strawman.

Interview of Jim and the Gypsy about the MRA

JF laying the smackdown on Straughan after she personally insulted him and his autistic wife.

King of Pol and Straughan have a drunk bitchslapping about Jim on Gypsie's.

5f465 No.131544

File: 1521744247787.jpg (78.54 KB, 802x671, destiny death.jpg)

seems like Destiny is getting busted by the FBI at this moment in time. Word in Kumite Chat and from King of Pol is they are trying to confiscate his Computer for posession of Child Pornography.

2b46b No.131815

But he'll just explain to the Judge that it was ethical.

976d4 No.131837

can he prove that his daughter consented to the porn?

28c7c No.131852

>bigotry in 2018
Can you prove DESTINY didn't?
>trying to confiscate his Computer
Can we talk about how this is nonsensical?
How does the FBI 'try' to confiscate something and how does that become announced? If a local American 'defender of welfare' officer can get a warrant ez pz how is this sensible?

5f465 No.131907

File: 1521819389800.png (868.03 KB, 1303x1445, Bismarck cosplay loli.png)

Kumite is LIVE

My guess is they will talk more about Destiny'S CP today. And maybe more about Andy's VR Porn addiction.


More on the Destiny under Child Porn Arrest Thing here

Jim helps Andy with his Porn Addiction

34c8f No.131909

Hey kraut you should make a lewd anime thread.

5f465 No.131910

File: 1521819841285.jpg (66.82 KB, 357x500, 1491266726909.jpg)


my hentai is scattered and i dont really post on /1ntr/, they are transniggers. maybe i will make one on /sp/ one day, but don't get your hopes up.

34c8f No.131916

Id contribute if you made one on /sp/

5f465 No.131952

File: 1521830928002.png (726.37 KB, 4000x4998, bbtcatbox.png)

Was a pretty low energy stream, not much to report on. No Jim or big screaming matches there either.

Destiny is now on a rage filled flagging spree, taking down everything on the internet calling him a pedophile. There was a lot of brainstorming new Bloodsports matches. They talked about some pedophile/Destiny Fan who shot himself after sending people CP IRL (who may or may not have been Shotgun Tarp from R9k),talked about VR Porn, They had some underage troll on and thats about it. Not much to see, doubt there will be much highlight videos from this.

Guess this was also the last Kumite for the week, should something come up with Warski, Jim or anything IBS related, i may make a small update.

deb3a No.131970

Have you covered the baked Alaska experience?

5f465 No.131972


you mean where Andy, Baked and the asian guy went to LA and did IRL STreaming with a speaker? No i did not, so far. I wasnt all that interested in that. A lot of the highlight channels did though.

deb3a No.131974

His old show got shoah'd, so he made a new one, its like the old one but different(?), i watched a little bit of richard spencer debating a (((libertarian jew))) its pretty good.

5f465 No.131975

File: 1521836100583.jpg (101.54 KB, 434x665, Frumpy and The Chin.jpg)


i see, i vaguely heard about that but did not know any details, i was never subscribed to baked in the first place.

feel free to post some of it here if you wish. could be of interest.

5f465 No.132277

File: 1521902665331.png (281.96 KB, 531x495, moby the cat face.png)

So, i found something. Don't really know where to post this since our Youtube Censorship Thread from last year seems to have vanished.

Those of you who browsed that thread may remember a certain guy by the Name of "Sassy and Opinionated". A young man who made videos about 4chan and 4chan boards. At one point last Year Sassy made an about 3 hour long video about Right leaning political history.Some would Say Sassy jumped the Shark, had red Pill rage or was crying out against the blatant jewery of youtube

Guess what he did now. He made another of those videos. That one is however not 3 hours long.

It's almost 9 hours. Yes, you read this correct. almost 9 hours of the same that got his last channel destroyed and banned. Sassy formerly had a 6 digit number of subscribers and was censored for no longer allowing youtube to mute him for calling them out.

If you wish to take a look at this biblical beast of a video, click this link. Warning, has a voicechanger.


5f465 No.132280

File: 1521903496674.jpg (1011.74 KB, 1388x1784, Cicada-382962-Depraved_Ill….jpg)


oh also heres a 1:30 clip of Jim BTFOing Soygoys gypsy butler.

5f465 No.132281

5f465 No.132285

File: 1521905336442.gif (123.3 KB, 458x438, the ugly spurdoling.gif)


highlight clip of a 2 hour video where Vee made a Jackass out of himself having a debate about the dankula sentence with a known Bloodsports Troll "Fake Ross", who is larping as a leftist brony.

Vee got several warnings about this from other streams and his chat, but chose to ignore it and proceed with a fake discussion.

5f465 No.132286

fefdf No.132481

File: 1521958221552.gif (351.26 KB, 213x222, 1438662359482.gif)

Good god not only is this thing eight and a half hours long the information is dense!

5f465 No.132558

File: 1521977740190.jpg (214.74 KB, 1920x1080, Jim after the Skeptic seri….jpg)

Jim gives some insight into his own internet history

5f465 No.133267

File: 1522158985685.jpg (1.01 MB, 5034x3356, Aryannes pet lizard.jpg)


TLDR Warski is a turncoat (to nobodys surprise) and may or may not drop Bloodsports mid term.

Yesterdays IBS was a disaster and a half if I ever saw one. Did not bother to make a post about it until now. Warski was always kind of a lolcow but this was one of his worst displays i have seen so far.

- Jim was on for 2 hours, even JF later on, but that did not save the show though

- Warski has sworn a NO FAP oath after he had been publicly ridiculed by Venti for his VR Porn addiction

- According to Rumors he has also laid off the Marihuana

- Warski got into a bitchslapping with JF after JF told him on Warski Live to shut up, Andy feels like he lost creative control over his show, contemplates to "fire" JF as cohost

- Warski insults the audience and goes full Seven Dollar Sanchez

- Andy publicly brainstorms new show concepts and names on air. His new Show will likely be called "Purple Dragon". The mockery writes itself.

5f465 No.133273


also, on a lesser note, Hard Bastard was on and challenged David Pakman to a match. Seemingly Pakman talked shit about IBS or is in collusion with (((people))) who do.


5f465 No.133274

File: 1522161477814.jpg (78.02 KB, 669x669, sargon with rifle.jpg)

1 minute clip of Soygoy gloating at the Warski Drama.


5f465 No.133275


Comment from the video

"Sargon has been visited by the english authorities and asked to work with them to "deradicalize" the "right wing extremists"."

5f465 No.133291

File: 1522167290292.jpg (32.6 KB, 535x545, Andy Race Warski Smile and….jpg)



More on Warski's Purple Dragon Tism Drama, he seems upset again

188f8 No.133295

JFG had a stream where he went over the Kumite yesterday. He gave the ultimatum that he remains on 3 times a week or he quits. JF really ripped on Warski, and is probably why Warski is pissed. We could be seeing the end of the bloodsports debate format.

5f465 No.133296

File: 1522168428940.jpg (1.21 MB, 1500x1184, __spica_sennen_sensou_aigi….jpg)


Warski freaked out for on JF for getting trolled once live on his show. This, his drug addiction, the NO FAP situation and his overall boredom with the Bloodsports format could be the nail in the IBS coffin.

Andy is going full ballsdeep Maddox now. He says the chat upsets him again.

If you put the gun to my head, i will stick with JF. Warski is misbehaving for irrelevant reasons and the dumber of the 2. He's tearing the whole format apart with this shit.

5f465 No.133302

File: 1522169526763.jpg (83.07 KB, 598x943, 1452805994585.jpg)


3000 watchers, chat is going at the speed of sound shitting all over Andy, he just literally said "JF hurt my Feelings."

5f465 No.133306


4pol now claims Andy has a Meth addiction as well.

188f8 No.133312

Unless sourced, that is meaningless. 4/pol/ is at it's most unreliable right now.

5f465 No.133315

File: 1522170612887.jpg (54.33 KB, 850x400, Traitor and Enemy.jpg)


apparently theres a thread up about that on 4chan. also some cat guy just came on and said, the chat is dogpiling against Andy due to an organised Psy-Ops directed by 4chan and /cow(.

Chat is calling Failure a snake for lying to move himself into the position of co-host, theres allegations of people trying to doxx him f or it.

5f465 No.133332

Jim just got on to the dumpster fire. He's playing Psychotherapist analysing Warski Childhood bullying Angst.

5f465 No.133362

File: 1522174914215.jpg (70.67 KB, 551x561, DSZM_VKWsAAnukF.jpg large.jpg)


/cow/ is not happy with the recent IBS developments, The changed into high gear and made new threads about Andy.


JF Thread on Kiwifarms


There are claims Andy now has a Thread on Kiwifarms too, but i did not find it so far.

5f465 No.133377


Andy's freelance public relations represent and showbooker Queen of Bantz just quit live on stream.

Apparently Andy will hold a Warski Live tonight. It is expected he will be FUBAR'ed in it.

7ff0e No.133380

File: 1522176365795.jpeg (135.37 KB, 442x493, 165434565434.jpeg)

This should be fun to watch unravel. I only watch the shit that Andy does for extra Metokur. JF honestly sounds like a cunt and bloodsports are hit or miss.

19e13 No.133382

Can I have a quick rundown on the latest developments?

5f465 No.133383

File: 1522176890564.jpg (370.67 KB, 1012x1433, __busujima_saeko_highschoo….jpg)


>Andy gets tired of hosting bloodsports several times oer week on his channel

>Jf books guests to Andy does not know to topics he cant discuss
>Jf told Andy to shut up on his Show
>Andy gets emotional
>Andy wants to only host 1 IBS per weeks
>Andy also wants to make a new channel with non-IBS content
>Andy quits drugs and VR Porn in the same week
>Andy washes dirty laundry live on kumite
>Andy gets BTFO'd by Jim, JF and Chat
- Andy is on full damage control and claims he was planning this, nobody believes him
>/cow/ and kiwifarms get angry at him and indict him


Warski is breaking apart live before our eyes, perhaps for good as far as IBS is concerned, he may even get his own Internet Insanity from Jim.

19e13 No.133387

this actually sounds worth the time

26a2b No.133405

he's headed for a redemption arc, this is how he becomes the authoritarian military dictator that canada needs

7ff0e No.133477

File: 1522195326980.png (1.87 MB, 1306x1781, 1522194243253.png)

86a35 No.133487



e31e0 No.133594

File: 1522209422829.png (267.77 KB, 648x532, 1494378068087.png)

That's from the potato nigger edit of the merchant meme. Maybe Jim is Irish?

5f465 No.133713

File: 1522252359690-0.jpg (92.28 KB, 1050x630, adam warski vest.jpg)

File: 1522252359690-1.jpg (51.45 KB, 500x381, do not ride the bomb.jpg)

File: 1522252359690-2.png (474.03 KB, 594x592, dsp phil greasy zits.png)

Kumite is LIVE


After the almost show ending blunder and Andy sperging out for 2 days they hosted a make up stream last night.

Here are some highlight clips:


According to JF and the """Concentration Cat""" this recent development was caused by some kind of 48 hour psyOPs directed by left leaning troutist Skeptics, DesTinys manlet Militia and salty Sargonites. Pretty sure leftypol, ED, Cow and Kiwi have their fingers in this as well, but for other reasons.

While i am willing to believe there are politically motivated Counter operations going against IBS, in my opinion Warski, his low IQ and his insecurties with this project are at large to blame for this Ruckus. Although they claim to have made up, i do not believe this will last long. Warski is unstable, prone to errors and has the argumentative competence of DarksydePhil.

Further negative developments are to be expected with harsh courses of retailiation from Metokur if Andy fails to stand his ground. He's lacking both the mental capacity and the foresight to be a leader. We may be looking at the next Maddox here.

5f465 No.133714


very good and accurate picture to sum up the Purple Dragon drama in one comic.

Also, Metokur is said to have irish ancestors, at least in part. Which is why i assume they went with the irish jew to represent him. He is kind of the grand puppet master of the Right Wing of the Internet.

5f465 No.133717

File: 1522253202822.jpg (271.43 KB, 2048x2018, mister Metokur Skeptic cle….jpg)

Also according to Tonka Jim will upload a video about the MSM Jew Demagoge "Journalist" and Hentai Connosoir (((Kurt Eichenwald))) in a couple of Minutes.

cd516 No.133718

HELLO THERE! An active board? What are y'all doing?

b1383 No.133719

File: 1522253474374.jpg (94.04 KB, 640x607, Sassy-Cat-Pic-640x607.jpg)

Oh you know.. This and that….

cd516 No.133720

Who's Tonka Jim?

0e68a No.133721

File: 1522253925401.png (1.14 MB, 3200x2580, ComfyRarity.png)

Just chilling and brushing up on events.

cd516 No.133723

File: 1522254118667.jpg (49.84 KB, 461x482, 661d2ed19eb844fbed5a2e49a4….jpg)

Do you know where I can buy a Chilean stahlhelm? It looks like it may be made of kevlar like a modern military helmet but I'm not sure. Also, d'you know where I can get a custom armband made?

188f8 No.133724

File: 1522254928922.jpg (36.93 KB, 464x410, ifunny.jpg)

Ebay and military surplus. Now never use that watermark ever again.

5f465 No.133725

File: 1522254961857-0.jpg (104.72 KB, 866x1280, CIA Nigger.jpg)

File: 1522254961857-1.mp4 (7.17 MB, 1280x720, Jonathan Ross freaks out L….mp4)

File: 1522254961857-2.jpg (44.62 KB, 507x700, CNN jew.jpg)


Apparently """our""" CIA Nigger is a new poster. He started posting yesterday in the Aryanne thread and made a new one. I can't oconfirm his identity yet, claims to be a chan virgin. Might be just a CIA Nigger. Stay cautious. His bevahior is unusual.

On another note, Kumite is currently trying to get the gentleman and scholar Jonathan Ross on Air, who is famous for his exploits as a DSP Community Leader, Brony fanfiction author and childs rights activist. A thread on this fine specimen can be found on /sp/.

Lastly, Jim claims that Eichenwald is hounding him with the FBI, who are trying to stop him from posting his video, which is why it is being delaying. Eichenwald is getting sweaty in the oven.

cd516 No.133726

File: 1522255068678.jpg (72.32 KB, 320x332, 1ea919fab57156e127eb463556….jpg)


cd516 No.133727

I tried Ebay and they don't have any, and I have no military surplus stores even remotely nearby. Also, I couldn't get a custom armband from either of those I think. Anyone know a good stahlhelm shaped helmet that isn't just made of useless aniquated steel, and instead is actually able to protect your head?

2c407 No.133732

File: 1522257020686.png (947.74 KB, 4430x4030, WehrmachtOctaviaSoldier.png)

How about this? https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r.1.14.7.d14d90c7P2Llku&id=564129107029&ns=1&abbucket=2#detail
It needs to be touched up a bit but at least it's not rusty.

If you want something more modern, I'd recommend just getting any military surplus helmet that is based off the stahlhelm design. https://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/new-us-military-kevlar-pasgt-helmet-olive-drab?a=984596

You either have to make an armband yourself or find a tailor you trust/is willing to take strange orders.

cd516 No.133736

Mon nigger I ain't defiling an original. Thanks though, guess I gotta try to find a tailor. I just really want a stahlhelm-shaped kevlar helmet I can paint and put custom shield decals on.

cd516 No.133737

Fuck, sportsman is temporarily down

5f465 No.133738

File: 1522258312878.png (5.05 MB, 3890x5000, Esdeath cute.png)


Anon if you insist an talking about military items i strongly suggest you make a new thread, you are derailing our precious Internet Telenovela Drama.

cd516 No.133739

But y'all were inactive, I just came here because you had the newest post and I was thinking it was gonna be active here.

cd516 No.133740

But y'all were inactive, I just came here because you had the newest post and I was thinking it was gonna be active here.

cd516 No.133742

Also, thanks for the pic, it gave me an idea for a new uniform design

5f465 No.133744

File: 1522259392403.png (1.81 MB, 1183x959, Bison Yes Yes.png)


MLPOL is not always a fast place, you need to bide your time and wait for a good thread to latch on, eventually topics that gather of lot of interest will gain traffic.

5f465 No.133776

File: 1522263030775.png (407.8 KB, 502x978, Jim Eichenwald Drama Metok….png)




I just wanted to make a fun little joke video about a spaz but now I have to cover some of it in a more serious manner. Expect delays; I want to make sure I follow this through as deep as I can. It'll be a weekend vid. This will probably get my account killed. Inshallah.


Kurt Eichenwald is trying to take down Jim with the FBI for real.

Jim is at this point in time chainposting on twitter, follow him there live if you want to see more.

5f465 No.133784


apparently this is about the new york times funding child porn sites, did not expect Jim would dig up shit about (((Eichenwald))) now that he was busy with the MRA's

5f465 No.134114

File: 1522336932297-0.png (18.97 KB, 511x294, tonka adress.png)

File: 1522336932297-1.jpg (32.94 KB, 600x450, tonka photo 3.jpg)

File: 1522336932297-2.jpg (49.43 KB, 600x825, tonka gay wrestling.jpg)

File: 1522336932297-3.jpg (13.39 KB, 182x255, tonka with sister and gran….jpg)

File: 1522336932297-4.jpg (62.49 KB, 785x442, yer a faggot harry A FAGGO….jpg)


https://youtu.be/BpFNIOSvF6M - Cow user comes on
https://youtu.be/O6Ue6CNAnyk - Cow user comes back
https://youtu.be/ee01CUvBeKQ - Ambassadors arrive
https://twitter.com/Tonkasaw/status/979236619160117249 - Strike tweet from Tonka

So this is interesting. /cow/ just managed to do in one night what 4 months of SJW's, Skeptics and MSM Agencies failed to. They disabled the IBS and maybe permanently damaged it.

Yesterdays stream was kind of a mess with IBS being on a downwards slope since Andys sperg outs. Yesterday was mostly spent of him and his potato hamplanet gf being abused by chat while he tried his hardest to play butbuddies with his online friends in the hangout.

The stream was later dragged in another direction. In all my years i did not expect this to happen, but it did. Someone from a chan site came on. Not just any chan site, but 8chan. And from /cow/ of all boards.

I thought at first this was a strawman, theres no way a chan board would publicly embarrass itself like this. Sadly I later came to find out that this was, indeed, a genuine cow board user. As you can imagine, the /cow/ Anon had a shameful display and got absolutely obliterared by Tonka himself. Sadly, Tonka also made the grave mistake to shittalk his board and chan culture in general. As you can imagine with Tonka being larhely a normie this lack of awaress bodes poorly with people who do live ruination as a part time hobby. Later, one of the cohosts went on to stage a "raid" on the board.

/cow/ did not like that, as you can imagine. They did not like that one bit. After sending an ambassador group to the IBS stream to clear the name of the board (lul, why?), the board was raided by IBS fans. /cow/ grew more enraged. After disavowing the sperg of their own that publicly embarraed them said Poster was quickly thrown into a meat grinder, stripped of his Anonymity.

Of course, /cow/ did not stop there. Later that night data was unearthed about the Host of the Kumite, Tonka Saw.

Turns out that Tonka allegedly goes by the of Robert Pilkington, 32 years old, from Oxforder/Alabama. Looks like a low-muscle Manlet Goblino with an uncomfortably long chin beard. Former Amateur Wrestler too. His phone number and hoem adress were found out, with the phone number being taken down by the network in less than 15 minutes after publification. His family members were doxxed too, they aren't that nice to look at either. Seems to be a hot lead. Also, his Youtube channel was striked, most likely also due to a revenge act from /cow/.

Seems like this indian tried to push over the wrong cow.

Also on a sidenote during a Warski stream i laid eyes on Tonkas co-host Failure. He looks like a morbidly obese Haggrid with short hair and beard and has an alcohol problem, when he showed himself able to down a half a bottle of hard alcohol in 3 swigs.


- Tonka was doxxed
- Tonka was striked
- Most likely no Kumite today
- If the Strike cant't be disputed, no streams for 3 months.
- Tonka is a goblino
- Failure is Haggrid

b9b73 No.134124

File: 1522339527414.png (461.05 KB, 2358x1086, TonkaCow.png)

5f465 No.134126

File: 1522341300484.png (172.71 KB, 624x480, alarm freidenker.png)

something less doxxy for the time being


Metokur talking with Low IQ BLACKED Alaska about how he met his new (((manager))) (an ethnic jew) of 1 month. Pretty sure Blacked it getting fucked soon. His uncontracted manager already bought him a broken phone and made him move to Los Angeles.

5f465 No.134127

File: 1522341728196.jpg (1003.09 KB, 1300x1236, drug pony.jpg)


oh my god Baked is talking in this clip about his alcoholism and how he tried meth from a stranger while being coked up in las vegas. what the fuck is this addicted swine?

188f8 No.134132

The Kumite folks are having their own stream on Failure's channel.

55640 No.134136

Jävla svensk.

a0ec7 No.134180

I'm living too deep under my rock to understand most of the bloodsport stuff, but this video is an absolute delight.

Entertainment rated N for normie

26a2b No.134266

seems pretty regular for the alt-right tbh

0560e No.134292

File: 1522364385477.png (525.66 KB, 600x453, squidward.png)

We're alt-right you fucking nigger

19c23 No.134294

>We're alt-right
Speak for yourself mate.

0560e No.134296

Alt-right is what the liberals call thoughtcriminals like us. We wear that label with pride to spite them.
What, are you supposed to be one of the "Good" communists?

b1383 No.134297

>We're alt-right
Sorry, I am not a meme.

45a8b No.134304

File: 1522367583368.png (1.23 MB, 1279x718, 1D50D808-853C-436F-AD25-BD….png)

>we wear the alt right label with pride

Hi r/the_donald

976d4 No.134305

go back to TRS you homojew

c2099 No.134306

>posts on Mlpol
>"isn't a meme"

976d4 No.134307

if it is at least /mlpol/ isn't a niggerfaggot meme started by hillary clinton

6ec93 No.134308

File: 1522368741983-0.jpeg (1.2 MB, 2700x2400, 444956__explicit_grimdark….jpeg)

File: 1522368741983-1.jpeg (2.26 MB, 4000x3117, 662192__solo_explicit_rar….jpeg)

File: 1522368741983-2.png (2.26 MB, 3300x2550, 876782__explicit_artist-co….png)

File: 1522368741983-3.jpeg (246.69 KB, 1073x1280, 1045593__solo_explicit_nu….jpeg)

File: 1522368741983-4.png (2.26 MB, 2500x2000, 1184221__explicit_artist-c….png)

Hi there, le redditor! Welcome to /mlpol/!
Here's your complementary horsepussy and minutely reminder to fuck off back to the hellhole you crawled out of.

bc889 No.134351

File: 1522376789600.gif (1.98 MB, 260x152, C6B55F11-E843-471E-8BD1-62….gif)

5f465 No.134551

File: 1522431563175-0.png (219.6 KB, 563x520, DSP Phil Begging on Youtub….png)

File: 1522431563175-1.jpg (100.62 KB, 1280x720, dsp phil twitch ban.jpg)

File: 1522431563175-2.jpg (28.99 KB, 500x500, sargon IA hair.jpg)

File: 1522431563175-3.jpg (65.84 KB, 1191x444, metokur eichenwald email.jpg)

File: 1522431563175-4.png (349.89 KB, 1182x374, IBS Tonka Action Games You….png)



After cows Doxx and flag spree, the second incantation of Failures Makeshift Kumite with Tonka is currently ongoing, they seem to talk about Sargon and Democrat driven Censorship.

Also in other drama news,

DSP got banned for the second time on twitch for harassment.



>He accidentally viewed the Youtube chat and realized he has no power to moderate there.

He went on to make 2 UNMODERATED streams on youtube trying to explain himself and begging for more money for about 90 minutes. The chat spoke volumes about Phils actual audience, but it was a great joy for all. DSP is for now suspended for circa 3 months on propation after personally insulting a viewer/streamer in his chat live on stream. People are currently trying to get Phil permabanned, others are trying to drag him into IBS.

Also, A new Down the Rabbit Hole has been released JUST NOW FOr Noah Antwiler aka Spoony1 from That Guy with the Glasses.


Lastly, I took a look at Andys new Gaming channel.


Its pretty boring. I dont think this thing will make it far. Andy is pretty bad at giving interesting game commentary

5f465 No.134785

File: 1522505216063.gif (1014.7 KB, 460x266, 51a953e9f4ad73d1128d9b9902….gif)


since its weekend theres no bloodsports, so heres a collection for related links for more khantent.

/cow/ threads - Includes Bloodsports Mega Thread


Youtube channels

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC27K_KwS1abA5vSpbsanAmw - Scrubs Backyard Bloodsports
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOaPjXfRZ3RV7wBqJ77_jhg - Failures Channel, current place of the Makeshift Kumite
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEbfPFTLrczazET4rZvz-dQ - Warskis shitty new gaming channel


- Warski took an Internet IQ Test Live, result was a score of 110, JF had 130+
- Geekthulu got gutted live on stream by /cow/ and King of Pol for invasions
- Geekthulu is now committing internet suicide
- Scrub is hosting surprisingly entertaining Backyard IBS

5f465 No.134786



mirror of the Failure/"Kumite" stream from yesterday, includes Failure drunk dancing and screaming himself into a koma and Geekthulu sperging out over the /cow/ retailiation.

fast forward about 2-4 hours for the interesting parts.

5f465 No.134787

File: 1522505911390.jpg (193.78 KB, 920x906, cow girl with dress.jpg)

/cow/ thread on Geekthulu


19c23 No.134929

Mister Metokur Vid Internet Insanity: Kurt Eichenwald IS LIVE. Thanks for the anniversary present Jim!

30ad6 No.136070

File: 1522693918246.png (694.08 KB, 620x976, __andrea_doria_zhan_jian_s….png)

Jims SECOND Video onm Kurt Eichenwald
They are talking about Jims new video and the failure of Kilroy, which is supposed to happen in less than 1 month, but nobody knows where. The location is no longer disclosed. Scam inbound.

Kumite of Today, they succesfully disputed the Strike.

Kurt Eichenwald having a meltdown in real time, posting a 24+ part war and peace twitter chain on tentacle porn

King of /pol/s video on Britbong returns, a famous YOutube/4chan lolcow.

Also, Veegor has Birthday today. Send him an abusive message to put him in his place.

30ad6 No.136076

File: 1522695530382.jpg (51.89 KB, 1024x702, eichenwald weaboo.jpg)


I am currently getting conflicting reports that Jims channel is being taken down by youtube and the FBI. people cant access it anymore, furthermore JIm suggestes that he may or may not get sued, possible leaving youtube twitter again like he did in 2014 during Gamergate.

188f8 No.136077

Reporting that Jim's vids are still up, but the channel itself is having a 500 Internal Server Error. Too early to tell anything.

137e6 No.136116

So much for no eceleb threads.

19c23 No.136141

Yeah. On one hand bloodsports produces interesting political debates, on the other it is sort of against the rules…

57fb0 No.136143

Meh, I don't read it, but it's not like it's taking up space.

30ad6 No.136448

File: 1522769531400.png (516.66 KB, 620x750, 05_afternoon_ice_cream_by_….png)


IBS seems to have a new website now where they host new streams, IBS related youtube channels and announce new IBS events.

Consider a look.


IBS is an outgrowth of the Trout Discord/Kilroy Scam Drama from December 2017 and widely regarded as a countermeasure to existing left and centrist leaning youtuber content.

In all honesty it is more of a perpetual E-Celeb Abuse Project where people are publicly defaced by right leaning audience, the guests on the show and the hosts included. SO if you do really hate E Celeb Drama, there is a chance you will enjoy IBS. All these events happen in loose cooperation with lolcow and chan culture related websites, so fun is almost had by all if you aren't some kind of toesucking ledditor.

30ad6 No.136451

File: 1522769810677.jpeg (91.79 KB, 640x906, lusciousnet_octopus-girl-….jpeg)


a 15 minute live reading of Kurt Eichenwalds 24+ Part Twitter Meltdown from Yesterday, narrated by Scrub.

Scrubs Channel

30ad6 No.136453

File: 1522770234649.png (801.75 KB, 856x1412, 1453516267172.png)




30ad6 No.136456


seems like the stream has technical difficulties. the broadcast keeps crashing, people claim someone is DDOSing.

i will post a new link should it be required.

30ad6 No.136458


stream is dead, either El Goblino did not pay his Internet bill or something shady is going on.

30ad6 No.136461

e853e No.136534

30ad6 No.136919

File: 1522859420712.jpg (87.01 KB, 563x554, 1522812618612.jpg)

Kumite Flagged Again. This time for Bullying.

Failure is currently attempting to set up a new show for today on his channel.



Vince Bischoff



>Pretty sure he only said that to be smug because Tonka got his account flagged which is weird because just saying it out of the blue before Tonka said anything makes it look like him or his friends had a part in that.


Replying to @realradiobrain @WeWuzMetokur
>I want to see it, are you actually going to go on this time?
9:16 AM - 4 Apr 2018

30ad6 No.136920

320e4 No.136927

>uses the image I posted
You like it don't you?

30ad6 No.136932


im on another machine with less images to choose from, but i would not have bother to save it if it did not speak to me.

30ad6 No.136974

File: 1522869817039.jpg (289.76 KB, 1654x1553, __shimakaze_kantai_collect….jpg)

This stream was pretty shit. Brittani Venti was hogging most of the screentime after she had been banned from twitter yet again.

- She also admitted to cheating during the candy contenst on 4chan promising fake noods (who were never delivered) if people vote for team peanut.

- Mundane Matt dodged the kumite like a coward despite a crowdfund reward of 1.500 dollars. Keemstar is now picking up on the drama and will start a shitflinging with Matt.

- Todays Highlight was Jim curbstomping a Skeptic whiteknight related Stalker by the name Radiobrain (wgo seems to have flagged the Kumite and is friends with Jeff Holiday and Kraut & Tea). He was drunk and was trolled by Venti beforehand, maybe also has autism. Audio quality was complete trashcan tier.

- Kumite will maybe make a new channel to escape the constant flagging attacks

- Jim gave insight into his current working table. He is currently working on the following. MRA's, WingsOfRedemption, A New That Guy with the Glasses video, possibly a third part on Eichenwald and maybe a Video on the Nasime, the Youtube "Spree Killerette"

Keep a look out for Scrubs streams , i foudn them to be a lot better than Kumite recently.

dfa55 No.137373

File: 1522929882720.jpg (176.27 KB, 706x1000, sample-817ce5e8462db30fc71….jpg)

IBS Highlights from Yesterday on Failure's.
turns out there were some spicy bits in this after all

>Warski goes full brideburner and tells his former skeptic friends to die in a fire for 20 minute, with jim stoking him.


>JIm smacks down a drunk autistic SKeptic whiteknight who stalked him for 4 months. - Part 1 (includes venti trolling)


Jim smacks down Drunk autist - part 2

>Keemstar calls out Mundane Fatt for sending the FBI to him and shittalking his advertisers


deb3a No.137375

>Still no anime tiddez thread
For shame kraut!

dfa55 No.137376

deb3a No.137377

Bless you hans.

0e5e3 No.137382

Huh this is an actual thing. I saw metakurs vid on it and thought it was about people hating on his internet insanity vids

0e5e3 No.137383

After looking at anime bobs and being bored, 3d bobs look boring and bland as well. I mean look at her sag

dfa55 No.137442

File: 1522946654707.jpg (159.06 KB, 693x1082, __android_21_and_majin_and….jpg)

dfa55 No.137716

File: 1523032532799-0.jpg (140.83 KB, 991x1400, __admiral_and_arare_kantai….jpg)

File: 1523032532799-1.jpg (70.27 KB, 1368x684, flat-earth-stock.jpg)



Highlight clips from yesterday

IBS talks shit about Mundane Matts E-Books

Bearing destroys Mundane Matt facade of mediocre lies

>Announced for tonight on Warski Live


dfa55 No.137727

File: 1523035231944-0.jpg (21.62 KB, 595x325, doug gun rage.jpg)

File: 1523035231944-1.jpg (10.61 KB, 214x317, doug unhappy.jpg)

File: 1523035231944-2.jpg (55.07 KB, 1206x377, down the rabbit hole chann….jpg)

File: 1523035231944-3.jpg (4.58 KB, 438x42, Internet historian Channel….jpg)

File: 1523035231944-4.jpg (58.76 KB, 640x360, laughing cruise.jpg)


since this is tengentially IBS related i will mention this here too.

I guess most of you all have seen Jims Series on That Guy with the Glasses and the several Contributors. Doug, Spoony, Joe etc and the Management.

Guess what channel just got one imcriminating document releaded that was livestreamed by one of the biggest internet history channels and now is getting camapigned against? You probably guess it right, Channel Awesome.

>Possible video from Internet Historian inbound.

A short-ish video from some fat bloke about the document



Former contributors - 63 pages of allegations
>Channel Awesome response - 4 paragraphs

Oh also

Kurt Eichenwald on suicide watch.


>What a saga this man's story has become.

Joe Simonson, Atlantic Planned Parenthood Fellow

Verified account @SaysSimonson

>just got off the phone with kurt eichenwald and let me say this: he is extremely unwell and people should seriously consider not mocking him further

dfa55 No.137764


@Atlas & Staff

Keep it Secret, Keep it Scrub

Just heads up, this guy from IBS is doing both amateur music and voiceacting, if you are looking for people for the animation. As long as it isnt sexual hes fine with it.

Contact him on twitter if interested.

dfa55 No.137787

File: 1523048821458.jpg (333.13 KB, 1024x1367, __suzumiya_haruka_kimi_ga_….jpg)





>New video this Sunday - Ross 3: Return of the bathtub.

additional source - Video from Ross himself

0f385 No.137795

We should get atlas on ibs. He should debate gookmoot.

dfa55 No.137844

seems like they re-booked the flat earth warski stream with some tranny bullshit. pretty terrible

heres another flat earth warski stream from april fools, still enjoyable.


2a86b No.137870

Good job posting updates German Anon.
You’re doing God’s work.

dfa55 No.137934

File: 1523094525653.jpg (793.17 KB, 2125x2952, __vinsmoke_reiju_one_piece….jpg)


its just a little drama coverage i do on the side, who doesnt like a little public e celeb abuse?

Glad you are satisfied with the coverage but i would lie if i said i am trying hard to make these posts. If someone comes along more competent than me in that regard i will gladly step aside and let them have a go.

dfa55 No.137956

File: 1523106922790.png (272.73 KB, 402x797, No loli.PNG)

since there seems to be noting going on for now before jims new video on sunday, heres a more in-depth less bullshit video about the channel awesome document and its contents


dfa55 No.138365

File: 1523185378684.jpg (707.3 KB, 700x1037, __suiseiseki_rozen_maiden_….jpg)

i sighted an Aspiriring new lolcow
take a gander at this moonpie


his name is WIngsOFRedemption
A super fat bald guy from USA
he was famous once
now he just cries a lot
and begs
he is like if ReviewtechUSA ate Phil

the Godwinson channel is pretty nice, btw. belong to some british white nationalist.
thats the guy who filmed Soygoy at his Liberal autism party
was also on ibs too i think

also, Jonathan Ross is now engaging in Censorship again. He unlisted his latest video trying to wash himself clean of all self inflicted pedophile allegations, removed the like bar and deleted all unfavourable comments on his video.

dfa55 No.138383

File: 1523189037826.jpg (161.9 KB, 854x1200, __darjeeling_katyusha_and_….jpg)


Something that happened this weekend, went pretty much over my head.

Some guy called Christopher Cantwell (who i never heard of, but seems to be a somewhat famous alt Righter) had a big fight with Coach Red Pill on Baked Alaska. The thing escalated pretty hard with both of them screaming and Cantwell yelling repeatedly at coach being a Kike.

One of them was later banned on Gab i think, allegedly for doxxing (?).

dfa55 No.138422

File: 1523198671723.png (785.96 KB, 720x1152, __kurumizawa_satanichia_mc….png)


one of Wing's detractors made a really nice song about him. would not want to hide that from you, has a swanky tune to it.


Hope we can drag one or several of these ebeggers in bloodsports somehow. perhaps the money incentives they offered mundate doormatt will do the trick here.

976d4 No.139289

File: 1523404067439-0.jpg (113.44 KB, 572x1024, Daa279PVQAA3xxO.jpg)


Jim v Ross from the kumite
Ross admits he's a "virtuous" pedophile volunteering at an elementary school and doesn't see anything wrong with that, and that he lied to the police when they questioned him because he reported that he had anger issues and was unstable, but didn't tell them he was a pedophile, schizophrenic, or prone to violent thoughts. He's the victim though apparently because metokur is attacking him even though he hasn't harmed and/or raped any children as of yet and isn't concerned about poor Ross' future or wellbeing. Please contact the state, local, and federal authorities his dox is out there

deb3a No.139456

He also works as a teachers aid. They usually help by bringing the kids to the bathroom.

This fucking pedo deserves to be flayed alive and rubbed with salt and lemon juice, then he should be raped to death.

dfa55 No.139484

File: 1523454556177-0.jpg (379.92 KB, 792x900, __matoi_ryuuko_kill_la_kil….jpg)

File: 1523454556177-1.png (3.01 MB, 1440x1835, __gamagoori_ira_inumuta_ho….png)

File: 1523454556177-2.jpg (470.94 KB, 1060x1500, __matoi_ryuuko_and_senkets….jpg)

SO, IBS is now full on over Jonathan Ross' Cocks and Balls. So much material has been accumulated (as expected) that it is hard to get a good grasp what is actually happening. I will try to keep it accessable.
This might either be one of the most sophisticated Catfishes we have seen since the Darksydephil Escort Catfishing, or a MassRape-Schoolshooting waiting to happen in the foreseeable future.

If you dont know who or rather WHAT Jonathan Ross is, consider looking at this thread



Here's Recap.

>Metokurs Third Video on Ross, Fourth Video confirmed some time int he future


Late Night Kumite highlight clips from munkeefonix

>Real Jonathan Ross On Kumite VS Metokur (this happened after the third video)

Includes a clip with Jim saying "If i was in charge of society, people like you would be lined against a wall."

>Real Jonathan Ross on Kumite - ACT II

Ross threatens to dox the seven year old sister and mother of his """friend""" and threatens to kill King of /pol/ for accusing him of having sexually touched a child. Also he was recorded REEEEing IRL somewhere there. Warski was quoted with "This is like a Horror Film happening in real time."

>Well now we know who "IHateMyGrandson77" was in chat.

Ross' grandmother confirmed for having watched at least one stream with Ross LIVE.

>Response video from Ross himself

Around the Seven minute Mark Ross states "he gets a raging boner from the internet abuse, just like from those children."

People all over the internet (including Kiwifarms) are now trying to get Ross unironically reported to the Police and FBI to be arrested and/or removed from his Job at the Elementary school he claims to be working at. A continous flow of death threads and doxxing attempts go from both sides. Ross regards himself as a victim, is siding with the Honeybadgers (who defended him) and says each and everyone who is harassing him are mentally ill A-log that discriminate against him. He is an innocent victous victim and will have none of this.

dfa55 No.139514

File: 1523463524669.jpg (436.08 KB, 721x977, __natsuki_doki_doki_litera….jpg)



People on Scrubs 24 hour Pokemon stream claims the Police has responses to the numerous calls about Ross. Allegedly they were told the Californian POlice KNOWS that Ross is a self-admitted pedophile. However SAYING you are a pedophile AND working at a school is seemingly not against Commifornia Law. SO, for the time being, it seems the Law can't and refuses to do anything UNTIL Ross actually rapes a child.


45a8b No.139526


Checks out. Also thanks for posting these updates. I don’t think I’ve ever replied (maybe once or twice) but I read all of them.

1162d No.139530

File: 1523465099380.jpg (401.26 KB, 897x647, 1523263666260.jpg)

I must also thank you for these updates Anon, I also never reply but I always read 'em

dfe21 No.139552

I just found out Harmful Opinions is back on youtube. He is going back to the old style he was doing before he was hacked and banned.

Here is one of his new videos:

If you don't know who this is lots of his old content can be found here which is worth a watch

He was doing this type of thing years before bloodsports. Similar to Mr Metokur he is well known for exposing candid.

Also new Murdoch Murdoch is out https://cheekyvideos.net/murdoch/Burqas%20in%20Bongland.html

dfa55 No.139798

File: 1523538238491-0.jpg (129.47 KB, 738x1062, __amanda_sennen_sensou_aig….jpg)

File: 1523538238491-1.jpg (1.17 MB, 1061x1500, __mordred_and_mordred_fate….jpg)

File: 1523538238491-2.jpg (1.08 MB, 1079x1500, __osakabe_hime_fate_grand_….jpg)

IBS Drama as of circa April 11th 2018.

Jonathan Ross seemingly got his computer and internet acces taken away due to police investigations, he currently only has a smart phone on hand, uploading unitelligable videos. He uploading a 13 second clip in which he proclaimed, people will never take his internet away, which was shortly deleted later. His "Aftermath" video has now been unlisted, but can still be wacthed with the link above. Further police and FBI investigations seem to be going on with the help of Rosses grandmother.

According to Kiwifarms he was also recently quoted with "Even If i were to touch a child you could not do anything about it anyways."

Scrub was holding a 14 hour Pokemon stream and later went on to a cocain fueled chat reading spree on kumite. later on they were talkjing life calls from discord where Andy Warski has been publicly disavowed for hosting Trap Grooming Gang Servers.


>Case File: "To Catch a Predator" - Jonathan Ross


New video about Ross and his homicidal pedophilia from King of /pol/.
Keep in mind King of Pol/ Bryann Dunn is an attention whore, a liar and a lolcow himself who has private grievances with Ross over employment loss. Contents are to be consumed with caution



Channel Awesome aka the Company of Doug Walker/Nostalgia Critic find themselv unable to douse the grase fire they set ablaze. they release yet again another inappropriate response to the unending criticism. The channel lost over 10.000 subscribers by now and over [O]three quarters of their content creators and featured shows; including seven dollar sanchez. Dougs brother is rumored to have nuked his facebook in response to this. Channel Awesome might actually be dying right now before our eyes.


>Trolls, hacks, baiting, mic spam and the funniest thing of all is they can't respond to any of it in anger. It'll be a game for trolls. With corporate sponsors and hosted on Twitch if they even step out of line a little it'll be a world of shit. Such a supremely bad idea.

Feminists try to make a Anti-Bully channel, BULLY HUNTERS for girls where they """fight""" male players online. THe Thing is a big Trash Fire waiting to be set ablaze, with the youtube channel already getting censored to hell and back. A LIVESTREAM is set to take place tomorrow and will be expected to turn into a catastrophy. See more here https://www.twitch.tv/events/VrLu-FqsS8uTF7HAUxztrw



Godwinson, the british Jane Goodall of Autism, got his channel taken down by a concentrated effort of a kabal of YOutube skeptics. His Sargon, Boogie and Matt video all got strike within less than 2 days, with this channel being once again ending up terminated. The Mundane Matt video in particular has been blacklisted and can not be reuploaded.

Godwinson made a new channel and is attempting to rebuild. I highly recommend you check him out, his Alexander Jahans video seems especially sseems very promising for a new Triple A Grade leftist Lolcow.


NOT ReviewTechUSA
>Rich couldn't handle some REAL free speech, stick to your safe space fat boy!

Review Tech USA aka Richard Masucci, a known obese ebeggar & Scam Artist with a failing Youtube Channel, released yet again another video about him being """harassed""" on social media be his detractors. Kepe in mind this was after his fans went on a crusade to censor a notable Detractor Channel, Anny Doyle. This lolcow might soon turn terminal.

>WingsofRedemption explains his life in 32 seconds


This is the live that awaits most "professional" twitch streamers after their career has ended. Let this be a lesson to you. Internet Celebrity is not a viable career.

dfa55 No.139800

File: 1523538626505-0.jpg (153.83 KB, 1920x1080, butthurt faggot twitter ma….jpg)

File: 1523538626505-1.jpg (65.68 KB, 1200x529, channel awesome April 2018….jpg)

File: 1523538626505-2.jpg (55.86 KB, 914x447, Dai7HWSUwAEahsa.jpg large.jpg)

File: 1523538626505-3.mp4 (4.36 MB, 1280x720, Wings of Redemptions life ….mp4)

File: 1523538626505-4.jpg (73.64 KB, 1200x386, youtube skeptics abominati….jpg)


Who cares about World War III when you can have unending E-Celeb Drama? I go where i please and I please where I go.

dfa55 No.139819

File: 1523550954507.png (933.43 KB, 1038x1276, __original_drawn_by_jeneva….png)

d0db1 No.139829

"Elite female gamers"? Should be funny. Everyone knows women can't game for the same reasons women can't fight or be trusted in politics.

0841b No.139961

Does anybody else here watch Luke Ford's channel. It has had a lot of solid content of late.

Currently streaming

dfa55 No.140049

File: 1523619419477-0.jpg (37.79 KB, 617x434, bully hunter empty lounge.jpg)

File: 1523619419477-1.mp4 (576.81 KB, 640x360, bully hunter host faggots.mp4)

File: 1523619419477-2.jpg (28.77 KB, 594x400, bully hunter reading strea….jpg)

File: 1523619419477-3.jpg (41.65 KB, 1177x443, bully hunter samefags.jpg)

File: 1523619419477-4.jpg (67.61 KB, 1200x567, bullyhunters audience.jpg)

>30 Minute Recording on the Live Stream WITH Chat.



As Expected the Bully Hunters Stream on Twitch turned into a public shitshow of unexpected proportions. This Organisation might have taken the title of fastes failing event before launch this kilroy, Lolcow status was achieved start to finish in less than 2 weeks.

At first i thought this was an intnetional joke. Then i thought this was a publicity gag from some company to sell shitty headsets. By now from the material I have seen i am of the opinion this unspeakable public disaster was in fact AN UNIRONIC ATTEMPT from feminists and SJWs to open a new can of Gamergate Worms, about Girl Harassment in video games.

A "quick" rundown on the events

>Pink haired SJW Feminist Cow founds bullyhunters to fight female exclusive """Harassment"""

>Youtube channel is completely censored
>streamchat is flooded with spam and trolling 2+ hours in advance from a dozen different groups
>host has a meltdown on twitter and blocks anyone talking to her. AT ALL. threatens everyone with DMCA takedowns
>"Hunters" were caught samefagging and using wallhacks
>Hunter Lounge has 20+ computers, only 3 are occupied by hamplanets
>Stream is set to go on for 1 hour, but its in fact les sthan 40 minutes
>Host called people FAGGOTS in other streams
>Found to have lied about their harassment data
>audience is destroyed by the poor entertainment, has likely been lured in under false premices
>hosts and gusts stutter like retards
>jews and feminists for guests
>Linked the wrong twitter via their website that leads to a male rape victim unrelated to gaming
>Allegedly their website is illegally downloading userdata from facebook
>Stream is being recorded and restreamed by dozens of people
>This organisation will likely never be taken serious and will probably disband from the horribly publicity

What a shitshow. Truly for the ages to behold, modern western entitlement and incompetence condenced into one SJW Stream.

94717 No.140055

File: 1523621866647.png (204.11 KB, 1024x696, 1503338471570.png)

Jesus Christ. I feel bad for women that actually know how to think. It is bad enough that there is feminist "men". But they are basically no longer men, so they distance themselves from other men by default; therefore we don't have to distance ourself from them. Women by default through gender have nowhere to escape. SJW women cry that they are victims. Men that more or less have become a female SJW because they see women as victims bitch and moan about how women are victims. It has to be hell.

dfa55 No.140058

File: 1523623103376-0.jpg (790.36 KB, 1392x1093, __albedo_overlord_maruyama….jpg)

File: 1523623103376-1.jpg (105.53 KB, 804x740, styx hood.jpg)

in other news,

STYXHEXENHAMMER666 is now officially running for GOVERNOR OF VERMONT.


"I, Tarl Warwick, throw my hat in the ring. My platform has these planks: 1. I will accept no pay as governor, and no pension. I have my own income. 2. I will, if elected, refuse to enforce gun control as recently passed in hopes the legislature will help to reverse it. Vermont has no crime problem. 3. I will, if elected, fight the opiate crisis by instructing the legislature to consider decriminalizing all drugs within the state for minor possession so that addicts can seek treatment without stigma. 4. I will never join a political party while serving in office and will remain an independent. If elected I will not stop doing my normal gubernatorial work to campaign for re-election and will simply tell people whether or not I am running (I would attend scheduled debates however.) 5. I will veto any tax hikes and any opaque legislation that is overly long or convoluted. 6. I will use my online presence and presence as governor to argue in favor of the debate commission opening up to minor party candidates, and encourage the abolition of super PACs and corporate campaign donations to try and save our Republic."

Styx made a presence on Kumite yesterday and explained his platform. Further highlighty may be posted later.

dfa55 No.140110

File: 1523631228149.mp4 (18.86 MB, 1280x720, Styxhexenhammer666 Tarl Wa….mp4)


Styx just announced that he has """canceled""" his Governor campaign less than 24 hours in with the Campaign video being deleted. THe main reason given was "Odd Campaign Financing Issues".

To proof that this was actually a thing, here is a 2 minute highlight reel from Godwinson.

dfa55 No.140159

File: 1523636970170.jpg (2.54 MB, 2400x1800, __albedo_overlord_maruyama….jpg)

dfa55 No.140744

File: 1523704341629-0.jpg (444.43 KB, 707x900, __itsumi_erika_girls_und_p….jpg)

File: 1523704341629-1.jpg (703.76 KB, 935x1457, __itsumi_erika_girls_und_p….jpg)

File: 1523704341629-2.jpg (307.96 KB, 707x1000, __itsumi_erika_girls_und_p….jpg)

File: 1523704341629-3.png (769.55 KB, 1009x1500, __itsumi_erika_girls_und_p….png)

File: 1523704341629-4.jpg (82.95 KB, 1222x587, DaumW-kUQAA2_1K.jpg large.jpg)

>Who will Bully Hunt the Bully Hunters?

Jims new Video on the Bully Hunters Disaster boiled down to 11 minutes.

>1 hour Metokur stream on /BYBS/

https://youtu.be/8EndkeMc5wY [Embed]
Jim talks about The Trap Discord Server, World War III and watching Naruto Porn with HBomberGiraffe. Jim gets accused of Starfall/"Not Reiko" to being responsible for him getting chain SWATed.

>CHANEL AWESOME has no more left than 2 Contractors, Brad Jones and Guru Larry

Who will win the Battle Royale of second rate nerd cringe?

seemingly no real news on Ross, he keeps trying to upload shitty videos on hois phone and deletes them shortly after, all police and FBI investigations have to seemingly led to nowhere and have now been canceled. also i just had a huge deya vue.

dfa55 No.140751

File: 1523713715566.jpg (782.31 KB, 983x1333, __monika_doki_doki_literat….jpg)

dfa55 No.140856

File: 1523736883363-0.mp4 (499.05 KB, 640x360, Baked alaska WHY AM I TOXI….mp4)

File: 1523736883363-1.jpg (318.42 KB, 850x1384, __poison_final_fight_and_s….jpg)

Baked Alaska VS His Chat 2

Baked Alaska VS His Chat 3

seems like Baked Alaska has now achieved full on lolcow status. The struggle with his chat is real.

Jim is currently in the process of publicly excommunicating him. Moving to Los Angeles, getting a jew manager and getting a thot girlfriend seemed to have ruined his life and career in less than 2 months. I even think his nose grew.

(((Who))) would have guessed.



>Telling your own audience to fuck off, deleting comments, demodding people for "problematic language", telling them to stop being "toxic". Baked did you open a tumblr blog recently?

>"Stop picking on him he is sensitive". Nice job sending up a signal flare to every troll on the internet. gg

>I have no interest in checking out the full stream. I've seen enough.

>Just wow.

12:42 PM - 14 Apr 2018

6f4a2 No.140863

File: 1523738787405.png (712.8 KB, 1280x1611, 1694610__safe_artist-colon….png)

I know I don't post in this thread often but I want to thank you for collecting all these resources german anon.

dfa55 No.140874

File: 1523740180361.jpg (15.76 KB, 480x360, gnomechild alert.jpg)


I wish I had more useful interests than reporting on petty drama but its just my guilty pleasure. Thank you for the acknowledgement though Anon, but there are so many threads on this site that deserve your eyes more than this.

dfa55 No.140996

File: 1523782249242.png (990.33 KB, 1280x1061, __yuri_doki_doki_literatur….png)

Baked Alaska Career Suicide Live Stream

Metokur on Ralphs stream - LIVE Dumpsterfire


Baked has gone off the deep end overnight and called in a 6 People intervention to ward of toxic internet trolling, disavowing Jim.

dfa55 No.140997

File: 1523782742891.jpg (696.64 KB, 1091x1200, __prinz_eugen_azur_lane_dr….jpg)


alternative link on Scrub's with /bybs/ guests


dfa55 No.141034

File: 1523815717888-0.jpg (48.3 KB, 679x440, baked alaska shitstream 1.jpg)

File: 1523815717888-1.jpg (53.02 KB, 946x721, baked alaska shitstream 2.jpg)

File: 1523815717888-2.jpg (28.35 KB, 480x253, baked alaska shitstream 3.jpg)

File: 1523815717888-3.jpg (31.35 KB, 674x549, baked alaska shitstream 4 ….jpg)

File: 1523815717888-4.jpg (123.61 KB, 1655x712, baked alaska shitstream 5.jpg)


meme pictures by Scrub @ Scrubbolgy

A compilation of Yesterdays stream.

METOKUR ON BAKED ALASKA'S SHITSTREAM - 30 minutes highlight clip

Type 1 if Banned

“Dear RalphReTort” - BA

some highlights from Jims Twitter


So Baked Alaska and Ralph Retort are shit streaming each other and a third stream that is in baked's apartment is filming it all. Welcome to the clusterfuck, pick your poison:

Keemstar is now in the chat. Fun times.

Oh this just keeps getting better. She's a "relationship coach". Move over gender studies degree we found a more worthless profession.

I've changed my mind Baked. I don't want to debate your manager anymore, I want to debate your thot. Hit me up when you'd like to schedule it.

It's been a bloodsports kinda night lol.

Greentext of events

>Baked Alaska gets a meth addicted single mother thot on his stream

>gets trolled by his chat as usual
>goes full SJW mode
>we only want "positive influencers" in this community
>"the chat is toxic!"
>thot intervenes with "Baked is sensitive."
>Chat is having none of it, mods start to Rebel
>Baked has terminal freak out, unironically calls in an intervention team to deal with it live
>a fat mexican, another mexican thot, his gay jewish manager and his crack dealer
>Stream is an absolute drawn out cringefest shitshow with Baked embarrasing himself, the intervention team talking stupid shit
>Jim last minute attempt of talking sense into baked failed
>Baked Disavows Jim unironically, says
>"you are just Jim Memes with cartoon avatars, you cant tell me how to live my life."
>some guy smells a dogs ass
>Please Clap Moments, over 1000 Dislikes, Baked Unmods people and bans chat, nukes his Discord
>Several Restreams of Bakeds stream, including on ralph retort and Scrub's
>Baked snorts cocaine and is in tears
>IBS collectively watches Baked do the worst stream of all times
after 5 in the morning they end it
>Baked says "it was the best stream i ever did." Claims it was just intetional "performance art".
>Streams are taken offline short after, but have been recorded and now being cut up and reuploaded
>Baked alienated his core fan audience
>almost cries on stream asking if IBS members betrayed him
>He will likely never recover from this self inflicted pulic humilation, his career permanently ruined

I've never been a fan of Baked, but i always had a bad feeling about him. He seemed unstable to me, could not handle shit talking in chat, i heard rumors of thought control in his community and his content was miserable. now he sold out to commiefornia normies against the people who made him big. He will pay for this, one way or another. His reputation is ruined. And if he wants already a lolcow, he most definately is one now. He might be forced to move back to his parents home or even end his life over this.

dfa55 No.141035

File: 1523815747281-0.jpg (281.25 KB, 1920x1080, baked alaska best stream i….jpg)

File: 1523815747281-1.jpg (94.11 KB, 1920x1080, baked alaska face.jpg)

File: 1523815747281-2.png (226.12 KB, 453x648, fat alaska.png)

File: 1523815747281-3.jpg (154.86 KB, 1920x1080, his smile and optimism gon….jpg)

File: 1523815747281-4.jpg (106.48 KB, 1920x1080, justed alaska.jpg)

dfa55 No.141036

File: 1523815839806-0.jpg (2.41 MB, 3257x2000, __admiral_hipper_and_prinz….jpg)

File: 1523815839806-1.jpg (3.81 MB, 2193x3104, __kurumizawa_satanichia_mc….jpg)

File: 1523815839806-2.jpg (882.64 KB, 2804x3874, __kurumizawa_satanichia_mc….jpg)

File: 1523815839806-3.jpg (788.41 KB, 1000x1414, __prinz_eugen_azur_lane_dr….jpg)

File: 1523815839806-4.jpg (2.66 MB, 1800x2500, __prinz_eugen_azur_lane_dr….jpg)

972fc No.141100

That guy in the polo was a colossal faggot during the stream, taking selfies as soon as he thought he had told Jim off.

dfa55 No.141166

File: 1523880668741-0.png (6.23 MB, 3434x4134, __admiral_hipper_azur_lane….png)

File: 1523880668741-1.jpg (7.39 MB, 4410x2481, __admiral_hipper_deutschla….jpg)

File: 1523880668741-2.jpg (1.9 MB, 1748x2480, __deutschland_azur_lane_dr….jpg)

File: 1523880668741-3.png (1.01 MB, 1151x1328, __deutschland_azur_lane_dr….png)

Theres usually no IBS on the weekends. This one was an exceptional. Or should i say "Exceptional". You dont see a confused man destroyed his lifelyhood and betraying his fanbase over the course of 2 days that often.

So Baked and his bandwaggoners are trying their hardest to salvage anything from his diminishing reputation, going as far that he sees himself as a Talent scout now that Erin (the Meth Thot, who made him tank his stream) was his discovery and that this dumpster fire was a "event" which he provided to the community. As it turns out, Baked is by far the cringiest Low IQ Abomination the alt light has spat into IBS so far. He constantly steels content ideas from other people, self-inserts himself into drama, has terrible content quality and caters to MAGA-Pedes.

During a Ralph Stream on the weekend i had the misfortune to pay witness to Bakeds Wigger Rapper career, something i hope i have never have to listen to ever again. Furthermore Baked claimed that he was at one point Milo Yunapolous """Manager""" and despite his vow to other streamser he constantly loses his spaghetti over mainstream censorship, selling out and his victim complex. This goose is cooked. Kumite and Jim already disavowed him, dont think he will be around much longer.

Video Links

>Jim on Scrub Secret Stream (Aftermath Alaska II)

1 hour highlight clip from the Endless Scrub Stream. Metokur sums up the trashfire, bakeds actions and its ramification.

>Baked Alaska Gets Cucked by Erin in Front of Thousands on Warski Live

Highlight clip #1 of Baked Alaska on Warski Live. Baked accuses Jim of being a bully and a doxxer without evidence.

>Taking a Break Baked? Advice - WarskiLive

Highlight clip #2 from WarskiLive. Baked is told to quit youtube for a while to improve his content, seems like hes not taking the advice.

HONORABLE MENTION to Empty Hero and his 6 hour JQ Stream with Mike Enoch and Joachim Hoch.
Give it a look, good channel. Famous for his Feude with BritbongReturns/Manly Tears.

in other news, Bully Hunters seems to have completely evaporated not even 3 days after its first twitch stream. The host has temporarly left Twitter for "toxic mass harassment", the website and the twitch channel have been deleted and the Main Sponsor of the Event (Steel Series) is trying to sue Bully Hunters for severe Brand Damages. gets a golfclap from me for the extra effort.

No real news on the supreme pedosexual rights activist Jonathan Ross. he seeemingly has still access to a phone where he tries to have a feude with KIng of /pol/, who accused him of having confessed to actually having sexual contact with a child. NO hard evidence has been presented yet, and wasnt this KIng of /pol/ involved, i would be inclined to believe this story. Sadly, KOP is an attention whore and so autistic that he has been recently perbanned from Kiwifarms.

Kumite claims that Jim will go in the ring today to fight some guy named "White Elephant", who is rumored to be some kind of Gay Rights activist.

976d4 No.141171

no man could be this retarded, baked is just a paid actor that andy hired to make himself look smart

dfa55 No.141173

File: 1523885729404-0.png (79.95 KB, 980x760, BA fake IBS subreddit Thre….png)

File: 1523885729404-1.png (53.14 KB, 1034x696, BA fake IBS subreddit Thre….png)

File: 1523885729404-2.png (66.77 KB, 890x804, BA fake IBS subreddit Thre….png)

File: 1523885729404-3.png (72.4 KB, 984x838, BA fake IBS subreddit Thre….png)

File: 1523885729404-4.png (1.48 MB, 1600x900, I cant breathe.png)

Threadly Disclaimer: I DO NOT browse Reddit, do not have a reddit account and disavow of anyone who uses that site unironically.

some highlights from r/Internet_Bloodsports/, which is OWNED and moderated by Baked Alaska himself (without sanction from other parties). A very scumbag move in my eyes, he even went as far as to plaster his channel banner on top of it. SHows that baked only cares about money.

The subreddit had been temporarily privatised after the recent shitstream and is mostly populater by BA bandwaggoners. I am not going to link directly to it, but you can find it easyly yourself if you wish.


oh btw, Harmful Opinions is RIGHT NOW Hosting an IRL Stream on his channel with a donation speaker.


976d4 No.141174

why are redditors do retarded it doesn't matter who he sold out on, whoever those people are and however they act they're the demographic baked advertised himself to when he was "alt-right" but now he's trying to get a new audience and the old one goes in the bin because they act the way he should expect them to. He knew what the alt-right's position on jews and niggers was when he got involved with them he's the one who says he's redpilled on the JQ. Baked has no one to blame but himself for any of this.

dfa55 No.141176

File: 1523887559390.png (1.36 MB, 987x736, __deutschland_azur_lane_dr….png)


Baked is horrendously dumb, greedy and lusts for attention like few other people i have seen on IBS. I too would believe he is a troll or an actor, but he tried that already before the trump election. He wants to be a career youtuber so bad he falls over his own feet. He does not care what he has to do for it, but killing off his own core audience is probably the worst move. Sadly, he chose to do just that. Reminds me of other people who did that, like Ice Poseidon. Also, why would you "hire" a manager with a channel at 36.000 subscribers. Pure delusion.

Reddit is an unpresidented trashfire circlejerk, perahps one of the worst on the internet. But who am i telling this, most people using this MLPOL are well aware of that. What i find unironic is that Bakes Bootlickers unironically complain about "toxic trolling" and "lack of socratic reasoning". On a Forum dedicated to IBS. You can not make this up. How willingly these people toss their own in the pit to please their overlord is disturbing. I think this is as close to cultism as it gets. Baked says "Toxic" and Toxic witchhunt it is.

5d9b7 No.141186

>muh 12 year old edgelords
>to be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Baked Alaska

44eb1 No.141193

Mister metokur anime pony when?

138f4 No.141287

File: 1523922615885.jpg (22.68 KB, 448x336, T40a2Sx.jpg)

I would just like to echo the sentiment of this >>140863 anon. Your autism in compiling all of this here is appreciated and admirable. I would also like to take this time to say that your 2d collection is impressive and of very high quality. Keep on keeping on.

19c23 No.141291

File: 1523923506173.jpg (18.68 KB, 250x274, Da30y8yUQAALyjz.jpg)

We have the anime part, and he did defend horsefuckers before.

26a2b No.141292

jim has always been best pony tbh

c2099 No.141295

Huh, I missed that episode. I imagine Jim'd have a field day with Mlpol tho

26a2b No.141296

it was a while ago, hugbox chronicles about princess molestia. Jim is obviously an anon so he probably knew about last year april 1st

c2099 No.141299

Yet he (and others) can't pronounce "Molestia" right?

26a2b No.141302

that's fine jim is a sweetheart and a gud boi he dindu nuffim

dfa55 No.141529

File: 1523963507399-0.jpg (523.62 KB, 1500x1910, __admiral_graf_spee_azur_l….jpg)

File: 1523963507399-1.jpg (757.11 KB, 800x1140, __yukikaze_azur_lane_drawn….jpg)

File: 1523963507399-2.jpg (767.31 KB, 800x1119, __atago_and_takao_azur_lan….jpg)


A brief collection of my own knowledge towards Jim in relation to MLP.

- He is obviously NOT a brony
- Jim is into anime and videogames unironically
- He used to hate bronies, not so much anymore (just the SJW/Diaperfur tier autismos)
- He made a video about the Molestia Situation
- He visted /mlp/ in 2015 or 2016 for research of said video, left a vocaroo to confirm his identity. (This vocaroo does not exist anymore but i can testify that i heave heard it myself)
- Jim a bout with 2 SJW Bronies in Autmun 2016 over his DA videos, one of them named "ForNoGooDReason". A Metokast was planned which said brony backed out of.
- Jim browses 4pol on a regular basis
- used to browse 8chan up until 2016, left it because of technical difficulties
- Jim DOES know /mlpol/ existed and likely browsed /mlpol/ last year
- He nameddropped /mlpol/ briefly in a stream in early April 2017
- when someone said in streamchat "Jim is best pony" he responsed with "that makes me want to put a bullet in my head." (cant seem to find the link, it was before the neogaf and Ross streams.)

I do not think jim knows MLPOL exists and i would advise against trying to shill it to him. For one I think Jim might actually die, second he would probably not like what he sees. Last time some faggots from endchan tried that he shat on them in a 1 hour stream so hard i think they never recovered from it, essentially achieving the exact opposite of what they hoped for. I think that stream was called "Globe-Alist conspiracy.

Video Links

>The Hugbox Chronicles Episode 4 "My Little Molestation"

Jim speaking about the Censorship drama with the infamous pony blog

>Hugbox Chronicles: Episode 7 - The Tism Storm

FNGR gets a summary execution

>Globe alist Conspiracy Stream

endchan ends themselves with a gone-wrong trolls OPS


It is but a small service on the side. It does not take a huge chunk of time out of my schedule and if i can do it for myself i might as well share the drama intel with more people while i am at it. The very nature of greater IBS is fickle so i can not foretell how good the quality will be or how long i will follow it before my own interest burns out. But for the time being It is what it is and I will likely keep at least one eye on it as long as Jim is waving his E-Peen around in that sphere.

In regards to the anime art, i honestly never really had a dedicated hentai folder, so i am just picking these up as i go. I usually dont know either the franchise or the characters i am posting, its just extra eye candy i sometimes forward to other people who may have more constructive uses for them.

dfa55 No.141530

File: 1523964679457-0.png (1.59 MB, 1488x2105, __takao_azur_lane_drawn_by….png)

File: 1523964679457-1.jpg (318.97 KB, 1414x2000, __takao_azur_lane_drawn_by….jpg)

File: 1523964679457-2.jpg (807.45 KB, 1000x1500, __takao_azur_lane_drawn_by….jpg)

File: 1523964679457-3.png (1.12 MB, 1944x1447, __takao_azur_lane_drawn_by….png)

File: 1523964679457-4.jpg (2.84 MB, 3307x4677, __takao_azur_lane_drawn_by….jpg)


The blazing trashfire that is the life and career of Baked Alaska has gone from terminal to collateral. Despite pleads of his own community and other IBS members Baked did not take the L and walked away for a break, he did the exact opposite as anyone would have expected by now. Essentially, Baked poured some Gasoline in the grease fire and threw a stick of dynamite in for good measure.

My apologies for the lenghy clips. All these events are, as always, very recent and the shorter clips currently in cutting. The main event is currently trimmed to -2,5 hours. So watch that on your own discretion.

Video Links

>MAIN CLIP - 5 minutes

Summary of Events post Stream. watch this if you are on the clock.

>Baked Alaska VS IBS - Act I


>Baked Alaska VS IBS - Act II


Clips include Baked VS Ralph, Baked VS Warski and Baked VS Tonka.


>Today's allegations rollercoaster:

>*Drug Use
>*Drug Deals

>It's like a VH1 Behind the Music episode.

The names Ice Poseidon and Microchip are being thrown around along with allegations on Cocaine Addiction & Cocaine Dealership. Warski Faimily has been doxxed live on stream after Warski threatened to Destroy Baked's career with alleged "insider Knowledge" of their LA IRL Streaming trip. Baked is now unironically running an anti-IBS Doxxing Server, tries to get Jims Patreon shut down, Warski called police and his lawyer and Baked is now permabanned from all IBS events. Tonka Challenged Baked furthermore to an IRL fight.

44eb1 No.141558

This is what capatalism does to people.

dfa55 No.141568

File: 1523975588846.png (481.19 KB, 540x598, dsp phil tax begging face.png)


I am not much of a fan of unregulated capitalism myself. It is a breeding ground for corruption and antisocial behavior in people as well as corporations. Just look at where streaming is going now. Endless begging all day every day from every bloke without a real occupation. People only notice you when you pay out of pocket. Pure Parasite culture.


44eb1 No.141570

Dsp deseves scud.

6f4a2 No.141572

File: 1523977239592.png (161.95 KB, 1360x1112, 397827__explicit_artist-co….png)

Did Baked dox Andy Warski? I'm so far outta the loop.

188f8 No.141573

That is way too much flexibility.

dfa55 No.141574

File: 1523977807313.jpg (723.32 KB, 1391x2374, __tirpitz_azur_lane_drawn_….jpg)


Warski claims ALL of his family members were doxxed live on stream during his argument with baked by Baked's doxxing server. Baked denies all allegations despite taken screencaps him asking for assictance of hackers in this dispute. I have no further information yet.


1 hour secret quickie stream from Scrub. listen to the first 5-10 minutes for an impression on the baked drama.

6f4a2 No.141575

File: 1523978026137.png (339.1 KB, 1266x1239, 1636399__safe_artist-colon….png)

Did all this shit have to go down when normal people are trying to do their fucking taxes.

dfa55 No.141576

File: 1523978338701.jpg (3.04 KB, 281x179, dsp phil leg scratching li….jpg)



I am sorry to hear you are still troubled by the feds over your non-business, Phil.

dfa55 No.141600

File: 1523985589150-0.jpg (254.69 KB, 1351x872, larry 1.jpg)

File: 1523985589150-1.png (625.43 KB, 469x740, larry 2.png)

File: 1523985589150-2.jpg (91.43 KB, 800x1000, larry 3.jpg)

File: 1523985589150-3.jpg (165.17 KB, 617x801, larry 4.jpg)

File: 1523985589150-4.jpg (299.65 KB, 1920x1080, larry 5.jpg)



oh before i forget about it…

Larry Bundy Jr. Aka Guru Larry won the Channel Awesome Hunger Games. He even won the honoary captain awar and stayed even after Doug walker himself left the company for good. I guess the channel now belongs to Larry officially. He was so proud of that, that he even changed his Bio on Twitter:

"Larry Bundy Jr

>Retro Gaming YouTuber, Comedian & Champion of the first annual Channel Awesome Hunger Games. Pity me with your dollars here: https://www.patreon.com/Larry"

YOu can support Larry "Last man Standing" Bundy and his gaming channel here.


2c407 No.141602

Larry is the Talleyrand of Youtube.

dfa55 No.141653

File: 1523995091869.jpg (696.83 KB, 1190x669, __tirpitz_azur_lane_drawn_….jpg)

Baked Alaska is once again in total meltdown mode after crying to his discord. He is currently on a flagging spree tryint to take down IBS and clip channels.

The Snake has shown its true intentions.


Just tuned in to the kumite. So do I have this right?

>-Styx got an email from Baked about accusing Styx of making death threats against Baked

>-Kronos got Main channel AND second channel got flagged
>-Andy got the emails forwarded from Zoom (a hacker who knows Baked IRL and from before he joined IBS)
>-Andy has a 45 minute recording of BA's discord conversation with compromising evidence
>-Kronos second channel just got striked, the channel had only one video and got flagged in less than an hour.

Also threadly reminder I wont be able to make a thread update TMR on wednesday 18th. Feel free to post news if you wish.

976d4 No.141742

File: 1524015888765-0.jpg (56.91 KB, 738x416, DbATNZ-W0AALnPU.jpg)

found this on twitter, jim and andy ponies when?

19c23 No.141746

File: 1524016245979.jpg (35.39 KB, 650x504, IAP.jpg)

What prize do I win?

c2099 No.141762

Holy shit! Some mad bastard has done it!

3202a No.141787

a17d9 No.141848

File: 1524086011252.jpg (35.07 KB, 546x474, IMG_20180418_161226.jpg)


4cd78 No.141854

doesn't mean he's not funny

26a2b No.141861

what it means is that bloodsports is just a Machiavellian scheme to supply him with endless eceleb drama and autism for his entertainment

19c23 No.141862

Baked Alaska gave me a copyright strike, for a video that he mirrored
Looks like this drama is spreading and killing shit.

26a2b No.141876

germanon can i get an update on erin the thot? i've heard she broke down after being rejected by asian andy and has now deleted her twitter and youtube

dfa55 No.141958

File: 1524136891610-0.jpg (197.73 KB, 992x1192, metokur scrub child book r….jpg)

File: 1524136891610-1.jpg (121.53 KB, 1000x1000, metokur hitler.jpg)

As far as i can tell there wasnt so much happening yesterday except more of the unending BA circlejerk. But i will try to deliver a small highlight post after this one.


I dont know where you found this, but if you have admiration for the Kumite consider sending that to him. They might even end up using it for background art.


I feel like I've seen that before some years ago. Still, good work digging this up. Hope the Anime Art i posted will suffice as a reward.


Many people suspect that Jim has some kind of secret agenda after which he operates. It might just be a thinly veiled joke, but If Jim actually turns out to be an IRL Freemason, he must be one of the rudest Freemasons to exist. Or, perhaps, all Freemasons are assholes, which could also be possible.


There are people who claim Jim was born with a gift. Or rather, a curse. Not unlike the Hand of King Midas if you will. But unlike Midas, everything that Jim touches does not turn into gold. It turns into 99,9% pure autism. And he eventually managed to make a living off of it.


A very interesting piece of evidence that is. I do believe this is some kind of fan channel of Baked Alaska, or some kind of mirror channel. Baked allegeldy gave this guy explicit consent to post videos from him, in that case he even ended up posting said video himself. Now, that he is in full traitor mode he seemingly has retracted all agreements and flags down his own people. This does not bode well.

BA may end up being scrubbed from Youtube History if he continues to go after the Archivists like this. If there ever was a case to advocate for him, that stand is now gone.


I am aware of the exkistence of Erin. Some people say she is the Helena od Troy of IBS. While i have never read that epic, i think this essentially boils down to the notion "the woman is a devil". Not because Erin is smart, quite the eact opposite, but how she goaded BA into falling down the stairs over less than a week worth of contact.

Erin herself seems to be a nutcase on her own. I will try to make a small summary about her for You, although to me she is barely anything but a one-dimensional plot device.

1ca63 No.141959

Lol I know, being a deep state shill is a fuckin joke, isnt it

dfa55 No.141960

File: 1524140112100-0.jpg (495.3 KB, 779x1200, __kar98k_and_lee_enfield_g….jpg)

File: 1524140112100-1.png (1.01 MB, 707x1000, __kar98k_girls_frontline_d….png)

File: 1524140112100-2.jpg (528.12 KB, 1200x1440, __kar98k_girls_frontline_d….jpg)

File: 1524140112100-3.png (601.08 KB, 707x1000, __kar98k_girls_frontline_d….png)

File: 1524140112100-4.png (1.43 MB, 1213x992, __kar98k_girls_frontline_d….png)

Image Material Provided by Danbooru, showing the Raifu KAR98 from GIRLS FRONTLINE.

So, this whole BA Drama is starting to turn Stale after day six of the ever-accelarating Drama. More and more people get dragged into it, but aside from BA losing brain cells and progressively shitting himself nothign really comes of it. Since BA went out of his way to FALSELY STRIKE DOWN most of the Clipping channels (which i highly disavow) i have to offer you full clips for the time being until this issue with this con artist is resolved. I will try to keep this small since Baked should be deplatformed and purged for all i care, so i will try to only involve thing in which Jim has some interest in.

Video Links

>What Is The Baked Alaska Experience?

summary video from Wild Smile consensing the BA Traitor Saga down to 13 Minutes, as of April 17th 2018. Includes an insight in Baked attempts at e-whoring in different communities and his bad relationship to Milo's Alt Light as well as recent events. Second Part Planned. Highly Recommended for watch.

>#Killstream: Baked Alaska Leaked Audio, + Warski & Allsup

Ralph stream with incriminating Discord records of BA. I recommend a watch of the about first 30 minutes.

Includes a clip of BA's new mexican manager, Somalia, verbally smashing Erin into the ground like a rusty nail.

>Super Secret Stream - April 19th

Scrub Stream with Metokur in Audience, he hosts a radical Anti-Circumcision Activist in the last hour who redpills the audience on the JQ and Genital mutiliation.

>#Killstream: Zoom Faces His Accusers

Another Ralph Stream and seemingly, a very dramatic one. This piece baited Jim into making a series of posts on Twitter. I have not watched it yet, but word is this turned into quite a shitshow.

TLDR - Zoom, "The CIA Superhacker" that sold out Baked Alaka is being accused of being a raving pedophile for 5 hours - the stream.
Multiple quests (including King of Pol, who got shitcanned), more 24 OPS, a lying woman who is jealous of her BFs sudden internet fame and a Ted Bundy wannabe in the center of attenion. WARNING - This stream is rumored to be a PSYOPS by Zoom.

>Erin VS Samaria on Warski Live

One of the last clips from Kronos before his clip channel went temporarily defunct. Unless some Anti-Flagger can remove the strikes from him and American Pride, they will be incapacitated for ~90 days.

What i know and heard about Erin, aka The BA THOT

>circa 26 years old

>lives in or near Los Angeles
>fake blonde hair
>fake tits
>rumored to he a meth- and cokehead
>single mother
>has a bf
>hypergamist attention whore
>dumb like a loaf of bread
>degree in PR and gender studies
>has a fetish for public humilation
>fucks e-celebs for attention
>lives with her parents
>livestreamed arguments with her parents for views
>showed her tits to people on scrubs stream after 5 minutes
>is now temporarily co-host on WARSKI LIVE
>is being whiteknighted by Andy and JF
>no job or income
>dresses like a cheap prostitute
>pretends to be a "Relationship coach"
>behaves like a low IQ 12 year old girl
>everybody hates her
>she barely cares that she is responsible for destroying internet careers
>has barely (if any) self-awareness of what she is doing

976d4 No.141963

>is now temporarily co-host on WARSKI LIVE
no she was supposed to have a debate with nick fuentes but she deleted herself off the internet, her twitter/youtube are gone and warski confirms she is never coming back

dfa55 No.141967

File: 1524145466118.jpg (2.03 MB, 3508x2480, __kar98k_girls_frontline_d….jpg)


>her twitter/youtube are gone and warski confirms she is never coming back

really now? I welcome this move. Hopefully she won't change her mind. That explains why i had difficulties finding material to her parents argument stream.

976d4 No.141977

apparently she was trying to get that asian andy cock and he rejected her and she subsequently lost her mind, her last youtube video before deleting everything was allegedly a 20 minute rant about it

also there was a bit of serendipity with Ben&Jerry's

44eb1 No.141986

Her bf is a nigger. Warski said it in one of the streams i watched.

dfa55 No.141994

File: 1524162065014.jpg (279.1 KB, 1772x1132, trad thot.jpg)

todays KUMITE Stream summarized in a greentext, stolen from /cow/

>99$ superchat with half a paragraph of text

>andy embarasses himself
>ice cream sandwich/chinese talk
>talk of wanting the show to end today
>half the show is talking about yesterday's show
>Tonka says he hasn't heard about something
>"how many time i told you i don't care" - Tonka
>"hold on hold on hold on" -failure in lisp
>munching sounds in the background
>Venti comes on: "you're so much better than failure" -Tonka
>Venti's mug on screen
>press 1 if
>Failure can't read
>dicksucking superchat from yt'er trying to get famous
>35min intro (empty space)
>scrub sings
>kumite sucking jim's dick
>Andy joins and talks about his upcoming show
>Failure talks about vidcon
>Venti joins
>chat spams begone thot
>More than 5 viva la raza superchats
>Failure talks about his drunk stream
>Awkward silence when running out of topics
>Talk about drug usage
> Failure and Tonka say they want to leave jim alone, then minutes later invite jim
>THOT Joins Stream

the words unoriginal and boring come to mind. this is alarming, so short after a big cancerous habbeding like the baked saga. IBS may turn terminal soon. Prepaer your rocket chairs to leave behind the jimm leeches.

976d4 No.141995

personally I think it will get better now that baked is gone, but they need to either take a short get back to actual bloodsports this drama has really mucked things up

4cd78 No.142017

Why did you ever think that something that shares initials with a condition that makes you shit yourself constantly would turn out well?

dfa55 No.142105

File: 1524239613568-0.png (1.97 MB, 1500x3938, IBS character chart.png)

File: 1524239613568-1.jpg (574.2 KB, 2345x682, metokur chain of command.jpg)

File: 1524239613568-2.png (2.13 MB, 4729x868, neoliberalists plus.png)

File: 1524239613568-3.png (380 KB, 1196x632, meme lifespan graph poor q….png)

File: 1524239613568-4.jpg (370.17 KB, 769x600, sargon confronts Metokur t….jpg)

>Archived Thread on Joachim Hoch

A couple of IBS material I have found on /cow/, this mostly regards Joachim Hoch, the former head of Backyard Bloodsports. /bybs/ recently immolated after they ousted Joachim for being an incompetent drama whoring celeb. I will try to keep an eye on /bys/ and similar small scale formats though regardless since the contents are original, the actors fresh and the contents uncensored.

Jim is an outspoken supported of this format and since he is now actively distancing himself from IBS, i think this has a chance of becoming the next ore vein of content for this sort of entertainment. Keep a look out for QWaffen, Greatest Goyim, Aqua, Hattington and Anal Vape.


>joachim meltdown

I don't have full details on this.

>coalburner paladin debates jew on how the hollohoax wasn't that big of a deal but it still happened aka into the trash it goes.

>halsey the kike m'lady's infertile paladin and after a while the 3 jews leave.
>spic fuentes likes a tweet shitting on ralph
>ralph tells fuentes he isn't white
>spic fuentes points to ralph's paki wife and tells him his kids won't be white and also shows ralphs criminal record.
>ralph spergs on twitter about spic fuentes posting a pic of his wife he posted before.
>ralph starts talking about spic fuentes sister saying she's a coalburner
>ralph and spic fuentes on warski show
>start talking about the twitter spat
>ralph gets a sick burn about his wife because he fel insulted by spic showed her photo.
>spic fuentes white knights baked
<y u buli baked? he didn't deserve this scalated harassment!
>JF sides with spic fuentes because he's above laughing at retards
<topic switchs to pedo zoom adventures and warski's take on it.
>JF autistically criticizes Warski on his coment about Zoom and Tabby because muh semantics
>Ralph starts interrupting JF
>JF grows impatient and frustated with the constant interruptions
>JF says he owns the show so he can kick him.
>JF calls ralph a slimy piece of shit and kicks him.
>warski gets mad because of it.
>Ralph bends the knee to JF and kisses the ring on twitter
>JF forgives him
>the JFshow ends with JF and warski making up while reading superchats.


>Joachim is a sperg

>helps Zoom dox but Zoom gets Joachim's dox
>Ralph's Zoom stream happens
>Joachim admits on his stream that he shouldn't have helped Zoom dox but he's afraid of Zoom now
>deletes his shit
>bybs has a stream about Joachim and reading some discord screenshots
>joachim comes in and doxxxxes himself
>gets butthurt about it and rage quits
>bybs will continue without joachim


Joachim's Official Lore.
>Joachim claims to be a white supremacist while he has a mexican boyfriend.
>Joachim's name derives from the Hebrew >Yehoyaqim (יְהוֹיָקִים) and means "raised by Yahweh"
>Joachim has anger problems.
>Joachim can't spend a day without screaming to his microphone.
>Joachim used anonymous boards to launch himself as a e-celeb.
>Joachim is a normie pretending to be an old fag.
>Joachim claims that he doesn't browse /pol/ anymore.
>Joachim hides from Chris Hansen.
>Joachim's previous job was native american nob polishing.
>Joachim doesn't want to be a leader, he just wants to make things and hurt people.
>Joachim likes to roleplay in discord while he hides in the bathroom in his workplace.
>Joachim wants to turn /bybs/ into a gay multicultural TRS.
>Joachim disavow the official /bybs/ discord just to reavow again and then disavow.
>Joachim considers Jeffstiny, a neet weeaboo, his rival.
>Joachim's biggest enemy is AnalVape.
>Joachim made his own discord server because everyone laughed at him.
>Joachim lacks self awareness and is turning himself into a potential lolcow.
>Joachim will ban and block everyone that laughs at him.
>Joachim says that anime is degenerate while he watches anime.
>Joachim orbits roasties and give them mods in hope to get some e-pussy
>Joachim vapes irl and vapes e-dick.
>Joachim was friends with Geekthulu. Was.
>Joachim knows when you talk shit about him. He'll call you on your phone.
>Joachim's friends are all minorities.
>Joachim wants to fuck Nikiboo's neghole.
>Joachim fucked a midget.
>Joachim is a degenerate advocating for traditional family values.
>Joachim will scream to your ear if you smear his name.
>Joachim takes his "internet career" very seriously.
>Joachim fears Qwaffen, a fucking autist in the internet.
>Joachim's best day of his life was when he appeared in the Kumite.
>Joachim won't doxxxx himself to demonstrate HardCarlos that he is right.
>Joachim has lost every single debate since february 21 of 2018.
>Joachim has spend more than $400 dollars in the Kumite.
>Joachim acts tsundere towards the official scholar.
>Joachim is everything wrong with bloodsports in a nutshell.
>Joachim denies writting his own pasta.
>Joachim will be like britbong in 5 years a failed youtube career, lonely and bitter.
>Joachim lives rent free in everyone's head.



So when can IBS die?

I think we're starting to see the beginning of it for real. Notice Jim distancing himself from it more. He knows it's imploding, and he's stepping away before the blast. All I can say is that it's gonna be a hell of a day on here when it finally happens

dfa55 No.142113

File: 1524240970093-0.jpg (375.68 KB, 962x1248, __kar98k_girls_frontline_d….jpg)

File: 1524240970093-1.png (6.74 MB, 3035x4299, __kar98k_girls_frontline_d….png)

File: 1524240970093-2.png (235.9 KB, 500x548, __kar98k_girls_frontline_d….png)

File: 1524240970093-3.jpg (1.29 MB, 800x1165, __kar98k_girls_frontline_d….jpg)

File: 1524240970093-4.jpg (3.71 MB, 4961x7016, __kar98k_girls_frontline_d….jpg)

There seme to be structual and ideological rearrangements going on in the IBS sphere. I can not say yet who will come out on top or how relevant this will stay, but for a more detailed view on the whole subject i strongly recommend you take a look at the dedicated /cow/ thread. Personally i am sensing something is going down, and it is not good.

>Cow Cycle thread on IBS

keep in mind this thread auto-deletes old replies.

>Ralph had a fight with Nick Fuentes and lost.


>Jim is making new videos as we speak, most likely about Wings of Redemption and Channel Awesome


>Jim has appeared on a stream with someone i do not know, the video will be avaiable on saturday.

>sample of a freelance BYBS Stream/Discord raid


>Ralph is now banning people who call him out on his stream (aka Diogenes, at Natsoc from /BYBS/)

>Kumite is talking shit about /BYBS/
>IBS is turning into an E-celeb circlejerk
>people have started to make a kekistani tier IBS twitter channel
>Kumite is starting to have a feude with Ralphs format and blocking people over it
>Ralph will likely get fucked over soon
>Kilroy will supposedly happen in a couple days.
>Failure might be an undercover Jew agent
>King of Pol now has powe over /cow/
>the mod staff of /cow/ is compromised, deleting content of persons of interest
>Baked Alaska is streaming again, begging gor money as an awakened Christian. His comment section is a minefield.

dfa55 No.142180

File: 1524263882522.png (5.27 MB, 1500x7213, Internet Bloodsports Encyc….png)

Everything you always wanted to know about IBS, but never cared to ask.

A comprehensive encyclopedia post designed for history books, adviced and written by the unmatched lolcow masterminds of 8ch /cow/.

SAFE YOUR COPY NOW to be able to tell people about stupid internet drama shit nobody will care about in a year from now.

976d4 No.142244

tbh one of the only notable things to happen with bloodsports has been the public embarrassment if not career suicide of several e-celebs; kraut, jeff holiday, sargon, destiny, the honey badgers, and now baked. It's the perfect trap for e-celebs too because they're all attention whores with hills to die on

dfa55 No.142338

File: 1524345189597-0.jpg (1.02 MB, 1000x1577, __jeanne_d_arc_jeanne_d_ar….jpg)

File: 1524345189597-1.jpg (220.49 KB, 800x1064, __queen_of_sunlight_gwynev….jpg)

File: 1524345189597-2.jpg (45.31 KB, 836x452, kilroy event 1.jpg)

File: 1524345189597-3.jpg (133.08 KB, 1794x1048, kilroy event 2.jpg)

File: 1524345189597-4.jpg (154.53 KB, 1677x575, kilroy event 3.jpg)

small current event update for Kilroy - Skeptic convention in Arizona.

Picture material - Jeanne D'arc from Fate - Grand Order & Queen of Sunlight Gwynevere from Dark Souls I



The absolute state of this event LMFAO.
*Show up to register
*No registration area
*Walk around confused
*Wait for 3 hours
*Get told to come back the next day
*less than 100 attendees total (not counting speakers)




>When Kilroy said it was standing room only they meant they rented the chairs at Rent-A-Center and your ass would be standing because they don't have the budget to keep them all day.



>Has anyone taken a shit in the ballpit yet?



Matt Jarbo @ Kilroy

Replying to @WeWuzMetokur

>The guy who took that picture Jim shared is here predominantly to critize the event. So take with a grain of salt


WeWuzMetokur Retweeted Matt Jarbo

>Matt he didn't make people leave the room to stream. He sat with his camera facing forward for over an hour.

Toad Mckinley
Replying to @WeWuzMetokur

>He's not wrong, Jim. There are quite literally tens of people at this event.



>The Q&A portion at Kilroy was a smashing success. The one guy there got to ask all the questions he wanted.



>By the numbers: Dashcon attendance vs Kilroy attendance




>The Phoenix police department is asking those that are filing missing persons reports to please stop. They don't know where the people that were supposed to attend Kilroy went either.

dfa55 No.142340

File: 1524345809690-0.png (9.45 MB, 3300x5100, __priscilla_the_crossbreed….png)

File: 1524345809690-1.jpg (1.11 MB, 2480x3507, __priscilla_the_crossbreed….jpg)

File: 1524345809690-2.png (3.02 MB, 1378x2039, __priscilla_the_crossbreed….png)

File: 1524345809690-3.jpg (263.04 KB, 724x1024, __priscilla_the_crossbreed….jpg)

File: 1524345809690-4.jpg (178.01 KB, 406x541, __priscilla_the_crossbreed….jpg)

Pictures shows Lady Priscilla, the Dragon Maid from Dark Souls I.

Jim on PKA stream talks Wings of Redemption, Internet Pedophiles, IBS and More


dfa55 No.142347

File: 1524348866395.jpg (267.81 KB, 850x1202, __priscilla_the_crossbreed….jpg)

Kilroy 360 live stream

from the perspective of Jeff Holiday


dfa55 No.142424

File: 1524390715922-0.jpg (53.81 KB, 826x463, Kilroy Event 5.jpg)

File: 1524390715922-1.jpg (30.12 KB, 720x340, Kilroy event 6.jpg)

File: 1524390715922-2.jpg (98.25 KB, 834x912, Kilroy Event 7.jpg)

File: 1524390715922-3.jpg (52.29 KB, 1048x361, kilroy event 8 mundane mat….jpg)

File: 1524390715922-4.jpg (210.68 KB, 1818x1075, kilroy event 9 ghost town.jpg)

According to local attendees and Jim total headcount is about ~50 people, all staff and speakers included. They are hopsting the thing in some sort of repurposed old theater. Toad and Scrub are there live, vowed to take a shit in the audition hall before the main event tmr. according to tumors they spend 20.000 sollars on security, but there seem only about 2 normal mall guards there. Theres no Antifa there either, probably because of the multiple live camera feeds. It's a ghost town, really but at leats they have a ballpit with stress balls. Seems like people dont care about the opinions of E-Celebs on Mundane Topics. Good Riddance.

>Muckrake Doormatts post Kilroy Day 1 stream in the Hotel

Jim enters at around 40 minutes.


>Kilroy Is Looking Like an Epic Disaster

Article about Kilroy on Ralphs website.

>Kilroy - Last Panel For Tonight (And Security)

30 minute Live Video of an attendee from the guest rows during a panel with 3 speakers and 6 people as audience.


>"Based momma didn't even watch any panels today." To be fair no one else did either.



I feel like I'm watching a stream for a PTA meeting in a town with a population of 200 rather than an 85 thousand dollar event.

dfa55 No.142437

File: 1524408406422.jpg (8.78 KB, 225x270, Mundane matt face.jpg)


Jarbo the Hutts video on the nazi brony playboy article


he namedrops aryanne around the 15 minute mark. I think we should consider officially declaring Mundane Doormatt a persona nongrata.

dfa55 No.142631

File: 1524485991884-0.jpg (66.03 KB, 643x654, __inkling_splatoon_drawn_b….jpg)

File: 1524485991884-1.jpg (316.08 KB, 1280x1280, __inkling_splatoon_drawn_b….jpg)

File: 1524485991884-2.png (400.01 KB, 629x880, __kasumi_and_shirona_denge….png)

File: 1524485991884-3.jpg (270.87 KB, 1000x1356, __shirona_pokemon_drawn_by….jpg)

File: 1524485991884-4.jpg (175.74 KB, 938x1285, __shirona_pokemon_pokemon_….jpg)

Image material featureing Champ Shirona from Pokemon Diamond and female Inklings from Splatoon.

So, Kilroy happened, bored everyone to death and left.

At this point in time there is not much else except some life stream recordings i Can offer to show. The coverage posting in this thread on saturday mostly covers the whole event on its entirety. The Internet Historian and maybe Jim will maybe make videos about this some time in the future.

If you still insist to watch additional material for this (although i would not know why you wanted to) consider looking up "That is just my opinion" aka Rodger, a boots-on-the-ground IT guy who streamed the thing for us and of course Thomas Ellington, who hammered Kilroy LLC into the ground since Winter to the point where they were trying to ban him.

>Rogers channel live on Kilroy


>Ellington's channel


Here's a bogpill on the thing.

>85.000 dollar were raised during kickstarter + undisclosed amounts of ticket sales and merchandise

>about 400 people bought tickets for Kilroy before december smackdown
>100 of those requested refunds after the December shitshow
>total attendee numbers including all staff and speakers was around ~50 people
>KILROY LLC spent about 20.000 dollars to pay for speakers, 20.000 dollar for "security" consisting of 2 old men & about 10.000 dollars for hotels
>there was a registration area that was closed prematurely last week due to poor attendance
>Kilroy currently only has a bout 2 employees, one of them being """Based Mama""", who is also the CEO and owner of the company
>Biased Mudslime and/or her 6 children seemingly did not attend Kilroy herself
>The Kilroy Twitter had a meltdown
>BM has likely increased her debt beyond the already existing 300k
>the event was hosted in a private wedding chapel in Arizona or something
>most of the audience during streams gave an impression of disinterest and boredom, most played with their phones or even fell asleep.
>Youtube streams had more attendance and downvotes than the actual show
>most people who actually went there did not bother to go to the speaking halls, they stayed in a hotel enjoying the swimming pools since it was hot as fuck
>It is very unlikely that there will be a new Kilroy Con in the future
>Mundane Doormatt is completely deluded about everything and considers Kilroy a success
>there was no ballpit, but 3 boxes with stress balls. they were later removed



>I've never seen one man break so many controllers. And at this point I've watched enough CoD matches to make my fucking eyes bleed. Still worth it though, this upcoming video is gonna be a good one.

Memewhile Jim is working on his Jordie Jordan aka Wngs of Redemption Video.

Jordie is a former successful FPS streamer from 2010 who now seemingly has turned into a terminal lolcow. Jim went on a 2 hour Stream with WORs former friends who equipped him with dirt on Jordie. If you want to see this glaring mistake of nature in his unnatural habitat before the Jimperium rains down Exterminatus on him, consider checking out this playlist from one of the most relevant WOR Detractors, Sean Ranklin.



dfa55 No.142632

File: 1524486865094.jpg (107.79 KB, 1200x1133, __shirona_pokemon_pokemon_….jpg)

>Mirror of 6 minute video about the Kilroy Scam
Original made by GODWINSON.

dfa55 No.142640

File: 1524497753694.jpg (140.88 KB, 1200x900, jordie jordan wings of red….jpg)


the fat worm squirms in anticipation of the hook

dfa55 No.142698

File: 1524511978463.jpg (996.92 KB, 1080x1216, chlorox chan and tide pod ….jpg)


Reupload of Godwinsons recent WOR video, before his channel was struck down by the skeptic mafia.


249d2 No.142769

why is all of this such a freakshow?

dfa55 No.142974


The Internet is a gathering place of social outcasts, degenerates, freaks, clinical retards and people with literally no fucking life whatsoever, where they shit out all their mental feces at once.

This shitshow is but a speck of the actual insanity that is hidden in this terrible network of lunacy.


**FILE TOO BIG FOR MLPOL - https://imgur.com/a/HbRufK9

94717 No.142975

File: 1524584396619.jpg (969.58 KB, 900x6028, bplsfLl.jpg)

Strange if you got message that it was too big (should be able to uploads quite big files as I understand it).
>I'm testing if I am lucky and it uploads for me (file size was tiny)

dfa55 No.142978

File: 1524585322964-0.jpg (920.33 KB, 1200x1577, __nobushi_for_honor_drawn_….jpg)

File: 1524585322964-1.jpg (170.36 KB, 850x1203, __warden_for_honor_drawn_b….jpg)

File: 1524585322964-2.jpeg (586.84 KB, 1100x1690, 2109993 - For_Honor Shadm….jpeg)

File: 1524585322964-3.jpg (567.79 KB, 900x1202, 2114098 - For_Honor Shadma….jpg)

File: 1524585322964-4.jpg (865.53 KB, 877x1240, 2450537 - For_Honor Peacek….jpg)

Image material featureing various player characters from FOR HONOR

Not much to report on these days if you ignore that one alleged Armenian in Canada who mowed down people with a car (allegedly hes an Incel from /r9k/ or /pol/, thats at least what the Fake News Spin). Seemingly every fuckwit can request to get that site frozen these days.

There may or may not be coming more drama out of this, I recommend you keep an eye on that and browse the 2 threads on /mlpol/.

In other News, Carl Benjamin aka Sargon of Akkad and tje Liberalist Party of England held a Rally in London to Protest the imprisonment of the Nazi Pug Guy (Aka Count Dankula). There were People with Kekistand and Gadsen flags with taped mouths. It was really embarrassing to look at.

At this opportunity id like to point out that:
- Dankula lives in Scotland, not England
- Protesting in England has literally no effect on Scottish Law
- Dankula was never put in Prison, he was fined something around 1.500 Pounds and is now free
- Dankula is a member of the alt light Sargonites
- and a gay communist with a feminist girlfriend (see the updated IBS guidebook)

I personally disavow anybody on MLPOL and beyond who was gullible enough to have feel pity for this worthless subhuman or went out of their way to """"protest""" for his e-celeb ass.

>Liberalists on the Streets | GODWINSON (Recommended for watch)

GODWINSON coverage of the Sargon March from Yesterday
(should this video be unaiable, look up a mirror)

Since i am already running out of video material heres a little something
2 hour interview with Jim on Internet Dream Lounge from August last year. As if we already didnt have enough of this content.

They also have a interview on Chris CHan and Dankula, should you be interested in that. Jims new video on WOR is taking its time, i expect it to roll around at the end of the week.

dfa55 No.142979


the file from cow had ~10.000 pixels lenght, i suppose imgur shrunk it down.

94717 No.142980

188f8 No.142982

>I personally disavow anybody on MLPOL and beyond who was gullible enough to have feel pity for this worthless subhuman or went out of their way to """"protest""" for his e-celeb ass.
The protesting was gay and Dankula is a faggot but the law he was tried under is still shit. The possibility of 1 year in jail for a stupid joke is absurd. .

b0886 No.142986

Even the fine over a joke is retarded.

Reminder that when this happened in the nazi courts they dropped the case due to it being retarded to try someone over a joke

e0373 No.142989

Agreed, and saluting pugs make a good meme. I'm pretty sure normies still couldn't care less about Dankula, they only care about the free-speech aspects of it.

dfa55 No.143299

File: 1524657115589-0.png (729.34 KB, 700x1082, __strelizia_and_zero_two_d….png)

File: 1524657115589-1.jpg (114.48 KB, 900x900, __zero_two_darling_in_the_….jpg)

File: 1524657115589-2.png (1.49 MB, 1280x1600, __zero_two_darling_in_the_….png)

File: 1524657115589-3.png (1.77 MB, 1000x1637, __zero_two_darling_in_the_….png)

File: 1524657115589-4.jpg (729 KB, 4093x2894, __zero_two_darling_in_the_….jpg)

Picture material featureing Zero-2 from Darling in the Franxx.

In todays IBS News:
- Hollywood Actress Allison mack arrested over allegations of supporting woman- and child sexslave trafficking ring together with political Jews from the Clinton Foundation, tries to rat them out for lower sentencing

- The Pope of Autism, Christian Weston Chandler, continues to beg for money after a mental breakdown on twitter, offers sexual services to appease credit sharks and his Bisexual Love Triangle

- Big Kilroy Revelation Stream on Rogers YOutube CHannel tonight

- Jim is still working on the WIngs video, no new project announced as of yet. there will likely be no coverage of the incel truck driver in Canada.

Twitter Links



>Life comes at you fast. One day your son is a happy kid playing this new game called Sonic, the next thing you know he's offering people blowjobs on Twitter.

>I can honestly say that 8 years ago if you had asked me where ChrisChan would be today I wouldn't have said sucking dick to pay rent. What a wild ride.

>Chris's life has turned into some alogs fanfic at some point.



>Smallville Actress Alilison Mack found dead in jail cell with three bullet holes in the back of the head. Authorities rule it suicide.


>With the money and people involved that wouldn't surprise me tbh.



>So some goofy marketing fuck runs a child sex cult or some shit with celebrity involvement and the people helping him are members of shit like the Clinton Global Initiative. 2018 is gonna be an interesting year.

Video Links

>The Horror Of Christian Weston Chandler

A seven minute showcase video from March 2016 that comprehensively shows the inhuman perversion of the Mind of Christian Weston Chandler. Recommended for watch if you can stomach it. Contains nudity.

>Andy Warski Causes Trap Grooming Gangs

Andy Warski gets accused by Not-Kraut&Tea for being responsible for the suicides and Trap Mafia on /r9k/

>revelations from Roger's Kilroy interview

Ellington teases tonights stream in of which Rogert the IT guy will release an interview he had with Based Mama herself and her right hand post Kilroy. Seems like she is still lying her ass off.

>Barbara Chandler Dances next to Dog Poop

Chris Chan films his demented Mother dancing to appease a troll.

dfa55 No.143300

File: 1524657309422-0.png (199.08 KB, 908x644, CWC Chris Chan Blowjobs fo….png)

File: 1524657309422-1.png (266.98 KB, 1304x1200, CWC Chris Chan Twitter Ins….png)

File: 1524657309422-2.jpg (13.02 KB, 582x128, CWC suck dick for bronycon.jpg)

File: 1524657309422-3.jpg (157.11 KB, 788x1024, CWC_profile_pic_April_2018.jpg)

File: 1524657309422-4.png (849.41 KB, 720x960, CWC and serife.png)

Recent Image Material concerning CWC, including his public offer for blowjobs as well as his 9 Part Twitter Admission to not only being retarded but also perverted. He was so ashamed of this that he claimed someone "hacked" him afterwards and deleted everything. As of the time of this writing CWC is alleged in a 3-Person relationship with a retarded woman and a man, who likely ween into his daily activity, resulting into a slew of fake apology videos. Theres also a new video of him licking penises he drew on a wall.

8495d No.143301

Drawing this idiot into the world of sexuality was a mistake. He should just stick to his shitty comic.

dfa55 No.143363

File: 1524676515169.jpg (183.91 KB, 490x900, __original_drawn_by_skj__3….jpg)

>a /BYBS/ Stream from yesterday i found consider a watch.
talks about the impeding death of IBS, South Africa, The Incel Trucker, Chris Chan and more. Wild Smile as a guest for a while.

66c2f No.143499

This is actually a pretty good argument for why access to internet porn should be restricted from certain people. This guy was pretty messed up to begin with and I doubt isolating himself in various online subcultures that cater to deviant fetishes has done much to help him.

fb812 No.143513

Not just internet porn, but it is a good argument as to why some people shouldn't be allowed on the internet, ever.

It's also a good argument for making gas chambers real.

26a2b No.143541

IBS will be fine as long as they get more debates and arguments, i'm tired of the never ending melodrama between the same cast of characters but i'm still interested in listening to people start yelling at each other during a heated debate

dfa55 No.143609

File: 1524747075674.jpg (1.23 MB, 1300x1839, __warcraft_and_world_of_wa….jpg)


As someone who was enganged heavyly with the Kilroy Saga and this thread, I strongly disagree with this observation.

IBS has been visibly cannibalizing itself while being co-opted by external e-celebs, bleeding content, innovation and quality all the way. Jim jimself has beeen distancing himself visibly from the internet slaughtering. The bomb is ticking.

It is time to move on or lay claim to new territory.

dfa55 No.143612

File: 1524749942786-0.png (1.87 MB, 1000x1529, __hellhound_manticore_and_….png)

File: 1524749942786-1.jpg (643.24 KB, 891x1337, __ushi_oni_monster_girl_en….jpg)

File: 1524749942786-2.jpg (515.03 KB, 800x900, __ushi_oni_monster_girl_en….jpg)

File: 1524749942786-3.png (1.26 MB, 1200x1500, __ushi_oni_monster_girl_en….png)

File: 1524749942786-4.jpg (220.95 KB, 724x1024, __ushi_oni_monster_girl_en….jpg)

Picture material featureing a Tarantula-Oni and a Hellhound-Manticore from Monster Girl Encyclopedia.

Theres seems to have been another moderate sized fallout going on Between Andy Warski and HIs co Host Jean-Francois Gariepe. Apparently this happened during a recent stream with the controversial Ancap-Figure Christopher Cantwell, who expressed his radical ideas(and is rumored to be an undercover CIA Nigger)

The stream turned so sour Warski decided to take it down due to the poor contents and bevaior of all parties, himself included. It is rumored that this was a scripted sketch, but piblic opinion points to this being a genuien struggle that may further damage the already shaken relationship on the program.

Also, as a happening of Inteother rest: Youtube introduces a new content claim tool for creators to forcefully leech add revenue from channels who use their content. Depending on the overall Percentage, an increasingly higher amount of money will be funneled to every creator whos content has been used in any video the tool is employed on. This is especially devastating for monetized reupload channels. The likes of Darksydephil and similar are rumored to be profiteers of this event. Expert say this tool is horrid and will excessively damage smaller channels, as a similar attempt at this in the past has spectaularly failed.

in other news, Game companies fail at advertiesing with inept E-Celebs, Chris Chan celebrates DLC for Sonic Mania and Jims WOR video delayed to Friday this week or later.




>Ouroboros hungers

>If it's real tensions will increase, fray away relationships and things will implode and viewers will split. If it's fake eventually it'll be exposed, people will be annoyed and viewers will split.


>Jim, you're a grim reaper. When you show up to anything, it the first ring of a doomsday bell. I LOVE the chaos you produce with your mere presence.



"YouTube is lauching a tool to claim percentages of videos that use your content as their uploads. "

>So this new ad revenue sniping tool that Youtube is releasing… DSP must be doing fucking cartwheels through the streets right now in celebration.

>*Snort *Honk "Wait you mean I can take all the ad money from every troll video on the internet about me" *Snort "Ack Ack Ack Ack Ack"


>Andy & JF On Removing the Cantwell Stream and their Relationship

20 minute highlight clip about the gone-wrong cantwell stream

>RalphRetort agrees w/ WarskiLive - Cantwell video reupload

7 minute damage control video where Andy tries to reason why he took down the cantwel stream, Kumite from 2 days ago was taken down as well for unknown reasons TLDR Andy kind of turns into Baked Alaska

>Everspace Dev calls Streamer “Fucking Moron” - When E-celeb Marketing goes horribly wrong

​Game devs, publishers, or people and marketing folks generally need to have good relations with Twitch Streamers and YouTubers or “influencers” as they are now disgustingly called. According to Rumors the streamer in question is DSP, but this is unconfirmed.

dfa55 No.143613

File: 1524750007568-0.jpg (9.12 KB, 893x80, andy stream alone.jpg)

File: 1524750007568-1.jpg (111.71 KB, 1302x577, Cantwell stream Warki-Gari….jpg)

File: 1524750007568-2.jpg (128.85 KB, 1433x800, youtube add sniping tool.jpg)

dfa55 No.143792

File: 1524826016153-0.jpg (679.4 KB, 856x1200, __emily_stock_pipimi_and_p….jpg)

File: 1524826016153-1.jpg (523.35 KB, 3500x3500, __pipimi_and_popuko_panty_….jpg)

File: 1524826016153-2.png (411 KB, 953x703, __pipimi_and_popuko_poptep….png)

File: 1524826016153-3.jpg (334.98 KB, 1000x1350, __pipimi_and_popuko_poptep….jpg)

File: 1524826016153-4.jpg (1.02 MB, 1500x2232, __pipimi_and_popuko_poptep….jpg)

Image Material featureing Pipimi and Popoko from POP TEAM EPIC.


"JF constantly uses negative memes to hurt me and make me look bad. For being the guy who hired You, who pays you, I expected a little more respect." - Andy Warski

"This is the way i talk. There is no reason for me to lower my standards for You, Andy. I never sacrificed my intellectual integrity. This is the end between the two of us." - JF

The conflict over the Cantwell Controversy Stream has turned terminal, Andy and JF have seemingly cut their professional ties permanently in an unscripted event. JF refused to be silenced by his employer over defending Cantwell against Warskis defamations. The disagreement could not be amended after JF released a video about this argument because Warski retracted an apology towards Cantwell. Warski regarded this as a personal attack rather than criticism and demanded more respect from his employed co-host, which the latter refused to obey to. It is suspected that Warski is being wormtongued behind the scenes by Kumite hosts with an anti-Right Agenda who may or may not have goaded him to act against Cantwell and perhaps even JF himself.

As of the writing of this post no future cooperations are planned between Gariepy and Warski/Kumite. The IBS Diaspora is in full effect now. From the general reaction of the audience it seems like Warski is largely blamed for the situation, with the white nationalist crowd sticking mostly with JF.


>JF Gariépy Quits Warski Live After Andy Confronts Him

15 Minute highlight clip that explains the falling out, no screaming. Andy confronts JF why he called him out for slandering Cantwell. recommended for watch

>Andy Warski On Slandering Cantwell With JF Gariepy (1/2)

Andy Warski On Slandering Cantwell With JF Gariepy (2/2)
total length 15 minutes, 2 highlight clips from Kronos 2

>JF On Leaving Warski Live

30 minute clip from American pride, JF only.

>Andy's Post Breakup Monologue

16 minute clip from American pride, Warski only.




>I'm on my own side. I always have been.

>New market emerges >All the shows implode >Only one thing to do >Steal those superchats >See you this Sunday.

>Jim who is your cohost? There is no cohost. Jim who are the mods? There are no mods. Jim what gets you banned from chat? Nothing. Welcome to Metocast.

>"We got a superchat for a nickle here you all know what that mea…." *NOW THAT'S FUCKING BASED *VIVA LA RAZA


dfa55 No.143793

File: 1524826055869-0.jpg (114.37 KB, 1280x800, billy the antibully burns ….jpg)

File: 1524826055869-1.jpg (126.45 KB, 1178x600, cantwell controversy in a ….jpg)

File: 1524826055869-2.jpg (78.92 KB, 1920x1080, metokast logo.jpg)

File: 1524826055869-3.mp4 (4.12 MB, 640x360, Mister Metokur girlfriend ….mp4)

File: 1524826055869-4.jpg (275.27 KB, 1920x1080, the absolute state of wars….jpg)

976d4 No.143796

jim has been following the whole thing on twitter as always and still turns up on the streams as it suits him, he's even proposed resurrecting the metocast which could make him more involved than ever. The e-celebs thing is a necessary evil given that they need guests, and I agree that all the recent drama has put the quality down but there's no reason to expect that to be permanent. This whole narrative you have about it dying doesn't hold out outside of your head

976d4 No.143798

JF was the one who suggested andy take the stream down

dfa55 No.143804

File: 1524829379120.jpg (209.59 KB, 1746x2048, __wilhelmina_braunschweig_….jpg)


I have always perceived IBS as a highly volatile format. With the exception for Jim i literally knew none of the actors engaged in it. To me, it was largely a rat race for money and attention on the back of the dying Skeptics. It is poorly organized, there is no ideological cohesion and the very nature of the format can not take itself serious. IBS is but a tool that is about to break.

although willing to say that I am surprised that it lasted as long as it did, but there is no denying that the cracks in the facade of the hosts are now breaking down. I for one vouch to put this beast in the ground before the kekistanification has been completed. And reading the IBS cyclejerk on /cow/ i don't seem to be the only one who is reaching for the gun.

dfa55 No.143866

File: 1524851188653-0.jpg (51.98 KB, 955x500, Tonka Saw attacks Metokur ….jpg)

File: 1524851188653-1.jpg (161.61 KB, 1774x709, mundane matt flags cogniti….jpg)

Small Update since its weekend and thers seemingly nothign but jims video and stream on the weekend

According to Rumors Jim will be burning down Internet Blood Sports on sunday.




>If you were going to leak something why would you black out your own name when the person you are leaking the convo on would instantly know who you were anyway?


>Wait that wasn't his pic yesterday. I though the screenshot was fake.

Seems like he is covering his face.

>Are you sure?

Leaked Discord Conversation between Tonka Saw and someone else, who may or may not be Godwinson.

There was an suspicion that this account was fake, however people from /bybs/ brought counter evidence that reconfirmed that this is allegedly in fact the real Tonka Saw talking shit about Jim.



>Place your bets. How will this end?

>1) He'll remove the flag

>2) He won't remove the flag

Mundane Doormatt flags channels for mirroring his Kilroy Streams.


>/byr/ the end of Andy and JF

2 hour BYBS stream talking death of IBS, Kumite slandering campaigns, Alt Furry, Natsoc Programs and more
with LeoPirate as guest

>Styx, Nick Fuentes, and Benpai Talk To JF About Leaving Warski Live

JF talks about his departure from WL, which was seemingly initiated per advice of the co host of the Kumite, Failure. Andy Warski was said to have fired JF if he did not quit by himself due to internal manipulation.

>The Inspirational Degeneracy of Jim Sterling | GODWINSON

Godwinson Video about one of the negatively biggest Hedonistic Cuckholds in the Gaming Press, James Stenton, better known as Jim Sterling.

dfa55 No.143867

File: 1524851382655-0.jpg (11.86 KB, 733x204, Tonka Saw real discord id ….jpg)

File: 1524851382655-1.jpg (10.79 KB, 251x403, Tonka Saw real Discord ID.jpg)

249d2 No.143872

Jim is overrated.

44eb1 No.143874

You shut you're whore mouth. Jim is best pony.

249d2 No.143877

File: 1524854285224.png (57.89 KB, 439x600, 1506660894313.png)

6f4a2 No.143879

File: 1524854470925.jpg (47.8 KB, 500x333, kkkek.jpg)

It's like the only one to come out ahead was jim

249d2 No.143881

File: 1524854521550.jpg (442.4 KB, 1764x1648, 1513723152744.jpg)

44eb1 No.143883

File: 1524854660594.png (290.33 KB, 2657x2041, 1636426__safe_artist-colon….png)

6f4a2 No.143886

File: 1524855847214.png (282.92 KB, 2000x2623, 1496524178048.png)

Anon her qt mark is backwards

5e961 No.143919

>Jim is an orbiter who feeds off other peoples' work
>implying Jim isn't the reason people gave a shit about bloodsports, let alone the Kumite, in the first place

976d4 No.143924

falling for obvious bait

dfa55 No.143925

File: 1524863904941.jpg (765.8 KB, 714x1000, __original_drawn_by_bambi0….jpg)



>Archive of the controversial Godwinson Tweet about Treasonous acting in the Kumite.

I have a degree of respect for Godwinson and would not expect him to attempt to manipulate Jim on the IBS questions or trying to perpetuate fake news. When i first read this, i too suspected this to be a blatant fake. However, Tonkas and failures recent actions combined with recent happenings make me believe this to be real. Also taking into account the general hostility of the kumite crowd towards chan culture audience and white nationalism. (as seen before in the Geekthulu Situation)

Furthermore, Aqua provided material that furthermore reinforces this to be a real conversation. It would be in the best interest of Kumitiers to attempt damage control. There seems to be no definitive proof on either side to completely veryfy this a real or fake. i leave that up to the readers.

c2099 No.143926

File: 1524864669065.png (306.93 KB, 2657x2041, 1524854660594.png)

5e961 No.143949

What bait? There's nothing to bait.

976d4 No.143977

jim himself has tweeted about this, you're fake news

dfa55 No.144125

File: 1524945134949-0.png (125.87 KB, 580x1008, Death of IBS Bingo.png)

File: 1524945134949-1.jpg (144.68 KB, 771x433, king of pol analysis.jpg)

File: 1524945134949-2.png (329.4 KB, 671x702, kumite reddit.png)

File: 1524945134949-3.png (435.09 KB, 1430x463, ralph retort analysis.png)

File: 1524945134949-4.jpg (243.31 KB, 1644x520, tonka saw analysis.jpg)

some material for the impeding death of IBS Metocast on Sunday, including a Bingo as well as body and face analysis of several characters, inclunding Robert Pilkington aka Tonka, Ethan Ralph and Bryann Dunn aka King of Pol

Additionally, JF had a IBS stream against Tonka and failure which seemingly went pretty sour for the latter. they now focus on bitching at peope on twitter and blocking people who make them look bad.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odi-iNXcR54 - 2 hour video from American Pride

The comment section on the video is full of IBS oldfags splitting the Kumites ass open. heres some samples. Seems like not only is Andy getting the blunt of the impact, but his inept puppeteers are burning alongside him.

The Widow's Son
>Tonka is a soccer Mom.

Jesse Curle
>Tonka speaks a lot and says very little.

Mr Spelling
11 hours ago
>I haven't seen an Indian take a beating like this since the discovery of the new world

Call me Carson
>Tonka might not realize this but what he's doing is a betrayal of his fanbase.
The only reason the Kumite got out of the 20-30 viewer streamer hell they were stuck in for months is their coverage of the Kraut drama. That was JFs fight and he won. Kumite rid the coattails of that victory and cashed in on the fanbase that JF established.
No one came to the Kumite for the FUNNY XDDDDD meme slide show full of inside jokes.
No one came to the Kumite for VIVA LA RAZA spam.
And they damn well didn't come to the Kumite to see some brainlet trollshielding hugbox filled with LITERALLY WHOS just there to fill a timeslot they were too lazy to fill.
They came because the Kumite set up interesting fights while stealthfully aligning itself with the Alt-Right. They may not admit that now but they know exactly whos money they were accepting.
Tonka might not realize that what he's done is a betrayal of his audience yet but he'll soon realize that he's lost a few pay pigs from these antics. The past few days of Kumite have made that clear to everyone.

Notorious Pepe
>Tonkasalt 🐍🐍🐍

Bleached Whiteoid
>Waching JF colonize Tonkasalt in realtime was a treat.

Bob Arctor
>I don't know what Tonka was thinking with this, There's hours of audio of him and failure passively poking andy to try and get him to 'confront' JF, but here he constantly tries to claim that he's dissappointed that their show ended, and even blames them both for it. When JF was fully willing to work with Andy up until Andy cancelled the scheduled stream to have a "Talk with JF" which is exactly what Failure and Tonka had pushed him into doing earlier that day.
The whole thing makes me sick, I really enjoyed the Kumite but I don't know if it will be worth listening to now that Tonkasalt born.
Even Failure had tried to extend an olive branch at one point in this stream, but Tonka went ballistic the entire time, and it was sad to see Tonka blow up at Failure earlier in the day over foiling some gay "plan" that the redditors were concocting.

>Andy is an empty vessel begging his daddies Failure and Tonka to fill him up. 🐍🤡🐍


precisely, i linked the very same tweet in >>143866 which was to my knowledge the one and only time Jim has talked about this at all.

If you have any further evidence concerning the Kumite Discord leaks feel free to provide them. Until then I will side with my own conclusion i gained from the archive link.

6f4a2 No.144140

File: 1524952186318.png (4.79 KB, 128x128, mlpol_emblem.png)

This stream with Emily and JF should cheer you up anon.


5e961 No.144143

File: 1524955076966.png (96.87 KB, 500x646, confused-looking-anime-gir….png)

You're not making any sense. All I said is that a lot of people only watch Kumite for Jim.

249d2 No.144168

can't tell if she is serious

976d4 No.144197

jim didn't he said more than once he preferred watching to going on himself and enjoyed their content, and you only said that got baited by that fake discord chat which vampcandy and kingofpol disproved

I think a lot of people are predicting the metocast to be something it's not actually going to be, all and all you just sound like a salty JF fan. The obvious reason that the metocast won't be what you expect it to be is that Jim doesn't care about the Alt-right and has already said he's on no one's side but his own so that means not JF's. Tonka also has said repeatedly he does this for fun and doesn't care about the numbers nor does he rely on superchats for his income your assessment is all over the place.

JF seems like someone who needs to be right and constantly re-contextualizes everything he says and does to the point where it's annoying. Andy is only mad because he took JF seriously and expected things out of him, Tonka is only mad because JF won't ever admit even the most basic things.

5e961 No.144199

Again, all I said is that a lot of people only watch the Kumite for Jim. I didn't imply that Jim, vampcandy, KoP, or anyone else did or did not say anything related to it. I don't care who made the Discord post; it's completely unrelated. Just leaving an offhanded remark about the Kumite's popularity.

976d4 No.144200

I find that ironic, because Jim watches it and doesn't like to go on

f33e4 No.144240

Baked Alaska at it again right now.

dfa55 No.144241


This might come as a surprise to you, but I was never subscribed to JF before kilroy blew. I didnt even watch a single video on his channel before he left warski live.

What I am going to say is, that I never liked the kumite. Something about how these people talk, act and handle their fame rubbed me the wrong way. It was so bad in fact that eventually I unsubscribed from their channel back in December because I could not stand them. I only felt forced to resub in february since ibs was somehow still going.

I will agree that it is uncertain what the next metocast will be about. But lets not kid ourselves here: Jim did not stream in over 6 months. And usually when he does, shit was going down. Unless he has wings of redemption as a guest I doubt he will be talking about the weather.

Lastly, to my knowledge the discord leaks have never been disproven. King of pol is a certified lolcow who is constantly being caught lying for attention. While vampkandy is low iq kumite orbiter. She even leaked tonkas real discord id, which was later found to be identical to the one seen in the godwinson tweet.

When ibs will be nuked, most likely sooner than later, there will be winners and losers. And I myself do not see the kumipedes on the winning side.

dfa55 No.144263

File: 1525001174818-0.jpg (5.75 KB, 225x225, dsp phil old.jpg)

File: 1525001174818-1.jpg (19.15 KB, 369x496, forgive stop.jpg)

File: 1525001174818-2.jpg (4.61 KB, 192x192, phil bald.jpg)

File: 1525001174818-3.jpg (71.71 KB, 1280x720, Phil flapjack.jpg)

File: 1525001174818-4.jpg (6.55 KB, 231x219, phil just.jpg)

Since Jim fails to get his fucking act together and finally post the WOR video, heres a filler interlude:


i just found this tax section in the latest 0utsyder video about DarksydePhil.
turns out he owes just about 4.000 dollars to the US government
+ 1000 dollars for his tax attourney
apparently there is a chance he will have to pay a penalty in june
none of this has been proven by documents
according to estimations, phil currently earns about ~100k Dollars per year, or more.

Expect more emergency begging streams from June onwards.

dfa55 No.144267

File: 1525007109084.png (271.07 KB, 600x600, 1498568903784715468wings-r….png)

I dont know if Jim drank himself into a coma, but his video is not coming. Anyways, heres a video about the WOR VS Keemstar Feude.


Includes secretly recorded scenes of Jordie threatening to Doxx Daniel.

e94e4 No.144269

>not understanding jim time

dfa55 No.144285

File: 1525024359723.png (84.86 KB, 812x491, Tonka Saw Discord leaks.png)



>So @TheExceptionalD Myg0t used to fuck with idiots by making them bake a cake. However I don't like cakes so if you take a pic of yourself on your knees, with your mouth open like a slut, and Jim's Bitch written on your forehead I won't play the audio. Glad I could help.

>lolcast episode 4: Battletech n chill

King of Pol Stream

King of Poil currentl stream. on the topic of the Tonka Saw Discord leaks, i met people in chat there and asked them about it. They reconfirmed that the Discord leaks are most likely real and that Tonka was caught chaning this discord avatar around the time the sceenshot was taken.

Furthermore, KOP claims Tonka Saw is currently having a drama metldown on twitter shittalking other IBS people, thinking him and The Director are leading an anime avatar mafia with /bybs/ to destroy IBS.

5fd95 No.144286

File: 1525025067803.png (179.17 KB, 598x512, FBI.PNG)

>according to estimations, phil currently earns about ~100k Dollars per year, or more.
Are the glow-in-the-dark IRS niggers going to take him down?

dfa55 No.144326

File: 1525039733042-0.jpg (86.03 KB, 613x1024, Db-H4FsWAAIjWIo.jpg large.jpg)

File: 1525039733042-1.jpg (225.79 KB, 1920x1080, Db-H5PwX4AEPzEw.jpg large.jpg)

File: 1525039733042-2.jpg (33.98 KB, 324x417, Db-HciTV0AAY_Se.jpg large.jpg)

File: 1525039733042-3.jpg (109.39 KB, 750x600, evil_loli_warare_by_master….jpg)

File: 1525039733042-4.jpg (212.3 KB, 2048x1170, warski feeding shitnead.jpg)





>Tonight's gonna be fun.

dfa55 No.144327

File: 1525039940327.jpg (65.73 KB, 530x750, anime girl ss uniform boot.jpg)


Emily is cute. I like her, hope she becomes cohost. I like me a fash woman.

9466c No.144330

If you can, continue keeping us updated Germanbro. Some of us don't have the luxury of watching tonight's dumpster fire.

138f4 No.144332

File: 1525041946504.png (386.15 KB, 581x307, Youcis Approves.png)

I agree she is delightfully autistic and provides authentic cute edge-lording.

dfa55 No.144334

File: 1525042312613.png (1.61 MB, 1000x1410, __prinz_eugen_azur_lane_dr….png)

Stream has begun.

>8000 People watching

>Jim is getting dozends of 10-100 dollar superchats before the show even began.

I think Jim is pulling the trigger on his pet project.

hes already railing on Baked, now on Warski. This thing seems to be going up in flames tonight.


i got about 1 hour to burn before i have to let go,lets see what i can do.

dfa55 No.144335

File: 1525042810768.png (163.51 KB, 864x585, metocast 10000 watchers ib….png)

"IF i have to listen to Viva la Raza one more fucking time i will shoot failures fatt ass over the wall." - Jim

"King of Pol, you cant be going around using my name like a kudgel pretending this is going to trollshield you from criticism. after the audio i am going to play you will probably hate me, but that shit is funny. And chat likes funny shit."

dfa55 No.144339

File: 1525043330175.jpg (336.55 KB, 890x1200, __celestia_ludenberck_dang….jpg)


Jim is currently playing a 30 minute secretly recorded audio clip

a drunken King of POl aka Bryan Dunn is admitting to being a homosexual, cheating on his girlfriend, trying to have sex with a married man.

i repeat King of Pol has been outed as a homosexual just now.

dfa55 No.144342

File: 1525043713959.png (507.22 KB, 1148x732, metocast 13000 watchers.png)


13.000 watchers now, i think jims stream is now globals stream leader.

superchats are not stopping

60214 No.144344

I havent been keeping up on this shit but this stream is fucking funny. What kind of a fag would call themselves King of Pol?

9466c No.144347

This seems like Metokur really is making his move. This just cements my opinion that he really was the puppet master after all.

dfa55 No.144348

File: 1525045202172.png (2.04 MB, 1754x1240, kizuna_ai_a_i_channel_draw….png)



JIMS STREAM NOW AT 14.500 watchers

wannabe-mister metokur
famouzs lolcow from Gamergate
Fandom hopper
and attention whore
he was so autistic he got legally banned from kiwifarms via a seize and desist order

dfa55 No.144353

File: 1525046049577.jpg (145.32 KB, 1200x675, mundane matt kilroy stream….jpg)

Jim is now reading the endless superchats hes been getting the past 1,5 hours.

he just announced that the Wings of Redemption video is still not finished, expect a released some time this week. I estimate about wednesday. The video is apparently really long, about 1 hour.

5e961 No.144372

It's not enough that KoP was a figurative faggot, now he's a literal one. I only saw him in one stream a couple weeks ago, but holy shit he was a sperg.

dfa55 No.144411

File: 1525073651374-0.png (3.26 MB, 1500x7066, King of Pol cow guide.png)

File: 1525073651374-1.jpg (35.74 KB, 576x1024, king of pol nude.jpg)

/cow/ THREAD ON KING OF /pol/



KOP is a spic from florida

KOP pretended to have a wife

KOP lie ended when said woman denied it

KOP got friendzoned by every female gamergater to ever exist

KOP lied about having nudes of a GGer because he was bitter about being friendzoned

KOP got trolled into believing some fake nick denton (gawker ceo) facebook posts to be true

KOP lied to hotwheelz/copypaste (ex-8chan admin) to back him up

KOP got humilliated for sucking at verifying information

KOP got officially disavowed by copypaste/hotwheelz

KOP was caught sockpupetting in foxdickfarms

KOP was even too cancerous for foxdickfarms

KOP got a c&d from Null to stay away from his site

KOP was retarded enough to search Null's site live on stream after the c&d

KOP is hated by every imageboard he goes to

KOP browses /cow/

KOP loves /cow/

KOP is unanimously hated by /cow/

KOP denies browsing /cow/

KOP has been caught defending himself on /cow/

KOP doesn't know how to use fotoforensics

KOP doesn't know how ids work

KOP pretends to be /cow/'s representative

KOP loves to namedrop 8chan's admins, BO and mods for attention

KOP is a cuckold

KOP is raising 2 kids, none of them his

KOP loves sucking eceleb dick

KOP can't stop stalking them either

KOP can't stay away from drama

KOP can't help but sperg everytime he's on a stream

KOP is a literal faggot

KOP has a crush on danny, a married dude

KOP wants to suck danny's dick

KOP would Kidnap danny and rape him in the ass

KOP wants danny to 'come down here for all the wrong reasons

KOP isn't gay, he's 'the right kind of gay'

KOP was sexting NAKED APE

KOP has pics of NAKED APE'S DICK

KOP is afraid of people finding out he's a faggot (too late lol)

KOP watches feet pictures

KOP asks men for dick pics

KOP Is the man you don't want to have a sleepover with

KOP loves it when men are rough with him, it makes him hot

KOP lies about having an 8inch dick

KOP is into traps and femboys

KOP likes sub boys

KOP doesn't want to ruin his friendship with the man he just told he wants to suck his dick

KOP doesn't like hairy bois

KOP loves eating boipussy

KOP doesn't want this info to be in foxdickfarms

KOP, even after all these facts, STILL THINK HE'S NOT A DEGENERATE


KOP is married to fat syrian woman

dfa55 No.144412

>jim shits on andy
>shits on jf
>shits on baked alaska
>jim softballing on kumite
>audio leak of kop wanting to suck some danny guy's dick and more homosexual behavior
>2hours of reading supachatz

Bryan has set his twitter on lockdown.

Kumite and leftypol have flagged JF streams with Emily into isolated state..

dfa55 No.144413

File: 1525074448582.jpg (71.28 KB, 530x604, beard girl.jpg)

>Metokur recaps Season 1 of IBS - Metocast -

17 minute clip of Jim tearing IBS down.

9f2a6 No.144649

File: 1525169188769.jpg (18.53 KB, 316x286, 1cd56d1507ae427c5f8ac838fd….jpg)

>The Mundane Matt video in particular has been blacklisted and can not be reuploaded.
I have uploaded an Archive, changed the title a bit and i have gotten nothing in regards to takedowns.

dfa55 No.144650

File: 1525169214914-0.jpg (43.61 KB, 770x425, ice poseidon arrested live….jpg)

File: 1525169214914-1.jpg (17.69 KB, 402x453, thot who arrested ice pose….jpg)





9f2a6 No.144651

dfa55 No.144652


thank you very much Aussie Anon. 👌

3027a No.144717

Don't know what to make of Jim.
I know he got a lot of groupies here but honestly every time I see his streams I think of some crazy wh40k harlequin god.
Just laughing at anything and nothing just to laugh.

One vid he is pro IBS because screaming matches and retards and the next day he tears the very same thing down.
As long as someone laughs everything is dandy.

I personally don't care about IBS but I fail to understand the metokur hype.

dfa55 No.144720

File: 1525202448906-0.png (1.46 MB, 1302x1842, 1525169182143.png)

File: 1525202448906-1.jpg (115.47 KB, 488x648, mister metokur internet ar….jpg)

File: 1525202448906-2.jpg (489.11 KB, 1920x1920, nxqv.jpg)

File: 1525202448906-3.jpg (101.43 KB, 500x667, red_skull_peque_o-1-500x66….jpg)


I am familiar with Jim loosely since about the time of Gamergate. i only ever noticed him shortly before he nuked his channel. it is hard to put him in a box. one time he is all laughter, the next day he is talking how the west will destroy itself. he might suffer from a mild case of shizophrenia, but there is no denying he has some kind of agenda and a nose for happenings. Thats what made him so attractive to chan posters in the first place i guess. People like to think he is one of us. But he is just himself.

Jim is a man that eventually came to a lot of influence and fame on this corner on the internet. Someone even people in real life fear. But will he change the world? Probably not. This is all a game to him. As it maybe should, after all, what else could be happening on a computer screen.

3027a No.144723

He is good at what he does, there is no denying that.
When he said he would stop his patreon because he couldn't keep up with it because of personal/health issues that was something that gave me a lot of respect for him.
But in general he is not someone I would follow and perk up every time he drops a vid.
I guess he is more like a reporter of sorts. If he drops something on a topic that is of interest I do listen but I don't "follow" him.

>Someone even people in real life fear.

Yep. I would not want him making vids about me. He is brutal.

>As it maybe should, after all, what else could be happening on a computer screen.

Maybe. Maybe not.
It is all information. If you have compelling arguments people are willing to listen. The little dots on the screen can have a big impact.
Not saying that this is the holy grails but I wouldn't underestimate the cybersphere either.

5e961 No.144790

He's the quintessential chaotic neutral. He's smart, talented, and a force to be reckoned with when he applies himself, but he only talks about things that make him laugh (like Tumblrisms/Deviants) or get him really riled up (generally isolated cases, like Ross). It's a shame; I get that he certainly has no obligation to do anything, but he'd be a great "Internet leader" for lack of a less autistic term (like people wanted with GamerGate) if he put his mind to it.

dfa55 No.144842

File: 1525264407895-0.png (1.13 MB, 900x1271, __hinomoto_oniko_original_….png)

File: 1525264407895-1.jpg (1.53 MB, 1100x1553, __io_euclase_and_sophia_gr….jpg)

File: 1525264407895-2.jpg (488.76 KB, 900x1197, __korwa_granblue_fantasy_d….jpg)

File: 1525264407895-3.png (292.54 KB, 1137x1247, __original_drawn_by_asanag….png)

File: 1525264407895-4.png (1011.59 KB, 1100x1553, __astolfo_fate_apocrypha_a….png)

Picture material including various characters drawn by the Hentai Artist Asanagi Fatalpulse.

So, IBS is dead. Dead like a horse. But not really. it just shifted hosts and shambles on while the meat of its last incarnation is being chopped up. theres still hope though, if you want to call it that.

For those of you that have missed the Ice Poseidon Arrest Stream or did not watch it yet, heres a quick rundown on the character and event.

Bogpill on Ice + Drama

>Ice Poseidon is a former twitch streamer

>claims to not be a jew but looks a hell of a lot like one
>got repeatedly banned from twitch, now seemingly permanent
>now Youtube Streamer
>500k subscribers on jewtube and a subreddit
>derailed normie tier shit humor
>does IRL Streaming
>got accused by Andy Warski for being a drug dealer
>likes to invite dumb whores on his stream for his buddies to fuck with
>2 days ago he invites baked alaska and 2 thots
>Baked is one of his buttbuddies since he burned his channel down
>Corinn Esque, one of the thots, is a 50 year old attention whore from Beverly hills
>has the IQ and attention span of a gold fish
>((("""radical american feminist""")))
>one of the thots gets put in a straight jacket in a backroom
>Ices men are setting up her youtube channel with text to speech donations so she can earn extra money
>Corinn gets jealous of the attention and money
>people start yelling
>Baked Alaska comments how he thought this was all a scripted act when the situation grew from bad to worse
>Corinn goes in the backroom, start yelling "wahmen abuse"
>gets told to leave several times by the house owner Ice, refuses to
>Corinn gets handcuffed and wants to call police
>Ice lost the keys to the handcuffs
>a last ditch attempt is made to mend the situation, fails because ice does not cuck to the thottery and corinn is dense as a brick
>Corinn eventually leaves disavowing Ice
>Baked alaska films how Ice steals Corinns Ipad
>Corin has a meltdown in a cab drivers car and goes nukular
>Thot calls the LA police 5 times in a row, accuses Ice of abuse, theft, and harboring illegal weapons and drugs
>Repeats Ice's IRL name and real adress several times
>repeatdly requests her stream watchers to SWAT the adress unironically
>gives out her own phone numbers and gets called 100s of times, her phone eventually breaks
>police comes on scenes, Corinn is in full damage control bulshitting them with her 1 digit feminist thot IQ
>Police enters Ices house
>Ice has to ask his viewers for providing video evidence so he doesnt get arrested
>they do
>the evidence is played live in front of the cops on scenes
>"Context Matters."
>the "evidence" is so bad and unconvince that the cops are not buying any of it
>Ice gets unironically arrested for Thot Patrolling his own house
>Stream has to be ended abruptly
>Jim makes a surprise morning stream about this with 10.000+ watchers and 100k + views
>Corinn is not thotting on youtube, her videos have 90%+ Dislike ratio taking live phone calls
>Ice is later released and is now streaming with Erin of Troy


>Metokur’s Stream inspires Vigilante - Ice Poseidon

11 Minute Highlight Clip from Tea Clips. an IRL Troll Confronts Ice Poseidon in person at a Labour Day Rally, asking the hard questions. including evidence of the ipod theft, Ice being a drug dealer/addict and if Ice is an ethnic jew.

>EmptyHero & Fwends Live 4/27/18 with the Bad Guys, KoP, and CRIMINALS! from April 27th

4 hour stream of Smegmaking/EmptyHero and a variety of different quests who are tangetially related to Dominic Vanner aka BritbongReturns/ManlyTears. Topics are mostly related to current /cow/ drama and IBS. Recommended for watch.

>TheRalphRetort - #Killstream: Corinn Esque LIVE, Ice Poseidon Stream Review (5/1/2018)

Reupload of a nuked Ralph Stream about the Ice Poseidon Drama, 2h20min long. The Eternal Gmilf Thot joins in at around 1h54min




>"Bro put down the gun, I know you're upset but context matters."



>Now she's talking about how she was whored out to streamers associated with ICE. She is trying to burn everything down.



>"You're a dumpster fire. I like watching you burn." lmfao



>"Ice Poseidon is a zero, a nobody, he has no fame, nobody knows who he is." If that's true Corrin why were you hanging around him like a fly on shit begging for attention and camera time? This lady is nuts.

dfa55 No.144843

File: 1525264458483-0.jpg (87.42 KB, 851x475, actual streamception ice p….jpg)

File: 1525264458483-1.jpg (37.52 KB, 640x447, corinn esque ice poseidon ….jpg)

File: 1525264458483-2.jpg (44.89 KB, 670x462, erin ice poseidon trainwre….jpg)

File: 1525264458483-3.jpg (98.15 KB, 873x660, erin ice poseidon trainwre….jpg)

File: 1525264458483-4.jpg (52.1 KB, 774x461, where is the ipad jew ice ….jpg)

2280a No.144851

I've liked metokur for a while. He's internet savy , roasts and toasts people but also does his own thing and doesn't care what others think. He was never political so i don't think it matters if he's a fence sitter. He's like the jester, shitting on everyone.
But if you haven't watched him much I'd recommend his earlier videos, he used to do a lot about Tumblr shit and other communities rather than e celebs.

26a2b No.144877

he has political views and has talked about them, it just doesn't come up a lot because he's not an activist and it's not what he's really interested in

28c7c No.144911

The Godwinson video about Jimquisition just got shoa'd for 'bullying,' top snek.

dfa55 No.145004

File: 1525346227491-0.jpg (1.76 MB, 1488x1700, __de_chan_original_the_eld….jpg)

File: 1525346227491-1.jpg (1.95 MB, 2000x1777, __dolly_sennen_sensou_aigi….jpg)

File: 1525346227491-2.jpg (309.41 KB, 822x950, __leifang_law_kanpani_girl….jpg)

File: 1525346227491-3.jpg (373.37 KB, 1000x923, __minori_senran_kagura_and….jpg)

File: 1525346227491-4.jpg (1.2 MB, 1500x1184, __spica_sennen_sensou_aigi….jpg)

Image material featureing a variety of characters drawn by the Hentai artist Lolicept.

Not all Battles for supremacy are fought between people. Sometimes They are fought between beasts in an ethereal plane. Today I will present you something that has long been awaited by the Detractor Community. A 3 Year Legacy of Grudge, Failure and Public Humiliation.

Phillip William "Darksyde" Burnell VS Ludwig "the Accursed" of Yharnam.

DSP has a history of being bad at video games. But few have demolished his reputation, pride and income as Hard as the First Knight of the Healing Church. Phil initially confronted this legendary adversay in 2015 in the infamous game Bloodborne. He was foolish enough trying to best him on a hrder difficulty (for a lack of a better option) and paid dearly for it. Hardly has one ever seen a professional Video Game stream so utterly destroyed, no less someone with 7 (now 10) years of experience at the time.

Today you can pay witness to this historical event, where a man tries to win his broken ego back, stolen by one of Japans most cruel machinations.


>DSPGaming vs Ludwig

The Re-match of the Old Hunters DLC on NG0 in 2018. 30 Minute Highlight clip provided by Memology101

>This Is How You DON'T Play Bloodborne: The Old Hunters (0utsyder Edition)

2 hour highlight video of the Original Fight from 2015 made by the 0utsyder, which was also covered by Jim in a Stream around the same time.

>Mister Metokur Goes On Ice Poseidon's Stream and Talks With Baked Alaska

30 minute highlight clip from Swedish Mate. Jim, Ice, Baked and Ice's Manager have a Skype conference.
Includes Ice spastically freaking out several times for seemingly no reason (other than maybe his cocaine addiction) and people snorting cocaine live in his house around the 17 minute mark.




WeWuzMetokur Retweeted weebgun

>He'll figure it out for himself. Baked has been thrown out of so many communities by this point he's become an internet gypsy traveling from place to place trying to park his caravan and getting trash thrown at him.

>lol, I'm not attacking Poseidon. Just watching the shitshow that occurs when Baked shows up. The man is like a nuclear trashfire.

9f2a6 No.145006

File: 1525346968202.png (314.29 KB, 700x462, 0d8f4c766df74f5a300685443d….png)

dfa55 No.145013

File: 1525350930746.png (719.27 KB, 1106x624, DSP VS LUDWIG Promo Poster.png)


>2015 Jim Stream on the Ludwig Bout

Starts at about 17 minutes, ends at about 45 Minutes.

9f2a6 No.145014

File: 1525351651553.jpg (16.93 KB, 418x405, 0faf9bad2f5e569b6b9249bfb0….jpg)

I will be reuploading stuff from both harmful opinions and Godwinson and changing the video names with underscores to avoid detection while also having a backup on my hard drive. recommend me some stuff that might be good for having an archive off (mostly shit that will get taken down by the (((Skeptics))) ) and ill save it.

>inb4 why not mister metokur

He has a big enough following that there would be quite a bit of outrage if he went 404. and from what I can see he has about 4 others clipping/archiving his stuff. Ill focus more on the smaller channels that (((they))) keep going after

See above

dfa55 No.145016


when it comes to archivers, i recall jim at least having 2 and harmful having one. i think godwinson does not have one reupload channel yet, just people who randomly reupload. Jim probably wont need much more support than he already has. if his channel disappears there will be dozens of people mirroring his stuff.

i used to watch a lot of harmfuls videos since about early 2016 when i lost touch with him. that was about the time when his second channel was nuked. if you plan to reupload more highlithed HO videos i would recommend the Candid Saga and the stream he did with TLDR. After all, most of the skeptics backing Candid are still on NDA for at least 2 years. And Corruption never goes away if you dont burn it out. I have a particular belief that Godwinson might be a force to be reckoned with in the future so pretty much all of his lolcow exposés are worth a documentation.

9f2a6 No.145017

HO is now posting his shit on patreon/vimeo. Ill be archiving that

28c7c No.145072

Do A archive channel for MustacheMatt, poor guy gets shoa'd daily by the ADL just because he is a small target.
>a gypsy looking for a place to park his caravan
>getting trash thrown at him on every turn
Baked is the Trixie of real life except Trixie is cute, lovable, charismatic, charming, great and a magician -not gypsy.

9488f No.145077

File: 1525384623155.png (534.56 KB, 1280x1920, 1524174139663.png)

>pic related

976d4 No.145100

File: 1525385905122-0.png (1.52 MB, 2518x1024, 2a498b35d17c457eefc9241b41….png)

>why not mister metokur

7ff0e No.145282

File: 1525457097305.jpg (80.85 KB, 894x894, coughing merchant.jpg)

Not bloodsports related but something that could result in drama - Gamer From Mars exposes that Ethan Klien is probably loaded, estimating that his kikey podcast could potentially be making about 100 grand per episode despite how they're always crying the poormouth.


H3h3 fanboys are losing their minds, posting things like

>o-okay but why would you make this?

>who cares how much he makes >:L

It's pretty funny because I fucking hate Ethan Klien. I always knew he was a fucking liar and cheat.

dfa55 No.145287

File: 1525457880465.jpg (100.88 KB, 808x1024, gassed dot com.jpg)


i never watched Ethan Klein and his ugly wife, i blacklisted them immediately the second i learned both of them are jews from Israel. I am not surprised this faggot is somehow involved into a financial scam, i would have been surprised if he wasnt.

Gamer From Mars is one of the most generic Content creators on Youtube and as far as i can remember neither a political nor a drama channel. I suspect he will fail to bring the hammer down on this jew and actually manage to damage his bottom line or reputation. I do hope for the opposite though. I dont think he will find his way in an IBS stream (he has too much of a stick up his ass for that) but good find.

7ff0e No.145293

yeah GFM even said himself he's not bring it up out of malicious intent but you never know who else will pick it up. My greatest dream is a Content Cop or Metokur video on Klien, but I know he's always been really chummy with Idubbbz and I'm not sure Metokur even follows his antics.

01bfe No.145399

As a Payday 2 fan the whole H3 character pack convinced me that his jewishness was no coincidence. Come on man. You seriously convinced them to give you charity for the court case based on players buying it? And of course it had to be RIGHT after the promise of no more paid DLC in PD2, fucking of course.

Fuck you Ethan, you unfunny, degenerate e-celeb kike. Go fuck your braindead invalid girlfriend. Or better yet let her get fucked by Casey Neistat.

7ff0e No.145423

of fuck don't even remind me of that shit. Looked cringy as fuck.

903ad No.145431

It is cringe. Character models are disproportionate (most recognizable on Hila's Treblinka-diet frame being clearly based on other heisters). The airbow is a straight upgrade to the light crossbow, the two-handed yardstick is another melee nobody likes with animations ripped straight from the zweihander, the vape perk deck is basically Gambler but onl works when you play in pairs and heals way slower, Hila's lines have no character behind them, Ethan's lines are just the same as his videos but without the context or straight-man parts, and JESUS CHRIST SHILL YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA A LITTLE HARDER!

Fuck H3 Character Pack, even more than the Alesso Heist.

c5884 No.145445

How did this shit even happen? How did he get his own dlc pack in a fucking game? This man is a total jew and people don't even see it, he already showed his colors when back in 2016 he voted for hillary while spewing "yeah guys, sjws are so outrageous and crazy now lets vote for the candidate that they want in lol". The bad thing is he won't be exposed since he is best buddies with the youtubers that would expose his jew tricks.

c26f0 No.145446

Some autismo should gather up all this information and send it to Jim.

903ad No.145450


7ff0e No.145453

File: 1525491941297.jpg (55.37 KB, 1280x720, faggot.jpg)

I'm some autismo but I don't have a twitter or anything. Ethan Klien has also:

>admitted to selling drugs at one point

>ripped off Sam Hyde
>threw another fag under the bus some time ago that basically made the same content as him over an autistic kid
>tried to cash in on Pewdiepie's nigger incident and when he was called out on being a hypocrite by Keem he went on a drunken rant during a soyboy pizza party
>also tried to screw Jon Tron at the same time
>when he came back to Youtube after this he got a dog obviously to lighten his image
>Is such a fuck up that he tried to "expose" the wallstreet journal for faking screenshots once during the ad crisis but it turned out they weren't

I'm almost sure I forgot something but he's completely fucking retarded.

people worship the cocksucker for some reason. I have no idea why.

c5884 No.145456

File: 1525492641977-0.jpg (67.91 KB, 607x609, 7567583453.jpg)

File: 1525492641977-1.jpg (71.57 KB, 596x659, 12397453785.jpg)

File: 1525492641977-2.png (1.3 MB, 633x1055, 1484469262162.png)

>ripped off Sam Hyde

This fucker knows not who he fucks with but he will soon know. but will he get away with it again?

8acec No.145504

>not shit
top kek


903ad No.145505

For further info on this, Harmful Opinions delivered during the Leafy controversy fuckin' forever ago.

Ethan's so slimy, it makes even the Happy Merchant meme seem tame

dfa55 No.145535

File: 1525516555697-0.jpg (820.86 KB, 3184x2139, __lady_maria_of_the_astral….jpg)

File: 1525516555697-1.jpg (3.65 MB, 5000x4017, __lady_maria_of_the_astral….jpg)

File: 1525516555697-2.jpg (1.09 MB, 1244x2139, __lady_maria_of_the_astral….jpg)

File: 1525516555697-3.jpg (1.48 MB, 1480x2093, __lady_maria_of_the_astral….jpg)

File: 1525516555697-4.png (1.03 MB, 646x1024, __lady_maria_of_the_astral….png)

Image material featureing the Huntress Lady Maria from Bloodborne.

A small Update for the past 2 days. Jim's "Wings of Redemption" video IS STILL NOT RELEASED as of the writing of this post. Hope it will be out this weekend. Baked Alaska has seemingly been banned from Ice Poseidon based on Fake News, which is poetic Irony. After betraying his own Fanbase trying to thought police them based on Neomarxism, he now gets culled by the bigger fish for the very same thing. Not saying Ice is a good guy, i quite despite him, but i think Baked is now also professionally done as far as his alternative connections in LA are concerned.

I would have Included a clip from an Empty Hero Stream from yesterday here where he failed spectacularyly in Dark Souls 2 for over an hour to the degree where he made DSP look good, but sadly Empty decided to be a cunt and deleted the video.


>/byr/ male body rights

2,5 hour Backyard Bloodsport stream with the radical Anti-Circumsicion Activist Gregory Malchuk. If you care about Jewish Agenda in medicine or are a victim of Penis mutilation yourself, consider a watch.

>Erin hasn’t been paid & Baked Alaska banned from Ice Poseidon Streams?

12 Minute highlight clip from TeaClips. Ice Poseidon Disavows Baked Alaska based on fake news for being "toxic" for his brand. Ice is quite the scam artist. Takes one to know one i guess.

>#Killstream: Andy Warski On Returning to Youtube Without JF (5-3-18)

15 Minute highlight clip from American Pride, Warski returns after 1 week emergency break to announce his new stream format of impending doom. Warski lost over 3.000 subscribers so far and continues to roll downhill.

Here are some comments from the same video.

The Fat man
>Omg get over it Andy. JF has moved on and is killing it.

John Galt
>Andy's week of "hard work on his new show" ended up amounting to hiring graphics designers and making an intro. This is a brilliant idea as we all know that the most important thing for a radio show is the graphics!!!!
And yet people have the nerve to call him "low IQ"!!

>I think Andy is handling the JF thing very maturely, but I also think he’s done. I could be wrong, but I don’t think he’s a very interesting commentator or “entertainer.” What will his shtick be?

TsundereRaven (TLDR)
Andy can't get over the fact that the split had nothing to do with creative differences, it was about not being ethical in representing the position of your own guest.

You walked back on your admission to fault, and you thought you could get out of it by shaming JF for criticizing kumite for having such an influence on you. The split was bullshit Andy, bullshit because all you had to do is nut up and be a man about the shit you did wrong.

The truth is you lacked a spine, you lacked direction,you lacked the humility and frankly the comprehension to understand JFs ethical concerns and his responsibility. If anything JF was trying to save you.

I hope to be pleasantly suprised and you prove me wrong, but I doubt your new show will be anything special and if it is it sure as hell won't be consistent with you managing it's direction. You lack the discipline and organization that JF had. He was your backbone. You were just a cool personality that clashed with his in such a way that it created a pleasant sweet and salty dynamic.

You threw that away Andy, and I think you'll regret it after a while when it really seeps in.


Peter Peterson
>I won't watch

robert white
>17 hours ago
I feel like Andy is setting himself up for a huge disappointment.




>"I don't research anything about the people I represent." - Scruff Steve Jobs, Manager of Ice Poseidon (and briefly, Baked Alaska)

>Well I know who I'm calling if I ever need a manager.



>He got hoisted by his own petard; it's funny as shit. This is a guy that kept telling Ice he wanted to get rid of racism and antisemitism in his chat and told him "fuck nazis" and now he is getting banned for the same thing he was banning people for.


Vicious Kanid

>So did Ice Poseidon kick baked out of his group? Was the manager also behind the coke deals?


>Yeah Baked is gone now and the manager apologized for bringing him around.

28c7c No.145538

File: 1525520641733.jpg (95.64 KB, 1280x720, ruthless.jpg)

>never watched
>ugly wife
>blacklisted them the second I learned both of them are jews
Based IBS Kraut is double-based.
Be fucking ruthless boi.

976d4 No.145550

Andy's new show is pretty interesting, maybe it's the contract but andy got more redpilled than I expected https://youtu.be/u-neqYTzkiM

7a72b No.145557

>also tried to screw Jon Tron at the same time

When did that happen? I thought they were friends.

da3f3 No.145606

File: 1525553915555.gif (116.1 KB, 275x200, 1500407199095.gif)

Its not my cup of tea, I am sure he will attract a large enough crowd of low IQ semi-normies to keep himself going for at least a little while though. Andy lacks direction, self-motivation, and self-discipline which are fatal flaws when it comes to self-employment and trying to monetize creative ventures. I have moved over to JF's show as he has none of those flaws and knows it is about providing consistent quality content over trying to appease everyone and achieving the highest subscriber and view count possible. I wish Andy luck but I won't be viewing his content any longer.

9d3e7 No.145634

I agree with all of your criticisms about Andy, but also think that your praise of JF is misplaced.

JF is an egoist who is very quick to burn his bridges with people who don't appease his sense of self, and places all too much emphasis on ingratiating himself with semi-attractive females on the alt-right. This makes him fairly unlikable to a growing number of people like myself, who think that people who try to use the Internet to play egotistic power games are cancer to any movement and especially one like ours. I like what he has to say, but don't like him enough to spend my free time putting up with him.

JF does have plenty to offer from his background and his willingness/ability to discuss more in-depth topics, but has demonstrated himself to be unreliable in certain general cases like when you put some pussy in front of his face. Unless his pressuring of Andy to take Erin onto an episode and beta-orbiting her throughout the segment was just some sort of prank, it's clear why he's selecting the sorts of guests/co-hosts he is for his show.

To compare the two, I think that while JF has good content to offer, the way he conducts himself within a community and over (not within) his own community means his engagement will probably drop over time as he burns more bridges. He's just plain bad at making his viewers feel like their input matters, and makes it clear that it doesn't by having his mods slam the hammer on anyone who disagrees with him in his chat.

Andy's the opposite in that while he's still working out his organizational ability and content quality (which ranges from meh to excellent), he's shown himself to be a genuine person who has a very good sense of holding a community together and making guests/community members trust him enough to provide contributions. He encourages very open dialogue on all channels, which has been the main appeal of Warski Live for over 5 months now. Though Andy is naive, as demonstrated by the whole thing with (((Tonka))) and (((Failure))) and (((Blacked Alaska))) trying to manipulate him, it kind of speaks volumes when you have someone like MisterMetokur even speculating on his most second-to-most-recent Metocast that Andy wouldn't turn on his fans after the reboot (which he clearly didn't).

9d3e7 No.145640

I'd like to add that I've also been following the whole saga going from the Ralph/Cantwell crisis. So yeah, Andy has made some pretty bad mistakes, but they mostly seem to be due to him losing his composure or being manipulated by the (((Kike-mite))) parasites trying to make a quick buck by having him around.

So I'll take back what I just said about Andy being very good at holding a community together. I think it's honestly because he's a semi-normie who's taken the red-pill, that there's so much interest in seeing where it goes.

7ff0e No.145644

File: 1525571793256.jpg (84.02 KB, 585x768, Vlh2P9-gzTmLvwnSUYm7qU1F3c….jpg)

He was also friends with leafy and Pewdiepie too, that didn't stop him. Don't remember what it was about but it was around the same time as the Pewdiepie nigger thing.

dfa55 No.145702

File: 1525606457819.png (1.94 MB, 1300x1780, __android_21_and_majin_and….png)

BYBS Stream


Leo Pirate as guest.

They talk about Andys rebooted show (where he disavowed racists and anti-semites), the cuckening of Star Wars, Controlled Opposition/Troll Shielding in degenerate Alt Right Leaders and Loli Nationalism.

976d4 No.145704

I watched andy's new show and he definitely didn't he was arguing in favor of the alt-right and getting mad at Chris Warski for not understanding ethno nationalism

9d3e7 No.145711

>Andy disavowed racists and anti-semites

I watched a good amount of the new stream, and I watched the beginning and end of it. In-between was pretty meh so maybe I missed something? But Andy was practically frothing at the mouth when his co-host wouldn't argue fairly with him about ethno-nationalism and whatnot.

dfa55 No.145715

File: 1525623432498.jpg (3.14 MB, 2508x3547, __android_21_and_majin_and….jpg)


Schlep 🌶️

>Where is the video?


WeWuzMetokur Retweeted Schlep 🌶️

>Tonight; tomorrow at the latest. It's been a wild few weeks with all the different shit going down. It's been hard to keep up with all the trainwrecks taking place simultaneously.


I have in fact not watched a video or Warski stream for a while (including his contorversial reboot from a few days ago), but i trust the people at BYBS enough to not make baseless asummptions out of thin air.

9d3e7 No.145731

Yeah, I'll need to go through the full Warski reboot and see if he says anything. But he even flaunted his redpilled nature as a joking point in the intro (because his co-host was last around when Warski was just a pro-Trump entertainer).

I'll watch BYBS and the reboot to see what the heck is going on.

7ff0e No.146142

I heard Andy pulled a Baked tonight and had a couple niggers on his stream, rage quit and deleted it. Is that true?

29bd0 No.146181

File: 1525847776306.jpg (16.35 KB, 400x400, 16+-+1.cf.jpg)

The video has been released and boy is it a fucking ride.

89cd9 No.146183

File: 1525849957227.png (396.28 KB, 881x613, 1525838958126.png)

29bd0 No.146185

Top fucking kek

7ff0e No.146210

File: 1525879060243.png (513.54 KB, 750x750, 1525143770701.png)

976d4 No.146377

File: 1525963474882.jpg (56.98 KB, 489x540, 1459644170927.jpg)

so andy is having a pretty spectacular breakdown and there's clips of it

on the ralph retort: https://youtu.be/WN6VdlnvylI

on the kumite: https://youtu.be/HTGkjTdsweU

vs the kumite chat: https://youtu.be/9Qfm7G_v6dU

with JF: https://youtu.be/F6V7dcWQs20

vs his girlfriend: https://youtu.be/y7bWUHY65AQ

with asian andy: https://youtu.be/25PsU0YgMQc

3e515 No.146550

File: 1526017629507.jpg (1.24 MB, 1864x2612, 1525458085752.jpg)

I hate to say it, but I think Warski is done for. It's pretty clear that TonkaWarsaw and Failure were planning to leech off of Warski since the first JF breakup, and now they've fully succeeded in getting the largest possible platform to leech off of.

Andy really could have revived his show if he had talked to the right folks and let them yell at each other. Just like Spencer v. Sargon v. Styx, all he had to do (as Metokur has said many times) is sit back and let people throw money at him. Really? What the fuck?

Bloodsports are, for the time being, dead I think. Fuck the Jewmite and the inbred 56% face goblins running it.

903ad No.146692

Listened to it all now, and honestly, while I still think Andy's a basic bitch youtuber at times, he doesn't seem like he's dying. Seems like just a rough patch.

At the same time, I think I speak for most of the audience when I say JF > Andy in the end and the Pooblic Spayz is looking great.

29bd0 No.146736

Sounds like andy "the walking holocaust" warski might have done to much cocaine.

976d4 No.147534

so andy and the kumite finally pulled it together and hosted a good bloodsports with Amos Yee on, Jim showed up and everything


241f9 No.147577

pedophile ricenigger needs to hang

29bd0 No.147653

I thought amos was a troll.

dfa55 No.147784

File: 1526660235267-0.jpg (2.48 MB, 1500x2121, __tanya_degurechaff_and_vi….jpg)

File: 1526660235267-1.png (2.54 MB, 1191x1684, __tanya_degurechaff_youjo_….png)

File: 1526660235267-2.jpg (726.37 KB, 707x1000, __tanya_degurechaff_youjo_….jpg)

File: 1526660235267-3.jpg (82.54 KB, 480x888, __kirima_sharo_and_tanya_d….jpg)

File: 1526660235267-4.jpg (858.49 KB, 1047x1500, __tanya_degurechaff_strike….jpg)

Part I Update

Picture Material related to Tanya Deguechafffrom the Anime "War Chronicles of a little girl" aka Youjo Senki.

First off, I want to apologize for the lack of thread update. I was bound to other obligiations and had no time to either follow Internet Drama in General nor much of an opportunity to report on it. Don't get your hopes up though, with what I have to report you will also understand that this might be one of my last Updates to come here. But no time for tears now. I have quite some ground to cover. Lets get roid into the noose!


Maddox, the Former Co-host of the Dick show, lost his infamous 20 Million "Hurt Feels" Lolsuit against his former employer and friend Dick Masterson.


Peen Weinerstein

>Who has two thumbs a head full of acid and just made $380 million dollars. MADDOX LOST

Background lore on the lolsuit by Internet Lawyer French

Maddox Lost

Jims video on lolsuits



Short Fat Otaku, a left leaning sargonite from Gamergate, starts a feude with Jim, talks shit about him, invites him to his stream ON AIR on Friday and runs away like a coward, turning himself into the FNGR of the current year.



>"I'm running away", The liberalist cries out in pain as he strikes you.

>They literally set up a time and date at the end of their stream. He is now running away from the thing he set up.

>ShortFatOtaku runs from Mister Metokur Showdown

10 Minute video from Thomas Ellington



A New locow star is rising on dark skies of the Internet:

Enter Phillip Reisenbauer, better known under his Internet Alias Inspector Heavy the Squid.
Heavy, as he is usally called, is a mildly retarded morbidly obese 26 year old manchild from Austria. Speculated to suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome & Liberal Trump Hater with the attitude of a Demagogue. Think of a low key Chris Chan who attempts to be the next SMG4, but without the humor or talent and add Pedophilia. He seems to have a tendency to not only poorly cover his tracks, but also trying a bad comeback.

Former TF2 NOW Professional Splatoon Player, Gmod Pooptuber, Erotic Rolesplay Enthusiast and charmer of teenage girls, and Childrens Entertainer with his GMOD puppetshows with formerly 40.000+ subscribers. He even roleplays depression. *shivers*

2 Videos from MediExcalibur2012, which i highly recommend for watch.

>To Catch a Squid - A WARNING about Heavy the Squid / Inspector Heavy - Act I

>Heavy the Squid SNEAKS BACK IN?! - The Destruction and Aftermath - Act II



>I wonder how many of these have been leaked. Every one of them is funnier than the last.

>Lucky girl, she gets to see this staring at her every morning. No wonder she ran for the fucking hills.
>Looks like he burned down all his accounts already. Not surprising with the numerous exposed videos with his name attached. It'll be interesting to see if he pops back up again in a month or completely fucks off from online shit.


Part II coming soon!

dfa55 No.147785

File: 1526660275149-0.mp4 (1.16 MB, 360x640, Dick wins against Maddox.mp4)

File: 1526660275149-1.jpg (130.17 KB, 1280x720, Heavy the Squid busted.jpg)

File: 1526660275149-2.jpg (14.88 KB, 436x470, Phillip Reisenbauer Bath C….jpg)

File: 1526660275149-3.mp4 (1.46 MB, 640x360, SFO coward.mp4)

File: 1526660275150-4.jpg (136.81 KB, 1280x720, Short Fat Creatura.jpg)

dfa55 No.147798

File: 1526668559624-0.mp4 (419.6 KB, 640x360, No Mercy Sir.mp4)

File: 1526668559624-1.png (1.01 MB, 1600x900, BYBY VS KUMITE VS WARSKI L….png)

File: 1526668559624-2.jpg (266.61 KB, 850x1202, __female_gunner_and_maria_….jpg)



Backyard Bloodsports VS The Kumite VS Warski Live VS The Ralph Retort



>This Sunday prepare your popcorn.

20.000 watches on twitter, 120 notes, 180 retweets and 980 likes.


6 Minute JQ Video from American Pride that got hounded by the Jewtube Thoughtcrime police.



Flash News

- Andy Warskis new Show is a failure, the new episodes get miserable ratings, Fans are leaving in drobers. Andy already lost over 5.000 Subscribers since April. Several Streams have been deleted out of rage and shame, like the mention Nigger cuck double feature.

>JF Is Still BTFOing Andy Warski



- Jim got himself into a feude with several agents from Backyard Bloodsports and got repeatedly accused of Trollshielding the Kumite, hyprocrisy, selling out and being a leddit tier e-celeb. Jim attempted to retaliatethe accusations, to little avail. These Attacks finally culminated in Jim announcing the IBS Battle Royale this sundar and will likely be a big subject on stream.

On a sidenote, BYBS/BYR was recently hosting several 2+ hour long streams about Israel, the JQ and the second world war. Aside from the fact that they seemingly associoate with Bryan Dunn aka King of /pol/ i do consider them one of the more trustworthy factions on IBS, with their roots being in Chan culture. Consider a look.



- Low IQ-umite is the new snakenest,harboring the brown people ledditors. Failure coup succeeded. Due to the terrible absolute state of Warski live, Andy saw himself forced to Conjoin the shows. Warski Live is now the host to the Kumite patasite.


- Darksydephil once again ended being the pig chased through the streets. 🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷
After a blanket statement before his May Staycation "That all people on twitch with early (review) copies of games are paid shills…" a significant shitstorm brew that spiraled the professional manchild sphere into immense butthurt that still goes on as of the time of this writing.

>36 Minute Coverage Video from Snort Burnell


Jordie Jordan aka Wings of Redemption (That Obese Redneck incarnation of Cartman Jim made his latest video about) now is phased with a new gut punch. People are now legally re-streaming his channel on youtube with uncensored chat. His viewer attendance and donations are plummeting as we speak. For more uncensored WOR Restreams consider subscribers to "Jordie Jordan - Professional E-Begger", Who will now server as a public Stream Archive.

"Look here *bans people from chat I fucking hate Call of Duty *throws controller It ruined my life *sniffs fingers And these god damn trolls *falls out of chair Won't stop fucking with me *sobs uncontrollably" - Jim on Twitter

Restream Highlight Video from Lord of the Wings


Erin of Troy, aka the dumb Crack thot that destroyed Baked Alaska career, streamed herself Masturbating on a Camwhore site while drunk. She proceeded to stink her fingers into her vagina, pulled something indescribable out of it and proceeded to Sniff her fingers.



>The entire thing is up on Vimeo and someone threw up a download link though I don't know why you'd want this permanently on your computer. (DISGUST WARNING) (btw last time i checked, you can also find some leftover heavy the Squid videos on vimeo if you want to watch those, although i dont know why you wanted to…)



This concludes my coverages of Part II of the Greater IBS Cinematic Universe Drama for the past ~2 weeks.

I for one can not say if and what will happen this Sunday, but it might turn out to be something of great significance that will (at least in part) determine the future of this entertainment branch and with it, my personal coverage of the subject. I hope you found these posts to be as Informative as Entertaining and that you will enjoy this possible last big sacrifice to Khorne. Good Fortune to us all. (^._.^)/)

dfa55 No.147799

File: 1526669223104.jpg (1.03 MB, 875x1225, __tanya_degurechaff_youjo_….jpg)

Some video i forgot to link in the Kumite section of the flash news. I recommend a watch.

The End of the Kumite | Halsey English, TPS #16

JF's new IBS show, The Public space. Guest is Halsey English, A self-admitted radical Zionist Jew. (got got deplatformed for advertising a nuke on Mecca)

Jean-Francios and Halsey Talk about the future of the IBS brand & the failure of the Kumite among other things.

dfa55 No.147802

File: 1526669901110.jpg (3.38 MB, 1675x2749, __tanya_degurechaff_youjo_….jpg)



Jim exposed Anus Yee as a Troll during a recent Warski Kumite. I find it highly egregious that Jim attended this stream in the first place (which reinforces the allegations of trollshielding in favour of this group) but sadly he did. And what we got was this.

29bd0 No.147832

File: 1526695330027.png (129.17 KB, 512x600, really_makes_you_think.png)

Hmmm really makes you think, its almost like everyone in Hollywood is a different race then us.

903ad No.147836

File: 1526697105207.jpg (254.75 KB, 974x928, THEY KNOW.jpg)

Pff, are you - pffwhaaaaat? Naaawwwwwwwwwww.

[Puts on mask to cover a massive nose, tears down Israeli flag and places it back up on a part of the wall outside the camera]

Now that - that's absurd. Don't be silly.

976d4 No.147839

>On a sidenote, BYBS/BYR was recently hosting several 2+ hour long streams about Israel, the JQ and the second world war. Aside from the fact that they seemingly associoate with Bryan Dunn aka King of /pol/ i do consider them one of the more trustworthy factions on IBS, with their roots being in Chan culture. Consider a look.

they're just a horde of 56%er /pol/ larpers

976d4 No.147840

how is going on their stream trollshielding in any way? do you even know what that term means?

dfa55 No.147865

File: 1526719508831.jpg (1.84 MB, 1815x2662, __tanya_degurechaff_youjo_….jpg)


I have learned to despise the Kumite and all people associated with it. The overinflated egos, the manipulation, the newfaggotry, the creatura supremacy, the retarded audience.

I was never a big fan of this program and only accustomed to watching it to keep up with the content. now that this format is dying and they are corpsegrinding with warski, there is no need to hold that back.


Here is the best result i could find for Trollshielding. An ED Article written in Mid 2015, unedited ever since. Jim was the person who introduced me to the concept of trollshielding in the first place and i have developed a lense for this phenomenon ever since. I do however not fully agree with the ED definition of it, i think the meaning can be applied a little broader since it is essentially a minor form of social engineering. Trollshielding happens on MLPOL too, mind you. Some of The mods are engaged in it.

To a degree, Trollshielding is the selfish opposite of A-Logging, which is common in the lolcow scene. People with certain interest or agendas engage in protectionism of certain inidviduals or groups in a secluded community, for one reason or another. Often this interest is egoistical. The Enabler trollshields a group of people from bad influence or exposure in an attempt to save his own skin from criticism or attention. It is, if you will, a tool for preemptive damage control. You make people not go ballistic on others similar to youself to make your own likes look better and less open for attacks.

And this fits Jim like an ass on a bucket. The Kumite was and is being trollshielded, by several groups. Sadly Jim happens to be the most influential one. If he would not do that i am pretty sure the Kumite would have already been burned to the ground and got its earth salted weeks ago. Jim got his hands a little too bloody with this IBS business and it seems he has some dirt to hide. The Kumite may not have been his "fwiends", but they have been his henchmen.

dfa55 No.147868

File: 1526724700040.png (1010.58 KB, 1366x816, Royal Family England Weddi….png)

Also looks at these aritocratic lolcows how they try to shield themselves of from the filthy common peasants watchting them.

No Chat, No Likebar, No comments. The Ultimate E-celeb hugbox.


976d4 No.147874

>And this fits Jim like an ass on a bucket. The Kumite was and is being trollshielded
no it doesn't you fucking brainlet, you just don't understand the term. When has Metokur ever asked or prevented anyone from trolling the kumite? Just because he doesn't happen to make fun of them much himself it doesn't mean he's protecting them. The thought that Jim's mere presence alone protects them is the most pathetic hero worship I've ever heard, jim isn't your personal hero and you can still make fun of people even if he doesn't happen to dislike them. He also has no obligation to dislike the people you dislike or see any person or situation the same way you do. Lurk more newfag.

976d4 No.147875

for fucks sake the man is literally hosting a stream explictly so that people can criticise the bloodsports community to it's face
>I had complaints brought up to me along with the point that the people involved don't get a fair chance to say them. So I offered to let them air their grievances. I also offered the chance to the people accused of shit to be there to answer to it.
tell me again how he's trollshielding?

dfa55 No.147887

File: 1526747952650.png (868.03 KB, 1528x740, the best line in EYE Cyber….png)


First of all, I'd like to state that I fully stand by what i said prior to your responses. Mister Metokur is engaging in trollshielding, and a number of addtional people because of his actions. In part to protect people in his relative proximity but mostly to protect himself and his "brand". Jim never wanted to be a leader, but ironically enough he is now almost as much related to this mini-industry like Sargon is related to the Liberalist Movement.

The very fact that the Battle Royal Stream this sunday is happening AT ALL can largely be attributed to BYBS, who kept exposing Jim for his favouritism among the IBS League. This stream is an effort on Jims side to wash himself free of the accusations. Will that be enough to prove his neutrality? I don't know, we shall see i guess.

Secondly, Mister Metokur Is invested Into Internet Bloodsports to a far greater degree than he wishes people would know. He has personal bounds, financial gain and reputation to lose. Take a look at his IBS video from February and compare it to his KIng of Pol Stream now. A more expansive failure of IBS and Jims personal failure to restrain his interaction with it's actors will most likely leave a mark on him.

Such a radical heelturn I remember last time only when Jim set up a Patreon account in early 2017, despite him ragging against it for all time prior. Jim is losing his edge, he is getting old. He is not destroying people as efficiently as he used to. To this day i do not support him having one, it made me almost unsubscriber. Not because i dont think he deserves the money (he does as far as E-Celebs go) but the fact that he is indulging in this level of monetary hypcrisy that is makes DSP turn green in the face.


If you want any proof on that compare his Steven Asssanti video to Wings of Redemption/Jordie Jordan, which was basicly just a rehash of his PKA stream. Jordan is argueably a lot worse than Assanti, yet the video is missing Jim tearing into him for his obesity and character. Jim is no Internet god or hero and I will reserve myself the opportunity to kick him in the pit along with his Newfag fans should he continue to wander down this path. How he bragged about his income and subscriber count in his recent dialog with Yee made me shudder.

There are more questions to be asked here:
- Why did Jim bring up King of Pol out of thin air at a time were IBS was having a mayor breakdown, although he was okay with it for alost 4 years prior
- Why are the documents on IBS hosts disappearing on /cow/?
- Why does Jim never talk negatively about Tonka/Robert Pilkington? Or his recent twitter meltdown?
- Why does Jim not speak out against the parasitic relationship Andy has with the Kumite?
- Why did jim attempt to troll /cow/ with mentions on twitter?
- Why did he rarely engage with BYBS actors prior to this weeks events
- Why did Jim encourage or allow Cringe Tier Leddit Fanart or Lore to be created in relation to IBS, to people he later disavowed?

My Answer to this is: Jim wanted this to be his pet project. Despite his better judgement he engaged with strangers he'd rather should not have to make someting that turned out to be a mid term failure, since none of the people in it could sustain the content on their own without his direct support. Now everything is falling apart, he got shit on and wants to get rid of it.

Lastly I want to say something directly concerning (You),976d4.

I admire the gall you have doing all these Low IQ Interventions in what is essentially an overglorified shitposting thread. You contribute little to the discussion (save for your coverage of the Warski Nigger Stream, which i genuinely thought was good), you get yourself entangled in trivial details and produce often nothing but nonsensical disruption. It's rich that (You) of all people tell others to lurk more when your own contibutions lack so much to be desired. Not really surprising to be honest, since you seem to be invested in the Kumite program for some reason.

Im am cautiously optimistic that if this was /cow/ or Kiwifarms (and the Admins actually gave a shit about the drama content) that (You) would wind up being threadbanned for this prolonged display of faggotry.

6ec93 No.147898

File: 1526761053764.gif (1.18 MB, 300x288, (you).gif)

>I admire the gall you have
You might have opted to take off that Aryanne Brotherhood flag, krauto, but you've every bit the egotist that the very worst of tripfags are.
I mean, all that talk about valuable contributions to your name, on an anonymous imageboard? Talking about banning people for faggotry, when your very thread breaks rule #8? Oh, how highly you must think of yourself!
If I were you, I'd straighten out, drop the USI post-haste, count your blessings, and keep posting about this topic until it dies out.
Or don't, whichever you prefer. Lord knows I enjoy the meta-schadenfreude as much as the actual schadenfreude.

7ff0e No.147916

File: 1526772001625.png (79.79 KB, 440x787, 76556765456.png)

Put a willy in your mouth leaf. This thread is the only thing of value here lately.

241f9 No.147921

One issue I have with this is wehn Jim says "look at that smile you know that I'm right because you are smiling"
Isn't that a bit stupid?
If he was angry the same thing would apply "you're angry because I'm right" and if he was stone faced it would be "you're putting on a poker face because you know I'm right"
This looks like a cheap trick to me.

976d4 No.147969

yeah no, you literally just don't know what trollshielding is. Go back to fucking reddit you larper. "Favourtism" isn't protecting anyone, Jim never claimed to be neutral and he doesn't have to be.

He's also not invested in shit he never cared much about making money off of this nor his reputation

honestly he addressed a lot of the nonsense you're on about on the killstream recently

overall you're just a newfag who doesn't understand metokur and honestly you really don't understand much of anything especially to the degree that you think you do. Jim is doing whatever he wants as he always has and you're really just overanalyzing him

976d4 No.147970

idk if the embed will pick up the time, skip to about 14 min in if it doesn't

903ad No.147972

This entire argument over Jim and trollshielding is so obnoxious. Like you said, it's overanalyzing what is nothing but shouting and shitposting at someone. The only valid criticism I've heard thusfar is >>147921 - he's doing a mind trick there to persuade the audience and make a scene, nothing more.

I still cannot fathom what's so interesting about most of this kind of stuff. IBS is just e-celeb and drama central, no real political or scientific progress is made except in this proxy-redpilling with Adam Warsky and the honest and calm discussion that seems to go down most often with JF around.

976d4 No.147973

also it's very telling that you're such a big fan of BYBS a bunch of dumb 56%ers that larp as white nationalists. Makes sense when you consider the fact that you're a larper yourself given how you keep insisting Jim is trollshielding even though you still can't give a real example of him doing so. Must be hard given that a redditor like you doesn't understand the term

976d4 No.147974

it's not supposed to be interesting as much as it is supposed to be entertaining. I forgot again that all imageboards are fucking reddit these days where politics on the internet is super serious buisiness with no fun allowed. Fuck no wonder I'm drunk right now. shitposting and trolling used to be a good time, politics used to be a good time.the internet used to be a good time, imageboards used to be a good time. Kill yourself you joyless piece of shit, goddamn reddit cancer

dfa55 No.148080

File: 1526845812696-0.jpg (257.51 KB, 630x392, Nuke-Apocalypse.jpg)

File: 1526845812696-1.jpg (166.27 KB, 675x900, __original_drawn_by_skj__a….jpg)

File: 1526845812696-2.jpg (177.22 KB, 1920x1080, Ddp1UxIVAAEVU-b.jpg large.jpg)




What is happening?
>Well today is the day of the shitshow holocaust; the IBS apocalypse. Starts at 3pm CST.

How much time do i need to set aside?
>Based on stuff people sent me and what they want to talk about I'd guess between 2 to 3 hours. Maybe more. Hard to say to be honest.

How many people?

>Circa 5 parties with several actors. Everyone has said they will so I believe so.

>Stream starts in 10 mins.

dfa55 No.148082

File: 1526846261840.jpg (1.03 MB, 1000x1277, __original_drawn_by_ddongu….jpg)

dfa55 No.148097

File: 1526850089632.png (641.74 KB, 1414x806, IBS Apocalypse Metocast II.png)

1 hour in, Stream is expectedly very convoluted, started off weak but got intense very quickly. 10.000-11.000 viewers at a stable rate. There are several E-Drama Youtubers in CHat as well. I see Queen of Pol, David Davidson, FullBenderTV among others.

Zoom and Joachim Hoch are currently screaming over each other trying to destroy the others credibility, with Zoom calling the shots. Jim is playing BYBS videos as background evidence while BYBS people released deleted /cow/ data in the chat.

Tonka, Failure, Warski, Leopirate and Jim Stay mostly completely silent. Jim has trouble keeping control over the conversation.

Money is rolling into high gear, all i see is 5 Dollar, 20 Dollars and 100 Dollars Superchats.

I am uncertain if and to what degree Jim himself or his Trollshielding will be adressed in the heated conversation, as there seem to have flown a lot of preparation and evidence into this thread that mind end up never being read live on air.

oh on a sidenote, Jetrex, one of the friends of Jonathan Ross (the guy with the spiderman costume), who was caught holding back incriminating evidence about Ross, was apparently arrested for raping his 8 year old niece. Zoom claims to have a news article in his posession covering this.

241f9 No.148120

>100 Dollars Superchats
just why

dfa55 No.148124

File: 1526853474219.png (205.14 KB, 1362x832, IBS Apocalypse Metocast II….png)

Stream is still at 10.000+ watchers, superchats still come in, but less high and less often.

Almost everyone but Joachim, Diogenes, Zoom and Jim is silent.

They are currently going through the evidence concerning Zoom being a pedophile, doxxer and swatter. Also the Brother of Conrad Collins/Digibro was just mentionedand along with allegations of Tonka covering Doxxing for Joachim.

It is hard to tell if this stream was set up to be a barfight/internet court room and if Joachim VS Zoom was the main event or IF any of the other actors will later have anything of relevanve to say.

Not going to lie, this is getting tireing, but depending what the other people there may present, this can easiyly go on for another 2-5 hours (if not more, not including superchat reading).

I Myself will drop out once this reaches the third hour, which i currently have no doubt it will.

7ff0e No.148138

File: 1526855543728.png (142.31 KB, 980x1080, 76556776556765.png)

I feel like this stream is giving me cancer. What a bunch of fucking faggots. I need to start listening to something else for background noise.

903ad No.148148

You could read Siege or something, you know. But I guess that's not fun enough for the IBS audience.

dfa55 No.148149

File: 1526857567894.png (552.22 KB, 1422x792, IBS Apocalypse Metocast IV.png)

Stream is now shifting between 9500 - 10.000 viewers.

still a superchat every now and then. chat is active and hostile.

Currently theres a conflict between Tonka Saw and Zoom/Hansome Autist (aka the Hacker/Pedo/swatter). Conversation swings between load screaming and foreboding silence. Jim obliges this action, but he seems less enthusiastic about it.

They are currently, after much screaming, playing a 36 vieeo from Zoom about Tonka/Robert Pilkington. According the video evidence with several wrestling promoters in 3 states, Robert Pilkington was never registered as a professional wrestler OR MMA Fighter in his residence state, never hosted fights in other states he claimed (under his real and stage name), does not own a wrestling company and seemingly all his fight statisics are fake. The only fights he attended to were scripted backyard events. The uncensored video is avaiable on twitter.

Tonka attempts to defend himself against these allegations (poorly), with Failure trying to whiteknight him. Chat is chewing him out pretty hard for being a fraud.

Also, (((Thomas Ellington))) was exposed as a jew and doxxed after he went after BYBS for acquiring insider intel and told them he dares them to doxx him. Which turned out to be unwise.

Also, I will leave for the night now. If you continue to watch this, have a good stay. Reaching hour 4 now. seems like this will be a long last night for IBS.

dfa55 No.148150

File: 1526857607885.pdf (2.79 MB, SIEGE - by James Mason.pdf)

7ff0e No.148157

File: 1526859857851.jpg (70.52 KB, 316x316, 1526510831616.jpg)

kek, I'm enjoying hearing Tonka getting fisted at least.

903ad No.148159

What hellish beast is that? Holy shit.

976d4 No.148235

I'm pretty sure they're right about Johaim or whatever but they're way off on Tonka, Zoom just doesn't understand what pro wrestling is there's amatuer "pro" wrestling events held at small venues. Tonka as far as I'm aware never actually claimed he was involved with WWE. Although they might be right about the MMA shit idk anything about MMA

976d4 No.148261

anyway the main takeaway from the Metocast is that the BYBS people are freaks they used to associate with Joachim, and still associate with a bunch of other doxers who they're in discord with. One of whom being Zoom who's a fat autistic pedophile. They pushed for this stream but Zoom barely let them get a word in edgewise and what they did get in was mostly agreeing/siding with Zoom or defending his arguments against Joachim/tonka. So basically not only do they hang around with someone like Zoom he also cucked them out of their chance to confront Joachim and the kumite.

dfa55 No.148303

File: 1526911014992-0.png (1.42 MB, 724x1023, __neo_rwby_drawn_by_lain__….png)

File: 1526911014992-1.jpg (1.25 MB, 1280x1280, __neo_rwby_drawn_by_iesupa….jpg)

File: 1526911014992-2.jpg (858.2 KB, 1440x1961, __neo_rwby_drawn_by_iesupa….jpg)

File: 1526911014992-3.jpg (340.82 KB, 800x1200, __neo_rwby_drawn_by_alfred….jpg)

File: 1526911014992-4.jpg (376.33 KB, 800x1200, __neo_rwby_drawn_by_alfred….jpg)

Anime Art featureing Neo from RWBY. Picture Material and Partial Text Documents reappropriated from /cow/.

06:19:00 now that the IBS Apocalypse is over what is your final judgement


" ah I…I..like i said, I just wanted a some entertainment. A little Jerry Springer. And annoy the Liberalists. So that was a win-win for me. But… eh… I dont know what the fuck happened. Again. I dont know where everything went so wrong. Is it just a giant shitshow? Was there merit to it? That's on you, guys.

… You know what i actually liked? i liked doing tumblrism. Just go through the website, have a few laughs and make a video about it. Deviants was like this as well. Maybe i just need to refocus and pick a new website…." - James William Tristan, May 2018

What lead to this stream?

TLDR - Joachim Hoch VS BYBS VS Kumite, discord drama escalating, Doxxing camapigns and counter doxxing, People associating and platforming doxxers, Whiteknighting, Character defemation, lies and actual hackers. Pretty much the Kraut Discord Server Drama 2.0 just internally in IBS.

Quick Dundown on the IBS Apocalypse stream

>5:30 hours runtime with circa 8 people live, 1 hour superchat reading

>concensus is this was the worst stream Jim ever did, Jim agrees with this
>Jim shit his pants and did nothing which is good
>Donga sperged at Zoom
>Jewchaim sperged at Zoom
>Failure sperged at his Blood sugar monitor
>Andy Bing Bing wahoo'd
>Zoom deliver a decent B.T.F.O, sloppy but decent
>Diogenes didn't really do anything
>Jeffstiny could have done better
>And once again Ralph was the Ellen of IBS
>Dоnka got BТFО
>Lowiqski got BТFО
>IBS is dead
>Jim shielded his fwend
>Read out 1000+ dollars in superchats


"i caught the last 30 minutes of the IBS Metocast and i feel violated."
- Naked Ape, May 2018 (homosexual with a nigger lover) on the weekend chimpout

Winners of the IBS Apocylypse

Sargon - The stepfather Carl Benjamin Didnt even need to attend himself, His Liberalists are now mostly unopposed on the right wing and on youtube. Now runs campaigns IRL, has become a Government agent and a growing influential youtube channel

Destiny - the communist manlet looks now good, Won his debate with Tonka/ Robert Pilkington and proved him a fraud before, will now be known as one of the actors who faced and tore down internet nazis. Never had to face any consequences for his peodphilia or character defamation.

JF - grew a bigger audience, connections, stream attendance and revuenue thanks to IBS. Now runs his own program to host argueable one of the highest quality high IQ political programs on youtube at the time of this writing.

Zoom - Fooled Tonka twice and Became the eternal Champion of IBS , dominated other IBS hosts with his unapologetic hacking and shittalking abilities, including Jim. Not bad for a Overweight autistic jewish Pedophile who claims to work for the FBI. Might have been a Kraut Mole all along, but succeeded with his OPS. Was doxxed live on stream by the Kumite knowingly and consented to Jim for it. Legitimate Sociopath and maybe the single most dangerous person in all of IBS.

Jim - earned himself over 4000 Dollars with Paypig superchats on top of his patreon income with 3 streams in 3 weeks with low effort work. Permanenelty disassociated himself with IBS in it entirety. Is now looking forward to do more content with Furries.

/cow/ - Board was saved from enveloping obscurity and is now ripe with the fresh content, new lolcows and on-board infighting it has not seen in months.

Godwinson - Independent Lolcow Researcher and NEET coach, engages in IRL campaigns as well as Internet investigative research. Puts out quality content without a want or desire for fame, now more approachable for a wider audience since he gets mirroredm regardless of Liberalist Takedown Campaigns.

Ethan Ralph - Former Gamegate E-Celeb. IBS made him somewhat relevant to a moderate degree, one of the more bearable remnants that will likely continue to stream with semi-dramatic content.

dfa55 No.148304

File: 1526911084160-0.jpg (196.97 KB, 600x825, donka saw goblino robert p….jpg)

File: 1526911084160-1.webm (14.22 MB, 640x360, Failure Fat Ass Bitch Fai….webm)

File: 1526911084160-2.jpg (113.31 KB, 499x585, metokur reddit.jpg)

File: 1526911084160-3.jpg (68.83 KB, 576x1024, sargon steak dinner.jpg)

File: 1526911084160-4.jpg (11.9 KB, 352x288, Zoom - Handsome Autist - C….jpg)

Losers of the IBS Apocalypse

Tonka Saw - Robert Pilkington was exposed as a liar, faking his sports career and all achievements connected to it, was unmakes as a racemixed shitskin Goblino, Trollshielder and failure at life by accord of his family and associates. Confirmed of being anally traumatized by his step father. Launders a secret Blacklist for Online actors together with his transgender girlfriend Jennifer Jaspers/Vampkandy.

Failure - Morbidly Obese Cuban, puppetmastered himself into a corner after transplanting his dead air radio show on a dying channel with a brainlet audience, suffered recently a heart failure from his excessive eating and drinking habits,
Andy Warski - Lost 7.000 Scubribers in the last month. Burned down the Bridges with most of his former interne friends, business partners and channel supports to engross himself into a short term pet project of jim. Failed to sustain working business relationship, repulsed his new audience with absurd content, incompetence, poor entertaining skills and childish behavior.

Joachim Hoch - Seth Wallace, Failed career E-Celeb who took this whol campaign seriously. Was ousted from by bis peers for poor leadership skills, fame hunger, infighting and toxic behavior. Confirmed Doxxer who was later pardoned and platformed by the Kumite, only to lure his detractors to new targets. Claims to have not been doxxed, did a face reveal to Jim which was not verified by third parties.

King of /pol/ - Former Gamergate and loosly BYBS associated, Attention whore with a failing YOutube channel. Got exposed for being an undercover homosexual and was utilized by Metokur as a False FLag to distract from his internet Trollshielding campaign in IBS. Will forever be butthurt over Jims Canceled Internet friendship.

Jim - Lost respect, reputation and content quality in turn for money, fame and fake friends. Is now oppenly associated with normies , leddit-tier online communties and the worst brand stream that was ever hosted on his channel. Lost the power struggle to Sargon and was exposed for trollshielding lolcows for his own ends, for which he will likely not have to answer for some time to come. Cried out for help live on air and may have damaged himself permanently.
/cow/ mods - Cow mods have been exposed as biased in favour for E-Celebs, Deleting Vital Data from the Site that was accumalated to run camapaigns against Persons of Interests. Send its board community into disarray with a display of untrustworthy behavior

BYBS - Got publicly defamed by Kumipedes and associated hosts for doxxing and swatting campaigns, which were enforced to retailiete Joachim Hoch and his associates, Did not get a foot in in the Apocylspye stream to nail their adversaries. Channels got struck with Strikes. Small community with niche audience and an uncertain future.

Geekthulu - Kumpede Toesucker orbiting Tonka, Doxxed himself and blamed /cow/, staged a raid attempt live on air that send /cow/ into damage control and densorship. Had to leave the Internet out of shame and idiocy.

Cow Threads Resources

IBS Cycle Thread


https://8ch.net/cow/res/459450.html - https://archive.is/IB9lS


King of Pol/ Bryan Dunn

Joachimg/ Seth Wallace


dfa55 No.148305

File: 1526911166431-0.png (4.8 MB, 1500x7420, cow guide on IBS May 2018.png)

File: 1526911166432-1.png (334.75 KB, 1144x888, musclebain pepe sargon.png)

File: 1526911166432-2.webm (5.87 MB, 640x480, Skeletors pleasant day.webm)

File: 1526911166432-3.png (510.06 KB, 564x784, tonka saw back to daddy.png)

File: 1526911166432-4.jpg (113.15 KB, 966x630, tonka saw robert pilkingto….jpg)

976d4 No.148312

a bunch of shit you said was blatantly wrong, but I'm still stuck on this. Give one actual example of Jim trollshielding, all you've alleged so far besides simply going on their show which isn't trollshielding is a vague feeling of preference and favoritism which even if that's true it isn't trollshielding. Show me a tweet or clip where Jim tries to protect the kumite by saying anything along the lines of "don't make fun of my friends"

If you can't prove this point which you've asserted 3 times with full confidence recently that should be sufficient for showing that you're a liar who has no idea what he's talking about because you're a newfag larper who doesn't understand the words you use

dfa55 No.148331

File: 1526930788049-0.jpg (450.6 KB, 2048x2036, Kumite Doxx Bounty.jpg)

File: 1526930788049-1.png (327.13 KB, 675x1200, DdWJIb8X4AAb5Du.png)

File: 1526930788049-2.jpg (84.29 KB, 782x1200, Dc3jerzWkAAPQdU.jpg)

File: 1526930788049-3.jpg (117.99 KB, 702x1200, Dc3jfYCWsAIX83Y.jpg)

File: 1526930788049-4.jpg (113.26 KB, 1128x1200, Dc3jgulW0AIbXkq.jpg)

Here is the evidence you demanded. I make my case that Mister Metokur is hereby guilty of Trollshielding Robert Pilkington. Pilkington and his orbiters are exercise similar behavior patterns to Another subject Jim covered in the recent past. Namely here Kraut & Tea and his doxxing server, of which Jim was bothered enough to make 3 whole videos about.

Jim has helped the IBS brand under Tonka grow, supported the hosts directly and indirectly, is willfully ignorant to their abrasive behavior and turns a blind eye to the consequences . Metokur did not and likely wil never again touch on the subject to not damage his already broken relationship and shaken reputation with these people.

Of course Jim is not naive enough to incriminate himself verbally over this, but his deeds speak out louder than his words. I find it faily amazing how much fame, money and laughter can blind his senses when it is Jim's """friends""" shoveling shit. Hypocrisy at its finest.


Main Twitter Links

Good thing JF didn't take control over Andy's show, now he can have his chill stream smoking weed and letting Tonka talk for 3 hours.

Tonka paid for "doxes" and use his goons to do the work, 2 days after talking about it with people in DM Joachim is paying for it

https://twitter.com/Youkai_Bunny/status/995911915628040192 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBtiyKT-TO0
Diogenes defamed by Tonka.

Tonka lying about quitting internet, and more

Podcasts to Sleep to LIVE #8 Super Stream w/ Thomas Ellington

Thomas, QoB, Tonka and Joachim, every sources you believe you had were us, you don't ask for proof and don't give any when claiming anything, you have no credibility! Anime win again!

How will your blocklist help now? LMAO Tonkasaw, join so we can call you Robi on stream and talk about how your father played with your boxing's ring

0001 @Tonkasaw Thanks for the block



Internet Bloodsports - The Metokur Video from February

Note the tone how he talks about IBS compared to now and how it has eventually changed.

Killstream with Jim - Talking About ShortFatOtaku

This is the video You yourself linked as counterevidence that Jim adressed Trollshielding in the Ralph Stream. As it turns out, he did not. The only thing you do however is parroting his "I dindu nuffin." defense.

Funnyly enough though not even 2 minutes later Ralph asks him about his stream attendance which cumlimates in him saying "I like the Kumite, but…". Straight from the Horses mouth.

https://youtu.be/FP2phQ9eSB4 - Metokur Stream about King of Pol

Cobra Kai do or die. - the first 30 Minute section of the Queen of Poz Stream and the fact that it was even made at that time.

Metokur VS Ross on Kumite (FULL)

Jim admits that he is lying about things when it suits him after Ross accused him of being a sociopath who wants to shoot people.

Last part of my evidence is the entirety of the Zoom BS Tonka Section on the IBS Apoclypse Stream from 2 hours onwards. The only thing i will give Jim credit for here is that he actually platformed it, but was it not to the efforts of BYBS and Zoom, none of this would have been shown to a wider audience.

Addiotional Factors Jim enabled or is guilty of in direct correlation to his trollshielding:

- allowing Pilkington to sell commercial merchandise with Metokurs likeness on
- Pilkington unironically putting up videos of Metokur on his imdb Movie resume
- considering Jim himself as a regular asset to his proogram to reel in audience and revenue
- Pilkingto having secret Blacklist on opposing factions that gets handed around by his orbiters
- encouraging espionage in his own and other communities with malicious intent,
- Pilkingtons business partner staging a hostile takeover of another IBS actors format, which Jim previously gave advice to
- Open Manipulation of IBS hosts and audience
- Publicly Defaming people that do not support his format or compete with him

Over the time span of just 6 months Jim went from openly supporting IBs, participating weekly in it, associating with the hosts, contents and communities to staying absent, distancing himself from it and ultimately now disavowing it for his own good.


dfa55 No.148332

File: 1526930795903.png (237.6 KB, 1210x444, Jim IBS Trollshielding Cow….png)

At it's core your last posts were perpetuating a meritless argument accusing me of misinterpreting a fluid terminology, which I have disproven 2 times already. Only to have my replies brashly rejected by you for "not being real evidence." It is hard to take you serious when the best (You) can do is throw out a hasty 2 liner every other day after a big event. Unlike what You would like to believe, your opinions expressed here are not representative for the majority of observes, you are merely very obnoxious about it. Oh and by the way I did notice your disgraceful behavior after I called you out just once on your bullshit. Your immediate response to that was flying off the handle on me and a random bystander. Good job, 976d4.

If the majority of the IBS subsection of /cow/ can independently agree on the matter that Mister Metokur is a trollshielder to the point where they include it in their official handguide, that is enough ground for me not only to have confirmation that I am factually right about this and should stand by it, but that you fail at deflecting reality.

At that opportunity Id' like to point that due to my occupancy I have not browsed /cow/ in over 2 weeks prior to my recent update a few days ago. I was not aware of the collective decision to publicly brand Jim as a Trollshield. I myself have come to this conclusion by reviewing recent events and their background on my own. /cow/ usually happens to go above and beyond my call, and i didnt even browse the place that much prior to this thread. Really makes you think that I happen to go similar direction as the professional cowboys do without actually associating with them. I will keep these events in mind when the appointed day comes when Jim once again quits the Internet.

There is no doubt in my mind that You will discard this post and its contents in a similar fashion as you did several times before thoughout this threads lifespan. Regardless of that I decided to create it to point out to this threads audience that (You),976d4, are an insatiable contrarian who engages in partisanship out of spite over a failed program. Your opinions are highly objectionable, your arguments poorly constructed and your very own thread participation here comes closer to a dog chasing passing cars than genuine contribution.

976d4 No.148339

>Jim has helped the IBS brand under Tonka grow, supported the hosts directly and indirectly, is willfully ignorant to their abrasive behavior and turns a blind eye to the consequences . Metokur did not and likely wil never again touch on the subject to not damage his already broken relationship and shaken reputation with these people.
you keep deflecting and listing off other shit and all these random theories you have but none of it even pertains to trollshielding. Again I raise that this is because you clearly don't know what trollshielding is and you use terms like that to signal an understanding of topics and internet culture that you don't actually have.

The most you're even alleging is that Jim likes, and goes on, and helps the kumite, more than you think he should, that he doesn't go after them or call them out on things he did other people, as well as that he lets them get away with using his name to sell merchandise and build their brand. Which is sort of fair criticism but it's so subjective that it doesn't matter. Again my point hear is that you keep saying Jim is "trollshielding" but nothing of what you're talking about actually fits that term even if it's all true. Which brings me to the point that you don't understand what the term means and yet you're using it anyway to try to seem like you get it.

976d4 No.148343

Troll shielding is basically what it sounds like it's shielding people from trolling. i.e. imagine if the mods of /cow/ deleted threads on people that they personally knew or people that paid them or something. You keep going on like somehow Jim's mere presence on, or involvement with, a livestream somehow protects them from criticism, or that somehow because he doesn't personally call them out or go after them himself that keeps other people from doing it? he doesn't have to troll them himself to not be trollshielding and even if he likes a person or a group of people it doesn't mean he actually does anything to protect them or that he even would. This sort of indirect ethereal trollshielding you keep referencing doesn't exist it's something very tangible and easy to point out. i.e. "don't make fun of my friends" "these guys are on our side don't fuck with them" "don't mess with him he's one of us" etc. Jim has never actually said or done anything that could actually be called trollshielding, if you have other criticism for him whatever. Idk if you're pushing this narrative or if you just fell for it somewhere else but you're wrong and anyone who actually knows what the term means could easily see that

976d4 No.148344

also he's explained more than once that he's not "distancing himself from IBS" that's another narrative you picked up somewhere I linked the killstream here >>147969 where he literally addresses this point in so many word and says simply that he's found more interesting shit in watching ice posiden's content and that he's been busy doing his own thing in particular fucking with furries. This whole thing you try to drum up with his grand plans for bloodsports and all his subtle movements and subterfuge is just absurd. He found it interesting and participated and then he moved on to other stuff that he at the time found more interesting. If we just apply Occam's razor here this is both what Jim has said himself and is a simpler more plausible and in-character explanation than all this nonsense you've dreamed up

976d4 No.148345

it's pretty blatent that you're critical of jim and that you don't like the kumite and any number of other biases. When you're so obviously not objective about this maybe you should step back discard a lot of this speculation and actually try to confirm what the facts are?

7ff0e No.148371

File: 1526945235695.png (165.11 KB, 281x400, 656565654343.png)

gonna have to agree he should be harder on Andy. He might be holding back though because that's what the liberalist faggots want. Either way though I think the problem with Metokur right now is that's he spreading himself too thin. You can quickly lose your way like that. Weather you're priorities change or not it can seem that way if you get involved with other people's bullshit too much.

5228b No.148659

File: 1527075391610.jpg (13.6 KB, 340x320, 6e1164273a4acfdbfac73bc9e1….jpg)

>He visted /mlp/ in 2015 or 2016 for research of said video, left a vocaroo to confirm his identity. (This vocaroo does not exist anymore but i can testify that i heave heard it myself)
Found it ya lazy faggot
Heres the link to the vocaroo but the file is 404: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1yhdfUZcOe7

976d4 No.148738

Kumite dead because tonka quit it's been going for an hour so probably not a joke this time

degenerate homofag (probably furry) starts show over the weekend

killstream with Jim and Corrin (old insane thot from Ice Posiden) in 1 hour

also warski is doing his own show with Jay Dyer as cohost seems better than kumite tbh

7ff0e No.148752

File: 1527130029515.png (139.18 KB, 640x693, 1525671053455.png)

How is tonka such a weak fuck? How's this random pedo getting to him this much?

976d4 No.148754

Tonka is actually doing a lot better today than sunday

976d4 No.148756

this is the most blood we've gotten in a while honestly, JF v andy makes match 3.
tbh why couldn't the kumite be this every day?

976d4 No.148757

File: 1527131883189.png (491.49 KB, 630x604, 4d33dcee35a5c076391a9772e1….png)

JF got Zoom to admit he's just fucking with them and trying to get a rise outta them but Tonka keeps engaging with him?

976d4 No.148762

I understand the whole ethical stance on swatting Tonka is trying to bang on about, but this was honestly the best kumite in like a month

976d4 No.148797

JF actually managed to lose an arguement to tonka of all people and then went running to do damage control on the killstream, he's honestly above this kinda shit sad to see. Corrin v Jim was funny but anticlimactic

6c5cf No.148801

File: 1527147818636.png (693.45 KB, 1311x905, 1517833659445.png)

Honestly i think I'm done with these ibs faggots. They turned out to be just as cancerous as other youtubers who couldn't let the drama go. Or even be fucked to put somekind of structure into the show. At least this Jay guy brought topics with him.

976d4 No.148802

they beat you to it, Ralph doesn't call his show bloodsports and idk if warski live does either so with kumite down ibs is over. Except for that faggot naked ape's weekend show I think that's supposed to be bloodsports. Not withstanding the rise of a new show it might be time to let this thread die along with the kumite

dfa55 No.148828

File: 1527165192282-0.png (1010.64 KB, 1000x1417, __esdeath_akame_ga_kill_dr….png)

File: 1527165192282-1.jpg (677.84 KB, 744x1052, __esdeath_akame_ga_kill_dr….jpg)

File: 1527165192282-2.jpg (815.54 KB, 1041x1573, esdeath_akame_ga_kill_chib….jpg)

File: 1527165192282-3.jpg (1.11 MB, 1359x1754, __esdeath_akame_ga_kill_dr….jpg)

File: 1527165192282-4.png (507.09 KB, 600x848, __esdeath_akame_ga_kill_dr….png)

Picture Material featureing General "Esudesu" Esdeath from Akame Ga Kill.

So, the Morning Kumite woith Tonka Saw "Pilktington" and "Heart" Failure is finally dead.

And if the general consensus of the hosts, viewers and chan sphere is to be believed, it will now rot in the ground for good. Good Riddance. After Twitter and Discord Drama, Tanking views and ratings, Chat Censorship on stream and agitation against their own audience this was not unexpected. What was unexpected is how fast it happened after Corey "Zoom" Barnhill asserted his dominance over a screaming wheelchair driver in front of a live audience. What follows now is a documentation of the public reception of the event ob curtesy of the Youtube comments section and the IBS cyclejerk on /cow/.

For additional video Material on this please check out >>148738 for uncut source material.


Kumite Funeral Stream bogpill

>donga gets rekt in the jim stream
>donga's grandma gets pizza sent to her home
>donga wants to quit the internet because he's afraid of the white man's food.
>andy tell him to not be a faggot and quit
>donga to scared of the internet now, his rep is crushed and nobody likes him.
>andy seeing his internet fwend acting all faggy he tells him to stream 2 days instead overyday.
>andy pulls the plug on coomitai since there's no reason to keep it alive if the faggot who host the show is running away from the internet.
>andy makes a gubai coomatei stream
>zoom joins in
>donga spergs
>zoom humiliates donga one last time, says bye and gets kicked by failure.
>dong cries about zoom for 50min.
>JF joins in. says donga's facebook post saying he's a pedo and rapist make him look weird.
>donga spergs hard
>JF tells donga he killed his own show
>donga doesn't get it because he's a brainlet and spergs
>JF tells him he wasted his chance because he's a failure at entertaining and points he made andy's channel bigger while donga made it shrink
>donga tells him he didn't join warski, warski told him to join as if this justified him destroying andy's channel.
<yeah i did.
>JF leaves because he doesn't want to explain court shit to retarded people.
>JF joins ralph's stream and explains he doesn't want to bother explaining court papers to donga nor cares about being called a snake because business deals are snake eat snake.
>meanwhile andy is crying about JF being a snake.

>Zoom went on, bt-fo thomas because thomas is an exceptional detective that takes his internet job very seriously
>Then triggers the fuck out of Dongo, Dongo comes back just to get bt-fo by him because he can't walk away from the internet
>JF comes, just to tell everyone Zoom is a roach and process to bt-fo Dongo by telling him at least he is sincere about being a snake unlike him, Dongo also is destroying Andy's channel
>The rest of the time is Dongo doing damage control and inviting cock suckers so they can "confirm" via private message that Robi Vio guy is in fact not Tonka (chat turns against him)
Overall a more compact and less chaotic metocast, 8/10


Cyclejerk posts

- Late, but that Kumite paypig LARPing as someone upset with current Donka being proven wrong with "private dox" is the most unconvincing shit I've ever seen. He managed to do the Joachim "feign ignorance" defense even worse than La'Heim himself.

- Man I actually got a little enjoyment out of the goodbye kumite stream up until donga sperged into the stream. Made me realize that despite warski and spicski being worthless boring fuckups, they could still be hosting some decent bloodsports (failure hating bloodsports aside) if it weren't for the injun ruining everything.

- Despite always trying to compare themselves to Opie and Anthony, all three of them always wanted to avoid being called the Opie of the show. The obvious joke was that all three of them were the Opies, but now I think the truth can't be denied, Tonka is the definitive Greg Opie Hughes of The Morning Kumite.

- Consider how uptight and miserable the other two got as soon as donga got on, despite actually having some fun and laughs on a tucking FUNERAL show up until then, even going so far as to have a decent chat with the Kumite Slayer himself. All of that instantly over and ended, replaced by a complete dumpster fire at all of the hosts own expense after mr sister molester got on.

- The fucking Opie of the Kumite.

- Andy sucks but the common denominator between all of this drama is Tonka. Even Failure, as dumb as he is, is nice enough of a guy that he could have hosted his little normie show and probably would have been fine. Everything around Tonka goes to shit and not just that, he digs the hole deeper and deeper while claiming to not only care but demands respect from everyone as he pisses on their bodies.

- JF really earned a lot of points in my eyes. He is such a gentleman. He knows that if he will not restrain himself now poor Andy will just kill himself.

- JF is supreme gentlemen.

- there was also the emmy's dox stuff and even when emmy said herself she wasn't doxed Tonka refused to admit he was wrong.

- Most of the shit he got from zoom and the spics was because they had a beef with jewchim and donga protecting him just made him collateral damage till donga went out of his way to engage with zoom and the spics hence becoming a proper target.


dfa55 No.148829

File: 1527165262534-0.jpg (32.62 KB, 479x498, 255b0cd53f3a0ac8b9291db803….jpg)

File: 1527165262534-1.jpg (16.49 KB, 241x255, 1767fd94eaab804a9540ca6669….jpg)

File: 1527165262534-2.jpg (138.33 KB, 810x921, jf is the devil.jpg)

File: 1527165262534-3.png (233.94 KB, 920x270, the end of ibs in one pict….png)

File: 1527165262534-4.png (904.28 KB, 712x1396, tonka daddy no Heidi.png)

Top VIDEO COMMENTS - Warsli Live Kumite Funeral Stream

Hiro Asoko
>Who will Andy turn to for validation next?

Jay Grot
>Andy is legitimately a very dumb person. I don't know whether to feel bad for him or dislike him

Collin Monser
>Andy's show fell flat partly because of the JF separation but partly because he's just dumb and lazy. JF was putting out consistent continent after the separation while Andy reeled between Kumite and Warski Live with no consistent schedule

Joseph Todd
>How you can't see that Tonka and failure were a net negative to your channel and emotional state is beyond me.

Valerie Svaldi
>Just imagine being as stupid as Andy, Tonka or Failure Careful don't hurt yourself there

Jacob Kemp
>lol Andy is so dumb

>Andy's background is falling apart…again…

Blake Jones

John Loki
>JF didn’t “admit” to anything. He did a really good job of handling himself while being unfairly attacked by tonka. Instead of being defensive he just accepted the ad homonym and made them look bad. Unfortunately he is just far more intelligent than Andy and tonka.

Therdina Zinastina
>So when does Jf come on?

Mr. Clean
>Hey Andy I’ve sent that super chat in Ralph’s stream but I’ve should of been more specific with what I said. What I meant to say is that what made IBS great (to me at least) is getting two opposites and putting them together in the arena to rip each other’s throats but with words. Tons of people digged the Spencer and Sargon ripping each other. That’s what I think made your show really good(Enoch V Bronx commie was very good too) . But I get it if you want to ease up on that stuff I get that too but to me that’s what made Warski Live for me. Sincerely a Fan since the first IBS

Mr Whale
Andy, do you have an agreement with Sinead that she can stay fat if she lets you snort coke ?

Mr Whale
This episode really lived up to the Low IQmite name. A fitting ending.
The JF "admitting to being a snake" was JF sarcastically accepting Tonka's butt-hurt, moronic characterisation of a mutually beneficial relationship JF and Andy had on Warski live to make Tonka look even dumber. How this flies over anybody's head is beyond me.
Then Tonka, not being able to face his own failure, goes full retard with the court case and puts a bow tie on Andy's dying Youtube career.

>I love how Thomas Ellington bailed as soon as Toad gets brought up.

P. D.
>So…..Sargon was right, right ?

dfa55 No.148830

File: 1527165869610-0.jpg (80.81 KB, 1688x744, Dd5nmCSVwAAzR-5.jpg large.jpg)

File: 1527165869610-1.jpg (46.31 KB, 1200x658, Dd5m5lBUQCAkX4x.jpg)

File: 1527165869610-2.jpg (38.58 KB, 893x756, Dd5niDFUQAACaY9.jpg)

File: 1527165869610-3.jpg (56.07 KB, 1202x740, Dd5m1gtVMAAM8_e.jpg large.jpg)

File: 1527165869610-4.png (32.84 KB, 994x662, Zoom announces attack on S….png)

Kraut and Tea came after hiding after the Death of IBS and is now attempting to state an international defamation lolsuit together with his designated doxxing server and a jewish journalist.

I am no lawyer myself, but i do think the case has poor ground to stand on and will likely get dismissed like the Maddox lolsuit for being frivolous. Word is, Joseph Lancaster the Split Cock aka K&T himself is doing this also to get a legal hand on Jim's doxx.

[b]Twitter Thread Link


Main Twitter of Braving Ruin


RUIN™ Retweeted WeWuzMetokur

Well, Jim, if you're seeing a pattern you're not exactly wrong.
You know that hit piece video that @Veeh_Ro showed you? The one that just so happened to include everyone Kraut would want revenge on? 🤔Strap in, bucko, it's a thread

Do you think people are blind or just stupid? Your ass follows half the people in his discord as well as him. You like tweets from them daily and bitch about this shit consistently.

Well, according to this fellow, Kraut's goon "OneSpecies" was behind the edit. We already knew Kraut had to be connected to it, given the points (lies) being made were all the same old shit that's been addressed before, but this looks like confirmation. @WeWuzMetokur

Mycroft tells me that he "wants this shit to stop" despite the fact that everyone else has moved on, while Kraut & Co are still sitting in a Discord doing their autistic ops. There are some new additions from left twitter, including our pal Robinge Thing

In fact, I did a little experiment to gauge how closely they're watching. I privated all my videos on my second channel for a day, and this happened.

Also, they allegedly have a bot cataloging people's tweets, mine among them. I can only assume @WeWuzMetokur is on it as well.

If the bot has the capabilities described, it has to be against @TwitterSupport rules. Maybe look into this @innosflew fellow?

In fact, they think they're going to sue you, @WeWuzMetokur, as well as myself, in order to get our dox. Mycroft says it's just you being sued, but this was contradicted by someone else who says that I will be sued as well. Not with the intent of winning. Just getting dox.

Kraut has also apparently contacted a journalist to write a new smear piece on me, so if any such smear piece comes out we know who's behind that too. It's likely that he was also connected to the smears against @Andywarski, @JFGariepy, and IBS, writ large. @WeWuzMetokur

Remember that he was proven to be in contact with a NYT journo last time around, so this isn't surprising, either. @WeWuzMetokur

Now, the bottomfeeders will probably come out of the woodwork to say it's all a joke, it's all a meme. Well, a few days after Mycroft told me this stuff, they tried to do fake "leaks" of obvious joke info to people who know me. @WeWuzMetokur

But they let something slip here. Since they don't have enough info on either of us, their plan is to sue/subpoena a company like Patreon or YouTube who -do- have our info in order to try and get us that way.

Time will tell, but if any of this happens, we know who. @WeWuzMetokur

My take on all of this is that Kraut should buck up and just make normal videos again instead of hanging out with these losers who think they're going to get e-famous off of him, but what do I know? @WeWuzMetokur

I tried to make amends with Kraut a few weeks back, and he seems to think that he absolutely dindu nuffin at all. But if he's really gone to the media, and is really going to spend bank on a lawyer just for dox, that just validates everything I said six months ago. @WeWuzMetokur

dfa55 No.148834

File: 1527166527161-0.png (1.81 MB, 1688x2102, andy warski vr sex.png)

File: 1527166527161-1.webm (1.73 MB, 854x480, cow hates scrub 2.webm)

File: 1527166527161-2.webm (2.63 MB, 854x480, cow hates scrub.webm)

File: 1527166527161-3.jpg (45.96 KB, 640x678, ffe110543aa2d74eb379fee6e2….jpg)

File: 1527166527161-4.png (205.09 KB, 1050x741, reddit larpers in cow keyw….png)

Video links provided by Metokurist Murdochian Archiver - Subscribe for Jim highlights and Murdoch Murdoch mirrors.

>TonkaSaw addresses Zooms wrestling allegations with Ralph

3 minutes

>Jim and His Youngster Besties (Wasted Talent/Dox Edition)

15 minutes

Short Fat Creatura and Scrump talk with a former "childhood" friend of Jim, Latviman, who claims to have a complete Doxx on Jim.

>InternetSoySports (MundaneMeth vs The Quarterpounder) vs Skeptic™ (Candid, Liberalists, Stepfather)

30 Minute video

Jihadi Jarbo, """the Administrator of Kiwifarms""" and the Qartering have a 30 Minute talk on Ralphs Killstream.

>Jim The Minotaur vs Corinne of Old (Super Secret Law Suit and other topics)

60 minute video

Mister Minotaur (!), "the owner of Kiwifarms", talks with Ralph about Corinne "Coco" Clifford aka Corinne Essque. Corinne dodges out of the conversation for being exposed a thief, a fraud, a boomer and "not wanted to be with a fake mkister minnaker who uses bad words", so she keeps "not understanding" ralph.

dfa55 No.148838


Last video link got lost

29bd0 No.148878

Mlpol should host an ibs show.

29bd0 No.148880

It would be a great way to attract new members.

dfa55 No.148885

File: 1527181262107-0.png (40.27 KB, 1300x273, duncan idaho daniel rule B….png)

File: 1527181262107-1.jpg (17.25 KB, 236x341, 74ee710a7c83a25c6cd8d45b21….jpg)


People like to ignore or glaze over the fact thet IBS wasnt just about fun. It was always tangentially political, encouraged tribalism and thrived on public character assasination. Once the sheep ran out to bring to the slaughterhouse, the wolves eventually turned on themselves when there was no more game to hunt.
Bloodsports should not have picked Khorne as their Patron, rather the Oroboros Hydra of the Alpha Legion. Because that is one of the few things IBS did great. Eating is own tail.

pic related - former host of the BNN Twitter who got doxxed and deleted his account. Disavows Tonka now and approves the death of IBS.

I hope MLPOL will never attempt a host a selfcannibalistic format such as IBS. It will be the beginning of our end.

7ff0e No.148886

kek, that was amazing.

dfa55 No.148896

File: 1527190397672-0.png (7.85 KB, 454x69, 1ecb80e92de3afc5afd76b5d3f….png)

File: 1527190397672-1.png (8.53 KB, 474x98, 50b2c50191c0c22038ebf75259….png)

File: 1527190397672-2.jpg (96.76 KB, 675x1200, 67b982d161bccbc9efb518f267….jpg)

File: 1527190397673-3.jpg (7.24 KB, 342x67, 71784b9bc1ce315b9f96d7a6b4….jpg)




>Got work but I may stream about this later…(Oh and I'd only be showing this live anyway)

/cow/ cyclejerk currently posting screencaps of Heart Failure having a falling out with Tonka and his orbiters live on air in a VampKandy Stream. Dirty Laundry seems to go around. Seems like these internet friendships are about to get ruined as well.

dfa55 No.148897

File: 1527190723155-0.png (47.73 KB, 669x685, 0a8c8d300c56d1d40ea55b8a79….png)

File: 1527190723155-1.jpg (8.28 KB, 357x75, 03e9a03a8d74b80c9a1c2503d9….jpg)

File: 1527190723155-2.png (6.06 KB, 453x57, 9e06a2b072a930c753b05b3d4e….png)

File: 1527190723155-3.png (6.78 KB, 348x48, 9474413e9c84097f92a8a5902f….png)

File: 1527190723155-4.png (43.59 KB, 592x498, f43edc836832e746b02936500c….png)

more internal shitflinging

BNN said he is going to leak the DMs with Tonka to /cow/

dfa55 No.148898

File: 1527190915640.jpg (3.83 KB, 336x43, 392098cc4cdc3211a1531dd627….jpg)


Fallout - Call-Ins - Andy and Failure

dfa55 No.148900

File: 1527191724450-0.png (104.04 KB, 668x740, 5b3c444315aa71a9560fe99976….png)

File: 1527191724450-1.png (80.75 KB, 678x787, 9c0f8c40042b51f6a9e759d77a….png)

File: 1527191724450-2.png (55.9 KB, 667x794, 12dbee5317d629c1fc0ffdd842….png)

File: 1527191724450-3.png (156.85 KB, 674x800, 802646c68670842d13b9422d14….png)

File: 1527191724450-4.png (58.61 KB, 666x790, c1b29c5f3a88c3a531f7c91943….png)


more tonka DM leaks from BNN, /cow/ got access to it and is securing it now

dfa55 No.149036

File: 1527248991148-0.png (297.73 KB, 672x1476, John Bane TotalBiscuit Dea….png)

File: 1527248991148-1.jpg (80.71 KB, 625x790, DeA_511V4AASAlQ.jpg large.jpg)

File: 1527248991148-2.jpg (82.48 KB, 1247x413, DeABHFLV0AEuvn-.jpg large.jpg)

File: 1527248991148-3.jpg (122.91 KB, 1080x609, DeAFeskVQAcj3_T.jpg large.jpg)

File: 1527248991148-4.mp4 (3.57 MB, 854x480, respect on the internet.mp4)

This post in a nutshell


‏Verified account @Totalbiscuit
>John Peter Bain
>July 8, 1984 - May 24, 2018

Genna Bain (TB's wife)
>Rest in Peace my Dearest Love
>John @Totalbiscuit Bain
>July 8, 1984 - May 24, 2018

>Wow Totalbiscuit is really dead. I thought people were just doing the "Boogie died tonight" thing. I thought his surgery/new meds or whatever worked. What happened?


John Peter Bain died in a hospital yesterday ag age 34 from Stage 4 Terminal cancer in his colon, liver and lungs. after a 3 year cancer treadment struggle he received his final doctors notice in April 2018 after failed surgery and medical treatment.

Bain was better known under his Internet Alias "TotalBiscuit", under which he build a career as an Online video game Critic for First Impressions. Eventually, he became the biggest Critic on not only YOutube, but also Steam as a Curator.

I myself was a subscriber to John Bain from 2010 to late 2016. I met him in a match of the game Warhammer 40000 burning crusade in ~April 2017, where he played a chaos space marine, in which he got carried by a premade group without doing much himself. I missed out on an opportunity to properly adress his colonial cancer, his unironic cuckholdry or his opinion of the current US President in person, which I regret now.


Bains life accomplishments are long and awe inspiring

- earning a university degree but doing nothing useful with it
- working at Gamestop
- having a steam account with more than 1.000 games along with giant steam groups
- playing world of warcraft for over 4 years
- becoming an SJW
- hating Trump
- hating Trump voters
- giving himself cancer from hating on video games for a living
- making jokes of trannies
- sexually identifying as a toaster
- defending trannies and homosexuals
- getting offended by trap jokes
- being friends to ledditors and cuckholds alike
- thinking his political opinion as an e-celeb matters
- never having children on his own
- raising another mans child
- marrying a divorced hamplanet
- being involved in gamergate
- being the abused internet wife of Jim Sterling
- being a patron of Jim Sterlin
- being bald before his 30's
- doing bad podcasts
- being the buttend of jokes made by Britbongreturns, a neet manlet who scames children for money
- becoming fat from his bad american lifestyle, although he was born in england
- hosting a convention for Jessie Cux to feel good about himself
- turning against his own audience and telling them to unsubscribe from him
- making fun of games and game devs
- having pointless feudes with other e-celebs and taking it seriously
- becoming an emoji on Twitch
- getting sued over dumb shit nobody cares about
- having twitter wars to the point where him and his family hired a psychotherapist
- living a cookie cutter millinial life
- telling people to go die from cancer on twitter

John Bain is survived by his wife, his wifes son and and his own critic media empire that can't be run without him.



241f9 No.149087

File: 1527281581598.gif (1.84 MB, 234x200, 1512861742372.gif)

The third pic

7ff0e No.149090

File: 1527282051963.png (107.53 KB, 652x570, total biscuit in the groun….png)

dfa55 No.149387

File: 1527326821632.jpg (492.77 KB, 724x1100, Wyald on happy horse.jpg)



As a general notice and For the Anon who keps asking me to make an Anime thread:
As of Yesterday evening MLPOL now officially has an Anime board.
I suspect with was done to accomodate the new 8chan users due to the recent ruckus there, but generally speaking I am not really opposed to it.

I will make a thread there in a few minutes and maybe more, depending if this board will be kept and be useable for Hentai as well.

8636f No.149414

Heard he was healed. Please tell it's not true.

dfa55 No.149433

File: 1527334872451.jpg (21.17 KB, 460x312, do you fear death.jpg)


Unless John and his wife are pulling a "I wanted to see the news articles after my own death" - prank, it is unlikely for him to still be alive.

According to /cow/ he was diagnosed with liver failure in late April, with is a death sentence in itself. He lived only shortly past /cow/s estimations. My condolences if you still were a genuine fan of his. I have had it with John and his death wasnt exactly a surprise to me.

8636f No.149446

Good. Especially after (((Blizzard))) ate the denbtgibs you sent me just to go beyond super-SJJW yesterday. Very appropriate timing for their SJW darling to succumb to the very asscancer he brought upon the gaymer community.

fa206 No.149780

>hating Trump
There is nothing wrong with hating Jews.

b97d2 No.150160

You're the jew, nigger

dfa55 No.150460

File: 1527624308976-0.jpg (52.76 KB, 777x437, nigger bodyslams feminist.jpg)

File: 1527624308976-1.gif (777.45 KB, 1140x1291, jew nigger hand racemixing.gif)

"I am french and I have never been tought this." - JF on his own stream

What Black Majority Rulership does to a country - case study Haiti

>What's to Come | w/ Frame Game TPS #31

3 Hour JF Stream - The Public Space

i was never really much of a watcher of JF
but he really is one of the few people going out of IBS as a winner
his new program makes a good impression on me
its like tv on the internet about things the tv wont talk about

currently watching the related stream to this from yesterday, they are drawing an example how black majority rule in Haiti ended in violence, destroyed the rest of the white population and eventually the whole country

More than 50% of the white french settlers in Haiti got brutalized and murdered during the events after the french revolution

there was a big split among the white settlers
- those who openly rejected the decree of the new french government, well aware that free blacks will lead to tyranny
- and those of the while population that embraced the new liberalism and said that class rule was against nature effectively supporting their own genocide through the black haitians.

"in the time frame of just over 100 years between the violent uprising of the black haitins enforcing their rule in 1804 and 1915 no white man has set foot on the island. with near 100 percent black population and exclusive black rulership, Haiti went from the pride of western colonization, the breadbasked of the caribics, into absolute squalor and dysfunction."

dfa55 No.151559

File: 1528230377593.jpg (141.5 KB, 625x1050, __senpai_and_yandere_chan_….jpg)

An IBS Drama Channel that posts Recap videos.

>MundaneMatt's leaks, Lolsuit Update, Metokur sued? and more! Is the SoylessMatt show #4

~20 Minute video from Dame Pesos.

I think You will enjoy it.

Includes a funny compilation of Totalbiscuits Cancer Posts before he died.

On a sidenote, I have recently (once again) discovered material about a certain indie game developer who may grow terminal soon, so I will maybe end up indicting him on /sp/ in some time.

dfa55 No.152056

File: 1528405978219-0.jpg (789.78 KB, 827x1224, __darkness_kono_subarashii….jpg)

File: 1528405978219-1.png (983.77 KB, 800x1200, __darkness_kono_subarashii….png)

File: 1528405978219-2.jpg (1.57 MB, 1474x1956, __darkness_kono_subarashii….jpg)

File: 1528405978219-3.jpg (1.8 MB, 1783x2915, __darkness_kono_subarashii….jpg)

File: 1528405978219-4.jpg (1.7 MB, 1773x2500, __darkness_kono_subarashii….jpg)

Picture Material featureing the Crusader Lalatina "Darkness" Ford from KonoSuba.

So the formerly rotten host of IBS has been sufficiently disected by nature, with it's nutrients flowing back into the earth. After a minor period of settling down in the greater IBS cinematic universe it seems there are some new tsunami tides beckoning from the drama ocean. A small Update is now in order.


>Jim on TRR w/ Dick Masterson, Kiwi Owner, Corrin (Part 1, 2)

3 hour Ralph Killstream cut from Murdochdian Metokurist from June 1st.

Mister Metokur, Dick Masterson, Mumkey Jones and Ralph talk various subjects, including Soygoy, Maddox being a cuck, IRL Text to Speech Terrorism and the Alt Furry. (also no, i have no idea where to get that image for jim in the chair, i want it too)

The Real Owner of Kiwifarms, Joshua "Null" Moon, joins at about 45 Minutes.

Stream gets majorly derailed for all the right reasons when Corrine "Esque" Clifford joins at about 1 hour 15 minutes, and Dick acts like a hollywood producer for everyone to throw rocks at the old retarded goat. Also feautureing Andy Warski as a soundboard.

+ + +

>SoyFather gets Trolled, blames The AR and Jim (Self Ownage is best Ownage)

6 Minute highlight cut by Murdochian from JF's Public Space.

The John Locke Foundation under Corey "Zoom" Barnhill publicly decries Carl Benjamin as a left wing terrorist in an attempt to cancel all his booktours in the USA. Allegedly one Public Meeting has already been canceled due to terrorist threats. Sargon immediately swoops in to blame the Alt Right and IBS for sabotage and character assassination.

+ + +

>Journey of the 56% Documentary (Godwinson)

45 Minute Documentary Reupload from Godwinson

An insight into the attempt of 1 fat american and his 2 obese roommates to become professional e-beggers. If you ever wanted to see the living incarnation of Fat Spurdo Creaturas unirocally riding mobility scooters through Walmart while streaming, this is the video to provoke your absolute disgust.

Minor Drama

Phillips Burnell's Youtube channel along with his 50.000 videos (!) got temporarily shadowbanned from Youtube for shitspamming Street Fighter Matches on DSP Gaming.

>DsPgaming--suspended-|-a lot of whining and begging-|-the return of the infamous channel

40 Minute clip from Snort Burnell.

>What did DSP do now?

+ + +


Dale Wilson (aka the black DSP) recently got unbanned from Twitch when his 2 year suspesion for toxicity and racism. Sadly, his new reign on the Amazon mindcontrolled platform did not outlast a single day worth of Internet Gibs.

LowTierGod was immediately raided by detractors upon his re-emergence on twitch, who exploited a leak in his steaming setup. This lead to him getting Permabanned for Life due to him indirectly showing pictures of penises (in the avatars of the detractor followers) shortly afterwards.

Unless Twitch decides to change their policy on bans it is unlikely Dale Wilson will ever have his own Account in this lifetime again.

>Lowtiergod Got Banned On Twitch!!! (Then we watched WingsofRedemption)

1 hour stream from full bender. LTG timestamps are about 15 Minutes and 40 Minutes.


Dalauan Sparrow
>I got suspended on twitch for literally doing nothing people just mass flagged my fucking channel and i did nothing wtf man god damn!!!!!!

+ + +

CWC/Chris Chan

After publicly threatening Natsoc Bronies, unironically offering his sexual services to male clients as a bisexual transbomination and even receiving a full donation covering his bronycon expenses, Christian Weston Chandler once again find himself in severe financial distress.

This time, the bank is threatening to foreclose his rundown residence in Branchland court for 2 missing payment rates for his mortgage. Chris is doing his (worst) best to guilttrip his """fans""" into buying rubbish from him on ebay and donating funds and/or food stamps to his household, even going as far as to turn his mummified maternal figure into a monetary asset for his clowning acts.

Chris was also featured on a recent stream of Count Dankula, which i will not link by choice since i do not support this degenerate communist manwhore. Which, to be honest, technically also applies to Chris Chan. But he's generally speaking on the other end of the stick and unlike Marcus CWC is at least funny, although admittedly in an unintentional way.

>Chris Chan and The Homeless saga!

5 minute preview trailer of the homeless saga from Number 5


1 minute highlight clip from a CWC Archive channel, CWCville Library. Speaks for itself.

>2018 05 10 Happy Birthday, Nick

1 minute archive clip of the dement Barbara Chandler whoring herself out.

+ + +

Lastly I want to say that my new subject's of choice's condition (of which i planned to make a new thread about) worsended greatly not even 3 days after i posted the last notice. This new Crack in the Facade is indeed so significant that it will likely permanently damage his public image. I guess this is what happens if you empty a bathtub full of kerosene into burning tar pit.

Due to these exhilarating circumstances my hand will likely be forced to cover this on time, So i may end up making a thread about Him and his work hopefully before next week.

dfa55 No.152199

File: 1528464737971-0.jpg (116.41 KB, 460x507, sargon sexy.jpg)

File: 1528464737971-1.png (126.21 KB, 562x422, sargon the peoples champio….png)

File: 1528464737971-2.png (1.77 MB, 1920x1080, Brittani Venti Kekistan Au….png)

File: 1528464737971-3.jpg (80.91 KB, 672x696, Sargons philosophy in a nu….jpg)

File: 1528464737971-4.jpg (59.53 KB, 626x429, Sargonites in a nutshell.jpg)

>Exposing the Sargon's Liberalist Discord (Godwinson)

50 Minute Mirror of a google hangout provided by American Pride 2

a small addendumto yesterdays update if you will. You might find this less entertaining than the regular drama posted here, but if you have an interest in the subject (specifically Carl Benjamin and the bootlickers in his 24/7 fanclub), consider a watch. At the end of the day Sargons fangirls arent much better than your garden variety discord drama server. I find it ironic how they need to enforce center left ideology with the obsessive control disorder of a Communist. Everything has a committee and a security clearance there, although those are just over 90%+ white male neckbeards.

Simply Amazing.

dfa55 No.152610

File: 1528646752951.jpg (137.01 KB, 625x1050, __ayano_aishi_and_senpai_y….jpg)

Yandere Simulator/ Alexander Mahan
Lolcow Thread on MLPOL

09419 No.153737

File: 1529116634819.png (91.83 KB, 400x400, save the pig.png)

hour long snort Brunnel about DSP's new excuse - crippling depression.


Apparently he's getting fucked financially in another way too pretty soon but he was being a vague faggot about it.

dfa55 No.153944

File: 1529236660644-0.jpg (853.54 KB, 900x1020, __kurumizawa_satanichia_mc….jpg)

File: 1529236660644-1.jpg (1.09 MB, 1540x1508, __kurumizawa_satanichia_mc….jpg)

File: 1529236660644-2.jpg (176.28 KB, 960x1244, __kurumizawa_satanichia_mc….jpg)

File: 1529236660644-3.jpg (324.56 KB, 600x1020, __kurumizawa_satanichia_mc….jpg)

File: 1529236660644-4.jpg (1.37 MB, 1075x1518, __dog_and_kurumizawa_satan….jpg)

Image Material featureing Princess Satania McDowell from Gabriel Dropout.

A moderately sized Update since the material quality qarrented it. Cover a whole slew of different topics, Political and Nonpolitical. But who am i kidding, anything is political these days. Still worth a look though! Also it seems this DSP Depression Drama seems to devolve into its own mini-saga.

Soyless Matt Show

>FreeSpeech Skeptic™ Mafia Strikes Again! New Kraut leaks! FBI Meltdown, is the SoylessMatt Show #5

20 Minute Drama Show from Dame Pesos-. Recommended for watch.

Highlights are new Audio leaks from Joseph Lancaster, Venti exposing Showonhead, Chris Ray Gun cucking for Maddox and Destiny getting hilariously owned by his mother and coverage of the Faggot Butthurt Insecurities.

Also apparently someone released the 1999 Beta of Pokemon Gold with never-before seen Monsters. Maybe worth a look.


>Jim on Warski/Dyre split, JF vs World and Other Topics

2,5 hour stream from Murdochian Archiver.

Andy Warski broke his working relationship with his latest co-host Jay Dyer, Jean-Francois Gariepy pulling a baked Alaska and banning mods and donaters over Drama involving his co-hosz (((Lauren Rose))) (aka not the Nazi Comic Thot), Jim talks about his political leanings.

Honorary Mention

>TL;DR - Social Isolation and Involuntary Celibacy

28 Minute Video from Teal Dear about Incels, the "Fucking White Male" of the current year

SCP Project Cucked up beyond all recognition - Pull out now!

the semi-famous sci-fi Horror writer project SCP Foundation (and the SCP Wiki) is currently having a meltdown on twitter. After shitting on 4chan, its origin site, and mass blocking followers and random people, it is now obvious that SCP has been coopted by literal homosexuals. Death of the project is expected soon.



>Secure, Contain, Protect, Block

befd3 No.155033

File: 1529822719797.png (12.04 KB, 599x605, 0c457f5cddf6438431fb3b7000….png)

>He nameddropped /mlpol/ briefly in a stream in early April 2017
need a sauce on this please

ec9c4 No.155055

File: 1529833734122.png (685.44 KB, 650x928, __lillie_and_you_pokemon_p….png)


As far as i know Jim used to have a habit before 2018 of deleting most of his livestreams a few weeks after doing them.

All i remember is said stream was some time in April 2017 and i think it was fairly near the start, but i could not find a fitting video on archive channels. Did not really bother to look into it since it was really just a name mention with nothing else. There was nothing else to it.

29bd0 No.155074

If anyone is interested,there are a few scp spinoffs that arent pozzed by nigger faggots.

And i think it would be great if we come up with a pony themed scp spin off.

ec9c4 No.155094

File: 1529849296714-0.jpg (424.22 KB, 1704x1120, stupid mario bros group ph….jpg)

File: 1529849296714-1.jpg (425.78 KB, 895x776, uncle_dane_by_laia_flores_….jpg)

File: 1529849296714-2.png (909.81 KB, 680x880, Cucky official Sonic chara….png)

>The Rise, Fall, & Decay of Stupid Mario Brothers

https://youtu.be/gtn7LiVmHGg?t=23m33s [Embed]
1 hour long video from Mumkey Jones

Dane Kevin Cook, better known under his Tf2 Youtube alias Uncle Dane, was unironically cucked out of his girlfriend by Richard Alvarez, the Main Actor and producer of the formerly famous Youtube Show "Stupid Mario Bros" in 2013. Cook up until this point was enlisted as the character Ash Ketchum in the show, but was quickly removed from staff after the cucking incident.

The same Mumkey Jones video about this topic is currently generating a moderate amount of drama between the 3 fanbases of the engaged e-celebs. A Stream about this can be seen here.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_n4uDGatwk [Embed]

Also, Mumkey Jones and Emp Lemon are going to do a collab video soon.

23c95 No.155095

Mumkey Jones is the guy Cool Cat scammed money out of for his shitty "Cool Cat stops School Shootings" video, right?

ec9c4 No.155097

File: 1529850230319.png (1.08 MB, 1366x768, Digibrony Suicide over you….png)


Yes, you are correct. Mumkey Jones is a can of worms on his own. I would put him somewhere between a troll, a jackass re-enactor and an amateur film maker. I never followed him before end of 2017, but he seems to be a rising star in his branch and his content is, in it's own way, worthwhile.

If you want to read up more on him i suggest looking at the Digibro thread on /sp/

a6c85 No.155208

Never seen this before

a6c85 No.155261

>TL;DR - Social Isolation and Involuntary Celibacy
This was actually worth the time.

This could be part of the reason feminist man are so vocal. Since they are in their feminist group they have a higher chance to find a mate due direct contact and with shifting what the top 20% males are they move themselves into that category.
It is kinda sad to see these women get old and alone just like the men they rejected. If you rely only on your looks you're gonna have a bad time as you age.

851db No.157643

File: 1530914314507.png (5.42 MB, 2800x3200, 180564920-20Monster_Musume….png)

>The SoylessMatt Show #6
24 Minute IBS wrapup video from Dame Pesos.

MundaneMatt Cries Again, Soygon Runs Away, TYT Rants, DesTiny's Banned

a6c85 No.159452


c22de No.161009

File: 1532434085679.png (899.31 KB, 1454x1157, __ro_500_kantai_collection….png)

>Sargon Fails, Homosexual Voltron, FBI robot! Is the SoylessMatt Show #7
33 Minutes

- Dame Pesos was guest on the Dick show
- Soygoy of Cuckad and his e-celeb henchmen fail their hostile takeover of the UKIP party
- young turks report fake news on a nigress beating a senila mexican with a brick
- Donald Trump plays an anti-young turks video on twitter
- SJW drama over a homosexual character in a japanese mech anime
- Andy Warski has an acid induced breakdown during an """IBS""" stream
- desTiny now has genital warts

Important note: This video includes a segment of the Strozok bot FBI hearing, total lenght 23 (!) minutes. Be aware of that if you want to skip it. features a lot of Deep state corruption, inappropriate court behavior and general coonery.

09419 No.161047

File: 1532448601020.png (133.8 KB, 324x314, peak bloodsports.png)

wasn't that like a week ago? I'd watch the video but I hate that faggot's voice.

09419 No.161048

Oh wait never mind, I was thinking of someone else.

a62bd No.165207

Mundane Matt outed as an absolute liar during a livestream. Apparently he flags every video that disparages him for any reason

c22de No.165215

File: 1534005209700-0.png (1.08 MB, 1600x900, Matt Jarbo Killstream Scre….png)

File: 1534005209700-1.jpg (105.83 KB, 2048x437, baked alaska mundane matt.jpg)


Jesus Christ that video.

video includes Keemstar and Metokur
someone told the stream there is a way to show your report history on youtube
(much like the steam data collection i posted ealier this week)
Mundane Matt failed for submit a screenshot OR a screenshare of his screen for 5 minutes

screenshare goes live at 10:30
Matt Jarbo lied straight to the stream for over 1 hour
not only did he lie about flagging ralph
he also flagged 4 videos
and many others
his defense for that was he is "mentally not in the best place" and sometimes he" gets angry".


Matt lied about everything, flagged several videos from Ralph, got called out for it live on stream. Essentially he flags everyone being ciritical with him, like Adam "Godwinson" Black. Confirmation for all the lies and liberalist corruption we already suspected.

c22de No.165439

File: 1534064976392-0.png (179.81 KB, 454x277, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1534064976392-1.png (310.42 KB, 736x721, Opera Snapshot_2018-08-12_….png)

File: 1534064976392-2.png (227.72 KB, 718x779, Opera Snapshot_2018-08-12_….png)

File: 1534064976392-3.jpg (12.84 KB, 225x270, Mundane matt face.jpg)

The rotten corpse of bloodsports rises from its grave to drag Matt Jarbo with it back to hell.

Many consider his professional Youtuber career to be over after being exposed in a TRR stream. Metokur will drop a video on him THIS SUNDAY evening.

>MundaneMatt admits he is a false flagger. Witness the end of a YouTube career.

14 minute video from yellow flash comics


>"Zoe Quinn flagged my video"
>Fast forward 4 years
>"I'm in a bad headspace flagging people"



>Poley the polar bear will not be denied his throne.

c22de No.165495

File: 1534076128225.png (333.65 KB, 960x960, Pek with sun wheel.png)

c22de No.165818

File: 1534185210796.jpg (2.85 MB, 2114x3034, 0021.jpg)

Jim fucked up his schedule again, video was only 25% done and will likely be an hour long (or more), i dont expect it before end of the week, earliest wednesday.

Also, Dame Pesos made a wonderful new Soyless Matt show. Sadly i cant post it here because the guy fucked up and got flagged for literally having a piece of scat porn in his video.I am sure a repost of a more censored version will be avaiable soon.

a62bd No.165879

Metokur's video on Mundane dropped

c22de No.168351

File: 1535443669202-0.png (10.66 KB, 838x170, Opera Snapshot_2018-08-28_….png)

File: 1535443669202-1.png (9.09 KB, 952x119, Opera Snapshot_2018-08-28_….png)

File: 1535443669202-2.png (222.08 KB, 810x2164, Opera Snapshot_2018-08-28_….png)

File: 1535443669202-3.jpg (21.43 KB, 600x450, metokur gun to head.jpg)

File: 1535443669202-4.gif (81.29 KB, 501x585, 8a6ab9cb94f3ad48e91618c6d5….gif)



By the looks of it, all the bans are permanent.The youtube ban happened just about 2 hours ago.
Allegedly, Jim was Banned for Harassment, Bullying and Death Threats.

It is unknown which party did this, if he was subjected to skeptic mass flagging or something else.
The 3 suspects are Mundane Matt, SJW furries and Jews. (see the cyberjiff and David Katz video)
Also Trout and Tea and his lickspittles are active again making videos. Word is they had a hand in this too.

>Jim on TRR (On David Mad Katz/Trout Returns/McCain) With Chat Part 1/2

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J35bYhl6aiE (Part II, the speed is fucked here)
~45 Minute stream cut provided by Murdochian Archiver


Jims 2 last videos before he was banned
>CyberYiff 77 and David Katz: 2in1 Video (MIRROR)

>The Ballad from the Quarry (MM Mirror+Extras)

Reupload of the Mundane Matt Beatdown

EXTRA - The Downfall of JFl

Jean-Fancois Gariepy is about to go the way of Baked Alaska and Mundane Matt. He has lost both his female Cohosts Emily Youcis (The Natsoc Animator and fan favourite) and Lauren Rose over Drama, Mismanagement and "Creative Differences".

JF's is now actively censoring both his youtube channel, his guests, his streamchat and his community. He now employs an Anti-Hate Speech Policy (going as far as to mute speakers and censor certain words like retard and nigger) and removes White Nationalist talking points from his program and mass bans people taking opposition against him, even jokingly. Furthermore he came forward as a Libertarian and Feminist. I

have not been a regular Public Space watcher, but I can no longer in good consciousness recommend watching this channel, despite guests like Erik Striker from the Daily Stormer and David Duke of the KKK. It is clear that JF has not the well being of White Nationalism and a healthy community in mind and is only interested in PC corporate fame.

>Emily Youcis Speaks her Speech - Censored by JF - RalphRetort #KillStream

31 minute Killstream cut from Tea clips

>Extra Salty JF responds to Cohost drama - JFG LiveStreams (Damage Control)

27 minute cut from a solo public space stream, by Tea Clips.

TLDR JF does not understand entertainment value, humor and thinks everyone who disagrees with him is a troll that wants to shutdown his channel. also his massive ego and self-censorship.

c22de No.168358

File: 1535447449218.jpg (229.81 KB, 1321x1101, timeless_waifus.jpg)

Jims Streaming Channel/Backup Channel/Possible new Main Channel (formerly known as Brightsidebob)

8030b No.168360

I wonder what YT actually hopes to achieve. All they will accomplish is to drive away users. Then they will end up with only YT Kids and all the grooming videos.